Passions Transcript Thursday 6/17/04

Passions Transcript Thursday 6/17/04

by Eric

(it left off some of the names toward the end, sorry)

Eve: That means going up against alistair.

Julian: I am through letting him control my life. Too many years living in fear of his wrath.

Eve: But we both know what kind of monster he is.

Julian: It is time he learned how determined i can be.

Eve: Isn't it going he's still our son, his own grandson. The i don't want to know what he would think to you if you crossed him.

Julian: You still care abou m me, don't you?

Eve: Of course i do. But that doesn't change anything. I am still married to tc. You and i, we have to stay apart. I can't even see or talk to you anymore. It is just not good for anyone.

Julian: So my father wins?

Eve: Our relationship has hurt so many people. We have a son that doesn't even know his parents are. Tc lost his career because of a car accident that we caused and mangled his knee. I have a daughter that despises me. Somewhere it has got to stop. So many more terrible things could happen again.

Catherine. It is safe to use your names. There's no one else here. Are you all right?

Our past is catching up with us, martin. Our fears a are being realized. Alistair has found us.

The assassin he sent is dead.

Alistair probably knows that by now.

Most likely and not much gets by alistair rment we have been lucky to elude him all these years.

He'll try to kill us again and again until he succeeds.

Unless he has another plan.

Another plan? What do you mean? What other plan?

The necklace. The one with the crane logo on it.

Yeah, the necklace the stranger gave to pilar. He is sending us a message. Even alistair couldn't be that cruel.

Catherine, after what we did, i think that he would do anything to get his revenge. What better way to hurt us than by going after our children. Antonio? Antonio, are you here? Antonio?

No, sheridan. Antonio isn't here. I am. Prove your love! Do something. Anything. Don't let your squeaky brother win my daughter with a bag of dirty tricks. She neezs rescuing and you are the man to do it. She's your wife.

Damn you, luis. Alistair was right. Kidnapped my wife and now you are going to have to pay. You stole her from me. I'll kill you.

Sheridan, remember that you love me. She hadn't talked me into her going to see antonio. I don't care how angry he is. He needs to accept the fact that sheridan remembers she loves me and we're going to be together. I would hold the hand of the one that can lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of a bird i knew could take me higher breathe in, breathe out you key me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

I'll respect your wishes. I will stay away from you. But I'll never stop loving you. I know how committed you are to your marriage. I won't do anything to ruin your relationship to tc.

Eve: Thank you, julian. I honestly think this is killing him.

Julian: I'll only contact you if i hear news about our son. Otherwise I'll do my best to stay away.

Eve: Thank you. I do think it is for the best. (Knock on door)

I am dying to hear all of your stories about your niece, eve russell.

Oh, that evil slut. Poison. Stroke and the drinking and the men oh, lord the men.

Who did you say you were again?

Just think of me asouour friend.

I don't have any friends.

Well, now you do. You know what? I get the feeling that you and I are going to be very, very close friends.

Not that close. I read about women like you and that rosey o'donnell.

You know what? What would you say if i helped you get out of here?

You mean a break out?

No, arrange for a little visit.

Can you do that?

Well, i think so. Let me just go talk to the director.

Not so fast.

What you plan oing doing with me when you take me out of here?

I would like for you to meet a good friend of mine.

I don't want to meet none of your friends. When I get out of here, i am going to vegas. I want to play the slots, hit the slots and meet mr. Wayne newton.

I am sorry aunt erma. Maybe next time. I think you will enjoy meeting my friend. The two of you have something very important in common.


It's a surprise.

I don't like surprises. That's how i wound up here.

Trust me. You will like this one. And I'm going to love it. I can't wait for tc to meet you and hear the truth about his precious eve.

Do you have any idea what you have done?

Sheridan: Yes. I have reunite wide the man i love.

You have abandoned your husband to carry on with luis lopez-fitzgerald. I had no idea loose your morals had become. You should be ashamed of yourself. A married woman behaving like a common tramp and with your husband's own brother.

Sheridan: I am not a tramp.

You have shamed our entire family, sheridan. Once again, you have disappointed me personally.

Sheridan: I didn't mean to.

You are my little girl. How do you think seeing you act like this makes me feel? You should be embarrassed, sheridan, totally and utterly embarrassed. You are a total embarrass., Sheridan. You have brought me nothing but shame since the day you were born, shame and pain. If it weren't for you, your mother would still be alive. Do you understand that? It is your fault's she's dead. Behave being like a slut in front of the entire town. How could you do such a thing?

Sheridan: I should be asking you the same question, father.

Excuse me.

Sheridan: How could you do do what you did to me?

You bastard. Antonio, I'm sorry.

Antonio. You are sorry? You are sorry? You kidnapped my wife. You take her off to some island. You poison her mind and you have the gall to tell me you are sorry.

Luis: You heard sheridan at courthouse. She loves me. Come on. You had to have seen this all along.

Antonio. I nt see this all along. I am marryed to her. I am married to her, not you.

>>Uiuis: She's made her decision now.

Antonio. She made the decision when she left the hospital and despite all of the pressure that you, and mama and the rest of the family putting on her. She couldn't accept the fact she chose me and kept hounding her and take her off to this island. What did you do to make her think that she loves you so much.

Luis. She doesn't think she loves me. She does love me. She remembered that all on her own.

Antonio: That's bull. Some kind of pay back for me leaving the family all those years ago because you think i abandoned you somehow.

Luis: That makes sense, doesn't it.

Antonio: It makes sense to me. Lui, s, you try to steal my wife, you know what? You will pay.

Our children? Do you really think that alistair would really harm our children?

All right. Let's think this through. The man that give her the necklace with the crane logo on it, what else could it mean? It has to be his way of telling us that he'll has his revenge, even if it means hurting our children? Yours and mine.

Oh, god. Oh, my little sheridan. I love you so much. My julian. I love you both so much. This is going to hurt you so deeply. I just pray that one day you'll understand why i had to leave, i had no choice. Are we doing the right thing?

It is the only thing we can do. We have to. It is too dangerous for you here.

Alistair is going to be so future. He won't stop at anything to get his revenge. Ooel probably try to take us down and maybe even kill us. But one thing i know, he would never hurt our children. He's capable of great evil b but not that.

I agree. Whatever danger we're placing ourselves in, at least our children will be safe.

We were so sure he would never harm our children. We were wrong. We were terribly, terribly wrong. How could you do it to me, father? Luis was right. There's no way i could have forgotten my love for him on my own. Y you did something to me. <> > I remind you that you are a crane with the privilege and responsibility of that birth right.

After you had me committed to that psychiatric ward, you had me brain washed just like luis said. You clawed me away from the man i love. You and the doctor, you tried to erase every memory i had of luis. You almost won. You almost succeeded. But you didn'T. Because i finally remembered, i love luis.

You don't know what you are saying. The doctor warned us about how emoingally fragile you still are.

Sheridan: I am stronger than i have ever been in my life, it is because i finally remember. I remember that i love luis. I remember that he's the man i want to spend the rest of my life with. I remember that he makes me happier than i have ever been and you knew that. How could you try to take that away from me? How could you do that to your own daughter?

The doctor said that you would be susceptible to manipulation to the suggestion of false memories. Luis lopez fitzgerald knew that and taken advantage of it.

Sheridan: That's not true. Luis loves me.

Love to turn you against your own father? The day you were committed to the psychiatric ward was the darkest moment of my life, sheridan. But after losing your baby, you were in such a deep depression we were afraid you would become suicidal. The specialist all agreed the only way to save you. You weren't brain washed. You were cured. I would never do anything to hurt you, you remember my one and only little girl. -- You were. I love you.

Sheridan: You don't love me. I don't think you ever have. You have never even shown me the slightest expression of love unless you had something to gain from it.

I have given you everything, sheridan. Sheridan: You have given me nothing. You only treated me with disdain ever since mother died. You sent me off to boarding school in europe. You treated me like i didn't even exist. You never even called. I tried everything in my power to get you to love me. To get you to pay attention to me, to even notice me. But you never did. Not even once.

I gave you everything you wanted.

Sheridan: Except love. Look. I know that you blame me for mother's death. You always have. So is that why you have been treating me this way? Is that why you have robbed me of any happiness i could possibly have with luis because you have a personal vendetta against me.

Don't you dare talk about your mother. I told you never to mention her name.

Coke? You are my passion for life

Sweetheart, what's going on? Sweetheart, what's wrong? You seem upset.

Eve: No, you just caught me at a bad moment.

Those are baby bootys, you were thinking about our son. The miscarriage you had years ago.

Eve: Yes, i was. I was thinking about the son i lost.

Tc: Sweetheart, i know you can never get over something like that. Honey, here, sit down.

Eve: No, i don't want to sit, really. Wha would like to do is go to cafeteria and get tea. Will you come with me.

Tc: Sure. Whatever you want. Eve: I forgot my beeper. Go there, order the tea and I'll meet you there. Are you okay?

Eve: Fine, really. Oh, god, that was too close.

Julian: I hate hiding from tc but i can't cause you any more trouble.

Eve: What he would do if he would catch you in here. Maybe I'm just delaying the intefable. Sooner or later liz is going to come forward with my secrets from the past and just lose everything. Tc and my daughters. My entire life.

Look at sheridan, that was her coming out party. She looks so happy.

She sure does.

Look at this, luis becoming a policeman. So all so normal as if we actually believed they were doing well.

Because we wanted to believe it. We needed to believe it. Because that was the only way we could feel good about what we did.

We had no choice, catherine.

Maybe we had a choice. We could have checked in on them our found some way to contact them. <> > It was too dangerous.

Well, but a parent's first responsibility is to protect their children and we didn't do that.

Sweetheart, we had to make a total break from it. Cut all ties and never look back. Otherwise alistair would have found us sooner.

Oh, god, martin. What if we're right. What if alistair is taking his ve veferj out on them instead of us. I mean, that it is our responsibility. We have condemned them to a life of hell, every single one of them. How do we live with that?

I don't know. I hate this as much as you do. We can't undo what we do d?

Perhaps we should try.

No. It's too much of a risk for our children to find out the secret. The secret that made us leave harmony in the first place. If they find out, it will destroy them. You are never to mention your mother's name, do you understand?

Sheridan: Why? Why can't i talk about mother? Not just because you blame me for her death? No, there's something else. I can see it your eyes whenever someone mentions her.

This conversation is over. Sheridan: You know, i used to think it was grief. But it's not. It's the same look that you get whenever you talk about luis.

I said that's enough.

Sheridan: My god. It's fear. I never thought you were afraid of anyone.

I'm not.

Sheridan: You are afraid that luis will expose some of our secret about our family.

More of his lies.

What you could possibly fear about mother?

I won't lis tone this rubbish?

Sheridan. What are you afraid of, father? Tell me. Why do luis and mother invoke the same look in your eyes? What is the connection?

There is no connection.

Sheridan: Luis knows he's behind your father's disappearance. He is positive that you are the reason that martin fitzgerald left harmony and he's going to prove it. Is martin fitzgerald disappearance has to do with her death?

A walking conspiracy ansy theory.

Sheridan: There it is again. That look. There is some connection. What is it, father? Tell me. Please, i want the truth. I need to know the truth.

I didn't steal sheridan from you.

Antonio: The hell you didn'T. You stole her from me. You messed with her mind again. You know what? Now you are going to have to pay -- luis: Just calm down, okay.

Antonio: Sheridan loves me and you can't accept that fact. You know what? You just kept at her and you kept at her until you wor her down.

Luis: You know that is not true.

Antonio. The hell it is isn't luis. <>

> Luis: Sheridan and i have a bond. It's a bond that goes beyond this lifetime.

Antonio: I know about your past lives and that stuff. Remember, i was there, too. Guess who sheened up with in those past lives. You know the answer. Me. Who is she going to end up in this one? Me.

Luis. No, she isn'T.

Antonio: The hell she isn'T. I will see you dead before i ever, ever see you with sheridan. A uawking ]

St. Francis xavier in nova scotia is ranked as one of best schools in the country. Now students do a little ranking of their own. Bright young opinions from antigonish. Tonight's stop. On global national with kevin newman. Too damn dangerous. I shouldn't have let you come.

We're in this together, darling. I am going to find the man to give necklace -- i want to hear what it means.

You need to be very careful.

Okay. Buenosnoches. May we join you, senatoror?

By all means, i have been kmekting you.

Is that so?

I even ordered you driferntion. To the younger generation.

You are not drinking.

Why did you give that girl at the inn a necklace?

That girl?

Let's cut the formality. I know she's your daughter. She doesn't know it yet, but she will. The game is up. Soon everyone will know everything about you, martin fitzgerald and catherine crane.

Tell me the truth, father. How does mother's death connect to martin fitzgerald's disappearance?

It doesn'T. Your mind is running wild. Luis lopez fitzgerald has you seeing conspiracys where none exist. That's why i don't want you with him because he knows how impressionable you are and he uses that to drag you into his paranoid ske marios.

Sheridan: That's not true.

He's using you, sheridan. As you so correctly pointed out. He blames me for his dead beat father running out on them. That's all a figment of his mind because it is easier than facing the truth about what kind of stock he comes from. Luis doesn't love you, sheridan. All you are to him is a way to get to me. Open your eyes and stop being such a damn fool.

Sheridan: Stop. I am tired of listening to you. I love luis and luis loves me. And you have tried for years to get me to doubt that love. When you couldn't, you then tried to brain wash me to erase it. It doesn't work and it never will, you will never win.

I have had enough of your hysterical accusations.

Sheridan. Why? Because you are afraid to hear the truth.

You never spoken to me this way before.

Sheridan: Maybe i should have.

This is what comes with your association ever luis fitzgerald.

Blame it on luis. Blame it on the moon or what i had for breakfast but i am tired of caving into you.

Your lack of respect is not winning you points, sheridan.

Sheridan: You don't deserve respect. Not after everything that you have put me through. Not after everything horrible thing you have done to me. I knew that you never loved me. But i never knew how deeply you hated me. And that's why you have always done everything you could to try to ruin my life. You have always done everything you could to destroy me.

That's what you do best, father. Destroying other people lives. You seem to take particular pleasure in doing it to your own children.

What the hell are you doing here?

I heard what happened at the courthouse. I came by to congratulate sheridan to tell her how happy I am that at least one of us has been able to hold on to true love. It's truly inspiring to know you haven't succeeded in ruining both of our lives.

Sheridan's with me because she wants to be with me, okay. The love is real. Always has been.

Antonio: That is a lie and you know it. You know why? She chose me and you accept the fact.

Luis. They brain wurbed her. It didn't work because our love was stereo strong. -- Too strong. Let me tell you something, antonio. I don't care if you are my brother. You try to come between us one more time, i will kill you.

Antonio: Let me tell you something, luis. The one that's going to die here is you. (Music throughout)

All set?

Well, i am afraid that there's something in the file that I wasn't aware of.

What sort of something?

Well, apparently she can't leave the premises without a written permission from her legal guardian.

And who would that be?

Your half sister, eve russell.

Who aunt erma hates so much.

I know. But you are going to have to get her permission for us to let you take her out for a visit.

I have a message for you to take back to alistair. And you tell him to leave us alone and leave our children alone.

You got to be kidding. You lived with him. You know what he's like. He doesn't let go of anything, certainly not a vendetta.

His battle is with us, not with our children. You tell him to leave them out of this.

No can do. Mr. Crane goes after someone who has crossed him, there are no rules of engagement. He looks for a way to inflict the most pain and when he finds it, he doesn't let up.

Our children.

That was a no brainer. Mr. Crane is going to get even with you by destroying them. He's been doing a hell of a job of it all these years and now that he knows you are aware of what he's doing, he's going to pick up the pace. He's going to let you see how badly he can hurt them. All of them.

As much as i would like to take the credit julian, you have done a good job of destroying your life all by yourself so don't blame me.

You forced me to give up the woman i love and then you stole our son and you sent him off to god knows where?

Because i will never let some half black bastard try to lay claim to the crane name. <> > That child is my son, mine and eve's and I'm going to find him, father. You cannot stop me.

Don'T. Dott ever tell me what i can and can't do, julian or you will feel the full wrath of alistair crane.

Julian. What are you doing here?

I came by to offer you my heart felt congratulations. You and luis deserve all the happiness in the world. And to tell you that i am sorry for anything i have ever done to hurt you. I was following orders. But those days are over.

The hell with both of you.

Not so fast, father. You still haven't answered my question. Is there a connection between mother's death and martin fitzgerald disappearance? Is that why you have tried all these years to keep me and luis apart? Tell me the truth. I deserve to know the truth.

The truth would destroy you in ways you can't even management so leave it alone or i promise you that you will regret it the rest of your life. Perfect twins trip up. Olga

Luis and sheridan are back together?

Absolutely. Even aldlit stair couldn't break their bond.

Wow. Love can really be that powerful, can't it? It can over come obstacles and keep a couple together with horrific events trying to tell them apart.

Tc: Sweetheart, look at us. Our love is stronger than ever. Nothing is going to tear us apart.

Eve:E| do you really feel like that?

Tc: Absolutely. I love you and nothing will ever change that.

Oh, god tc, i hope you are right.

I can contact dr. Russ skpel ask you for permission to take her out for a visit.

No, i don't think that will be a good idea. I think judging from aunt erma's reaction the mere mention of eve, probayy some sort of problem between them.

Well erma isn't very fond of her, the language that she uses and dr. Russell comes for a visit, just so embarrassed for her. But, you know erma doesn't know we have gotten permission.

But what if eve insisted on accompanying us on our visit. I'm just afraid that the benefits that aunt erma would gain by having a little time out in the world would be com pleatly negated by h reaction to my half sister.

Well, i think you are right. I so appreciate your concern for her well being. I am really sorry that it didn't work out for you or for erma.

Damn. Aunt erma is a perfect weapon to bring eve down and still keep my hands clean. She knows all of eve's dirty secrets. There must be a way to get tc together with aunt erma and let her tell him everything she knows.

I can't let him get away with this. We have to find a way to protect your children. He can't be that much of a monster.

Oh, no? I have worked for mr. Crane for a long time. Now remember when you left, when you supposedly died. Mr. Crane was a bastard back then and no question but he was a teddy bear compared to what he has become. When you left, whatever little humanity he had, left, too. He's become even more ruthless and more evil than you can even imagine.

Evil enough to destroy our children.

In a heart beat if by doing so he can also destroy you.

I don't believe this. He is a monster, catherine. He'sececome a monster, a completely heartless monster.

And i pity you. You have no idea what's in store for you. Or for the people you love. You would say anything to scare me off, father. You would do anything to stop me from digging into the past. But I'm not as weak as you think i am. Not anymore. This is not over.

Sheridan, don'T.

No, julian, let your sister continue.

Luis and i are going to find the connection between martin fitzgerald disappearance and mother's death. We're going to get the answers. We're going to break everything open and once and for all, i am going to find out what you are so afraid of.

You have been warned, sheridan. Proceed with this fool's mission at your own risk because i promise you, you will regret it. Sheridan. . The first time i stood up to that man.

Julian: You shouldn't have told him your plans. I made the same mistake. You and lui, s are going to look for answers, just done it without telling him. <>

> Sheridan: I don't care. After what he has put luis and me through, what more can he do?

Julian: A lot, an awful lot. (Fighting)

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