Passions Transcript Friday 7/23/04

Passions Transcript Friday 7/23/04

by Eric
proofread by Laurie

Kay: So, she's really gone for good? Thank you! Thank you, Tabitha. Ah, she's gone! She's gone. Charity is gone! She left Miguel. Now all is well because Charity is gone! Ah.

Simone: You're sure in a good mood. Did they tell you you could leave?

Kay: Oh, even better, Simone. Charity left.

Simone: Left where?

Kay: She left Harmony, forever. Now nothing can keep me from being with Miguel.


Fox: Does Whitney love me or Chad? I know she says it's Chad, but I'm not so sure. I think maybe the reason she got mad at me and stormed off when I asked her if she had feelings for me, was because she does have feelings for me, but she just can't or won't admit it. Maybe we do have a future together. Hey. Miguel, listen, I -- I heard about your brother, man. I'm sorry. I don't know --

Miguel: Thanks.

Fox: Yeah. I'm sure your mom's going to pull through this relapse thing, too. You just -- you just try and stay positive, all right?

Miguel: How can I stay positive without Charity?

Fox: What, did something happen to Charity?

Miguel: She left Harmony for good.

Fox: Why is that?

Miguel: I've lost my brother and my mom's struggling to hold on. Now this. How could this happen, Fox? I love Charity so much. How could she just walk away from me?

Fox: Yeah, I know how you feel.


Whitney: Oh. You're out of bed. Are you ok?

Theresa: Oh, yeah, yeah. The doctor said I was fine, so -- ok, what's wrong?

Whitney: Well, it's Fox. You know, he keeps insisting that I'm in love with him.

Theresa: Oh. Yeah, I was kind of wondering the same thing.

Whitney: You're wrong, Theresa, ok, and so is Fox. Chad is the one that I'm with. I'm in love with Chad, and I wouldn't fall in love with Fox if he were the last man on earth. In fact, I hate Fox.


Katherine: Oh, Martin, it's Luis and Sheridan.

Martin: Well, what the hell are they doing here in Mexico?

Katherine: I don't know, but -- oh, my god. I haven't seen her since she was a little girl except for the newspapers. Isn't she beautiful?

Martin: She's very beautiful. And Luis -- look at him. Isn't he so handsome, huh?

Katherine: Oh, just like his father. Oh, they look so good together.


Luis: Don't look now, but that couple's staring right at us.

Sheridan: Sorry. Maybe we remind them of themselves at our age.

Luis: Maybe.

Sheridan: You know, there's something really familiar about that woman, Luis.

Luis: Yeah?

Sheridan: Like I've seen her somewhere before.


[Phone rings]

Man: Yeah, boss?

Alistair: What's going on with our unlucky foursome?

Man: They're all at the airport eyeing each other.

Alistair: What? Does Sheridan realize Katherine's her mother? Does Luis recognize his father?

Man: I doubt it. Katherine and Martin don't look anything like the way they did when they left Harmony.

Alistair: Yes, the plastic surgery they had to try to elude me. Still, it's imperative they not learn Martin and Katherine's true identities. If you even suspect they've figured them out, you know what to do.

Man: I know exactly what to do.


[Julian watches over Eve from outside her house.]

Julian: Oh, god, Eve, you're so brave to tell him yourself the truth about your past. You must be in such agony.

Alistair: Oh, I see I can add voyeur to your list of perversions, Julian.

Julian: What are you doing here, father? Did you come to gloat?

Alistair: As a matter of fact, yes, and to remind you of my warning to get out of town, because now that T.C. knows all about Eve's past, he's going to come gunning for you. And I'd put my money on him over a snivelly, whipped wimp like you any day.

Julian: T.C. doesn't know about me yet.

Alistair: Oh, but he will soon enough, and when he does -- I was thinking pansies for your coffin.


Eve: Aunt Irma isn't lying.

T.C.: Eve, what are you talking about?

Eve: What Aunt Irma is saying is true.

Irma: See? I told you. She's a drug addict and a whore!

Liz's inner voice: This is even better than I planned.

T.C.: No. These are stories. That's just what they are. These are wild stories that Aunt Irma has been making up for some reason -- I don't know why. I don't believe them, and I won't believe them!

Irma: Well, you better believe them, honey, because your wife is a slut and a whore!

T.C.: Eve, you were a drug addict? A drunk? And a nightclub singer and a -- and a whore? Eve, you are the kindest, the sweetest, the most gentlest woman that I know on this earth. I know that you would never lie to me like this! I know that what Aunt Irma's saying can't be true!

Liz's inner voice: Want to bet?

Eve: You're wrong. I was like that. I was a drunk, and I was a drug addict, and I -- I used my body -- I'm sorry, T.C. What -- what she's saying is true.


Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places; and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet; and I, would fly on the wings of the bird, I knew, could take me highest.  Breathe in, breathe out.  You keep me alive; you are the fire burning inside of me.  You are my passion for life.


Simone: So Charity really left Harmony?

Kay: Oh, as fast as her little goody two-shoes could carry her.

Simone: What did you do to her this time?

Kay: It was her idea. You know, she finally realized that she just brought pain to everyone around her, especially Miguel.

Simone: That's ridiculous.

Kay: Or it's the truth and she knew it, so she decided to do the honorable thing and leave. And now Miguel can be with Maria and me, and the three of us can finally be a family.


Miguel: I'm going to find Charity, Fox, no matter how long it takes. I'm going to find her and I'm going to convince her to come back.

Fox: I think you should. I think you got to go for it.

Miguel: But how, after everything that's happened? My brother dies in a plane crash, mama's health isn't good. My family needs me here now.

Fox: So what are you going to do?

Miguel: First, I'm going to check on my mom. Maybe she can help me sort it all out.

Fox: Good luck with that.

Miguel: Thanks.

Fox: Take care.

Miguel: You, too.

Fox: At least Charity admits that she loves you, Miguel. I risk spending the rest of my life watching Whitney, the woman that I love, in Chad's arms.


Theresa: Whitney, you know "hate's" a pretty strong word. Some people say that love and hate are two sides of the same coin.

Whitney: Please don't go there, too, Theresa. I'm not secretly in love with Fox.

Theresa: I know, so you say.

Whitney: I'm not.

Theresa: Ok. So why do you hate him?

Whitney: Well -- well, because, you know? Because he lied to me about how he felt about me, that's why. You know, he kept it a secret all those times we were together.

Theresa: And if he hadn't?

Whitney: Listen, the point is, he deceived me. Ok? I would have never have gotten myself in all those situations with him if I would have known how he felt.

Theresa: Hmm. Or maybe you subconsciously put yourself in those situations because deep down you knew how he felt about you, and you liked it.


Sheridan: Why does that woman look so familiar to me?

Luis: I don't know. Neither one of them look familiar to me.

Sheridan: There's something, Luis.


Katherine: You don't think they recognize us, do you?

Martin: They couldn't have. They were so young when we left Harmony, and with all this plastic surgery we've had we don't look anything like we did back then.

Sheridan: Of course! Why didn't I realize it before? I know exactly why they look familiar. Come on!

Luis: Come on --

Man: Looks like we got recognition. If so, I can take them all out at the same time.

Sheridan: I know you!


Julian: This is all fun and games for you, isn't it, father?

Alistair: Yes, I'm rather enjoying your beloved Eve's downfall. Of course, it's all her own doing. If she hadn't been a drunk and a drug addict, as well as your whore, her sister Liz wouldn't have the ammunition to exact her revenge.

Julian: This is not her fault. She was an innocent when I met her. I corrupted her.

Alistair: Yes, you did, so it's actually you, not Liz, who's really destroying Eve's life.


T.C.: No, Eve. I don't believe this.

Liz: What do you need? Photos?

Eve: I know that it comes as a terrible shock, T.C., but it's true. What Aunt Irma is saying is true!

T.C.: No, no, sweetheart. I know what you're trying to do here. You're trying to humor the old woman. It's pretty obvious to me that she's senile, and you feel that if you challenge her delusions that you'll make it worse. Honey, just let me try and reason with her, ok?

Eve: No, T.C., no --

T.C.: Listen, Aunt Irma -- Aunt Irma, I think you got my wife confused with somebody else. Maybe -- maybe a real person, maybe somebody that you saw in one of your soap operas. But I know my wife, and I know that she could never do those things that you said that she did. It just can't happen.

Irma: Why? Because you don't think she's like that? She's exactly like that. And the only thing that I'm confused about is how a smart teacher like you could be dumb enough to fall for her lies all these years. But now she's telling you the truth, and so am I. Now, your wife is a slut and a whore. Now you deal with it.


Fox: How long have you been standing there?

Chad: Long enough to hear you talk to yourself as I came around the corner. Are you -- you bugging out on me, man?

Fox: Ahem! Uh -- I -- probably, a little bit, you know. It's been a -- it's been a crazy night, Chad.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah. Oh, you must be worried about Theresa, you know, what with her almost falling off the cliff, and then collapsing after she heard about Antonio, and being rushed in here. But she's going to be all right, though, right?

Fox: Yes. Yeah, she's going to be fine, but -- what? What's the matter? What?

Chad: I'm just -- I'm just worried about Whitney. You know, ever since we were at the Inn, she's been so distracted, you know, like something or someone is on her mind. Man, you've been talking to her a lot lately, you know,. be honest, bro, has she mentioned anything? I mean, is something wrong with her? Is -- well, is there another man in her life?


Whitney: Stop playing amateur shrink with me, Theresa. I'm not doing anything subconsciously or consciously with Fox. I'm mad at him because we're supposed to be friends, and he lied to me.

Theresa: So you don't hate him, Whitney. You're just -- you're mad at him?

Whitney: I'm with Chad, Theresa, and only Chad, all right? And unlike my mother, I'm a one-man woman.

Theresa: Ok, and you're sure that man is Chad?

Whitney: Yes, I am. You know what? I don't even know why I'm talking to you about this. As a matter of fact, you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to go to Chad right now and tell him exactly how much I do love him.

Theresa: Oh, Whitney. It's really obvious who you really love. I just hope you figure it out before it's too late.


Julian: You can do your worst, old man, but you listen to me. You can't make me feel any more guilty than I already do. I know what's happening to Eve is my fault. I'm the one who started her on the booze and the drugs. I even slipped her something to lower her resistance when she wasn't ready to have sex with me! I did it all!

Alistair: You were a true Crane back then.

Julian: I was an arrogant fool, and I will regret to my dying day the pain I caused the only woman I ever loved. And one day Liz will regret what she's done, as well.


T.C.: Aunt Irma, your niece is a sweet, supportive, caring woman, a fine doctor, a pillar of the community, the finest role model that our daughters could ever have.

Irma: If they want to grow up to be whores.

T.C.: Aunt Irma, we have a wonderful marriage. Our marriage is built on love and trust. We don't have any secrets from each other. Eve would never lie to me.

Irma: Oh, wake up and smell the coffee! Your whole marriage is a lie!

T.C.: Aunt Irma, you're remembering some other woman, not the Eve that I know. I mean, look at her. Does she look like the kind of woman that would take the wrong path?

Irma: I don't care what she looks like or who she's pretending to be! The real Eve ran off to sing in nightclubs and on the way became a whore, a drug addict, and the best damn liar in the world!

Liz: It's payback time, sister dear, and you will lose everything.


Sheridan: I know you!

Katherine: You do?

Sheridan: I bet you didn't think you'd be recognized, though, did you?

Katherine: I don't know what you're talking about.

Sheridan: Oh, come on! You're that couple from that "Come to Mexico" TV commercial, the adorable couple on the beach, that beautiful beach! Oh, and you're so obviously in love!

Katherine: Yeah.

Martin: Yeah, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but we're not actors.

Luis: Well, we are so sorry to bother both of you.

Martin: That's no problem.

Luis: Yeah. Sheridan?

Sheridan: Hmm?

Martin: Is something wrong?

Sheridan: I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm positive that you look so familiar..

Man: They're getting awfully chummy. Mr. Crane gave his orders. Hopefully, the crowd will panic and I can make my getaway in the confusion.


Simone: I don't mean to burst your bubble, Kay, but just because Charity's gone doesn't mean that you and Miguel are going to automatically get together, much less be married.

Kay: Can't you just be happy for me, Simone?

Simone: I'm just telling it like it is.

Kay: Well, you don't know what you're talking about. Look, if Charity hadn't come to town in the first place, Miguel and I probably would be married. That bitch came between us, but now she's gone.

Simone: You still don't get it, Kay. Charity didn't come between you and Miguel, Miguel's love for her did, and that love is never going to change. Miguel's heart will always belong to Charity.


Pilar: I know exactly how you're feeling. You want to go after Charity.

Miguel: But it just seems so selfish. I mean, how can I abandon you while you're sick? And with Kay still recovering, Maria needs me now more than ever. Besides, you know, I don't even have any idea where Charity is.

Pilar: I know. When your father disappeared all those years ago, I desperately wanted to go look for him, to the end of the world if I had to, but how could I? I had a family to take care of. And just like you, I had no idea where he was.

Miguel: What should I do, mama?

Pilar: Follow your heart. Go. Find Charity no matter what it takes and bring her home. Otherwise, you'll regret it the rest of your life.


Man: Damn! Enjoy the reprieve. It won't last long. [Just as the killer targets Sheridan, Luis, Katherine, and Martin, the police (Federales) come into the airport.]

Sheridan: I'm sorry. I just can't get over how familiar you look.

Katherine: I hear that a lot.

Sheridan: Oh.

Luis: You know, actually while I was doing police investigations, I learned that some people can actually make you feel like you've actually met them before. Most often, it's attractive, personable people who have a familiar vibe, which I'm sure is what's going on here.

Sheridan: Yeah, yeah. Probably.

Luis: Well, we're sorry to have bothered you.

Martin: No.

Katherine: Oh, not at all. Are you here in Mexico on police business?

Luis: No, no. My younger sister's living here with our aunt, and, well, we've come to bring her back home.

Sheridan: Yeah.

Katherine: Oh.

Luis: Oh -- forgive me. We haven't introduced ourselves. I'm Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, and this is Sheridan Crane Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Katherine: Oh, you're married?

Luis: Not yet.

Sheridan: I was married to Luis' late brother. It's a long story.

Martin: Bob and Ellen Wheeler.

Luis: Oh, it's nice --

Sheridan: Hello.

Luis: It's nice to meet you.

Katherine: Yes, you, too.

Luis: You know what? Actually, maybe you can help us. Is there a car rental agency at this airport, because we've got to get to Puerto Arena.

Martin: Well, this isn't exactly a full-service airport, but there's this little local car rental office. It's just around the corner.

Luis: Ok. Thanks.

Katherine: You're welcome.

Luis: Well, hey, have a safe flight.

Martin: Yeah.

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: Bye.

Katherine: Good luck.


Sheridan: Luis, it's odd. I felt such a connection to the Wheelers.

Luis: So did I.

Sheridan: What do you think it means?

Luis: Ah, you know, it's nothing. It's just like I said before. Some people just give off a familiar vibe.

Sheridan: I'm not so sure, Luis. There was something about Mrs. Wheeler's eyes.


Julian: Oh, I can't stand that Eve is going through this.

Alistair: Empathy is for weaklings.

[Phone rings]

Alistair: Yes?

Man: The four of them were just talking.

Alistair: Did Sheridan recognize her mother? Did Luis recognize Martin?

Julian: What about Sheridan?

Alistair: Enjoy the rest of the floorshow, Julian. I'm leaving. But don't worry. I'll make sure T.C. Russell is punished to the fullest extent of the law after he kills you.

Julian: Who was that on the phone? What are you up to? [Alistair dashes off.]

Julian: My poor Eve.


Liz: The more T.C. defends you, the more he'll hate you once he's finally forced to accept the truth.

Eve: Don't keep doing this, T.C.

Irma: Your wife is a manipulative liar.

T.C.: She is nothing of the kind.

Irma: "And the serpent was more subtle than any beast in the field." Genesis, 3:1.

T.C.: She is a wonderful wife and mother.

Irma: She's a whore and a slut!

T.C.: A caring doctor!

Irma: A drug addict!

T.C.: A pillar of the community!

Irma: The devil!

T.C.: A saint!

Eve: Enough! It's true! It's true, T.C.! Everything that Aunt Irma's saying is true! You have to stop defending me! You have to believe me. You have to accept it. It's true!

Liz: Yes!


Alistair: Well, did Sheridan and Luis recognize their parents?

Man: No. I thought about taking them out anyway, but before I could pull the trigger, a couple of Federales strolled by.

Alistair: Stay close to them and keep me updated. Sheridan and Luis could still realize who the Wheelers really are.

Man: I don't think that's going to happen, boss. Martin's leaving Mexico. He's on the next plane to Harmony.

Alistair: Is he? Then that'll be the last flight he ever takes. If Martin Fitzgerald returns to Harmony, he'll die even sooner than I had planned.


Katherine: Oh, she's even more beautiful than her pictures.

Martin: And Luis has grown into such a fine young man, so handsome and confident. Huh?

Katherine: Seeing them, talking to them -- it's like a dream, Martin.

Luis: Mr. And Mrs. Wheeler --

Martin: Luis, Sheridan. Is something wrong?

Luis: There were no cars available.

Sheridan: I guess we should have booked one in advance.

Luis: Yeah. I hate to disturb you guys again, but do you have any suggestions?

Martin: Well, there's a driver in Puerto Arena. If you call him, he'll come get you, but it might take a while. I think I have his card.

P.A. Announcer: Aero sombrero flight 2302 to Harmony is now boarding at gate three.

Katherine: That's you.

Martin: I know.

Luis: Wait a minute. You're going to Harmony? Wow, what a coincidence. That's where we just came from.

Sheridan: Do you have friends there?

Martin: Uh -- no. No one there would -- would know me. Here you go.

Luis: Oh, great.

Martin: Good luck.

Luis: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Sheridan: Thank you. [Luis and Sheridan drift off to find a phone.]

Martin: My pleasure.

Katherine: Bye.

Martin: Sweetheart, I'll call you when I get to Harmony, ok?

Katherine: Martin, Martin, please don't go. Alistair is going to be waiting for you.

Martin: I'm not afraid of Alistair.

Katherine: I know you're not, but our children are here. If you stay, we could spend time with them. We could get to know them.

Martin: No, that's too dangerous. Eventually, they could realize who we are. I mean, Sheridan already thinks that she knows you from somewhere, and I saw that same look in Luis' eyes when we shook hands. I have to go.

Katherine: But what if Alistair sent someone down here to hurt them? You said yourself that Alistair would do anything to destroy our children. That's why you're going to Harmony -- to stop him. But now Luis and Sheridan are here. So shouldn't you stay here to protect them?

P.A. Announcer: Final call for sombrero flight 2302.


T.C.: All right, honey. You can drop the act now.

Eve: It's not an act.

T.C.: Sweetheart, I know that you're worried about your Aunt Irma's mental state, but trust me, she is not a fragile flower.

Eve: This isn't about Aunt Irma. This is about you. It's time that you knew the truth, T.C. I can't live with these secrets and lies anymore. I can't spend every day of my life worried about you finding out about my past, about all my horrible secrets coming out. My blood pressure's through the roof. I have ulcers and I get headaches, and my back is just one giant knot. I can't live like this anymore, T.C. I want it to end, all of it. I want it to end.

T.C.: Eve, I -- I don't know what's going on here, ok? What your Aunt Irma's saying can't be true. I mean, it's outrageous. She's either senile or crazy.

Irma: Who are you calling crazy?

Eve: Aunt Irma's not crazy. What she's saying is true -- the nightclubs and the alcohol and the men.

T.C.: No, stop it! Stop it!

Eve: I lied to you, T.C., and I am so sorry. If you only knew how many times I wanted to tell you the truth, but the lies had gone on for so long there was just no way. I'm sorry, T.C. I never meant to hurt you. But I can't take it anymore. It has to end. You have to know the truth and you have to accept it.

T.C.: Eve, it's true? Who are you?  What are you?  Ugh! You lied to me all these years, Eve!

Liz: Finally.

T.C.: You lied to me!


Kay: No, Simone, you're wrong, ok? Miguel will forget about Charity in time. I'll make him forget her.

[Knock on door]

Kay: Hey. I'm so glad to see you. Hey, I heard your mom is conscious now. Gosh, that's such great news. Miguel, , what is it?

Miguel: Kay, there's something I have to tell you.


Fox: No. No, Whitney hasn't mentioned anything to me about another guy.

Chad: Look, man, I don't mean to be paranoid. You know, I mean, you know how much I love her. But she's just been so -- so distracted.

Fox: Hmm.

Chad: My gut's telling me something's going on.

Whitney: Nothing's wrong.

Chad: Hey.

Whitney: Hey, you. Baby, you're the only man in my life. You understand that?

Chad: Yeah. Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to hear what was going on, but --

Whitney: No, no, no, it's ok. It's all right. I mean, it's true, I have been distracted, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the way I feel about you. You know, I love you and only you. I'm -- yeah, I'm just worried about Theresa all the time, you know?

Chad: Oh, baby, I'm sorry. I should have known. Look, I'm going to get us some coffee. You guys want some?

Fox: Love some.

Whitney: Why don't I go with you?

Chad: No, no, no, no. You hang out here with Fox, all right? I'll bring it back.

Whitney: Ok, well, don't be long.

Chad: Ok.  [Whitney kisses Chad passionately.]

Fox: Just going to get a little coffee, not off to war.

Whitney: Mm-hmm. I kiss him like that because he's the man that I love.

Fox: And you know what? I heard you the first two times. So why are you so desperate to prove it to me? What's going on?


Martin: You're right. We should protect Luis and Sheridan. I'll stay.

Katherine: Thank you, Martin.

Martin: Come on. Let's go get our children.

Katherine: Great.

Martin: Grab your bag.

Katherine: Luis, Sheridan?

Martin: You know, you're going to wait hours for that driver. We'll give you a ride.

Luis: What about your flight to Harmony?

Martin: No, it was a business meeting. I just got a call that the deal fell through.

Katherine: And do you have a place to stay? We live in a lovely inn called Casa Encantada.

Luis: What -- my aunt owns that.

Katherine: Ok.

Martin: Wait a minute. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald? Are you Paloma's brother?

Luis: Well -- that's who we're bringing back to Harmony!

Katherine: Oh, well, you know, we're like godparents to Paloma.

Luis: Oh, my god!

Sheridan: I can't believe this!

Luis: Well, I haven't seen Paloma in so long. What's she like? What about tia Maria?

Martin: No, you know what? There will be plenty of questions on the drive. Let's go get to the car.

Man: Enjoy the family reunion while you can, mi amigos, because Alistair Crane wants you all dead. What Alistair wants, Alistair gets.


T.C.: How in the hell can you do this to me? How can you lie to me after all these years?

Irma: Because I told you -- she's a lying, drug-addicted whore!

T.C.: Our whole marriage has been a sham?

Eve: No. No, it hasn't, T.C. I love you. I love our daughters. You have to believe that.

T.C.: I don't know what to believe anymore, Eve! I feel like I'm free-falling and I don't have a damn parachute to save my life! Is everything she said true?

Eve: It was in the past. It was before I even knew you!

T.C.: Damn it, it's all lies. All of this has been lies!

Eve: Please, please, we need to talk about this.

T.C.: No, we don't need to talk about nothing, ok? I need to be alone.

Eve: No, T.C. --

T.C.: Get the hell away from me, all right? Ugh!

Liz: You lost him, e\Eve. I finally have my revenge for what you did to me.

Eve: Go to hell!

[T.C. goes into the kitchen and in a fit of temper begins to destroy everything in the kitchen. Crash]

T.C.: Damn you, Eve! Damn you!

Liz: Do you hear that? Those aren't plates shattering. It's your life.

Eve: No! No! No!

Irma: Whore! Slut! Tramp!

Liz: You tell her, Aunt Irma. [Eve runs out of the house.]


Eve: Oh! Oh, Julian! Oh, it was awful! Oh, god, I've lost him! I've lost T.C. forever!


T.C.: She lied to me! Ugh!

T.C.: She lied to me! God! Damn you, Eve. Damn you!


Kay: You look so serious. What is it? What do you have to tell me?

Miguel: You're not going to like it, Kay.

Simone: Maybe I should leave.

Kay: No, no, stay. What aren't I going to like?

Miguel: Charity left Harmony, and I'm going after her.

Kay: What?

Miguel: Look, I love her, Kay, and I can't let her get away. So I'm leaving Harmony to find her, even if it takes the rest of my life.

Kay: No! No! I won't let you! You're not going to abandon me and our baby! Do you hear me? You're not going to leave us!


Fox: But you know we got to talk about this, right? We got to figure out how we're going to deal with what's going on between us.

Whitney: Well, I've -- I've already figured out how I'm going to handle it.

Fox: Is that right?

Whitney: Mm-hmm.

Fox: How's that, exactly?

Chad: Oh, you two look intense. What are you talking about?

Whitney: Well, I was just telling Fox that you and I are going to get married.

Fox: What?

Chad: What?


Luis: God, I can't wait to see Paloma. All right, I'm going to go get our bags, ok?

Sheridan: Ok. Oh, here. I'll get that for you.

Katherine: Oh, no, that's all right, I'm fine. [Sheridan and Katherine come face to face as both bend over to pick up the carry-on.]

Sheridan: Oh, my god. Your eyes.

Martin's inner voice: She knows.


Irma: I'm tired. They never let me stay up this late at the home.

Liz: That's all right, Aunt Irma. You go to sleep now. Your work is done -- for now. T.C. finally knows the truth about Eve, and he's so mad he might just kill her, and once he finds out about Julian's baby, he might even kill both of them.


Eve: Oh, god, I've lost my husband! And my daughters are going to hate me forever, Julian! What am I going to do?

Julian: T.C.'s in shock. He can still forgive you.

Eve: No, he won't. I saw the pain, I saw the fear in his eyes. He won't forgive me -- never!


T.C.: You liar, Eve!

Eve: Oh.

T.C.: Eve! Eve!



Miguel: I'm going to find you, Charity, and when I do, I'm never going to let you go again.

Sheridan: Your daughter?

Katherine: Yes, Sheridan. I'm your mother.

Liz: Well, isn't that Julian just outside the window?

T.C.: That bastard. I'm going to kill him!

Eve: T.C., No!

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