Passions Transcript Thursday 5/13/04

Passions Transcript Thursday 5/13/04

by Eric
proofread by Laurie

Gwen: What the hell are you doing here, Theresa? Answer me. Answer me. What are you doing here in the middle of the night?

Theresa's inner voice: That's right, Ethan. Keep thinking I'm Gwen. Just get me pregnant so no one will know I lost your baby with Gwen. I need to have a child with your D.N.A. So I can trade that baby for my son.  [Flashback to the time she just spent with Ehtan in bed.]

Gwen: Answer me. What do you have behind your back? Theresa, show me what you have behind your back right now.


Alistair: Have you ever seen anything more beautiful, Julian? All my C.Ds with all my lovely secrets, right back where they belong.

Julian: Bully for you, father.

Alistair: Oh, come on, Julian, no sour grapes. You simply backed the wrong horse. Did you really believe Luis was a match for me? How dare that insufferable boob think he could steal my secrets and use them to bring down my empire. Julian, ashtray. Luis' plans to destroy me and expose the truth of how I had Ackland brainwash your dear sister, Sheridan, to forget him, have all gone up in smoke. All my secrets will stay secret, including my favorite -- the identity of the bastard you sired with that drug-addicted, drunken slut, Eve Russell.

Julian: That is enough, father, and the only reason Luis gave you back these discs was to save his mother's life, to get the experimental medication she needs.

Alistair: I take it that bothers you.

Julian: The woman is barely hanging on in the hospital. Are you even human?

Alistair: The frailties of the common herd have nothing to do with me. And Luis' priorities are so far out of whack he gets what he deserves.

Julian: He did it to save his mother's life.

Alistair: He was weak. He caved. He didn't keep his eyes on the prize and achieve what he'd set out to do. I'm not surprised. That whole Lopez-Fitzgerald clan is made of weak stuff, always has been, but I'm a Crane down to the bone. I would never give up, no matter whose life was on the line.

Julian: Didn't you give up on mother?

Alistair: You bastard, don't you dare mention her name again! Subject closed!

Julian: You're all heart, father.

Alistair: Hearts are for fools, Julian. What did Luis' heart get him? He lost. My secrets are safe. He'll never get Sheridan back from his brother, and chances are the sultry Pilar will still die. Who's the fool, Julian, Luis or me?

Julian: I don't know, father. You tell me.


Antonio: I don't believe you.

Luis: Well, it's true, Antonio. She's very sick.

Sheridan: A blood disorder? What kind of blood disorder?

Luis: Well, it's very rare and dangerous, and she may die.

Antonio: Are you really this desperate? This is another one of your lies to try to get Sheridan back. What did you do, dream this up so we wouldn't go to St. Lisa's?

Luis: Antonio, she's in the hospital right now, ok?

Sheridan: This can't be happening to Pilar. She's been like a mother to me ever since my own mother died. I mean, she's my rock.

Luis: Yeah, well, she's been everyone's rock, and now we may lose her.

Antonio: How could this happen? How could we not know that our own mother is sick?

Luis: She didn't want us to know. Didn't want us to worry, but Dr. Russell said that she's been getting sicker for weeks now. She had all the symptoms. I just didn't notice. I guess with all the excitement at the dance tonight, it was just too much for her. She collapsed outside.

Antonio: You know what, this is all your fault. You and your plans to bring down the Cranes, get Sheridan back -- that's why mama collapsed. You've had her worried to death. You know what? If anything happens to her, it's on your head.


Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places, and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet, and I, would fly on the wings of the bird, I knew, could take me highest.  Breathe in, breathe out.  You keep me alive, you are the fire burning inside of me; you are my passion for life


Antonio: You and your crazy lies, that's what's killing mama. How could you not know she was sick? Why weren't you there to look after her?

Luis: Me?

Antonio: Yeah.

Luis: Yeah, where were you? I'm not the one who turned my back on the family, you know.

Sheridan: Both of you stop this, please. All right, Antonio, this is not Luis' fault.

Antonio: The hell it isn't. You almost destroyed Sheridan because you can't accept the fact that she chose me over you. And you come up with this crazy idea about her being brainwashed by Alistair somehow.

Luis: Yeah, that's right, because that's true.

Antonio: You know what, your obsession with my wife has worried mama to death. That's why she's sick. And then when your plans to get her back -- when they didn't work -- well, then you tell the whole town that you're going to bring down the whole Crane empire and you're going to prove it all right here tonight at the dance.

Luis: Yeah, and I had the proof.

Antonio: Oh, yeah? Well, where is it? Because the whole town is in an uproar waiting for you to show them this proof of the evil deeds of the Cranes. But you know what? You know what they got? Nothing. You started your magic picture show here, and then in the middle of it you go, "oh, sorry, folks. Show's over." You know why? Because you didn't have any proof to begin with.

Sheridan: Antonio, please stop fighting.

Antonio: You're obsessed with my wife, and now mama's had to pay the price. She was sick, and now you've made it even worse.

Sheridan: Look, please stop this, all right? We need to get to the hospital. We need to see Pilar. Look, I need to see Pilar.

Antonio: All right, you're right. You're right. This is not the time or the place. Let's go. I'm telling you, this isn't over. Not by a long shot.

Luis: Yeah.


Miguel: Dr. Russell, would it be all right if I go back in and sit with mama for a while?

Eve: Of course, Miguel. But keep your visits short, ok? She's exhausted. She needs all the rest she can get.

Miguel: Ok.

Charity: Well, I'm going to give you some time with your mom. I'll be here. I'm going to just pray.

Miguel: Thanks, charity.

Eve: It's very good for you to be here for Miguel and his family, Charity.

Charity: I really just wish there was something I could do.

Eve: Sweetheart, being here is doing something. Just showing up for people when trouble comes around is one of the loveliest things that you can do because it comes from your heart. Now, I don't know what happened between you and Miguel, really, but I think I can tell that he still loves you.


Miguel: Mama? It's me. I'm right here. You don't have to worry about anything, ok?

Pilar: Miguelito, I'm so glad you're here.

Miguel: I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. I just talked to Luis. He's going to be here soon with Sheridan and Antonio. We're all going to be here for you, mama.

Pilar: My family. My family, together. I wish Paloma was here.

Miguel: Yeah.

Pilar: Miguel?

Miguel: Yeah?

Pilar: Mijo, your brothers, they need to -- they need to pull together. They need to be strong for each other if I die.

Miguel: Mama, mama, don't say that. You shouldn't be worrying about anything. You just have to rest and get better. You're getting a new drug right now that's going to help you get well.

Pilar: Yeah, if it's god's will, mijo. Where's Teresita? Where's my Theresa?

Miguel: I tried to get a hold of her, but I don't know where she is. But I'm sure she'll be here soon.

[Pilar flashes back to her talk with Theresa about seducing Ethan.]

Pilar: You can't do this, Theresa!  

Theresa: No, mama, please don't worry. He's not going to know that I'm not Gwen, ok? He's going to get me pregnant, and then no one's going to have to know that I lost the baby.

Pilar: Theresa, that will only bring more tears, mija.


Gwen: Answer me. Answer me. What are you hiding behind your back?

Little Ethan: Mommy?

Theresa: Yes, little Ethan?

Gwen: Yes, sweetheart? That's just great. Now you've woken up my son. Oh, it's ok, sweetheart. Ok, you go back to sleep, ok?

Little Ethan: Ok.

Gwen: The angels are going to watch over you all night long, and I will see you in the morning, ok?

Little Ethan: Ok.

Gwen: Ok. Night-night.

Gwen: Out of here right now. All right, show me what you were hiding behind your back.

Theresa: My purse, Gwen.

Gwen: Theresa, what the hell are you doing here in the middle of the night? You're not allowed on the grounds, let alone in the house. I should've guessed. I should've known.

Ethan: What is going on? What are you doing here, Theresa?

Gwen: Isn't it obvious, honey? If at first you don't succeed, try and try again, right? What is this? Is this the third time or the fourth time?

Theresa: What?

Gwen: Kidnapping, Theresa. You were trying to snatch Little Ethan while we were asleep. Well, I for one have had about all I can take from you, ok? You just wait until the judge hears about this. He's going to put you back in jail, and I hope it's for good this time. Honey, I'm going to call the police.


Alistair: Put the C.D.s down, Julian. Now.

Julian: No, father. I promised Eve that I would find our son, and that's a promise I intend to keep.

Alistair: You're making another terrible mistake.

Julian: No, father, I'm correcting a mistake -- a mistake I made when I let you force me to give up the one woman I ever truly loved.

Alistair: "Love."

Julian: Love, that's right! Something you know nothing about. I'm going to search these discs. I am going to find out the identity of our son, of Eve's son, of your grandson.

Alistair: A bastard.

Julian: A Crane! Because of my weakness all those years ago, Eve has had to live half of her live in pain, wondering if our son was even alive. For months now, you've tortured us with hints about him. And if you hadn't forced Luis to give you back these discs, we would have known his identity tonight. Well, the torture stops now. Our son has been kept prisoner on these discs. I will find him.

Alistair: You imbecile. Give me back those cd-roms right now!

Julian: Not a chance, old man.

[Gun cocks]

Alistair: Take one more step, sonny, and you're dead.


Gwen: You are unbelievable, Theresa. You have made torturing me an all-day, everyday, full-time job. Are you ever going to stop? I mean, now you have to sneak in here in the middle of the night to try and snatch my son? You have no right!

Theresa: I have every right, Gwen. He's my son.

Gwen: No, Theresa, he's my son now. The judge took him from you and gave him to me because you're an unfit mother, as well as being a complete lunatic. This stunt only proves that.

Ethan: Gwen, just stop. Just stop! Ok, there's got to be an explanation for this, right?

Gwen: Of course there's an explanation, Ethan. She is a kidnapper and a criminal. She killed our first child and then she stole our second one. And I promise you, Theresa, if you weren't carrying our child right now, you would be a dead woman. I'm calling the police.

Fox: What's all the ruckus?

Gwen: The ruckus is this whack-job is trying to kidnap my son again.

Theresa: He's my son, Gwen.

Gwen: I caught her red-handed in little Ethan's room just before she grabbed him.

Ethan: Are you sure?

Gwen: Yes, Ethan, I am sure. She broke in here. I mean, how did she even get on the grounds, let alone the house, ok? All the doors were locked. She had to have broken in. And she wouldn't break in without a reason, and it was the same old reason -- to kidnap little Ethan. When the police get here, they're going to arrest her and they're going to throw her in jail, and I hope to god that that will stop her once and for all.

Fox: All right, look, look, look -- now, listen, all right? Theresa didn't break in here, I invited her as a guest. All right, I gave her my key and I told her to meet me in my bedroom.

Gwen: Like I'm supposed to believe that?

Fox: Gwen, I don't really care what you do or do not believe at all, actually. Now, I'm sure that she just saw the nursery, ok, and she decided to go in there and give little Ethan a kiss. Isn't that right?

Theresa: Yes, that's right.

Fox: There you go, ok? She just wanted to kiss her little boy good night. There's no kidnapping. Like it or not, it's only natural for Theresa to want to spend as much time with her kid as possible. She misses him.

Ethan: Ok. Let's go to bed.

Gwen: Fox, she's not even supposed to be here. The judge took away her visitation rights.

Fox: You know what, Gwen? I really don't care what a judge did or did not do, ok? Ethan, you're a Winthrop now. And, Gwen, you're a Hodgepodge or a Hotchkiss or whatever it is -- you're married to a Winthrop.

Gwen: Oh, that's nice.

Fox: That's right. Now, Theresa, you're beautiful, but you're just a Lopez-Fitzgerald. I'm a Crane, ok? So as long as we're in the Crane mansion, I will entertain whoever I feel like entertaining.

Ethan: Ok. Now it's time to go to bed.   [Ethan and Gwen leave.]

Fox: Sorry about that.

Theresa: No -- thanks. Thank you very much. You saved me again. You did. You know, it's a miracle that you got here when you did. So you're mad at me, right?

Fox: No, no, it's nothing like that. I'm not mad at you at all. It's -- hey, listen -- Theresa, I have some bad news, ok?

Theresa: Ok.

Fox: It's about your mother. Theresa, your mother's in the hospital.

Theresa: Ok, was there an accident? Is she ok?

Fox: No, actually, she's not ok. She -- she collapsed outside the Seascape tonight. She's lucky they found her. Theresa, listen -- your mother's very, very sick.

Theresa: Ok.

Fox: Ok, she's got a rare blood disease. It's very serious, and she could be dying. Ok?

Theresa: Ok. Wait a minute, because she was really -- she was fine earlier. She was totally fine. Actually -- well, no, she wasn't. She was shaking, and, you know, I barely even noticed. Um -- you know what, I need to get to the hospital. Is there any way you can take me down there right now?

Fox: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Theresa: Ok, let's go.


Antonio: Dr. Russell, where's mama?

Luis: How is she?

Sheridan: Can we see her? I want her to know that I'm here.

Eve: Ok, just one at a time, please.

Antonio: How come we didn't know about this?

Eve: I'm sorry, Antonio. Pilar has sworn me to secrecy, and she's been ill for quite a while.

Antonio: Why would she keep it a secret? We're her children.

Eve: Because she felt like her children had enough problems and pain of their own. She didn't want to be a burden to you. You know, in my whole life, I don't think I've ever met anyone as selfless as Pilar.

Sheridan: Yes, she is.

Antonio: So, what's going on now?

Eve: I've just administered a new drug from the Valtin Project.

Antonio: And it will cure her?

Eve: Well, no. There's no guarantees, as I told your brothers, but it's the only option Pilar has. So in the next few hours, I'm going to take blood samples from Pilar and I'm going to run tests on them to see if she's responding at all to the new treatment, see if it's fighting the disease.

Antonio: This is all your doing, Luis.

Eve: Antonio, this is not a time to quarrel. I'm sorry that I don't have more encouraging news for you, but the truth is we just don't know. So at this point in time, all we can do is wait and pray. And I know your mother taught you all about the power of prayer, so pray now and ask God to help see your mother through this.


Alistair: Give me back my C.D.s, Julian, now.

Julian: No, father. And you won't shoot me. I'm your only son.

Alistair: You should know me better than that, Julian. My only daughter would be dead right now, on my orders, if you hadn't bungled it down in Bermuda. I'll do whatever I have to to protect myself and my birthright, and no weak-chinned drunken whelp will stop me.

Julian: Watch me.

Alistair: None of the information on my C.D.s is ever getting out. Do you hear me? Ever!

Julian: Father, the truth always comes out. That's one lesson you've never learned, but lately I have.

Alistair: Where, on "Sesame Street?"

Julian: You think you beat Luis. You think you won. But whatever's on these discs will eventually come back and haunt you, and if you die before the truth comes out, no matter, because if you don't go to jail in this life, you're sure to burn in hell in the next.

Alistair: However did I spawn such a nancy-boy?

Julian: You think what you like, father, but you must know I am no threat to you. All I want is the identity of my lost son, then you can have these damned things back, and may you choke on them.

Alistair: I won't wait.

Julian: I'm afraid you'll have to.  [Alistair shoots Julian.]

Alistair: Worthless jellyfish. You should have stuck to your bottles and your whores, Julian. Playing the noble lover doesn't become you.

Alistair: This is the price you pay for not listening to me.

[Julian groans]

Julian: God -- my arm! You shot me!

Alistair: Didn't I warn you?

Julian: I'm bleeding. You could have killed me.

Alistair: Believe me, Julian, if I had meant to kill you, you'd be dead. Stop bleeding all over my carpet. Get a towel from the bathroom and clean yourself up.

Alistair: Damn it, Julian, your blood is all over my C.D.s.

Julian: How appropriate.

Alistair: You beauties will be safe in my desk for the night. Tomorrow I'll find you the most secure hiding place of all time. And you -- if you ever pull another stunt like that -- don't worry, you won't feel a thing. One shot right into your brain.


Antonio: Mama? It's me, Antonio. I'm here.

Pilar: Antonio. My handsome boy, and my Sheridan.

Sheridan: Mama Pilar.

Pilar: You haven't called me that since you were 6.

Sheridan: Yes, since father told me not to.

Antonio: I'm sorry. I had -- I had no idea you were sick.

Pilar: It's ok, mijo. I didn't want you to know.

Antonio: Hey, you're going to get better, ok? You've just got to.

Pilar: It's in God's hands, Antonio. Whatever happens is his plan.

Antonio: I love you.

Pilar: I love you too, mijo.

Sheridan: Pilar.

Pilar: Hey, no, no. No, no, no, don't cry, Sheridan. Save your tears, mija.

Sheridan: Pilar, I just can't lose you. You're like a mother to me. I mean, I barely even knew my own mother.

Pilar: Katherine. Oh, she loved you so much, Sheridan. So much.

Sheridan: She was always so sick and in her room, and then she died. But you were there for me. When I was so afraid and so lonely, you were there for me. You took care of me. You made me feel safe and so warm and loved, and you taught me how to not be afraid of the dark. You taught me how beautiful and magical life could be through music and laughter. Until I was sent away. God, please, Pilar, I can't lose you.  Please. You're my rock, and I just can't lose you, too. I can't.

Antonio: Please, God -- please, you have to let my mother get better. There's been so much anger between us, and it's all my fault, and you've -- please, you've got to make her get better.


Theresa: Thanks for finding me and telling me about my mom.

Fox: Yeah, you know, I looked all over for you at the Seascape. I couldn't find you anywhere.

Theresa: I left, Fox. And you know what? I really -- I should've just stayed. But -- um -- do you know what happened at the dance to make my mom more sick?

Fox: I really couldn't say. I mean, you know how tired she was at the courthouse, and your brother's plans to out my grandfather -- nothing really came of it, so -- I mean, in her condition, Theresa, it could have been anything. Who knows?

[Theresa flashes back to her conversation with Pilar at the Seascape.]

Theresa: Mama -- mama, what's wrong?

Pilar: Theresa, no --

Theresa: You're shaking.

Pilar: Teresita, shh! I'm fine, mija I'm fine. It's just my nerves because I am so worried about you. This -- ay, Theresa, this crazy plan that you have about tricking Ethan into thinking you're Gwen?

[Flashback ends.]

Theresa: Oh, my god, it's me. I'm -- I'm the one that did this to her. I'm the one that made it worse. I mean, I pushed her over the edge.

Fox: Whoa, whoa, what are you talking about? What are you talking about? How? Theresa, how'd you get inside the mansion tonight?

Theresa: Well, mama gave me her old set of keys from when she worked at the mansion, and she gave me the security code to the gate.

Fox: Why didn't you just ask me?

Fox: Theresa, you still didn't answer me. What were you doing at the mansion tonight, huh? Why were you there?

Theresa: Um -- not now, ok? Please? Can we just get to the hospital fast, please?


Gwen: Ok, honey, don't you think it's a little bit weird that Fox would just invite Theresa up here? You know, after everything that has happened between us, he knows all the bad blood there is. I mean, even he's not that insensitive, right? Do you think it's a little weird?

Ethan: Not really, honey. I mean, he lives here, he's dating Theresa. You know how he likes to push everyone's buttons.

Gwen: Do you think my mother is right? Like, do you think they're sleeping together?

[Ethan mumbles]

Gwen: Well, even if they are, I mean, why would she risk anything now? You know, having our baby in her belly is the only leverage she has over us. You would think that she'd be at home, resting with her feet up or something to make sure the implantation takes hold, but, no.

Ethan: Honey, she doesn't even have a home. Thanks to your mother, she's been staying at Whitney's. Maybe she just got sick of sleeping on a couch and Fox offered her his bed.

Gwen: Yeah, well, that's never going to happen. There's no way I'm going to let her stay here, ok, no matter what Fox says.

Ethan: Sweetie, I love you. I love you. Could we please talk about this tomorrow? Please?

Gwen: Ok. Ok.

Gwen: Ok, this is weird.

Ethan: Honey, what's weird?

Gwen: Honey, I smell my perfume all over this pillow. How did it get there?

Ethan: Hello -- you sleep there, remember?

Gwen: Yeah, but Phyllis changes the sheets every morning. I mean, these pillowcases are fresh, so my perfume shouldn't be on it yet.

Ethan: Honey, you've got a short memory.

Ethan: We have used this bed a lot tonight.

Gwen: Baby, I love you, but if that is your definition of a lot, then I need to trade you in for a newer model, ok?

Ethan: What?

Gwen: Because I hardly touched this pillow. Then again, I wasn't the one who drank a whole bottle of champagne.

Ethan: Ok, ok. Can we please just -- let's just go to bed.

Gwen: Fine. But, sweetie, it's weird.

Ethan: Well, here you go -- maybe the perfume is on the actual pillow, not just the pillowcase.

Gwen: Maybe.

Ethan: What other reason could there be?


Theresa: It's the one right here.

Fox: Even in a crisis, you smell good. What are you wearing? That's not your usual perfume, is it?

Theresa: You know what? I don't know, I don't know. Can we go?

Fox: It reminds me of someone. I'm not sure who. It's --

Theresa: I don't -- I don't know what I put on. Let's go.

Fox: Ok.

Theresa: Hi. Hey. Oh -- and, Antonio, I'm sorry. I just -- I heard. So, how is mama?

Antonio: It's bad, sis. Dr. Russell -- Dr. Russell thinks she might not make it, but it's not all bad news because they're giving her some experimental drug from some think tank.

Miguel: It's called the Valtin Project.

Charity: We're just hoping that it works.

Theresa: Well, it will work, right? Because she's going to be ok.

Miguel: We don't know yet, Theresa. All we can do is wait.

Theresa: Oh, god. Dr. Russell, how's mama?

Eve: It's good that you're all here now. So, I don't have too much to tell you. I took a sample of Pilar's blood, and it's on its way over to the lab. When we get the results, we'll be able to see whether the medication is having any effect on her condition. Any response is a good sign, so just keep your fingers crossed and pray.

Theresa: Is there anything else that we can do?

Eve: Well, I've told everyone that it's critical that Pilar remain in the bed, that she gets lots of rest, that she stay calm. She can't have any stress. You understand? None. Now, testing the blood shouldn't take very long, and when I have the results I will be back. Ok?   [Dr. Russell leaves.]

Theresa: Thanks. You know, I -- I don't understand why mama didn't tell us she was sick.

Miguel: Mama even made Dr. Russell keep it a secret.

Luis: She didn't want us to worry.

Theresa: That is like her, never thinking about herself. Well -- so, Luis, what happened at the Seascape? You know, you said that you were going to expose all the Crane secrets with those cd-roms you found.

Luis: That -- that didn't work out.

Antonio: It didn't work out because it was all lies. He didn't have any proof of anything.

Miguel: What? No, you're wrong, Antonio. Luis --

Antonio: Miguel, Luis is so desperate to get my wife that he will stoop to any level to do it. He's got Sheridan so wound up she doesn't even -- she doesn't trust herself. She doesn't trust her own family. She doesn't trust me. And mama -- she's not supposed to have any stress. That's kind of funny because she's so stressed out, that's the reason that she's laying in that bed in there fighting for her life. It's because of Luis.


Gwen: Ok, babe, maybe the pillow itself does have perfume on it, but the pillowcase definitely does, as well, and it smells kind of fresh.

Ethan: Woman, woman -- to bed, to bed. You can play laundry detective in the morning, ok, Sherlock? I love you.

Gwen: I love you, too.

Ethan: Good night.

Gwen: Ok, I'm sorry. Good night, sweetheart.

Ethan: Good night.

Gwen: Wait a second. Honey, I didn't even put perfume on today. I forgot to.


Julian: Damn it. Blood won't stop.

Alistair: I'm surprised you're not bleeding milk, you wimp. Stop whining, for god's sake. It was only a graze.

Julian: I need to go to the hospital.

Alistair: The hospital? Do you need a band-aid? You sure you don't want me to just kiss it and make it feel better?

Julian: You can either call a car for me or sit there and watch me bleed to death.  Father?

Alistair: Don't rush me. I'm thinking.

Julian: I'll get a damn car myself.

Alistair: It's a gunshot wound, you fool! If you go to a public hospital, those busybodies will report it to the police, and the next thing you know, Sam Bennett will be in here sticking his big nose into our business.

Julian: I'll say I was cleaning my gun and I had an accident.

Alistair: Now, that sounds like a Crane. That's the spirit, Julian. Show a little loyalty. Protect your father. It's a nice effort but too little, too late.

Julian: I'm not doing it to protect you. I'm doing it for Eve. If anyone finds out about this, there'll be an investigation. She has enough trouble right now without people discovering why you shot me.

Alistair: Oh, Julian. The good Dr. Russell has more trouble than even you know.


Luis: You already deserted your family once, and now you're going to do it all over again. Why didn't you just stay gone?

Antonio: You know what, Luis, you're going to get your wish because I'm taking my wife and we're going back to St. Lisa's.

Sheridan: Look, stop it, both of you! All right, Dr. Russell told us that your mother needs it to be calm, that she can't handle any more stress, and here you are starting World War III!

Antonio: You're right.

Luis: This can wait for the moment.

Sheridan: Well, for the moment, remember that you two are brothers, and your mother, who loves you, is in there barely hanging on. So back off, both of you! I mean it!

Theresa's inner voice: It's all the stress that came before that led to mama's collapse, and it's all my fault.

Theresa: Sheridan, it's ok. It's -- it's not just Antonio and Luis. It's me, ok? I'm mama's biggest worry, ok?

Miguel: No, Theresa. It's all of us. You know, in a way, this is all our doing. That's why she kept her illness a secret. What we have to do is pull together as a family for mama. That's what she'd want. That's what would make her happy.

Theresa: Hi, Dr. Russell. Are those the lab results?

Antonio: Please tell us it's good news.

Eve: These are the results. Just give me a minute while I finish it. Oh, god, I'm sorry. These are not the results that we were hoping for. She's not responding to the drug. She's not getting better.

Theresa: Oh, no.

Eve: She's getting worse.

Luis: Dr. Russell, you just started giving her this drug. It's early yet.

Eve: Luis, if this drug was going to have any effect on your mother's condition, we would see some evidence of it by now, no matter how slight. And then the fact that she's taken a turn for the worse --

Antonio: Wait a minute, what are you saying exactly, Dr. Russell?

Eve: I think she's beyond my care now, and we should think about calling Father Lonigan and having him administer last the rites before it's too late.



Father Lonigan: I understand I'm to give your mother last rites.

Sheridan: Luis was just lying to me about everything!

Eve: He was not, Sheridan.

Sheridan: What?

Julian: I would like to see Dr. Russell -- only Dr. Russell.

Eve: Oh, Julian.

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