Passions Transcript Monday 5/24/04

Passions Transcript Monday 5/24/04

by Eric
proofread by Laurie

Theresa: Ok. Are you done yet?

Gwen: Yep, she's finished and so are you.

Nurse: Mrs. Winthrop, I will send you the results of Mrs.. Lopez's pregnancy test as soon as I get them.

Gwen: Great. Thank you. And if you wouldn't mind, please put a rush on it. My husband and I are so anxious to find out if we're going to be able to give our adopted son a brother or sister soon.

Nurse: I'll do what I can.

Gwen: Thank you.

Ethan: We'll see you out.

Theresa: Oh, you know what? Actually, Ethan, you know, that's ok because Whitney and I were just leaving, so, you know, we can walk her out.

Gwen: No, I want you to stay here until we find out the results of the pregnancy test, Theresa.

Theresa: Ok, but, you know, I can't, though. I have things I have to do, so --

Gwen: What could possibly be more important than proving you're actually carrying our child?

Ethan: Theresa, Gwen's right. You need to stay here until we get back from the hospital. Whitney, I'd appreciate it if you could look after Theresa while we're gone.

Gwen: Thanks, Whit. [Gwen and Ethan leave with the nurse.]

Theresa: All right, ok, what am I going to do now?

Whitney: Well, for starters, you need to fess up. Why don't you want to take this pregnancy test? What crazy, horrible thing have you done this time?


Tabitha: Ah. If those two lovebirds come back to Harmony, things could get rather foul for us rather quickly, Endora. How would I ever explain my warning to them decades ago about dire happenings in the summer of 2004 without being outed as a witch? On the other hand, Alistair Crane has much more to lose than I do if they come back. In fact, I don't think I have anything to fear at all. Nothing. Not only will Alistair keep them from returning to Harmony, he will stop them dead in their tracks before they ever set foot back in the good old U.S. Of A. Right? Huh?


Alistair: Before things go any further, are you absolutely certain it's them?

Man: Yes, Mr. Crane. After years of false leads and dead ends, I finally found them.

Alistair: Still together after all this time.  Damn them. Damn them both!

Man: Don't worry. I'll make sure they get what's coming to them.

Alistair: Good. Just be quick about it. They must be eliminated so they can never return to Harmony.


Mrs. Wheeler: Harmony -- life sure has gone on there without us.

Mr. Wheeler: And we've gone on, as well. All this time together.

Mrs. Wheeler: I wouldn't trade one day of my life with you, but I do dream about Harmony. I dream about my children when they were young, holding them in my arms, rocking them with a lullaby to sleep.

Mr. Wheeler: Sometimes I dream about Harmony, too, but usually they're nightmares.

Mrs. Wheeler: I'm sorry.

Mr. Wheeler: No, it's not your fault. It's my guilt. When I wake up in the middle of the night, her voice echoing in my ears.


Pilar: I'm so happy to see you, mijo.

Antonio: Sheridan insisted that I come say goodbye.

Pilar: You're still leaving with her, taking her to St. Lisa's?

Antonio: Yeah, we're going to leave this morning.

Pilar: I wish you would reconsider.

Antonio: I don't think that's going to happen, mama. Every time I turn around, Luis is there claiming that Sheridan loves him and not me. Well, you know what, I'm sick of it. I'm done.


Sheridan: Luis, get out! Stop doing this to me!

Luis: Doing what? Sheridan, I told you Dr. Ackland confessed everything. Sheridan -- what? Are you serious?

Sheridan: Look, I don't want to hear it!

Luis: Sheridan, please --

Sheridan: I want you to leave!

Luis: Sheridan, just listen to me! Sheridan, you love me! I'm telling you -- Sheridan, please, just -- Sheridan!


Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places; and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet; and I, would fly on the wings of the bird, I knew could take me highest.  Breathe in, breathe out.  You keep me alive; you are the fire burning inside of me.  You are my passion for life.


Mrs. Wheeler: You should have told me you were having nightmares.

Mr. Wheeler: What good would it have done? You'd have worried over something that neither of us could control. Besides, you know, I don't have them that often, and only when I'm reminded of home. Sometimes I'll see Paloma in a certain light, face tilted just so. Or she'll say something so reminiscent of her mother. Even the look in her eyes sometimes -- what I see in them haunts me.

Mrs. Wheeler: You're such a good man. You have such a good heart. You don't deserve to feel this way.

Mr. Wheeler: Don't I?

Mrs. Wheeler: I wish I could take away your guilt, but I can't.

Mr. Wheeler: You're still burdened with your own. No matter how much we look back, no matter how much we justify it, there are so, so many loved ones who wouldn't understand, much less forgive us.

Mrs. Wheeler: They would have had to have been there, to wither under all the criticism, the constant putdowns, the horrible, horrible threats, the abuse itself, to even have a clue.

Mr. Wheeler: You've suffered long enough. Your health is starting to deteriorate.

Mrs. Wheeler: We did the only thing that we could. We escaped. We ran as far and as fast as we could to save our own lives.

Mr. Wheeler: We left so many people who wouldn't understand, loved ones who wouldn't understand.

Paloma: Who? Who would never understand?


Pilar: I know you're still angry with me. Believing that I favor Luis over you has -- has wounded you deeply.

Antonio: Because it's true. You would rather Luis and Sheridan be together than me and Sheridan.

Pilar: Can we forget what I want for just a moment, please? What does Sheridan want?

Antonio: You know what Sheridan wants. She chose to be with me. And that is exactly why we're leaving -- so we can live in peace together.

Pilar: I hate this tension between you and Luis, and it's no secret that Sheridan hates it too, mijo, but she has lived most of her life away from everyone that loves her -- Ethan, Gwen, and, in some way, even Julian, and you've been gone for so long, mijo. Please don't leave us again.

Antonio: Well, all I can say is that you've got Luis to blame for that because if Sheridan and I have any chance of being happy together, we're going to have to get as far away from Harmony and as far away from Luis as we possibly can, and that's exactly what we're going to do.


Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan, would you just -- just open the door and let me in!

Sheridan: No! Go away!

Luis: Sheridan, I have the proof. I'm telling you, Ackland admitted everything. Would you -- Sheridan, would you please just hear me out? Ok?

Sheridan: All right, what did Dr. Ackland tell you?

Luis: Everything.

Sheridan: Be specific!

Luis: All right, Ackland -- he said that you were having a hard time coping after you lost our baby, but he never would have had you admitted to the psych ward -- that Alistair is the one who convinced Antonio to have you committed, and once Ackland had you in there, Alistair threatened Ackland's family, that he would kill them, if he didn't brainwash you into choosing Antonio. And Ackland admitted that he drugged you to confuse you and gave you shock therapy so that you would forget that you loved me.

Sheridan: No. No, I don't believe it.

Luis: Sheridan -- it's true, ok? Please, I'm telling you, Ackland made you think that you love Antonio when you really love me. 

Sheridan: I was brainwashed? Why? Luis, what did I ever do to my father to make him hate me so much? I mean, is this still because of my mother? Does he still blame me for her death, that having me weakened her so much that her health failed?

Luis: Look, it's easier for him to think that you're responsible for Katherine's death than it is for him to admit that he couldn't save her, not with all his money and power. Losing isn't an option for Alistair. His own wife? No way. I mean, that would destroy the all-powerful image that he has of himself.

Sheridan: Yeah, father is controlling.

Luis: And afraid.

Sheridan: Of what?

Luis: "Of what"? Sheridan, of us being together. Of exposing his past, digging up all the Crane secrets. Sheridan, you remember how close we came that time in the Crane archives?

Sheridan: Yeah, and you were electrocuted.

Luis: Yeah. Sheridan, think about it, though. It all makes sense. Your father tried so many times to keep us apart -- it never worked -- bribing me, the whole impostor scheme, blowing up the boat. I guess he figured that maybe he could destroy our love by erasing it from your head.

Sheridan: But, Luis, what you're suggesting -- I mean, it only happens in spy novels.

Luis: Sheridan, Ackland confessed up about everything.

Sheridan: But all I have is your word.

Luis: Sheridan, he's in the car. All right, he's in the car right now, waiting to tell you everything.

Sheridan: He is?

Luis: Yes. Look, Sheridan, I know that this is difficult for you. But if you ever want to be happy, you have to understand what a control freak Alistair really is.


Paloma: Tia, tio, what were you talking about? Who will never understand?

Mr. Wheeler: Your mother.

Mrs. Wheeler: Yes, your mother.

Mr. Wheeler: I mean, I'm afraid that Pilar won't understand if you don't go back to Harmony for a visit.

Paloma: Then I guess mi madre and I are even because I don't understand why she shipped me off to live here in Mexico with tia Maria.

Mr. Wheeler: I'm sure that she did what was best for you.

Paloma: Well, I think it's best if she comes to see me.

Mrs. Wheeler: Paloma, be reasonable. Your mother almost died. She's not in any condition to come and see you now.

Mr. Wheeler: That's why you should go to see her, and your brothers and sister, hmm?

Paloma: I don't have long before my afternoon classes start, so I'm going to get something to eat from the kitchen.

Mrs. Wheeler: Paloma is so unhappy, and it's all our doing.

Mr. Wheeler: No, no, no. We may have saved our own lives, made our own happiness, but we caused so many people so much pain doing what we did.


Theresa: Ok. Ok, I'll tell you. But you have got to promise not to breathe a word of this to anybody. I mean, I'm talking not even Chad, ok? And Fox doesn't know either, and he can't find out, too.

Whitney: Keeping secrets from the men you love -- I mean, honey, are you not seeing a pattern here?

Theresa: You want the truth, Whitney?

Whitney: Yeah, the truth.

Theresa: Ok. I didn't want to take the pregnancy test because -- well, I may not be pregnant.

Whitney: But you already took the home pregnancy test and you saw the double lines, so -- oh, wait, don't tell me that Gwen was right and you, what, cheated on the pregnancy test? What?

Theresa: No, no. No, I was pregnant then.

Whitney: Was?

Theresa: Yeah. The implant took. It did, but not for long. I mean, what your mom said, you know, about Gwen's eggs not being very hardy -- well, that was true because right after I took the test, I miscarried Gwen's embryo.

Whitney: Oh. I'm sorry. I really am sorry. But, honey, I have to say I think it's for the best. I mean, tricking the hospital into implanting Gwen's embryo in you so that you could have a baby to trade for little Ethan -- I mean, that plan -- that plan was just crazy to begin with. So why don't you just tell Ethan and Gwen you lost their baby? Honestly, I think they'd be relieved.

Theresa: No. Whitney, don't you see? Nothing's changed. Giving Gwen and Ethan a baby is the only chance I have to get my child back.

Whitney: Yeah, but how? You lost the baby.

Theresa: They don't know that, Whitney.

Whitney: Theresa, when the hospital sends over the test results, they're going to find out, and then your plan is going to be out the window anyway.

Theresa: No, maybe not.

Whitney: Ok, what are you telling me? What, are you going to try to change the test results when they get here, or what?

Theresa: No, I can't do that because I'm kind of stuck here, but -- well, there's a chance that I might be pregnant.

Whitney: What? How can you possibly be pregnant?

Theresa: How? Ok, you know how you do it with Chad all the time.

Whitney: Ok -- funny. Ok, let me guess -- you tried to sucker Fox into sleeping with you so that you could trade his baby off as Gwen and Ethan's baby?

Theresa: I tried that, but Fox still thought that I was pregnant, so he didn't want to jeopardize anything.

Whitney: Well, then, who did you sleep with? I mean, if you're pregnant now, whose baby is it?

Theresa: It's Ethan's.

Whitney: Ethan? Ethan may have gotten you pregnant? How? I mean, did he have extra sperm on deposit at the hospital from when he fertilized Gwen's eggs?

Theresa: No. No, Ethan may have gotten me pregnant the old-fashioned way.

Whitney: Oh, please. Now I know you're messing with me. Come on, Ethan is still furious with you for getting implanted with Gwen's eggs. And you're still angry with him for adopting little Ethan. And now -- now all of a sudden you're trying to tell me that the two of you made love? It doesn't make any sense!

Theresa: Ok, ok. All right, please just keep your voice down because Gwen and Ethan -- they can't know, Whitney.

Whitney: "They can't know." Theresa, are you hearing what you're saying, or is the Looney Tune music in your head drowning you out?

Theresa: What do you mean?

Whitney: I get you not wanting Gwen to hear me, but Ethan knows he slept with you. I mean, he was there, right?

Theresa: Yeah, you bet he was.

Whitney: What did you do? What, did you hypnotize him into forgetting that he made love to you?

Theresa: No, Whitney, I didn't do that. Do you -- you remember when I was asking you about the -- you know, the date rape drug, the one that your mom's doing all that research on?

Whitney: Yeah. Yeah, you said you wanted to warn Paloma so that she could be careful of it. Why?

Theresa: Ok, that wasn't the -- that wasn't the real reason that I wanted to know.

Whitney: Oh, my god. You didn't.

Theresa: Yes, I did, Whitney.

Whitney: Oh, my god.

Theresa: I know, but that's why Ethan doesn't remember anything, because I took some of the drug from your mom's medical bag and I gave it to Ethan without him knowing, and then -- well, thanks to Gwen coincidentally having a job interview out of town that night, I was, you know, able to slip into Ethan's bed and I disguised myself as Gwen, and then he did the rest. I mean, I hope that he did.

Whitney: Oh, my god, Theresa. I mean, when Ethan finds out about this, you know he's going to kill you, right?

Theresa: No, Ethan will never find out because you can't tell him.


Gwen: Honey, what's taking so long? You know, I would've thought the nurse would've messengered over Theresa's pregnancy results by now.

Ethan: Honey, honey, she's barely had enough time to get back to the hospital. Ok, I'm sure we'll get the results once the lab gets them to her.

Gwen: I know, I know. I just really hate waiting.

Ethan: Yeah, I noticed.

Gwen: I am on such pins and needles right now. You know, on one hand, I really want Theresa to be lying because the thought of our flesh and blood growing inside of that bitch really makes me sick, ok? But on the other hand, the thought of being able to hold our baby in my arms and have us watch him or her grow up and get married and learn to walk and ride a bike -- I mean, nothing makes me happier.

Ethan: Me either.

Gwen: Ok. So if what Dr. Russell said is right and that none of my eggs are viable and Theresa is the only way we're going to have our own baby -- then, honey, I want her to be pregnant more than anything in this world.


Luis: Come on. Ackland's in my car. He's waiting to tell you everything that Alistair made him do to you. What?

Sheridan: Look, I know that my father has tried to keep us apart in the past, but, I mean, to risk turning me into a vegetable, that's just beyond cruel.

Luis: Well, Ackland is going to back up everything that I've been saying to you -- how he drugged you, how he brainwashed you into thinking that you love Antonio and not me.

Sheridan: If Ackland really did say those things, then it would change everything.

Luis: Yeah, well, come on.

Luis: All right, Ackland. Time to fess up. Tell Sheridan everything.

Luis: Damn it, Ackland, start talking. Ackland? Ackland! Oh, my god, he's not here.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis.

Luis: He was here, I swear it! Ackland!

Sheridan: You know what? I hate to think that this is a last-ditch attempt to try and get me alone while your brother is in the hospital saying goodbye to your mother.

Luis: Sheridan, he was here. Maybe he got out to stretch his legs. Ackland!

Sheridan: Or maybe he was never here.

Luis: No, he was!

Sheridan: You know what? Antonio's right. You are so desperate that you will do anything to get back with me.

Luis: No, Eve even told you that I had proof. Ackland even admitted it.

Sheridan: I'm sorry, Luis, but I just think that this is a last-ditch attempt to try and stop me from leaving Harmony with Antonio. But it won't work, ok, because I am going back to my cottage and I am waiting for my husband. And when he gets back from the hospital, we are leaving for St. Lisa's.

Luis: No, wait, Sheridan, would you at least -- you smell that?

Sheridan: What?

Luis: Cigar smoke.

Luis: Look at that. Sheridan, that is Alistair's brand. Damn it. He must have got to Ackland while I was inside the cottage with you. You know, god only knows what he's done to him by now.


Alistair: Idiot! How stupid could you be, admitting to Luis that you brainwashed Sheridan?

Dr. Ackland: I -- um -- Mr. Crane, he -- he told me that he knew everything that we'd done to your daughter, Mr. Crane. He threatened to expose me. I would've lost my medical license. I would've lost my house!

Alistair: Luis was bluffing, you dolt. He couldn't prove a damned thing.

Dr. Ackland: He was very convincing, and I knew he had the files because of that article I read in the newspaper, and -- well, you should have warned me not to be duped by Luis if he came to see me!

Alistair: I should warn you? You're supposedly an eminent psychiatrist, yet you can't tell if a brute who barely finished high school was lying to you or not.

Dr. Ackland: Well, to tell the truth -- to tell the truth, I've actually been on anxiety medication. I'm just not as sharp as I used to be.

Alistair: Oh. Oh, I'm so sorry. Well, don't worry, doctor, you don't need to be sharp anymore. You need to disappear, and you will, permanently.


Tabitha: My, my, Endora. Alistair is the only person busier than we are, trying to keep everything under control in Harmony, and you know, he is almost as evil as the boys in the basement. Maybe I should have accepted his marriage proposal way back when, before he settled on Katherine. Oh, what am I saying? Oh, ours would have been a marriage made in hell!


Pilar: Please, please don't leave me again. Please.

Antonio: Mama, please just try to relax. Don't get upset about this any more than you already are, ok?

Pilar: Antonio, I just -- please.

Antonio: I'm sorry, mama. I've -- I've got to go. Goodbye.

Pilar: To lose Antonio again while my Martin is still lost to me -- Martin. Martin.


Mrs. Wheeler: I'm going to have a little lunch with Paloma, try to spend a little time with her. I'll be back later.

Mr. Wheeler: Ok.

Mrs. Wheeler: Ok, bye.

Mr. Wheeler: I pray to God we did the right thing.

[Flashback to the Founder's Day Dance, years ago.]   [Music plays]

Katherine: I have to go home. My head is starting to hurt again.

Alistair: Oh, you and your headaches. You seem to have one every time I turn around.

Katherine: I'm sorry, Alistair.. I can't help it that I keep getting these migraines.

Alistair: I'm surprised you don't blame them on me for the stress you accuse me of putting you under.

Katherine: I'll see you at home.

Alistair: Yes, you will, headache or not.

Pilar: I could dance with you all night.

Martin: You know, it's getting late. We should get home to the children.

Pilar: Must we leave so soon?

Martin: Yes. It's later than you think.

Pilar: Ok.

[Flashback ends.]

Martin: Is it too late to tell Paloma the truth?


Whitney: You raped Ethan?

Theresa: No. No, Whitney, I -- I seduced him.

Whitney: With the help of an illegal substance.

Theresa: Please, please don't say it like that.

Whitney: Why? Why, because it's true? Theresa, you stole an illegal substance from my mom's medical bag, something that she was working on, and you gave it to Ethan without his permission. You could go to prison for that.

Theresa: No, not if you don't tell anyone.

Whitney: Oh, right! Thank you! Make me an accessory.

Theresa: Whitney, please. Everything that I did, I did to get my son back. Now, besides, if I am pregnant, then Ethan and Gwen will never know that I miscarried the implanted embryo.

Whitney: How did we become friends? Because I'm a normal, sane person, and you're like a scheming nut case or something.

Theresa: Whitney, I'm a mother trying to get her child back.

Whitney: You know, you make what you're doing sound like a movie on lifetime or something, but it's not. Trust me, it's not. Ok, what if Ethan didn't get you pregnant when you seduced him, huh?

Theresa: No. See, he had to for my plan to work.

Whitney: Just because you got pregnant the one time that Julian slept with you, and just because the embryo took for a little while, doesn't mean you're pregnant from one roll in the hay with Ethan. In fact, the odds are probably against it.

Theresa: No, see, that's -- that's what I'm afraid of. But I have to be pregnant because if I'm not, then I'll lose my son forever.


[Now we learn that Mr. Wheeler and Mrs. Wheeler are Martin Fitzgerald and Katherine Crane.]

Katherine: Ah, Paloma's gone back to school. She seems better. Are you all right, darling?

Martin: I've just been thinking about the night we left Harmony. I know. I forced myself not to think about it for years, but now it's crept into my mind and I can't get it to go away.

Katherine: That night changed everything.

[Flashback to the night they left Harmony.]

[Knock on door]

Katherine: Hi.

Martin: Are you ready?

Katherine: Yes. But we have to hurry before Alistair gets back from the dance.

Martin: Listen, I know it's hard, but we're doing the right thing. Is this everything?

Katherine: Yes.

Martin: All right. Let's go. Come on.

Katherine: Ok.

Girl: Mommy, where are you going?

Katherine: Oh, Sheridan. Sheridan, honey, you're supposed to be in bed, sweetheart.

Sheridan: Will you come tuck me in, mommy, please?

Katherine: I can't refuse her. I'll be back in a minute. Come on, sweetheart.

Martin: I pray to God our children won't suffer because of what we're doing.

[Martin remembers the last time he saw Luis.]

Boy: Papa?

Martin: Luis.

Luis: Mama sent me to find you. Paloma's fussy. Mama wants you to sing her an Irish lullaby.

Martin: You go tell your mother that I'm in the middle of fixing something. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Luis: You promise?

Martin: Come here. Kind of squishing you there, huh? Hey, Luis -- make me proud, son.

[Martin's flashback ends.]

Katherine: Sheridan's asleep.

Martin: Let's go now.

Katherine: Ok.

[End of main flashback.]

Katherine: Oh, dear god, what did I do to my daughter?

Martin: What did I do to my son?


Luis: Sheridan, please -- look, you were brainwashed, all right? You were brainwashed into forgetting that you love me. You know you do. Would you just stop listening to your mind, ok? Just listen to your heart. Please just listen to what it's telling you. Sheridan, come on. I know that you love me as much as I love you.

Sheridan: Luis, I --

Luis: Please, just stay. Just give me a chance, all right? Don't go with Antonio. Just -- Sheridan, stay here in Harmony with me.


Theresa: I hope that I'm pregnant with Ethan's baby. And I hope that my hormones have increased enough for the blood test to register it, Whitney, so that Gwen won't be suspicious.

Whitney: All this is so crazy. I -- I honestly don't know what to hope for.

Gwen: So, the hospital just messengered over the results of your pregnancy test.

Ethan: We haven't looked at it yet.

Gwen: We wanted to all be here with you when we found out for certain, one way or the other.

Whitney: So, Ethan, please read the results.

Ethan: It's positive. Theresa's pregnant.

Gwen: Oh, my god! Honey, we're going to have our own baby. We're going to have our own son or daughter! Oh, my god!

Theresa's inner voice: Gwen will get a baby, all right, but it won't be hers. It'll be my bargaining chip to get little Ethan back.


Alistair: Use this to disappear permanently.

Dr. Ackland: Yes, Mr. Crane, that's -- thank -- thank you for not killing me, Mr. Crane.

Alistair: Perish the thought -- unless you set foot back here in Harmony. Have a nice day.

Alistair: One problem solved, another soon to be. Can't believe I found them after all these years. They thought they were so smart, that they could elude me forever, escape my wrath. Lovesick fools -- they'll pay for their treachery. My men will make sure of it.


Martin: I love you so much, Katherine. I hate to see you hurting.

Katherine: You're hurting too, Martin.

Martin: That's the danger of remembering. It comes at too high a price. What's done is done. We can't turn back time. All we can do is push forward from here.

Katherine: Forward, continuing to lie about who we really are, even to Paloma?

Martin: No one can know who we are, especially Paloma. She'd never forgive me.

Katherine: You're so lucky, Martin. You've had one child with you all these years, a daughter you could watch grow into such a beautiful woman. I'd give anything if I could have been there with Sheridan, but Julian said he'd look after her. He said he would protect her with his life.

Martin: As I would protect Paloma with my life.


Antonio: Sheridan? I'm back from the hospital and saying goodbye to mama. We need to hurry if we're going to make our flight. Sheridan, are you in the bedroom?

Antonio: Sheridan? Sheridan, where are you?


Sheridan: Luis, I'm just so confused all of a sudden.

Luis: Exactly. Sheridan, that's because you're starting to remember everything that we have together. Now, come on, you can't leave Harmony now.

Sheridan: I have to leave town. It's the only way that I can keep you and Antonio apart.

Luis: You're right. You are right. You do have to leave Harmony, but you are not leaving with Antonio. You're leaving with me.

Sheridan: What? What are you doing?

Luis: I'm taking you with me.

Sheridan: No, wait a minute, that's kidnapping!

Luis: Next stop, our future together.

Sheridan: Luis, wait a minute! You cannot do this to me! Kidnapping is a crime!

Luis: You'll thank me once you remember our love.

Sheridan: No! Luis!



Fox: Here's what I'm wondering, Ethan -- the baby that Theresa's carrying right now -- do you wish it was hers?

Luis: The truth is, is that without you in my life, I don't care whether I live or die.

Theresa: The tables are going to turn because I want to cause Gwen as much pain as she has caused me and my family. I want her in agony!

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