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Passions Transcript Monday 10/4/04

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by Eric

Sam: Yeah, ivy. Look, they had my credit card, ok? So I'll be home as soon as I can. Ok. All right, bye. Chad, I'm surprised you're still here.

Chad: Got to be somewhere, right?

Sam: Are fox and whitney still here?

Chad: Another.

Sam: Look, chad, you don't need another drink, all right? What you need to do is go home and get some sleep. Come on, I'll give you a ride.

Chad: No, thank you, chief bennett, but I'm way too angry to sleep right now.

Sam: Chad, I know it upsets you to see whitney kissing fox, but I don't want to see or have any more trouble with you and your brother.

Chad: Half brother.

Sam: Look, the point is you really have no say in whitney's romantic life anymore, especially if she wants to be with fox.

Chad: I can't just turn off my feelings for her, all right? We were going to get married.

Sam: Look, I know you love whitney. Ok? But you can't anymore, at least not like that. She's your half sister.

Chad: Yeah, I know. We both have dr. Russell as our mother. Thanks for reminding me.

Sam: Look, I know it hurts, ok? But you have to learn to control yourself.

Chad: Look, I know I can't be with whitney anymore. But for fox to move in on her the first chance he gets? Well, that's -- god, I thought fox was righteous and upstanding. Turns out he was after whitney the whole time. And fox reeks. He reeks as a friend and even more as a brother.

Fox: Just back off, old man. I'm not going to let you bully me into giving up whitney the way that my grandfather bullied you into giving up her mom. I'm not going to let you ruin my life the way that grandfather ruined yours. And I feel bad. I'm sorry that you haven't learned from your mistakes. But you know what? I have. I go after what I want. And what I want is whitney.

Julian: Fox -- eve, are you all right?

Eve: Well, ivy was in there. She made a big show about feeling sorry for me about chad and whitney when the reality is that she's just trying to stay on my good side.

Julian: Oh, yes, right. You threatened to expose something she blackmailed you into helping her do, so --

eve: And we got sidetracked because whitney came running in. And she was so upset, julian. She said that she's hurting now more than ever, and it's all my fault.

Julian: No, it's not you, it's the situation. Earlier, fox told chad that he was in love with whitney.

Eve: What?

Julian: Well, losing whitney because she's his half sister was bad enough, but losing -- losing her to his half brother fox was more than chad could handle. It's all sam and I could do to keep chad from killing fox.

Eve: So our son is losing my daughter to your son? Oh, god, julian, this just keeps getting worse and worse.

Chad: Excuse me. Hey, whitney, look, I just wanted to talk to you just for a second.

Whitney: Please, chad, you don't understand, ok?

Chad: Hey, just for a second.

Sam: Respect her wishes, chad, all right?

Chad: Yeah.

Sam: You ok?

Whitney: Yeah.

Fox: How you doing? You all right?

Whitney: Yeah, I'm fine, thanks.

Fox: Ok.

Chad: Damn it, stay away from her, fox.

Fox: No, you stay away from us!

Whitney: Chad -- chad! Stop it!

Paloma: Harmony's a beautiful place. And autumn in new england is muy especial. Magical. If only things with my family were as clear as the sky tonight. Do they love me, or are they just using me like the old man at the mansion said? I'll pray for guidance.

[Phone rings]

Paloma: Bueno?

Maria: Paloma?

Es tu tia.

Mija, como has estado?

Paloma: Hi, tia. I don't know. Harmony's beautiful. Well, I haven't seen much. Mama fainted.

Maria: No me digas.

Paloma: Oh, but she's ok now. Her doctor lives on the crane estate.

Tia, no sabes. Mama y theresa have the best of everything. Clothes, servants. I don't see any sign that the family's struggling to make ends meet. You know that the cranes pay for everything.

Maria: Well, maybe now they do, but before --

paloma: No, tia, before, when theresa thought she was married to julian crane, they could have sent for me. But they didn'T. Why did it take so long for my family to bring me home to harmony?

Pilar: I'm sorry. I'm sorry to stare, mr. Wheeler. You remind me so much of my husband. I mean, your face is different, but your eyes and your voice -- they seem so similar to his.

Martin's voice: If I could only admit that I'm your husband, martin. God help me, maybe I should.

Sheridan: Pilar, you know, I felt the same way when I first met mrs. Wheeler. I thought she was my mother, katherine, come back from the dead, but of course it's not possible.

Luis: Right, right. Sheridan felt the same way with mrs. Wheeler. Obviously, mr. Wheeler isn't papa.

Pilar: My head agrees with you, mijo. But my heart --

martin: Pilar, luis, I have to tell you something. It's time for you to know.

Alistair: Give me the gun, katherine. You don't even know how to use it.

Katherine: I mean it, alistair. Don't even try coming closer.

Alistair: Just calm down. Your bluff is amusing but quite lame. You don't have what it takes to take a human life.

Katherine: How interesting, alistair, since you're not human. You're a cold-blooded monster who has destroyed more people than I can name! Well, guess what -- it's over. I'm not going to let you do this anymore. Someone has to stop you. And who better -- who better than the woman you've tortured and abused all these years?

Alistair: Get off it, will you? You're not going to use that. You're too scared, far too weak. You always have been. You couldn't even stand a little stress in our marriage to stay with your own children. No, you were so lily-livered, you had to sneak off in the middle of the night with a company employee. You left your son and daughter high and dry!

Katherine: Well, I had no choi-- choice -- oh!


Pilar: Dios mio!

Sheridan: That was a gunshot.

Luis: Sounded like it came from the library.

Martin: Katherine.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life > A

whitney: Both of you, stop fighting!

Chad: I'm going to kill you!

Sam: Break it up!

Julian: Stop it! You're brothers, for god's sake!

Eve: Stop it, please.

Chad: Damn you! Damn you for taking advantage of whitney!

Fox: Chad, listen, all right? I didn't set out to stab you in the back. I can't help it that I fell in love with whitney. You can't be with her, chad. Why not me?

Chad: Because I trusted you to look after her, not take advantage of her.

Fox: I'd never take advantage of her! I love her!

Chad: Stop saying that!

Sam: Hey, hey, stop it right now, and I mean it!

Whitney: Fox, let's just go, ok?

Julian: Listen -- listen to whitney, fox.

Fox: Fine, fine. Let's just go.

Eve: Chad, your father and i know how traumatic this is for you.

Chad: No, you don't have a clue. All right? Neither one of you do. I was going to marry whitney. We were going to start a life together. But because of your secrets and the lies you told to cover them up, it's not going to happen. Damn you! Damn you both to hell.

Maria: Paloma, escuchame. Never think that your family didn't want you home in harmony long before now.

Paloma: Then why didn't they bring me home sooner?

Maria: Because everyone thought it best that you finish preparatoria here in mexico. Then pilar lost your family's home because of that conflict between theresa and -- ugh -- that rebecca crane and her daughter, gwen. And, you know, the cranes kept your family from finding work in harmony. And before that, they did struggle for years just to get by after your father disappeared. Now, if the family seems to be doing well now, it's due to theresa's being surrogate to julian crane's daughter-in-law.

Paloma: I don't mean to be disrespectful, tia. But I've heard excuses my whole life. It's always been "paloma, we'll bring you home soon -- for christmas, for easter, for summer break.

Pronto, paloma, pronto."

Maria: No, they were not excuses. They were reasons for you to stay in puerto arena with me. Pilar thought it best not to disrupt your life.

Paloma: Tia,I don't want to argue with you. You know I love you.

Maria: Si.

Yo te quiero mucho, tambien,

mija. The whole family does.

Paloma: Then the whole family should have brought me home sooner. How could my life or anyone else's be disrupted by coming home to harmony?

Luis, martin, and sheridan: Oh, my god.

Martin's voice: That's my gun. Damn. Katherine took it.

Sheridan: Father!

Luis: Mrs. Wheeler?

Pilar: Dios mio.

Luis: Hey, don't touch the gun, number one. I'll call 911.

Sheridan: Father and mrs. Wheeler -- they're dead.

Martin: No!

Luis: This is luis lopez-fitzgerald. We need an ambulance over at the crane mansion asap. There have been gunshots. We have two people down. M!

Chad: Oh, I'm sorry.

Paloma: Ay! Perdon. I mean, excuse me. I wasn't looking where I was going.

Chad: I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention either. Got a lot on my mind.

Paloma: You're chad harris. I recognize you from pictures my sister, theresa, has in her room at the mansion.

Chad: Oh, you must be paloma.

Paloma: Mm-hmm.

Chad: Yeah, your mother had your picture up next to her bed in the hospital the whole time she was there.

Paloma: She did?

Chad: Yeah. I heard luis and sheridan went to mexico to bring you back to harmony.

Bienvenida a casa.

Paloma: Gracias.

Chad: De nada. So, how are you mother and theresa doing?

Paloma: Well, my mother fainted earlier, but she's ok now. And theresa -- well, she seems fine. She loves living at your house.

Chad: My house? You mean the crane mansion.

Paloma: Yes. I read that you're a crane now.

Chad: Don't remind me. And as for the crane mansion being my crib? Well, no way, jose.

Paloma: Um -- ahem -- who's jose?

Chad: Uh -- I'm sorry. It's an expression.

Paloma: Oh.

Chad: No offense.

Paloma: Oh, none taken.

Chad: So, you're new here. You'll enjoy it. You know, I used to love harmony before --

paloma: Before you found out who your parents are. And that the woman you were going to marry -- whitney -- is your half sister.

Chad: Bad news travels fast.

Paloma: I'm sorry. I can't imagine what it must be like for you.

Chad: Yeah, well, it's hell. And it's getting worse by the minute. I mean, it turns out that my half brother, fox, is in love with whitney. Has been for a while. That lying dog. You know, he's just like our father.

Paloma: Julian crane.

Chad: Yeah.

Paloma: I met him and dr. Russell at the mansion when mama was taken ill. They seemed nice.

Chad: Well, they're not. They're lying scum. You know, because of their lies, I fell in love with my sister. And now, because of the tabloids, everybody knows I'm chad harris crane, the bastard that bedded his sister. You know, you're lucky you have a normal family.

Paloma: Normal? My family packed me off to live in another country with my aunt when I was a baby.

Chad: You know, I've known your family for years, paloma. I don't think they're like that.

Paloma: Don't judge a book by its cover. I'm not even sure my family loves me or that they really want me here in harmony.

Fox: I want to apologize to you for getting into it with chad earlier tonight. You know, I'm sorry that you got upset. I know that all you wanted to do was go out with me tonight and have a nice, relaxing dinner, forget about all your problems with chad. And it just seems like being with me reminded you of all of them, you know?

Whitney: I've got to get fox to sleep with me tonight so that I can pass this baby off as his instead of chad'S. Oh, god, forgive me for what I'm doing. Fox, you're not to blame for my problems. Being with you actually helps me put things in perspective. As a matter of fact, I'm starting to see myself in a better place once I get past this whole mess with chad.

Fox: Yeah?

Whitney: Yeah.

Fox: Well, good, I'm glad you see yourself in a better place. It's just -- I don't want you to kid yourself about chad, you know? You two are going to be connected from now on.

Whitney: Um -- so, what do you mean?

Fox: What do I -- well, you know, you two are half brother and sister. I mean, he's my half brother, too. It's bound to make things complicated.

Whitney: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I guess I never thought of it that way.

Fox: And then, of course, you know, there's my father, who's already siding with chad, his bastard son that he just found out about, over me. I've been his son for over 20 years.

Sam: Well, thank god fox and chad finally went their separate ways, at least for the time being.

Julian: I suspect whitney will be an issue for some time.

Eve: I hate that we've caused our children so much pain and sorrow.

Julian: What can we do? We can't control fox loving whitney.

Eve: Julian, I still feel a little shaky after seeing chad and fox fight. I'm going to go freshen up in the ladies' room.

Julian: Of course. I want to thank you for helping me manage my sons.

Sam: Just doing my job. Besides, I like chad and fox. I don't want to see either of them get in any trouble over the situation they're in through no fault of their own.

Julian: You still think of me as a monster, don't you?

Sam: I used to. But so much of what's been happening lately is ultimately alistair's doing. But you know what? You and eve should have been honest about your past. All of it. Your secrets destroyed so many lives when the truth came out, especially T.C.'S

julian: Yeah, your best friend since childhood.

Sam: T.C. And eve had a wonderful marriage. Your past with eve ruined it.

Julian: That's exactly what it was, sam. It was the past. I never tried to ruin eve's marriage. Liz did, though she'll never admit it.

Sam: Look, I don't want to get into the blame game, ok? The point is T.C. Is devastated. And you know what? I can identify with that.

Julian: Yeah, your situation with grace and that david hastings fellow.

Sam: Grace's amnesia kept her from remembering david and the son they share. So I can identify with what T.C. Is going through.

Eve: Julian, I'm so tired. Could you take me back to the mansion?

Julian: Of course. Good night.

Sam: Good night.

[Phone rings]

Sam: Chief bennett.

What? There's been a shooting at the mansion. Look, I'll be right there.

Julian: What?

Eve: Who's been shot?

Sam: They didn't know. E.M.S. Is on the way, but I think I'm going to need your help as doctor or as acting coroner. Let's get out of here.

Martin: Oh, my god, she's alive.

Sheridan: Thank goodness.

Pilar: Is she wounded?

Katherine: Oh --

luis: I don't think so.

Sheridan: Wait a minute. Then all this blood -- oh, my god, it's my father'S. My father -- my father's dead.

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Singer: You are my passion for life

fox: It's ok, you know. I should have known that my father would care more about chad than me. You know, he's ignored me his entire life, and chad -- well, chad's his son with eve, the love of his life.

Whitney: Yeah, well, don't remind me.

Fox: You want to know what the kicker is, though? For me? It's that my father would have given anything to have stuck by your mom and made a life with her and married her. But did he do that? No. No, he caved to the pressure from my grandfather and he dumped her. And now -- and now, with stupefying irony, the man's standing in front of me -- he's doing the exact same thing to me that his father did to him. He's trying to force me to stop seeing you.

Whitney: Well, fox, you know, you can't let that happen.

Fox: I know. I know. Don't worry about that. I told him to mind his own business.

Whitney's voice: Fox can never give in to julian. I need to be with fox so that he'll think he's the father of my baby with chad.

Whitney: I'm proud of you for standing up to your father about us, especially after I gave you such a hard time when I found out that you were in love with me.

Fox: No, hey, hey, don't worry about it, you know? Look, I just want you to be happy, you know? Happy the way you were with chad before, you know, you found out.

Whitney: Yeah, I was happy with chad. But that was then and this is now, and I can see myself happy with someone else.

Chad: No, I can't believe your family brought you back to harmony just because your mother was sick. I mean, every time I heard them talk about you, it sounded like you were special to them.

Paloma: But not special enough to bring me home until now.

Chad: Well, at least when they sent you away, they kept in touch. You know, you knew who they were when you were growing up. I didn'T. You know, my bigot grandfather kidnapped me from the hospital I was born in, kept me hidden from my parents. And they -- they didn't even try to look for me until recently.

Paloma: But I read that they thought you were dead until recently.

Chad: Yeah, that's what they said. But why should I believe them when they lied about other stuff?

Paloma: Yeah. It's hard to know what's true and what's not.

Chad: Yeah. Like my father saying he loves me and then trying to bribe me into loving him back.

Paloma: Bribe you? How?

Chad: Well, he offered me this great job at crane industries, my own record label, a corner office. You name it.

Paloma: That must involve a lot of money.

Chad: Yeah, you wouldn't believe how many zeros on that contract.

Paloma: You should take the offer.

Chad: But I don't even trust my father. Hell, I don't even like the guy.

Paloma: So what? The key to getting back at your parents is to accept that offer.

[Eve gasps]

Julian: Oh, my god.

Eve: Alistair?

Sam: What happened here? Who shot alistair?

Katherine: Um -- I --

martin: We -- we heard a gunshot from the living room. We came to see what happened and found my wife and mr. Crane on the floor.

Whitney: Well, who are you?

Luis: They're the wheelers. They're friends of the family from mexico.

Pilar: It's like mr. Wheeler said. We were all in the living room and we heard a gunshot and we came to investigate.

Eve: His vitals are weak.

Julian: And getting weaker, I hope.

Eve: I'm dr. Russell. This man has a bullet wound to the chest. He's lost a lot of blood. We're going to have to do emergency surgery if we're going to keep him from losing any more.

Paramedic: We'll transport him to the hospital right away.

Eve: No, we don't have time for that. We've got to remove the bullet and stop it from hemorrhaging ourselves here.

Julian: What?

Eve: Could you get me a surgical field kit, and a gurney that will be stable enough to do surgery on?

Julian: Eve, let the old man die and hopefully suffer doing it.

Eve: Julian, I hate alistair as much as anyone. But I took an oath to save human life -- yes, even that monster'S.

Luis: Eve, just let him die. Just let the bastard die.

Sheridan: Luis, no. Eve, you have to save him.

Julian: Why? The man is pure evil.

Sheridan: I know. He's done so many horrible things to us through the years. But I want him to live, julian. I -- I want to understand why he is the way he is.

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Pilar: Alistair murdered my antonio, he kidnapped paloma, he tried to kill you and sheridan, and he helped rebecca take theresa's son away from her. Our home, our jobs. And I know he had something to do with your father's disappearance. God help me, but there's a part of me that wishes eve doesn't save him.

Luis: I hope he dies, too. Save me the trouble of killing him.

Pilar: I wonder what it was mr. Wheeler was about to tell us? It seemed important.

Luis: Well, regardless of whether alistair lives or dies, I'll ask mr. Wheeler what it was that he wanted to tell us.

Pilar: He still reminds me so much of martin.

Martin: Come on. Ahem.

Sam: We need to talk about what happened here -- later.

Martin: Yes, sir.

Julian: What a time for eve to honor her hippocratic oath.

Sheridan: Julian, please. I know father is an evil, hateful man. I know he's cost you a lifetime of happiness with eve. He's always tried to keep me away from luis. But seeing him lying there, bleeding, demystified -- father is human, after all.

Julian: Mortal, yes. Human, no. I hope he's halfway to hell by now.

Sheridan: Oh --

julian: Listen, I understand how you feel, in spite of all the pain he's inflicted on you. You missed out on so much love as a child after mother died. Even pilar tried to take mother's place on the rare trips you made back home from school, and your father made no secret of his loathing and contempt for you.

Sheridan: Father always blamed me for mother's death. It's more than that, though. I know it is. I never had any closure with mother when she died. I don't want things to end the same way with father.

Julian: Just know that our mother loved us both very much. You can take comfort in that.

Sheridan: I will. I know this is going to sound crazy, but sometimes I just wish our mother could come back to us.

Julian: Would that she could, I'm sure that she'd be here now.

Martin: All right, now, katherine, tell me what happened. We need to make up a plausible cover story to tell the police.

Katherine: Well, I -- I'd come to alistair to kill him, which is when you found us together earlier.

Martin: I knew it. You were lying before about wanting to go back to him.

Katherine: Well, of course I was lying. I'd never choose to be with alistair over you, martin. And the only reason that I said that I would go back to him and be his wife is because I thought it was the only way to save our children. But then he said -- he said that he was going to kill luis anyway, and I was not going to let him do that. You had already lost antonio because of alistair. I was not going to let him kill luis, too. So I told him the deal was off. He mocked me for standing up to him. He didn't believe me. He didn't take me seriously. So I -- I pulled the gun and we struggled. I pulled the trigger and I shot him.

Martin: Ok. Now, listen to me. You can't admit to pulling the trigger. If alistair dies, you could go to prison for murder.

Eve: He suffered significant injury to his chest cavity.

Julian: Yes, far too much for you to repair, I'm sure. Why don't you just call it a night and let the old man die.

Eve: I know that he's a constant source of torment to us. But that's what I do -- I save lives, no matter whose life it is.

Julian: It is amazing to me that you would help someone who's brought you so much heartache.

Eve: Frankly, it is to me, too. Now, time is of the essence. I have to concentrate on my patient now.

Sam: What did eve say?

Julian: It doesn't look good, but she's going to do everything she can to help father.

Sam: You know, I'm amazed that eve is so professional. I know I'd be tempted to let alistair bleed to death for the way he treated my father and ethan.

Luis: I couldn't agree with sam more. Heck, if I'd have known mrs. Wheeler was ok, I doubt I would have even called 911.

Sam: Speaking of mrs. Wheeler, I need to find out what she was doing in the library alone with alistair and why there was a gun.

Luis: You think she shot alistair intentionally?

Julian: Well, she doesn't even know my father.

Sam: Even so, a man has been shot, and I need to figure out what happened and why.

Fox: So, what are you saying? Are you saying you could be happy with me?

Whitney: Fox, before I let myself get upset with you, you know we had some wonderful times together.

Fox: Yeah.

Whitney: I mean, remember when we were in los angeles and chad was working all the time? We were together every single day. That was the best summer of my life.

Fox: Well, I had a good time, too. And then, you know, I remember when you found out that I was in love with you, and -- well, you know, you were there. You know what happened. Let's not relive the whole thing.

Whitney: No, no, I totally know what you're saying, and I was just wrong. I'm sorry.

Fox: It's ok. It's totally fine. You have no idea how long I've waited to hear you say something like this. I'll tell you a secret. When -- when I thought we couldn't be together, I thought I was going to die. So I buried myself in my work because if I sat around thinking about you all day and about how I couldn't be with you, I would have driven myself crazy.

Whitney: Well, I'm driving myself crazy thinking about you right now.

Whitney: What? What's wrong?

Fox: My job -- crane industries, my father --

whitney: What? I mean, are you worried that being with me is going to put your job in jeopardy?

Chad: All right, so why is taking a job at crane industries a ticket to getting back at my folks?

Paloma: Their lies and secrets ruined your life, right?

Chad: Hell, yeah.

Paloma: Don't be mad. Use the job your father offered you to get even with both of your parents.

Eve: I'm about to begin surgery, with your help. Sheridan, pilar, I want you to go in the living room with the others.

Eve's voice: God, give me the strength not to finish you off.

Sheridan: I wonder how father got shot.

Luis: Well, I think that's what sam is about to find out.

Martin: All right, listen, here's what you say. You say that alistair tried to rape you at gunpoint. You fought back, and the gun accidentally went off. Ok?

Sam: Mrs. Wheeler, I need to talk to you a little bit about what happened in the library.

Katherine: Of course, chief bennett.

Sam: How did alistair end up being shot? Look, I don't want to alarm you, mrs. Wheeler, but if alistair dies as a result of his wounds, and depending on the circumstances of the shooting, this could become a murder investigation.

Katherine: It's not necessary to investigate anything, chief bennett. I can tell you exactly what happened. I shot alistair crane.

Sam: Accidentally?

Katherine: No. I shot alistair with every intention of killing him.

whitney: No, no, I get it. I mean, you're worried your father is going to sideline you at crane industries if you defy him by seeing me.

Fox: No. No, that's not what I'm saying. I was just saying that I'm going to be working a lot, you know. And if we start seeing each other -- which, you got to believe me, is what I hope happens -- I don't know how much time we'll be able to spend together.

Whitney: Oh. Well, I'm sure we'll find time to be together. Actually, I was just worried that you were going to give in to your father about not seeing me.

Fox: No, no. I don't care what he says, whitney. I don't care what anyone in my family says. If I want to see you, I'm going to see you, no matter what.

Whitney: You don't know how relieved I am to hear you say that.

Whitney's voice: I do care about you, fox. But I care about sparing my baby with chad from the truth that its parents are brother and sister even more.

Chad: Paloma, what are you saying exactly?

Paloma: Listen, you can get revenge on your parents by going to work at crane industries. Use all that money your father has offered you and the power that comes with it to punish your parents for ruining your life and whitney'S. Punish your brother, fox, for taking whitney.

Sam: Hold on. Let me get this straight. You admit to deliberately shooting alistair?

Katherine: I do, chief bennett. I just wish that I'd aimed better. I would have saved dr. Russell from going to all this trouble.

Martin: Excuse me, chief bennett, sir. Could I please have a few moments alone with my wife?

Sam: Yeah, of course.

Martin: Thank you.

Martin: Katherine, what are you doing? If alistair dies, you'll be arrested for murder. You could go to prison for the rest of your life. Sweetheart, you could get the death penalty.

Katherine: I don't care, martin, anymore. I did what I had to do to protect luis. And you, martin -- your family, my children -- all the people we love so much. I meant what I said to chief bennett. If I had the chance to shoot alistair again, I would shoot to kill. Alistair is a monster. He has to die.

Sam: You know, we all hate alistair for all the things he's done to us and the people we love. Mrs. Wheeler -- I mean, that cold steel look in her eyes. I mean, how could she hate someone that she doesn't know so intensely?

Julian: It's like the woman has a history with father, a reason to hate him enough to want him dead.

Sheridan: How can that be? Father and mrs. Wheeler just met tonight.

[Monitor alarm sounds]

Sheridan: Father --

julian: No, let eve do her job.

Sheridan: But father!

Julian: I know. This could be it.

Paramedic: He's crashing, dr. Russell.

Second paramedic: We're going to lose him!

Eve: Don't you dare die on me, alistair.

Eve's voice: I want you alive so I can pay you back for all the misery you've caused me and the people I love!

Martin: If alistair does die --

katherine: I may die, as well.

Whitney: Make love to me and make your dream come true.

[Endora fusses]

Tabitha: Our angelic paloma is actually a very angry little girl, a tidbit of information that we on the dark side can use to our advantage.

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