Passions Transcript Friday 7/9/04

Passions Transcript Friday 7/9/04

by Eric
Proofread by Laurie

Tabitha: Kay, Kay, Kay, stop blathering! I can't understand a word you're saying. Now, what happened?

Kay: What always happens. Charity, that's what.

Tabitha: All right. Now, just calm down. You're in no condition to upset yourself like this. Honey, that piece of metal that Miguel accidentally threw at you almost disemboweled you, not to mention leaving you barren as the Sahara.

Kay: I can never have any more children.

Tabitha: Oh, oh, I'm sorry, dear. I shouldn't have brought that up, but all I'm saying is you just have to calm yourself. Otherwise, you could cause further complications.

Kay: I already have complications, Tabitha. Charity is my complication.

Tabitha: All right, all right. Now, just tell me what happened, dear.

Kay: Well, Charity came in here, and she said that she was leaving town.

Tabitha: Charity's leaving Harmony? But that's incredible news! You should be celebrating!

Kay: She said she was going. But then when Miguel came in here, he found out that she was leaving town, and he just ran out after her.

Tabitha: Yeah, well -- trying to stop her?

Kay: Of course he's trying to stop her. He'll never let her leave Harmony, which means that I'll never have Miguel. I mean, how much more of this can I take?


Miguel: Charity, wait, please!

Charity: Let me go, Miguel.

Miguel: You can't leave Harmony. I won't let you.

Charity: I have to.

Miguel: No, you don't. I love you, and I know that you love me. You can't just leave. You can't.


Katherine: How are you doing, darling?

Martin: How am I? I'm angry, Katherine. I lost my firstborn son, and Alistair killed him. I know that bastard caused that plane to explode. For Antonio to die in such a horrible way -- I wish to god this was Alistair's face!  [Hitting punching bag.]

Katherine: I'm just so sorry. I feel sick about Antonio.

Martin: Yeah, well, I'm sick -- I'm sick of Alistair's threats, his gangster tactics -- trying to kill us, threatening Paloma, murdering Antonio -- I mean, where the hell does it all end? I'm going to make him pay, Katherine. He's going to pay for everything that he's done to us, to my family, to your daughter.

Katherine: He is a monster. He's brought so much pain and agony to everyone in Harmony -- even his own daughter, my sweet Sheridan. I don't understand how a man could be so evil, that he would try to destroy the life of his own daughter.


[Young Sheridan screams]

Sheridan: No! Oh, god.


[Car approaches]

Eve: Oh, my god. T.C.'S coming back. Oh. Ok, this is it. Liz will bring Aunt Irma here, and she will tell T.C. everything about my past.

Julian: I wish I could think of some way to stop this.

Eve: No. No, there's nothing you can do. My life's about to be destroyed. I'm just going to lose everything.

Irma: When am I going to meet this character? Who is he?

Liz: I told you, Aunt Irma, he's T.C., Eve's husband.

Irma: Oh. The slut's husband. Well, why are we waiting to talk to him? And why would he want to hear about her trashy past?

Liz: I don't think he does, but I think he should. Like I told you, he's a very nice man.

Irma: Hmm. So, what's he doing with that trollop?

Liz: That's just the thing, Aunt Irma. He doesn't know she's a trollop.

Irma: Ha. Well, he will soon enough.

Liz: He sure will. And once he does, he's going to throw her out into the street with the rest of the garbage.


Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places; and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet; and I, would fly on the wings of the bird, I knew, could take me highest.  Breathe in, breathe out.  You keep me alive; you are the fire burning inside of me.  You are my passion for life.


Tabitha: Kay, are you sure Charity said she was leaving Harmony?

Kay: Yes, yes. I told you, she's pulling the same old trick. You know, she threatens to leave, and then the moment Miguel hears about it, he's right back to groveling at her feet.

Tabitha: Yeah, I know, I know. But what I'm wondering is, what brought on this sudden desire to leave? I mean, we've spent eons trying to make Charity leave Miguel and get out of Harmony. Why should she suddenly want to follow our advice now?

Kay: I don't know, Tabitha. All I know is that he came in here, and he heard what she was saying, and then he just ran out, like I wasn't even here.

Tabitha: Well, I'm sorry, dear. But as you've said yourself, this is nothing new. Why are you letting it upset you so much now?

Kay: Because I've had enough. This is driving me crazy. I am the mother of Miguel's child, but does that matter to him? No.

Tabitha: No, no, no, that's not entirely true, dear. No, Miguel is very devoted to little Maria.

Kay: Yes, he loves the baby, but he couldn't care less about me. No, I'm the one who's gone through hell and back trying to make him love me, and now I can't have any more children.

Tabitha: Oh, I know. It's a tragedy. I'm so sorry, dear.

Kay: Well, it's your fault, too.

Tabitha: My fault?

Kay: Yeah, your fault. It was your idea to morph me into that stupid dog and send me off to Charity's old house to kill her.

Tabitha: Well -- well, I didn't know he was going to follow her out there, and that he was going to try and save her from you!

Kay: Yeah, well, you could have stopped him before he threw that metal spear at me, or whatever it was.

Tabitha: But he was throwing it at the dog, Kay. He wasn't throwing it at you.

Kay: Yeah, well, it hit the dog, Tabitha, and I wound up having my organs damaged so badly that now I can't have any more children.

Tabitha: Oh, I'm sorry, dear. You know, sometimes these things can turn out a blessing.

Kay: A blessing? How can you say that? I am barely 21 years old, and I'm barren. And if I can't get Miguel, then I'm never going to get another guy.

Tabitha: Oh, well, you have got one beautiful daughter. And I'll tell you, from my point of view, one is quite enough. As much as I love my little Endora, she can be a real handful at times.

Kay: Well, you're old. I mean, it's hard for you to look after a child at your age.

Tabitha: Well, no need to be insulting, dear. I'm only trying to help you.

Kay: Well, you're not helping. Miguel doesn't care if I can have more children or not, either. All he cares about is running after Charity and trying to convince her to stay in Harmony with him.

Tabitha: Bloody hell! What is it going to take to keep these two apart? And, you know, if Miguel and Charity get back together, then she's going to come into her full powers of goodness, and she'll come after me. She'll destroy me and my little Endora.

Kay: Yeah, well, if she finds out what I've done to her, she'll come after me, too. So we have to do something, Tabitha. You have to help me convince her that she has to go. She's got to leave Harmony forever.


Miguel: Charity, please don't go. How can you walk away from what we have?

Charity: What we have? Miguel, we don't have -- we don't have anything.

Miguel: How can you say that? We have each other.

Charity: You live with Kay and your baby now. You know, you're not free to be with me anymore. And I don't want to be in pain, and I don't want to cause pain in other people.

Miguel: You haven't caused any pain for other people.

Charity: I have. Look at all the horrible things that have happened ever since I moved here.

Miguel: Well, you can't blame yourself for those things.

Charity: But I do. I mean, my Aunt and Uncle's house was sucked into hell.

Miguel: That was caused by evil, all right, not you.

Charity: I had something to do with it. I know that I did. And look at what happened to Aunt Grace's family. I mean, she left Sam for a husband that she didn't even know that she had.

Miguel: Well, how can you blame yourself for that?

Charity: I guess I can't, but -- I don't know. There's just been so much unhappiness here, Miguel. I must have something to do with it.

Miguel: I don't think so. And I'm sorry, because I know this last year has been awful for you. But it's been horrible for me, too, because all I want is to be with you. But I had a child with Kay, and I have to be responsible.

Charity: And I don't want you to abandon them. But I just don't want to watch your life from a distance anymore. I have to leave Harmony. I have to go -- now.


Katherine: I remember the night you got that scar. That night changed our lives forever.

Martin: I know.

Katherine: That scar left a physical mark on you, but that night left an emotional scar on my poor little daughter Sheridan, a scar that might never heal.


Luis: Sheridan, I'm sorry. I must have dozed off. What were you dreaming about?

Sheridan: That night -- that night when I was a little girl --

[Flashback to Sheridan as an child with bloody hands standing over a body in a sheet.]

[Sheridan screams]

[Flashback ends.]

Sheridan: Oh, god, it's horrible! It's just horrible!

Luis: You mean when you saw that body under the bloody sheet?

Sheridan: Yes. Why is this dream coming back to me? Why now?


Eve: Julian, you can't be here when T.C. finds out the truth about our past!

Julian: I'm not afraid of T.C.

Eve: You'd be crazy not to be. Please, just don't make things any worse. Now, go! You have to go.  Oh! Oh, god. He must have gone around the back and come in through the kitchen.


Liz: Good. T.C. is back. Now you can tell him all about his wife, right, Aunt Irma? You're going to tell him all about your niece, Eve.

Irma: You mean that dime store whore? The trollop he married? I'll tell him, all right. No man deserves to be living with a lying slut.

Liz: You're absolutely right, Aunt Irma, absolutely right, and you'll be doing him a big favor, believe me. And thanks to you, Aunt Irma, I am finally going to have my revenge against Eve. She is going to lose everything.


Katherine: Images of that night are burned in my memory forever -- what I went through, what you went through, and Sheridan -- oh, god, my poor little girl -- what she went through.


Luis: Sheridan, hey, honey, it's ok. Come on, it was just a dream.

Sheridan: I know, but it scares me.

Luis: Well, what do you think made you start having these nightmares again?

Sheridan: I don't know. I mean, they told me it was just a dream, that it never really happened.

Luis: I mean, you were just a little girl, right?

Sheridan: Yeah. When I started having them again, I went to Eve, remember? She hypnotized me. She told me that it wasn't real, that it was just a dream, and it never really happened, and she even erased what I thought were memories from my mind, so why is this coming back to me now?

Luis: Honey, I don't know, ok? Look, can you tell me exactly what did happen?

[Flashback to Sheridan as a child.  Sheridan screams.  Flashback ends.]

Sheridan: Oh, god. Luis, I thought I was through with this nightmare. I mean, it's been gone for so long. Why is this coming back to me? When are these horrible images going to stop haunting me?


Liz: Here he comes, Aunt Irma. Are you ready?

Irma: Am I ready? I've been ready all night. But right now I got to go to the restroom.

Liz: Now?

Irma: Yes, now. Where's the bathroom?

Liz: Can you hold it?

Irma: Honey, when you got to go, you got to go.

Liz: Ok, Aunt Irma, I'll take you in a minute. T.C. Is coming in right this minute, ok? Oh, Eve, this is it. You are toast.


Julian: I'm going to go in there with you.

Eve: No! No! No, Julian, I told you, you have to leave! You have to go now!

Julian: No.

Eve: Please -- no, you have to! You have to go, Julian! You have to go!

Julian: I don't like this, but I will do as you say.

Eve: Thank you. Thank you, Julian.

Julian: When this is all over, I will be there for you, Eve, always.


T.C.: We need to talk, Eve.   [As Julian leaves, TC comes in.]


Kay: Ok, so, what are we going to do? How are we going to get rid of that bitch once and for all?

Tabitha: I've tried to kill her time and time again, but somehow she has always managed to survive. So lately, I have been investing a great deal of time trying to convince Charity that she is the reason for all the bad things that have happened to the people of Harmony. In fact, I think that probably is the reason why she suddenly decided to leave.

Kay: But she's still here, Tabitha, and Miguel's determined not to let her go.

Tabitha: Yeah, well, perhaps he'll fail this time. Perhaps he won't be able to talk her into staying.

Kay: Right. He'll convince her to stay. He always does. You know, I am the mother of his child. Why can't he just be devoted to me and just forget about Charity?

Tabitha: Well, the answer to that is very simple, dear. He loves Charity, and he doesn't love you. And, you know, you did trick him into sleeping with you and getting you pregnant, thinking that then you could trap him into marriage.

Kay: Don't tell me what I already know. Just help me figure out a way to get rid of her.

Tabitha: As I said, lately I have been trying to convince her that she is to blame for all the terrible things that have happened here since she came to town. In fact, I have stressed that she's the reason that you can't have any more children. I mean, how could she even think of staying here knowing that?

Kay: Because she doesn't care about me, Tabitha. She only cares about one thing, and that's keeping Miguel under her thumb.

Tabitha: Well, why don't we just wait and see what happens, huh? Maybe Miguel will surprise you and decide to let her go.

Kay: I'll wait, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Miguel always convinces her to stay. And if he can't do it this time, I'll be totally shocked.


Miguel: Charity, what's happened to make you want to leave Harmony? I mean, I know things haven't been exactly good lately, but it'll get better.

Charity: How, Miguel? You fathered a child with another woman. That's a fact that's never going to go away. Besides my knowing that it's my fault that all these horrible things have happened in Harmony --

Miguel: No, don't say that.

Charity: But it's true, Miguel, and I don't want to cause all these people pain anymore, so I'm just going to go somewhere, anywhere else, and start over. I love you, but I have to go.


Luis: You know what? Try and go back to sleep, ok?

Sheridan: No, no, no, no. Please don't leave me.

Luis: I'm not going anywhere.

Sheridan: But, you know, maybe we should go find out how Pilar's doing.

Luis: No, no, no. I already asked the nurse to come get us when she wakes up, ok? Come on, you just rest. You're exhausted.

Sheridan: No, no -- I don't think I can go back to sleep right now. I'm afraid. I don't want to have that nightmare again.

Luis: I know. But you know what? You just lie down and I'll rub back, like your mother used to do when you were a little girl.

Sheridan: Do you remember my telling you that?

Luis: I remember you telling me everything.

Sheridan:: It's one of the few memories I have of my mother. She used to do that, and she used to sing to me. She had such a lovely voice. God, I loved listening to her.

Luis: Ok. Come on, lie down.

Sheridan: Ok.


Katherine: Little princess child of mine, mama's here right by your side, angels are watching keeping you safe, everything is fine everything is fine.

Katherine: Hmm.

Little princess child of mine, mama's here right by your side, angels are watching keeping you safe, everything is fine.

Martin: That's beautiful. What are you singing?

Katherine: I used to sing that to Sheridan to put her to sleep. Poor Sheridan. She saw so much that night. No child should have to go through what that child has been through.

Martin: Sweetheart, are you all right?

Katherine: I'd give anything, anything to have these memories just burned from my mind. What's happened to you, what's happened to me, and what's happened to Sheridan is horrible. It's just so horrible.


Eve: Oh, T.C.

T.C.: I can't believe it. One minute a person is on top of the world, and everything is perfect, and the next second it's all taken away from them.

Eve: T.C., I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

T.C.: Eve, how could this have happened?


Luis: Poor thing. You've had a horrible time, haven't you? Antonio taking you on the Crane jet against your will and telling you you'd never see me again. Then you finding out that the jet exploded with him on it. Well, thank god he was decent enough to let you go. Then you had to see mama collapse when she heard the news about him. It's no wonder you're having these nightmares again, honey. Don't you worry. Everything's going to be ok. You're going to sleep through the rest of the night without any nightmares, ok?


Katherine: It's strange, isn't it? It's so strange seeing how we looked, our faces before the surgeries. We looked so different then.

Martin: Wow.

Katherine: Everything was different then.

Martin: Well, Alistair forced us to do what we did that night. Neither one of us had a choice in what we did. We had no choice.

[Flashback to the night Martin and Katherine had to flee Harmony.]

Katherine: No, Alistair!

Alistair: Damn it, Katherine. You can't run away from me. You're my wife!

Katherine: You leave me alone! You go find one of your other women!

Alistair: I don't want another woman. I want you! And I demand you act like a wife!

Katherine: Don't you touch me. You are a monster!

Alistair: Ha! How can you call me a monster? You love me, Katherine, and you know I love you.

Katherine: You don't love me. You don't love anyone! You have no soul!

Alistair: Shut up!  [Slapping Katherine.]

Katherine: Ugh! I told you to leave me alone! [Katherine tried to defend herself by slapping Alistair.]

Alistair: You bitch! How dare you!

Katherine: Agh --

Alistair: You're going to pay for that, , Katherine.


Julian: Oh. What is happening in there?  [Julian waits outside Eve's house.]

T.C.: I just can't believe it.

Eve: I'm so sorry, T.C. I can't think of anything to say except I'm so sorry.

T.C.: You know? You heard about the bad news?

Eve: "The bad news"? Weren't you just in the kitchen with Liz?

T.C.: No. Liz wasn't in the kitchen, and I'm glad I wasn't there to tell her.

Eve: Uh -- tell her what?

[Toilet flushes]

Eve: Oh, that's why you didn't see Liz in the kitchen. She's in the bathroom.

T.C.: Poor Liz. This is going to kill her.

Eve: I'm sorry, T.C. I don't understand. What is going to kill her?

T.C.: Liz and Antonio, they were -- they were close, weren't they?

Eve: Well, I think that she was in love with him for a while. What does that have to do with --

T.C.: So Liz hasn't heard about Antonio?

Eve: Heard what about Antonio?

T.C.: He's dead. Antonio is dead. Honey, I thought you already heard.

Eve: Oh, my god. How did he die?

T.C.: All I know is what I heard in the car on the way over here. Apparently, the Crane jet just blew up in midair. That bastard Alistair Crane.

Eve: So then Alistair blew up his own plane?

T.C.: I wouldn't put it past him.

Eve: Oh, my god.

T.C.: So this means that Liz doesn't know about Antonio?

Eve: Oh, I'm sure she doesn't.

T.C.: I'm sorry. I didn't mean just to blurt this out like that, but I thought you already heard.

Liz: T.C., You're back. Welcome home.

T.C.: Liz, I need to talk to you.

Liz: In just a minute, T.C. I have someone I want you to meet, someone who is dying to meet you.

T.C.: You have somebody you want me to meet?

Liz: Oh, yes, T.C. And believe me, meeting this person is going to change your life.


Tabitha: Why did you call me back on your cell phone, dear? Isn't it against the rules to use it in the hospital?

Kay: Yeah, yeah, and if they catch me with it, they're going to take it away. But I can't just sit here, Tabitha. I have to see what's happening with Miguel and Charity.

Tabitha: But are you sure you should be up and walking around? You've just had a spear go through your body. You must be so weak!

Kay: Oh, well, I can't worry about that right now, Tabitha. All I'm worried about is my baby's future, ok? I have to see what's happening. And I can only hope that you're right. Maybe he won't be able to convince Charity to stay.  [Kay sneaks out of her room at o spy on Charity and Miguel.]

Charity: Oh, I can't believe I'm leaving the love of my life! I don't know what I'm going to do!

Miguel: You're going to stay with me, Charity, because I love you and you love me.

Charity: Miguel, no. No, don't --


Luis: Sleep well, Sheridan. I love you.

Sheridan: Um --

Luis: Oh, no. You're having the same nightmares again, aren't you?

[Sheridan's nightmare continues.]

Alistair: You're a wicked, wicked girl, Sheridan.

Sheridan: No! No!

Alistair: Yes, you are. You're wicked.

Sheridan: No, I'm not wicked. I'm not. No -- no --


Katherine: I thought Alistair would kill me that night.

[Flashback again to the night Katherine and Martin had to flee Harmony.]

Katherine:  Alistair, don't!

Alistair: You should have thought of that before you refused me!

Katherine: No -- agh, Alistair, no! Stop --  [Alistair throws Katherine down on the sofa and begins to tear off her clothes.]

Alistair: I'll teach you to respect me!

Katherine: Alistair, no!

Martin: Leave her alone, Mr. Crane!

Alistair: You again, you bastard? You've interfered in my private life for the last time! You're fired! I want you off this estate immediately!

Martin: Not until I know Mrs. Crane is safe!

Katherine: Oh --

Martin: Are you all right?

Katherine: I'm fine, but I want you to go before she hurts you!

Alistair: Get the hell out!

Martin: Not until I know Mrs. Crane has someone to protect her!

Alistair: You'd better worry about your own safety, Martin! I'm going to get rid of you once and for all, right now!


Miguel: How can you even think about leaving me, Charity? Can't you feel the love we still have for each other?

Charity: I never said that I didn't love you, Miguel. I just said that it wasn't enough.

Miguel: Yes, it is. I'll never love anyone but you, Charity. We were meant to be together. We have to be.

Charity: How, though? How are you going to be a good father to Maria and still be with me? I know how important she is to you.

Miguel: She is. I love her with all my heart. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to give up on us. I'll figure out a way for us to be together. You can't leave Harmony. Please don't go.

Tabitha: Kay, what's happening?  [Talking to Kay on Kay's cell phone, while Kay is spying on Charity and Miguel.}

Kay: Miguel's still trying to talk her into staying.

Tabitha: Well, do something!

Kay: I can't. I can't. I feel really weak.

Charity: I wish that I believed love could just conquer all of our problems.

Miguel: It can, Charity, it can. I mean, love is all we need.

[Music plays]

Charity: No, no, it isn't.

Miguel: You keep thinking about all the bad things that have happened. What about all the good times we've had? Can't you remember them?

Charity: Oh! I am so sorry!

Miguel: It's -- it's just a shirt.

Charity: But it's such a nice shirt. I hope I didn't ruin it.

Miguel: No.

Charity: Are you sure?

Miguel: Yeah. No harm done.

Charity: I wanted to give you this. It's my good-luck charm.

Miguel: It's already brought me the best luck I've ever had. It brought you back to me. Now all it has to do is keep you here.

Charity: Do you think it can?

Miguel: You'll see, Charity. Everything's going to work out.

Charity: I want to believe you, Miguel.

Miguel: Then do, because it's going to happen. We'll find a way to buy that house one day. And when I do, I'll fix up that house, plant a garden, make it a place where I can live out my dreams.

Charity: Can I come, too?

Miguel: Yeah. I mean, I wouldn't go without you, Charity. Well, since we've said we love each other, we can do something that people in love do all the time.

Charity: Like what?

Miguel: This. You notice anything?

Charity: That was not there before. Did you --

Miguel: Who else?

Charity: How did I go so long without kissing you?

Miguel: That's a really good question.

Charity: Mm-hmm.

Miguel: But you'll never have to go a day without it again -- or an hour if I have any say in it. Will you marry me?

Charity: Yes, Miguel! Yes! Yeah. Yeah, I remember.

Miguel: You can't walk away from what we have, Charity, or what we could have. Our love is special. Our love is forever.

Charity: You're right, Miguel. I can't leave you! I can't leave you!

[Charity cries]

Kay: It's over, Tabitha. Charity's staying.

Tabitha: Damn!


Sheridan: Oh -- no, no, no --

Luis: Sheridan? Come on, wake up, honey.

Sheridan: Oh --

Luis: Sheridan, wake up.

Sheridan: Oh --

[Sheridan's nightmare continues.]

Alistair: You're a very bad girl, very bad. You're wicked, Sheridan. You're a wicked, wicked girl.

Sheridan: No!


Katherine: Alistair wanted you dead, Martin.

Martin: Yes, he did. And he almost got what he wanted that night.


Katherine: Alistair, leave him alone! Let him go! Let him go!

Alistair: Stay out of this, Katherine!

Katherine: No!

Martin: Mrs. Crane!

Katherine: Oh --

Martin: Mrs. Crane?  [Alistair hits Katherine hard enough to knock her unconscious.]

Katherine: Oh --

Martin: Mrs. Crane?

Katherine: Oh -- oh, martin --

Martin: Yes. Are you all right?

Katherine: I'm all right. Oh, please, please, I want you to go before Alistair comes after you again.

Martin: Shh, easy. Come with me and I'll get you someplace safe.

Katherine: Ok.

Martin: All right? Come on, slowly.

Katherine: Oh --

Martin: Slowly, there you go.

Katherine: Thank you.

Martin: There you go. All right?

Katherine: Please.

Martin: Come on, let's go -- whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Katherine: Thank you, Martin.

Martin: It's ok.

Katherine: Ok.

Martin: All right?

Katherine: Yeah.

Martin: Ok, come on. Agh!   [Alistair punches Martin after going and calling for security.]

Katherine: Oh -- oh! Oh, Alistair! Oh, my god! Martin! Martin?  [Martin is unconscious.]


Julian: Oh, man, I'd give my life to help you, Eve, but you're right. My being there would only make things worse. T.C. would be enraged just by seeing me and never give you the chance to explain. Oh, I just hope you make it through this night, because if you do, I swear I will love you and stand by you for the rest of my life. [Watching through the window.]

Liz: Let me just go get my special guest, and I'll be right back, ok?

T.C.: Liz, please, wait a minute. We need to talk. There's something you should know.

Liz: Well, there's something that you should know, too, T.C. Now, she's just in the bathroom, and she'll be right out. I can't wait for her to meet you.

T.C.: Liz, who is this surprise guest?

Liz: It's a surprise. But I promise you, T.C., You'll be blown away. My visitor has so much to tell you about Eve.

Irma: Slut. Trollop. Whore. [Liz's thinks back briefly to what Irma says about Eve.]

T.C.: Well, Liz, go get this mystery woman.

Liz: T.C., She'll be here in a minute. And when you meet her, you are going to really be surprised at who she is.



Liz: Eve, there is no escaping now. Your lie of a life is over!

Sheridan: What's going on, Luis? Why are the images of that night haunting me?

Tabitha: You need to get the hell out of Harmony tonight.

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