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Passions Transcript Tuesday 11/16/04

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by Boo

Rebecca: Oh. Oh, my poor gwen. Oh, she is so desperate to have a baby that she actually believes that theresa is going to hold up her part of the bargain -- huh. That she is actually just going to hand over the surviving baby in exchange for little ethan. But I don't believe it, not for a second. No, that little sneak is upomng ad whneow. Oh! Damn that whitney for not telling me what theresa's up to.

Oh. But it doesn't matter. Theresa may have caused gwen to lose sarah, but I will never allow her to cheat gwen out of having this baby -- or a future with ethan.

Theresa: Can you go a little lower, please? Oh, yeah.

Ethan: Is that all right?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Whitney: Oh, my god.

Luis: Paloma!

Sheridan: Paloma!

Luis: Get your hands away from her.

Martin: She's my daughter, luis!

Luis: Yeah, some father you are -- kept your true identity secret from her all these years.

Pilar: Bastard. Look what you've done!

Martin: No, I never meant --

pilar: Meant to hurt her? Say it, martin. Say it, I swear I'll rip your tongue out!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life see this pill? I helped invent it.

sheridan: Paloma?

Pilar: Despiertate, mija.

Luis: Well, the shock of finding out that she's been lied to all these years must've been too much for her.

Martin: Poor paloma. All these years I've lied to protect her, keep her safe. Now, this.

Katherine: I know what's happening here is hell for you and it's hell for me, too. I love paloma as if she's my own flesh and blood.

Martin: Well, her and her family will never forgive me for what I've done.

Luis: Sis, come on. Wake up.

Sam: Grace? Yeah, I -- I haven't heard from you lately. I've been concerned. Well, good, good. So where are you now? Ah, back in italy, huh? Amalfi coast -- wow, that -- that sounds nice.

Ivy: Damn it, grace. Why are you chatting it up with sam when you should be doing it with david? I went to a lot of trouble to find a man to pass off as your forgotten first husband. And you fell for it. And then for reasons I will never understand, david fell in love with you and now you're an ocean away living la dolce vita, but am I rid of you? No. You can still reach out and touch sam's heartstrings just when I thought we were moving on to a solid relationship. Oh, damn it, grace! I wish you'd fall into mount vesuvius.

Gwen: Um -- whit, why did you seem so shocked when you first opened the door? What did you see?

Whitney: Um -- I just was surprised by all the wonderful things you have here for theresa while she's staying here with you. That's all.

Gwen: Yeah, I know. Like I said, I just -- I only want the best for theresa and our baby. I mean, she went to ex aordinary lengths so that ethan and I could have a baby of our own, give us one last chance to be parents. I mean, she's been so nice and so noble, I -- I really just can't do enough for her and neither can ethan. I'll take this.

Whitney: Yeah.

Gwen: So I brought you some warm milk to help you sleep.

Theresa: Thanks, gwen.

Gwen: You're welcome.

Ethan: Hey. You're being a wonderful hostess.

Gwen: Thank you. I'm trying.

Whitney: Are you trying to get killed? If gwen catches you coming on to ethan, she's going to wring your neck. Hey uncle ed, how about some crescents down here?

Gwen: Honey, why don't we leave these guys alone? You know, I'm sure theresa wants to change and have some time alone with whitney.

Ethan: Yeah. I think that's a really good idea.

Gwen: So we're going to, you know, leave you guys alone so you can have some private time, ok?

Theresa: Ok.

Gwen: Ok. If you need anything, just give me a ring.

Theresa: Thanks. Oh, gwen? Um -- I want ethan back and -- huh -- could I have rebecca's severed head on a platter?

Sam: So david's based out of italy now and takes assignments all over and you go with him. Sounds great. Yeah, well, I'm really glad you're happy, grace. But you haven't called in a while and I was just concerned something happened to you.

Ivy: Yeah, I should be so lucky. It's a shame that with grace hopscotching all over europe, she hasn't met some horrible fate like a skiing accident in the alps or a boating disaster off of greece. Or better yet, I know -- she could go grape-stomping in italy like lucy ricardo, fall into the vat, knock herself unconscious, and drown. Huh. Grace in a bottle, a nice, bland chianti.

Fox: Would you like a glass of wine?

Ivy: Oh.

Fox: Ha.

Ivy: Hi. No. Ahem.

Sheridan: Paloma?

Luis: Paloma.

Pilar: Mi amor.

Sheridan: Hey.

Luis: Princess.

Pilar: Wake up.

Luis: Hey.

Paloma: Que paso?

Pilar: You fainted, mija. You were overwhelmed when you found out mr. Wheeler --

paloma: Is my father.

Pilar: Si.

Paloma: You. You are really my father?

Martin: Yes.

Paloma: Yo no creo. I grew up with you living at tia maria's inn. I saw you every day, morning and night and not once did you ever let on that you were my father.

Martin: I couldn'T.

Paloma: How could you not? How could you have kept such a secret from me? I am your daughter, your flesh and blood. You know how I felt abandoned, that my sister and my brothers didn't care about me, that my mother didn't love me. You knew how much I wanted to be part of my family. And you, my father -- you were there all along. I trusted you, I respected you. I loved you for being like a father to me and now, to know that you are my father -- how could you be so cruel? How, papa? How?

[Bicycle bell rings]

Singer: You are my passion for life

ivy: No, I -- I don't want any wine. In fact, sam and I were just having some champagne. Would you like som

fox: No. No, I'm good, thanks.

Ivy: Oh, well, if you change your mind --

fox: Well, what the hell are you two celebrating anyway? What happened?

Ivy: Ethan and gwen's baby.

Fox: Oh, right -- you mean the one theresa's still carrying.

Ivy: So you heard what happened?

Fox: Yeah, yeah. No, I was at the hospital when it all happened. Whitney decided to stay with theresa after work, so --

ivy: Oh, that reminds me -- whitney called me on my cell phone and she said she was going to help take theresa home after the hospital and would you pick her up at the mansion?

Fox: Will do.

Ivy: Ok.

Fox: When shealled, did she mention how theresa was doing, by the way?

Ivy: No. No, but I can only imagine theresa must be exhausted physically and mentally after what she's been through.

Fox: Yeah. Who's sam talking to?

Ivy: Grace. Supposedly, she called from overseas to check on their children.

Fox: Ok. Well, good. I'll let you get back to resenting grace. I'm going to go get whitney.

Ivy: Ok, see you later.

Fox: Listen, mom, before you get out the voodoo dolls and needles, just try to keep in mind it's just a phone call, ok? Grace is sam's past, you're his future. All right?

Ivy: Thank you, fox.

Fox: You bet. Now, have some fun, ok?

Ivy: Ok.

Fox: All right.


Rebecca: Oh.

Gwen: Oh.

Rebecca: So, is the princess of mexico settled in?

Gwen: Yes, mother. She's upstairs with whitney, and please stop disparaging her. Look, without theresa, ethan and I would never be having a baby of our own, ok?

Rebecca: Um -- actually, it's because of theresa that you and ethan don't have a baby of your own.

Gwen: Mother, please.

Rebecca: All I'm saying is that she caused you to lose sarah and then she cost you your little boy, so now that's two down, one to go.

Ethan: Will you stop? Look, she agreed to give up one baby so the other could live, ok?

Gwen: He's right.

Rebecca: Look, I still don't trust her and neither should you.

Gwen: Mother, the bottom line is theresa is giving us what we want most in the world -- a baby -- and I'm always going to be grateful to her for that.

Theresa: I think you're worrying too much about gwen, ok? She thinks that I'm carrying the most important thing in the world to her -- that's her baby with ethan, ok? As long as that's the case, she's not going to lay a finger on me.

Whitney: Well, just so you know, rebecca had me cornered downstairs and she said if you hurt gwen, she is going to hurt you. Now, you know she means it. I mean, if you cause trouble for her, she's going to carve you up like a thanksgiving turkey or something.

Theresa: You don't have to worry about her threats, ok? Her bark's worse than her bite.

Whitney: How can you say that? How can you say that when she took little ethan and your home and had everyone in your family fired from their jobs?

Theresa: Well, that's just it -- you know, rebecca can't do anything else to me. Besides, she had julian's power behind her then. She doesn't anymore because, you know, julian's with your mom.

Whitney: Yeah. Thanks for reminding me.

Theresa: Whitney, the point is big, bad becky -- she can't do anything to me anymore, ok? So why don't you relax, grab a magazine -- tabloid?

Martin: Paloma, I'm sorry, but I couldn't tell you I was your father.

Paloma: Why not?

Luis: That's a good question.

Martin: Because you're my baby girl and I love you. You're my heart.

Luis: The same way you loved all of us, huh?

Martin: I wanted you to grow up happy and hopeful and I was afraid that if I ever told you the truth, it'd be too upsetting and confusing for you.

Luis: Yeah, you're right. How would you explain to her that you left your wife and family for another woman?

Paloma: You -- you arnot his wife?

Katherine: Not legally, no.

Paloma: God. Am I still unconscious? Is this a bad dream? Things like this only happen in telenovelas, not in real life. I always thought it was mama who didn't love me, who sent me away to live with tia maria because she didn't want me, but you, my father -- you were there with me all along and you didn't want me, either! You refused to acknowledge me as your daughter!

Martin: No, because I couldn'T. I loved you too much.

Paloma: Oh. You lie to me my whole life because you loved me? And mama sent me away because she loved me? You people are crazy or -- or liars or both!

Pilar: Paloma, mija --

paloma: Don't touch me.

Pilar: Yo te quiero

con todo mi corazon. I do love you, mija. I sent you away because I wanted you to have a better life. Martin abandoned me and the children. He left me alone to raise five little kids. I couldn't afford to feed and clothe you all. Do you understand? I -- I put your -- your needs above my wish to have you with me because I loved you so much!

Paloma: You keep saying that.

Pilar: Because it's true! I'm so sorry. I wish it could've been different, but I couldn't hold the family togetheby myself. I couldn'T. And the guilt of sending you away -- oh, my god, that guilt ate at my soul every single day of my life! And now -- and now to know that your father -- he was with you the whole time that he and that mistress of his helped raise you. I feel so much anger, I -- you know, I never thought I would say this in front of god to the man that I married, but I hate you, martin! I despise you for what you've done to us

paloma: Callate, mama. Stop talking to papa that way! Emale announcer)

Pilar: How -- how can you defend him when he is to blame for tearing this family apart? You would have grown up here in harmony with me and your brothers and your sister if he hadn't left us!

Luis: That's right. Paloma, don't blame mama, ok? If you're going to blame anyone, blame him.

Paloma: You all hate him because he abandoned you. How do you think I feel being abandoned by you? Growing up alone in another country. Mama says she sent me away because she loved me. Because it was best for me. Even if that's true and I could forgive her for it, I can't forgive her for what happened afterwards.

Pilar: What do you mean?

Paloma: You never sent for me to come home.

Luis: Paloma, we've already been through this, ok?

Paloma: And I don't buy your excuses. When theresa thought she was mrs. Julian crane, she had the money to rebuild your house, to buy expensive dresses, presents for all of you, but no money for a plane ticket for me to come home. And you, luis -- you max out your credit cards wining and dining sheridan while I ate alone in mexico. And you, sheridan, one of the wealthiest women on earth. A plane ticket was pocket change for you, but you never offered to fly me home.

Sheridan: Because your family felt that you were better off in mexico where you had friends and a good life.

Paloma: And papa.

Pilar: But he lied to you.

Paloma: Si.

Si, si, es verdad. But at least he was there for me. He was there for me every day when I woke up and every night when I went to sleep. I may not have known he was my father, but he was always loving and kind and caring. He was like a father to me. A good father.

Pilar: Stop it. Stop it, paloma. Stop defending this cheat and liar. A true father doesn't walk away from his wife and his children, leaving them destitute! But this -- this scum did! Oh, god. From the moment I met him, I thought he was a saint on earth. I worshipped the ground he walked on. I hung on his every word. And my god, did I feel blessed because I was the woman you loved. So proud to be the mother of his children. But I was a fool. I was a stupid fool. Wasn't I? I believed all his lies, everything he said to me -- his talk of faith and family and fidelity. Well, he is not a saint! He's a sinner! He abandoned me and the children to go live in sin with that woman! He's an adulterer who left us penniless. He left us with nothing.

Absolutamente nada.

Y esta es la verdad, paloma. The god's honest truth.

Fox: Good evening, people.

Ethan: Fox. Taking kind of a chance being here after julian kicked you out, aren't you?

Fox: Oh, I don't know. I just came to get whitney. Mom said she was here.

Ethan: Yeah.

Gwen: Yeah, she's upstairs with theresa.

Fox: Ok, I'll go get her.

Ethan: Yeah, we'll go, too. We'll say good night.

Gwen: Ok.

Rebecca: Theresa.

Oh, my poor gwen -- she is so naive. Huh -- it is a very good thing that I am around keeping an eye on that broodmare.

[Rebecca sighs]

Rebecca: Oh, now, theresa, if you try anything funny with that baby, I am going to have you lassoed and branded.

Rebecca: Oh, tex, you rugged ranch hand, you. Oh, catch me if you can!

Tex: I'm going to catch you, little filly. Yee-haw! Yeah, you're mine.

Rebecca: Oh! Oh, tex -- well, now that you've lassoed me, you're just going to have to brand me with that big, red, hot poker of yours.


Rebecca: Ooh -- well, tex, you keep that poker red-hot now, will you? I'll be right back.

[Rebecca giggles]

Rebecca: Ooh.

Rebecca: You hold it right there, you flea-bitten varmint! Turn around. Turn around and face who you done wrong. Theresa? Ooh, you little baby bandito. I knew you'd try to pull something like this. Sneaking off with gwen's baby like some skunk in the night.

Theresa: I want the baby.

Rebecca: Yeah, and I want tex to ride me like a bronco. Just, you hand over that kid right now or I'm going to fill you full of lead.

[Theresa gasps]

Theresa: Ok, you can take the baby. Here.

Theresa: Oh!

Rebecca: Oops. Oh, yee-haw! Oh, tex? Nope. That little sneak won't get away with any funny business. Not on my watch.

Whitney: I don't want to read a tabloid, theresa. I don't feel like reading anything about the hilton sisters and their latest sexcapades, thank you.

Theresa: Ok.

Whitney: Besides, with all the other stuff you have to worry about, I can't believe you're wasting your time with trash like that.

Theresa: Whitney, fate does my worrying for me.

Whitney: Oh, my god.

Theresa: And besides, you know what? I think it's really important to keep up on this kind of news.

Whitney: News?

Theresa: Yes.

Whitney: That's not news. That's pulp fiction, that's what that is.

Theresa: No, it's not. Check this one out right here. Look at this. "Brother and sister" -- ew. Wow, they had a child together. You see that? This is a two-headed baby.

Whitney: What?

Theresa: Yeah, it says here they're from australia and they -- they got a little too up close and personal and they got a two-headed baby. One head's a boy and one head's a girl.

Whitney: Ok, please -- you know what? I just don't think you should be joking about stuff like that, ok?

Theresa: All right, you're right, right, because, you know, children of incest -- they can have all sorts of mental and physical problems, so --

whitney: Yeah. I know.

[Knock on door]

Theresa: Enter if you dare.

Fox: Hey! Theresa, how you doing? How you feeling ever since the --

theresa: I'm ok.

Fox: Yeah?

Theresa: I'm -- yeah. I'm working through it.

Fox: Good. Well, I'm glad. I'm sure having whitney here helps, huh? She can put a smile on anyone's face. See?

Whitney: You've come to take me home?

Fox: Yeah, my mom gave me your message. Your chariot awaits.

Whitney: Um -- I was wondering if you wouldn't mind stopping at the drugstore on the way home. I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach. Can we grab something?

Fox: Yeah, sure. All right.

Gwen: Oh, but I hope you feel better.

Ethan: Yeah, me, too.

Whitney: Thanks. You -- you get some rest, ok? And I'll see you later.

Theresa: Ok.

Whitney: Ok. I love you.

Theresa: I love you, too.

Whitney: Ready?

Fox: Yep.

Gwen: So, can I get you any warm milk?

Ethan: Something to eat?

Theresa: No, I'm ok, thanks. Oh, you know what? Actually, my back's a little tender, so do you mind fluffing my pillows for me?

Gwen: Sure. Is that better?

Theresa: Yeah.

Gwen: Ok.

Theresa: That's perfect. Thanks.

Gwen: It's my pleasure, theresa. I mean, you've done so much already for us. You know, having the procedure and allowing one baby to be taken to save the other. I'm -- I'm truly grateful, and I just want you to get some rest, ok? And if you need anything, here -- ring this bell.

Theresa: Oh.

Gwen: And I will come running.

Theresa: Ok.

Gwen: Ok. Good night.

Theresa: All right, good night, gwen. Ethan.

Ethan: Good night.

Gwen: Sweet dreams.

Theresa: Thanks. Oh, yes. I'll be having sweet dreams -- sweet dreams of ethan, little ethan, and this baby that I'm carrying.

Sam: Grace called to check on the girls. God, you know, I hope I was right not to tell grace that charity left town. You think I should call her back? Ivy? Hey. Hey, what's wrong?

Ivy: I just -- I saw the look on your face when you heard grace's voice and you were so happy.

Sam: Ivy, I haven't heard from her in a while. I was concerned.

Ivy: Because you still love her.

Sam: Ivy, let me -- let me explain something to you about grace, ok?

Ivy: No. Sam, I was a fool. I was a fool to think I could ever take her place in your heart.

Paloma: I don't think papa would abandon us for no reason. You must have done something to drive him away.

Pilar: Yo no puedo creer lo

que estoy escuchando.

Paloma: Claro.

Claro, eso es. You were so mean to papa about money and bills that he couldn't take it anymore and ran off.

Pilar: Eso no es verdad!

Martin: No, no, paloma, paloma, don't blame your mother for my leaving. It wasn't her fault.

Luis: That's right, it wasn'T. Wow.

[Luis chuckles]

Luis: For once, this bum is actually telling the truth. See, you're very wrong to blame mama for his bailing out on us. I remember what happened, ok? She loved him. And she thout that he loved her.

Martin: I did.

Luis: And that's why -- huh -- it was such a surprise to all of us, ok? Because we never saw it coming. Especially mama. I mean, god bless her, you know? Because she tried to stay strong for all of us. I'm going to tell you something -- at night, I could hear her crying and calling out his name. And then every day, she would pray and pray that you would come back to us, because you just vanished. So we thought, of course, something bad had happened to him. We never thought in a million years it was because he was shacking up with her.

Paloma: Ya callate, luis! Stop disrespecting my father. He was there for me my whole life. I didn't know who he was, but I knew he loved me. And I loved him. I still do. Ano music]

[Knock on door]

Theresa: Come in.

Theresa: Hi.

Ethan: Hi.

Theresa: Oh, I didn't think I would see you again tonight. I mean, I'm glad you're here.

Ethan: Yeah. Um -- look, I just -- I came in just to thank you again for what you did tonight. More specifically, letting one baby be taken so the other had the chance to live. I know it wasn't easy for you, I really do. But I will never forget it. And gwen won't, either.

Theresa: Well, you know I didn't do it for gwen, ethan, I did it for us, so --

ethan: Don't -- please, don't do that. I'm not leaving gwen. I won't do it.

Theresa: I know you've told me that, ethan. But once the baby is born, you're going to change your mind --

[Ethan sighs]

Theresa: And you're going to come back to me.

Ethan: Theresa, let me ask you something. How do you know that that baby is ours?

Theresa: Because it's fate, ethan. Fate means for us to be together.

Ethan: It's not going to happen. It won'T.

Theresa: Look, you can say what you want, you can think what you want, but I know in my heart that fate has made it so this is our baby. And fate's going to bring you back to me. You just wait and see.

Fox: Well, I see the lights in the living room are still on. So my mom and chief bennett must still be awake. So what do you think? You want something to eat?

Whitney: No -- no, thank you.

Fox: Stomach still queasy, huh?

Whitney: Yeah, yeah, a little bit.

Fox: That's too bad. Well, listen, why wouldn't you let me go in with you to the drugstore to get whatever it is that you got there?

Whitney: Well, let's just say I didn't want you to feel weird in the checkout.

Fox: Gwen, the -- I don't mind feeling weird for you. Well, that didn't sound right, did it?

Whitney: Yeah, but I know what you meant. Look, I'm going to go, and I'm going to be right back, ok?

Fox: Ok.

Whitney: Ok.

Whitney: Ok. I hate lying to fox, but I cannot tell him that I could possibly be pregnant with chad's baby. Now, I've taken two home pregnancy tests before, but, you know, maybe -- hopefully, they were false positives and I'm not even really pregnant anyway. What's the expression? "Third time's a charm," right? Please, god. Let the results be negative. Don't let me be pregnant with chad's baby.

[Whitney sighs]

Whitney: Ok.

Sam: Look, ivy, I won't lie to you. Ok, I can'T. I love grace. She's the mother of our three children. We'll always be connected, bonded in that way. But I'm not in love with grace.

Ivy: Really? You're not?

Sam: Really. She made her choice. She left me and our children to be with another man. I've moved on -- with you.

Ivy: Oh, sam -- sam, I love you. I love you.

[Ivy sighs]

Sam: And I really love you, too.

Whitney: Ok. Oh, come on, this is ridiculous. Just pick it up and look at it.

Whitney: Damn! I am pregnant.

Fox: Whitney, you ok in there?

Whitney: Yeah, fox, I'm fine. I'll be out in just a second, ok?

Whitney: God help me. I'm pregnant with my brother's baby.

Whitney: What am I going to do?

Martin: Paloma, I love you, too. I always have and I always will.

Pilar: No, wait. Wait! Wait!

Todo el mundo se ha vuelto

loco aqui. How can you possibly forgive him for lying to you all those years and still blame me for sending you away, when his leaving us is what forced me to do it?

Paloma: But why me, mama? Why me?

Luis: Mama told you, she wanted what was best for you, paloma.

Paloma: So she said. I think she took the easy way out.

Pilar: What?

Paloma: Babies are a lot of work. You have to change diapers, feed them, bathe them. It was less trouble to keep theresa and the others because they could take care of themselves.

Pilar: I never considered that. Not once.

Luis: Babies need things, ok? Things that we could not afford. We were broke. We were barely scraping by.

Paloma: I don't think you sent me away because you loved me. I think you did it because I was too much trouble.

Pilar: Paloma, me rompes

el corazon. And you -- how dare you stand there playing the loving father? How dare you? You tell her the truth! You tell her how everything that happened was your fault! You tell her, martin -- how one day we were this happy, perfect family, and the next day, I was a single mother with five children to feed! Oh, my god -- I would have never imagined in a million years that the man that I worshipped, the man that I loved with all my heart would abandon me and my children for another woman. I lit a candle for your father every night for years, paloma.

Years. And though other men were interested, I stayed faithful to my husband! What a fool. What a stupid fool. I had no idea that your father was with another woman living in paradise. This man -- this man says he loves you -- just like he says he loved me and luis and your brothers and your sister. But it was all lies!

Martin: No, it wasn'T.

Pilar: Shut up! You shut up. He doesn't love you. Just like he doesn't love us. He loves that slut! That slut that he left to live in sin with. And you -- how dare you? You didn't give it a second thought that you stole another woman's husband, that you robbed his children of their father! You bitch!

Paloma: Stop it, mama! Don't talk to mrs. Wheeler that way.

Pilar: What?

Paloma: When I was growing up, she was there for me. She spent time with me. She read me stories. She helped me with my english. She even helped tia maria take care of me when I was sick. Mrs. Wheeler loves me.

Pilar: What?

Paloma: And I love her.

Liz: No one wants you here, so get out.

Eve: I have something to say, and you are going to listen to me.

Paloma: They are my family, not you. Not any of you.

Theresa: There is no way in the world I am ever going to give my baby to gwen.

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