Passions Transcript Friday 5/28/04

Passions Transcript Friday 5/28/04

by Eric
proofread by Laurie

Charity: My dream seemed so real.

Evil Faith: I'm here, sweetheart.

Charity: Aunt Grace. I thought you were --

Evil Faith: No, no, no, Aunt Grace is still in Europe. It's me, your mother.

Charity: No, this -- this isn't possible.

Evil Faith: No, no, no, trust me, Charity, it's true. I heard you calling me, so I came. But I need you to do something for me.

Charity: Anything.

Evil Faith: Ok. I need you to go to our old home.

Charity: But there's nothing there. It's burned down.

Evil Faith: No, you will understand when you get there. Now go.

Charity: I'm coming, mom. I'm coming.


Tabitha: And she's off! Ha-ha! I knew Charity would never be able to refuse her sweet, dead mom.

Evil Faith: So chump girl really took the bait.

Tabitha: Mm-hmm! Yes, yes, Evil Faith. Charity really believed you were her mother! Ha-ha! And blondie has no idea that you're just an evil replicate that I conjured up to lure her out to the woods and then give her the mother of all sendoffs!

Kay: What does that mean, exactly?

Evil Faith: It means, just leave it to cleaver. Ha! [Playing with a large meat cleaver.]


Det. Cook: I'm sure my old case notebook is here somewhere.

Liz: Well, keep looking, detective. I am desperate to help my friend T.C. find closure. This accident robbed him of his future in tennis, caused his father to die of a broken heart.

Det. Cook: It bothered me that case was never solved. Someone committed a terrible crime, ruining Mr. Russell's life. They should play.

Liz: Yes, they should.

Liz: And once you give me the proof I need, Eve will pay for what she did that night, and my sister's life will be wrecked once and for all.


T.C.: Honey, are you ok?

Eve: That's the car from your accident?

T.C.: I couldn't get rid of it. That night changed my life forever. The driver of that car that hit me that night ruined my chances of playing pro tennis, caused my father to die before his time. And I know that that driver was Julian Crane. And so help me, god, when I get the proof I need, I swear to you, I will kill him!

[Young Eve screams in Eve's memory]

Eve's inner voice: Oh, my god. Julian wasn't driving the car that night. I was!


Sheridan: Luis? He must have come up closer to the shore.


Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places; and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet; and I, would fly on the wings of the bird, I knewm could take me highest.  Breathe in, breathe out. You keep me alive; You are the fire burning inside of me.  You are my passion for life.


Det. Cook: Got it.

Liz: That's it? The case notebook?

Det. Cook: Any cop worth his badge writes down everything for backup.

Liz: And here we are years later trying to help an innocent victim find justice.

Det. Cook: I always wanted the person responsible for the accident held accountable.

Liz: Yes, and my friend T.C. does, too. And I want him to have the satisfaction of knowing who is responsible for physically and emotionally scarring him for life. You know, T.C. thinks that he knows who was driving the car that night. He thinks it's someone that he is close to, and I want to prove it.


Eve: Oh, my god. The wreck. God, the wreck.

T.C.: Sweetheart, come on, sit down, sit down.

Eve: Oh.

T.C.: Honey, I'll get you some water. Just hold on.

[Flashback to a drunken night of partying for Eve and Julian.]

Young Eve: I want some more champagne!

Young Julian: Oh, sorry, my love, it's all gone.

Young Eve: No! Open the other bottle, then!

Young Julian: We already did. We drank that, too!

Young Eve: Well, I want more! More, more, more!

Young Julian: Oh, I'll give you more when we get back to my place -- more champagne, more of everything.

Young Eve: Ooh, everything?

Young Julian: Oh, anything and everything.

Young Julian: Eve! Eve, watch out!

Young Eve: What? Oh, no!   [The sound of a car accident.]

[Flashback ends.]

Eve: Oh, god! Oooh, god, I remember! Oh, god, I remember the wreck! Oh, god! Oh, god!


Sheridan: Still no sign of Luis. Oh, he must've gotten ashore first and went to go look for some firewood.

Sheridan: Oh. Antonio.

Sheridan's inner voice: He's my husband and I love him. Oh, but god help me, I feel something for Luis, too.

Sheridan: What if Luis is right? I mean, what if my father really did have Dr. Ackland brainwash me into loving Antonio when I really love Luis? I just wish I knew. Poor Luis. He's just dying for me to remember.


Evil Faith: I can't wait to kill Charity.

Tabitha: I'll zap you over to Castleton, where the real Faith and blondie used to live, and you can slice and dice her there.

Evil Faith: Sounds like a plan.

Kay: Excuse me, but isn't there something else we can do besides actually killing Charity?

Tabitha: Kay, dear, I didn't want it to happen this way, either. Timmy's heart beats on in that brat -- my Timmy's heart. We've tried everything else. Endora even turned Reese from a dud to a stud to distract the girl, and still she mooned over Miguel.

Kay: I know, but can't we just --

Tabitha: Why even death himself guilted your cousin into giving up Miguel to save Maria, but actually, according to the boys in the basement, Father Lonigan told Charity that that was a bogus deal. He said death can't bargain using innocent souls, so we're back to square one. And it's not just your future with Miguel that's at stake here. I have Endora to worry about now. If blondie and the boy get back together and do the deed, not only will I fry but my darling daughter will fry, too, and that's the last thing that Timmy would want because he loves me, and he loves Endora, too. Oh, so if heaven is all about forgiveness, which is what Timmy claims it is, then I'll be forgiven for this, as well, right? Evil Faith, go. Dispatch Charity. Chop, chop.

Kay: Wait! Wait! There's something we haven't tried yet.

Tabitha: What, Kay?

Kay: You said that Charity was so good, she would never refuse her mom, right?

Tabitha: Right.

Kay: And you proved it. She's on her way right now to their old home site.

Tabitha: Your point being?

Kay: Well, what if we tell Evil Faith to tell Charity to stay away from Miguel?

Evil Faith: And then I kill her.

Kay: Excuse us for a sec. Charity was sickeningly close to her mom, so meeting her back at the charred remains of the home where the real Faith died in the fire will pull on every heartstring my cousin has.

Tabitha: So?

Kay: So once Charity's mother -- well, actually that evil look-alike you conjured up -- pleads with Charity to give up Miguel, Charity will never be able to refuse.

Tabitha: Hmm. Maybe you have a point there. And if your plan works, it will allow my Timmy's heart to live on in Charity.

Kay: Yes, my plan will work. I know it will.

Tabitha: Maybe. So now what I have to do is make Evil Faith pretend to be sweet and nice for a while.

Kay: Well, so make her be nice. You conjured her up. Doesn't she have to act however you want her to?

Tabitha: Yes, within reason.

Kay: What are you waiting for? Try it, ok? My plan is better than killing Charity and losing your last earthly link to Timmy.

Tabitha: You're bloody right. Evil Faith, put down that cleaver.

Evil Faith: Why?

Tabitha: There's been a change of plan. You're going to be nice to Charity -- really, really nice. Mm-hmm.

[Evil Faith growls]


Antonio: Damn it, I should've taken Sheridan with me when we went to the hospital to tell my mother goodbye instead of leaving her there at the cottage by herself. You know what, I'll bet Luis was right there. I'll bet he was just waiting for me to leave the house so he could go in and kidnap her.

Hank: Luis loves Sheridan. I'm sorry, Antonio, but they were together before Sheridan ever met you

Antonio: You know what, Hank, that doesn't matter because Sheridan married me. She's told me I don't know how many times that she wants to be with me, and Luis just can't accept that.

Hank: Sheridan and Luis have a connection, Antonio, a bond between them that I don't think anyone or anything could ever break.

Antonio: What did I just tell you, Hank? Sheridan and I have a bond, too. We're married. I'm her husband. You mark my word -- it'll be a cold day in hell before I ever see Luis with Sheridan.


Sheridan: Luis! Luis! Wonder where he is. Wait a minute. If he went to go get firewood, he should be back by now. Oh, no. What if something happened to him and he didn't make it to shore? What if he's still out there?


Evil Faith: Plan b blows brimstone, Tabs! You conjured me up to murder Charity, not mother her!

Tabitha: Yes, well -- well, just think of this as a challenge --

Evil Faith: Oh --

Tabitha: Evil's softer side. Make Charity think that you are loving, caring, nice -- all the things you aren't. Earn her trust, and then guilt her into giving up Miguel once and for freaking all!

Kay: Oh, Tabs, we've got an incoming message! There she is. [Watching Charity in the magic gazing bowl.]


[Flashback to a night with Charity and Faith before the fire.]

Charity: One of mom's angel statues? Your angel statues.

Faith: Yeah, I can't find a single one of them.

Charity: Well, you've got so many of them. One of them's got to be around here somewhere.

Faith: Well, I'm going to keep looking. Oh.

Charity: Mom, you can live without your angels for one night. You look exhausted. Go to bed.

Faith: As soon as I find one, I will. As perfect as everything is, we still have to be careful, Charity.

Charity: Don't worry about me so much, mom. I'm going to be just fine.

Faith: You are very strong and very capable. I'm so proud of the young woman you've become. It's just --

Charity: I know -- the evil forces.

Faith: That's right.

Charity: Mom, tomorrow we begin our new life, and it is going to be better than anything you've ever dreamed of.

Faith: I'm sure it will, sweetheart. Good night.

Charity: I love you, mom.

Faith: I love you, too, my precious daughter. May the angels in heaven watch over you tonight and protect you from harm always.

[Flashback ends.]

Charity: Ooh. Mom, I miss you so much. If only the angels had protected her from that fire.


Tabitha: Faith's cutesy-wootsy angels were no match for me that night. I was a real bitch. A German Shepherd, to be exact.

Kay: Look how much Charity misses her mom, ok? I'm sure she'll do anything Evil Faith asks her to.

Tabitha: Well, we'll soon see, won't we? Evil Faith, time to be nice.

[Evil Faith groans]

Tabitha: There. Much better. Next stop to Castleton, hmm? [With a wave of her hands, Tabitha transports Evil Faith to Charity's side.]


Charity: Mom? I came back to our old house, just like you asked me to. I don't really know what I'm doing here. Is there something you want me to do?

Evil Faith: Yes, Charity, there is.

Tabitha: Cue the music. [Celestial music plays]  [Tabitha casts a music spell to give the meeting that ethereal feeling.]

Charity: Mom.

Evil Faith: It's me, honey.

Charity: You're here. You're really here!

Evil Faith: Yes, sweetheart, mommy's here.


Det. Cook: Let's see. The accident was the week of -- my notes should be right about -- oh, my god.

Liz: What is it, detective?

Det. Cook: My notes about the accident -- the pages are all gone.

Liz: What do you mean?

Det. Cook: I mean someone ripped them out. Someone stole my notes about your friend's accident.


Eve: I can't believe this is happening. I was there the night of T.C.'s accident. I was driving Julian's car!

[Flashback to the accident that ruined TC's tennis career.]

Young Eve: Julian, what happened?

Young Julian: Nothing, nothing. Just slide over here.

Young Eve: Hmm?

Young Julian: Let me drive. Come, please.

Young Eve: We hit something. What did we hit?

Young Julian: Doesn't matter. Let's just -- let's just go back to my -- my place and we'll get some rest.

Young Eve: Oh. Did, did I hit that car? Oh, I hit that car.

Young Julian: Don't worry about it. I'm sure no real harm was done. Come on.

Young Eve: Oh, god, Julian, wait. Oh, I hurt that guy! Oh, I -- oh, god --

Young Julian: Shh.

Young Eve: I hurt that poor guy.

Young Julian: No. No. That isn't just some poor guy. That's T.C. Russell.

[Car starts]

[End flashback.]

Eve: Oh, god, it was T.C.! Oh, god! I'm responsible for ruining T.C.'S life!


Antonio: I know you're out there, Sheridan, and I will find you.

Hank: Antonio, I hope you don't hate me for what I said about Sheridan and Luis' love. I'm just trying to tell it like it is. I don't want you thinking I'm taking sides.

Antonio: Hank, I would expect that you would take Luis' side, you being his best friend and all. It's just my mother. I -- I can't believe that she'd take Luis' side. I mean, she's excusing the fact that my own brother committed adultery with my wife. Now, I love my mother very much, but that's something I'm just never going to forget. Wait a minute. Shine the light over there, Hank. I think I see something in the water. Looks like someone. Maybe it's Sheridan.


Sheridan: Luis! Luis! He was right behind me when I came up from the shipwreck. What if something happened to him and I didn't see? What if he's still down there?  [Sheridan dives frantically trying to find Luis.]


Liz: Detective Cook, you must be mistaken.

Det. Cook: There's no mistake, ma'am. Someone ripped out all the pages with my notes on T.C. Russell's car wreck. What I don't get is why. Who'd want to do such a thing?

Liz: The Cranes.

Det. Cook: Did you say the Cranes?

Liz: Yes. Julian or his father, Alistair -- they would've made sure that there were no loose ends connected with that accident. Damn them.

Det. Cook: You didn't tell me the Cranes were involved with this.

Liz: Well, I assumed that -- that you knew from your original investigation.

Det. Cook: I had my suspicions, but -- forget it. Leave me out of this. I'm not going to risk my pension going against the Cranes.

Liz: No! Listen, I don't think that Julian's to blame. I think that somebody else was driving the car -- a woman, perhaps.

Det. Cook: I don't care. Now, I'm sorry, but you need to leave.

Liz: But what about truth? What about justice?

Det. Cook: Tell your friend to get over it, get counseling. Just leave me alone.

Liz: Detective Cook, I really need your help.

Det. Cook: No. You need to go, now.

Liz: Damn it. I was so close to nailing Eve. What now?


Eve: I guess what happened that night was just so traumatic to me that I just -- I just pushed it out of my mind, and then when I saw this car that T.C. was driving, it just -- it just all came rushing back in again. At least, god, I think that what I'm remembering is what happened.

[Flashback to the night of the accident.]

Young Eve: No.

Young Julian: What is it, my love?

Young Eve: What happened? Where am I?

Young Julian: You're here, you're here in my bed, safe and sound. Lean back.

Young Eve: How did I get here?

Young Julian: I brought you. You had a bit too much to drink tonight, as did I, and I thought it was best if you sleep it off.

Young Eve: No, no, something happened. There was -- there was a car wreck. There was an accident.

Young Julian: No, you had a nightmare.

Young Eve: But, no, I -- I saw that man. I saw the man in the car.

Young Julian: No, no, no. You just go back to sleep. As I said, you had too much champagne. You go to sleep. You'll feel better in the morning.

Young Eve: It was so real.

Young Julian: Sleep. That unfortunate man means nothing to you. You'll never see T.C. Russell again.

[End flashback.]

Eve: Oh, T.C.


Antonio: Aim it more to the right, just a little bit. [Talking about the spotlight on the boat.]

Hank: I don't see anything.

Antonio: Damn it. I could've sworn I saw someone out there.

Hank: It could've just been a clump of seaweed.

Antonio: No, it looked like a woman. I mean, it could've been Sheridan.

Hank: I don't see anyone, man or woman.

Antonio: All right, well, I'm not giving up. I'm not giving up till we find Sheridan. I know she's out there somewhere.


[Sheridan returned to the shipwreck to find Luis trapped at the bottom of the bay under a fallen beam from the ship.  She freed him and brought him to the surface.]

Sheridan: Oh, god. Oh, Luis. Hope I'm not too late. Oh, please, Luis, don't be dead.

Sheridan: No! He's not responding!

Sheridan: Please, Luis, you cannot die. You can't die! [Sheridan administers CPR.]


Charity: Mom, I'm so happy to see you. I've missed you so much.

Evil Faith: Oh, I've missed you, too, sweetheart. But I've been watching over you and keeping tabs on your life.


[Tabitha and Kay watch Evil Faith and Charity in the magical gazing bowl.]

Kay: So far so good. Evil Faith is acting so sweet, just like Charity said her real mom did. Now all Evil Faith has to do is just get my cousin to agree to stay away from Miguel and you won't have to kill her. Timmy's heart can go on beating in Charity's chest.

Tabitha: Hades knows I'd like that, but I'm not holding my breath. Seems my creation has come with a bit of a short fuse.

Kay: Well, how hard can it be for Evil Faith and Charity to connect like mothers and daughters do?

Tabitha: You tell me, Kay. You and your mother went from being connected to being downright combative.

Kay: Well, my mom killed our connection the second she put Charity's happiness ahead of my own.

Tabitha: Yeah, well, let's just hope Charity's mom can kill her with kindness instead of flat-out offing the brat.


Charity: I'm so glad you're here. But why did you come back from heaven to see me?

Evil Faith: Sweetheart, I'm worried about you. I see you headed in the wrong direction, down a path that will lead to pain and heartache.

Charity: Mom, mom, if this is about Reese, don't worry about it. We didn't sleep together. We just made out.

Evil Faith: No. No, it's not about Reese. It's about Miguel.

Charity: What about Miguel?

Evil faith: It's wrong for you to try to get back together with Miguel. You have to leave him alone.

Charity: Mom --

Evil Faith: Charity, if you don't stay from Miguel, lives will be destroyed.


Hank: I say we head back to shore and look for Sheridan and Luis again in the morning when it's light.

Antonio: No. I can feel that she's close by. We just haven't spotted her yet. Wait a minute. Over there. Look. It's an island. Sheridan could be on that island.


Sheridan: Breathe, Luis! Please breathe!

Sheridan: Oh, god, no. Luis, I'm not going to lose you again. I lost you to death before in other lifetimes, and I'm not going to lose you in this life! Please, Luis, breathe! Oh, Luis! Oh, thank god, you're alive!


Charity: I don't understand. Why do you want me to stay away from Miguel?

Evil Faith: Weren't you listening just now? Your being with him will cause pain and suffering.

Charity: Why?

Evil Faith: Because it will.

Charity: Why?

Evil Faith: What is this, 20 questions?

Charity: Mom -- I mean, you're asking me to give up the one and only love of my life. Why?

[Evil Faith growls]

Evil Faith: Because, honey, that love can never be. Let it go. Put Miguel out of your heart.


Kay: This is perfect! Charity totally thinks her mom is telling her what to do. Oh, and knowing my cousin, she will never go against her mother's wishes.


Charity: Mom, you don't understand. I try to stay away from Miguel, but our love keeps bringing us back together.

Evil Faith: That's because you're -- you're weak and you need to be stronger.

Charity: Why, mom? Why do I have to give up the man I love? That's just not fair. It's not! It's not fair!

Evil Faith: Fair? You're talking to me about fair? I burned to a crisp on this very spot while you got your beauty sleep upstairs!

Charity: Mom --

Evil Faith: I'm dead while you're alive! Is that fair?


Tabitha: Uh-oh. Evil Faith's true colors are starting to show through.

Kay: Well, what do you think will happen?

Tabitha: I don't know. We just have to hope Charity agrees sooner rather than later to give up Miguel or your plan could flop and Charity will end up a fricassee.


Charity: Mom, it isn't like you to get so angry.

Evil Faith: Yeah, well, being dead changes a person. I came back to warn you, and you're not listening to me.

Charity: Ok -- um -- I'm trying to understand.

Evil Faith: Ok, well, it's really quite simple, actually. Miguel had a baby with Kay, your cousin.

Charity: Right. But, mom, he still loves me.

Evil Faith: Even so, Miguel has a responsibility to Kay, and he can't exactly fulfill that responsibility if he's running around with you, now, can he?

Charity: I want him to be there for Maria. I want him to be a wonderful father. But he can still be with me.

Evil Faith: You think so, huh?

Charity: Yeah, I do.

Evil Faith: Well, you're wrong. You're selfish and you're wrong!

Charity: Mom, I'm not being selfish. I want him to be a great father, but he can still be with me. I love him! I'm not giving him up!

Evil Faith: "I love him! I'm not giving him up!"

Charity: Mom, this isn't you.

Evil Faith: Shut up, miss thing! You can and you will give up Miguel, do you hear me? You will give him up or there will be hell to pay!


Tabitha: So much for plan b, I'm afraid.


T.C.: Sweetheart, you're shaking. What's wrong? Why are you so upset?

Eve: Oh, oh, T.C. All these years -- the car, the accident -- oh, god, I've hurt you. I've made you suffer.

T.C.: Honey, I don't understand.

Liz: Oh, but you will, T.C. Your dear, precious wife was driving the car the night of the accident that ruined your life, and now, finally, when the truth comes out, Eve's life will be ruined, as well.


Sheridan: Oh, Luis. Thank God you're alive.

Luis: Sheridan.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis. [They kiss.]


Antonio: Hank, aim the searchlight a little bit more to the left, see if there's any sign of Sheridan over there. I have to find her. I have to get her away from Luis.

Sheridan: Luis. I got to get you to the mainland. You've lost too much blood. I've got to get you to a doctor.

Luis: No, no doctor. I feel fine.

Sheridan: Luis? Oh, my goodness.

[Luis groans]

Sheridan: That searchlight -- it's coming from a boat. Somebody's out there. They can help you!


Antonio: Luis is holding Sheridan against her will. I have to let her know that I'm here. Sheridan, it's Antonio. Sheridan, if you can hear me, let me know.


Sheridan: It's your brother, Luis. It's Antonio. He can help get you to a doctor.

Luis: I don't need a doctor. I just need you.

Sheridan: No.

Antonio: Sheridan, if you're on the island, let me know.

Sheridan: Oh, Antonio. Luis.



Eve: It's my fault -- all of it! It's all my fault!

T.C.: Honey, how could the accident that happened years ago be your fault?

Sheridan: You're -- you're one of those pirates.

Luis: Harry Blodge at your service. We meet again.

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