Passions Transcript Wednesday 7/21/04

Passions Transcript Wednesday 7/21/04

by Eric
proofread by Laurie

Luis: Just act cool, ok? Blend in. I don't want Alistair and his ghouls to know what flight to Mexico we're on, all right?

Alistair: Have you spotted them yet?

Man: Yes, sir, Mr. Crane. Lopez-Fitzgerald and your daughter just got here. They're trying to look inconspicuous, but compared to the other trash that flies this airline, they look like Rockefellers.

Alistair: Spare me the fashion report. Just keep Luis and Sheridan in your sights until you get to Mexico.

Man: I will, sir.

Alistair: And remember, my daughter and her lover are to be killed as soon as you land. I can't run the risk of Sheridan or Luis finding his father and her mother in Puerto Arena. My daughter must never know her mother is still alive and in love with Luis' father!


Martin: Katherine, you can't come back to Harmony with me. It's too dangerous.

Katherine: You can't fly home alone to confront Alistair just to have him kill you.

Martin: If you come with me, Alistair could end up killing us both.

Katherine: All right, Martin. Then I will die with you. We will die together just the way we left Harmony, together. I just hope that if we should die that first you have time to spend with Pilar and the children, and I have time to spend with Julian and Sheridan.


T.C.: Eve should have been home by now. She knew Aunt Irma was sitting here waiting up for her.

Liz: I'm sure that seeing Aunt Irma is foremost in Eve's mind.

T.C.: Liz, Aunt Irma's falling asleep again. Are you sure she's up to seeing Eve tonight?

Liz: Oh, yes, T.C. She's just conserving her strength for the big event. I think you'd be surprised at the depth of feeling Aunt Irma has for Eve.

Irma: Eve -- drunken whore, heathen harlot, having that white man's baby.

Liz's inner voice: When T.C. hears what Aunt Irma has to say about Eve and her past with Julian, my sister's perfect little life will become a living hell.


Julian: Wait. Are you sure you want to do this, to go in there and give Liz the pleasure of using your aunt to expose your past?

Eve: There's no escaping the truth any longer, Julian.

Julian: Yes, yes, there is. We can jump on the next plane for Paris. We can start our new lives together.

Eve: No. Running from my past is what got me here in the first place. No the truth is going to come out, no matter what. I owe it to T.C. to be there when it does.

Julian: Let me go inside with you. We'll tell T.C. together.

Eve: No, Julian. I've got to do this on my own. It's time my family knew the truth about us and the child that we had, and I have to take the consequences for having hidden it.

Julian: Eve, listen. I love you too much to let you face T.C. alone.


Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places; and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet; and I, would fly on the wings of the bird, I knew, could take me highest.  Breathe in, breathe out.  You keep me alive; you are the fire burning inside of me.  You are my passion for life.


Tabitha: Ha! Thank hades for night vision binoculars, Endora. Oh, I wish these came with audio. Then I'd be able to hear every bloody word that Charity and Ivy are saying to each other. Although I'm sure that Ivy isn't lecturing Charity on the evils of drinking. No, our Ms. Winthrop looks totally plastered.

Ivy: Yeah, sure. You can have one of my suitcases. If you have more to pack, take anything you need. Just not my little friend here.

Charity: Ivy, what happened? You've been drinking for a while now.

Ivy: Yeah. Yeah, time flies when you're flying high.

Charity: What happened to make you want to get drunk?

Ivy: Oh. Actually, I think it's what's going to happen.

Charity: What are you talking about?

Ivy: You know, sometimes just because you love someone, and you would do anything to be with that person doesn't mean you're going to be with that person, because other people -- they get involved and they complicate things.

Charity: Is there someone coming between you and Sam?

[Flashback to Ivy's conversation with Liz.]

Liz: Sorry, Ivy. It seems your time has come. All of Harmony's liars, cheats, and whores are going down tonight, and there is nothing that you or eve can do to stop it.

[End flashback.]

Ivy: Don't worry about me, Charity. You just -- you do yourself a favor and get out of town while you still can, because there are no happy endings in Harmony -- not for me and Sam and not for you and Miguel.


Miguel: Is that better?

Kay: Yes. Thank you.

Miguel: Good. I need to check on Maria.

Kay: No, no. No. You can't leave yet.

Miguel: Why not?

Kay: Because Tabitha's looking after Maria and she's going to think that you don't trust her with our daughter.

Miguel: No, she won't.

Kay: I need you to stay here with me, I mean, to help me take my mind off all this pain that I'm in.

Miguel: Ok, well, I'll go talk to the nurse, see if I can get you some more pain medication.

Kay: No, Miguel, just --

Miguel: I want you to be comfortable, Kay.

Kay: Ugh! Miguel can't go home before Charity leaves town or he'll try to stop her. I have to keep him here, but how? I'll pull out my stitches. No -- ugh -- I'm in enough pain already. Oh -- perfect. Hmm.


T.C.: Liz, I think we should put Aunt Irma to bed. Eve can see her in the morning.

Liz: No, no. T.C., Listen, I know you mean well, but it would be a huge disappointment if Eve came home and didn't find Aunt Irma waiting up for her.

T.C.: Liz, she is in our care, ok? We're responsible for her. I'm waking her up. Aunt Irma? Aunt Irma?

Irma: What? Is it time for "Days of our Lives"?

T.C.: No, Aunt Irma. I want to know if you want me to put you to bed.

Irma: Get your hands off me, you fresh thing. I'm not that kind of woman.

T.C.: Aunt Irma, you misunderstood. I want to know if you want Liz and me to put you to bed.

Irma: The three of us? Where do you think you are, France?

Liz: Aunt Irma, T.C. thinks that you are too tired to wait up for your niece, but I told him that you're just resting up before you see her again.

Irma: This has been the longest night of my life. First we're in there, then we're in here, then there, then here, back and forth, and back and forth. I'm getting sick of it, and I'm getting sick of you, too.

T.C.: Yeah, well, our guest room is very nice and it's very private.

Liz: No, T.C., no. Aunt Irma cannot go to bed now.

T.C.: Liz, why is this reunion so important to you?


Julian: I can't let you face T.C. alone.

Eve: You have to, Julian, for my sake.

Julian: God, you can't be serious.

Eve: No, but I am. In some bizarre way, I'm actually looking forward to the truth coming out. Oh, I've lived in fear for so long. I'm almost relieved. Think of it. After tonight, I won't have to worry about slipping up somehow, giving myself away. My family and my friends and co-workers -- we'll all finally know the real Eve Russell. The truth will set me free.


Whitney: You know, honestly, Chad, I don't think I can take this anymore. My mother and Julian are still insisting that they're not together, that they're not having an affair. Give me a break. How long can my mother keep doing this to my father, you know, keep pretending that she's in love with him when she's really in love with Julian? You know, it's not a rhetorical question, Chad. I really want to know. How long can a woman stay with a man when she's really in love with someone else? Where's Chad?

Fox: Uh -- he had to make a phone call. Studio business, I guess. I don't know.

Whitney: Oh.

Fox: So I think we might need to talk.

Whitney: No, I don't think so. I've said everything that needs to be said.

Fox: Yeah, but I didn't get to say anything, so technically, we really didn't talk.

Whitney: You know what? Can you just leave me alone, please?

Fox: I don't know why you're so mad at me. What did I do? I just told you how I felt about you.

Whitney: Can we not do this, ok? Not here and definitely not now.

Fox: Whitney, listen. I mean, if you think about it, I'm not even the one that told you I was in love with you, right? Theresa told you I was in love with you. I was talking to myself. She just overheard me. I just admitted my feelings for you when you asked me to be honest with you. That's all I did. If I had it my way, you never would have found out in the first place.

Whitney: Yeah? Well, I did.

Fox: Yeah, yeah, you did, and you've been like this ever since, so I don't know why you're treating me this way.


Martin: I love you for wanting to go back to Harmony with me, but I won't let you. It's too damn dangerous.

Katherine: Oh, why is it any safer here since Alistair tried to have us killed?

Martin: Yes, I know, but for us to go back and give him the home-court advantage, god knows what he'd do to us. Killing us quickly wouldn't suit him. No, Alistair would want to make us suffer, and I won't put you in that position.

Katherine: All right, then.

Martin: Well, all right. I'm glad that you see it my way.

Katherine: I didn't get to finish. I'm coming back to Harmony with you, Martin. I'm either going to go on the flight with you now, or I will follow you later. It's up to you.

Martin: Katherine, you have to understand something.

Katherine: Listen, you wouldn't let me fight Alistair alone back then. I'm not going to let you battle Alistair alone now. I'm coming back to Harmony with you, Martin, one way or another.


Alistair: I'll not allow Katherine and Martin to set foot back in Harmony. They're dead to me, and the lie I've perpetuated to hide the truth about their illicit love has everyone convinced that Sheridan's mother died of kidney failure and Luis' father skipped town when he was caught stealing from my company. Sheridan and Luis can never know that her mother and his father are alive and well in Puerto Arena.

Man: I understand, Mr. Crane.

Alistair: Now, my people have left a gun for you in a locker at the airport in Mexico. Use it to stop Sheridan and Luis before they have a chance to meet Katherine and Martin. The consequences of such a reunion would be my ruin.

Man: Don't worry, Mr. Crane. I'll take care of Sheridan and Luis.


Sheridan: Look, now that we know my father has tried to blow me to kingdom come three times -- first, on a boat, then on the Crane jet with Antonio, and then my own car -- we have to be extra, extra careful.

Luis: Well, that's why I changed our reservations to this flight, all right? Between booking them on such short notice and airport security, I figured there's no way that Alistair or his henchmen could rig this thing to explode.

Sheridan: I hope you're right, although Aero Sombrero looks like it cuts corners wherever it can.

Man: Hey, hey! El Capitan! Ha-ha! Gracias.

Sheridan: Are you sure this airline is safe?

Luis: Honestly, no, but neither is Harmony, ok? And this is the first flight out.

Sheridan: Maybe we could just drive north to Canada.

Luis: No, ok? We're going to Mexico to get Paloma so we can bring her back and boost mama's spirits. Hey, hey, we're going to be fine, ok? Besides, I don't think we've been followed.

Man: Next.

Luis: All right, here we go. Our tickets and boarding passes --

Man: Good.

Luis: And our passports.

Man: Passports? I knew I was forgetting to ask them passengers something. Hoo-hoo! Oh, well. Yep, it's you. Stamped.

Luis: Yeah.

Man: There you go. Fly-a con dios!

Luis: Thanks.

Sheridan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Luis, don't you think that was an odd thing to say to passengers boarding on a plane?

Luis: Relax, all right? Everything's going to be fine.

Sheridan: Look, I have a really uneasy feeling about this, and I don't mean just flying on Aero Sombrero, ok? My father was really shocked when we said we were going to Mexico. I mean, what could be in Puerto Arena that could upset him so much?

Luis: I don't know. I guess we're going to find out.


Fox: Why are you shutting me out like this?

Whitney: Chad's probably going to be back here any second.

Fox: Did I come on too strong? Did I tell you to dump Chad and be quick about it?

Whitney: No.

Fox: Try to drive a wedge between you two, the whole divide-and-conquer routine?

Whitney: No.

Fox: Did I try to plant a big, sloppy wet one on you or cop a feel? Did we have a conversation about how hot we'd be in bed together?

Whitney: No --

Fox: Well, then, what is it? I can't hear you.

Whitney: God, Fox, can you just leave me alone, please?

Fox: So what is it, Whitney? I love you, so you hate me? Is that it?

Whitney: No. No.


Kay: All right, well, that should do the trick.

Miguel: And Kay said she's in a lot of pain. She needs someone to make her more comfortable.

Nurse: Well, I'm sorry you're hurting, Ms. Bennett, but it is nowhere near time for your next pain pill. Let's change your position, see if that helps.

Miguel: Oh, my god.

Nurse: Goodness gracious. You're bleeding again.

Kay: Oh, no. Oh, gosh. Will I ever heal from how Miguel speared me?


Charity: Ivy, I really hate leaving you like this.

Ivy: Oh, no. No, no. Don't -- don't you worry about me, ok? No, you do yourself a favor and you get out of Harmony, and you find yourself some happiness somewhere else, with someone other than Miguel, because even if he says he wants to be with you, his future, it's with Kay and Maria -- the end. Don't make the same mistake I did, ok? Don't hang around here, hoping that things are going to change, because you will end up doing something you will regret, and then you're going to have to pay the price for it.

Charity: Is that what happened to you?

Ivy: Well, don't hang around and find out, ok? Just go, leave, before you end up ruining your life and -- and possibly your liver.  [Saluting her liver with a glass of vodka.]

Ivy: Oh. Well, I wonder if Liz has blown the lid off of Eve's past, because if she has, then my future with Sam -- it's bust, as well. Damn Liz. Damn her, damn her! Damn her.


T.C.: Liz, why are you so set on aunt Irma seeing Eve tonight? I mean, why can't this wait until the morning?

Liz: Because it's been such a long time coming, T.C. Come on, you talk to Eve. Didn't it sound like she was dying to see her Aunt Irma again?

T.C.: Yes, but the old girl is exhausted. She said so herself.

Liz: No, what she meant was that she was tired of waiting to see Eve. Come on, Eve is going to be home any minute now. Just let the two of them see each other when she gets home. Then if you still want me to put Aunt Irma to bed, I will.

T.C.: Liz, I'm going to give it a couple more minutes. If Eve isn't home by then, then I'm putting Aunt Irma to bed myself, all right?

Liz: Ok.

Liz's inner voice: Where are you, Eve? You have to face the music sometime -- your funeral dirge, to be exact.


Julian: Eve, wait. If you go through that door, your life will change forever. T.C. will hate you. Your daughters will never look at you the same way. My god, the revelation that we had a child together --

Eve: I know. And I'm not happy about hurting my husband and my daughters, but I have to face up to my past, Julian, once and for all. Yeah, I've been living a lie for so long, I'm not really sure who I am anymore, and I think it's about time I found out.


Martin: Ok, how about we do this. Let me go back to Harmony alone to see Pilar and grieve with her over Antonio's death. You know, if she'll let me.

Katherine: Of course she'll let you, Martin. She'll let you grieve with her. She loves you. She always has.

Martin: Pilar loves the memory of the man I used to be, not the man who left her and our children to be with you. I mean, sweetheart, I don't even look the way I used to. Even after I explain why, Pilar could very well, you know, hate me for what I've done, as could Luis, Theresa, and Miguel. My family could be so angry that Alistair will have to pick a number and wait in line to kill me. Sweetheart, I don't want you to suffer their wrath when I'm the one who turned their world upside down.

Katherine: I still don't like the idea of you going to Harmony alone, Martin.

Martin: And I don't like leaving you. But when the reason of why I've stayed away so long comes out -- I mean, the fact that I'd been with you when everyone thinks you're dead -- I mean, god knows what will happen. But it's bound to be explosive. That I guarantee.


Stewardess: Buenos noches, viajadores. Aero sombrero flight uno, dos, tres is ready for takeoff. Please buckle your seat belts, close all tray tables, and make sure your seatback is in the upright position.

Sheridan: My tray table is taped shut, Luis. And the seat belt says "Corvair." I wonder if the F.A.A. knows about this.

Stewardess: Cell phones are a no-no, ma'am. Our radar has enough problems. I mean, cell phones cause problems with our radar.

Sheridan: Right. Sorry.

Stewardess: Mm-hmm.

Luis: Come on. Look, I know Aero Sombrero leaves a lot to be desired, but, well, we've come a long way. We're still together.

Sheridan: Yeah, and we always will be.

Luis: That's right.

Sheridan: I just wish Antonio hadn't died. I still can't believe that he's gone.

Luis: Yeah, I can't, either. But at least mama's stable now after hearing the news, and you know what? I think bringing Paloma back's really going to boost her spirits.   [Luis kisses Sheridan.]

Man: Whoa!

Luis: I love you. I love you. Ok? And I will protect you no matter what. And I'll make you as happy as you deserve to be, ok?

Sheridan: Yeah. I'm happy with you, Luis. It's just, you know, what if my father, you know, comes after us again?

Luis: Well, I was thinking about that, and -- well, I think he's got to lay low, you know? There's a lot of heat on him right now. Just relax, all right? Enjoy the ride. At least we don't have to look over our shoulders anymore.


Alistair: Adios, amigos.

[Alistair laughs]

Alistair: Enjoy your trip down Mexico way. You'll be flying back in body bags.

[Alistair laughs]  Perfect.


Fox: You know something? You've been cold to me ever since I admitted that I love you.

Whitney: Shh! Please, I don't want anyone to hear you say that.

Fox: What's the matter? You don't want to rock the boat with Chad?

Whitney: No, I don't. And if you were really his friend, you wouldn't want to, either.

Fox: So what am I supposed to do? I'm supposed to stop loving you, just --

Whitney: Well, I don't know. I mean, you never should have started.

Fox: Well, how's it my fault that I started? It's not my fault that you're perfect. You're beautiful. You're the most amazing woman that I've ever laid eyes on. I can't help loving you.

Whitney: Please, Fox, stop doing this to me, ok? Please just stop. Theresa's having problems with her baby, you know. Her mother's not doing well. She just found out her brother was dead. My mother and your father are still doing whatever it is that they're doing, and I can't handle any more drama in my life right now, ok? I can't.

Fox's inner voice: Father warned me that Whitney's about to be hit hard with news about her mom's past -- whatever that is. I better give this a rest for now.

Fox: Look, the last thing I want to do is upset you, so I'll back off.

Whitney: Thank you very much.

Fox: But if that's not good enough, then I'll pack my bags and I'll leave Harmony tonight. You'll never see me again.

Whitney: And you would do that?

Fox: Well, I'd like t to remain friends, but, you know, if that's too much to ask for you, then I'm out of here, yeah. Ok.

Whitney: Wait, no! Fox, don't go.


Miguel: Is her bleeding serious?

Nurse: Ms. Bennett must have put too much stress on her stitches trying to get comfortable. A fresh bandage should take care of any more bleeding. If you'll excuse us while we bandage your friend --

Miguel: Yeah.

Kay: No, it's ok, nurse. Miguel can stay. Miguel! Miguel! Oh.


Tabitha: Oh, thank hades Charity's finally gone upstairs to finish packing.

Charity: It's hard to believe I'm really leaving Harmony and Miguel.

Charity: I will miss you so much.


T.C.: Time is up. I'm taking Aunt Irma upstairs and go to bed right now.

Liz: No. T.C., Please just give eve a few more minutes.

T.C.: The old girl is exhausted, Liz, and I am, too. We should all go to bed.

Liz: I'm positive that she --

T.C.: No. I am going upstairs, I'm going to turn down the sheets and make sure she has clean towels.

Liz: Damn it! Where is Eve?

Irma: Slut, tramp, whore.


Julian: Listen to me. You can't give Liz the satisfaction.

Eve: This isn't about Liz anymore. I'm doing this for T.C. Don't you think he deserves the satisfaction of cutting me out of his life face-to-face?

Julian: If you're really going through with this, are you sure that you don't want me with you?

Eve: Yes. I'm sure. But thank you for always being my rock.

Julian: I love you, Eve.

Eve: I love you, too.

Julian: I'll be right here.

Julian: God help you, Eve. God help you.


Liz: Aunt Irma. Aunt Irma, wake up. We've got company.

Irma: Company? Who?

Liz: Your niece Eve is back.

Irma: Eve? You hussy, you tramp, you filthy whore.


Luis: Hey, and god knows this is a long way from being perfect, but at least we're together. This time it's for keeps, ok?

Sheridan: I love you. I always will.

Luis: Always.

Stewardess: Buenos noches. Here's your complimentary sangria.

Luis: Thank you.

Stewardess: Refills are two bucks each.

Sheridan: Thank you. Never had wine in a paper cup before.

Stewardess: Oh, we're out of styrofoam.

Sheridan: Ah. That explains it.

Luis: How long before we land in Puerto Arena?

Stewardess: Well, the pilot is guessing a couple of hours.

Sheridan: Guessing?

Stewardess: Did I say "guessing"? I mean estimates. When you fly a plane, you have to take into account wind and weather conditions, how dark it gets at night -- things like that.

Sheridan: Right. I know. I'm a registered pilot.

Stewardess: Oh. More sangria?

Sheridan: Not yet.

Luis: I'm fine. Thanks. How about that, huh? We're landing in Mexico some time in the near future. Don't worry. We're going to be safe there, ok?


Katherine: Oh, you're right. The shock both of us going back to Harmony together would cause is -- it's just more than our families could bear. So, I will let you go back to Harmony alone, but only if I can follow soon.

Martin: Deal.

Katherine: But there's a catch.

Martin: Of course.

Katherine: And that is that I get to take you to the airport.

Martin: Hmm. Well, since I can't resist spending every minute I can with you, I accept your terms.

Katherine: Oh. What airline are you going on?

Martin: I don't know. Some cheap discount carrier -- Aero Sombrero. You know, there's a flight in from Harmony tonight, and I'm going to catch the return flight home.

Katherine: Home -- back to our families and Alistair.


Alistair: Driver, take me to the Crane estate. What could have been a crisis has instead become a coup. Not only will I have Sheridan and Luis eliminated tonight, Katherine and Martin will die, as well.

[Alistair laughs]

Alistair: Murder for hire at a group rate.


Nurse: I'll go get you a clean gown.

Kay: Thanks. And while you're at it, can you tell Miguel that it's ok for him to come back in here?

Nurse: Of course.

Kay: Well, things are going just the way I wanted. Charity is finally leaving town, which means that I can finally have Miguel all to myself.

Nurse: I'm sorry, Ms. Bennett, but Miguel told the duty nurse he was going home to check on your daughter.

Kay: What?

Nurse: Don't be upset. He said to tell you he'd call later.

Kay: Damn it! If Miguel sees Charity, they're going to get back together. Oh, I've got to stop him right -- uh -- oh! Oh, ooh. Oh, Tabitha, help me.  [Calling Tabitha on the phone.]


Tabitha: My! Ivy's getting blitzed. I wonder why. Maybe Sam's asked her to make a tomato soup cake.

[Phone rings]

Tabitha: Lennox residence.

Kay: Tabitha, it's me. Hey, I need to know if Charity's left town yet.

Tabitha: Oh, not yet, but she's upstairs at chez Bennett, packing the last of her things. Why?

Kay: Because Miguel is on his way home to check on Maria.

Tabitha: Oh, my devil, no.

Kay: You have got to make sure that he does not see Charity before she leaves, otherwise he's going to talk her into staying.

Tabitha: Well, how am I supposed to do that?

Kay: You're a witch. Think of something.

Tabitha: But, it's not -- I'll -- I'll call you back later, dear. Miguel, I thought you were at the hospital with our poor Kay.

Miguel: I was, but you've been watching Maria all day. I came to give you a break.

Tabitha: Oh, well, there's no need. She's fast asleep upstairs.

Miguel: Well, in that case, I'm going to go over to Charity's and make sure she hasn't changed her mind about leaving Harmony.

Tabitha: Oh! Oh, no, Miguel -- you -- you can't see Charity right now.


Charity: Goodbye, Miguel. I'll miss you so much.


Fox: So you don't want me to leave Harmony?

Whitney: Well, no, I mean -- you know, yeah, whatever.

Fox: Huh. No, yeah, whatever -- which is it?

Whitney: You know, why don't we just do what you were saying before. Why don't we just stay friends. I mean, I don't even know what I would do without you in my life, so --

Fox: As a friend.

Whitney: I'm with Chad. He loves me.

Fox: Yeah. You love him.

Whitney: Well, isn't it obvious?

Fox: It's plainly obvious.

Whitney: Well, what do you mean by that?

Fox: Well, see, I had this conversation with my father earlier, up on the roof. This is after you stormed off.

Whitney: Mm-hmm.

Fox: And I kind of thought he was talking crazy at first, but then I came down here, and I'm talking to you, and I think maybe he's got a point. I think you have feelings for me.

Whitney: I'm sorry. What?

Fox: Are you in love with me?


Irma: You slut. You bed-hopping, pill-popping whore.

T.C.: What's going on here?

Julian: Oh, dear god, it's the beginning of the end for Eve.

Irma: How dare you pretend to be upstanding after all the years of being paid to lie flat on your back?

T.C.: Eve, why is this woman saying all these horrible things about you?

Irma: Because your wife is nothing but a cheating, lying whore, that's why.



Luis: Look, you don't have to worry, ok? Not about your father else. Nothing is going to hurt you again.

Man's inner voice: Your father's got plans for you in Mexico, lady -- funeral plans.

Whitney: I guess I should have expected a Crane man would take a woman by force.

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