Passions Transcript Thursday 6/10/04

Passions Transcript Thursday 6/10/04

by Eric

charity: Go away, miguel. We can't be together anymore.

Miguel: Why are you saying this now? You know, I was beginning to believe that you were willing to give us another chance.

Charity: Well, I was wrong to let you think that. It was a mistake. We can't be together, miguel. Stay away from me!

Miguel: I don't understand this at all, charity. Where is this coming from?

Kay: If you would have just listened to your mother and stayed away from miguel, I would still be alive! I only went to those woods to make sure you were all right, and now I'm dead. Maria doesn't have a mother, and miguel will go to jail, all because of you!

Charity: It's coming from me, that's where. I don't want to be with you anymore.

Miguel: I don't believe that.

Charity: Believe it. I have never meant anything more in my entire life.

Martin: Are you ok?

Katherine: Yes. Are you?

Martin: Yeah, I'm fine. But that was definitely a gunshot.

Katherine: Oh, my god. I think it came from over there. There's someone there, martin!

[Katherine gasps]

Katherine: Oh, my god.

Alistair: Don't be a wuss, julian. Make my day and play white knight to your sister, sheridan.

Julian: You're a monster.

Alistair: Tell her I had her brain shocked with so much electricity she's lucky she's not a vegetable. All I did was wipe out her immature crush on luis.

Julian: You know, I will tell her everything, and I won't allow you to hurt eve.

Alistair: "Won't allow me"? Where do you get your nerve, you spineless excuse for a crane man? You have no choice in the matter. Go to sheridan with what you know, and I promise your precious girlfriend will pay an excruciating price. I'll go after her with everything I have, and I won't stop until she's begging for mercy.

Julian: You're a pig.

Alistair: "Pig"? "Monster"? Oh, not really. Just your old man, julian. But be my guest. Play the hero all you want. Help sheridan and luis find eternal love in one another's arms. Just know that while you're basking in the glory of your good deed you'll be signing eve's life away to me.

Pilar: Sheridan, you cannot press charges against luis. You know he meant you no harm.

Antonio: Taking someone against their will is called kidnapping, no matter who's done it or why.

Sam: Sheridan, are you absolutely sure you want to do this? It's a very serious charge.

Sheridan: I'm sure.

Sam: Luis, I'm sorry about this. But you're under arrest for the kidnapping of sheridan crane lopez-fitzgerald. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right for an attorney to be present during questioning. If you can't afford one, the state will appoint you one free of charge if you so wish.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of thenene who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

katherine: Oh, my god.

[Katherine gasps]

Katherine: Oh, my god, she's so still!

Martin: Who could do such a thing? Why would anyone hurt an innocent child?

Katherine: Palo,, please don't die. Paloma, don't die!

Martin: Not my little girl. Oh, please, god, not my little girl.

Katherine: Paloma --

miguel: Hey, this doesn't make any sense. Ok, we were just starting to find our way back to each other. We were even talking about our future together again.

Charity: Were, miguel -- past tense. I just don't feel that way anymore. It's as simple as that.

Miguel: I don't believe you. Ok, you can't just turn your feelings on and off like a faucet.

Charity: That's not what I'm saying, miguel. I'm saying that things happen and you realize what you need to do. And kay's death changes everything.

Miguel: What? Kay's death? Didn't you hear what I just said? I mean, kay's doing much better. She's going to be all right.

Charity: Miguel, I'm really sorry to have to tell you this, but she must have had a relapse, be-- kay died.

Miguel: That's not true. I just came from kay's cubicle, ok? I talked to dr. Russell. She said she's getting stronger by the minute. You know, they expect her to make a full recovery.

Charity: Are you sure that she's going to be ok?

Miguel: Yeah, I'm positive. You're probably just upset about kay, you know, and so am I. I mean, I'm the one that hit her with the metal rod, you know? But it was an accident. I was trying to save your life. I didn't even know kay was anywhere around. This shouldn't affect us.

Charity: But it does. Don't you see, miguel? I mean, even if she lives, our being together causes pain for other people. If we stay together, we're just being selfish for not giving a damn what it does to everybody else, including your daughter.

Miguel: Look, you're still not making any sense. Can't we just go somewhere and talk about this?

Charity: Let me go. The reality is our love is poison to other people, and we have to stay away from each other. Goodbye, miguel.

Ivy: Oh!

Oh, there is nothing I can offer liz that she wants more than her revenge on eve. Right. I am supposed to be such a manipulative bitch, and for the life of me I can't think of any way to stop liz from taking me down with eve. Oh, if sam ever finds out what I did to break up him and grace, I'm going to lose him forever.

Sam: Look, I'm really sorry about this, luis.

Luis: Yeah, first, you take my gun, my badge, and now I'm under arrest what's next for me in the legal system? A public hanging?

Sam: Look, believe it or not, I don't like this any more than you do.

Hank: He's just trying to do his job, luis.

Luis: Hey, hank, you've been a cop for about 10 minutes, ok? I think I know my duties and responsibilities as a policeman.

Hank: You want to go off on me? Be my guest. You'd do the same thing in my position. As soon as the doctor gives the ok, I got to bring you in.

Luis: Yeah, yeah, I know the drill, hank.

Eve: Luis, maybe I can speak to your doctor and see if he can delay your release.

Luis: No, no, no. You know what? Don't even waste your breath. Now, obviolyly my brother's convinced my two best friends here and the woman I love that -- well, I guess I'm just a menace to society, so please, do not keep them from arresting me.

Sam: You know what? Why don't you just calm down, ok? Hank and I know why you took sheridan.

Luis: Do you?

Sam: I do!

Luis: You know, if I just had a little more time with her out there, she would have remembered that she loves me and not my brother.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Antonio: I'm going to get you and mama something to drink, ok?

Sheridan: Thanks. Pilar?

Pilar: We have nothing to say to each other, sheridan.

Sheridan: Please, do not be angry with me. I didn't know what else to do.

Pilar: You didn't have to press charges against luis. You of all people know the real reason he took you to the island to be with him. It was far from a kidnapping.

Sheridan: I know that!

Pilar: Then how can you say what you did? They're going to put him in jail.

Sheridan: Pilar, you don't understand. I'm not doing this to get back at luis, all right? I'm pressing charges to save his life.

Pilar: It doesn't make sense.

Sheridan: I know it doesn'T. But antonio was going to kill him out on that island. The only way I could convince him not to was by promising that I would press charges for my kidnapping.

Pilar: Oh, dear god.

Sheridan: I know. Luis won't give up on what we once shared. And antonio has vowed to not let his brot er destroy our marriage. One of them's going to end up killing the other if I don't do something to stop this.

Pilar: I feel your pain, sheridan, but luis is not going to be in jail forever.

Sheridan: I know. That's why antonio and I are leaving harmony before luis is released.

Pilar: You're going back to the island where you met?

Sheridan: St. Lisa's? At first. But then we'll just have to move on. Luis knows st. Lisa'S. He'll come looking for us. We have to go somewhere where he can't find me. And once we're settled safely, I can then drop the charges against him and he can be freed.

Pilar: He'll come looking for you, sheridan. He's not going to give up on the love you two shared.

Sheridan: He has to, because I will do everything and anything that I can to keep your sons from killing each other. I just -- I couldn't live with it if anything happened to either one of them. Cash in on the computer program. The letter is asks customers to verify their personal information and

Alistair: I assume you're calling to tell me you've fulfilled the terms of our agreement?

Man: Actually, no, mr. Crane. I got the wrong person.

[Alistair chuckles]

Alistair: Tell me I misheard you.

Man: You don't need to worry, sir. You have my word. I'm going to take out the right two people tonight.

Alistair: You'd better. I don't like mistakes. They make me very angry.

Man: Yes, sir, mr. Crane. I understand. That ex-wife of yours -- she must have done something to really tick you off, huh?

Alistair: Just do your job and don't call me again until you do!

Julian: Who was that?

Alistair: Just some old business I'm trying to clear up once and for all. You know how I hate loose ends. Now, back to you and your old, nasty business, julian. Are you still hellbent on running to sheridan with the truth about the little mind-bending I arranged for her while she was in the hospital?

Julian: You know, what you did to her was despicable.

Alistair: Are you determined to tell her that if weren't for me she'd be with the other brother lopez-fitzgerald? Or will you be smart for once in your sorry life and leave this alone? I can assure you I'll make your precious eve suffer if you choose the first path.

Julian: You aren't even human.

Alistair: Good. I thought you'd see it my way.

Pilar: I can't bear the thought of luis behind bars.

Sheridan: I'm so sorry. I just didn't know what else to do.

Pilar: No, this isn't your fault, sheridan. I have failed my sons and my family.

Sheridan: How can you say that? You are a wonderful mother. You have raised wonderful children -- good, decent, loving people.

Pilar: Who are all in one way or another in some kind of pain. When martin left, I thought, oh, I'm strong enough. I'm determined enough to do this all by myself. How wrong I was. How much I have let them down. They needed their father.

Sheridan: You still believe martin is out there?

Pilar: I light a candle every night in the window. He's out there somewhere.

Sheridan: I know luis still blames my father for his disappearance.

Pilar: I've come to believe that luis is right. I mean, what other reason could there be for martin to disappear so suddenly? It's as if the cranehahave put this curse on my family. I don't mean you and fox.

Sheridan: I know that. Hey, I know you mean my father and brother.

Pilar: Especially your father. I remember the night -- the last time I spoke with martin. He kept talking to me about how sometimes even good people reach their limit and they're forced to do things they wouldn't otherwise do.

Sheridan: What did he mean?

Pilar: I took it to mean that he was going to resign from the cranes, but maybe -- maybe he was trying to tell me something, a warning that he was going to leave. I -- I don't know.

Sheridan: I'm so sorry. I can only imagine how hard this is for you.

Pilar: I loved him so much.

Sheridan: I'm sure he loved you, too.

Pilar: You know, when I was under the effects of the medication, I kept seeing his face. And then I called mexico to speak to paloma, and this man answered the phone, and it sounded just like martin himself. And then my heart leapt until I realized how foolish a thought it was. I mean, why would my martin be south of the border with our youngest daughter?

Martin: Call a doctor. Perhaps there's still a chance!

Katherine: I will. I will. Oh, my god. Oh, she's still alive! Her breathing is shallow, but she's alive.

Martin: Thank god. I'm here and your tia is here. Hey --

katherine: What?

Martin: It looks like a bullet only grazed her arm.

Katherine: Oh, thank god! Well, then she must have passed out when her head hit the ground. Oh, the doctors aren't answering, and it's late.

Martin: I know you can hear me, and everything's going to be all right, sweetheart. Everything's going to be fine --

paloma: Tio?

Martin: Yeah. It's me and your tia. We're right here. She's come to.

Katherine: Oh. Oh. Oh, darling. Is the pain bad?

Paloma: Oh -- just my arm a little.

Katherine: Oh --

paloma: What happened?

Martin: Someone shot at you. But it looks like the bullet only grazed your arm a little.

Paloma: Someone shot at me with a gun?

Martin: Apparently so.

Paloma: But -- but why?

Katherine: Honey, we don't know. Did you notice anyone before this happened?

Paloma: I was on my way to find you. Oh, yes! Yes, I did see someone -- in my room. I got scared. That's why I was looking for you.

Katherine: What did this person look like?

Paloma: Oh, I'm not sure. I'm not sure. Oh, I don't know if -- if it was real. I was having this dream, a very vivid dream about being in the states with my family, as if I'd never been sent away. Then when I woke up -- at least I think it's when I woke up -- I saw someone standing in the corner of my bedroom. I got scared and I run. I ran out. I was running when I heard this -- this loud bang. That's all I can remember.

Katherine: Oh, god. If it was a burglar, you probably frightened him off when you woke up.

Paloma: But why would anyone be in my room? Why would anyone want to hurt me?

Martin: I'm sure that it was an accident. You know, probably a punk from one of those gangs.

Paloma: But in my room?

Martin: Maybe, honey -- maybe -- maybe that was just part of the dream, and, you know, maybe there really wasn't anybody really in your bedroom.

Paloma: Yeah. It's possible.

Martin: I me, , the important thing is that you're all right. You know, I'm sure that you weren't the intended target if indeed anyone was. In any case, you're fine.

[Katherine sighs]

Katherine: Are you strong enough, honey, to sit up?

Martin: Let me help you.

Paloma: I think so.

Martin: Easy. Watch the arm.

Katherine: Oh --

paloma: Oh --

martin: Ok.

Katherine: There.

Martin: Easy.

Katherine: There.

Martin: Did you reach the doctor?

Katherine: I tried. I'll try again, but, you know, I think I can clean this wound myself.

Martin: All right, I'll help you.

Katherine: Ok.

Martin: You stay still and we'll be right back, ok? All right.

Katherine: You don't think this was an accident, do you?

Martin: Hell, no, even though I'd venture to say that paloma wasn't the intended victim.

Katherine: That bullet was meant for one of us?

Martin: Well, don't you think that?

Katherine: Oh, yeah.

Martin: I mean, we both feared that this day would come, and now it has. Alistair has tracked us down.

Katherine: He wants us dead.

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singer: You are my passion for life

ivy: Charity, what happened?

Charity: Kay almost died tonight because of me.

Ivy: What? How is she?

Charity: Miguel says she's holding on, but I know for a fact that she was this close to dying. Maria would have lost her mother, miguel would have gone to jail, all because of me.

Ivy: No, why are you saying that? Is it your fault that kay was injured?

Charity: Not directly, no, but it's all because of me. You're going to think I'm completely crazy, but I'm not. I had a vision of my mom, and she said to stay away from miguel. I never argued with her, but I did tonight. And she was right. I didn't listen to her, and kay almost died. I can't risk bad things happening to anybody else! I have to stay away from miguel. I have to just let go!

Ivy: Yeah. Maybe you're right. Maybe letting go is for the best.

Charity: You're the one who always said to hold on, though. You're the one who always said that I should believe in true love no matter what.

Ivy: Yeah, well, maybe I was wrong. I'm beginning to wonder ifouou ever get to keep something that wasn't meant to be yours, even if you fight to hold on to it.

Charity: I don't understand.

Ivy: Let's just say that the things you do in the name of love -- those are the very things that can come back to haunt you.

Paloma: You both are so good to me, like a real aunt and uncle.

Martin: We love you, paloma.

Katherine: You're like a daughter to us.

Paloma: Too bad my real mother doesn't feel the same way.

Martin: No, come on. We don't want to do that today.

Paloma: Tio, you keep defending her, but you don't know her. I was just a baby when she sent me away. I don't even know why she bothered having me when she never wanted me in the first place.

Katherine: Paloma, you're being really unfair. Sometimes parents do things their children just will never understand. There are reasons, very complicated reasons that drive people to do things they ordinarily wouldn't do.

Paloma: There is no excuse in the world, tia, for abandoning your own child. No excuse at all. Thank goodness you both have been around here all my life. It's made me feel less alone, less unloved.

Katherine: Let me get you some more tea, honey.

Martin: Excuse us.

Katherine: What are we going to do? If alistair really sent a gunman, he's pretty soon going to realize hisisistake and he's going to come back and shoot us.

Martin: I know. I'm only surprised it took alistair this long to find us.

Katherine: That gunman is probably out there right now, getting ready just to take another shot -- or two.

Pilar: What did luis' doctor say?

Eve: Well, they can't keep him any longer than they already have, so hank's getting ready to take him down to the police station.

Antonio: I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.

Pilar: Antonio --

antonio: That's the way I feel.

Eve: Luis does have one request before he leaves. He'd like a moment with sheridan.

Antonio: No way. No, he's caused enough problems already.

Sheridan: Antonio, it's ok, really.

Antonio: I don't want him anywhere near you.

Sheridan: Look, hank and sam are around. Nothing's going to happen to me. I'll be ok. Please.

Antonio: All right, fine. If that's what you want to do, go ahead.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Sheridan: Luis, I'm sorry.

Luis: Yeah, so am I. I thought you were remembering everything.

Sheridan: I did. I do.

Luis: Then?

Sheridan: I remembered everything of our past together, not just in this lifetime, in others. And it was incredible. It was magical. I know that it was real.

Luis: It still is.

Sheridan: See, that's the part where I'm having a problem, because I can't remember that part.

Luis: Sheridan, that's because you were brainwashed, that your father had dr. Ackland do that to you. He said that if we spent time together you would remember that you love me. I can help you.

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[ Horns honk ]

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[ Angry demonstration ]

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charity: I should give up on miguel? That doesn't sound like you at all, ivy.

Ivy: I'm not going to tell you what to do, charity. It's just I know that sometimes the ends don't justify the means no matter how much you want them to.

Charity: Did something happen with you and my uncle?

[Knock on door]

Charity: I'll get it.

Ivy: Yeah.

Miguel: We need to talk.

Charity: Miguel, why are you here?

Miguel: I love you, charity.

Charity: You're wasting your time. You should be with kay in the hospital right now -- the mother of your daughter.

Miguel: I'll go back there as soon as you and I straighten things out. I don't believe you've fallen out of love with me.

Charity: Miguel, what's wrong with you? Why aren't you listening to me? I said we're not going to make it, and I don't want to try anymore. We're done!

Miguel: Well, I won't accept that.

Charity: Well, you have to, because that's what I want!

Miguel: Look, tell me you don't love me anymore. Let me hear you say the words. Look into my eyes and tell me that this is what you really want.

Katherine: I'm right, aren't I? The person who shot at paloma is probably out there right now just waiting to kill us both.

Martin: I'm not disagreeing.

Katherine: What are we going to do?

Martin: You're not doing anything. I am. I won't allow this gunman to take another shot at paloma or, god forbid, you. I'm going to go outside and I'm going to see if I can smoke him out.

Katherine: No --

martin: If he wants to take a shot at me, hey, I'm right here in the open field.

Katherine: You can't go out there. He could kill you.

Martin: He could kill me in here, too.

Katherine: If anything happened to you, I don't think I could live.

Martin: Trust me. I'll be back. I won't alistair to win. We're going to beat him at his own ugly game.

Katherine: Please be careful.

Julian: All right, father, you win. I won't put eve at your mercy. It's bad enough you're torturing the two of us by not telling us where our son is.

Alistair: Why you'd want to meet the bastard child is beyond me. Nevertheless, that's only a drop in the bucket compared to what I could do to make your eve russell really suffer.

Julian: I told you, you win -- this time.

Alistair: All the time. No one gets the best of alistair crane, not ever. They can run, but they can't hide. I track them down, even if takes years, just to see that they pay.

Julian: No, you're not talking about sheridan or eve now, are you?

Alistair: What's the difference? It's a rule that applies to anyone and everyone who crosses me.

Julian: Why is it so important to you to not have my sister reunite with luis? Is this about martin fitzgerald's disappearance? Well, apparently so. How is it that an irish-hispanic working family can cause you so much distress? It's as though they hold some sort of power over you, the great alistair crane.

Alistair: Get out of here, julian. You've wasted enough of my time already.

Julian: It's funny. That's the seconnenerve I've hit tonight. The first was when I asked you about mother.

Alistair: Get out!

Sheridan: This is for the best, luis. No one will have a moment's peace until antonio and I are far away from harmony.

Luis: Speak for yourself. I'll die without you.

Sheridan: And you'll die if I stay -- most likely because of your brother. I can't live with myself if anyone were to die because of me.

Luis: Well, I wouldn't let that happen.

Ereridan: You know, my father always told me my entire life that I was responsible for my mother's death. And I still carry that guilt with me. I still have dreams about it. And I won't let that happen again.

Luis: Sheridan, don't you see? Now, this is exactly what your father wanted when he had you brainwashed. Are you going to let him win again?

Sheridan: Luis, this has nothing to do with my father. This is my choice, nobody else's, and I'm sorry, I truly am. I just hope someday you see that I did the right thing.

Luis: I'll never understand. And I'll never stop loving you. Not ever.

Pilar: How else do you expect me to feel? I have one son headed to jail and another one leaving harmony forever?

Antonio: I'll keep in touch.

Pilar: I guess I'll -- I'll just be grateful that you won't be killing one another. I don't know how it all came to this place. I've made such a mess of your lives.

Luis: None of this mess is your fault. I'm sorry you're so unhappy.

Pilar: Don't worry about me, mijo. I will pray for you every day and every night.

Hank: Come on, luis, time to go.

Luis: I still love you, as much as I always have. One day you'll remember you love me, too.

Antonio: You know what? Get him out of here. Boutinnovation in the west.llllyeyealalamam

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Martin: I know -- I know that alistair sent you to kill me and katherine.

Admit it!

Miguel: Look at me, charity! Look at me and tell me that this is what you really want. Tell me you don't love me as much as I love you.

Charity: I don'T. I don't anymore. Our love has caused too many people too much pain, miguel, and love dies when that happens. So just don't make it harder than it already is. Leave me alone. It's over.

Ivy: Oh, that's going to be my fate when sam learns what I've done.

Eve: Let me check and see if kay's in her room, ok?

Sam: Ok. I'll be right here. Come on, grace, be there.

Sam: Grace, it's sam. Look, I'm glad I finally got through to your voicemail. Kay had an accident. She's going to be fine. It was a rough night here for all of us, but she's going to be ok. I don't expect you to fly back, it's not necessary, but I just thought you'd want to know. Ok. Bye. How'd we get so far off track? You're not here helping me with our daughter.

Hank: I really am sorry, luis.

Luis: No, forget it. I'm not mad at you or sam. I'm just frustrated.

Hank: No, neither one of us wanted it to go down this way. We know you just wanted more time with sheridan.

Luis: Yep. All I needed was just a little more time. I'm telling you, hank, she was so close to remembering.

Hank: But she didn't, and now you're going to jail on serious charges. I know how much you love sheridan, but she's married to antonio now. Did you really think kidnapping her was the way to get her back? Ifex

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seymour: It's god's church. to pick mmobobgogo..

charity: Miguel --

charity: Oh, miguel, I love you just as much now as I ever did, but we're just not going to work out. It's not fair! It's not fair!

Antonio: You must be exhausted.

Sheridan: Yeah. I guess I am.

Antonio: I just want you to know I'm never going to forgive luis for what he put you through. Why don't I go run you a hot bath? Maybe that'll make you feel better.

Sheridan: I'd like that. Thank you.

Antonio: Ok. Look, tomorrow, this nightmare -- it's all going to be over. We're going to leave for st. Lisa's first thing in the morning, and you won't ever have to see luis again.

Luis: Well, I still have a chance with sheridan. All she has to do is get her memory back.

Hank: I'm the last one to question your feelings for sheridan. Hell, I've been the third wheel with you guys ever since you stole her away from me.

Luis: Are you still holding a grudge about that?

Hank: No. I got over that a long time ago.

Luis: Oh.

Hank: I'm just asking, considering where you're standing right now, was it all worth it?

Luis: Yeah, it was. And I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. As far as I'm concerned, life without sheridan isn't worth a damn anyway.

Hank: Look, I think it's time you let it go.

Luis: Not a chance, not when I know the only reason that sheridan's with antonio is because of alistair's manipulations. She'll remember one day.

Hank: You could be an old man by then.

Luis: You know what? I don't care. I'll wait here as long as it takes.

Alistair: Others have crossed me, but none betrayed me like you. It was a grievous error in judgment, katherine, for now you shall pay. You and martin fitzgerald must die.

Katherine: Oh, martin, where are you? Oh, please don't let the gunman find him out here.

Katherine: Oh, my god!

Martin: I got you, you bastard!

[Katherine gasps]

Martin: I'll kill you, man!

Katherine: Oh, god! Please help him!

[Gunshot] You're looking live at edmonton from our skytracker atop manulife place.Good afternoon. I'm lesley macdonald. On the campaign trail today...former prime minister jean chretien makes his first, and last, appearance...and conservative leader stephen harper is once again on thedefensive over hisparty's stand on gay issues. We'll have the story. We'll also show you how you can poke some fun at the campaign through a new website on-line.Plus...some sad news about the death of a music legend... ...on edmonton's global news at 5:30. My hair is totally fried.Come on.

Liz: Eve, finally, I'm going to make you pay.

Eve: We're going to lose everything, and all thanks to my evil sister liz.

Paloma: I won't go back to harmony, and there's nothing anyone can say to change that.

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