Passions Transcript Friday 9/10/04

Passions Transcript Friday 9/10/04

by Eric
proofread by Laurie

Gwen: Ok, maybe I am being a little over cautious about bringing Theresa here to be checked out, but I just cannot bear the thought of anything being wrong with our babies.

Ethan: I know.

Rebecca: Well, instead of being strapped to a fetal monitor, Theresa ought to be hooked up to a lie detector.

Gwen: Will you just let it go, ok? Both babies are mine and Ethan's. One of them just did not show up on Dr. Russell's initial sonogram.

Rebecca: Well -- you know, Eve may have been a drugged-up, lying whore in the past, but she really is a first-rate doctor.

Ethan: Mm-hmm.

Rebecca: And if she didn't know that there were two babies, then, well -- look, it really makes me wonder. I mean, maybe there was just one baby, and then Theresa got her huevos rancheroed a second time the old-fashioned way.

Gwen: You need to stop. You really need to stop. Theresa did not have sex with anyone after the implant, and that's that.

Rebecca: Really?

Gwen: Yes, mother, really, and Ethan and I have already been over this. Look, I even freaked out and thought that Theresa had seduced Ethan again to get back at me, but it didn't happen.

Rebecca: I don't care what you say, Gwen. I do not trust Theresa.

Gwen: Well, I trust my husband.

Ethan: Thank you.

Gwen: You're welcome, and I promise you that I'm going to try to not let my mother's paranoia bother me, because, I mean, it's nothing to worry about, right? I mean, the babies are fine and healthy, and they're both ours, ok?

Ethan: Yeah.


Pilar: Theresa, you saw how desperate Gwen is to have a family with Ethan, to raise these babies that are growing inside of you. You're still not thinking of keeping these babies from her once they are born. Please tell me that's not true. You can't be this cruel and this heartless to deny Gwen her dream of motherhood.

Theresa: Mama, I haven't changed my mind. I'm going to keep these babies, and I'm going to get little Ethan back, too. Gwen will never be mother to any of my children. Never.


Chad: Whitney, baby, we'll figure out something, all right? Maybe it's not true.

Whitney: Don't touch me! You're my brother. Chad, you're my brother!

Chad: Whitney, it's still me. It's still Chad.

Whitney: No, no, you don't understand! We're brother and sister. Oh, my god! We committed incest! Just get -- don't touch me!  God! Just get away from me, please? Oh, my god.

Eve: Whitney, I'm so sorry. I love you, and I love your brother.

Whitney: Oh, my god. That's all you have to say to me? That's all you can come up with? Just get the hell away from me. All right, get the hell away from me, mother! You're poison! Don't you understand that? You are pure poison!


Luis: Sheridan, what did you dream about your mother?

Sheridan: I can't remember exactly. I just know that she was there. She wasn't dead, she was alive, and she was right there with me.

Luis: Yeah, well, you've had dreams about her before, haven't you?

Sheridan: Yes, but this was different.

Martin: You know, snakebites have been known to cause people to hallucinate.

Sheridan: Really? Then I guess it's not so strange that I would dream about my mother.

Luis: No.

Sheridan: I just wish I could remember more. All I know is that she was there with me. Wait a minute. I do remember. I didn't dream about my mother at all.

Luis: Well, who was it?

Sheridan: It was you, Mrs. Wheeler. You were in my dream.

Martin: Well, that's because Ellen was the last person you saw before you passed out by the snake's venom.

Sheridan: No. No, I remember. I was groggy, but I heard you and Mrs. Wheeler talking, and you were talking about my mother. Oh, my god. That wasn't a dream. I heard you say that you were my mother.


Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places, and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet; and I, would fly on the wings of the bird, I knew could take me highest.  Breathe in, breathe out.  You keep me alive, you are the fire burning inside of me.  You are my passion for life.


Theresa: Well, at least one of these babies is mine and Ethan's. Maybe both of them are, and it doesn't matter. Gwen won't raise either child. I will. I'm going to keep these babies when they're born. If Gwen wants to raise something, she can get chickens.

Pilar: Theresa, how can you be so cold? These babies mean everything to Gwen.

Theresa: I don't care. My mind is made up. I'm going to get little Ethan back and I'm keeping these babies.

Pilar: Dios mio.  Ayudame, por favor.  Como fue llegado a esto? Where did I go wrong? I brought you up in the church, I raised you to know God, to live by his rules, and here you are, talking about using two innocent lives as a means of revenge?

Theresa: Mama, don't get worked up. This isn't good for you.

Pilar: If only your father were here. If only he hadn't disappeared, maybe things would be different. Maybe we could have taught you right from wrong.

Theresa: Mama, stop blaming yourself.

Pilar: How can I, Theresa? I feel like I've let you down, failed you somehow.

Theresa: Mama, stop it. You are the best mother that anyone could ask for. You've always been there for me. Always. Papa's the one who let us down, not you. He abandoned his wife and his children, and he left us here to fend for ourselves. You and Luis worked yourselves to death just to make ends meet, and still, that wasn't enough. You had to send Paloma away to Mexico so that tia Maria can take care of her, just to have the basic necessities of life? I mean, Paloma's been away from us all these years because of him. His running away from us messed up all of our lives.  He's the one that failed us, not you.

Pilar: Please, don't speak of your father that way.

Theresa: Mama, stop defending him. He bailed on us. I never want to see papa's face again.


Sheridan: Did I hear you correctly? Are you Katherine? Are you my mother?

Katherine: Sheridan, what you heard me say about being your mother -- it isn't that far-fetched. I don't quite know how to say this, but -- but the truth is --

Luis: Sheridan, I'm sorry. If you did hear Mrs. Wheeler say that she was your mother, it was all in your mind, sweetheart.

Sheridan:  What??

Luis: Well, you were unconscious from the snakebite. And when Mr. Wheeler gave you the antidote, you started to regain consciousness. You were halfway between being with your mother and dreaming about her, and naturally, when you heard the Wheelers' voices, you just naturally combined the two. What else could it be?

Sheridan: I guess you're right. Mrs. Wheeler couldn't be my mother. My mother's dead.


Eve: Whitney, honey, please, let me help you. Don't shut me out.

Whitney: Help me what? What are you going to help me do, mom? Plan my wedding to my brother? Thank you, but you've done enough. I don't want your help.

Eve: Honey, I'm in just as much shock as you are. I'm just now finding out that Chad is my son.

Whitney: Yeah, but you knew you had a son out there somewhere. You knew, and you didn't tell any of us about it!

Eve: That's because there was no possibility that it could be Chad! You were with me when we went to the hospital to test his D.N.A. against everyone who had been a patient there. He wasn't a match to Julian and me. He wasn't a match to anyone. Who could guess that Alistair would change the results to keep his paternity a secret? We certainly couldn't. We're just as much victims of Alistair's treachery as you are.

Whitney: Oh, really? How many siblings have you and Julian slept with, mom?

Eve: Oh, baby, it's not your fault. You didn't know.

Whitney: That's right. It's not my fault. It's not my fault. It's not Chad's fault. This is all your fault, mom. This is your fault because of all your lies. God, your drunken, drugged-out past! You're a monster, mother! And thank you, because now you've made me a monster, too! This is the most horrible thing you ever could have done to me. I hate you. God, I hate you for what you've done to me oh, my god.


Rebecca: Self-serve coffee? I mean, can you believe that? What is next? I mean, chauffeurs having to pump their own gas?

Ethan: You don't get out much, do you, Rebecca?

Rebecca: No, and can you blame me? I mean, it's a world gone mad, and there's rude help, coffee that is served in something other than china, and now my daughter, Gwen, is bringing Theresa a fruit plate?

Gwen: I don't know, mom. She might be hungry.

Rebecca: Why don't you give her a bunch of plantains? Isn't that more of her fruit of choice?

Gwen: I really wish you would just back off Theresa, ok? Come on. Mother, look, she's carrying our babies, your future grandchildren. I just want to do everything I can to make sure she's comfortable. I want to make sure that she and the babies have everything they need.

Rebecca: Aw. Look at you. I mean, you're worried that Theresa got overheated at the pool, when you're the one who really got your brain fried.

Gwen: Excuse me?

Rebecca: Gwen, the fact that you are taking Theresa at her word is madness. I mean, it's sheer madness. I mean, just because she says that the second baby is yours and Ethan's does not make it so. When has Theresa ever told the truth about anything?

Gwen: She has no reason to lie.

Rebecca: Hmm. Yes, she does.

Gwen: Mother, no, she doesn't, ok? At least, not about this. The only reason Theresa tricked the hospital staff into implanting her with our embryos was so she could get little Ethan back, and now she knows we're going to give him back once she gives us the babies, there's no reason for her to lie about who the father of the second baby is.

Rebecca: Well, I haven't figured that part out yet, but I am not convinced that this second baby is yours and Ethan's. I'm not convinced at all.


Theresa: I don't want to talk about papa. What's the point? I mean, he's gone and he's never coming back.

Pilar: You don't know that, mija, and until I know if your father is dead, I'm not giving up hope.

Theresa: You've been waiting for him to come back for how many years now? All that time, you could have moved on. You could have found new love and been happy again. Instead, you wasted it, holding on to a fantasy that papa would come back.

Pilar: Don't -- don't feel sorry for me, Theresa. It was my choice to wait, and I would do it again.

Theresa: I made my choice, too, mama. I'm keeping Gwen's babies.

Pilar: But they're willing to give your son back to you now.

Theresa: Only because I have something that Gwen wants. She's not doing what's right. She's treating my son like a ping-pong ball with no thought to what all this upheaval has done to him. No, I can't let her get away with this. She's going to suffer the way she made me suffer.

Pilar: Can you just -- just let it go, Theresa.

Theresa: She's the one that started this. She and Rebecca. They took away our jobs, our home, and our dignity. They did everything in their power to destroy our family, and the stress of all that made you sick.

Pilar: No, you cannot blame them for my blood disease.

Theresa: I blame them for making a bad situation worse. If you had your job at the cannery, you would have had health insurance, and you would have come to see Dr. Russell the minute you thought something was wrong, and she would have been able to help you with your condition before it became life threatening. No, mama. Gwen and Rebecca did this to you when they declared war on me, and now I'm fighting back.

Pilar: But what you're planning, Theresa -- it's just going too far.

Theresa: They took it too far first when they stole little Ethan from me. They crossed the point of no return. No matter how much I begged and I pleaded and how desperately little Ethan wanted to be with me, they kept my son from me, his mother. I can still hear him crying when child protective services tore him from my arms. "Mommy, don't leave me!", he said, but I had no choice. Uh-uh. You know, I don't know if little Ethan understands why mommy let him go, and I wonder if he ever will.

Pilar: I know, mija. I remember when I had to give Paloma to my hermana, Maria, to live, and I can still hear your baby sister's crying ringing in my ears.

Theresa: You'll see her soon, mama. Luis and Sheridan will bring Paloma home before long, and then the two of you can start making memories together

Pilar: Yes, but how do you make up for all that lost time, all those moments that we didn't share?

Theresa: Mama, don't look back. Look ahead to better days.

Pilar: Yeah. I just pray your sister realizes what a good life she's had in Puerto Arena, and that she's happy, and that she knows how much I love her.


Luis: Well, look, your mind was halfway between dreams and reality, and that's why you thought you heard Mrs. Wheeler say she was your mother.

Sheridan: Yeah. You must be right. I mean, like I said, my mother's -- she's dead. I'm so sorry, Mrs. Wheeler. It's not the first time I've confused you with my mother.

Katherine: Don't apologize, Sheridan. I'm very flattered that you see me as your mother. It's a big compliment.

Sheridan: Thank you. It's just that I've never needed or missed my mother as much as I have lately. My father's vendetta against me and Luis and his family -- it just has me so upset, and I keep thinking that if my mother were alive, she could explain why he's out to hurt us all, and she must have understood him in a way that I can't. Maybe she could have made sense of it all for me.

Katherine: I'm sure she could have.

Martin: Hey, Luis, you know, maybe we should make our way back to town while there's still plenty of light.

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: We don't have a guide.

Paloma: Oh, it's ok, Sheridan. I know the way. My friends and I used to come here to study ecology for school. I can lead us back.  No hay problema.

Luis: Are you kidding me? First, you save yourself from a kidnapper, then you save me from being left for dead, and now you're going to take us out of the jungle? That's not bad for my kid sister. Well, which way?


Whitney: I hate you, mother. I hate you for keeping your son with Julian a secret from me. I mean, if I would have at least known he existed, I could have been more careful, but I didn't know. You let this happen. Keeping your past a secret, kept me from thinking the unthinkable, that every time I made love to Chad I was committing incest.

Eve: Honey, I know what you're going through, and, you, too, Chad.

Whitney: How could you know? No, you have no idea what it's like. Chad and I made love, mom. Passionate love. Do you understand me? Time after time, night after night. Oh, my god. My brother took my virginity. Oh, my god. I had sex with my brother, and it's all your fault, mom. It is all your fault.


Gwen: Please just stop it, ok? You and I have already discussed this at length at the mansion. The babies that Theresa's carrying are Ethan's and mine, period.

Rebecca: Why? Because Theresa says so? I mean, why are you believing her about this when she's lied about everything else?

Ethan: Rebecca, I wish you'd stop.

Rebecca: Oh, I bet you do.

Gwen: Ok. Ok. Theresa has not slept with anyone, least of all Ethan. So if the babies are not mine and Ethan's, whose are they, mother? Who got her pregnant with the second baby, huh?

Rebecca:  Hello, I don't know who Theresa slept with, but since she's already done the deed with Julian, then any freak, geek, or leper could have been the bunkmate.

Gwen: It didn't happen, ok? I'm done talking about this with you. I'm not even going to listen to the nonsense. The babies are mine and Ethan's, and that's final.

Rebecca: My poor Gwen. She's so desperate to have a family with Ethan that she's forcing herself to believe this little virtuous act of Theresa's, but I'm not buying it, not for a second. No, Theresa is up to something. She is Theresa, for god's sake.


Paloma: Oh, here we are, back at the Inn, safe and sound.

Luis: You did good, sis. You did real good.  Gracias.

Paloma: De nada, Luis.

Luis: Hmm.

Martin: You know what? I'm going to go call the doctor and have him come and check you all out, all right?

Katherine: Oh, no, darling.

Sheridan: No.

Katherine: Don't bother the doctor. I'm really fine. I'm just a little tired. Unless you --

Sheridan: No, no. I'm fine, too. Thank you.

Luis: I'm fine.

Martin: Yeah?

Paloma: Si, si, yo tambien. I just want something cold to drink.

Sheridan: Yeah.

Martin: Well, I need something stronger than water.

[Martin wanders over to the bar.]

Martin: What do you say?

Luis: Hmm. Ok.

Martin: Hmm?

Sheridan: You know, I still can't believe how close I came to losing you in the explosion in the temple.

Paloma: Me, too.

Sheridan: You know, I know you thought that we would be safe once we left Harmony, but we aren't. If my father can find us here, he can find us anywhere, and now Paloma and the Wheelers are in danger, too, and I'm so sorry. This is all my fault.

Luis: It's not your fault. Your father hates me and my family for whatever reason. I'm telling you, the more and more I think about it, it's, well, I think, because of my father's disappearance.

Martin: You know, Luis' hunch is right. This is my fault.

Katherine: No, it's not, Martin. You were just kind enough to take me away from Harmony and deliver me from Alistair.

Martin: Yeah, and our children paid the price. I promise, I'll make up for it. As god is my witness, I will kill Alistair for what he's done to us and our children.


Whitney: You've ruined me, mother. All your secrets and all your lies to cover them up. Now I'm some kind of sick freak because of you. Oh, my god. I'm pregnant. What am I going to do? Oh, my god. Oh, my god, what have I done? What have we done? Oh, no.

Eve: Whitney. Honey, please believe me. I didn't know that Chad was my son until just now.

Whitney: But you knew you had a son out there somewhere, mom, didn't you? You knew, and you didn't tell any of us about it. I mean, you even went so far as to tell us you lost a son with daddy, that our brother was dead, right? But all that time, all that time I was sleeping with my brother because of you, mom, because of you and all of your lies.

Julian: Whitney, this is not your mother's fault. She's telling you the truth. She had no idea that Chad was your half brother until just now. None of us knew. My father made sure of that.

Whitney: I'm so sick of you defending her, Julian. She could have told us what she'd done. She could have told us that she had a son out there, somewhere. Maybe I could have done things differently, you know. I could have considered the possibilities. You know, who knows? Maybe I would have never fallen in love with Chad to begin with.

Fox's inner voice: Whitney, if you would only have gotten involved with me, it would have saved you so much pain.

Chad: Please, Whitney, I know this is hard, all right? It's killing me, too, but we can't beat ourselves up over what happened.

Whitney: Yeah, but we can't deny it, either. I mean, you're my brother. I can't even look at you. Oh, I can't even look at you without thinking that we -- oh, my -- oh, my god.


Pilar: I understand. Trust me, I understand all the pain that you've gone through when you had little Ethan taken away from you, and not that I approve, but I also understand how you would want to keep one of these babies in exchange for getting little Ethan back, but that reason no longer exists. Ethan and Gwen have told you that they will give you your son back when you give them their baby, so why must you go to such extreme measures when it stands that you might get what you want?

Theresa: Gwen and Rebecca crossed the line, mama. They need to be taught a lesson.

Pilar: But the moral high ground is not yours, Theresa, and to deceive Gwen over something as sacred as a child --

Theresa: Mama, let's just not talk about this anymore, ok? I don't want to involve you with my problems.

Pilar: I'm already involved. I know the truth.

Theresa: Well, when are Luis and Sheridan going to bring Paloma home?

Pilar: For the record, I know you're changing the subject, and as far as your sister's homecoming, I guess it's soon. I don't know. When I spoke to Sheridan on the phone after my nightmare, we never discussed their return.

Theresa: Well, I'm sure it'll be soon. Luis probably just wanted to visit with Tia Maria, and he probably wanted to show Sheridan your hometown.

Pilar: I suppose. I'm just so anxious to see your sister in person after all these years. You know, if Sheridan hadn't assured me that Paloma was ok, I would have sworn that my nightmare was about her, that her life was in some kind of danger.

Theresa: Oh, I'm sure everything is fine. Sheridan wouldn't lie to you, and Luis would not let anything bad happen to Paloma.

Pilar: Yeah.

Theresa: Mama, you look tired. Why don't you go back to your room and get some rest? I'll come see you before I leave, ok? Mama, I'm sure Paloma's ok.

Pilar: If I could just hear her voice --


Luis: Well, thank god Paloma's all right.

Martin: Yeah.

Luis: Yeah, for a while there, I wasn't sure if I was ever going to see my baby sister alive again. You know, Alistair's already murdered my older brother, and he's damn near killed me and Sheridan, and now he's using my younger sister as bait to get at us, and you and Mrs. Wheeler just for helping us. You know, I don't think anyone should tell my mother about this. Her health's been so bad lately, I think any more stress could just make her condition worse, maybe even kill her.

Martin: You really love your mother, don't you, Luis?

Luis: She's an amazing woman. She's had a hard life, though. Yeah, ever since my father left, it just -- it broke her heart. Well, she never gave up sacrificing for all of us kids, you know? And my father, he never so much as sent us a dime, and I'll tell you, if there's one wish that I had, it's just that she would forget all about my father and move on and find someone who is worthy of her -- not a deadbeat like my father was.

Sheridan: [Southern accent] Chow time! Come and get it!   [Normal voice] I always wanted to say that.

Katherine: Oh, here we are.

Luis: All right, all right. Wow. Look, I'll eat something as soon as I get on the phone and make us some plane reservations to get back to Harmony, ok?

Sheridan: Ok, great.

Luis: Let mama know we're coming home.

Paloma: Luis?

Luis: Hey.

Paloma: When you call mama, can I speak to her?


Eve: Honey, you're not alone. We're in all in shock that Chad's my son with Julian.

Whitney: Yeah, but none of you made love to him. I did. I had sex with my brother because of you and because of all your lies and your secrets.

Eve: But now that we know the truth --

Whitney: Just shut up! God, shut up! Leave me alone! All of you guys, just leave me alone, ok?

Chad: Come on, let's just go someplace and talk.

Whitney: Don't touch me! Don't you understand? You're my brother, ok? Leave me alone! I had sex with my brother! Just everybody leave me alone, please!

Julian: She needs time to absorb this. We all do.

Eve: Why is this happening, Julian? How can the son that we've been longing to see all these years be Chad, Whitney's fiancÚ? How could fate be so cruel to us? How?


Luis: You want to talk to mama?

Paloma: I want to tell her I'm coming home.

Luis: You were dead set against coming back to Harmony with us. What made you change your mind?

Paloma: Well, the way you risked your life to save me from being kidnapped, loving me despite me giving you so many reasons not to, and what you said at the temple about me being a true Lopez-Fitzgerald. It didn't matter that I've been apart from our family so long, I realized then that I've been part of our family all along. Luis, I want to go home, home to Harmony, if you'll take me.

Luis: Are you kidding me? It would be a pleasure to have you. And you know what else? It's going to be the best medicine for mama.

Paloma: "Mama"? I'll have to get used to saying it every day.

Sheridan: Oh, you will, and when you do, just remember how lucky you are to have a mother that's still alive and loves you with all of her heart.

[Phone rings]

Pilar: Hello.

Luis: Mama. Hey, it's Luis.

Pilar: Oh, mijo. I was hoping you'd call.

Luis: Yeah. I'm sorry, I would have called sooner, but -- well, you know, we've been busy.

Pilar: Did Sheridan tell you I called?

Luis: No, Sheridan didn't tell me you called.

Pilar: Well, she probably didn't want to worry you. I called because I had had a nightmare about one of my daughters being in danger. I thought it was Paloma, but Sheridan assured me that she's all right.

Luis: Yeah, Paloma is right here, and she's doing just fine. In fact, she's waiting to talk to you.

Pilar: Oh, good. My Paloma. Mi nina preciosa.

Luis: Mama. She's waiting to talk to you.

Luis: Paloma, mama's waiting to talk to you.

Paloma: Mama. Ma mamita.

Pilar: Paloma, mi nina?

Paloma: Mama?  Es Paloma.

Pilar: Hi, Paloma, my baby girl.  Mi nina preciosa.

Paloma: Si, mama. It's your Paloma.

Martin: You know, it's been a while since Paloma spoke to her mother, and she's usually too busy to talk for long. Katherine, what is it?

Katherine: I'm really happy for them, but I want to tell Sheridan that I'm her mother, so I can share a moment like Pilar and Paloma with Sheridan.

Martin: I know. Hey, someday we'll be able to share a moment like this with our loved ones.

Katherine: How can we? Alistair will never allow it.

Martin: Alistair will have no say in it. He will have died at my hand.

Katherine: Martin, no, you can't do that.

Martin: No, you know there's no other way. Now, Alistair isn't after just after us anymore. It's very clear after what happened in the jungle today that he's after our family, as well. I mean, we have no other options here. I have to kill Alistair before he murders us or our loved ones.


Gwen: I never noticed these cute drawings before.

Rebecca: Cute? I guess, in a ticky-tacky sort of way.

Gwen: Come on, where's your sense of whimsy, huh?

Rebecca: It's in my costume closet at home.

Gwen: Oh.

Ethan: Well, please do us all a favor and keep it there, preferably padlocked.

Rebecca: Hmm. Whatever.

Gwen: And by the way, I'd like to thank you for eating all the fruit that I got for Theresa.

Rebecca: Well, I was hungry. I mean, I couldn't eat any of that slop they were serving in the cafeteria. It certainly didn't look very appetizing.

Gwen: Can you just leave, seriously? Please, mom, just leave. You're really -- you're really driving me crazy.

Rebecca: Fine. I'll go. But keep your wits about you when you're dealing with Theresa.

Gwen: Ugh -- oh, she makes me crazy.

Ethan: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Gwen: I'm sorry about her, really.

Ethan: It's all right.

Gwen: Anyway, do you realize that in a very short time we are going to be back up on this very floor for the birth of our two babies?

Ethan: Yes, I do, and it's going to be wonderful.

Rebecca: I wonder when Tacosita is involved.

Gwen: I did not think that I ever would be able to be this happy again, but I am. I am married to the most wonderful man, who I love so much, who loves me, too, and we are going to have a beautiful, wonderful, loving family with our two new babies!

Ethan: Sounds good.

[Theresa watches, unseen, from her hospital room doorway.]

Theresa: Sorry, Gwen, but you'll never take these babies away from me the way you took little Ethan. I'm getting my son back, and I'm keeping these babies. Yeah, it'll break you heart, but that's what you get for breaking mine when you took my child away from me and destroyed my family to do it. Payback's a bitch, and you'll get yours, plus interest.


Eve: Oh, Julian, I prayed for this moment. I dreamt about it all these years, about finding our son, knowing who he was, reuniting with him, becoming a family, and my most fervent wish was that my daughters would accept him and embrace him and love him. I would have never imagined that what I would have thought would be the most wonderful moment of my life would turn out to be the most terrible.


Fox: Chad, I wish there were something I could say or --

Chad: There isn't.

Chad: You know, I spent years looking for my parents, and I never felt whole not knowing who they were, who I was. Well, now I know, and I've lost the woman I love. Whitney, my sister. My sister. This is hell, man. This is pure hell.



Martin: Alistair has declared all-out war. He left me no choice. I have to kill him.

Whitney: I'm in love with and have been sleeping with my own brother.

Sheridan: I love you so much, and I want to marry you as soon as possible.

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