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By Amanda

Julian: Oh, no, this isn't the end of the world.

Eve: No, Julian, it's over. It's over. I signed the divorce papers, I can give them to T.C., All he has to do is take them down to the court, and then my marriage is dead. And he put our wedding pictures in the garbage.

Julian: No, no, no, I know.

Eve: Well, I guess that dream is over. There's no way for me to pretend T.C.'s ever going to take me back now. Now my family's broken up forever.

Julian: I'm so sorry.

Eve: Oh, that liz is good. Oh, she said she would destroy my life. Boy, did she do it. She took everything. She took my husband, my family, my home. God, she left me with nothing.

T.C.: I put all the boxes of eve's photos and her knickknacks in the garage.

Liz: Oh, I thought you were going to throw those away.

T.C.: No. Eve was right. The girls may still want to see them. All the traces of eve -- they're out of the house now, except for the memories. Those will be harder to erase.

Liz: Here. You have worked so hard. Hope you like it's Italian -- moscato.

T.C.: Thanks, Liz.

Liz: Happier times are on their way, T.C. You know, we'll make new memories here. Tonight's the beginning of your new life, a happy life, based on the truth. Isn't that better than secrets and lies? Oh, T.C., You are free. The divorce papers have been signed. You are free to find love and the happiness that you deserve. Oh, I think we should drink to that. Make a toast.

T.C.: Liz, it's bad luck to toast yourself.

Liz: Ok. Then I'll make it. To your new life.

Liz's voice: Your new life with me.

Luis: How can you stand there and defend this woman? This senora wheeler, or whatever the hell her name even is. Sheridan, this woman new full well that my father was married and was leaving five kids behind. As if that wasn't bad enough, she turns paloma against her own real mother.

Paloma: What do you know? She's been good to me.

Luis: Now, how can you defend her? You more than anyone know all the pain that we've been through, and yet you still stick up for this woman?

Sheridan: We need to learn more, luis. We need to.

Luis: No. You know what? I need to be there for my mother and my sister right now. And I need you. But for some reason, you've decided to stick up for this woman, a total stranger, instead of me, the man you supposedly love.

Sheridan: God, luis, I do love you.

Luis: No, no, no. Hmm. Mama, come on. Paloma, come on. Come with your real family, the people who love you.

Paloma: No. I'm staying here.

Katherine: Paloma, go to your mother.

Paloma: No. That woman is not my mother. She never has been. She sent me away. She abandoned me.

You are my mother. You are the one I love, not her.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Julian: I think we should leave here. I think we should go out and have a nice dinner.

Eve: Oh, julian, I'm not in the mood.

Julian: Which is exactly why you should say yes. We'll go somewhere where we can be alone somewhere, where we can forget the rest of the world exists, if only for a little while.

Eve: All right.

Julian: Good. Let's go.

Liz: You know, why don't I get dinner started? I hope you like it. It's just marinated vegetables and sea bass with --

T.C.: No, liz. Don'T. Don't make dinner for me. I just need to get out of this house. You know, I was hoping that you would join me for dinner tonight. Would you come out with me?

Liz: Sure, T.C., I'd love to. Yeah.

T.C.: Yeah. I just -- I think we should just go somewhere special and just, you know, hear some music and, you know, maybe dance just to get my mind off this lousy day.

Liz: Well, that's a great idea. Yeah, and you should start your new life with a bang. I'll just stick the fish in the freezer and put on my dancing shoes and I'll be ready.

T.C.: All right. I'll take a shower. I won't be long.

Liz: Maybe it's a champagne night after all.

Paloma: I'm not going anywhere with you. Why should I? You're strangers to me. I don't even know you people.

Luis: What the hell are you talking about? Paloma, this is your mother, ok? Now, come on.

Sheridan: Luis, please, stay and talk this out.

Luis: Stay for what? Oh, what, so you can stick up for this woman who robbed our chance at a decent life, a total stranger to you? Now, paloma.

Paloma: You don't give me orders.

Katherine: Paloma, listen to me. You go with your mother. She loves you very much. She always has loved you.

Paloma: No, no, she doesn't. She sent me away. She abandoned me. You are my mother. Mrs. Wheeler is the only mother I have ever known. When I was sick, she took care of me. If I felt sad or alone, she made me feel better. She bought my dresses. She taught me how to shop. She was at my first communion and helped me study for my confirmation. When esteban asked me to my first dance, this woman taught me to put on makeup and do my hair. And when he broke my heart a week later, she sat up with me all night while I cried and cried. She helped me find the perfect dress for my quinces. She did all the things girls need their mothers for, all the things you, mama, were never there to do.

Pilar: Eres una ladrona. You robbed me of these moments. It wasn't enough that you stole my husband. But you went ahead and you stole my baby girl, my little angel!

Martin: I never meant to hurt you.

Luis: Oh, shut up. You honestly think we want to hear from you right now? Come on, mama. You've suffered enough at the hands of all these people. Paloma, now.

Pilar: Paloma -- paloma -- oh, god --

Julian: The band's terrific, isn't it?

Eve: Yeah. You were right, Julian. This does help me take my mind off the divorce.

Julian: I'm glad. You seem a little less sad. Didn't I detect a trace of a smile a moment ago?

Eve: Well, I didn't think it was possible. Yeah, I do feel better. It's thanks to you, too.

Julian: Want to dance?

Eve: Oh, no.

Julian: Come on. In for a penny -- come on.

Eve: Yeah, you're right.

Julian: Good.

Liz: When you said you wanted to go someplace nice, I had no idea you meant the seascape. This place has got to cost a fortune.

T.C.: You know, liz, money is no object tonight. I want to splurge. I want to do something I don't normally do.

Liz: Oh, you deserve the best, T.C. You deserve to kick up your heels.

T.C.: I just want to relax and enjoy myself and forget about things that have happened for so long.

Liz: Well, you picked the right place to do it. Let's go.

Eve: No.

Julian: Shall we go?

Eve: No. No, I'm going to have to get used to this, no matter how much it hurts.

Paloma: Tio, are you ok?

Martin: No. I feel terrible about all of this, how everything turned out.

Paloma: You shouldn'T. I'm glad.

Martin: You are?

Paloma: Yes. All my life I've known you as mr. Wheeler, tio. But now I can call you papa.

Martin: Darling, come here.

Paloma: But why didn't you tell me?

Martin: You know, there were a lot of times that I really wanted to, but I couldn'T.

Paloma: Why?

Martin: It's a long story. Come on, sit down. You know, what I did I did to protect the ones I love, even though now I see all I did was hurt you.

Paloma: No, no, papa. At least you were there for me. You were like my father. And now I know you are. Don't be sad, papi. I know you're a good man, no matter what luis says. You raised me, and you loved me my whole life, not like my mother. What kind of woman gives away her child? She never wanted me.

Martin: No, that's not true, paloma. Your mother loves you very much.

Paloma: Actions speak louder than words. You taught me that.

Martin: Yeah. Listen, honey, your mother loves you. You know, I'm the reason that you were sent to live with your aunt. I'm the reason that she couldn't keep you here with her. I deserve your anger. I'm the one to blame.

Luis: Get some rest, ok? Look, everything's going to seem better in the morning. You taught us that.

Pilar: I don't care what I told you. You have a fool for a mother.

Luis: No, I don't.

Pilar: How stupid I am. I was just a girl when I fell in love with him. I thought our love was so pure. I thought our love was good and true and holy and it would last our whole lives. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Luis: No. Come on -- oh.

Pilar: Oh, my god. I was so scared when your father disappeared. I didn't know what to do. I thought he might be dead. And for weeks, I prayed and prayed to god and to the blessed mary and to the saints for help. And then one day I woke up and I thought all my prayers were answered, because I had this new burning belief in my heart and in my soul that your father was alive, that he still loved me, that he was going to come back to me. Hmm. And that's the belief that gave me the strength to go on, to do whatever I had to do to keep our kids safe until he returned. Oh, god, I tried so hard to be a good mother. I did.

Luis: You are. Mama -- mama, you were the best, ok?

Pilar: But there were so many of you. We had nothing -- nothing. And my paloma, my little paloma, just an infant, and I couldn't stay home to take care of her. I couldn'T. I had to go work to feed all of you. So I had to send her to maria'S. It almost killed me, but I did it, I did it for her, because I wanted her to have a good life. Oh, my god. Oh, dios, how is this possible? All the years I stayed faithful to that man, honoring our wedding vows and my faith in him. My faith in him -- that was my rock. He was my rock. That's my sin. That's my sin. That's my sin, because I put all my faith in him, because I was so sure that something horrible had happened, had forced him to take him away from us. And I was the lucky one. I was the lucky one, mijo, because he couldn't come back to us. Because whatever happened was so horrible, he couldn't come back to the ones he loved -- to me. To me. All those nights -- all those nights -- oh -- alone in our marriage bed. Oh, god. I was saving myself, saving myself for his return. I was so lonely, so very lonely, I ached for his touch, for his kiss, for his warm body lying next to mine. And all the while, while I was saying "yes, sir," and "no, ma'am" to the cranes, while I did that, he was in bed with another woman! Oh, my god!

Damn you, martin! Damn you and that whore for what you've done! Oh, my god. Oh, my god, the betrayal. Oh, the betrayal. He betrayed me and our children. He betrayed our life, our dreams, our vows. And my paloma -- my palomita -- she blames me. She hates me for sending her away, while all the while he let that monster, that woman raise my baby girl. He let that woman love my baby girl! God --


Porque, dios mio?

Porque, dios mio?

Por favor, dime porque,

dios mio!

Why did you leave me?

Why? Our love -- I thought it was so strong and our marriage was so strong. Oh, god -- why? I believed in you, and I -- I prayed for you. Was it me? Was it me? Was I not good enough? Was I not a good enough mother? Not good enough wife? What did I do wrong? Oh, my god. What did I do wrong? Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, god.

Katherine: Oh, sheridan, I can hardly bear seeing two people who love each other as much as you and luis do come to anger and grief because of me.

Sheridan: Oh, it's not your fault.

Katherine: Oh, but it is.

Sheridan: No.

Katherine: I am guilty of so much.

Sheridan: No, I am the one that chose to defend you. And now Luis is angry with me because he thinks that I betrayed him because I want to support you. I just don't now what to think. When I first found out that Mr.. Wheeler was Luis' father, I was so upset. I was so angry at him. I was -- I was angry at you. But now I -- I just can't believe that you're the evil woman that Luis thinks that you are. You've been so kind to me, and I can't believe that you're some sort of monster. There has to be more to it. My heart is telling me that you are not the kind of woman who would just tear apart a family, who would just steal a man away from his wife and children. I know that there is something that you have tried to tell me now several times. And you almost told me once in the hospital, but I ran away, I couldn't face it. And you tried to tell me again earlier. Well, I'm ready now. Please, tell me, whatever it is. Give me something to take back to Luis and Pilar, some sort of explanation as to what happened. Please, Mrs.. Wheeler, tell me. Tell me what it is.

singer: You are my passion for life

Julian: Maybe we should go.

Eve: No. No, Julian, we shouldn't leave.

Julian: Well, I think we should. There's no reason to put yourself through this. It's still too early. In time, it'll get easier.

Eve: Yeah, that's hard to imagine right now.

Julian: But you did feel -- feel better before they got here. I saw you smile. I'd like to see that smile again, and that's not going to happen here. Let's go.

Eve: Julian, thank you. I don't know what I would do without you.

Julian: Well, this time you won't have to find out, because I'll never leave you again, I promise.

Pilar: What did I do wrong? What did I do wrong? He made me think he was so happy with me.

Luis: No, mama, it was not you. You didn't do anything wrong, ok? It was them. My father and that woman, ok? You don't let their selfishness make you doubt yourself, ok? You're the best wife and mother anyone could ever ask for.

Pilar: Then why? Why?

[Knock on door]

Pilar: Oh, my god. I can't see anybody. Please, just send -- send them away.

Luis: All right. Hey. My mother's not feeling too well right now.

Wendy: Oh, I'm sorry. I just thought she'd like to know that theresa's home. The procedure's over and she's in her room now resting.

Luis: Ok. Thank you. I'll let her know.

Wendy: Ok.

Luis: You heard?

Pilar: Yes. Thank god she's all right.

Luis: Yeah.

Pilar: You have to say a prayer, mijo, for the soul of that poor baby that theresa lost and for your sister.

Luis: I will.

Pilar: I should go see her.

Luis: No -- mama, please. You're in no condition to go anywhere, ok? You just rest.

Pilar: You're right. You're right. I shouldn't face her now.

Luis: No.

Pilar: She's been through enough. She doesn't need to know about her father.

Luis: Well, she'll need to know, eventually.

Pilar: Well, yeah, but -- I mean, just not right now, because she and the baby are still weak and telling theresa will devastate her. And it might be risky, you know, to the baby's health.

Luis: Yeah. You're right, as usual. And then when we tell her we'll break it together as a family.

Pilar: You are such a good son. I am so grateful to you.

Luis: Mama, you have no need to thank me. I love you.

Pilar: Yeah.

Luis: And let me tell you something. You are the most wonderful and generous mother in the whole world, ok? And I want nothing to do with that man who calls himself my father or that tramp, ok? You know, I just can't -- I can't believe that sheridan would defend that woman, a total stranger, over me.

Sheridan: Please, mrs. Wheeler, I need to know the truth, something to convince luis and pilar that you're not the heartless monster that they think you are. I mean, my instincts can't be so wrong, because I know that you're not that way.

Katherine: I knew he was married. I knew about the children.

Sheridan: All right, that I don't understand, but there has to be something more. There has to be some sort of explanation.

Katherine: I'm sorry. That's all I can say.

Sheridan: No, no, there has to be, because you wanted to tell me something earlier. There was something that you were going to say.

Katherine's voice: I wanted to tell you who I am, sheridan, that I'm your mother.

Sheridan: Whatever it is, please tell me. Please. Mrs. Wheeler, tell me what you were going to say.

Martin: You can't keep blaming your mother, paloma. What happened wasn't her fault. It was mine. No, I'm the reason that you were sent to live with maria. Your mother is the finest woman that I've ever known.

Paloma: I don't want to hear it, not from you, papa. Don't defend that woman to me. I know what she did. I lived it. All these lies about no money, and they live like kings here.

Martin: No, no, they never had anyó--

paloma: What kind of woman sends her child away? I never saw her once.

Martin: You were young. You don't understand her choices.

Paloma: Yes, and I'll never understand. There's a woman in puerto arena who begs on the street every day to put food on the table for her children. She would die rather than be separated from them. But not my mother. She put me on a plane and never looked back. So don't defend what she has done, papa. Don't defend her, never.

Luis: I just can't get over it. Sheridan's like a daughter to you, and she knows everything that we've been through, the whole truth, and it still --

pilar: Mijo, your father and this woman -- they've destroyed enough. Don't let them destroy you and sheridan, as well. You love each other too much, and I couldn't bear it if you lost sheridan because of this.

Luis: Well, you don't worry about me, ok? All right, I'm here for you.

Pilar: Thank you. But I mean it. Don't you dare let your father's sins poison your life with sheridan.

Luis: Ok. Ok. Just -- I just can't believe that she'd betray me like this. Betray you. You know? I just don't understand it. Mrs. Wheeler has some sort of power over sheridan, some power I just don't understand.

Sheridan: What is it, mrs. Wheeler? What were you going to tell me?

Katherine: I'm sorry. I can'T.

Sheridan: Why? You were so willing to tell me earlier. Why not now?

Katherine: Sheridan, you are just going to have to trust me. It's better this way.

Sheridan: Trust you? A family is being destroyed right now, and the man I love thinks that I've betrayed him because you won't help me connect the woman that I have come to care about with the woman who has run away with a married man. But I just remembered -- you said when we were down in mexico that you had been married before and you had two children from whom you're estranged.

Katherine: Yes.

Sheridan: So you know what it's like to be separated from a child. You know what it's like to lose a child. And you must know better than anyone how pilar must have felt when she had to send paloma away.

Katherine: I know how she feels all too well.

Sheridan: Mr. Wheeler -- he said you two aren't legally married. So what about you? Where's your husband? Is he still alive? Are you still married?

Katherine: Yes, I am, and he is still alive.

Sheridan: And what about your children? Where are they?

Katherine: Near their father.

Sheridan: So you're telling me that you ran out on your family the same way that martin ran out on his and you haven't seen them since. My god -- I don't know you. You're a mother. You've deserted your children. How could you?

T.C.: I want to thank you for keeping me company tonight.

Liz: Are you kidding me? I'm having a marvelous time. Don't stop dancing. I love dancing with you. You know just how to hold a woman. I could dance with you all night.

T.C.: Then let's finish this dance at home.

Liz: You lead. I'll follow.

Julian: I know you're hurting, but I -- it's clear to me that the door to your life with T.C. Has closed, and I so hope that a new door for me can open. I've spent so many years regretting letting you go, letting my father force me to give you up, and now here we are. We're a bit older. Perhaps we're wiser. Our eyes are wide open. Maybe now there's a chance for us again, because I love you, eve. I've never stopped loving you, and you know how much I want to begin again with you. I pray for that. It'll take time. But I'll wait. It's been a big night, hasn't it? You should get some sleep. Good night, my love.

Eve: Julian, don't go. You said you'd never leave me.

Julian: And I never will.

Eve: I loved T.C. And the life we had together and the family. But if I was going to be honest with myself, I know there was always part of my heart that was reserved for you. When you left me, I tried to fool myself and think that my love for you was dead. God, I just hated you with such a passion. But then whenever I was alone, I just wanted to kick myself, because I couldn't figure out why I would let you get under my skin. And that's because I didn't want to admit just how important you were to me. And now you've changed so much. I don't know how. But you've brought back to life the man that I loved, the tender, funny Julian I didn't think I could live without.

Julian: You did that, eve. I wanted to be someone worthy of you, someone that you want to spend your life with. I made a terrible mistake. I lost so many years, years that we could have spent together, and, god, I'm so sorry.

Eve: No, no. No sorries. We're together now. For tonight's attack here are some stories we are following. The skinny pregnant woman disturbing trend putting some babies at risk. Get story every mother to be will want to see.

liz: Gentlemen, choose your partners and let the dance begin.

T.C.: Well, come on in.

Liz: Oh, T.C., This night has been so wonderful, I don't want it to end.

T.C.: Liz, it doesn't have to.

Liz: Well, I have a few steps we can practice.

T.C.: Oh. Oh, my goodness.

Julian: I love you more than anything, eve. The future belongs to us. I'll give you the life that you deserve. I'll make you happy.

Eve: No more talk. Make love to me, julian. Make love to me.

Martin: Hey, hey. You're too young for such bitterness. You know, I just hope that in time that you'll understand and you'll forgive your mother. None of it was her fault. She loves you, paloma.

Paloma: "She loves me." That's not the kind of love I want. Love is what I had with you and tia. You were like my parents. And now I find out that you really are my father, a father who never abandoned me.

Martin: But, honey, there's so much more to the story.

Paloma: I love you. I love you, you and tia. You are my parents. My mother never wanted me. And I don't want her.

Sheridan: How could you just walk out on your children and never see them again? You are their mother.

Katherine: I had no choice.

Sheridan: Oh, god! No choice? Do you know what it's like for a child to lose a parent? Because I do! I was forced to grow up without my mother! She had no choice. She died and she never would have walked out, on me or my brother. But, you, you had a choice, and you still left your children. You walked out on them. How could you be so selfish, so heartless? I was so wrong about you. I don't know you at all, because there is no excuse for what you've done. In fact, your children are probably better off without you. It's better that they never see you again.

Luis: Hey. Try and get some rest, ok?

Pilar: I don't think I can. I'm too upset.

Luis: Try.

Pilar: Oh, my god. What am I doing? What am I doing? For years I prayed for my husband to come home to me, to our children. And now he has. St. Theresa is right. More pain comes from answered prayers.

Whitney: Now I know exactly what I have to do. I'm going to leave harmony.

Fox: Oh, my god. Whitney's pregnant.

Sheridan: Look, Luis, the point is, is that I love you. All right?

Luis: The thing is I just don't know if that's enough right now, ok?

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