Passions Transcript Thursday 5/6/04

Passions Transcript Thursday 5/6/04

by Eric
proofread by Laurie

Eve: What are you doing, Liz?

Liz: Sister dear, don't you look pretty tonight.

Eve: Don't try to be nice. Why are you dressed for the ball? Why aren't you packing for St. Lisa's, and what are you doing on that computer?

Liz: Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you. I changed my mind. I am not going back to St. Lisa's.

Eve: What?

Liz: That's right. I'm going to stay right here in Harmony. Oh, and I am going to go to the Founders' Day Dance and watch the fireworks. I can't wait to see you knocked off your high and mighty pedestal. Couldn't happen to a nicer bitch.


Julian's voice: Are you sure about this?   [Julian is remembering his time with Eve]

Eve: I haven't forgotten that I'm married, Julian, but I love you. This may be the last chance that we get to be together before you go to jail, maybe ever. I just can't not be with you.

Julian: Oh, we were so close, my love. We may never be close again, but at least you'll be happy because you'll finally know our son. It's the one thing I can give you, the one thing that will get me through this night.

Rebecca: Julian!  [End of Julian's daydream when Rebecca interrupts]

Julian: I'm right here, my dear. There's no need to shout.

Rebecca: Julian, I keep hearing these -- these rumors that something really weird is going to happen at the dance tonight.

Julian: Rumors?

Rebecca: Yes, my friends have been calling me for hours, and they say something horrible is going to happen, and it has to do with some big scandal that involves you and Alistair.

Julian: You don't say?

Rebecca: Well, of course I tell them it's all lies, but it's really getting annoying.

Julian: I'm sorry, sweetums, but the rumors -- they're not lies. There is going to be a big scandal tonight. In fact, it's very likely that Alistair and I will go to jail tonight, and it's also very likely that you will end up a social pariah.


Mrs. Wallace: Hey, Bethie. What you doing?

Beth: I'm packing. You should start packing, too.

Mrs. Wallace: Again? Oh, god, we're always packing. Why? What happened now?

Beth: Alistair told me Luis stole all these files on cd-roms from Alistair's office. He's going to show them tonight at the Founders' Day Dance.

Mrs. Wallace: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What files?

Beth: Confidential files! Everything Alistair has ever done, including helping me kidnap Sheridan and steal her baby. It's all coming out tonight!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, oh -- hallelujah.


Pilar: Theresa, Theresa, this plan of yours is crazy. How does she think she's going to make Ethan believe she's Gwen? How's she going to fool him into making love to her?

Theresa: Theresa, are you in here? It's Gwen.

Pilar: Oh, dios mio. What is Gwen doing here?

Theresa: Theresa, are you in here?

Pilar: Gwen -- Gwen, this isn't a good time. Theresa is getting dressed for the dance tonight.

Theresa: Mama, it's me.


Gwen: Sheridan, what are you talking about? What is this information that Luis has on the family?

Sheridan: Ok, Luis broke into Alistair's office, and he stole some confidential files on cd-roms. Well, according to Luis, these files have proof that the Crane family has wreaked havoc on Harmony for generations. Not only that, but he also says that he has proof that Dr. Ackland had me brainwashed to believe that I didn't love Luis anymore, that I love Antonio instead.

Gwen: Do you believe him? Do you really think he has this proof?

Sheridan: He swears that he does have proof.

Antonio: You know what, Sheridan, you're wrong. My brother is a desperate man and he will say anything, and he will do anything to try to get you back.

Sheridan: Do you really think that Luis would lie about something this big?

Antonio: Of course I do. If he thinks it can get your attention, yes, he will lie. Luis is a liar.


Luis: Good evening, ladies, gentlemen. You mind if I speak to Sam for a sec?

Sam: Excuse me.

Luis: Thank you.

Sam: What's going on?

Luis: Everything's going great. You got the cops all set up?

Sam: There are plenty of uniforms around the room, and I have more undercover.

Luis: You know, Sam, I totally appreciate this. It's not going to be long before Alistair and Julian are exposed for the criminals they are.

Sam: I can't wait to see that bastard Alistair's face.

Luis: Neither can I. The truth's finally going to come out. Sheridan's going to learn exactly what Alistair did, how Dr. Ackland brainwashed her in that psych ward, and then I'm going to get her back. I'm telling you, Sam, Sheridan loves me. She doesn't love Antonio, and then we're going to be together forever.


Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places, and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet, and I, would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest.  Breathe in, breathe out.  You keep me alive; you are the fire burning inside of me.  You are my passion for life .


Eve: I suppose you found out what Luis is planning tonight.

Liz: Yes, I heard. Luis is going to expose the entire Crane clan, all their criminal and not-so-criminal activity.

Eve: And you think that his revelations will include my past with Julian.

Liz: Mm-hmm. And won't T.C. be surprised?

Eve: Yes, he will be. But you will be disappointed if you think that it's going to ruin my marriage.

Liz: Now, how can you be so confident that T.C. is not going to throw you out into the streets once he finds out that you slept with the man he hates most in this world?

Eve: Because Julian has done something so noble, so incredibly wonderful, to protect me from my family's wrath. So, it's not going to happen, Liz.

Liz: What a shame. I was so looking forward to the bloodshed.

Eve: Oh, honey, your leg is bad again.

T.C.: I'm all right, sweetheart. I just fell earlier, but I'll be ok.

Eve: Do you want me to look at it for you?

T.C.: No. It's not going to do any good. It's the same old thing.

Liz: T.C., I really hope it won't keep you from dancing tonight.

T.C.: Me, too, Liz, but I think tonight's party will make me feel a whole lot better. So, shall we, sweetheart?

Eve: I'm ready if you are, honey.

Liz: You won't be smiling for long, Eve. You are a train wreck just waiting to happen.


Rebecca: Julian, are you crazy? You can't go to jail. Wait a minute, are you drunk?

Julian: I'm not drunk or crazy. I'm simply facing the truth. Father and I are going to jail.

Rebecca: Look, that would never happen. Alistair would never allow himself to be taken to jail. He would fight tooth and nail.

Julian: He has, and he lost.

Rebecca: Don't be ridiculous. Alistair never loses.

Julian: He did this time.

Rebecca: How? What happened?

Julian: Luis finally caught up with us. He knows all the Cranes' deep, dark secrets, and tonight everyone else will know, as well. The Cranes are going down in flames.

Rebecca: I'm sorry, I can't -- no, I don't believe that. No, I can't accept that.

Julian: Well -- wait, no! Where do you think you're going? You're not thinking of leaving your dear husband on his last night of freedom, now, are you?

Rebecca: Let go of me!

Julian: No, I don't think so! I think we have time for a little fun before we have to go to the ball. Yes, I think we have time for a couple of little sex games. What do you say, Becs?

Rebecca: You're making me nervous! Stop!


Beth: All right, go get precious, have her help you with all the baby things. I'm going to start loading the car.

Mrs. Wallace: Ok, ok, ok!

Alistair: Hello, Beth.

Beth: Mr. Crane.

Alistair: Where do you think you're going?

Beth: Just out.

Alistair: Wrong. You're not going anywhere.

Beth: What?


Pilar: Theresa.

Theresa: Yeah, mama. See? It's me.

Pilar: Wow. In the dim lights and with the shadows, I could have sworn you were Gwen.

Theresa: Come on. Come inside.

Pilar: You even sound like her.

Theresa: I know. That's good, mama, because I told you I can pull this off.

Pilar: Ok, well, this is going to be different with Ethan, mija. He knows Gwen. He knows his wife. He knows her body. You're not going to be able to trick him to make love to you.

Theresa: Yeah, mama. After, you know, a few glasses of champagne, and in the dark, he's not going to know that I'm not Gwen.

Pilar: What if he recognizes you, huh? What if he knows what you're up to? What are you going to do then?

Theresa: I'm just going to -- I'll cross that bridge, you know, if I have to. But, look, mama, right now I just need those house keys. You still have the set of house keys from when you worked at the mansion?

Pilar: Yes, I still have them.

Theresa: Ok, good, because I need those keys, and I also need the security codes so I can sneak in.

Pilar: No! No, Theresa. I am not going to allow this. Not at all.


Gwen: Thank you.

Ethan: What's wrong?

Gwen: Well, Sheridan is saying that Luis is planning to expose Alistair and Julian and all the horrible things they've done to people, tonight, here.

Ethan: Is he really going to do it?

Antonio: No. No, Ethan, he's not. Luis is all talk. He's just trying to upset Sheridan. He doesn't have anything on the Cranes, ok? You guys just relax, enjoy yourself. Have a good time. Let's dance. Come on.

Sheridan: Ok.


Fox: What's up?

Chad: What's up, man? Not much. Should be an interesting night tonight, though.

Fox: Really? Why? I hate these things. Listen, where's Whitney? I didn't see her.

Chad: Oh, I think she and Theresa are coming later together.

Fox: Oh, good.

Luis: Fox.

Fox: Hey.

Luis: Chad, can I -- can I speak to you?

Chad: Yeah, sure.

Fox: Oh, yeah. I'm going to grab a drink. Catch you guys later.  [Fox heads to the bar]

Chad: What's up?

Luis: Everything all set up?

Chad: You know what? Is now. All we need is our guests of honor, Alistair and Julian Crane.

Hank: You sure they're going to show up, Luis?

Luis: Well, they've come to every other Founders' Day Dance, and, well, yeah, I expect them to show up, if for nothing else but to try and stop us from exposing them.

Hank: Any chance of that, Chad?

Chad: No, I'm going to baby-sit that machine all night long. They'll have to get through me to do it.

Luis: Oh, yeah. Enjoy it while you can, Antonio, because, well, it's going to be the last dance you have with Sheridan. Soon she's going to be back in my arms where she belongs.


Theresa: Mama, please, don't try to stop me, ok? I need you to help me. I've come too far to turn back now.

Pilar: Theresa, this plan of yours is insane. To trick Ethan to make love to you, so that you get pregnant with his child, so that you can pass it off as Gwen's and then trade that baby for little Ethan -- do you hear how crazy this is?

Theresa: Yes, mama, I know how crazy this is, but I have to do this. It's the only way that I can get my child back. Mama, when Ethan and Gwen adopted my son, they left me no choice. So if I have their baby, then I can get my son back because they're going to want to have their own baby back.

Pilar: All right. What about the baby that you create with Ethan? That baby will be just as much your own flesh and blood as little Ethan. Is it really going to be that easy for you to just give him or her away, to trade one child for another?


Alistair: The only place you're going tonight is the Founders' Day Dance.

Beth: No. No, no, no, you cannot make me go there. You told me Luis has information about me kidnapping Sheridan, stealing her baby. If I go, they're going to arrest me.

Alistair: But if you go, and find a way to let my people in, we can try to change the course of events.

Beth: No, I can't do that! It's too dangerous!

Alistair: I'm sure you don't mean that, Beth.

Mrs. Wallace: Ooh, ooh -- don't you hurt my walker. Or me.

Beth: What are you doing to my baby? You leave him alone!

Alistair: Your baby will be perfectly safe as long as you do exactly as I say.


Rebecca: Ow! Ooh, you bit me!

Julian: Oh, I'm so sorry, my love, but you bring out the animal in me. I couldn't resist a little nibble.

Rebecca: Yeah, well, I am not in the mood.

Julian: Fine. Why don't you go get dressed for the dance.

Rebecca: No. I changed my mind. I don't want to go to the dance. I am going to stay right here and watch the last episode of "Friends."

Julian: Oh, that sounds like such fun, but I really, really think my lovely bride should be by my side where she belongs at the Founders' Day Dance.

Rebecca: Ok, pookie. What do you say we don't go to the dance, hmm? I mean, we could have a whole lot more fun right here. We can make love all night long. I mean, I could play Cinderella, and you -- you could be Prince Charming. Oh, it's after midnight! Oh, look, my carriage is turning into a pumpkin and -- oh, my goodness, all my clothes are just falling off. So ravish me, you big, handsome, wild beast. Oh!

Julian: I wouldn't make love to you if you were the last woman on earth.


T.C.: Liz, can I take your wrap?

Liz: Oh, yes. Thank you, T.C.

Liz: Aren't you feeling well, sister dear? You're looking a little green around the gills.

Eve: Just go away, Liz, and annoy somebody else.

Liz: You know, it's a shame about T.C.'s tennis career, that terrible car accident ruining his chances and all. I'll bet that if T.C. got his hands on the person driving that car, he'd kill him.

Eve: Just shut up. T.C. is not going to kill Julian.

Liz: You are in for such a surprise, Evie.


Eve: Sam, can I have a word with you for a minute, please?

Sam: Sure. Be right back. Eve. Are you all right? You seem a little nervous.

Eve: Well, I notice you have a very healthy police presence here tonight.

Sam: Yeah. They're here for the surprise that Luis has planned.

Eve: I know. I heard about it. I was wondering if maybe you could do me a favor and have one or two of your men keep an eye on T.C.

Sam: You expect trouble?

Eve: Well, you know T.C.'s temper, and I'm afraid that one or two of the things that Luis exposes tonight might upset T.C. I don't want him to get into trouble.

Sam: Sure. I'll have a couple of my men keep an eye on him. You know, T.C.'s my best friend, and I certainly don't want anything to happen to him.

Eve: Thank you, Sam.

Sam: You're welcome.

Hank: Sam, can I borrow you for a minute?

Sam: Yeah, sure. Listen, don't worry, ok? Everything's going to be fine.

Eve: Oh, god. Please don't let T.C. Explode tonight and kill Julian.


Pilar: Yes, mija this baby that you will create with Ethan -- he will be just as much a part of you as little Ethan is. You're telling me that you can carry around this infant for nine months, give birth to this infant, hold it, bond with it, and then you're just going to give it away as if it meant nothing to you?

Theresa: You know what, mama? That I don't know. I don't know, ok? But, you know, I can think about it tomorrow because what I'm going to do tonight, that's going to buy me the time that I need.

Pilar: Time to do what, Theresa? If you get pregnant tonight, your fate is sealed and so is this baby's.

Theresa: Mama, I have to do this. Ok, it's going to work. I know it will.

Pilar: Right, Theresa -- just like it's worked out so far, huh? This is just madness, Theresa!

Theresa: Mama, it's the only way that I can get little Ethan back, ok? I mean, Gwen has made it really clear that she's not going to give my son back to me, and if she thinks that I'm having her baby, she's going to give in. I know she will. Now, you know that I will die if I don't have little Ethan in my life, right, because you know I want to watch him -- I want to watch him grow up, mama. I want to watch him graduate from high school and from college, and I want to watch him get married. I mean, don't you?

Pilar: Yes, I want to see those things, too. I just don't know -- I just hope that I'm around long enough.

Theresa: Mama, you are going to be around long enough. You're going to be around for all of it, I promise. Please just give me the keys and the code, and I promise I will take care of the rest. Please.

Pilar: Fine. Here. Here are the keys.

Pilar: Here, this is the pass code.

Theresa: Thank you, mama. Thank you so much.

Pilar: I don't approve of what you're doing, Theresa, but you're my child, and god help me, I've never been able to say no to you. I love you with all my heart, Theresa.

Theresa: I love you, too, so much, with all of my heart. Thank you.


Julian: I want you to wear this.

Rebecca: Don't be ridiculous! This is totally inappropriate for the Founders' Day Dance.

Julian: It's perfectly appropriate! Didn't you wear this to seduce me and every pool boy in Harmony?

Rebecca: That is such a lie.

Julian: Nevertheless, you're going to wear this tonight.

Rebecca: No, I won't.

Julian: You will put this on, or I will put it on for you. You're going to show everyone exactly the kind of woman you really are.

Rebecca: Let go of me! Ow!

Julian: Come with me!

Rebecca: No! No!

Julian: Get in here!


Ivy: Oh, hello, Kay. You do look lovely tonight.

Kay: Yeah, for all the good it's doing me.

Ivy: They do seem to be getting closer, don't they?

Kay: Yeah, and I'm going to put a stop to it right now.

Ivy: Kay, you do know that Miguel loves Charity, so why don't you just give up?

Kay: Give up? Whose side are you on, anyway? There's no way I'm going to give up. Miguel's mine. Miguel, I brought you some punch.  

Charity: Oh!  [Kay spills punch on Charity's dress]

Miguel: God.

Kay: Oh, Charity, I'm so sorry!

Miguel: Charity, is there anything I can do?

Ivy: Charity, I'll help you. We'll just -- we'll go put some cold water on that stain.

Kay: I'm sorry, Charity. Really, I am.

Miguel: Jeez, Kay. I'm just glad you didn't ruin Charity's portfolio.

Kay: Oh, yeah. Me, too. Hey, let's go dance.

Miguel: I don't really feel like dancing.

Kay: Oh, come on. Ivy will take care of Charity. Let's have some fun.


Luis: What a family, huh? It's just not right. Miguel should be with Charity, Theresa should be with Ethan, and I should be with Sheridan.

Hank: Maybe the events tonight will change all that.

Luis: Yeah, you know what? I'm counting on it. Once I expose the Cranes, I think it's going to set things right. One thing I do know, I'm going to get Sheridan back and we're going to be together forever.


Mrs. Wallace: Oh -- oh, Bethie, Bethie -- look at this, look at this! Look at all those la-dee-dah society girls and all their -- ugh -- gorgeous gowns. Oh, darn it, I wish we could be here just to have some fun! There's the bar.

Beth: No, no, no. No drinking. Stay calm.

Mrs. Wallace: What? No!

Beth: Stay calm. I figure if we do what Alistair wants, we can get out of here with our heads still attached.

Mrs. Wallace: Ugh!

[Phone rings]

Beth: Oh. Yes?

Alistair: What's going on there?

Beth: Everybody seems to be having a great time drinking and dancing. I don't think they've seen anything yet.

Alistair: Good. Now, tell me exactly what you're going to do.

Beth: Ok. Well, I'm going to go very carefully to the back door and I'm going to unlock it.

Alistair: And make sure no one sees you do that, Bethie.

Beth: No, no, I won't. Wait, Luis is coming.

Luis: Beth, Mrs.. Wallace.

Mrs. Wallace: Hi, Luis.

Luis: Look at how nice the two of you look, huh?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, thank you, Luis.

Beth: You look great too, Luis.

Luis: I'm really glad the both of you came because tonight should be very interesting.

Beth: Well, we can't wait.

Luis: Why don't the two of you come with me to talk to Chad and Hank?


Eve: Pilar, what are you doing here?

Pilar: Theresa needs me.

Eve: You should be at home and resting, not here. God only knows what's going to happen here tonight, and you don't need the stress.

Pilar: She begged me to come, Eve, and I couldn't say no.


Gwen: It is so nice to be here in your arms tonight. You know, I just really hope that, you know, Sheridan's wrong about what Luis is going to do.

Ethan: I guess we'll wait and see. But have I told you that you look beautiful tonight? Have I told you that?

Gwen: Yes, you have, but you can tell me again.

Ethan: All right.

Gwen: What the hell is she -- uh, Theresa, what are you doing here?

Theresa: The dance is for the entire town, Gwen, so I have as much right to be here as anyone.

Gwen: Yeah, I know that, but I would think that you would be, you know, home with your feet up, considering you were just implanted with my embryo. But of course, I mean, I could never trust you to follow doctor's orders, right?

Ethan: Gwen, please, come on.

Gwen: In fact, have a good time. Go ahead, dance the night away. Because with any luck, you'll lose the baby.

Theresa: Wow. That's a terrible thing to say, Gwen.

Gwen: Not terrible enough.

Ethan: Ok, that's enough. Hey, come on, we were dancing, remember? We were dancing, we were dancing.

Theresa's inner voice: Thank god no one except mama knows I did lose your baby, Gwen, but I'm going to get you out of town tonight. Then I'm going to sneak into Ethan's bed and then I'm going to get pregnant again, so all my problems will be over.

Gwen: I can't believe that she had the nerve to show up here tonight. Honey, I told you she would never take care of our baby and listen to the doctor.

Ethan: Stop. Let's just pretend she's not here, ok?

Gwen: I'll try. But also, everyone's been talking about Luis and what he's planning to do tonight. Do you believe that he has all this information that could take Alistair and Julian out?

Ethan: I can't believe that Alistair would allow Luis to get away with information that would put him or Julian in jail. Most likely, someone else will take the fall for this.

Gwen: All I know is that my mother is going to have a fit if she comes out looking bad in all this.

[Crowd buzzes]

Ethan: Too late. Look at what Rebecca is wearing!

Gwen: What are you wearing?

Rebecca: This was Julian's idea. He made me wear this.

Gwen: Why? Mother, you look ridiculous.

Rebecca: Gwen, you really don't have to remind me of that. You know, apparently, something really awful is going to happen to the Cranes tonight, and Julian wants to make sure that I am humiliated to the core.

Gwen: I'm sorry.


Sam: Julian, what the hell are you doing here? You do know what Luis is planning to do, don't you?

Julian: Yes, I know.

Sam: We have a large contingent of police in the room tonight, but I don't think I have enough to protect you from an angry mob if it gets ugly.

Julian: I accept whatever fate hands me.

Sam: Good luck.

Liz: Well, there goes your nemesis, the man who ruined your tennis career. T.C., Do you really think you'll kill him tonight?

T.C.: I'll wait for Luis to expose him for the snake that he is in front of the whole town. I think everybody will want a piece of him then.

Liz: Oh, T.C., You are going to be amazed at who you want to kill.


Eve: You came.

Julian: Why don't we go out to the terrace so we can talk.


Ivy: There you go, Charity. No one's ever going to know that you had punch spilled on you. Oh, good grief. Excuse me, Charity.

Charity: Sure. Thank you.


Rebecca: Ivy. Didn't you wear that last year?

Ivy: Yes, I did. And what are you, Rebecca, some large, yellow bird's date?


Eve: I wish you wouldn't have come.

Julian: Well, I had to.

Eve: I mean, you know what Luis is planning.

Julian: I know, but I have to face it, and I had to see you. Would you let me hold you in my arms, please? Maybe dance with me the way -- the way we've never been allowed for all these years.

Eve: Oh, darling.

Liz: Enjoy it while you can, Eve. Because it all ends tonight, and in a way you never dreamed possible.


Beth: Mother, mother --

Mrs. Wallace: Hmm?

Beth: Mother, give me that.

Mrs. Wallace: No, give it --   [Beth takes her mother's drink]

Beth: I need you to help me unlock that back door.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, what am I supposed to do?

Beth: Distract them, all right?

Mrs. Wallace: How?

Beth: Oh, god, you are useless. Hank, Hank, could you -- would you like to dance with my mother? She's just dying to get out there on the floor.

Hank: Well, yeah, sure.

Beth: Ok.

Mrs. Wallace: Let's go, Hankie! Let's cut a rug!

[Music plays]

Beth: Luis? Would you mind getting me a glass of champagne?

Luis: Yeah, sure.


Whitney: Here you go, babe.

Chad: Hey. Oh, thank you, baby.

Whitney: You're welcome.

Beth: Oh, Chad, isn't this music dreamy? You know what, you two should really dance.

Chad: Oh, I've got to watch the machine, Beth. I can't leave it.

Beth: I can do it. Don't worry. Really, come on. Go enjoy yourselves.

Whitney: It would be nice.

Chad: Well, I --

Beth: Go on, get out there.

Chad: Thank you.

Beth: Anybody out here?


Sheridan: I have a bad feeling about tonight. I just keep thinking that Luis really does have this evidence that he says he does.

Antonio: How many times do I have to tell you he doesn't have anything? Look, Sheridan, please just forget about it. I'm going to go get us some more champagne. I'll be back.


[Back Door Opens]


Luis: Where's Alistair?

Julian: Uh -- I have no idea, but I seriously doubt my father will be making an appearance here this evening.

Luis: Fine, the show will just have to go on without him, then.

Julian: Why don't you go ahead and go on. I'll follow you.


Eve: Julian, thank you for everything.

Fox: Father, you ready for what's coming tonight?

Julian: Yes. I'm ready.

Fox: All right. What do you know? See, my father finally decides to turn over a new leaf and become a good man, and look what happens -- he's about ready to get the crap kicked out of him.

Chad: Well, I just want to let you know that I appreciate everything you've done for me at the recording studio and all. I'm on your side tonight. I'll make sure no one tries to kill you.

Fox: Well, for what it's worth, I'm on your side, too.

Julian: Thank you both.


Alistair: Good work, Beth. Now stay out of the way and let my men do their job. You might not want to stick around for what's about to happen.

Beth: Dear god, what have I done?


Luis: Excuse me, excuse me. Could you -- could you give this to that blond woman over there for me, please? And give her this, please.   [Luis sends Sheridan a rose]

Man: Certainly, sir.

Luis: Thank you.

Man: A gentleman asked me to give this to you.

Sheridan: Oh, thank you.

Luis: I love you. Soon we're going to be together forever.



Ivy: Are you saying that you think we have a future together?

Theresa: Ethan will never know what hit him.

Luis: What I'm about to show you is a list of atrocities committed by the most prominent family in Harmony, the Cranes.

Julian: I told you this would be bad.

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