Passions Transcript Friday 10/29/04 [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Passions Transcript Friday 10/29/04

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by Eric

Rebecca:  Didn't I tell you you can't trust the little bitch? She's up to something again, as usual. Ooh, and even pilar isn't jumping in to defend her little mija. Must be serious. So what is it, theresa? What are you planning to do this time to hurt my daughter?

Theresa: Please, dr. Russell -- please run the D.N.A. Test so I can find out if one of these babies is mine. And if it is, I want gwen's baby sacrificed to save it.

Gwen: Theresa, you need to answer me. What am I going to go so crazy about?

Katherine: I can't do this, martin. I can't leave harmony. I can't abandon julian and sheridan again -- not again!

Martin: We discussed this, katherine, and we agreed. Honey, we have to go right now before luis or sheridan or anyone else figures out who we really are.

Alistair: Unfortunately, it may be too late already.

Katherine: Why? What have you done, alistair?

Alistair: Oh, it's not what I've done, katherine. Luis and sheridan are very close to learning your true identities. And if they do, there will be hell to pay.

Luis: Well, we did it. The photo recognition software found a match to mrs. Wheeler's photo.

Sheridan: Oh, my goodness!

Sam: What's going on?

Luis: Hey. Kirkland was just helping us find out who mr. And mrs. Wheeler really are.

Sam: What do you mean, who they really are?

Luis: Well, we have reason to believe that they're not who they say they are.

Sam: Luis, what the hell are you talking about?

Luis: Well, I'll explain to you in a minute, sam. But get this -- we ran the wheelers' fingerprints through the F.B.I. Database. Nothing. Social security numbers, nothing. So it looks like we've hit pay dirt with the photo recognition software. Just waiting for mrs. Wheeler's picture to become a little more clear.

Sheridan: So this is really going to show us who mrs. Wheeler is?

Luis: Yeah. Then we're going to understand why you feel such a connection to mrs. Wheeler and why mrs. Wheeler shot alistair and all the wheelers' secrets will be revealed in a matter of seconds.

Sheridan: Huh. Oh, no.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life Come on. It all adds up.

James: If it all adds up, great. Every child needs a father. What's ting to you?

Randy: Of course she meant a lot to me. Ave to go. Hey, buddy, sit down.

Johnny: I'm fine. Thanks.

Pete: I don't like you towering over like that.


Sheridan: It's just another photo of mrs. Wheeler.

Luis: Damn it. I'm sorry, I thought we finally had something there, honey.

Sheridan: You know, we keep getting so close, but every time we do, it's like something doesn't want us to find out the truth.

Luis: Well, we're not going to give up, all right? I'm going to find out who the wheelers really are.

Sam: You want to explain to me what the hell's going on here?

Luis: Sam, last night mr. Wheeler told me that he knew my father.

Sheridan: And mrs. Wheeler told me that she knew my mother. Said that they were very close. She even told me stories about her.

Luis: Mr. Wheeler told me that he knew my father was still alive.

Sam: What?

Luis: Yeah, and that's not all. He also said that he knew that alistair was behind my father's disappearance.

Sam: Well, how did he know that?

Luis: I don't know. He said if I went with him to the crane estate, all the answers will be there. So we went to where the crane gazebo was, and it was gone. Alistair had already destroyed it.

Sam: Why?

Luis: He said he was doing some relandscaping.

Sam: Why do you think he had it destroyed?

Luis: I don't know. No -- whatever reason, mr. Wheeler wasn't too happy about it.

Sam: Did he explain why?

Luis: No, he totally clammed up and he said that that was all he could say. He couldn't say anything more.

Sheridan: Same thing happened with mrs. Wheeler. We showed up at the estate to look for luis and mr. Wheeler. And when we got to where the gazebo used to be, she suddenly wouldn't tell me anything else about my mother. Said the past should stay in the past, but I need to know their connection.

Luis: I still want to find out about my father's disappearance.

Sam: Well, you think alistair got to them? Threatened them?

Luis: Well, probably. Look, whatever is going on here and whoever the wheelers really are, I'm telling you that alistair is behind it. And once again, that sick man is manipulating all of our lives.

Martin: Damn you, alistair. Did you come here to threaten us again? Threaten our families?

Alistair: I don't have to come here to threaten you, martin. This is my home. Katherine is my wife. I can threaten you any damn time I please.

Katherine: Martin, if luis and sheridan are about to find out who we are, then we don't have to leave. And then we can be reunited with our children.

Alistair: I said they were close to finding out, but they didn't and they won'T.

Martin: Did you do something to them?

Alistair: I didn't have to, you did. First, they accessed the F.B.I. Fingerprint database. Fortunately for me, you two don't exist. Then they tried to use the police computer to find a match for your photos. But because of all the plastic surgery that you had done, that didn't pan out, either.

Katherine: I hope they do find out.

Alistair: No. No, katherine, you don'T. Because then I'd be forced to hurt them. This way, they're safe, at least for the time being.

Martin: What does that mean, for the time being?

Alistair: Your bags are packed. That's good. Because the two of you are going to leave town immediately and never return. Otherwise, I'll not only destroy you and katherine, I'll destroy pilar, luis, sheridan, and everyone else you love, as well.

Gwen: I want an answer, theresa.

Rebecca: Yes, theresa, what have you dreamed up this time to drive my daughter mad?

Theresa: Well, actually, it's easy, ok? Dr. Russell and I, we were talking about -- about you and how desperate you are to have a baby. And I -- I said that I was concerned about how you would feel, you know, if the procedure wasn't successful. Because it's not 100% foolproof, right, dr. Russell?

Eve: No procedure is.

Theresa: Right. There are risks, ok? But I'm willing to take them. But I think that you need to be aware of them, too. See, dr. Russell said, gwen, that there's -- there's no guarantees. And if that happened, I know you would be very, very upset. And that's what dr. Russell was saying when she said that you would just go crazy.

Rebecca's voice: Liar.

Theresa: Look, gwen, I'm not saying that we shouldn't take the risk. Ok? I'm not saying that we shouldn't do everything we can to make sure one of these babies survives. We should. I mean, we have to. But as a mother myself, gwen, I know how hard it's going to be for you to lose even one of these babies. And I can't imagine how you would feel if, despite this procedure, you lost both of them.

Gwen: Well, I appreciate your concern. I mean, honestly, I'm really touched that you would even think about me during a time like this.

Rebecca: Huh. So you're just worried about gwen?

Theresa: Well, and the babies, of course. But yes, I'm worried about gwen, too.

Rebecca: Since when? When have you given a damn about gwen? You don't care about anyone but yourself!

Gwen: I believe her, ok? Just stop.

Rebecca: Oh, well, then you are a fool.

Theresa: I told gwen the truth, rebecca.

Rebecca: You have never told the truth a day in your life! Oh. But now, eve, on the other hand -- you see, she has a reputation to think of. Well, at least, what's left of it after the information we found out about her past. But, eve, you are a doctor. And even though you may not have any personal ethics, you do have to have professional ones. And you have to tell me the truth. So spill it, eve. What's going on here, hmm? What is theresa up to this time?

Rebecca: So, eve, what is the little alley cat up to this time?

Eve: I have nothing to add to theresa's explanation.

Rebecca: Nothing to add? What is that supposed to mean? I mean, it sounds like you're running for office.

Eve: You asked me a question, rebecca, I answered it.

Rebecca: What is this? One slut defending another?

Gwen: Would you please not talk to dr. Russell like that? Ok, she has been very, very kind to ethan and me throughout this whole ordeal, and she's doing everything she can to save one of these babies. She would never be party to anything that would hurt me.

Rebecca: Excuse me -- she is also sleeping with my husband!

Gwen: Oh, god!

Ethan: That has nothing to do with the situation here, rebecca. I suggest you keep your personal feelings about her and theresa out of this, ok?

Gwen: The most important thing right now is that theresa has this procedure.

Ethan: Theresa, you're still planning to have the procedure, right? You haven't changed your mind?

Theresa: No, I haven't changed my mind. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to save one of these babies.

Ethan: Ok, then. All right. Then we have nothing to worry about. Everything is going as planned. Come on.

Rebecca: I --

ethan: Come on.

Rebecca: Huh!

Pilar: Theresa, please, you can't go through with this. Gwen and rebecca know something is going on. They are going to find out that eve is running a D.N.A. Test. And when they do, they'll figure out why.

Theresa: No, mama, they're not going to find out.

Pilar: Mira, theresa, you'd better pray to the virgin that they don'T. Because if they do, they'll kill you.

Rebecca: You know, whispering in front of other people is not only extremely rude, but it makes them wonder what you're being so secretive about.

Alistair: Pick up your bags and leave now, both of you. No goodbyes, no forwarding addresses -- just leave!

Martin: We'd already made that decision on our own, alistair.

Alistair: Then what are you waiting for?

Martin: I want to make sure that my children are safe. That if we go, you'll stay the hell away from them -- all of them! You won't even think about hurting our loved ones.

Alistair: Yes, yes, yes, you have my word!

Martin: Oh, your word means nothing to me.

Less than nothing.

Alistair: This is not a negotiation, martin! I have all the power here! And you're damned lucky I'm sparing your lives! Now, you will leave harmony immediately, or so help me, I'll rain down a firestorm on you that will frighten the devil himself!

Martin: You son of a --

katherine: Martin, let him go! He's right. He's right, we have to leave harmony. I don't know why I was crazy enough to think that we could stay. We have to put our children first.

Martin: Yes, because we can't let alistair wreak any more havoc.

Katherine: No, we have to do whatever we can to ensure their safety. I just pray and hope that he will leave them alone.

Martin: Like I said, alistair doesn't want our true identities or the reason we left to come out. His past treatment of you would cause a scandal -- send crane stock plummeting. And he'd be publicly humiliated because he lost his wife to someone as lowly as me. No, I'm onto him. Our leaving lets alistair save face, which is more important to his ego and bank account than hurting our loved ones.

Katherine: We have to leave.

Martin: Yes. Now, honey, it won't be like the last time. We won't be able to settle down somewhere and, you know, have a life. We'll be moving from town to town and --

katherine: I know that. I know.

Martin: You know. At least when we were in mexico, I was able to see paloma every day. No, I might not have been able to, you know, let her know that I was her father, but I could watch her grow up, see her grow into a beautiful young woman. And through her, I could hear all about my family. Now, I'll never see her again. I'll never see any of them again. And neither will you.

Katherine: It's true, martin. But I do think it's for the best. All my silly fantasies aside, I could never tell julian and sheridan I'm their mother, who I really am. And seeing them every day, lying to them every day, it would be hell.

Martin: I learned how hard that was in mexico.

Katherine: To see paloma. To not be able to tell her that you're her father. No, this is for the best. We have to leave harmony, forever.

Martin: Yeah.

Paloma: No!

No puede ser! That can't be true.

[Sheridan sighs]

Sheridan: I was so sure we were going to find out who the wheelers really are.

Luis: Well, there's got to be a way.

Sheridan: What can I do to help?

Luis: I don't know. I haven't figured it out yet.

Sheridan: All right. Well, then I'm going to go talk to mrs. Wheeler, see if I can convince her to tell me what she was going to tell me about my mother last night.

Luis: All right. Keep me posted, huh?

Sheridan: You, too. Thank you both for all your help.

Luis: I don't know, sam. It's like they never existed. No fingerprints, no photo recognition, no social security hits. I -- you know, I just don't know what else to do.

Sam: I do. I know how to find the wheelers' true identities. ?1>ˇ ng ]

On the next "100 huntley street", find out why 400,000 water and insects resistant solar power radios are sent in 170 countries a we meet allen. Speaking of radios you will meet a worker from hattie who had encounter with god at transmitter site which tuned him into a new

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Singer: You are my passion for life

rebecca: Theresa is up to something, gwen. It's written all over her scheming little face. And eve and pilar are in cahoots with her.

Gwen: Please stop making a difficult situation worse.

Rebecca: Well, I'm just trying to help.

Gwen: If you want to help, try being positive. Try praying that one of my babies survives, ok?

Ethan: Look, everything is going to be fine. Everything's going to work out. They're going to save one of the babies. It's going to be wonderful, ok? It'll work out. Come on.

Eve: Pilar, go and get some rest at the mansion. You just look exhausted.

Pilar: I can't rest thinking about what theresa's doing.

Eve: This tension -- it only exacerbates your condition.

Theresa: Mom, please, go home, get some rest. I'm going to be fine.

Pilar: I'm not so sure, mija. I just can't stop thinking what you're doing.

Theresa: Mama, please, I know how hard this is for you. I know that you don't approve of what I'm doing, but I know that you love me because I'm your daughter. Mama, that means everything to me.

Pilar: It's not too late, mija, you know, to change your mind. It's not too late to realize that what you're doing is wrong. Just tell the truth. Just do the right thing.

Theresa: Mama, this is the right thing.

Pilar: I just pray that gwen and rebecca don't find out that you're having eve run D.N.A. Tests so that the baby you save is yours and not gwen'S.

Theresa: Mama, they're not going to find out, I promise, ok? Don't worry. Just please go home and you get some rest.

Pilar: Fine. My prayers are with you, mija.

Eve: Come on, pilar, let me walk you out.

Theresa: I love you, mama.

Rebecca: Oh -- deserting a sinking ship, pilar?

Pilar: I'm going home to rest.

Rebecca: Oh. Oh, you mean, you're both going to my home? You know, we really ought to come up with a group rate for you guys because I've kind of lost track of how many of you are squatting there these days.

Gwen: Will you give it a rest, please? Pilar, I apologize for my mother. You know how much ethan and I care for you. And you are always welcome at our home.

Pilar: Thank you, gwen.

Ethan: Maybe we should go, too, and give theresa a chance to rest before the procedure.

Rebecca: Eve, what is taking so long? I thought time was of the essence.

Eve: It is. I just have a few more tests to do.

Rebecca: For what?

Nurse: I have the test packet you requested, dr. Russell.

Rebecca: Oh, I'll take that.

[Rebecca gasps]

Rebecca: Oh, my god.

Paloma: That can't be true. You can't leave harmony. It's too soon.

Martin: I know, sweetheart, but this isn't our home. We have to move on.

Katherine: We'll think of you every day, all the time.

Paloma: No, tia, you can't go. There's so much for me to get used to here. The new town, my family.

Martin: Come on, you're going to do fine, I know it. Hmm?

Paloma: Not without you.

Tio, you were like my father my whole life. You came to every father/daughter event at school. And you, tia, you were more like a mother to me than my real mother. Whenever I needed advice, I turned to you. I can't stay alone here.

Katherine: Honey, you won't be alone. You have your mama now. You have your brother, your sister, and you have sheridan.

Paloma: They are all strangers.

Martin: No, they're your family.

Paloma: No. You are my family. Listen, why -- why don't I go back to puerto arena with you? We could stay at tia maria's inn, just like always. And I can come up to harmony for a visit sometimes. Please, let me go back to mexico with you.

Martin: Sweetheart, we're not going back to mexico.

Paloma: Then where are you going?

Katherine: We're -- we're going to do traveling. We're going to go around the world, see the world.

Paloma: But -- but eventually, you will go to puerto arena, won't you?

Martin: I'm afraid not.

Paloma: But then how will I see you again?

Martin: You won'T. I'm sorry. But this is goodbye forever.

Woman: So how are things going with the wheelers?

Alistair: Exactly as planned, my dear. They're leaving harmony. And as long as luis lopez-fitzgerald never discovers their true identity, my secrets will remain protected.

Luis: How do I discover the wheelers' true identities? All right? We already did fingerprint and photo searches. We came up with nothing, sam.

Sam: You didn't search the crane database.

Luis: Now, why didn't I think of that?

Sam: Look, you're just too close to the case.

Ofc. Kirkland: Wait a minute, guys. You lost me.

Luis: Look, alistair crane keeps fingerprints for basically everyone and anyone he's ever had dealings with, ok? And certainly he's had dealings with the wheelers. Mr. Wheeler even said that he used to work for him. So he is definitely in the database, ok? So all we have to do is hack into the cranes' local network, search for the wheelers' fingerprints -- bingo.

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Not so fast, luis. Hacking's illegal.

Luis: Yeah, sam, this was your idea.

Sam: I'm not saying we can't do it. I'm just saying we can't do it through the department's computer.

Luis: All right. All right, so -- well, we'll go to hank's place. He's got everything.

Sam: Let's go.

On their election night, he'll be in boston. So will he. He'll be at party headquarters. He will too. Ohio's the key state. He'll be there. All eyes are on D.C. So he'll be there. Global national from washington, starting monday.

Rebecca: This is an S.T.D. Test. You're -- you're going to give this to theresa? You think this little slut here has a sexually transmitted disease?

Theresa: What?

Eve: Of course not.

Nurse: I'm sorry, dr. Russell. I must have grabbed the wrong packet. I'll be right back.

Gwen: You -- you're performing more tests? Dr. Russell, is something else wrong with the babies?

Eve: No. No, not at all.

Theresa: No, I -- I just wanted dr. Russell to run as many tests as possible because I want to make sure one of these babies survives to term, you know? I'm going against the church to have this procedure done, so I want to make sure it's successful.

Gwen: Well, it will be. I can feel it.

Theresa: I only wish that we could save both these babies, gwen.

Gwen: Well, I do, too, you know, but -- but we -- we can't and I am always going to grieve for the one that we lose, but at least I'll be able to have one biological child. And for that, theresa, I am forever grateful to you for what you're doing.

Rebecca: Oh, gwen, please. You aren't really buying this selfless act, are you?

Gwen: I don't want to hear any more of it, ok? We need to -- to let theresa have some time alone to rest. You have to take good care of her, ok, and of my child? Mother, let's go.

Theresa: Dr. Russell, when the nurse gets back, will you have her run the D.N.A. Test, please?

Eve: Theresa, you don't want to do this thing, not this way. Think about what your mother said.

Theresa: Dr. Russell, you said in order to let one of these babies survive, I have to sacrifice the other.

Eve: Yes, but that's not what you're doing.

Theresa: Look, they left me no choice. If ethan and gwen want to sacrifice one baby so that the other baby lives, that's fine just as long as my baby is the one that lives. Dr. Russell, you're a mother. You know how I feel. I'm just doing everything that I can to protect my child.

Paloma: I'm never going to see you again?

Martin: I'm sorry.

Paloma: No, please, tia. You can't mean that!

Pilar: Paloma?

Que te pasa, mija?

Paloma: It's senor y

la senora wheeler. They are leaving harmony and they are not going back to puerto arena. They are going to travel around the world and I'm never going to see them again!

Pilar: Oh, mija.

Sheridan: This is because of my father, isn't it?

Katherine: Yes, sheridan, it is.

Sheridan: Tell me what is going on. Maybe I can help.

Katherine: I wish I could, but I can'T.

Martin: You all just have to trust us. Our leaving harmony is the best thing for everyone.

Paloma: No, it isn't, tio, not for me!

Pilar: I know, paloma. I know. I know it hurts to lose people you love. But I can't say that I blame you for leaving. Alistair's a monster, we all know that. As I told you, I still believe he's to blame for my husband's disappearance and for all the heartache that has befallen my family.

Martin: I pray that things get better for you, pilar.

Pilar: Thank you, mr. Wheeler. Paloma won't be the only one that will miss you. I will miss you, as well. You're the first man I've been able to open up to since -- since my husband disappeared.

Sheridan: You can't leave, mrs. Wheeler.

Katherine: It's for the best, sheridan. Believe me.

Sheridan: But you still have so much to tell me about my mother. And mr. Wheeler -- he said that he had things to tell luis about his father. Please, you can't leave without telling us everything that you know!

Katherine: I've said all I can say.

Sheridan: Mr. Wheeler, what is going on? I thought we were friends. I thought we were more than friends!

Martin: We are, sheridan.

Sheridan: Then how can you just leave like this?

Martin: Because we have to.

Paloma: No, please!

Martin: I know that everyone's upset here, no one more so than we are, and I wish that I could go into the details, but I can'T.

Sheridan: Why not? How can you do this? How can you just leave like this?

Katherine: I'm sorry. Please forgive us.

Martin: If you'll excuse me. Come here.

Sheridan: Oh, luis. You've got to figure out who the wheelers really are and fast, before they leave harmony forever.

Sam: Well, I think between the two of us, we can figure out a way to get into the crane industries network and into the database. The problem is finding a back door so no one knows we're in.

Luis: Yeah, well, luckily, I saved the passwords from those C.D.S I stole from alistair. Remember the ones that had all his secrets?

Sam: Yeah.

Luis: I just hope he's using the same system.

Sam: I just wish you had been able to expose him the day of the founders day dance like you planned.

Luis: Me, too. All right, here we go, first roadblock. Let's hope this works.

Luis: Look at that, sam -- we're in.

Sam: All right.

Luis: This is just going to take a sec. Anyway, you know I had to give alistair back those C.D.S. It was the only way to save my mother's life. And I'll tell you, if I had to, I'd do the same thing again.

Sam: I'd do the same, as well, luis.

Luis: Oh, boy. Got another roadblock here. Damn, it's not working, sam.

Sam: Try another one of the passwords.

Luis: Damn it!

Sam: Hey, stay calm.

Luis: Well, I've got to get in there.

Sam: Try another password.

Luis: Well, I'm almost out of passwords. Whew. All right, we're in.

Sam: Oh, good.

Luis: Ok. I just have to find the database for the fingerprints. Bingo. You got those fingerprint scans?

Sam: I sure do.

Sam: All right. Here we go, luis. I think we're going to find a match.

Luis: We're going to find out who those wheelers really are. Maybe I'll be able to find out where my father is and if he's really still alive. X?1>ˇideo game ]

On their election night, he'll be in boston. So will he. He'll be at party headquarters. He will too. Ohio's the key state. He'll be there. All eyes are on D.C. So he'll be there. Global national from washington, starting tonight.

Katherine: I know this is the right decision. I know it, but i hate it!

Martin: Me, too, but we have no other choice if we want to protect our loved ones.

Sheridan: Look, I still don't understand why you have to leave. Is my father threatening you? Is he holding something over you?

Martin: We've said all we can.

Paloma: It's not enough.

Tio, you can't leave me! You're my family! You can't abandon me!

Martin: No, sweetheart, I don't want to.

Paloma: Then why are you leaving?

Sheridan: Look, we all know that my father is behind this, so if you just tell us why you're running, we can help.

Katherine: All I can say is that if we stay, alistair will hurt you and your brother and the lopez-fitzgeralds. We are leaving to keep you all safe.

Sheridan: How? Why would you being here put us in danger?

Martin: We've said all we can say.

Sheridan: Look, please stay, all right? We will protect you. We'll make sure that nothing happens to you!

Martin: I wish that were true, but we've discussed it and the best -- I mean, the only way to protect you all is for us to leave and get as far away from alistair as we possibly can.

Pilar: So you will be on the run for the rest of your lives?

Paloma: And never see any of us again?

Martin: I'm afraid not.

Sheridan: Why? What does my father have against you and how are you connected to all of us?

Martin: We can't tell you. You just have to trust us.

Katherine: I am doing what is best for you, sheridan. I'm protecting you from your father. Our leaving will keep you safe.

Sheridan: How? And why are you so afraid of my father?

Alistair: Hmm. Getting rid of the wheelers solves all my problems. Now, no one will ever know who they really are.

Woman: Is there anything else I can do for you today, mr. Crane?

[Alistair snickers]

Alistair: Not at the moment, my dear, though it is very tempting.

Woman: Well, you know, I am always available.

Alistair: Hmm. Wait. Fingerprints.

Woman: What about them?

Alistair: Deep in the system, I have a fingerprint database. Martin's are in there. I want them erased.

Woman: Consider it done.

Alistair: When those files are eliminated, there won't be any record of martin or katherine anywhere in the world. Luis lopez-fitzgerald can search for the rest of his life. There'll be nothing for him to find.

Luis: Damn it. Yeah, we still got nothing.

Sam: Well, give it time. They've got to be in there. The wheelers definitely have a history with alistair.

Luis: Oh. That's it. Sam, we're in. Now we're going to find out who these wheelers really are. Ng ]

gwen: We made the right decision, didn't we?

Ethan: Yeah. Eve said it's the only chance that one has to survive.

Gwen: And it's going to work?

Ethan: We just have to pray.

Rebecca: Yeah, you should pray that teresita is not about to try to pull another fast one.

Ethan: Rebecca, you know, we're both frazzled here. You're really not helping.

Rebecca: You know, it seems to me I am the only one here who is seeing straight.

Gwen: Can you just stop, please? Sweetheart, I am so tired.

Ethan: I know. Eve -- eve said you could use her couch in her office. Why don't you do that?

Gwen: There is no way I could rest right now. Both of our babies are at risk and I want to be here if something happens.

Ethan: Honey, listen to me. They're not going to start anything. They're not going to start the procedure until all the tests are done, anyway.

Gwen: Well, I mean, I'm exhausted. You make sure you come and get me, ok, the minute something happens?

Ethan: I will, I promise.

Rebecca: Yeah, well, don't plan on a long nap because when theresa is involved, something is going to happen.

Ethan: Rebecca, enough. It would help if you would try to keep your daughter calm.

Rebecca: Well, what else would I do, ethan? I am her mother.

Ethan: Oh, god. I love you.

Gwen: I love you, too.

Theresa: Please, dr. Russell. You have to be absolutely certain when you run the D.N.A. Test so you know which baby to save.

Eve: Theresa, I know what I have to do, but what you are doing is morally reprehensible.

Theresa: But it's my body, dr. Russell.

Eve: Oh.

Theresa: It's my choice.

Eve: What, to test the babies so that you can see which one is gwen and ethan's and which one is yours with ethan so you can save yours?

Ethan: Oh, god. How could you?

Sheridan: Answer me, mrs. Wheeler. Why are you so afraid of my father?

Katherine: Just leave it be, sheridan. It is what it is, and nobody can change it.

Sheridan: No. That's not true. Because if you stay, then we can all stand up together against my father.

Katherine: You don't understand, sheridan. If we stay, alistair will hurt you, all of you -- julian, luis, pilar, miguel -- everyone. You'll be targets for him. And if that were to happen, I could never live with myself.

Martin: My wife is right. We have to go.

Pilar: Why would my children and I and sheridan and julian all be in danger if you stay? What is the connection between the two families? How are the two of you connected to all of us? Unless -- oh, my god. Oh, my god! It can't be!

Luis: We got a hit.

Sam: We got to download that file asap before alistair realizes we've hacked into his system.

Luis: Exactly. Because getting those fingerprints are our only chance of finding out who mr. Or mrs. Wheeler really are.

Alistair: Well, did you wipe out martin's fingerprint files yet?

Woman: I'm just finishing navigating through the security codes, and I am about to access the files. That's odd.

Alistair: What's wrong?

Woman: I'm not sure, but I can't seem to call them up.

Alistair: Move, move. Get out of there.

Alistair: Damn it! Somebody has hacked into the system. They're downloading the files even as we speak!

Woman: But how could that happen?

Alistair: I don't know, but we have to stop them or I'm ruined.

Sam: The files are downloading.

Luis: Any second now, I'm going to find out the real connection between the wheelers and the cranes.

Sam: It's a match. We have a match. One touch of this key and we'll find out who mr. Wheeler really is.

Ethan: You are picking one baby over the other!

Theresa: I'm going to make sure that my baby is the one who lives.

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