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Passions Transcript Thursday 9/30/04

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by Eric

jessica: And this blush is called kitten glow, but it also comes in golden glow, pink glow. Mark has six colors altogether.

Woman: It tickles.

Jessica: And now you have kitten-glow ears. Look at you. You look great.

Woman: Oh, jessica, you're better than the extreme makeover. I'm meeting howard at the movies tonight. He won't even recognize me.

Jessica: And, you know, if you buy any of the blushes, I've got this great magnetic face case to put them in for $6.

Woman: Sold. You know, you're really getting good at this sales thing.

Jessica: I know. Isn't it funny? I was really nervous when I started selling mark, but I've surprised myself. I'm having a great time and making a lot of money.

Woman: That's awesome.

Chad: You know, whitney can't even be in the same room with me anymore.

Theresa: You can't blame her for that, chad. She's still in shock.

Chad: Well, I don't, you know. Just the idea of her moving on with another guy -- do you think she can do that?

Theresa: Eventually, of course. Just like you will.

Chad: No, no, not me. Whitney owns my heart. I mean, she's the only woman I've ever really loved, theresa.

Theresa: Chad, you have to stop thinking about her. There's no future for the two of you. Look, you say you care about her.

Chad: More than anything.

Theresa: Then wish her love and happiness. Hope that she finds someone who will make her feel good again, someone who will love her with all his heart.

Chad: I know -- I know I shouldn't feel so possessive, but I do, you know --

theresa: Oh, chad, you just -- you have to get over that, please. I mean, whitney -- she could end up with someone that you know. I mean, maybe even a friend.

Chad: No, that I'm not worried about. I mean, I can count my friends on one hand, theresa. I mean, miguel split town, ethan's married, and fox is my best friend, not to mention my newfound half brother. I mean, no way would he make a move on whitney. He respects me too much.

Fox: I'm so glad you said yes to dinner, whitney. You haven't let me alone with you for five minutes lately. It's nice.

Whitney: Well, I've been so awful to you. I'm glad you're still even speaking to me.

Fox: Well, that's a given.

Whitney: Thank you.

Fox: You know, I was afraid that I'd lost you as a friend, you know? I feel like I came on too strong that weekend at the inn, and then afterwards, I just didn't want to be the one to come between you and chad, you know?

Whitney: Well, there is no me and chad.

Fox: Yeah, well, not now, but there was at the time, you know, which is why I wasn't upfront with you about my feelings. I wasn't trying to play you for a fool. I just really didn't want to cause you any problems.

Whitney: Oh, I understand that now. I was the one who was wrong about your motives.

Fox: Well, you should know I'd never play games with you. Whitney, you're too decent and upfront yourself to ever be treated that way.

Whitney: The thing is, fox, I was never really angry with you.

Fox: Ahem -- you could have fooled me.

Whitney: I know, I know. I was sending you all kinds of mixed signals. No wonder you were confused.

Fox: Yeah. Well, here we are again. I'm confused again.

Whitney: You weren't wrong when you accused me of having feelings for you. I did. I still do.

Paloma: I want so much to believe you really love me, mama.

Ethan: You must be pilar's daughter, right? Paloma?

Gwen: You have your sister's eyes. Paloma, how is your mother doing?

Paloma: Everyone was afraid mama was going to die, but the lady doctor said she would be all right if she rested.

Ethan: Yeah, dr. Russell. That's good. That's good news. I've heard so much about you for so long. It's good to finally meet you.

Paloma: From my mother? Did she talk about me while I was in mexico?

Gwen: Actually, it was theresa, when she and ethan used to be -- used to be close.

Paloma: Ethan?

Ethan: Yeah. Well, gwen and I are actually both pretty close to theresa these days.

Gwen: I mean, she is carrying our babies. You know, that's why she's living here at the mansion. We want to make sure that she has everything her heart could possibly desire. You know, why don't we go talk out in the hallway? We don't wake pilar up, ok?

Ethan: Yeah, yeah.

Paloma: Then they haven't been struggling to put food on the table?

Gwen: Oh, my goodness, no. Just the opposite. I mean, listen, you'll be happy to know that your sister and your mother have been living in the lap of luxury.

Sheridan: Mmm. Ok, take your clothes off.

Luis: You're not going to believe what I thought you just said.

Sheridan: Oh, you heard me right. Shirt, pants -- I want the full monty.

Luis: I've never seen this dominatrix side of you before.

Sheridan: I'm not talking about sex. I'm talking about skinny-dipping. You game?

Luis: Can't go skinny-dipping like that, now, can you?

Sheridan: No problem. Last one in's a rotten egg.

Martin: Where are you, katherine? I've got to find you before alistair does. God knowwhwhat he'd do to you.

Katherine: Oh -- oh -- alistair, you're hurting me! No!

Alistair: Say it, katherine! Tell me you want me!

Katherine: I -- I want you. You're hurting me.

Alistair: Martin fitzgerald was never half the man I was with you. That's why you're leaving him and coming back to me! How badly do you want to protect those you love, katherine? It would be a very simple thing to protect them forever.

Katherine: But you're asking me to be your wife again. That would be worse than death for me.

Alistair: Death can be arranged -- for all of you.

Katherine: All right.

Alistair: What's that? Speak up, woman.

Katherine: I said all right. I'll come back to you. I'll be your wife again.

Alistair: You're mine, katherine! Used goods, but still mine. Oh, you're lucky I'm willing to take you back. Leave me again and I won't be quite so forgiving. Next time I'll kill you.

Singer: I would hold who coullelead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me

Ethan: So have you met theresa's son yet?

Paloma: No, no, not yet.

Gwen: Well, his name is little ethan.

Paloma: After you?

Gwen: Well, I told you ethan and theresa used to be close. Don't even want to talk about it.

Ethan: Yeah. Anyway, his room is right here, if you want to meet him.

Paloma: Yeah.

Theresa: Paloma? Oh, my god! Paloma, it's really you! Oh, mi hermana, I've missed you so much. Oh. God. When did you get in? Why didn't anybody tell me you were here?

Ethan: Theresa, let her answer.

Theresa: Oh, look at you! You are all grown up! You look so pretty.

Paloma: You are even more beautiful than in your pictures.

Theresa: Well, you know what they say about pregnant women. Did you know I was pregnant with twins?

Pamama: Si. Mama said.

Gwen: Theresa is carrying our babies for us. She's our surrogate.

Ethan: Yeah, theresa's -- she's doing all the work.

Theresa: Hmm.

Paloma: I cannot imagine. How do you carry a child in you for nine months and then say goodbye after it is born?

Gwen: I don't know. It's just the way it's done. You know, I mean, theresa knows she's not the mother. She's just -- I don't know -- kind of like a vehicle for the babies.

Paloma: A vehicle? Like a car?

Gwen: Yeah, kind of. I mean, I guess it sounds a little strange, but as long as everyone, you know, agrees to the arrangement upfront, no one can change their mind once the babies are born.

Fox: Did I just hear you correctly? Did you just say that you have feelings for me?

Whitney: Fox, all those times you said I was in denial and fighting my feelings for you, you were right.

Fox: Huh. What about chad, though? You were about ready to marry him right before you found out he was your brother.

Whitney: Brother. I know.

Fox: Yeah.

Whitney: Yeah, you're right. It's true. But I think part of that was I couldn't face the fact that I had feelings for you, too. I mean, I didn't think it was possible to love two people at the same time.

Fox: I can't believe you're saying this.

Whitney: I should have told you sooner. I mean, I should have told you way sooner, but I was too embarrassed. I think that's why I kept getting angry with you. I mean, I didn't want you to look at me and see what was really going on inside.

Fox: Wow. That's all I can say --

whitney: So you're not mad? You're not mad at me? Because I wouldn't blame you if you were after the way I've treated you.

Fox: Mad at you? Whitney, no. Of course I'm not mad at you. Like s said before, I love you. That hasn't changed.

Whitney: Ok. Then why do I get a sense that you're still not all that happy about what I'm saying?

Fox: I'm not happy? No, I'm happy. Trust me, I'm about ready to jump out of my skin here, but --

whitney: Hmm.

Fox: Wow -- no -- I just -- you know, I don't want to take advantage of you. It's just going to take you a little bit of time, I think, to get through all this and your situation with chad and everything.

Whitney: Oh, you know what? I'm doing ok. Really, I am.

Fox: You're doing ok?

Whitney: -H-hmm.

Fox: Good. So, what are you saying? You're saying you don't want to take things slow at all?

Whitney's voice: No. You have to sleep with me tonight so that everybody will think that this is your baby I'm carrying and not chad'S.

Whitney: I don't think there's any reason for us to take it slow. I mean, you love me, and I care about you, fox. And chad -- he is my brother, not my boyfriend. So if you really think about it, I don't think there is anything getting in the way of me and you having a ratationship, starting now.

Fox: Starting now? Well -- great. No, I've actually dreamt about this. You -- we weren't sitting here, you weren't there and, you know -- I mean, what purpose would thatererve? What?

Whitney: Chad is at the bar right now.

[Katherine whimpers]

Alistair: I will have you, and I will keep you this time, katherine. Never again will you even get close to another man.

Katherine: Oh, no! Oh! You're hurting me!

Alistair: Shut up!

Katherine: Oh -- what are you doing?

Alistair: You've changed your face. I just wanted to make sure that the rest of you hasn't changed. At least you haven't gotten fat.

Katherine: Alistair, I -- I veve to go. I have to go to the cottage and get my things.

Alistair: I'll send someone for them. Better still, I'll get you new things. You certainly don't need a change of clothes now. As a matter of fact, take off what you're wearing.

Katherine: What? Now?

Alistair: I want to see you without your clothes. I want to look at you before I have my way with you.

Katherine: I don't want to take off my clothes.

Alistair: Take them off or I'll take them off for you!

Alistair: Oh.

Katherine: Ah! Ah!

Alistair: Now the pants. Or shall I help you with that, also?

Katherine: Alistair, this is obscene! I won't do it!

Alistair: So you've changed your mind? You'd rather I killed martin and sheridan and --

katherine: No! No!

Alistair: Then act like my wife! Obey me!

Martin: Katherine, what's going on? Damn you to hell, alistair.

Luis: Ah!

Ereridan: See, I knew I could beat you.

Luis: Whatever. I let you.

Sheridan: Oh, yeah, whatever. Since when do you let anyone beat you at anything?

Luis: Since I like following you from behind, especially when you're not wearing anything.

Sheridan: Oh! Fresh.

Luis: Sexy.

Sheridan: Yeah? Well, I hope you still think so after 20 or so years of marriage.

Luis: Well, I plan on loving you even more after 20 years.

Sheridan: Even after I have three kids?

Luis: Three? What's that, the magic number?

Sheridan: Yeah. I like it. or something?

Luis: No. Three's good.

Sheridan: I just -- I wish our baby hadn't died.

Luis: All right, well, let't think about that, ok? Remember --

sheridan: Yeah.

Luis: We're starting over, right?

Sheridan: Right. So what do you want first? A boy or a girl?

Luis: Why? Are you taking orders?

Sheridan: Mm-hmm.

Luis: Hmm -- a right. A girl, as long as she's just like you.

Sheridan: Hmm.

Luis: You're going to make a great mother.

Sheridan: Hmm. I'm certainly going to try. You know, really, my goal is to be just like my mother, the way she was with me and julian, you know, and the way she would have been if she lived long enough to raise us. She was always so kind and gentle, and I just always wanted to be around her.

Luis: Well, that's the same wael about you.

Sheridan: Things would have been so different if she hadn't died.

Luis: Well, I'm sure she's watching you from up in heaven.

Sheridan: Yeah. Well, I do think that she's up there taking care of our little baby.

Luis: Oh, yeah, she is. I'm sure of it.

Sheridan: Hmm. Even though, you know, a part of me still hopes for this crazy, impossible miracle.

Luis: What's that?

Sheridan: Well, that she never really died, that she's still alive.

Luis: Yeah. That would be like me believing that my father's still alive. WellI don't think you really want that.

Sheridan: Yeah. I mean, you're right. left on her own, she abandoned me, she left on purpose and had her own priorities. I couldn't bear that. You're right, it's better that she's dead.

Martin: You get your hands off her, or I swear I'll kill you.

Alistair: You and what army, martin?

Martin: Let's go, katherine. I'm getting you out of here. I'll be back for you later.

Alistair: She's not leaving with you. Why should she? She's my wife.

Martin: She hasn't been your wife in years. She hates your guts, alistair. Why the hell do you think she left you?

Alistair: The past is past. Katherine's had a change of heart. As a matter of fact, you just barged in on a very personal and meaningful reunion.

Martin: You're as twisted and deluded as ever. Come on, katherine. I don't want you around him for one more minute.

Alistair: What part of "she's not leaving with you" don't you understand? You know, it's gratifying to note that in spite of all the plastic surgery you've had done to your faces katherine's body is still as lovely and lithe as ever.

Martin: You dirty son of a --

alistair: Ah, ah, ah -- I thought you were too much of a gentleman to curse in front of a lady.

Martin: You tried to rape her.

Alistair: Hardly. My wife and I were about to make love for the first time in decades. She's missed being with a real man.

Martin: You disgusting, filthy pig.

Alistair: Katherine, tell martin how you've longed to be back with a man who satisfies you properly. Tell him what you've decided to do. Ń Ń Ń

Singer: You are my passion for life

whitney: Chad looks angry, fox.

Fox: Yeah, it's ok. Don't worry about it. He actually asked me to keep a close eye on you now that you two can't be together romantically anymore.

Whitney: Oh, well, you know what? I'm not sure he would see it that way.

Fox: Really? I better go talk to him.

Whitney: Ok, and just be careful, ok?

Fox: Yeah, all right.

Whitney: This cannot blow up in my face. I've got to get fox to sleep with me tonight so that I can pass ts s baby off as his instead of chad'S. Oh, god, forgive me for what I'm doing.

Fox: Chad, listen, I can explain.

Chad: Explain what? Thanks, man, for coming through with whitney.

Fox: Say what?

Chad: No, as long as you're keeping whitney company, I don't have to worry about some creep trying to hit on her, you know? It means a lot.

Fox: Well, good, good. I'm glad to hear it.

Chad: Yeah. And look, I'm sure whitney doesn't want me around, so I'm going to finish my drink and then I'm going to take off.

Fox: All right. Well, take it easy.

Chad: Well, thanks again, man. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Paloma: This room -- it's so perfect.

Theresa: Oh, that's the way they do things here. Little ethan, I want you to meet your aunt paloma, who's come all the way from mexico.

Little ethan: Hi, aunt paloma.

Theresa: How about using some of that spanish we were practicing for her arrival.

Little ethan: Como estas, tia?

Paloma: Bien, gracias.


Theresa: She said she's enchanted to meet you.

Little ethan: Want to come see my new laptop, tia?

Paloma: I would love to. Your son is so adorable.

Theresa: Aw. The only trouble is he's gwen's son, too.

Paloma: I don't understand.

Theresa: It's a long story. I'll explain later. Ah. Here, sit.

Paloma: Thank you. I've never seen a computer like this before.

Theresa: Oh, it's top of the line. Ethan just bought it for him. Do you have a computer in mexico?

Paloma: A used one. It was always breaking down.

Little ethan: I have one down at the library, too.

Paloma: What a lucky boy.

Theresa: I bet you're hungry. You know what? While little ethan shows you some of his new C.D.S, I'm going to go ask cook to send us up something to eat, ok? All right.

Luis: Warm enough?

Sheridan: How could I not be?

Luis: No, it was a good idea to get the hell out of harmony, huh?

Sheridan: Hmm. Brilliant.

Luis: Hmm.

Sheridan: There's only one other thing, though, that would make this night even more special.

Luis: Oh, damn it. And here I thought I thought of everything.

Sheridan: Not this.

Luis: You mean that?

Sheridan: With all my heart. I want tonight to be the night that we start a family. Make love to me, luis, right here under the stars, under that big fat beautiful moon.

Luis: Mm-hmm.

Alistair: Go on, katherine. Tell martin that you and I are back together as man and wife. Tell him that you want to be with me and not him. Maybe then he'll have the good grace to leave us alone.

Martin: Over my dead body. Katherine would rather die than stay here with you. She almost did the last time she lived in this house. She'd never go back to you, not in a million years!

Alistair: Katherine, tell him what you told me.

Martin: So help me god, if you don't get your hands off her, I swear --

katherine: Martin, no, don't! It's all right.

Martin: The hell it is. He has no business touching a hair on your head.

Katherine: I told him he could.

Martin: What?

Katherine: That's right. He's telling the truth. I told alistair that I was going back to him.

Martin: What did he do to you?

Katherine: Nothing. Nothing. It's true that he suggested it, but, you know, after I gave it some thought, at first I didn't know, because we spent so much time -- we went through so much together. And then I thought about it, and I agreed to it, and that's what I want to do.

Martin: No, I don't believe you.

Katherine: No, martin -- please. I woulhahave preferred to have told you this in private, but you've given me no choice.

Martin: But he's a monster, a cold-blooded killer. He treated you like garbage. You would have died if you hadn't left the marriage.

Katherine: That was years ago. But alistair has given me his word that he's never going to hurt anyone again. He's promised me.

Martin: Oh, I see, I see. That's how you manipulated her, huh? He told you that he'd call off his hired guns, that he wouldn't come after me or my family anymore. You're doing this to try to protect me. But it's too much, katherine. I won't let you.

[Katherine gasps]

Alistair: Get away from her! She's mine!

Martin: She's not a possession, crane! She's a person!

Katherine: Be careful, martin! Careful!

Martin: I should have killed years ago!

Alistair: Damn you! You'll never get near her!

Katherine: Martin, be careful!

luis: Think we made a baby?

Sheridan: Wouldn't that be amazing?

Luis: Nothing will make me happier.

Sheridan: I hate for this night to come to an end.

Luis: Well, it doesn't have to. We can always have an encore in the room.

Sheridan: I'd like that.

Luis: Is that what I think it is?

Sheridan: No, it can't be.

Luis: Oh, my god.

Sheridan: That's my family's jet.

Luis: Thonone that exploded in midair that antonio was on.

Alistair: Damn you, martin!

Katherine: No, martin!

Martin: You're never getting near katherine!

Katherine: Martin --

martin: I'm going to kill you, alistair!

Alistair: No, I don't --

katherine: No!

Alistair: Katherine --

martin: Stay back, katherine!

Katherine: Oh -- oh, be careful!

Martin: Bastard!

Pilar: Oh, mrs. Crane.

Katherine: Oh.

Pilar: I was looking for martin. Are you all right?

Katherine: Yes, pilar, thank you. I'm -- I'm really fine. Thank -- thank you.

Pilar: I'm rrrry for interrupting. There you are, martin.

Martin: Is something wrong?

Pilar: Mrs. Crane has been crying again. I know it's alistair. He treats her so badly.

Martin: I know.

Alistair: Get away from her! She's mine!

Martin: She's not a possession, crane! She's a person!

Katherine: Be careful, martin! Careful!

Martin: I should have killed you years ago! Damn you!

Katherine: Martin, be careful!

Martin: So help me, god, I'll kill you, alistair!

Katherine: Martin, be careful! Oh! Oh, god! Don't hurt him! Don't hurt him!

Alistair: Don't worry about me, darling. He's not man enough to hurt me.

Katherine: No!

Alistair: Whose side are you on, katherine?

Katherine: Oh! No! No! Oh! You make them stop, or I'll change my mind. I won't come back to you if you don't stop this.

Alistair: Back off, guys.

Martin: No. Let's go. You don't have to do what he says, katherine, no matter what he promised you, come with me.

Katherine: No. I'm staying with my husband.

Martin: But I know he's forcing you.

Katherine: Not at all. It was completely my choice. It's what I want. What we did was wrong, martin. And alistair has been kind enough to let bygones be bygones. I'm home now. This is where I want to be.

Martin: No.

Katherine: I want you to gnonow! Get out! I want you to go back to your wife, get on with your life, because that's what I'm going to do. Go out! Go on, now!

Announcer: Now, edmonton's "global news" at 11:00 with j'lyn nye.


Paloma: You're such a quick learner, little ethan. Give me five.

Little ethan: Gracias, tia. Want to see something?

Paloma: Yes. Go on. Show your mommy what I taught you.

Little ethan: Hola, mama.

Como estas?

Theresa: My brilliant bilingual son!

Gracias, paloma. Hey, nanny has your bath ready.

Paloma: Nanny?

Theresa: Yes. Can you believe it? Little ethan has his own personal slave. They have stuff for everything here. So go ahead, sweetheart, ok? I'll tuck you in later. He likes you! He doesn't do that for everyone.

Paloma: He's precious.

Theresa: Hmm, don't I know it. He's got the entire staff wrapped around his little finger. Ah. Cook makes him his favorite dessert every night. Oh, speaking of which, she's sending something up for us in a few minutes.

Paloma: Hmm. That's very good.

Theresa: Hmm. Oh, I almost forgot. These were mine when I used to live here, but I don't fit into them anymore, so I thought you might like them.

Paloma: What, my clothes aren't good enough?

Theresa: Oh, no, that's not what I meant. It's just they're so expensive, I just would hate to see them go to waste, you know?

Paloma: These are all designer originals.

Theresa: How did you know that?

Paloma: Believe it or not, we even get fashion magazines in mexico.

Theresa: Paloma, I didn't mean to insult you. It's -- I just thought you might like them.

Paloma: You had enough money for these clothes, but not enough to bring me home.

Whitney: So you didn't tell chad what we were talking about, did you?

Fox: No, no, I didn't, but you know what? I wanted to. The poor guy, he thinks he can trust me to help fight off any guys that might come on to you, and here I am, the one that wants you the most.

Whitney: Well, it goes both ways. You know, sometimes, total honesty isn't all it's cracked up to be anyway.

Fox: What, you've been hanging out with theresa again?

Whitney: Yeah, maybe I have.

Fox: I mean, don't get me wrong. I like theresa. It's just that personally I don't think that you could come up with half the schemes that that little one dreams up in her sleep. It's actually one of the things I love about you, whitney. You couldn't tell a lie if your life depended on it.

Whitney: I'm not so sure about that.

Fox: No? I am. I mean, look at you. You're open, you're honest, even when it's difficult. I mean, you wouldn't know an ulterior motive if it was staring you square in the face, right?

Waiter: May I take your drink order?

Fox: Yeah, sure. What? I think the lovely lady here will have her favorite, a cosmo. Did I remember correctly?

Whitney: Oh, you know what? Actually, I'll have a mineral water -- if you don't mind.

Fox: No, I don't -- why would I mind? Mineral water, and I'm going to have a beer. Just whatever you think is good is perfect.

Whitney: Thanks. I mean, it's just with all this stuff going on with chad, I want to keep my wits about me.

Fox: Yeah -- no, hey, you don't have to explain. It's fine, totally fine.

Whitney: That's what I love about you. You accept me as I am.

Fox: Well, who wouldn't? You're a dream come true.

Whitney: Do you want to dance?

Fox: I would love to dance, yes, absolutely.

Whitney: I'm not coming on too strong, am I?

Fox: No way, no how. Don't stop. I just can'telelieve this is happening.

Whitney: Oh, it's happening. Fox, you're very important to me.

Manager: Oh, I'm glad I caught you, chad. The sound system's been acting up for the last couple of days, and I was wondering if you could just take a quick look at it.

Chad: Oh, yeah, yeah, no problem.

Manager: Oh, great.

Rhonda: On the next "100 huntley street", after over 50 years of handing out bibles at citizenship hearing the canadian bible society has been asked to stop. Reporter magdalene mccallough finds out why. You will meet edmonton, author of the book "annointed for business" which which he challenges follower of jesus to have such influence in the marketplace that it will change ówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówówów ]

Fox: You ok? I'm not moving too fast, am I?

Whitney: I didn't say that.

Fox: Ok. Just, you know, if I am, you got to let me know, because I don't want to ruin anything that's happening here tonight.

Whitney: You're not going to ruin anything. Fox, I'm happy to be with you.

Fox: You know, I got to tell you, I just feel like I'm going to wake up, you know, and this is all a dream. I've been wishing for this for so long. And despite what other people may say, I am capable of taking things slowly, one day at a time.

Whitney: Fox, I meant what I said. I don't want you to slow down. I mean, I'm not planning on slowing down.

Chad: All right, you shouldn't have any more problems with the sound system.

Manager: Oh, thanks, chad. Let me buy you a drink.

Chad: Oh, you know what? Next time. M m going to take off.

Manager: All right.

Chad: Thanks.

Sheridan: Oh, antonio.

Luis: I still can't believe he died in that explosion.

Sheridan: Hey, maybe we can pull it up on the shore.

Luis: No, no, no, no, sheridan, stop. No, it's better if I call the policendnd let them handle this, ok?

Sheridan: Oh, luis, what I did to your brother --

luis: Sheridan, you had nothing to do with this, ok? None of this was your fault. It was your father'S. I meant what I said down in mexico, and your father's going to pay for all the horrible things that he's done.

Sheridan: If you kill him --

luis: It's not if, sheridan. I have to make him pay for my brother's death.

Sheridan: I want to go home.

Luis: Honey, you just said that we were going to go back to --

sheridan: No, no, I changed my mind. I'm sorry, but I just can't enjoy myself now.

Luis: Yeah, but --

theresa: You know what? I have to admit to you, I was always so envious of you growing up in mexico instead of boring old harmony.

Paloma: You must be kidding.

Theresa: Oh, not at all. You don't know how lucky you were to miss out on everything we went through here -- no money, mama working her fingers to the bone. It wasn't easy being here, believe me. Oh --

paloma: I know how hard it must have been.

Katherine: Get out!

Martin: You don't mean that, katherine.

Katherine: Go on with your life!

Alistair: Yes, she does mean that! Get out, go back to wherever you came from!

Pilar: Martin?

Martin: You're forcing her, alistair.

Pilar: Mrs. Crane?

Katherine: Go on with your life. Leave me alone!

Alistair: I'm not forcing her to do anything. It's her decision.

Katherine: Martin, go! Leave me alone! Let me go back to the life I never should have left!

Martin: But he's forcing you to say these things. I know you don't mean it!

Alistair: If anyone's forcing her to do anything, it's you. Shouldn't the decision be hers?

Martin: Of course it should.

Alistair: Well, katherine, which is it? Resuming your position as my lawful spouse or returning to your ex-lover in some sordid adulterous affair?

Katherine: I'm staying with alistair, martin. It's what I want. Please accept it.

Martin: You're sure?

Katherine: I'm positive. And now I would appreciate it if you would leave me and my husband alone.

Martin: If that's what you want.

Katherine: It is.

Alista:: Show mr. Fitzgerald out, gentlemen.

Katherine: I hate you! I hate you with all my heart!

Alistair: That's no way to talk to your beloved husband, katherine. Don't do it again.

Katherine: I love him!

Alistair: I said don't do it again! Not if you want him and your beloved children to have long and healthy lives.

Ivy: Please don't tell sam. I can't lose him.

Eve: I'm sorry, because you're going to.

Alistair: You're mine now, katherine. Don't ever forget it.

Whitney: Please, chad, stop! Please!

Chad: No, the hell I will!

Julian: I will not allow you to have a relationship with whitney. Staying put for another year. Five years in office has been plagued by allegation of me, I ings ready? 

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