Passions Transcript Friday 6/4/04

Passions Transcript Friday 6/4/04

by Eric
proofread by Laurie

Faith: This is what you get for manipulating people's lives, Ivy. True love is born of honesty and trust, not your kind of treachery.

Sam: Oh, my god, Ivy. Ivy, what's wrong?   [Ivy is choking.]

Faith: Ivy's too choked up to tell you, Sam, but she's paying for what she did to your wife, my sister, Grace.

Sam: Oh, my god.

Faith: Sam can't save you, Ivy. You destroyed Grace's life, ruined her marriage, tore her family apart, and now you're going to die.

Sam: Come on. Come on.


Miguel: Charity, where are you?

Charity: Stay away.

Tabitha: Pounce, Kay, pounce. Miguel is almost there. One good bite before he gets there, and he won't be able to save her from the poison!  [Tabitha continues to watch and give instructions through her magic gazing bowl.]

Charity: Dear god, no. Please.

[Charity screams]

Miguel: Charity!

Charity: Miguel? Help!

Tabitha: That's no ordinary vicious dog. That is Kay in canine form. Go on. After her, Kay. Hurry. Bite her! Bite Charity! The poison I coated on your teeth will kill her before Miguel can save the brat.

Charity: Save me from this vicious dog!

Miguel: Charity!

Charity: Miguel, be careful. This dog has tried to kill me once already.

[Kay snarls]


Antonio: Sheridan, if you're there, answer me.

Luis: Don't give us away. You just need more time to remember you love me.

Antonio: Sheridan?  Sheridan, are you here?

Sheridan: I'm sorry, Luis, but I have to let Antonio know that we're here. He and Hank can get us back to Harmony. You can get the medical attention that you need.

Antonio: Sheridan?

Hank: Luis?

Luis: No. I don't need that. I just need time alone with you.

Sheridan: Luis, you were hurt. You could die if you don't get help. I won't let that happen.

Luis: It's because you love me.

Antonio: Sheridan!

Luis: Sheridan, please. If you leave me now, I will die.


Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places; and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet; and I, would fly on the wings of the bird, I knew, could take me highest.  Breathe in, breathe out.  You keep me alive; you are the fire burning inside of me.  You are my passion for life.


Luis: Don't give us away to Hank and Antonio. Just give us some more time to remember that we're soul mates.


Antonio: Sheridan?

Hank: Luis!

Antonio: I swear I caught them with the searchlight in this part of the island.

Hank: It could have been anybody -- some kids out camping overnight.

Antonio: If it was kids camping overnight, why wouldn't they have answered us by now?

Hank: I don't know. Maybe they thought they'd get in trouble with their parents, or maybe they saw you waving that gun around and dove for cover. I sure as hell would have.

Antonio: Yeah, and so would Luis, because he knows I'm going to kill him when I find him.

Hank: You actually think that Luis is holding Sheridan prisoner, preventing her from calling out?

Antonio: Yeah, Hank, after all the stuff that he's done so far, I wouldn't put it past him.

Hank: You need to get a grip on your anger, Antonio, before you do something you'll regret.

Antonio: No, what I regret is not killing Luis when I shot him at the cottage. This time he's not going to be so lucky. I'm going to make sure he never interferes in my marriage again. Sheridan? Sheridan, if you're here, answer me! I'm here to save you! Sheridan!


Luis: I know you're worried about me, Sheridan. I love you for it, but -- but you just need more time to remember. That's why I took you away in the first place. Dr. Ackland swore that you would remember that you loved me. We just need to spend some more time together.

Sheridan: Luis, I know you mean well, but I have to find my husband.

Luis: No.

Sheridan: I'm sorry. Antonio?

Luis: Sheridan, please.

Sheridan: Antonio?


Sam: Come on, Ivy. Cough it up! Don't you die on me.

Faith: Oh, let her die, Sam. Ivy's not worth saving. She's nothing but a liar and a schemer. Oh, finding the truth hard to swallow, dear? It's your own fault. Sam, she ruined Grace's life. Don't save hers!

[Ivy coughs]

Sam: It's all right. You're going to be ok.

Faith: Hmm. More's the pity.

Sam: I'm going to call Eve.

Ivy: No. No, don't.

Sam: No, listen, I'm not going to take any chances.

Sam: Eve. Hey, it's Sam. I need you to come to my house right away. Ivy choked on something and almost passed out. I dislodged it and it worked, but now she's still very weak. Look, I just need you to come over to the house and make sure that everything's fine. Thank you, Eve.

Faith: You shouldn't have saved her life, Sam. But it's ok. Come the day of reckoning, she'll get what she deserves. All sinners do, but Charity and Miguel are in danger, and it's Tabitha to blame.


Tabitha: Oh, no! Canine Kay didn't act fast enough. Miguel got there in time to stop her biting Charity. I wonder how he knew that Charity was at the site of her old house in Castleton.

Faith: I told him.

Tabitha: Faith.

Faith: Yes, Tabitha. We meet again.

Tabitha: Oh, go away. I'm busy.

Faith: You're still trying to kill my daughter.

Tabitha: Yes, and I would have succeeded by now if Miguel hadn't shown up to play hero.

Faith: It's bad enough that you're responsible for my death, but I won't let you murder Charity.

Tabitha: Technically, I'm not killing the brat. Kay is.

Faith: Kay? Charity's cousin Kay?

Tabitha: Yes, she's the hound from hell who has it in for blondie. I painted her teeth with poison. One bite, and Charity will die instantly. Except now, thanks to your meddling, she might bite Miguel, and then he'll die, and it'll be all your fault.


[Kay barks]

Miguel: Charity, go!

Charity: Miguel, be careful. It could be rabid or something. I don't know, it kept trying to bite me.

Miguel: I won't let it hurt you. Just get away, ok? Just run!

Charity: I won't leave you, Miguel. You could get hurt or worse. No! Maybe if I hit the dog with a stick, it'll run away, Miguel!

Miguel: Charity, don't! The dog could turn on you again.

Charity: No, not if it thinks I'm going to hurt it.

Miguel: Charity, watch out!

Charity: Miguel!

Miguel: Charity!


Tabitha: Faith, I thought I told you to go away.

Faith: I won't let you use my niece to kill Charity.

Tabitha: Think of it as the dark side's version of "Family Feud."

Faith: I won't let this happen, Tabitha. I won't let Kay kill my daughter!

Tabitha: You're too late. Canine Kay is about to sink her choppers into Charity, and there's nothing you or Miguel can do to stop her.


Charity: Hurry, Miguel! I don't -- I don't think I can hold it off much longer! Aah! Miguel!

Miguel: Don't worry, Charity, I'll get it away from you.

Charity: Get off me! No! Stop! Miguel, help me! Be careful!

Miguel: I don't understand. It's like this dog is hell-bent on killing you.


Tabitha: You can say that again.

Faith: Hold on, Charity! I'll find a way to save you.


Sam: Ivy? Ivy, can you hear me? Oh, Ivy, please be ok. I can't lose you again.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Must be Eve.

Sam: Eve, thank god you're here.

Eve: T.C. drove me.

Sam: Ivy's over on the sofa. She passed out right after I called you.

Eve: How long has she been unconscious?

Sam: Five, 10 minutes. She was eating some fruit when I went into the kitchen to get us some more champagne. I found her choking on it when I came back. I tried slapping her on the back. It didn't work. I finally dislodged whatever it was, but she's still so weak, and then she passed out afterwards.

Eve: Probably the stress to the system. Any interrupted flow of oxygen to the brain made her lightheaded, and she just fainted.

Ivy: Oh. Eve? What are you doing here?

Eve: Sam called me over. You choked on something. Do you remember?

Ivy: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I remember.

Eve: Sam saved your life, and you passed out from the stress to your system.

Ivy: I did?

Eve: But you're ok now.

Sam: I'm glad you're ok. I don't know what I would have done if something would have happened to you.

Ivy: Oh, Sam.


Luis: How could Sheridan leave me and go back to Antonio? I can't believe how wrong I was about her, but I was. She doesn't want to ha a future together. She must really want to be with Antonio.

Antonio: Sheridan, can you hear me?

Sheridan: Antonio? I think he's this way.

Hank: Let's head back to the boat. It's obvious they're not here.

Antonio: The hell it is.

Antonio: Luis must have Sheridan bound and gagged. I swear to you, Hank, as soon as I find him, I'm going to kill him, either with this gun or my bare hands.

Sheridan: Oh, no. This is what I was afraid of. If I tell Antonio that Luis and I are here, one of them could wind up dead. But if Luis doesn't get the medical attention that he needs, he could die anyhow. Dear god, what am I supposed to do?


Tabitha: Go for Charity's jugular, Kay.

[Charity screams]

Tabitha: Then if the poison on your teeth doesn't kill her, the loss of blood will.

Faith: No, Kay, don't! Don't hurt my baby!

Tabitha: And just how do you intend stop her? You're nothing but an apparition, and a helpless one at that.

Faith: Please, heavenly angels, give me the strength I need to fight this evil!

Tabitha: Your angels couldn't save you the night I fired you, Faith. You really think the heavenly hosts will help you now? Uh-oh. Ow!   [Faith manages to grab Tabitha.]

Faith: I'll save you, Charity!


Charity: Hurry, Miguel! I can't hold on much longer!

Miguel: Let go of f her! Hold on, I'm going to get a bigger stick.

Tabitha: No! No! No!

Charity: Miguel, look.

[Kay growls]

Miguel: What the --

Faith: Leave my daughter alone! [Faith exerts her will and begins to break Tabitha's spell.]


Ivy: Sam, you saved my life. How can I ever repay you?

Sam: Chew your food more thoroughly next time. I'm just glad you're ok.

Eve: Sam may have been joking about chewing your food thoroughly, Ivy, but you really should. So many choking deaths result from chewing too fast and swallowing too soon.

T.C.: Yeah, even a cow knows to chew his cud more thoroughly.

Sam: Eve, T.C., thank you for coming over so quickly. Can I get you guys a cup of coffee before you leave?

Eve: No, Sam, thank you.

T.C.: You know what? I think we will have some. I tell you what, and I'll make it for you. Come on.


Antonio: Sheridan? Sheridan!

Sheridan: Maybe I can convince Antonio not to hurt Luis, and Hank is Luis' best friend. I mean, he wouldn't let him hurt him either.

Antonio: Luis, if you can hear me, I just want you to know -- when I find you, I'm going to kill you!

Sheridan: Antonio is still so angry. I can't risk him seeing Luis.

Luis: I lost Sheridan. I lost the woman I love.

Luis: Sheridan. You're back.

Sheridan: Shh. Quiet. Conserve your strength.

Luis: What about Antonio?

Sheridan: I'll explain later. Look, can you walk if you lean on me?

Luis: Yeah, I can do anything as long as I'm with you.

Sheridan: All right, we have to get out of here. Antonio cannot find us. Come on.

Luis: Oh, my god.


Antonio: Hank, over there. I see some movement. It's got to be Luis and Sheridan.

Hank: My god, Antonio's going to do it. Antonio, wait!


Sheridan: Luis, come on.

Luis: What happened? Why are you so scared?

Sheridan: It's what could happen that scares me, all right? Come on.

Antonio: Hank! I was right. They're over here.

Hank: Luis?

Antonio: Luis, you're a dead man.

Antonio: Hank, look, these are their footprints. All we got to do is follow these, then we can rescue Sheridan.

Hank: Just first promise you're not going to hurt Luis.

Antonio: Sure, he won't feel a thing. Damn it! The waves just washed away the footprints. Now I don't know which way they went.


Sheridan: We made it. Look. You stay here, take it easy. Ok?

Luis: Ok.

Sheridan: I'm going to go cover up the entrance so that Antonio and Hank can't find us.

Sheridan: Are you ok?

Luis: Yeah. I'm ok now that I know you still love me.

Sheridan: Luis, I did not say that.

Luis: You didn't have to. You choosing to be with me instead of Antonio says it all.

Sheridan: No, I came back because I heard Antonio say that he would kill you if he found us together. It'd be like Cain and Abel all over again. I wouldn't be able to live with it, if one of you killed the other.

[Luis coughs]

Sheridan: Oh, no, Luis. Oh, my god, you're burning up with a fever. Maybe I should go get Antonio after all. Or Hank -- he would get you to the hospital.

Luis: No, no, no, I don't need anything from the hospital. I just -- I just need to be with you.

Sheridan: Luis, look, I am not a doctor, and even if I were, I don't have any medicine.

Luis: I don't need any medicine. I just need to be with you.

Sheridan: Would you please stop saying that? It's making me feel very uncomfortable.

Luis: It's only because you have remembered you love me, haven't you?

Sheridan: Luis, be quiet. Save your strength.

Luis: I can see you're already starting to remember.

Sheridan: No.

Luis: You may not want to admit it, but I can tell that you're starting to remember. And pretty soon, everything that Dr. Ackland and Alistair did to you -- it's all going to start coming back.

Sheridan: Luis, you're getting worse. Oh, no.

Luis: It's cold. I'm freezing.

Sheridan: You are. What am I going to do? Body heat. That's how you saved me when we were looking for your father that time -- out west when I fell in the river. I can use my own body heat to save you now. It's all I can do. [Sheridan strips off her clothes to give Luis as much body contact as possible.]


T.C.: You know, Sammy, we haven't seen too much of each other lately.

Sam: I know. You know, maybe we can get out and get a few rounds of golf in now that the weather is getting nice.

T.C.: You know, I'd like that.

Sam: Great. You know, maybe we can restart our old poker group.

T.C.: You can count me in on that one.

Sam: Great. You know, I'll call the guys and we'll make it a night.

T.C.: So what about Ivy?

Sam: What about her?

T.C.: Well, she's been keeping you on a short leash lately.

Sam: Has she?

T.C.: Well, Sam, I get the feeling that Ivy doesn't want to share you with anyone.

Sam: Oh, T.C., you're making Ivy out to be a selfish person, and she really isn't.

T.C.: Since when?

Sam: Ivy and I just restarted our relationship, ok? And it's only natural she wants to spend more time with me. She'll loosen up.

T.C.: Yeah, I wonder.

Sam: Ok, all right, come on. Tell me what's going on. Is everything ok with Eve and the kids?

T.C.: Well, there is some tension between Eve and Whitney, but you know, I blame all that on Chad. I don't want to talk about that right now, ok?

Sam: Look, I know you hoped that Luis would have exposed the Cranes for being the lying, scheming  S.O.B.s that they are, but it just didn't happen. Luis had to let Alistair keep his secrets in exchange for Crane's help getting Pilar that wonder drug that saved her life.

T.C.: Yeah. I don't blame Luis. But you know, I would kill to know who was driving that car the night of my accident. I always thought it was Julian, but I'm not so sure anymore.

Sam: Why? Hey, what happened?

T.C.: You know, I don't want to talk -- I want to talk about Ivy, all right?

Sam: What about her?

T.C.: Sam, she's evil. She's no good for you.


Ivy: Despite our differences, Eve, I do appreciate your rushing over here to make sure I was ok.

Eve: I'm a doctor, Ivy. I took an oath to save human life. And technically, you are human, so I had to come.

Ivy: You know, for a former whore, your bedside manner is certainly lacking.

Eve: I only came over here because of Sam, who, for some reason which I fail to understand, doesn't want anything to happen to you.

Ivy: I was the love of Sam's life once, and I am well on my way to being that again.

Eve: Not if he knew what you had done to him and Grace -- blackmailing David to come to town and pretend to be Grace's husband from before she had amnesia, and blackmailing me to fake those D.N.A. tests so that John would look like he was Grace and David's son.

Ivy: But Sam doesn't know, and Sam will never know because I'm certainly not going to tell him, and David isn't going to tell him. And you're not going to tell him, either, Eve, so all's well that ends well. Our little secret is safe.

Eve: Oh, Ivy. That's what you think.


Tabitha: Let canine Kay go at once!  [Faith maintains her magical hold over Kay.]

Faith: Oh, so you can kill my daughter? You know, I think you are as insane as you are evil!

Tabitha: I'm a witch on a mission. Why don't you go back to heaven and leave me the hell alone!

Faith: Not until Charity's safe!


Charity: Miguel, did you hear that voice? It sounded like my mom.

Miguel: Come on. Someone or something wrote a message on your bedroom mirror, and then a picture of you and your mom from before your house burned down fell on the floor. That's how I knew to come out here to find you.

Charity: Maybe she's trying to protect us.

Miguel: Yeah, maybe. Only this dog isn't giving up.


Tabitha: Let go of Kay!

Faith: No, witch! You let go of me!  [Tabitha and Faith struggle for control over Kay.]

Tabitha: The hell I will!

Faith: Ow!

[Tabitha screams]


Miguel: Go away! Come on. It's like is dog is possessed. Look, I got to find a way to stop it.

Charity: Ok. Hurry, it might come back!

Miguel: This should work.

[Kay barks]

Charity: Miguel! No!


Antonio: Look, I know they were here. I saw their footprints, but the damn tide washed them away.

Hank: Antonio, will you stop just waving that gun around? Ok? You're making me nervous. As for the footprints, you can't be sure they were Luis and Sheridan's. They could have been anybody's.

Antonio: You know what? I doubt it.

Hank: Why?

Antonio: Because if it had been anybody else, they'd have identified themselves by now. Hank, I am positive those were Sheridan and Luis' footsteps, and I'm going to find them.

Hank: Maybe whoever it was never heard you over the waves.

Antonio: Would you quit trying to protect Luis?

Hank: I'm not. I'm being realistic. We're wasting our time. You know, let's just go back to the boat and pack it in.

Antonio: You know, I don't care what Hank thinks. I know Sheridan and Luis were here. Damn it. Where did he take her?


Sheridan: You feeling any better?

Luis: So cold. But I definitely feel better. Hey, your necklace. You're as pretty wearing it now as you were back then.

Sheridan: Back then?

Luis: When I first gave it to you, centuries ago. Antony and Cleopatra. Liam and Susan. Harry and Patience. Our love lasts forever.

[Luis and Sheridan remember more of their past lives together.]

Patience: Oh, no. No, no, no. Not this cave again. I beseech you, please -- there might be more zombie pirates holed up in here.

Harry: Fear not. Andrew and I dispatched them all.

Patience: Oh. Yes, you were both most brave. But you, Harry -- you're most brazen to whisk me away from Andrew, my intended --

Harry: Yes.

Patience: So shortly after such an incredible battle took place here.

Harry: Someone approaches.

Andrew: Patience? It's Andrew! Woe be to that pirate for absconding with you again.

Harry: Oh, that man. He has sworn to bury me.

Patience: Were only it not so.

Harry: Well, I could die a happy man if I knew I had your love.

Patience: Harry, you know I am spoken for.

Harry: Oh, listen not to your father or to Andrew. You should listen to your heart. Surely I know it speaks to me.

Sheridan: Harry.


Sam: I didn't know you felt so strongly about Ivy.

T.C.: Sam, I can't help it. Ivy lied to you about being pregnant with Ethan. She let that boy think that that bastard Julian was his father.

Sam: Look, Ivy was afraid of what the Cranes would do to her and to Ethan if they found out.

T.C.: That's what she says now. But I think Ivy enjoyed being Mrs. Julian Crane, having all that money and all that power. Hell, if you ask me, I think they made a wonderful couple. Both of them are lowdown and despicable people.

Sam: Ivy was a wonderful person when we first met. She didn't care that she was a governor's daughter any more then she cared I worked on a fishing boat.

T.C.: Sam, you're making excuses for her. Reality check -- she left you to go and marry for some money.

Sam: Her father pushed her into it to save his business. Alistair left them no choice.

T.C.: Sammy, I don't care how it happened. It happened. Ivy cannot be trusted, Sam. I mean, look how she just moved in here right after you and Grace started having problems.

Sam: Theresa threw Ivy out of the mansion. Rebecca wouldn't let her back in. She had nowhere else to go.

T.C.: You know, Grace didn't believe that crap, and neither do I.

Sam: You're saying it's Ivy's fault that Grace left me for David?

T.C.: Sam, by you being with Ivy, you have sent a message to Grace, a message saying that you're not committed to your marriage.

Sam: Don't you dare blame Ivy for what happened here. Grace shut me out of our bedroom long before Ivy lived here. And let me tell you something -- it was Grace that left me and our family to be with David! I didn't leave Grace to be with Ivy. She abandoned us, T.C., and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit around here and wait for her to come back. As far as I'm concerned, our marriage is over, and I'm moving on with Ivy.

T.C.: Damn it, Sam, you cannot move on with that monster.


Ivy: Ok, why are you laughing at me, Eve?

Eve: You know, Ivy, for a conniving bitch, you are so naive.

Ivy: About what?

Eve: About the truth. Your whole heinous plot to steal Sam away from Grace has come close to unraveling so many times that it is inevitable that it will.

Ivy: Well, I admit that I was a little afraid that Luis would expose me at the Founders' Day Dance, and Alistair just happened to mention that he had a record of everything I've ever done, including your part in it.

Eve: Please don't remind me.

Ivy: Oh, it's only because Luis made a deal with Alistair to save Pilar's life that the both of us are still standing here in one piece. But since Alistair will make sure that Luis never gets his hands on any other Crane secrets, there's nobody left to expose us.

Eve: Oh, yes, there is. My sister, Liz.

Ivy: Well -- well, I know she's your sister, but what interest would she have in Sam and me?

Eve: Well, no, she doesn't. But my sister, Liz, blames me for ruining her life, so she's determined to expose my past with Julian to get even and to get T.C.

Ivy: Well, what's stopping her?

Eve: So far Liz hasn't been able to find a way to blow me out of the water, not without T.C. seeing her for the nasty piece of work that she is. But eventually, she will find a way to bring me down, and when she does, I'm taking you with me.


Charity: Help, Miguel! The dog keeps trying to bite me!

Miguel: This metal rod ought to do it!

Charity: Ow, Miguel! Miguel!

Miguel: It's not working. The dog won't let go.


Tabitha: You fought with me before and lost, and this time is no different!

Faith: Yes, it is. This time I'm dead, and I won't stop until you are, too!


Charity: Miguel, help!

Miguel: Nothing else has worked. I have to kill it. [Miguel throws the metal bar and spears the dog.]

Charity: You did it, Miguel. You got the dog.

[Kay whimpers]


Sam: Ivy is no monster, T.C., and I won't let you disparage Ethan's mother that way.

T.C.: I'm sorry, Sam. I didn't trust Ivy when she was with Julian, and I sure as hell don't trust her now.

Sam: Fine. Don't trust her. I don't care. Ivy is nothing to you.

T.C.: But she's a part of your life, and I care about you, and I care about your happiness! And as long as Ivy's in the picture, I am not going to sit around and let her hurt you. I'm not going to let her break your heart again, Sam.

Sam: I appreciate your concern, T.C., But I think it's misguided. I think you're taking all your anger at Julian and you're directing it at Ivy.

T.C.: You slept with her, didn't you?

Sam: What the hell does that have to do with anything?

T.C.: Because now that you're getting some, you're starting to think with your zipper and not with your brain.

Sam: Hey, hey, T.C., You're my best friend, but I need you to shut the hell up!

T.C.: Sam, I am your best friend, and that's why I can talk to you the way I'm talking to you. Damn it, that woman in there is not the same woman that you fell in love with years ago. She's poison Ivy now, and she is poison to anyone who gets involved with her, and that includes you.

Sam: Unless you can prove Ivy's dangerous, you keep your mouth shut, or I'll shut it for you.


Ivy: Eve, just because Liz is going to expose your secrets, that's no reason for you to expose mine.

Eve: Ivy, why on earth would I protect you when you've been blackmailing me for years?

Ivy: I just needed help getting Sam away from Grace.

Eve: Oh, is that all? Well, then you can just hang with me.

Ivy: Two wrongs do not make a right, Eve.

Eve: You know, Ivy, you may wish that you had choked on that berry. Because when Sam finds out what you did to his marriage with Grace, not only is he going to hate you, but Ethan -- he's going to hate you as well. And you are going to be alone, just utterly and completely alone.

Ivy: No, I won't, Eve. You are going to be right there with me, keeping me company -- unless we can think of some way to keep Liz from opening up this whole Pandora's box.

Eve: There's nothing that I can do. But if you would like to try your own conniving abilities on the task, please be my guest. Just let me know what you come up with.


Tabitha: I got rid of you once before, faith. And by Godzilla, I will do it again. All right, Endora, zap her. Up, up, and away. Oh, well, done my little demonita! Yes! And now I see Miguel and Charity unharmed. Where the hell is canine Kay?  [Endora forces Faith to disappear.]

Miguel: You ok? Do you see the dog?

Charity: No, but I hear it whimpering.

Miguel: I hate that I had to hurt it, but it was definitely trying to kill you. Let's go find it. Maybe we should call the vets. They can put it out of its misery.

Charity: Ok.

[Kay whimpers]


Hank: It's getting late. Let's get some shuteye.

Antonio: I won't rest until I find Sheridan. Then I'm going to kill Luis.

Sheridan: Harry, please, hang on. Please don't die.

Luis: I'm not going to die. I'm not going to leave you. Not now, not ever. Our love is forever.



T.C.: Eve is not a conniving, two-timing bitch like Ivy.

Miguel: If I've killed Kay, I'll never be able to forgive myself.

Andrew: You'd have been smart to get away on the next ship. Now you don't have a second chance.

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