Passions Transcript Tuesday 7/13/04

Passions Transcript Tuesday 7/13/04

by Eric

Miguel: Kay? Kay? Hey.

Kay: What happened?

Miguel: You fainted after you saw you were bleeding.

Kay: Oh, my god, I must have broken my stitches.

Miguel: I'll call the nurse.

Kay: No, I'll call the nurse. I have to learn to do things myself anyway now that you're going to run off with charity and leave me and our baby to fend for ourselves.

Miguel: Kay, that's not true, all right? Just don't upset yourself. I'm going to go get help.

Kay: Please, god, n'n't let me bleed to death. If tabitha can just convince charity to leave town for good, I'll have miguel all to myself.

Charity: Stop it! I don't want to see any more! All the suffering I've caused the people that I care about. I promise I'll leave! Just stop it!

Tabitha: You better mean it this time, charity.

Charity: I do!

Tabitha: You've brought so much pain to this town, especially to kay, keeping miguel from his child, making him forget his responsibilities for your own selfish needs. You have to leave harmony forever.

Charity: I will! I'll leave, I promise. I'll leave forever!

Eve: I wish I could know what was going on at my house.

Julian: Well, you know, you said pilar is stable.

Eve: I know, but she could have another seizure, and, oh, I can't leave her yet. Oh, god, I can't believe that liz found aunt irma at the home and brought her to our house.

Julian: She knows everything about your past, about our relationship together.

Eve: Mm-hmm, all about that life that I led, all about the drugs and the drinking. Oh, god, when she starts talking and T.C. Hears about what kind of person I used to be --

julian: Well, maybe she hasn't said anything yet. Maybe she's waiting for you to get home.

Eve: Oh. Liz has been waiting for an opportunity to destroy my life for so long, I can't imagine her wasting one single minute.

Julian: Well, if she told T.C. Already, don't you think he'd been here by now?

Eve: Oh, god, julian, I hope not. I'm sure he'd try to kill you as soon as he sees you.

Irma: There she is, the slut, the whore!

T.C.: Damn it, eve. How could you do this to me?

Whitney: Hmm. Oh, chad, I love you so much.

Fox: Chad? Whitney, I'm not chad.

Whitney: Fox?

Fox: Of course it's me, whitney. Come on, you know I'm the one you really love.

Whitney: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Hey.

Chad: What's wrong? You all right?

Whitney: Oh, I -- I had a dream, that's all.

Chad: It must have been a bad one. What were you dreaming about?

Whitney: Hmm.

Sheridan: Luis, you blame me for antonio's death, don't you?

Luis: No --

sheridan: You do.

Luis: No, sheridan, I don'T.

Sheridan: You do. Antonio is dead because of me, and I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

Luis: Sheridan, please. I don't blame you for antonio's death, ok? Honey, I was just trying to explain to you why I think you're having nightmares again.

Sheridan: You really think it's just because I blame myself for antonio's death?

Luis: Yeah, exactly, just the same way you had nightmares before when you were blaming yourself for your mother's death.

Sheridan: Yeah, my father alalways told me that it was my fault, she died because of me.

Luis: Well, that's a lie. You know, sheridan, it just goes to show you how sick your father is to put that guilt on you. Honey, your mother was sick for a long time. I mean, it's not your fault that she died.

Sheridan: That's what eve said when she hypnotized me, to try and help me to stop suffering from those nightmares.

Luis: That's right. And the only reason that you're having those nightmares again is because you blame yourself for antonio's death, but that is not your fault, either, ok? It's your father'S. Now, he's the one that blew up that damn jet. Now, he's the one who's caused my family pain for years, not to mention the fact that I know he's responsible for my father's disappearance.

[Young sheridan screams]

Sheridan: I just pray that these -- these dreams are nightmares and not memories.

Katherine: It's hard to imagine one night changing our lives so drastically.

Martin: But it did, katherine, that night we were forced to leave harmony forever.

Katherine: Yes, and we were forced to change how we look so alistair would never find us again.

Martin: Yeah, and after all those years, when he finally found us, when his assassin failed to kill us, he went after my son. He murdered antonio because of me. Pilar and my family have suffered because of me.

Katherine: Oh, martin, you have got to stop blaming yourself for alistair's actions. He's evil!

Martin: Yeah, there's no doubt. But I only wish that I had killed him that night when I had the chance. Damn you, crane. Now, you get what you deserve.

Katherine: Martin, martin, don't do it! You're the only that will suffer.

Martin: I'd gladly go to prison if I could rid the world of this scum!

Alistair: You can't do it, martin, because you're a loser. In this world, you have to be willing to take a human life if you want to succeed. That's why I'm a success, why you and your miserable family will always work for me. You don't have the guts to succeed.

Martin: Damn you to hell!

Katherine: Oh! Oh, don't hurt him! Oh, alistair, you killed him!

[Alistair laughs]

Alistair: That's right, my love, I've killed him. It's all over for you, martin fitzgerald.

Martin: You know, I should have killed him that night. Why the hell didn't I pull that trigger?

Katherine: Because alistair is right. You don't have it in you to commit cold-blooded murder.

Martin: Yeah, maybe not then. But now, after what he's done to my family, my son, and your daughter, I can, and I will. I swear it.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

charity: Enough! Please make it stop!

Tabitha: Thank you, my little endora, for giving my powers that boost before I came over here.

Charity: What happened? Where did they go?

Tabitha: Where did who go?

Charity: Not "who." The images. Tabitha, I saw all the horrible things that have happened since I moved here. I know that you saw them.

Tabitha: No, no, I'm sorry, charity, but I didn'T.

Charity: But you were -- you were here and you were telling me that I had to leave harmony, that I was to blame for all the horrible things that have happened here.

Tabitha: Well, yes, yes, we were talking about all the terrible things that have happened since you came here, but I haven't seen any images.

Charity: Tabitha, you didn't see them?

Tabitha: Charity, maybe it's your guilty conscience making you see all these horrible visions.

Charity: I -- I don't know.

Tabitha: I think you do know. I think your guilty feelings are telling you that you should go. And you should go. You should leave harmony and never come back.

Kay: Oh, miguel, where are you? I need help.

Miguel: See? She's bleeding right through her bandages.

Nurse: Let me have a look.

Kay: I don't know why you bothered to come back, miguel. You're just going to leave me and maria anyway, so why don't you just go?

Miguel: I'm not going to abandon you, kay, I swear.

Kay: Yes, you will. All you care about is charity. It's all you've ever cared about, more than your own daughter.

Miguel: That's not true. Look, I love maria and I --

nurse: Can we put this argument on hold? We've got to stop the bleeding or this girl's in trouble.

Kay: Oh, my god. Am I going to be all right?

Eve: Oh, T.C. I'm so sorry.

T.C.: Is this true, eve? Is what aunt irma said true? Were you julian's whore? Were you a drug addict? Have you been lying to me all these years?

Eve: T.C., I can explain everything.

T.C.: That's exactly what liz said you would say. She said you would try to explain. Well, damn it, eve. I am leaving you.

Eve: No! Please!

T.C.: I don't ever want to see you again, and stay away from my daughters.

[Eve gasps]

Liz: I told you I'd have my revenge, and now I have it! You never should have abandoned me, eve. You never should have left me, your little sister, to be abused by my father!

Eve: I had no way of knowing!

C.C.: I forgot something.

[Liz laughs]

Eve: Oh.

Irma: Whore! Slut! Drug addict!

Liz: Whore!

T.C.: Slut!

Eve: Oh, my god. Oh, when T.C. Finds out the truth about my past, I am going to lose everything.

Katherine: Who could ever have imagined that your son and my daughter would fall in love? If only they could be as happy as we've been.

Martin: Yeah, well, they won't be if alistair has any say in it. When he called us to gloat over antonio's death, he vowed to destroy them -- another reason why I should have taken out that old bastard that night. Our children would be safe now.

Katherine: Yes. But you could never have taken his life, martin. You have a conscience -- something that alistair will never, ever possess.

Alistair: Cover him. I can't have the servants seeing this.

Man: Are you just going to leave him here?

Alistair: Of course not, you fool. I've ordered a coffin. It'll be delivered by the back entrance. As soon as it arrives, put the body into it and then get it out of here. I don't care where you take it. Just get rid of it.

Sheridan: Why is it so dark in here? Father? Are you in here? Ah --

[Sheridan screams]

Sheridan: Oh, god. Luis, it happened. It really happened.

chad: Baby, you're shaking. What were you dreaming about?

Whitney: I don't know. I mean, I don't remember.

Chad: Well, it must have been bad. You ok?

Whitney: Oh, no, no, I'm fine. Come here. I always feel so safe in your arms, baby.

Chad: And you always will be. You know, I feel bad for fox.

Whitney: Fox? What made you think about fox?

Chad: You know, I'm just guilty, that's all. You know, I've got the most beautiful woman in the world in my arms and we're happy and in love, and then there's fox, in love with this mystery woman who doesn't love him. I just feel bad for fox, that's all.

Whitney: Oh.

Chad: I wonder who she is. I wonder who fox is in love with.

Theresa's voice: At least everything's out in the open for you guys, because whitney knows.

Fox: Excuse me? What are you talking about?

Theresa: I told her. I told her that you love her.

Fox: You -- theresa, please tell me that you're messing with me.

Theresa: No, no. Listen, she had a right to know.

Fox: I love you, whitney. But I'll never be with you. Never. Well, at least my father has hopes of being with your mother someday. I know they had to spend a lot of time apart because my father refused to stand up to alistair, but once your mother's secrets are exposed, your dad's going to leave her, and then my father will be free to be with the woman he loves. At least one of us will be happy.

Eve: Well, that was silly.

Julian: What?

Eve: Worrying about people seeing us together. And once T.C. Finds out the truth about my past, everyone's going to know. I'll lose my medical license. Probably lose my job.

Julian: I won't let that happen.

Eve: It doesn't matter. Even if I stay, I'll have lost the respect of everyone here. Oh, god, I'm going to lose my family. I don't know how I'm going to bear it.

Julian: You know, maybe there's a chance that T.C. Will -- will be understanding. He loves you, doesn't he?

Eve: He loves what he thinks I am, but not what I was in the past. I've done so many terrible things.

Luis: Sheridan, it never happened, ok? You couldn't have killed my father.

Sheridan: But my memories -- these nightmares -- they just keep getting stronger and stronger.

Sheridan: God, luis, please. Make them stop. Please make them stop!

Luis: Shh.

singer: You are my passion for life

whitney: Fox? What's fox doing out there?

Theresa: It's you, whitney. Fox's mystery woman? That's the big secret. Fox loves you. You, whitney.

Whitney: I have to find out if it's true. I have to talk to fox myself.

Nurse: What have you been doing to rip all your stitches?

Kay: I don't know. But I'll be all right, won't I?

Nurse: You should be fine. I gave you something to clot the blood. Can you give us a few minutes so I can repair the stitches and change the sheets?

Miguel: Yeah. I'm going to see how my mother's doing, kay.

Kay: Yeah, do that. It's not like you want to be here anyway.

Miguel: Ok, kay --

kay's voice: Tabitha, please, get rid of charity.

Charity: You're right, tabitha. I have to leave. I've brought nothing but pain to everyone I love since I came here.

Tabitha: That's true, I'm afraid.

Charity: I don't know how I'm going to bear saying goodbye to miguel. I have to, so I guess I'll just go to the hospital and I'll tell him.

Tabitha: No, no. You can't see miguel. He'll talk you into staying.

Charity: Well, I can't leave without saying goodbye.

Tabitha: Well, I'll say goodbye for you.

Charity: No. That wouldn't be right.

Tabitha: Well, then, write him a letter, and I'll give it to him.

Charity: I want to see him one last time, so I'll write the letter, but I'm going to give it to him myself.

Tabitha: That's a very bad idea, charity.

Charity: Well, I don't care, because that's what I want to do.

Tabitha: All right, you've made your mind up. Then write your letter and I'll drive you to the hospital.

Charity: Thank you.

Tabitha: I cannot let blondie see miguel at the hospital. I have to stop her, but how? I'll think of something.

Tabitha: Come on, you can write the letter in the car.

Charity: Tabitha, what are you doing?

Tabitha: Come on!

Charity: Tabitha --

tabitha: The sooner you get out of harmony, the better it will be everybody.

Eve: I just can't stand not knowing what's going on at home. And what is liz waiting for? And if aunt irma's talked --

[Phone rings]

Eve: Dr. Russell.

T.C.: Eve, I know you can't talk long on your cell phone, but I just had a long conversation with liz about your aunt irma, and you and I need to talk now.

Eve: Oh.

Luis: Sheridan, come on. These aren't memories, ok? They're nightmares.

Sheridan: But they seem so real, and I just keep having the same nightmare over and over and --

sheridan: I didn't mean it. I didn't mean to do it.

Alistair: Yes, you did!

Sheridan: No! No! I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

Alistair: Listen to me, sheridan. No one must ever know about what happened here, about what you've done -- never -- no one!

Sheridan: Oh, god, luis, make it stop. Please get these things out of my head!

It's been a week since tamra keepness disappeared in regina. In that time, the worries of one mother have become the concerns of all parents here. Lauren mcnab reports from regina. On tonight's "global national".|


Kay: What are you doing here, charity?

Tabitha: Charity's decided to leave harmony.

Kay: I'll believe it when I see the back of you for the last time.

Tabitha: Oh, she's quite serious, kay. She's written a goodbye letter to miguel.

Charity: Yeah. It's true. Where is he?

Kay: Oh, please. You don't think I know what you're doing?

Ararity: What?

Kay: You say you've written this so-called goodbye letter, but really you're just here so you can get him to talk you into staying again.

Charity: No. I'm not going to let him.

Kay: Oh, yes, you will, and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of you trying to take miguel away from his daughter and his responsibilities. I mean, how selfish can you be? When are you going to stop trying to come between miguel and his innocent little girl?

Tabitha's voice: Way to go, kay.

Eve: T.C., I know what you're going to say.

T.C.: You were worried about what liz said.

Eve: Yes, because I'm sure that what she said to you was very upsetting.

T.C.: Well, I think she's handled it pretty well.

Eve: What?

T.C.: Antonio's death. Honey, I was really worried about her, I mean, because she was so close to antonio. But I think she took it pretty well. I mean, after the shock of finding out everything, she was pretty calm. She's a strong woman.

Eve: Uh -- yes. Yes, I -- she is.

T.C.: Hey, honey, did you know all along that liz's surprise guest was your aunt irma?

Eve: Yes.

T.C.: I can't believe that she went through all that trouble to find your aunt irma.

Eve: No. Neither can I.

T.C.: And you thought that she was dead. Now, you must be thrilled that she's alive.

Eve: You have no idea. Did you talk to her?

T.C.: Briefly. Your aunt irma's kind of strange. Downright rude, if you ask me.

Eve: Yeah, she seems like quite a character.

T.C.: Hold on, I'll let you talk to her.

Irma: Whore, drug addict, slut, sinner, floozy.

T.C.: Whoa! She is a strange bird, sweetheart. She is sitting in her chair talking to one of your pictures. Now, I know she can't wait to talk to you when you get home.

Luis: Look, sheridan, why don't you lie down, ok, and just try and rest, please?

Sheridan: No. No.

Luis: You know, once you told me that your mother used to rub your back and sing to you to try and help you sleep?

Sheridan: Yeah.

Luis: Well, I'm not much of a singer, but I could -- I could rub your back. Maybe hum?

Sheridan: Humming would be fine, but I don't think I can go back to sleep.

Luis: Will you just try?

Sheridan: All right.

Katherine: Cross my heart I'll never leave my love is real not make-believe oh, pretty baby don't you weep close your eyes now go to sleep I remember putting sheridan to sleep that night, rubbing her back, singing her a little song. How that child could ever sleep again I have no idea.

Sheranan: Mommy, I didn't mean to! I didn't mean to!

Katherine: Oh, honey! Oh, baby! Ok --

[Katherine gasps]

Katherine: Oh, my god. Oh, god! What have you done to our daughter?

Alistair: It's not what I've done, katherine. It's what sheridan's done, the wicked girl.

Katherine: Oh -- come on, honey. Come with mommy.

Sheridan: Mommy, I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to do it.

Katherine: Honey, you didn't do anything wrong. You just had a very bad dream. You know, we all have bad dreams sometimes. And now you're all in a fresh nightie, and it's time to go to sleep. You want your special bear? Ok, sweetheart. Do you want to hear mama's song? Ok. Close your eyes. I'll rub your back.

Little princess child of mine mama's here right by your side angels are watching keeping you safe everything is fine damn alistair for he did to my daughter! Coe>2 u

Luis: It's not your fault that your mother died, sheridan. You got to stop blaming yourself.

Katherine: If only I could have been there for my daughter after that horrible trauma. I feel I could have saved her so much heartache.

Martin: I know. I feel the same way about my own children. Alistair caused them so much pain. That bastard brought so much evil into their lives.

Katherine: What did you do to our daughter, alistair?

Alistair: It's your doing, katherine.

Katherine: Me?

Alistair: You betrayed me!

Katherine: You would take your anger at me out on your own daughter? That's sick! You're sick!

Alistair: Cross me again and I'll do worse. Don't you want to know what happened to your knight in shining armor?

Katherine: I know what you did to him, you bastard! You murdered him! You are a monster.

Alistair: You didn't think I was a monster when I put that big rock on your finger, or maybe you did and you didn't care.

Katherine: Martin did what he thought was the right thing to do. He couldn't stand seeing the way you treated me! You didn't have to kill him, alistair!

Alistair: Were you two lovers, you whore?

Katherine: Of course not! I wouldn't do that to you! Even though I know that you don't feel the same loyalty to me. I know all about the women!

Alistair: Well, take a look at what happens to any man who dares to dally with my darling wife.

Katherine: This poor man did nothing but try and help me. Oh, my god!

Alistair: What is it?

Katherine: He's breathing! He's alive! Oh -- alistair, you were going to bury him alive! You are an evil, evil man!

Martin: You saved me, katherine. It could have been so much worse. So much worse.

Charity: You're wrong. I don't want miguel to talk me into staying. I just -- I just want to say goodbye one last time.

Kay: Right. Well, if you're really serious about leaving, then you would just go.

Tabitha: Yes. I mean, why do you have to give the letter to him personally? You could just leave it with kay.

Kay: Yeah. And I'll give it to miguel later, unless I'm right and you just want to hear him beg you to stay again.

Charity: No. You're wrong. But miguel shouldn't have to go through another emotional goodbye, so -- just -- just give him that and tell him I'll miss him. I'll miss him so much! Goodbye!

Tabitha: Do you think she'll come back?

Kay: I don't know. I'm afraid to believe she's really gone.

Tabitha: Oh, so am I. You know, oh, my devil! I think she's -- she's actually gone!

Kay: We're finally free of the little goody-goody!

Tabitha: Oh -- oh, we're free, free! We're free! We're free!

Miguel: Hey. What's going on? What's that letter, kay?

Fox: Whitney, what are you doing here?

Whitney: Fox, I have to know. Is it true?

Fox: Is what true?

Whitney: Am I the mystery woman that you're in love with? I have to know, fox. Are you in love with me?

Miguel: Who's the letter from, kay?

Kay: It's -- it's from my mom in italy.

Tabitha: Yes, I -- I thought it would be good for kay to he from grace in spite of their estrangement, so I -- I brought it from home for her.

Miguel: Yeah, well, I hope you write her back. I got these for you. I'm really sorry I got you so upset.

Kay: No, you know what? I'm sorry that I freaked out on you about charity. I know that I can't stop you from being with her. Thank you for my flowers. They're beautiful.

Miguel: Kay, I want you to know that I'm always going to be there for you and maria. You've got to believe that.

Kay: I do.

Migu:: Good, you know, because I don't want to fight with you, and it's not good for you to be getting upset like that.

Kay: You're right, you're right, and I don't want to fight with you, either.

Miguel: So I was thinking maybe I could, you know, bring charity by tomorrow. I know she's really worried about you. If that's ok?

Kay: Yeah, that's fine.

Tabitha: Yeah -- oh, by the way, charity called earlier, and she's going to bed early. She's tired. She didn't want to be phoned tonight.

Miguel: Ok. I wasn't going to call her, anyway. Looks like you're out of ice. I'll go get you some.

Kay: All right.

Miguel: Be right back.

Kay: Thank you. Oh, it's finally over! Finally rid of charity forever!

Tabitha: Oh, forever. Oh, thank hades! Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!

T.C.: Hey, honey, when are you coming home? Liz is so excited that she wants you to meet your aunt irma. She can't wait for you two to see each other.

Eve: Oh, I bet liz is excited.

Liz: T.C., Is that eve on the phone?

T.C.: Yeah, it is. You want to speak to her?

Liz: Oh, I'd love to. Thanks. Oh -- would you mind making aunt irma some more coffee?

T.C.: No problem.

Liz: Thanks. Eve, when are you coming home?

Eve: Oh, damn you, liz!

Liz: No. Damn you, eve, for what you did to me. But you're going to pay tonight. I can't wait to see the look on your face when it all unravels. I am finally going to have my revenge.

Katherine: Alistair would have buried you alive, martin.

Martin: But it didn't happen, katherine.

Katherine: I know.

Martin: Even with all the pain and suffering that came from that night, at least we found each other. We've had these years together.

Katherine: I'm so grateful. I'm so grateful for our happiness. But the price, martin. The price has been so high -- for us and for our children.

Luis: I won't let you continue to suffer like this, sheridan, because I know that your father is behind your pain. I'm going to find a way to get ahold of alistair's secrets again. And then I'm going to expose that bastard for who he truly is. Oh, I swear I will.

Whitney: Please, fox, just tell me the truth. Am i the woman that you're in love with?

Whitney: Something about him moves me the way that he softly speaks my name the way his love is such

fox: She's so beautiful.

Whitney: A gentle rush like a quiet morning rain

fox: Her voice is like an angel'S.

[Music plays]

Whitney: Fox, help! Help!

Fox: What the -- oh, boy!

Whitney: The showerhead fell off! Here! Here!

Fox: Ok, ok, ok! All right, all right -- here we go! Under control.

[Music plays]

Fox: Yes. Yes, whitney, it's you. I am madly and hopelessly in love with you.

Whitney: Oh, my god. Fox --

fox: Whitney, this is real. This is the most real thing that I've ever known. This is love.

Liz: We're just waiting for eve to get home so that aunt irma can tell T.C. Everything she knows.

Miguel: Help! Somebody, help!

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