Passions Transcript Monday 9/13/04

Passions Transcript Monday 9/13/04

by Boo
proofread by Laurie

[At the Crane Mansion by the pool.]

 [Whitney gasps]

Eve: Whitney, baby, you're sick. Let me take you to the hospital.

Whitney: Don't touch me! This is all your fault, mom. You're what's making me sick.

Julian: Wait, Eve. She's just had her whole world turned upside down. Give her some -- give her some space and some time.

Eve: I don't think there's enough time or space in the world to heal this. Finding my son was supposed to be the happiest day of my life, and instead, it's turned out just to be the worst.

Julian: I know.


[Gwen, Ethan, and Theresa are at the hospital after Theresa got overheated at the pool.]

Theresa: These babies are mine, Gwen. You'll never get either of them. I'm going to break your heart just like you broke mine when you and Ethan stole little Ethan away from me. I don't know how I'm going to do it yet, but you're both going to pay.


Ethan: I don't care what Theresa says. I know it was her in my bed the night of the founders day dance. Somehow, she got me drunk and drugged, and she disguised herself as Gwen, and she tricked me into sleeping with her. That second fetus that she's carrying is from that night. I know it, and if Gwen ever finds out, it'll kill her.


[Paloma is in Puerto Arena with Luis, Sheridan, Katherine and Martin.  She is on the cell talking to Pilar.]

Paloma: Extranado mucho, mama.

Pilar: Ay, mi angel. I've missed you, too.

Paloma: Luis and Sheridan told me how sick you've been.

Pilar: I feel so much stronger now that I hear your voice.

Paloma: Que bueno. I can't wait to see you, mama. I've been saving hugs for you for so many years.

Pilar: You really are going to come home to Harmony?

Paloma: Absolutely. I want to make sure you get better.

Pilar: Our family's going to be together again.


Sheridan: Pilar must be so happy to talk to Paloma.

Luis: That's the best medicine mama can have.

Sheridan: Yeah.

Luis: Especially after losing Antonio.

Sheridan: Yeah. She has no idea how close she came to losing you and Paloma as well.

Luis: You know what -- and she doesn't need to, all right? At least not now.

Sheridan: My father almost succeeded in having all of us killed.

Luis: Well, we don't have to think about that, ok?

Sheridan: I can't help it. Look, I don't want us to be apart from each other. Whatever happens in the future, I want us to face it together.

Luis: Ok, we will. I promise. Ok?

Sheridan: Yeah.


Martin: Hmm. Our children are safe.

Katherine: Yeah, for the time being.

Martin: And Paloma's finally going home to see her mother.

Katherine: I envy Pilar. I dream of being reunited with Sheridan and Julian. I want to hold them in my arms. I want to tell them who I am, but it's clear now that Alistair will never allow that.

Martin: No, no, Alistair won't have any say in it.

Katherine: Well, I can't defy him on that. God knows what he'll do.

Martin: Look, could it be worse than leaving us all in the jungle to die, worse than trapping Sheridan and you in a pit full of poisonous snakes, worse than killing Antonio and almost killing Luis? Alistair has declared all-out war. He left me no choice. I have to kill him.

[Alistair watches everyone in Puerto Arena on his cameras.]

Alistair: I was so looking forward to the sight of Sheridan, Katherine, and Martin's lifeless bodies covered with snakebites at the bottom of this pit! Enjoy your freedom while you can, because I will catch you and I will kill you!


Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places, and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet; and I, would fly on the wings of the bird, I knew could take me highest.  Breathe in, breathe out.  You keep me alive, you are the fire burning inside of me.  You are my passion for life.


Sheridan: Luis, I love you so much.

Luis: I love you, too.

Sheridan: You know, when I thought you had died in that Aztec temple, I wanted to die, too. When I fell in that pit with those snakes, I thought I was going to get my wish, but we survived. We're here. We're together.

Luis: That's right. You know, it's actually clear to me now that all the other lifetimes we spent together were just in preparation for this one. You know, nothing's ever going to separate us again.

Sheridan: Marry me, Luis.

Luis: What?

Sheridan: Well, look, I know that the man is supposed to ask the woman, but after everything that we've been through, to hell with Emily Post, all right? I love you so much, with all of my heart, and I want to marry you as soon as possible.


Katherine: You can't even think about killing Alistair. It's too dangerous, Martin.

Martin: I have to. He thinks that people live and die by his will. No more. I'm going to stop Alistair if it's the last thing I do, for our sake and our children.


Eve: I'm so sorry.

Chad: Not now, Dr. Russell.

Eve: You need to understand --

Chad: I can't. I'm sorry. I've dreamed of this day my whole life. It's what got me through all those horrible times at the foster home, all those years on the street. It's what's driven me to succeed, because I knew when I finally found my real parents, I'd want to be someone they'd be proud of.

Eve: Oh, and I am proud of you.

Chad: What should have been the most wonderful day of my life has cost me the woman I love and every ounce of happiness I had. I would give anything for this not to be true. I'd give anything to have anyone else be my mother but you.

Eve: Oh, my poor baby.


Julian: I knew this would be bad, but it's even worse than I imagined, and I don't know how to help Eve through it.

Fox: And I knew Whitney would be devastated when she found out the truth that Chad was her half brother. Part of me was looking forward to it, because with him out of the way she'd be free to be with me. Now I wish it weren't true. I hate seeing her in so much pain. I love her, dad, and I want her to be happy, even if that means that she spends the rest of her life with Chad.


[Whitney is at the hospital to talk with Theresa.]

Theresa: Whitney. What's wrong?

Whitney: Um -- well, what's wrong with you? Why are you back in the hospital?

Theresa: It's nothing. Gwen's just so nervous about the baby. She thinks I should be hooked up to a monitor every time I hiccup, but I'm fine.

Whitney: Are you sure you're fine?

Theresa: Positive, but you're not. What is it?

Whitney: My life is over. I definitely want to die.

Theresa: Oh. Look, I know it was awful to hear those things about your mother, but you can't let it change your life, ok? You and Chad are in love. You're happy. You're going to have a family. Just forget about everything else, ok?

Whitney: No, we can't, Theresa. We can't.

Theresa: Why? What happened?

Whitney: It's -- it's Chad. Oh, god, Theresa. Chad is Julian's and my mother's long-lost son.

Theresa: What?

Whitney: I'm in love with and have been sleeping with my own brother.


[At Tabitha's house, Tabitha finds Kay and Simone in a deep discussion.]

Tabitha: What's all the whispering, girls?

Kay: No, it's ok. Tabitha's cool. She's on our side.

Tabitha: All for one and one for all.

Simone: Kay had this great plan to change the medical records in the hospital's computer to make it look like Chad was my mom and Julian Crane's long-lost son.

Tabitha: Oh, it absolutely amazes me that those nasty rumors about your mother and Julian are true.

Simone: She's ruined my life -- our whole family's.

Tabitha: Just awful, dear.

Kay: Ok, well the reason that I came up with my plan is so that Simone can get revenge on Whitney and her mom at the same time.

Simone: Only we're not sure it worked.

Kay: Ok. When the truth about Chad comes out, her mom will freak out, and then Whitney will break up with him, and the road will be clear for Simone.

Tabitha: Just hang on, here. Now, if Chad is Whitney's half brother, then he's also Simone's half brother, your road has a major block.

Kay: Well, duh. Ok, as soon as Whitney moves on, then we'll just change the records back, and not only does Simone get Chad, she also gets revenge on her sister, too.

Tabitha: Oh, well, that's quite a plan, Kay. You mean to tell me you know how to change the records in the hospital computer system? I'm most impressed.

Simone: Don't be. We're not sure if she was able to change any records or not, because a nurse came in, and we had to shut the computer down and get the heck out of there.

Tabitha: Oh, no. Well, that's no good. Your whole plan might be ruined.

Kay: Yeah, but what can we do about it now?

Tabitha: Well, well, we can do a lot. We can go back and fix it.

Kay: No, I am not stepping foot in that hospital again.

Tabitha: Well, I'm afraid you don't have a vote, dear. We are going.

Simone: But how? I mean, we can't take the babies, and we can't just leave them here alone.

Tabitha: Oh, don't you worry about that. I have a babysitter on call. Now, come along. You girls go and wait in the car.

Kay: No, I don't want to.

Tabitha: Time's a-wasting. Go on. Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Simone: Come on, Kay.

Tabitha: Come on, Kay.

Kay: Oh --

[With Kay and Simone in the car, Tabitha casts a spell to call up a babysitter.]

Tabitha: Ha-ha-ha. This is perfect. Ok. Hickory, dickory, kiddie caboose, send me a sitter named Mother Goose.

Mother Goose: Oh. I thought I was on my way to the old woman who lives in a shoe.

Tabitha: Sorry, no time for chit-chat. Now, look -- this is Endora, and this is Maria. I want you to look after them for me for a little while.

Mother Goose: They're adorable, especially Endora.

Tabitha: Thank you. And now, if you're hungry, there's hot pease porridge on the stove and cold pease porridge in the fridge. Ta-ta.

Mother Goose: Well, I do like a nice bowl of pease porridge.


[Julian, Chad, Eve, and Fox are still at the mansion talking over the recent events.]

Julian: I know this is all so overwhelming, Chad -- son -- but --

Chad: Look, I like you, Mr. Crane, and I always have, but don't push this, not now.

Julian: I understand.

Chad: No, you don't understand. All my life I've looked forward to meeting my parents, and now -- now, it's just blown up in my face like some big cosmic joke.

Julian: I can help you.

Chad: Please, just back off.

Julian: As you wish.


Fox: How are you holding up, Dr. Russell?

Eve: I was just wishing there was some way that I could turn back time and make it so that Chad never met Whitney.

Fox: Well, don't blame Chad, Dr. Russell.

Eve: I don't blame Chad. I think he's everything that I could ever want in a son, but why did he and Whitney have to fall in love with each other?

Fox: I don't know, but -- Simone had a crush on him, too. Maybe they were drawn to him because intuitively, they felt something familiar.

Eve: Yeah. He's familiar, all right. He's their brother. Oh, god, what have I done?


Theresa: Whitney, that can't be true. Your mother ran DNA tests on Chad years ago, and they proved that he wasn't related to anyone who'd ever been a patient there.

Whitney: Yeah. Well, Fox said that the DNA records were altered.

Theresa: Who would do that?

Whitney: Alistair Crane. He's the one that stole the baby. He's the one that stole Chad in the first place, and he decided to finally tell Julian the truth.

Theresa: So all that time that they were looking for their son, and all that time that he was looking for his father, Alistair knew the truth, and he didn't tell anyone?

Whitney: Mm-hmm, and all the time I was sleeping with Chad, Alistair knew that he was my brother.

Theresa: How could anyone be so cruel? Oh, god.


[Ethan is the chapel at the hospital.]

Ethan: Please, please, God, don't -- please let both babies that Theresa's carrying be mine and Gwen's. Don't let either of them be mine and Theresa's.

Ivy: Ethan, what are you talking about?


Sheridan: We could get married here in Puerto Arena before we leave. Paloma's priest could perform the ceremony.

Luis: No. No, we can't.

Sheridan: Luis, I know that you wanted your mother to be there, but we could have a second wedding when we get back to Harmony. I'm just afraid that if we don't do this now, something will come between us again.

Luis: Sheridan, stop. Would you just listen to me? Ok, nothing is going to stop me from marrying you, ok? But we cannot do it now.

Sheridan: Why not?

Luis: Sheridan -- Antonio. My brother, your husband, ok? We cannot do it until Antonio has been legally declared dead, and there's a certificate, and besides that, we have to go through a proper mourning period, ok?

Sheridan: Of course. But you know what? While we're waiting, I don't want to give my father the chance to come between us again, because he will.

Luis: He won't. I promise you, nothing is ever going to separate us again, ok?

Sheridan: I wish I was as sure as you.

Luis: Well, look, I need to talk to the Wheelers for a second, ok?

Sheridan: Ok. [Luis ducks into the next room.]


Luis: Excuse me, can we talk for a sec?


Sheridan: Mother, please watch over me and Luis. We love each other so much. I just can't lose him again. Please.

Luis: All right, I got to run down to the travel office and get our plane tickets, ok?

Sheridan: I'll go with you.

Luis: No, no, no.

Katherine: No, I would really love it if you would stay here with me, because there's something I really want to show you.

Luis: Yeah. No, I'll be back soon, I promise.

Sheridan: All right, well, hurry back, ok?

Luis: I will, I will. Ok. All right, see you.


[Katherine pushes Sheridan upstairs to her the suite that Katherine lives in.]

Katherine: Come with me. Paloma, come on with us.

Martin: You're in for quite a surprise, Sheridan.

Sheridan: Oh, what did you want to show me?

Katherine: You'll see.

Sheridan: Oh, wow.  [Katherine produces a traditional ivory, lace wedding dress from her closet.]

Paloma: Oh, es precioso.

Sheridan: That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Katherine: An old friend gave this to me years ago, and I always thought it would make the most wonderful wedding gown.

Sheridan: Oh, it certainly would.

Katherine: Why don't you try it on?

Sheridan: Oh, no, no. I couldn't. It's too delicate. I'm afraid I might hurt it or something.

Katherine: No. I mean, I'm not going to wear it, and I haven't even looked at it in years, and it would do my heart such good to have a bride-to-be wear it.

Sheridan: I -- I don't know.

Paloma: If you and Luis are getting married one of these days, you'll have to start trying on wedding dresses.

Sheridan: You're right.

Katherine: Come on.

Sheridan: Why not?


Alistair: Get off of Paloma and answer your damn phone, nick. You better not have let her escape, too. And you better pray Luis is still buried under all that rubble.

[Alistair laughs]

Alistair: No one and nothing gets the best of me!


Mother goose: One more story, and then we'll have some porridge. Let's see, which one shall it be? I know. "Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to fetch her poor dog a bone. When she got there, the cupboard was bare, and the poor dog had none."

[Fluffy growls]

Mother goose: "She took out a dish --" excuse me, children. Naughty kitty!

[Fluffy growls and Mother Goose levitates her into mid-air to punish the bad behavior.]

Mother Goose: If you're hungry, say pretty please, and then you'll be fed.

[Fluffy meows]

Mother goose: Much better. And --

[A food dish and a bag of Purina Cat Chow appear for Fluffy.  The bag levitates and fills the bowl.]

Mother Goose: It's a good thing our cupboard wasn't bare. Purina Cat Chow is much better for kitties than porridge.

[Babies giggle]


[Sheridan has on the wedding gown, and Katherine and Paloma are dressed in traditional Mexican gowns.]

Martin: You look beautiful.

Katherine: Isn't this perfect on her?

Sheridan: I feel like a princess.

Martin: You all look like something out of a story book.

Sheridan: So do you.    [Sheridan notices that Martin is dressed in a grand tuxedo.]

Katherine: Yes.

Martin: Well, then, it's time to go.

Sheridan: Wait, wait. Dressed like this?

Katherine: We have a surprise for you, Sheridan.

Sheridan: What kind of surprise? Where are we going?

Martin: On the ride of a lifetime. Shall we?

Sheridan: Ok.

Martin: After you ladies.

Sheridan: Thank you.


Ethan: A couple months ago, I think -- actually, I'm pretty sure that I slept with Theresa around the same time that she was implanted with mine and Gwen's embryo.

Ivy: How did that happen?

Ethan: I'm not exactly sure. It was the night of the Founders' Day Dance. I had had a lot of champagne -- maybe something else. Gwen left on a business trip. She came back later, and I -- I remember us making love. But later, she came back again, and she denied that it ever happened, but I was so sure that it did. Turns out I think it was Theresa in a blond wig in my bed with me.

Ivy: Oh, my god.

Ethan: She denies everything. I confronted her. She denies it ever happened.

Ivy: Of course she does.

Ethan: All I know is I woke up the next morning and I was -- I was groggy, and I didn't remember a thing.

Ivy: Ethan -- Ethan, she drugged you. The girl is evil. She is capable of anything.

Ethan: I know, I know, but once Gwen finds out about this --

Ivy: No.

Ethan: She'll be destroyed.

Ivy: No, no. Gwen is not going to find out, because you are never going to tell Gwen about this.

Ethan: It's not that simple. Theresa's carrying two babies.

Ivy: Twins.

Ethan: No. They might not exactly be twins. You see, when Dr. Russell gave Theresa the first sonogram, she heard one heartbeat, and she found one fetus. When Dr. Morro examined her, he found two amniotic sacs and two heartbeats.

Ivy: How is that possible?

Ethan: According to Dr. Russell, there's a couple of possibilities, the first being that the second baby was lined up right behind the first baby, so she missed seeing it, but that's highly unlikely, she says. The other possibility is that Theresa was -- she was ovulating at the time of the implant and she had unprotected sex right after the implant, which means that that second baby could be Theresa's and --

Ivy: And someone with whom she had sex.

Ethan: Which is why these memories of mine are pretty important.

Ivy: That lowlife little tramp. She is trying to break up you and Gwen again.

Ethan: But wait, wait, wait. We don't -- we don't know that, all right? Theresa says that this memory of mine is probably just a drunken fantasy, and I'm inclined to believe it. I do believe it.

Ivy: Believe Theresa? No, I don't think so.

Ethan: Either way -- either way, my not being able to tell Gwen about this, I feel like I'm lying to her. I hate lying to her.

Ivy: Ethan, you can't tell Gwen what you suspect. That would kill her. No, honey, look, once the babies are born, I will find a way to take care of Theresa. In the meantime, you and I, we just have to pray that Eve made a mistake in the first exam and that both the babies are both yours and Gwen's.

Ethan: That's why I'm here.


Theresa: I'm here for you, Whit. I just can't believe that Chad is your half brother.

Whitney: You know, I just want to know what I did to deserve something like this. How could God punish me this way?

Theresa: He hasn't, and this isn't your fault.

Whitney: No, no, you're absolutely right. This is my mother's fault. It's not mine.

Theresa: Well, we're going to get you through this, ok?

Whitney: No, Theresa. How? How am I going to get through this? Out of all the men I could have met, out of all the men I could have fallen in love with, of all the men I could have possibly become so happy with, why did it have to be the one man that I never should have been with in the first place? He's my brother, Theresa.

Theresa: No. I know. It's awful.

Whitney: You have no idea. You have no idea. I just want to die right now. I just --

Theresa: Oh, god. No.


Eve: I had no idea, Chad. Please believe me.

Chad: I believe you, Dr. Russell. It doesn't help. I've waited all my life to find my parents, and I've waited all my life to feel about a woman the way I feel about Whitney. Now I can never be with her again. See, I found you, and I lost her, forever.

Eve: I would give up ever finding my son if I could somehow just make it right.

Julian: Perhaps -- perhaps you haven't found him.

Eve: What do you mean?

Julian: I may be grasping at straws, but we all know how evil my father can be. Now, he knew that Chad was in love with Whitney. He had to know how much it would hurt us if it turned out that Chad was our son.

Eve: You think he lied about the DNA test?

Julian: He's done worse. So rather than blindly accept his word for it, I think we should all go to the hospital and verify it one way or the other.

Eve: I think so, too. Alistair's sadistic enough to do something like this. Not that it wouldn't be an honor to have you as my son, Chad.

Chad: No offense taken, Dr. Russell.

Eve: And I'd give up ever finding my son if it meant that you could marry Whitney.


[Horse neighs.  There is a horse drawn carriage waiting to take Sheridan, Martin, Katherine and Paloma through the street of Puerto Arena.]

Sheridan: Oh, that can't be for me.

Martin: Of course it is.

Martin: Would milady care to take a drive around town?

Sheridan: It's so beautiful, but where's Luis? I mean, shouldn't we wait for him?

Martin: I'm pretty sure that we'll see him later. Shall we?

Sheridan: Ok.

Martin: Come on. There you go.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Martin: Ok.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Martin: Sweetheart.

Katherine: Martin.

Martin: And you. Ah! All right, then. Vamanos, amigo, por favor.

[Techno version of sabre dance]

[Whistles and applause of congratulations ring out from the citizens in Puerto Arena.]

Sheridan: This is embarrassing. Everyone thinks I'm a real bride.

Katherine: You're the loveliest bride I've ever seen.

Martin: You lack one thing to complete the picture. [Martin stops the carriage to buy flowers for the ladies from a woman selling them in the streets.]

Martin: Oh, right here.  Hola. There you go, that's -- right -- and those right there.

Sheridan: Gracias, nina. Girl: De nada.

Martin: For you and for you.

Woman: Oh, thank you.

Martin: Oh, hold on. There you go.

Woman: Gracias.

Martin: De nada. Vamanos, amigo. Now, just one more stop.

Sheridan: Why are we here?  [The carriage has stopped outside of a church.]

Martin: Ah, come with me and you shall find out.

Sheridan: Ok, what is going on?

Katherine: Go on in, Sheridan, and see.

Paloma: It's nice, I promise.

Sheridan: If you say so.

Martin: Be careful now. Watch your step.

Sheridan: Thank you. Whoo!

Paloma: Thanks.

Martin: All right, darling. Whoa! There you go.

Sheridan: Thank you.


[Simone, Kay and Tabitha sneak through the halls of the hospital.]

Simone: It's that way.

Kay: I'm supposed to be home resting.

Simone: Kay, I don't want to be here, either, but it was your idea to change Chad's medical records in the first place. I told you it was a dumb plan.

Kay: Oh, bull, ok? You were thrilled to have the chance to get back at Whitney for stealing Chad from you.

Tabitha: Girls, girls, this is no time for bickering. We have got to finish what you started and get out of here before anyone sees us. Now, come along.

Eve: Simone?

Chad: Hey, Simone.

Simone: Chad, mom, what are you doing here?

Eve: I work here, honey. Kay, I heard you were being discharged today. I'm glad to see you finally getting home.

Kay: Thanks, Dr. Russell.

Julian: Perhaps we should be on our way.

Eve: I want to tell Simone about Chad first.

Chad: Maybe you won't have to.

Julian: It may all be moot.

Eve: And what if it isn't?

Julian: Then you can tell Simone later.

Simone: Tell me what?

Eve: Simone, I have something to tell you that's -- that's very upsetting.

Simone: It can't be any worse than the rest of your secrets.

Eve: I'm afraid it is.

Simone: What is it?

Eve: Oh, baby --

Simone: Don't try to get all warm and fuzzy. Just tell me.

Eve: You know that Julian and I had a son and that Alistair stole him away.

Simone: It's old news.

Eve: Well, we think that we found out who he is.

Simone: Who is it?

Eve: Chad.

Simone: Chad? Chad is your son? Chad is Whitney's and my half brother?


Theresa: Don't wish for death, Whitney. It could come true.

Whitney: I just -- I just want this whole thing to be over. You know, I wish I could go to sleep and wake up, and this whole thing was just one horrible nightmare. But it's not going to happen. It's not going to happen, is it? Oh, my god.

Theresa: Oh --


Simone: How do you know that Chad's your son?

Eve: Alistair told us.

Simone: He did?

Julian: But we're not taking my father's word for it.

Chad: That's why we're checking my medical file.

Kay: That's probably a good idea.

Julian: Eve, shall we?  [Julian, Eve and Chad move on toward the lab.]

Simone: What is going on? It was your idea to make it look like Chad was my mother's son. And now -- oh, god, what if he really is?

Kay: Well, then, Whitney's been committing incest, ok, and it is a good thing that we found out before you did too.

Simone: Yeah, but we don't know what we did or didn't change in that computer. What if we made it look like he's really my brother, and you made it look like he isn't?

Tabitha: Oh, that would be a predicament, wouldn't it?

Simone: It would be a disaster, and if that's what happened, I'm going to kill you.


Alistair: Well, this explains why nick didn't answer my call. Damn it! Luis must have escaped, too. But not for long. I'm going to kill them. Do you hear me? I'm going to kill them all!


Sheridan: Well, what are we doing here?

Sheridan: Isn't that Paloma's priest?

Martin: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Sheridan: Luis? What are you doing here? I thought you went to go get the plane tickets. How did you get here before us? And why are you dressed like that?  [Luis is handsome in a traditional tuxedo.]

Luis: Why don't you let me ask the questions? The question is, Sheridan Crane, will you marry me?



Eve: I'm going to run all the DNA samples through again, and we'll know for sure whether you're our son.

Luis: I'm asking you to be my wife, to spend the rest of your life with me.

Ivy: Once those babies are born, they are going to be raised by Gwen and Ethan, and it will be the last time you ever lay eyes on them

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