Passions Transcript Monday 6/14/04

Passions Transcript Monday 6/14/04

by Eric

Woman: Oh, hello. I'm molly, as in "good golly, miss molly." I'm the director here at shady elms. So, do you have an older relative who's ready to join our merry band? You know, we have so many wonderful activities. We have sing-along time, we have fun with clay and paint, we have --

liz: No, I am here to see one of your residents.

Molly: Oh.

Liz: Dr. Eve russell sent me.

Molly: Oh. Oh, my goodness. So you must be here about dear aunt irma. She is such a -- bundle of energy.

Liz: Well, I am eve's half sister. I actually have never met aunt irma, but she is eve's father's sister.

Molly: Oh. Well, please do give a big, big hello to dr. Russell. You know, she is so thoughtful and she is always right on time with the maintenance fees for aunt irma, you know? But I am glad that she sent you here today to visit aunt irma and didn't come herself.

Liz: Why not?

Molly: Well, whenoooor dr. Russell comes to call, aunt irma begins shrieking and calling her the most dreadful names.


Molly: Oh. Mr. Wingard can't get used to his crutches. It's another oopsy. I'll be back in just a sec.

Liz: This is it. Oh, I think aunt irma is going to be the key to destroying eve.

Katherine: There's no mention of the assassin's body being found in the bay, martin. Maybe we got lucky.

Martin: Damn alistair. His hit man failed to kill us, but we could still be suspected of murder if that body shows up.

Katherine: But the assassin shot himself. There's nothing that connects him to us.

Martin: Oh, no? Paloma was grazed by a bullet with his gun, and this is a small town. Word gets around. I can't protect the two of you if I end up in jail.

Katherine: Then we'll just have to run again. We'll make sure that paloma is safe, and there's a big world out there for us.

Martin: Has it all been for nothing? I mean, I abandoned my family. My own daughter doesn't know who I am. Hell, she doesn't even know her own family. It's a terrible price we paid, yet alistair is back in our lives. No, I want paloma back in harmony, safe with the rest of the family.

Paloma: Jamas regresare. I'll never go back to harmony. I don't care if I ever see my mother again.

Tabitha: I know we've had a bit of a rough night, dear, but --

kay: "A bit of a rough night"? You turned me into an evil dog from hell. And then miguel speared me with a stake like some vampire. And then you turned me into a ghost.

Tabitha: But wasn't it worth it, dear? Charity dumped miguel after her visit from your ghostly self!

Kay: I did almost die.

Tabitha: Oh, well. I've died dozens of times. You get used to it. It's not so bad. Just think, kay -- victory! We have finally won.

Kay: Charity and miguel will never be together again.

Miguel: Hey, kay.

Charity: Hi. We just wanted to make sure you're ok.

Sheridan: Well, ready to leave.

Antonio: Good. We have a slight change of plans, though.

Sheridan: We're not going to st. Lisa's?

Antonio: No, of course we are, but later today. First, there's one thing ianant us to do that's going to give us both peace of mind.

Sheridan: What are you talking about?

Antonio: Well, we are going to attend a very special hearing. Luis is going to be going to prison for the rest of his life.

Luis: Hey, hank. Woody. Well, good news, I hope, huh?

Hank: Just the opposite, luis. Marrying a crane has its advantages. Antonio pulled some strings and arranged to have a special hearing today. Woody's here to represent you.

Luis: What kind of hearing?

Woody: This is a sentencing hearing, luis, and it could be searing. You copped to the crime, buddy, so you're going to have to do the time.

Luis: Yeah, but what about a trial?

Hank: You confessed to kidnapping sheridan, so there won't be a trial. You're in big trouble, man.

Luis: Well, will sheridan be there?

Hank: Well, she'll have to be.

Luis: Then bring it on. If sheridan's there, I still have a chance to get her to remember that she loves me.

Man: What is all this nonsense with this lopez-fitzgerald case? The man is obviously being railroaded. I'm dismissing the case.

Alistair: Think again, judge mcfarlane.

Judge mcfarlane: Alistair crane. How did you get in here?

Alistair: You have a simple choice today -- send that insect luis to jail or live in misery forever.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life love to get back your hair's fullness?

Woman: Get your hands off of me before I bop you one where it hurts, buster!

Orderly: Just try it, irma, and you won't get any creamed chicken tonight.

Irma: Ha! That stuff looks worse going in than it does coming out. And you. Why the hell did you bring me up here? I was watching "days."

Molly: Well, now, aunt irma, you have a visitor. So let's see that sweet smile of yours, all right?

Irma: I don't know you. Take me back to my room.

Molly: I'm so sorry. Aunt irma doesn't seem to have her happy face on today. Perhaps you could come back at another time.

Liz: Oh, no. I can't let this old battle-ax get away. She's my only chance to destroy eve.

Eve: You are recovering from your blood disease very well. So well, in fact, that I'm clearing you for outpatient status.

Pilar: Oh.

Eve: We have to monitor you closely, but you're free to go.

Pilar: Oh, eve, that's wonderful news. Oh, my god. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. I need to hurry. I need to get to luis' hearing.

Eve: Ok, well, stay healthy. You know, harmony can't afford to lose you.

Pilar: Right. Thank you.

Nurse: Dr. Russell, here are the test results from kay bennett's cat scan.

Eve: Thank you. Oh. That poor girl. Hmm.

Miguel: Kay, I'm so sorry. I was trying to save charity from this crazy dog, and -- I'm just glad you're ok.

Tabitha: Hmm, if you consider nearly dying ok. Oh, poor miguel. Your guilt must be nearly unbearable, knowing that you are solely responsible for almost murdering the unmarried mother of your child. And then having to leave her there in all that pain? Oh, my, think of all the blood.

Miguel: Was the pain really bad, kay?

Kay: It's not too bad. Ah!

Miguel: You all right? What is it?

Tabitha: Oh, she's a brave girl, our kay. She never wants to complain, but I can tell you the pain is excruciating.

Miguel: I'm really sorry.

Charity: Why were you in the woods, anyway?

Tabitha: She was looking for you, of course. She was trying to find you. We were all so worried about you, kay most of all, and she went to see that you were safe. Well, I must say, you seem to be in tip-top shape this morning, able to meet miguel and come down to the hospital first thing.

Miguel: No, actually, I just met charity in the hall. I knew how bad she wanted to see kay, so I brought her in with me.

Kay: So you two didn't come together?

Miguel: No.

Charity: No. No, I just came by to bring you these and make sure you're all right.

Miguel: But now that you're here, you know, we can hang out together.

Charity: Yeah, maybe. Kay, please listen to me.

Kay: No, charity, you listen to me. You're a menace, a killer. Stay away from miguel before you hurt anyone else!

Charity: No, you know what, I'm going to go. You stay with kay. I -- I meant what I said earlier. We can't do this anymore. It's too hard.

Miguel: Charity, wait!

Kay: Say "adios" to charity, miguel, forever.

Luis: All I need is one moment, just one spark. All right? Something I say or do is going to jog sheridan's memory.

Hank: You don't get it. They're going to send you to jail today because she's the one who said you did it. She's not coming to sit with you and reminisce about old times.

Woody: Luis, I need you to let me file for a postponement.

Luis: No. I just need a chance to see sheridan. Look, when we were on that island, she was so close to remembering. Jujust need to be near her to jog her memory.

Hank: Don't blow your one shot at being set free.

Luis: No, you don't get it. Life without sheridan is worse than prison, all right? I need to take the chance today that sheridan remembers that I'm the man she loves.

Judge mcfarlane: This hearing is illegal. It will not hold up on appeal.

Alistair: There will be no appeal. Do as I tell you.

Judge mcfarlane: Mr. Crane, I've heard rumors about you corrupting other judges. Well, I'm not one of them. I am not for sale and I will not preside over this sham of a hearing.

Alistair: Hmm, every man has his price, judge.

Judge mcfarlane: What's this about?

Alistair: Look carefully, your honor. You see anyone familiar?

Judge mcfarlane: That's my son. What the hell are you playing at?

Alistair: I'm not playing at all. Keep watching.

Judge mcfarlane: This is insane! You stay away from my son!

Alistair: Your son will be safe as long as luis goes to jail. So it's up to you. Either incarcerate luis or your son disappears.

Baliff: Excuse me, your honor. Are you ready for court?

Judge mcfarlane: Uh -- yes, bailiff, in a moment. God help me, but luis lopez-fitzgerald is going to prison for a very long time.

Paloma: No se habla mas. I'm never going back to harmony.

Martin: Paloma, your family loves you.

Paloma: Yeah, they loved me enough to sende e thousands of miles away when I was just a baby. They don't want me. My mother threw me away.

Martin: Now, you know that's not true, paloma.

Paloma: Tio, desculpa, pero let's not fight about harmony again. I don't need that family. I have tia maria, my cousins, tu, mi tia. That's all the family I need.

Y you think one of you could pick up my pain pills at the pharmacy? This wound is really throbbing.

Martin: Of course.

Katherine: We'll both go. I have some things I have to pick up.

Martin: Ok, but stay close to the hotel. Your aunt maria would worry about you, as we would.

Paloma: Ok, don't worry. Today, I'm going to be a big couch potato.

Martin: Mm-hmm.

Katherine: Ok.

Paloma: Adios.

Katherine: Adios.

Martin: Let me have that. Don't tell your aunt.

Paloma: Dios mio. It's you!

Antonio: Well, I see the crane lawyers turned out in full force.

Sheridan: Father helped you to set this up? I wondered how you managed to make it happen so quickly.

Antonio: Mama, what are you doing out of the hospital?

Pilar: Those lawyers said that luis is going to be sentenced today without a trial, all because of you. How can you do this to your own brother?

Antonio: Well, first of all, sheridan is the one that's pressing charges, with my full support, and think about what luis has done to her, done to our marriage. He kidnapped her. What am I supposed to do, just stand idly by and act like nothing happened?

Pilar: Luis loves sheridan.

Antonio: You know what, it used to bother me that you're always defending luis, but it doesn't anymore

pilar: But your family, mijo --

antonio: No, she's my family now. So let's just forget this nonsense, ok? Luis is going to jail for a long time. Get over it.

Pilar: Please, can I just have a moment with my son?

Luis: Mama.

Pilar: How are you, mijo?

Luis: I'm fine. Glad to see you're out of the hospital.

Pilar: Yeah.

Luis: Just pray for me and sheridan, ok?

Pilar: Ok. Ok.

Luis: Sheridan, you love me. I know you do. You need to remember.

Antonio: Know what, you can just go to hell, luis.

Hank: Hey, you're in a courtroom, not a playground.

Antonio: Back off, hank.

Woody: My client is an upstanding member of this community.

Antonio: Well, you know what, I'm just glad I was here to arrange for this hearing today.

Luis: Is that right? I see you got some help here. The whole crane legal team?

Antonio: Yeah, I sure do.

Luis: Yeah.

Antonio: And, luis, you can rot in hell while I'm out enjoying my life with sheridan.

Luis: Is that right?

Antonio: Yeah, that's right.

Bailiff: Break it up!

Second bailiff: Break it up!

Sheridan: Stop it! Both of you, stop this! Perfect twins trip up. Olga

singer: You are my passion for life

liz: Aunt irma, wait.

Irma: Don't know you, child. Time to get back to my stories. And speed it up. I don't want to miss nothing.

Liz: Yes, you're right, you don't know me, but you do know the person who sent me here to cheer you up. Oh, you know what? She's a big "days of our lives" fan, too -- wouldn't miss an episode, tapes each one, watches them in big batches.

Irma: Who? Who sent you? Marlena? Bo?

Liz: No. Eve russell.

Irma: Eve's a whore! A whore! A whore! You hear me? A whore!

Liz's voice: Aunt irma is a woman after my own heart.

Irma: Whore. Street walker.

Eve: Good morning, miguel.

Miguel: Morning.

Eve: Tabitha. Good morning. I was wondering if you could give me a moment alone with kay, please?

Kay: There's nothing wrong, is there, dr. Russell? I thought the big crisis was over.

Eve: Well, we got some test results in and we need to talk.

Kay: Miguel, can you stay? I need him to stay. He's family.

Tabitha: I'll -- I'll just go check on charity for you, miguel, all right?

Miguel: Thksks, tabitha.

Eve: Kay, it's never easy for a doctor to deliver bad news. But I want you to trust me that you will get through this.

Kay: Get through what? What's wrong?

Tabitha: Don't waste those crocodile tears on me, young lady.

Charity: What?

Tabitha: You can't fool me, missy. You finagled running into miguel, didn't you?

Charity: No. No, I didn'T.

Tabitha: Oh, sweet as sugar on the outside, but underneath, evil plots and machinations. What is wrong with you, child? When are you going to stop trying to tear miguel away from poor kay and their helpless little baby daughter?

Bailiff: Another stunt like that and I'll shut you down.

Luis: Mm-hmm.

Bailiff: Hey, shape up. The judge is ready.

Hank: You got to cool off, man.

Woody: Now is the time to look as penitent as a nun.

Baliff: All rise! The honorable judge mcfarlane presiding.

Judge: Be seated. I realize that today's sentencing hearing is unusual, but it is by the book.

Woody: Your honor, I object. This hasty, illegal hearing --

judge: Not today, mr. Stumper, please. Your client has already confessed. Let's keep it simple, shall we?

Woody: Pardon me.

Judge: Mr. Antonio lopez-fitzgerald?

Antonio: Right here, sir.

Judge: I see that you are married to ms. Crane, and now wish your brother to go to prison? I see that you have wasted little time in learning how to wield the crane power.

Attorney: Your honor, please --

judge: Relax, people. Just my dubious attempt at levity. Ok, here's what's about to happen. I'm going to ask a few questions, we're going to hear from a few witnesses, and then I'm going to hand down my sentence.

Luis: Your honor? There's something that ieeeed to say.

Attorney: Objection, your honor.

Judge: Ms. Page, you won this case before you ever got out of bed this morning. Yes, sir, what is it?

Luis: I need to tell sheridan what's in my heart.

Antonio: You know what, that's enough of this craziness.

Luis: Your honor, if you let me speak, I will waive all my rights to appeal your sentence. Now, please, I just need to tell sheridan how much I love her. Good afternoon... an autopsy is underway today on a body found dumped in a field near sherwood park on friday. Eleven other bodies - all women - have been found in the area in the past fifteen years... we'll talk to rcmpat five for the latest on the investigation.+++New technology is making it possible for prisoners here in alberta to make their court appearances over a video link up.+++We'll show you how the system works today on global news at five.

If they feel this way about each other...

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man: I didn't mean to startle you. Do you know me?

Paloma: Perdon. I freaked. I had a dream a man ss in my bedroom, and you remind me of him.

Man: Well, I wish it had been me. You're very beautiful.

Paloma: Gracias. Can I help you?

Man: Yes. I have relatives coming to town, and I wanted to check out this hotel to make sure it was nice.

Paloma: Oh, oh, it's the nicest hotel in puerto arena. Not big, but clean and charming. My aunt is a very famous cook around here. Her giant prawns are a specialty. I can call her and you can make the reservations right now.

Man: No, no, early days yet.

Paloma: Oh.

Man: You really are quite lovely, and you've been so helpful. Would you allow a stranger to give you a little present, no strings attached?

Paloma: A present? Um --

man: Now, I insist. Here.

Paloma: It's beautiful! But I can't accept it.

Man: Oh, nonsense. It's just a trinket. Here, let me.

Paloma: Ok.

Man: There.

Paloma: It's lovely. Thank you.

Man: Enjoy it, senorita. We'll meet again, very soon.

Paloma: Mira, mira, mira! A man showed up to see the hotel and gave me this.

Katherine: A man? I didn't see any man.

Paloma: Just look at it! I think it's real gold.

Katherine: Oh, my god. Oh, dear god.

Alistair: Make whatever sappy speech you'd like, luis. Then you're off to make license plates.

Luis: Your honor, please? I need to talk to sheridan.

Antonio: Your honor, no, he can't do that.

Judge: Mr. Lopez-fitzgerald, your brother has waived all of his rights to appeal, which means we can move directly to sentencing as sn n as we hear his statement.

Woody: Excuse me, if your honor please, one moment? Luis, take this back. Otherwise, I won't be able to do anything to get you out of jail.

Luis: Well, I need to try and get through to sheridan one more time.

Antonio: Your honor, this is crazy.

Judge: Sit down. We are going to hear your brother's statement. Please proceed.

Luis: Thank you. Sheridan, listen to me.

Antonio: He's crazy, so anything he's going to tell you is a lie.

Luis: Sheridan, listen, all right, not just to the words that are coming out of my mouth, but listen with your heart. All right, I'm a simple man. I believe in simple things. The sun comes up in the morning, the moon and stars come out at night. And sheridan crane loves me. Now, those are just basic, simple facts, but for the last few months, the moon and stars have been off course and a shadow's been hanging over the sun, and that's all because of something evil your father has done, sheridan. He has brainwashed you into forgetting me. Ok, I admit that I forced sheridan onto that island, but, sheridan, you didn't try too hard to get away. And why not? Because I know deep down in your heart, you were hoping that I'd be able to prove that you believe me. Sheridan, we're connected, and you can't deny that. I even dream about you every night. Now, be honest, I know that you dream about me, too, don't you? Sheridan, everywhere I go in this town, it reminds me of you. Everything beautiful I see here, it reminds me of your face. When I see children playing, it reminds me of your laugh. And when I hear the waves crashing on the beach at night, it reminds me of the nights we had together. Now, I know that you feel the same way, don't you? You want to know why you can't get me out of your head? Well, that's an easy one. Sheridan, even though your father tried to kill what's in your mind, he couldn't kill what lives in your heart, because that's where the truth lives and that's where I live. So just listen to your heart. It'll tell you what to do.

Antonio: You know what, your honor, he belongs in a nut house.

Judge: Save it. Sir, are you finished?

Luis: Yes, your honor. I've said everything that's in my heart. That's all I have to say.

Luis' voice: Hear me, god. Please help me get through to her.

Alistair: Ahem.

Judge: As mr. Lopez-fitzgerald has finished his statement and has also waived all rights to appeal, it's now time for me to hand down my sentence. Will the defendant please rise? Mr. Luis lopez-fitzgerald, I hereby sentence you to be remanded to the state penitentiary for a period not less than 25 years.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Court is adjourned.

Woody: 25 years? Your honor! Your honor, wait, that's crazy!

Pilar: Now I've lost both my sons.

Hank: Don't you worry. We'll find a way to get you out of this.

Luis: Yeah, how?

Woody: Your honor, I object. I vociferously object!

Pilar: You've killed our family.

Amanda: I think so. David has some art. Us now.

David: All right.

Amanda: I have a plan, do you have a plan?

Carson: [Chuckling] I so have no plan.Carson: [Laughing] Okay. I'm not changing my plan. We're going with this.Amanda: Yeah, it'll look good. And you know what, you can probably see it from here.The sound.

Maryke: This is wonderful carson. It's gone from being this black hole to a beautiou' n

Carson: Yes.

Amanda: It's very old and european-looking.

Carson: Laurie did a great job helping me kind of suˇ exhausted. I'm so tired right now.

tabitha: Listen to me, girly girl, eve russell is in kay's room right now, and, from what I hear, she has bad news. Kay has a lot to deal with right now, and don't forget she almost died last night because of you, so don't you dare make life any harder for her than it is already. Do you hear me?

Charity: Do you know what dr. Russell's talking about?

Tabitha: Hmm, you're the psychic one. Unless that's a lie, too. Oh, just don't be selfish, charity. Leave miguel alone.

Eve: I'm sorry. The test results are clear.

Miguel: Dr. Russell, please tell us.

Eve: You've suffered major internal trauma, damage to many of your internal organs. It was a long, difficult surgery. There were complications.

Kay: Please, dr. Russell, what is it?

Eve: You aren't going to be able to have any more children.

Molly: I am so sorry. You should never have mentioned eve russell's name.

Irma: Whore! Slut!

Molly: Oh, big oopsy, big oopsy. This is what -- she always goes off like this when she hears that name.

Irma: Whore! Whore! Slut!

Molly: Shh, shh, shh.

Liz: Once T.C. Gets a load of sweet, old auntie irma, it'll be a family reunion from hell.

Irma: A slut! A harlot! A heathen!

Antonio: Luis brought this on himself. Now, don't blame me for me protecting my wife.

Pilar: You have forgotten everything I've taught you.

Antonio: Tell you what, I'm going to go call doc and tell him to pick us up at the airport, ok?

Sheridan: I -- I don't know what to say. I thought luis would be safe in jail for just a little while until antonio cooled off. I'm so sorry for being the cause of all this.

Pilar: Shh, please. Don't you blame yourself. This is not your fault. Could you please just try and help my son remember the kind of man he used to be?

Sheridan: I'll miss you.

Pilar: And I you. You've always been like a daughter to me, sheridan. Now go. You go. You just put all oththis behind you. You start a new life. Be happy, ok? You be happy. I'm going to go say bye to luis, ok?

Sheridan: Ok.

Bailiff: Ok, boys, here's the transfer documents. Take him away.

Pilar: Wait, please --

woody: Hey, fellows, fellows, cut him some slack. This is his mother. Let him say goodbye.

Luis: Hey.

Pilar: Oh, dear god. I love you so much, mijo. Ok, you try not to worry, ok? I'm sure mr. Stumper can find a way to get you out.

Luis: Yeah. Yeah. I'm just sorry I'm not going to be here to help you.

Pilar: Don't worry about me. Oh, god, I love you. Oh, god. Your brother will regret his actions here today. He will.

Luis: Yeah. I'm just surprised how -- how I was so wrong about sheridan. You know, I thought she was going to remember and -- well, I guess she does love antonio more, after all.

Antonio: What is all this?

Alistair: I backed a winner, antonio. You're the perfect husband for my daughter, and I don't want that to change. With these, you'll be able to travel the world under any identity you choose. Luis and his police friends will never be able to track you down.

Antonio: All this money?

Alistair: A bit more than 30 pieces of silver, but worth it. Say goodbye, you dolt. You'll never see my daughter or the light of day again.

Molly: Aunt irma, you have a super time with your visitor.

Liz: So, aunt irma, how would you like to pay a call on a lovely family?

Irma: Whose family?

Liz: Well, eve russell's, of course.

Irma: Whore! Whore! Slut! Slut! Whore! Heathen!

Kay: Dr. Russell, there must be some mistake.

Eve: No, there's no mistake.

Miguel: You're absolutely sure?

Kay: Maria will never be able to have a little brother or a sister? God, miguel.

Eve: Oh, honey.

Kay: No!

Charity: Kay? What happened? The news must have been terrible.

Tabitha: Yes. Don't add to her pain, charity. Give up miguel for good.

Katherine: Oh, my god.

Martin: What is it?

Katherine: Did you see the design on that necklace? That is the crane industries logo.

Martin: Dear god.

Katherine: Alistair is sending a message in that necklace. He wants to kill your daughter, martin -- our paloma.

Martin: Let him try. I'll rip that old man's heart out before I let him hurt my daughter.

Alistair: Take sheridan as far from harmony as you can. There's no reason to stay in contact with anyone from your old life.

Antonio: You're right. There's nothing for me here now.

Alistair: At last that buffoon luis is out of my hair. Once sheridan is in a different country with babies on her knee, she'll forget all about him.

Luis: Mama, don't you worry about me, all right? I'm going to be fine. Sheridan, just look inside your heart! I'm there! Do you remember you love me? Do you remember?

Sheridan: I remember. You cannot keep doing this to me. Leave!

Luis: Sheridan, just listen to me! Sheridan, wait!

Sheridan: Stay out of my life!

Luis: Sheridan, you're the woman I love. You're the only one I want to be with.

Sheridan: Are you sick or what? I said it's over.

Luis: I love you.

Sheridan: No, enough, luis! This is just too complicated, all right? I have to go.

Luis: This is insane! You're not making any sense! You're not thinking clearly!

Sheridan: Stop it! Stop it! All right, I remember. I memember so much.

Luis: We're worth saving, we're worth fighting for.

Sheridan: You have to accept that antonio has my heart.

Luis: You don't love antonio, you love me.

Antonio: Shut up!

Sheridan: Luis, I do love antonio. You turned my life upside down.

Luis: Sheridan, what have they done to you? Sheridan, it's destiny.

Sheridan: It is fate that we are just not meant to be together.

Luis: Stop listening to your mind. Just listen to your heart -- just listen to your heart -- just listen to your heart.


Sheridan: I wasn't imagining things. It was just my heart trying to tell me that you're here.

Luis: That's how strong our love is, how deeply connected we are.

Sheridan: I believe that we will always be in each other's hearts.

Luis: Forever. I knew I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you. Somehow, I know I always will.

Sheridan: I will always love you, no matter what. I haven't forgotten about you. I haven't forgotten our love.

Luis: I knew you'd remember I'm the man that you love.

Sheridan: Yes. Yes, you're right. Luis!

Sheridan's voice: Luis.

Sheridan: I remember. I remember! Wait! Stop! Wait, wait. Isis, I found you. You were -- you were in my heart, right where you said you would be. I found you. You were there! I love you! Only you. You're the man for me, now and forever.

Luis: I love you, sheridan.

Sheridan: I love you. You're looking live at edmonton from our skytracker atop manulife place.Good afternoon. I'm lesley macdonald. Today at 5:30...alberta's agriculture minister has revealed which farmers and ranchers are going to get compensation for their losses because of the b-s-e crisis.And a new survey shows just how important it is for canada's leaders to do well in televised debates tonight and tomorrow night. Plus... george bush senior celebrates a big birthday in

Miguel: Kay, I hate that this has happened to you.

Kay: Yeah, well, I hate you, miguel, and I hate charity even more!

Tabitha: Why don't you just leave, leave, leave? Leave miguel alone!

Sheridan: I want to spend the rest of my life with luis.

Antonio: I will never accept sheridan with luis.

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