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by Eric

Tabitha: Look at all the chaos we've caused, endora.

Sheridan: Please, this is a family holiday!

Tabitha: Oh, mummy's so proud of you. There's nothing like the holidays to warm the heart and boil the blood.

Martin: Don't call her that!

Luis: Listen, not only are you a lowlife bastard, you're a coward! Sneaking out on mama and us in the middle of the night, you didn't even have the courage to tell her that you were leaving us!

Martin: Luis, you don't understand.

Luis: I do understand! You're down in mexico living the high life with -- with your mistress here, while mama was suffering, trying to take care of us, five kids, alone!

Sheridan: All right, luis, please calm down.

Katherine: Luis, please listen to sheridan.

Pilar: Shut up. I told you, do not talk to my son, you whore!

Paloma: No le digas asi! She's a good woman!

Pilar: A good woman does not take a man away from his wife. A good woman would not allow him to abandon his family.

Paloma: Then what does that make you, mama? You abandoned me.

[Marty cries]

Beth: Oh, please stop crying. It's just -- it's a fight like on the cartoons. You like that, remember?

Marty: Mama --

beth: I know, I know, I know. I have to concentrate.

[All yelling at once]

Tabitha: I bet she has to concentrate. On learning all she can about mrs. Wheeler, so she can use it to break up sheridan and luis.

Paloma: No, ella no es

mi mama!

Tu eres mi mama! You are my mother! She's not!

Simone: Let me see her, kay. It's ok. It's ok.

Sheridan: Luis, please! Just stop fighting, please!

Tabitha: You're enjoying this as much as mummy, aren't you, endora? Hmm?

Kay: This is exactly what you wanted to happen, isn't it?

Tabitha: Absolutely. I haven't had so much fun since the great chicago fire.

Kay: Everyone, please, stop! It's thanksgiving!

Martin: Look, son, you don't understand!

Tabitha: The thanksgiving from hell.

Fox: Whitney's not lying, mother.

Ivy: Well, forgive me if I'm just not convinced.

Fox: Ok, look, if she says the baby's mine, the baby's mine.

Chad: Well, if it is, you better do right by her. Be there for her, support her.

Fox: Yeah, of course I'm going to be there for her, chad. I plan on marrying her.

Julian: What are you all doing here? Chad, you all right?

Chad: Yeah, I'm fine.

Fox: Yeah, I'm good, too, father. Thanks for asking.

Ivy: I assume you're here to see eve.

Julian: Yes.

Ivy: Well, she's a little busy right now, examining whitney.

Julian: What, is whitney ill?

Ivy: No. Pregnant.

Eve: No, it can't be. It's not possible.

Whitney: Oh, yes, it is. I'm pregnant with my half brother's baby, mom.

Eve: You and chad?

Whitney: That's right. Chad's the father of my baby, because you never bothered to tell me that you had a son with julian crane, because you never told me to be aware that if I met someone, there was a possibility that he could be my brother. No, no, no, because you were too busy with all your own damn lies. This is all your fault, mom. My life is ruined. And now, because of you, my child is going to be a freak!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life (female announcer) some things just aren't designedfor coverage.

[All yell at once]

Martin: It is true!

Luis: Leave my mother out of --

martin: If you'd just understand for one moment --

kay: Everyone, please! Please, please stop fighting! Ok? This is paloma's first thanksgiving in harmony. It was supposed to be a special day. It was supposed to be about her. I mean, loving her is the one thing that you all have in common. But, you know, somehow you've managed to turn this holiday dinner into world war iii. And you know what? Think of the children. Luis, marty is your son. And, mr. Fitzgerald, maria is -- she's miguel's daughter with me. She's your grandchild. What kind of example are you setting for them? Is this the memory that you want them to have of thanksgiving?

[Marty cries]

Luis: Hey, hey. Daddy's right here. That's right. Here's daddy. How you doing? Huh, son? Huh?

Beth: Good boy.

Martin: You know, maybe if -- maybe if I hold her --

pilar: No. I'll hold her. She knows me.


Ven, maria. Ven con abuela. Yes, grandma's right here. And I'll never leave you. It's ok. Grandma's right here. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Katherine: Are you all right?

Martin: If I'd have known that luis and pilar were going to be here, I never would have come. I know how much they hate me.

Katherine: Oh, martin.

Martin: No, it's all right. If I was in their shoes, I'd probably feel the same way. That doesn't make it hurt any less.

Katherine: No. I'm just sorry for all the horrible things that they've said about you.

Martin: And you, as well. I'm sorry.

Katherine: I understand. Pilar has a right to be angry with me. But to see that look of betrayal in sheridan's eyes -- I'm no longer the kind and caring mrs. Wheeler. I'm the whore who took luis' father away.

Martin: Don't say that. It's not true.

Katherine: Well, she doesn't know that. Oh, I wish that I could tell her that I'm her mother. If I could just tell her why all this happened -- that alistair was abusing me, you protected me, we were forced to leave -- maybe she would forgive me, she'd accept me. I know she'd accept me.

Martin: No, katherine, you can't tell her. Ok? You can't tell her. For once I agree with alistair. To luis, you're nothing but that woman who stole his father, devastated pilar and his family. If sheridan took sides with you, she would be disloyal in his eyes and it could tear them apart.

Katherine: I can't let that happen. I will not ruin sheridan's chances at happiness with luis.

Martin: As long as sheridan doesn't know you're her mother, their relationship will be safe.

[Marty cries]

Luis: Marty it's ok. It's all right. It's all right. Beth, why is he crying so much? Is it -- is something wrong with him?

Beth: No. Oh, he just has these crying jags, you know? And it takes him a while to come out of it. Sometimes I have to hold him for 10 or 15 minutes like that.

Luis: Oh.

Sheridan: Can I hold him?

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: Here, sweetie. Yes. Oh, there, there, swwet little --

[Marty squeals]

Sheridan: Yeah. Here you go.

Luis: Now, that's amazing. Sheridan, every time you hold him, he stops crying. What, do you guys have a connection or something?

Marty: Oh!

Sheridan: Oh.

Marty: Oh!

[Phone rings]

Beth: Oh, excuse me. I got to take this. Ahem. Mother, it's thanksgiving. Quit bothering me. Yeah, sheridan has seen the baby. Well, I am sorry to burst your bubble, old woman, but nothing's happened. No. Sheridan's way too distracted with everything going on to realize marty's her baby.

Sheridan: Yes, you are such a good boy, aren't you? I don't blame you and little maria for crying. No.

Beth: Oh, yeah? You know what? Sheridan is not going to find out the truth. First of all, she's not going to be with luis that much longer, not after I find out the truth about mrs. Wheeler's past. Mother, it has everything to do with it. There is a connection between her and sheridan. Sheridan's always sticking up for her. I don't know why. I don't even think sheridan knows why. But it makes luis really angry, which plays right into my plan to drive a wedge between luis and sheridan's relationship. So luis is going to be mine. So stick another drumstick in your stupid mouth and leave me alone. Well, I was able to get mrs. Wheeler to divulge a few things about her past. She did mention earlier she was in harmony when sheridan was a baby. Who is she, really? How did she hook up with luis' father, and why would she try to kill alistair crane? Well, I'm going to find out the answers, and I'm going to get luis.

Whitney: You know, if you would have just told me the truth, if you would have warned me you had an illegitimate son out there somewhere, maybe, just maybe chad and I never would have even gotten involved.

Eve: But, honey, there wasn't any reason to warn you. The hospital said that the baby died. I didn't know until recently that he was alive and that he was chad.

Whitney: Oh, I'm supposed to believe that? I mean, come on, mom. You've got an excuse for everything.

Eve: God, I thought I was saving everybody pain.

Whitney: And all you did was cause it. Mom, I'm so sick of your lies. You want to know why? Because this right here is the result of it. I'm pregnant with my brother's child, mom. God, all your excuses and all your lies have ruined my life and chad's, and now the life of your grandchild.

Pilar: Tabitha, thank you so much for inviting us.

Tabitha: Oh --

pilar: For trying to give us a lovely thanksgiving.

Tabitha: All it did was cause misery and heartache. Oh, well. Who knew?

Pilar: Thank you anyway.

Kay: Oh, you knew. You deliberately set this whole thing up.

Tabitha: And you deliberately calmed everyone down with your little guilt speech, you party pooper.

Pilar: Paloma, I'm sorry about all the angry words that were spoken earlier. Maybe you and I can go to the book cafe and grab a cup of coffee and just talk, the two of us.

Paloma: I don't want any coffee or to talk.

Pilar: Paloma, I'm your mother and I love you. Can't we just try to work this out, please?

Paloma: Mrs. Wheeler has been more like a mother to me than you have ever been.

Pilar: Paloma, no me

diga eso, paloma!

Sheridan: Pilar, maybe tonight isn't the time to reach out to her.

Pilar: She hates me.

Sheridan: No, no, she doesn'T.

Pilar: Yes, she does. She thinks I'm a horrible person. Oh, god. To see that look of hate from your own daughter -- it's like a knife in your heart.

Katherine: Paloma, please go to your mother. Make amends with her. Speak to her, darling. She loves you very, very much.

Paloma: No.

Katherine: Give her a chance.

Paloma: I will never make amends with her.

Tabitha: You -- you aren't leaving, are you?

Martin: I think it's best.

Katherine: Thank you very much for inviting us.

Tabitha: Oh, well, it's our pleasure. Isn't it, endora? Hmm?

Martin: All right, then.

Katherine: Oh, yes.

Kay: We're going to take maria for a walk.

Simone: Sometimes it helps her get to sleep.

Kay: Yeah, you should come with us. We could all get some coffee or something.

Paloma: Coffee? Yeah, I would love to have some coffee. But I need to get changed first.

Kay: Ok. Let's go.

Luis: Good night.

Tabitha: Good night.

Sheridan: Good night.

Beth: Bye.

Luis: Mama, come on.

Pilar: No, actually, you go on. I'm going to stay and help tabitha clean.

Tabitha: No, no, you go. I can manage.

Pilar: Tabitha, the place is a mess. Please, it's the least I can do. I want to stay and help.

Luis: Mama, don't you think you should go home and get some rest?

Pilar: Mijo, if I go back to the mansion, the only thing I will do is lie awake all night thinking about everything that happened. And besides, my little grandson needs to go home, don't you?

Marty: Uh-oh.

Beth: Uh-oh.

Pilar: You, please, please learn from my mistakes. You hold on to sheridan. Don't let her go. Ok?

Luis: All right. I love you.

[Marty fusses]

Pilar: Good night, mijo.

Luis: Good night.

Sheridan: I love you.

Beth: Bye-bye.

Pilar: Good night.

Tabitha: Bye-bye.

Pilar: I'll start by clearing up the table.

Tabitha: Well, tonight was a great success, endora -- so much hatred and pain. And there's more to come, much more. Just wait until beth gets home and starts surfing the net for information on mrs. Wheeler. All hell will break loose then.

Julian: Chad, is it possible that you're the father of whitney's child?

Chad: Well, we were sleeping together, you know, before I found out I was her half brother.

Julian: Yes.

Fox: Ok, relax, father. Whitney already said that I'm the father. I have no reason to doubt her. The only reason that we're here is because mother insisted that she come get an exam.

Julian: Oh, so whitney's sure that the baby is yours?

Fox: She's positive.

Ivy: Whitney may be positive, but I'm not.

Julian: Well, what are you -- what are you talking about?

Ivy: At first I thought she was being truthful. And then she became really agitated when I suggest she come here for an examination to see how far along she is. She's hiding something, julian. Why else would she become so upset about a simple examination?

Julian: Maybe she just didn't want to have it.

Ivy: Oh, please, she's a smart girl. Her mother's a doctor. She knows how vital a prenatal check is for an unborn child.

Julian: Well, but if whitney told fox that he's the father --

ivy: Well, that's just it, she didn't -- not until he found the pregnancy test in the garbage and asked her about it. I mean, if fox is the father, then why is she trying to hide it from him?

Julian: Well, I don't know. But if fox is not the father, that means chad is, and he's --

ivy: Her half brother. Not something whitney would want to admit, and a perfect reason to pass the baby off as fox's, and I am not going to let that happen.

Julian: Yeah, so fox is your only concern in all this, yes?

Ivy: Well, if not me, who? You? You've disowned fox in favor of your bastard with eve. You couldn't care less about him.

Julian: Well, that's not true. Fox wouldn't be in this mess if he'd listened to me and stayed away from whitney.

Ivy: You created this mess by keeping your past a secret, by not telling anyone you had a son with eve. And now your little secret is going to blow up in all of our faces.

Eve: Well, honey, maybe the baby isn't chad'S. Why don't you just let me give you the test and then we'll know the truth for sure.

Whitney: I already know the truth, mom. I know who I slept with and when. I'm not a slut like you are.

Eve: God, whitney.

Whitney: You want to know what the kicker is? Do you want to know when I found out I was pregnant? The exact same day I found out that chad is my brother. That's why I know he's the father, mom, because I was always faithful to him. I had never been with anyone else. You see, I loved chad, and what should have been the happiest day of my life turned out to be the absolute worst.

Eve: Oh, god, and you've been dealing with all of this alone all this time? Oh, baby, why didn't you come to me?

Whitney: Do you really have to ask me that question, mom?

Eve: Whitney, I'm your mom.

Whitney: You know, after everything that's happened, I don't really feel like I have a mom anymore.

Eve: Oh, baby.

Whitney: Besides, you know, who am I really going to talk to about this? I can't talk to simone about it. She's too young. And besides, she's deluded herself into believing that I stole chad away from her. It's not like I can talk to daddy. I mean, he would go completely crazy. And theresa -- god, she's got problems of her own with rebecca and gwen and -- and besides, I mean, how do you really tell somebody something like this, you know? How do you tell someone that you're pregnant with your brother's child? I --

eve: Oh, my poor baby.

Whitney: Don't touch me! This is all your fault anyway.

11:00 P.M.

Singer: You are my passion for life

martin: Luis and sheridan. Come on, don't let them see us.

Katherine: They look so happy. Thank god I controlled myself tonight and didn't tell sheridan I'm her mother. Oh, it's so hard, martin.

Martin: I know. But it's for the best, hmm?

Katherine: I know. It would tear them apart. She can never know who I am.

Beth: All right, mrs. Wheeler. I'm going to really find out who you are.

Julian: Listen, eve and I had no idea our son was even alive until recently, much less that he was chad.

Ivy: Well, it's a mess all the same.

Julian: Chad has to be a wreck thinking he fathered a child with his own sister.

Ivy: There you go, putting chad before fox. What about fox? He truly loves whitney. If he finds out she's been lying to him, it's going to kill him.

Julian: Well, let's hope it's not the case for everyone's sake, but we'll know this truth soon enough.

Ivy: Oh, well, let's hope so.

Julian: I'm going to talk to chad.

Ivy: And again, putting chad before fox. He's your son, too, julian. Fox needs you, too.

Julian: Chad needs me more right now.

Fox: Well, what the hell? At least he's consistent, right? I mean, he's always putting someone ahead of me. It used to be ethan, and now it's chad.

Julian: This must be a nightmare for you.

Chad: I loved her. Still do. You know, we were planning our future together. I thought the day I found out she was pregnant would be the happiest day of my life. Man, was I wrong.

Eve: Whitney? Honey, if you know that the baby is chad's, why are you telling everyone that it's fox's?

Whitney: "Why"? What, do you think I want the whole world to know that my child is a product of incest? I'm doing everything I can to protect my child. Why in the world would I want him or her to suffer? I mean, growing up is hard enough without everyone in the world knowing that your parents are brother and sister. I mean, come on.

Eve: I understand that, honey. But, I mean, keeping it a secret? Lying to fox? God, you already see what keeping secrets did for me with your father.

Whitney: Yeah, but you know what? I had to do something. I was going to start showing soon. I was going to end the pregnancy. You know, I even went to the clinic and everything. Obviously, at least I didn't go through with it, but I came really close. But when I went on the internet, all the things I found out that could be wrong with my child -- oh, my god. I mean, you know exactly what I'm talking about, right?

Eve: Yeah, but, baby, those things are not certain. And even if there are complications, you know, we can deal with them.

Whitney: "Complications." "Complications." Complications are not having a date to the prom, mom, or having a run in your pantyhose at a job interview or something. This is far beyond complications. And that's why I can't let anyone know that chad is the father of my baby.

Eve: And how can you do this to fox?

Whitney: Look, mom, fox loves me. He has for a long time, even when I was with chad. And I've always had feelings for him, too, but I just pushed them away back then. And then when I found out I was pregnant and chad was my brother, it just made sense. And I do really care about fox. And he wants to be with me, and he's going to be a wonderful father, so -- so I slept with him. I tried to pass the child off as his.

Eve: So, that was the time that we came upon you in the crane pool?

Whitney: Yeah.

Eve: Oh, god. I was always wondering how you could have gotten involved with fox so soon after chad.

Whitney: Yeah, well, now you know.

Eve: You know you can't do this, whitney. You can't do it to fox, you can't do it to the baby, and you can't do it to yourself. Don't start with the secrets and lies, honey. They always come out, and it always ends tragically. Trust me, I know.

Whitney: Well, that's a chance I'm willing to take. I'm going to do everything I can to protect my child, and there's nothing that you or anyone else can do to stop me.

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Chad: You know, if I am the father, well, I'm going to be there for whitney and the baby for my whole life.

Julian: You -- you can't --

chad: No, I know. I mean, as friends, as co-parents. You know, I'm going to make sure this baby has parents, you know, not like I did -- never having a real home, never feeling like I belonged.

Julian: Chad, if I'd have known that you were out there, I would have spent my last breath searching for you.

Chad: Yeah, well, you know what? All I care about is whitney and the child. And I'm going to make damn sure this child grows up with the love and support of two parents.

Fox: You know what, chad? That's really not something that you should concern yourself with or worry about. The baby's going to have a fine life, ok? I'm going to marry whitney. We're going to have a life together.

Chad: Yeah, but how long is that going to last? I know you, fox. I give it six months, tops, and your eyes start wandering, along with the rest of you.

Fox: No, not this time.

Chad: Well, I'll believe it when I see it.

Fox: Well, you'll see it, chad. Just remember your place.

Chad: My place? What's that supposed to mean, white boy?

Fox: "What's that supposed to mean"?

Julian: Wait, this isn't helping.

Fox: That's supposed to mean that you're her brother, you get it? Not her lover, so why don't you just back off, huh?

Chad: No, you back off!

Eve: If that baby is chad's, you cannot pass it off as fox'S.

Whitney: Who's going to stop me?

Eve: Well, ivy, for one thing. She's already suspicious. That's why she wants me to examine you, to see how far along you are.

Whitney: Well, those calculations are never exact.

Eve: Then she'll insist on a D.N.A. Test.

Whitney: Well, I won't take it!

Eve: And that would be all that she needs to confirm that chad is really the father.

Whitney: Look, I don't care! I'll think of something.

Eve: Doesn't chad have a right to know? Doesn't fox? I know you hate me. I know that you blame all of this on me. But, baby, don't cling to this lie because you're angry about my past with julian.

Whitney: This isn't about you, mother. This is about me protecting my child and making sure that no one ever finds out that chad is the father.

Tabitha: This is the way we clean the house clean the house clean the house this is the way we clean the house when we can't use a magic spell

pilar: Tabitha, she is such a beautiful little girl.

Tabitha: Oh, she is. Thank you.

Pilar: She reminds me of when paloma was a baby.

Tabitha: Oh, paloma was beautiful, too.

Pilar: Yes, but so many other things have changed. Oh, my goodness. Time goes by so quickly. You think they'll stay a little angel forever. But then you blink, and then they're all grown up. You'll see. Before you know it, endora will be hanging out at the mall with her friends. You could grow apart.

Tabitha: Oh, no. That'll never happen. We'll always be close.

Pilar: I hope so, because when a mother and a child grow apart, there's nothing sadder in the world.

Jessica: Hey, guys. How's my favorite sweetie?

Simone: Hey, we're going for some coffee. You want to come?

Jessica: Oh, sorry, I can'T. I'm off to meet some of my mark customers. What do you think?

Paloma: Ooh, gorgeous. Did someone give you an early christmas present?

Jessica: No.

They'refrom mark. They're each less than $20 and come in several colors.

Simone: You smell nice, too.

Jessica: Oh, thanks. That's mark's kiwi lotus bath spray. Hey, I've got to go. Think of me and mark when you want to do some christmas shopping. Bye, cutie.

Kay: There she goes, looking great and smelling pretty. But at least I have maria. Aw.

Paloma: How do you do it, kay, being a single mom?

Kay: Sometimes I don't know myself, especially when I'm exhausted and reeking of mackerel from working two shifts at that cannery -- ugh -- just to make ends meet.

Simone: Yeah, for the rest of maria's life, whenever she smells fish, she's going to think of mommy.

Kay: But no matter how bad it is, when I look into maria's eyes, the love that I have for her just keeps me going. She's had that power over me ever since I saw her in the delivery room.

Paloma: I guess my mother never felt that kind of love when she looked at me. That's why it was so easy for her to send me away.

Luis: You know, everything that mama prayed for all these years came true and it destroyed her life. I guess that proves that you got to be careful what you pray for.

Sheridan: Yeah. I used to pray that my mother, you know, was really alive and would come back to me. If my prayer were answered, I can't even imagine how it would destroy my life.

Katherine: What if, despite all our efforts, sheridan learns I'm her mother?

Martin: She won'T. The only besides us who knows the truth is alistair, and he'll never admit that you left him. As far as the world is concerned, you're dead. There was a funeral. There was a grave. There is no way that sheridan will ever find out you're her mother.

Beth: Shoot. Another dead end. Who is this mrs. Wheeler? All right, I know she's from harmony. I know she knew what sheridan looked like as a baby. And she tried to kill alistair. Why? There's got to be some history here. I mean, how did she meet up with luis' father? Unless they were having an affair and he ran away with her. Maybe that's why he left town. What if I do a search on martin fitzgerald's disappearance? Ok, most people thought he was dead. Nobody thought he would abandon his family. No body was found. Accusations of embezzlement, of another woman? Whoa -- talk about coincidences. Just when everyone was crazy about martin fitzgerald's disappearance, sheridan's mother, katherine crane, suddenly died. Oh, my god. Yeah.

Yeah, dq's got great frozen cakes

Paloma: I'm never getting married and I'm never having children. That way there's no chance I'll do to them what my mother did to me.

Simone: Well, I don't want to do what my mother did either, but that's no reason not to have children. It's just a reason to learn from her mistakes.

Paloma: A mistake. Yeah, that's what it was. That's why my mother never wanted me, because she already had four children. Why would she want more? And she couldn't have an abortion because that's against the church. So she did the next best thing. She sent me away.

Luis: You know, we've always spent enough time dealing with the past. I think it's time we start thinking about the future, about getting married, starting a family of our own. The sooner, the better.

Sheridan: I want that so much, luis. But, you know, I'm still legally married to antonio. They never did find his body.

Luis: Come on, sheridan, there's -- come on, we both know that there's no way that antonio could have survived that plane crash, all right? Now, as soon as we can have him declared dead, then we can get married. Nothing can stop us from spending the rest of our lives together as man and wife.

Julian: You will stop treating your brother like this.

Fox: You're taking his side again? I should have known.

Julian: He's in a very difficult position.

Fox: Well, look at me! You think I'm not in a difficult position? You know what? Forget it. Forget it. I never got your support before. Why should I expect to get it now?

Julian: Chad --

chad: Not now, julian.

Ivy: Stop choosing chad just because eve is his mother. Fox is your son, too, even if his mother is evil little me!

Julian: That isn't --

ivy: No, ok. I'm sorry. Let's just -- it's not worth fighting about. We did enough of that when we were married, and I regret that now because I took it out on the children you fathered. I ignored them. I gave all my love and attention to ethan because he was sam's child, not yours. And that was wrong, julian. It was wrong, and I see you doing the same thing with chad. You love him more because eve is his mother.

Julian: No, it's more than that. I have a lifetime to make up for with chad.

Ivy: Well, maybe. But fox is your son, too. And he loves whitney, the way I love sam and the way you love eve. And if he finds out she is lying to him about this baby, it is going to break his heart.

Eve: You have to tell the truth, whitney. It's the right thing to do.

Whitney: What do you know about the right thing, mom? God, your whole life is a lie.

Eve: It's not a lie that I love you and simone.

Whitney: Yeah, right.

Eve: Don't you see that I am trying to protect you, honey, just the way that you tried to protect your child? If you could just stop hating me for one moment and start thinking about your child's future! Don't you know if there are any complications, they will need to know the baby's true parentage to be able to help it?

Whitney: Yeah, but you're the one who said that there probably won't even be complications. So if there's not, I'm not going to have anything to worry about.

Eve: And what if there are?

Whitney: Look, I'm going to protect my child for as long as I can. If you hadn't lied to me my whole life, this never would have happened. You know, if fox hadn't found that pregnancy test, I would have given this child up for adoption. But you did lie to me my whole life. And fox does know that I'm pregnant. So I'm going to do what I have to do. I'm going to be the best mother I can be, mom. I'm going to be everything that you weren'T.

Eve: You have to tell the truth, whitney.

Whitney: Oh, yeah, yeah! Let the whole world know I'm pregnant with my half brother's baby? No! I can't! Uh-uh. I won'T.

Eve: If you don't, then I will.

Tabitha: Well, thank you for helping us clean up, pilar.

Pilar: Oh, please, it was the least I can do. And remember what I said. Love that little girl and never let her get away from you, because if you do, you may never get her back.

Tabitha: I'll remember.

Tabitha: I actually feel quite sorry for her. What an odd feeling. Well, I mustn't let personal feelings get in the way of the job. And the job is to bring misery to the people of harmony. And we're well on our way, little witchling, aren't we? Well on our way.

Kay: Whatever your mother did or didn't do, you'll change your mind about getting married and having kids once you meet the right guy and fall in love.

Paloma: No, I won't, because I'm never going to fall in love. From what I can see, all it causes is heartache and pain.

Luis: Well, you do want to get married, don't you? Start a family?

Sheridan: Of course. You know, it's just that I'm scared to even think about it. You know, we've come so close so many times, but something bad always happens to break us apart.

Luis: Look, nothing's going to happen this time. I promise.

Katherine: Amazing, isn't it? Your son and my daughter. They do look happy, don't they, martin?

Martin: Yeah, they do. Come on.

Katherine: I so want them to be happy. And I think they will be, as long as sheridan never knows who I really am.

Martin: She won'T. Like I said, the entire world, except for me and you and alistair, thinks you're dead. And none of us are going to tell. There's no way that anyone will ever find out that you're really katherine crane, sheridan's mother.

Beth: Come on, come on. What's taking so long? Damn it. I thought I was on to something. This is the wrong mrs. Wheeler. This one's 82 years old. Great. All right, well, I'm not going to give up. I'm going to find out who this mysterious mrs. Wheeler is if it's the last thing I do.

Julian: How long should this exam take?

Ivy: Eve should have been done by now.

Julian: If chad turns out to be the father, eve's going to be devastated.

Ivy: So will fox, julian. But it's better that we find out who the real father is sooner rather than later -- if not from whitney, then from eve.

Whitney: You're going to tell them that chad's the father?

Eve: That's the truth, isn't it?

Whitney: Yeah, but --

eve: Chad and fox -- they need to know this. And if you won't tell them, then I will.

Theresa: Did you just say that papa's here in harmony?

Paloma: Didn't mama tell you?

Beth: Who is mrs. Wheeler, and what is her real connection to sheridan?

Alistair: Sheridan and luis will never last, not as long as alistair crane is pulling the strings.

Sheridan: Oh, luis. Sada

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