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by Amanda

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Katherine: I can't tell you the truth, sheridan, that I'm your mother, just like martin can't tell luis or any of his children the truth about his being their father.

Luis: Well? Would you answer me? Are you martin fitzgerald? Are you my father?

Martin's voice: I would give anything to tell you the truth, my son, but alistair would never stop tormenting you if you knew I was your father. I'd have to leave harmony to protect you.

Luis: Come on. Answer me, damn it.

Martin: Why would you ask me such a question, luis? I mean, what's going on?

Luis: Just answer the question! Are you my father?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

eve: So, T.C., Why are you here? What is it that you want to give me?

[Computer beeps]

Eve: Oh. Excuse me. I'm expecting an email from a doctor in europe about a consultation.

Eve: Oh, no, it's -- it's not from the doctor. It's -- it's from the travel agent about the trip we were planning.

T.C.: The trip to the poconos?

Eve: Yes. The travel agent called earlier. She said the tickets were ready. Is that why you're here? Did she call you, too, and you brought the tickets?

T.C.: Eve, I need to speak to you in private.

Eve: Of course. Do you mind, julian?

Julian: No. Of course not. Liz, why don't we give them some privacy.

Liz: Oh, julian, I don't think that T.C. Wants me to leave, just you.

Julian: I think we should both make ourselves scarce.

Liz: You do whatever you want to, julian. I'm staying.

T.C.: Liz, please, I need to speak to my -- I need to speak to eve alone. I'm sure you understand.

Julian: Come.

Eve: So, is that what you're here about -- the trip that we were planning? The fishing trip that was supposed to be our second honeymoon?

Pilar: Don't be ridiculous, rebecca. Do you think that I would deliberately try to hurt your daughter?

Rebecca: Oh, you bet your pesos I do.

Pilar: Well, I am not like you. Most of us aren'T. Most people believe in right and wrong. Most people have principles.

Rebecca: Oh -- cut, cut. Hold it right there. Oh, cue in the violins -- oh, or better yet, some of that old-fashioned soap-opera organ music?

Gwen: Mother, stop it.

Pilar: I don't want to see anyone hurt, gwen. I only want my daughter to do the right thing.

Rebecca: "Do the right thing"? Oh -- oh, pilar -- oh, honey, I am so sorry, but you're a little late. I mean, you should have taught that to her when she was just a child.

Pilar: I taught my daughter well.

Rebecca: Oh. So you're the one who taught her how to lie, manipulate, and steal other people's husbands?

Gwen: Ok. Let's just stop. Pilar's only -- you know, she's just standing up for what she believes in.

Rebecca: Well, it's about time you stood up for what's yours, namely, those babies that pilar there wants to die!

Gwen: You know, just shut up, ok? Pilar, I'm sorry. I hope you know that I do not think like my mother.

Pilar: I hope not, gwen.

Gwen: Well, I don'T. This decision was the hardest decision I have ever had to make, to just go against the church like this. But, pilar, I'm trying to see it as giving one baby the chance to survive instead of letting them both --

pilar: I know, gwen.

Gwen: I promise you I'm going to love this baby so much. I will, ok?

Pilar's voice: You won't get the chance to love him or her, gwen, and not if my daughter does what she says she's going to do.

Ethan: Theresa, you can't do it. You can't deliberately choose your baby over mine and gwen'S. You can'T.

Theresa: It's our baby.

Our baby, ethan. And if you think that this is easy for me --

ethan: Theresa, I know. I know it's not easy. It's horrible. This is impossible. It's an impossible decision to make, and that's why I don't want you to make it. Just leave it up to the doctors. Leave it up to nature.

Theresa: "Nature"?

Ethan: Dr. Russell said that they would take the baby that had the least chance of surviving, the one that was -- could be removed easiest from -- from you without harming the other fetus, theresa.

Theresa: Is that what you want me to do, ethan? Do you want me to let the doctors decide the fate of our child?

Theresa: Yes. Theresa, it's not -- it's not up to you. It's not up to you to decide to save our baby by sacrificing gwen's and mine.

Theresa: Why not, ethan? Because if there were two children standing on a railroad track and a train was coming and a mother could only save one child, who do you think she would save? The mother would save her own child, ethan, and that's what I'm doing. I am saving our child, ethan. And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Sheridan: You know, maybe it was so hard getting over her death because it was so sudden. You know, one day she was there, and the next day she was gone. It was just -- it was horrible.

Katherine: My julian. I love you both so much. This is going to hurt you so deeply. And I just pray that one day you'll understand why I had to leave, that I had no choice. It must have been terrible for you, sheridan, being so young and having your mother torn away from you so suddenly. It had to have left a deep emotional scar.

Sheridan: I'm so sorry to dump all this on you. But, look, before you leave harmony, if you could just tell me one more thing about my mother. I mean, I know that you said you were close to her.

Katherine: I really can'T.

Sheridan: If you could tell me anything, it'd be so appreciated. Anything at all.

Katherine: Just know that she loved you very, very much and that wherever she is now she still loves you, wants you to be happy.

Sheridan: Yeah. I guess I have to believe that, that wherever she is she still loves me. It's so strange sometimes, though, you know, because I feel like she's so close. I just -- so close that I could reach out and touch her.

Luis: Just answer yes or no. Now, are you my father or aren't you?

Martin: Luis, we don't have time to discuss this. Now, mrs. Wheeler and I have to leave town, and we need to go now before alistair changes his mind and reinstates the murder charges against my wife.

Luis: Your wife is my mother, not mrs. Wheeler, ok? And we don't have to have any long discussion here, just answer the question -- yes or no?

Martin: Luis, this isn't the time.

Luis: Why not?

Martin: You're upset, everyone is on edge because of alistair.

Luis: Why don't you just stop dodging the question, ok? You know, I have proof that says you're martin fitzgerald.

Martin: Proof? What proof?

Luis: Just admit it. God, I can see it in your eyes. Why are you so damn determined to deny me from knowing my own father? Just admit it!

Martin: I'm not admitting to anything! Now, mrs. Wheeler and I are leaving town right now!

Luis: No, you are not! Now, you are you not going anywhere until I get the answer I need. Waiting, it's official ..official .. george bush has won the us elections. Kerry conceded and bush just completed his victory speech this hour.. coming up tonight at 5:30 -- we'll have reaction to bush's win from queen's park, parliament hill and around the world.


The family of randy mawgridge has decided to call off the search for the missing auautisitc man. Police along with hundreds of volunteers have been combing southern ontario for any sign of the 46- year old since he went missing october 24th. Tonight at 5:30 we'll speak with randy's mother.

Also at 5:30 -- thousands of ontario pensioners have had their income cut in half...having paid into what they thought was a safe retirement plan for over 30 years. And the government promised it wouldn't happen, but are we now in danger of of running out of our flu vaccine supply? Join us for all the days stories tonight on global news -- we're first at 5:30.







theresa: Why are you looking at me like that? Look, I'm doing what any mother would do. If I have to make this decision, I'm going to choose to save our child.

Ethan: It's wrong. It's wrong for you and you alone to make this decision.

Theresa: You always talked about wanting a child, ethan. I'm giving you one. I'm giving you our child.

Ethan: Listen to me. If you choose to do this, if you choose to save your baby and not gwen's, please don't you think that I'm going to just leave gwen and go to you. I've already told you that's not going to happen.

Theresa: Even though you admitted that you're still in love with me? Even though you admitted that the only reason that you married gwen was because she was pregnant?

Ethan: It doesn't -- look, look, whatever I feel for you, don't you doubt that I don't love gwen. I do. I want to make her happy more than anything in the world, and I know that this baby and being a family is going to make her happy.

Theresa: A family, ethan?

Ethan: Yes. Theresa, please remember that you are not going to have custody of this baby no matter what. You signed papers. You're saying that you would give us our baby in exchange for little ethan. Gwen and I are going to raise this child. So you have to ask yourself, wouldn't it be better to just let the doctors and nature decide which baby lives? Wouldn't it be easier for you not to know whether it's mine and yours or gwen and mine? Gwen and I are going to raise this baby.

Sam: Oh, there you are.

Sheridan: Oh, sam. What are you doing here?

Sam: Are you all right?

Sheridan: Yeah, I'm fine, thanks.

Sam: Yeah. Well, I came looking for you. I went by the cottage, no one was there, and I was hoping to find you out here.

Sheridan: Oh, don't tell me something's wrong. Don't tell me that my father changed his mind about dropping the charges against mrs. Wheeler.

Sam: No, no, he hasn't changed his mind. Mrs. Wheeler.

Katherine: Hello.

Sheridan: Did luis come with you?

Sam: Yes, he did.

Sheridan: Where is he?

Sam: He's up at the mansion talking to mr. Wheeler.

Sheridan: Oh, good. He told me he wanted the wheelers to stick around so that he could have a chance to talk to mr. Wheeler. He sounded angry. Do you know why?

Sam: Uh -- I think I do, but I'd rather have luis tell you.

Sheridan: Why? Is something wrong?

Sam: I hope not. I hope everything is fine up in the mansion.

Martin: Luis, let me go.

Luis: No, I told you, you're not going anywhere until I get some answers. Why'd you run out on us, papa?

Martin: Stop calling me that!

Luis: Look, I told you I have proof! Now, why don't you just stop lying and admit it?

Martin: We can't talk about this right now.

Luis: No, we are going to talk about this now.

Martin: I am not your father!

Luis: You're a liar. You want to see it? You want to see the proof?

Martin: Proof? I -- I don't even know what kind of proof you think you have!

Luis: Why don't you just shut up. There you go. You going to deny that?

Martin: What -- what is this?

Luis: It's fingerprints proving that you are martin fitzgerald.

Martin: But, luis, it -- it's just from crane industries. You can't believe it! I mean, you can't believe anything that alistair crane puts out!

Luis: No, I do believe it! Especially now. Oh, I can tell by the look on your face. You are my father. Damn you. Damn you to hell.

>> Narrator: In the early

part of the 20th century,

canadian children were dying

of malnutrition.

Nutritional research was a

new science, but three

dedicated doctors at

toronto's hospital for sick

children set out to better

the health of children


In 1930, doctors alan brown,

fred tisdall and theodore

drake launched a staple for

infants, pablum.

>> Dr. Stanley zlotkin: They really invented the first fortified foods, they realised that in order to allow children to meet their potential, their genetic potential for growth, they had to had an adequate amount of nutritional foods and if they took vitamins like vitamin d and vitamin a and put them in a very simple form of cereal and in the 1920s, this is probably the very first time that there was a ready-to-eat, prepared cereal. So they were the pioneers in the application of basic science to everyday modern living.

>> Narrator: Pablum remains a

staple for north american

children and fortified foods

help alleviate malnutrition

throughout the world.

Doctors brown, tisdall and

drake, canada's pioneering

paediatricians. They may or may not reside in a "have not" province, but newfoundlanders seem to be canada's savviest investors and savers. They're the only ones who saw a gain in their median investment income last year. For the third year in a row, interest and dividend returns fell to a median five hundred dollars everywhere else across canada. The ultimate comeback to any newfie joke.




[Playing theme music]

>> Narrator: Keanu charles reeves was born in beirut lebanon, but he grew up as canadian as they come, in the toronto neighbourhood of yorkville.

>> Keanu reeves: I went to, like hockey camps, and to howie meeker hockey camp.

>> Narrator: As a goalie at de la salle college, keanu earned the nickname, the wall, mvp honours and a reputation for eccentric behaviour.

>> Scott barber: Just out of the blue, recite some shakespeare.

>> Scott barber: Bob hyland had seen keanu for a week, and he phoned me up and he said, scott, do you think this kid wants to play as a living at some point. And I said, well I think, yeah, what kid wouldn't?

>> Narrator: But after spending the summer with his stepfather, broadway director paul aaron, keanu decided to pass on the ohl.

>> Scott barber: Keanu phoned me the night before, and said, "scott, I've decided I want to be an actor." And I was kind of stunned.

>> Paul aaron: That's when i knew he had crossed over, he found something else that he truly loved, and it was important to him.

>> Keanu reeves: I miss it terribly, but I play street hockey, still.

>> Scott barber: I think if he was to put on the pads right now, he'd still be terrific. Closed captioning provided by: Broadcast captioning & consulting services inc. Www.Closedcaptioning.Com

singer: You are my passion for life

liz: What could be taking them so long?

Julian: My god, you're so worried that they're alone together, you're so nervous. Are you scared that perhaps T.C. Might be willing to take her back?

Liz: No, julian. Not at all.

Julian: No, I think you're lying. I think -- I think that even after everything you've done you're terrified that T.C. Still loves her, and it's eating away at you, isn't it?

Liz: You know, you couldn't be further from the truth.

Julian: Yeah, you thought by now he'd be firmly ensconced in your bed. It seems you were wrong, because you know something? Eve is still more of a woman than you will ever be, and she is still more desirable to T.C. Than you will ever be.

Liz: Wrong again, julian.

Julian: You can't accept that. You're afraid that they might get back together again and everything you did would be for nothing.

Liz: T.C. Has divorce papers. He is here to give them to eve! Their marriage is over, julian, over!

Eve: T.C., Say something, please. I know you're uncomfortable talking about our second honeymoon. Look, I know you love fishing, so you just take the tickets and you go. I want you to.

T.C.: No, eve, you take the tickets, you take the trip. I don't mind.

Eve: No, I -- you need to go away somewhere and relax, and the poconos has always had such a wonderful effect on you.

T.C.: What's so funny?

Eve: Do you remember when we went there the first time and we rented the red boat and we went out and fished? And I had my nose stuck in a book, and then you caught a fish, remember?

T.C.: Yeah, and I asked you for the net.

Eve: Yeah, yeah. And I wasn't paying attention and I was so into my book, and I stood up and I just walked right overboard.

T.C.: You made such a loud yell!

Eve: I thought you were never going to come in and get me!

T.C.: Hey, I had a fish to catch.

Eve: I have so many wonderful memories.

T.C.: Yeah. I guess we won't be making any more memories.

Eve: We could if you could forgive me.

Pilar: I'd better go check on theresa.

Gwen: Ok. But please don't listen to my mother. You know how I feel about you. And I want us all to get along, especially with what theresa's doing for me and ethan.

Pilar: Right. I just hope that when all of this is over we can finally all be happy.

Gwen: So do I.

Gwen: Really, what is wrong with you? Why do you always have to stir up trouble?

Rebecca: Gwen, please, listen to me. If you want to see who's really stirring up trouble, look south of the border. Look, one of these days you are going to realize that I am right about theresa. She is not to be trusted.

Ethan: Please think about this. I mean, wouldn't it be better if you didn't know whether you were the biological mother or not of the child that gwen and I are raising? Wouldn't it be easier for you?

Theresa: You know, ethan, right now I have a chance to protect my child. That's what I'm going to do.

Ethan: Theresa -- god, please don't do this. Don'T. Let nature decide. Let the doctors decide. If a baby is born, no matter what, gwen and I are going to raise it. Gwen will have her baby, and you will have little ethan back.

Theresa: You're just protecting yourself.

Ethan: What?

Theresa: You just don't want gwen to know that we have a baby together, because then she would know we slept together.

Ethan: No, no. Wait a minute. That has nothing to do with anything. Besides, I didn't even know it was you, if you recall. Remember, I was drunk. You disguised yourself as gwen? You remember that, right?

Theresa: You knew it was me.

Ethan: I would have stopped it if I would have known it was you.

Theresa: I don't think so.

Ethan: And then you would only be pregnant with the embryo that was implanted, gwen's and mine, and then we wouldn't even be in this situation right now. But that doesn't matter, because it's irrelevant now. We have a reality to deal with, and let me tell you what this reality is. Theresa, I want one of these babies to survive just as much as you do. But I want nature to decide, not you. Let's leave it up to the doctors and chance.

Theresa: You want me to leave my baby's life up to chance?

Ethan: Yes. That's exactly what I want.

Luis: Why don't you just admit it, you coward? You're nothing but a bum of a father who abandoned his wife and family.

Martin: Luis, you know alistair crane. Now, you know what he's capable of. I mean, he could have conjured up this so-called proof! He murdered your brother, for god's sake!

Luis: Yeah, I know what he did to my brother! What about what you did to him or the rest of us? You just left us in poverty, and you broke mama's heart. How the hell could you do that? Huh? How do you do that to your own family?

Martin: Luis, don't do this.

Luis: Why not? Boy, the truth hurts, doesn't it? What did you think was going to happen when you left your family? You never wrote, you didn't call, you didn't even send us money -- nothing. No. You never loved us. I guess you never loved mama either, did you?

Martin: No, that's not true! I did love her! I loved all of you!

Luis: So you admit it, then? Hmm? You are my father?

Martin: Yes. I'm your father. Nice?? Yes it's that time again. The big guy in the red suit is on is way to town. Global's got the annual santa clause parade on sunday, november 21.



Then it's a super sunday of season premiers. Things kick off at 7 with the premiere of king of the hill. Followed by malcolm in the middle. Then it's the longest running cartoon in history, the simpsons at 8 followed by the emmy award winning comewinning comedy, arrested development at 8:30. Wow - now that's a night of great tv. Enjoy.




Julian: T.C. Brought divorce papers?

Liz: That's right, julian.

Julian: And he came to see eve just to give them to her personally? That's very odd.

Liz: What's odd? He's just ready to move on, that's all.

Julian: Well, I've never heard of anyone personally delivering divorce papers to their spouse.

Liz: He just didn't want to waste time hiring a process server.

Julian: Yes, but usually when people divorce, they don't want to see each other. They go out of their way to avoid it. But here he is. It's because he wants to see eve.

Liz: Yeah. He wants to see her face when he drops the bomb on her.

Julian: No, he wants to be close to her again, and that's just making you crazy, isn't it, because once more your sister wins.

Liz: My sister will not win. She's going to lose everything.

Eve: Don't you think we could still make some happy memories, T.C.? I think we could. I know it would be hard for you to forgive me, and I am sorry that I never told you about my past, but I was afraid that I would lose you.

T.C.: Eve, I just don't know --

eve: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be pushing you like this. Look, you take the tickets and go on the trip this year, and then next year maybe things will be different.

T.C.: No, eve,

you take the trip. I mean, it was your vacation, too. You take it. You deserve a break.

Eve: No, T.C., But it doesn't mean the same thing to me, so you take it. I want you to go.

T.C.: Doesn't mean the same to you? You didn't like those trips?

Eve: No -- yes, I like them. But -- well, it was really more for you, and -- and I enjoyed seeing you happy.

T.C.: The trips were more for me?

Eve: Well, honey, I know how much you like fishing.

T.C.: Oh, I get it now. A stupid fishing trip can't compare to what you're going to be doing with julian crane, huh? Stay in a dingy hotel off of a lake? No, you know what? You can stay in very expensive hotels all around the world. You can do whatever you like!

Eve: That's not what I meant, T.C.

T.C.: Oh, no?

Eve: Don't you know I would rather stay in a tent with you than the fanciest hotel in the world? Don't you know I still love you?

Luis: I can't believe I'm standing here talking to you. My father.

Martin: Luis, you have to let me explain --

luis: Explain what? Huh? Why you abandoned us and left us to fend for ourselves?

Martin: No, please, son --

luis: No, you don't call me "son"! All right, you have no right to call me "son."

Martin: All right. I never meant to hurt you or your mother or any of you. I had good reason to leave.

Luis: No. There is no excuse that is good enough. You had no reason to do what you did.

Martin: No, luis, if you just let me try to explain!

Luis: Don't you touch me. "Explain"? Just let me tell you something. You -- you are going to pay for what you did.

Katherine: Oh, what's going on?

Sam: It's locked.

Sheridan: The terrace doors.

Sam: Let's go.

Martin: Luis, please, let me explain.

Liz: You're just wrong, julian. T.C. Isn't here because he wants to be close to eve. He is here because he wants to make it perfectly clear that their marriage is over. And that's what you want, too, isn't it, that their marriage is over so you can divorce rebecca and marry eve?

Julian: I want whatever will make eve happy.

Liz: Right. And you're sure you can't do that. I'm not buying it, julian. You want eve any way you can get her. You're dying for T.C. To give her those divorce papers, aren't you?

Eve: I know I shouldn't do this. I know I shouldn't sound so needy, but when it comes to my family, I don't have any pride. I want to try and make up for all the pain that I've caused you. I want to try and be a family again.

T.C.: Eve, I don't think that that's going to happen anytime soon.

Eve: I'm sorry. I -- I shouldn't put you in an awkward position like that. Well, you know what I'll do? I'll just contact the travel agent and I will tell her to send you the tickets, and then you can just change my ticket to liz's name.

T.C.: No, eve, don'T. Just wait.

Eve: Why? Is there something else?

Theresa: I don't know if I can do that. How can I take a chance on my baby's life? My instincts tell me to protect my child.

Ethan: I don't know. I don't know if it's the right thing. It just seems like it's the only solution that's close to being right.

[Door opens]

Pilar: Theresa? What's wrong, mija? Is everything all right?

Ethan: No, everything is -- it's not all right. It's horrible, but something has to be done.

Ethan: Please think about what I said.

[Door opens and closes]

Pilar: Theresita, are you all right?

Theresa: I don't know what to do, mama.

Martin: Luis --

luis: Get up here!

Sheridan: Oh, god!

Katherine: Oh, oh, my god, they're killing each other!

Sheridan: Sam, we got to do something!

Sam: Luis!

[Katherine gasps]

Sam: Hey -- break it up!

Sheridan: Luis!

Katherine: Are you all right, darling?

Martin: Yes.

Katherine: Oh, my god.

Sheridan: What's going on? Why are you fighting with mr. Wheeler?

>> Amanda eaton: It is lightweight, so that will give you the flexibility,

>> Vanessa: You guys have huge stories we're following for global news it's now official.. george bush wins a second term as u-s president. John kerry conceeded this afternoon, followed by bushes victory speech. Our coverage begins at 5:30. Toronto's water tax is on the rise.. we have learned a poor investment by city officials may be to blame, and taxpayers are left to make up the losses. We'll tell you how much more you're going to pay tonight. And will ontario run out of the flu shot? Concerns the supplier may not meet the requirements find out whether ontario will face a shortage on global news first at 5:30



liz: Don't deny it, julian. You want T.C. To divorce eve so you can have her.

Julian: That's not what I want.

Liz: Oh. So you want T.C. To take her back? You want them to be together again?

Julian: I want eve to be happy again no matter what it takes. If that means she goes back to her husband and back to her family, then that's what I want.

Liz: Julian, being a martyr just doesn't suit you.

Julian: I know you find this difficult to understand, but I don't want to see a marriage destroyed because of what i want. I am not like you.

Liz: No, you're not, because i do want to see their marriage destroyed for what i want. And, yes, I want T.C. But I want to see eve suffer even more. And I won't stop until she's lost everything.

Eve: Yes, T.C., Is there something else you want to tell me?

T.C.: I just think it's --

[Pager beeps]

Eve: Oh, excuse me. I have to go. Theresa's going into surgery, and I have to check on her. I wish I could stay. Maybe -- maybe we could talk later?

T.C.: Yeah. We'll talk when you get finished.

Eve: Ok. Ok -- I'll be back as soon as I can.

Gwen: Honey?

Ethan: Hey.

Gwen: You look upset. What's wrong?

Ethan: Nothing.

Gwen: Are you sure? I mean, theresa's still going to have the procedure, isn't she?

Ethan: Yeah, honey. Yes, she's still going to have it.

Gwen: Oh, thank god.

Ethan: Yeah.

Gwen: Ok, well, hopefully, now one of our babies will have the chance to survive. Ok.

Ethan's voice: But which one?

Theresa: So the D.N.A. Test results came back, and one of these babies is mine and ethan's, and the other is ethan and gwen'S.

Pilar: Ay, dios mio. What are you going to do now, theresa?

Theresa: Mama, I'm going to have the procedure, because if I don't, then they're both going to die.

Pilar: But you said ethan wants nature to decide, or the doctor.

Theresa: That's what he said.

Pilar: And do you agree? Or are you going to be the one who decides which baby lives? Which is it going to be, theresa?

Sam: Luis --

katherine: Are you sure you're all right, sweetheart?

Martin: Yeah.

Sheridan: Will somebody please tell me what's going on here?

Luis: I know their secret, sheridan. Why alistair didn't want the wheelers to stick around and why he dropped the charges against mrs. Wheeler.

Sheridan: What secret, luis? Why were you attacking mr. Wheeler like that?

Luis: "Mr. Wheeler." This is not mr. Wheeler.

Sheridan: What? What do you mean?

Luis: What I mean is this miserable excuse for a man is my father. This is my long-lost father. You're looking at martin fitzgerald, ok?

Eve: Well, theresa, you're going to have to decide, and time is of the essence.

Theresa: I have to be sure I don't make a mistake.

Whitney: We can't get married. Fox, we can't ever get married.

Martin: Yes, I admit it. I'm luis' father. I'm martin fitzgerald.

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