Passions Transcript Wednesday 4/21/04

Passions Transcript Wednesday 4/21/04

by Eric

Dort: Hey! Hey. Slow down, rookie. What did I tell you about taking it easy, pacing yourself? You're going to wrench your back if you don't slow down.

Kay: I told, I can't slack off. Ok, I can't afford to lose this job. I need the paycheck.

Dort: Oh, yeah, right, so you can take care of your baby girl and that good-for-nothing boyfriend of yours.


Kay: Miguel's not good for nothing. He's a terrific guy.

Dort: Oh, yeah. That's why he was making goo-goo eyes at his ex-girlfriend at the book cafe the other day, right?

Kay: He ran into charity by accident. It was not a date.

Dort: Oh, please. Right, whatever you say, ok?

Kay: Hey, dort, how many times do I have to say it? Miguel is very devoted to me and maria. He doesn't sneak off behind my back to spend time with charity. When he's not in school, he's either looking for a job or babysitting for maria.

Dort: Oh! So that's what your hottie miguel is doing right now, babysitting maria, while you bring home the bonon -- or, should I say, the tuna?

Kay: Well, no, not tonight. My landlady, tabitha, is taking care of maria.

Dort: How come, if your old man ain't working?

Kay: Well, miguel has a really important term paper due for school, and he got behind because the computer broke. So I put together some money for him to fix it, and now that it's up and running, he has to burn the midnight oil to catch up.

Dort: Oh, man, do you believe this? Kay is breaking her back on the assembly line so her loverboy can stay home and do homework all day.

Woman: Oh, man!

Miguel: I've been at this so long, I'm seeing double.

Miguel: I forgot I put this in here. God, I miss you, charity. I'd give anything to be with you again.

Charity: Poor miguel. He looks so exhausted.

Ivy: Oh, charity. I have wonderful news. Rebecca, that little tramp, is finally good for something. She's bringing charlie lapson as her guest to the founder's day dance.

Charity: Charlie lapson, the hollywood designer? Designer to the stars?

Ivy: Yes, yes! He has decided he wants to do a nautical theme for his new women's casual line, and he thought harmony would be the perfect place to inspire him. Isn't that wonderful?

Charity: Yeah. It's totally great.

Ivy: So why don't you seem more excited? You do understand what this means. You're going to have an introduction to one of the biggest designers in the business. He does clothing and handbags and jewelry, everything, and we are going to wow him with your portfolio.

Charity: Ivy, I don't have a portfolio. I have, what, a couple of drawings?

Ivy: Well, then get busy. You still have a couple of days to pull it together, and I'll help you. I'll be your muse, so to speak. We'll go to the docks, and we'll do some sketching. We can get tons of ideas for accessories down there, you know, rope belts and seagully things.

Charity: Ok.

Ivy: Ok. Is that all you have to -- I thought you would be thrilled to get your foot in the couture door.

Charity: Ivy, I so appreciate what you're doing, but to be honest, it all just feels kind of empty.

Ivy: Well, let's see if you still feel that way after you've made your first million.

Charity: That's what I mean. Say he likes my designs and I get rich and famous --

ivy: Yeah, and the problem is what, what?

Charity: I just don't have anyone to share that with.

Dr. Simmons: This is it, heather. The procedure's about to begin

theresa: Hallelujah.

Dr. Simmons: In a very short time, if everything goes as we hope it will, you'll be pregnant with ethan and gwen winthrop's child.

Theresa: Oh, I can't wait.

Theresa's voice: When I tell gwen I'm having her and ethan's baby, she'll have no choice but to hand over little ethan. My child for their child.

Fox: You know, if theresa succeeds in her wacky plan and gets pregnant with gwen and ethan's baby, it's going to be world war iii around here.

Whitney: Well, you got that right. Gwen and ethan are going to be furious, and god only knows what rebecca's going to do.

Fox: Murder's the first thing that comes to mind.

Whitney: Well, you know what? I tried to get through to gwen, c convince her to give little ethan back, but she wouldn't listen to me, but now I got to try to get to theresa before she commits suicide.

Theresa's voice: It won't be long now until I have a little baby to trade for my son. I just have to be patient a little bit longer.

Nurse: Hold on, heather. It's almost over.

Theresa: Ok.

Dr. Simmons: That's right. Just relax. We're almost done.

Theresa: All right, don't worry about me. I'm fine. I just can't wait to be pregnant with ethan and gwen's baby.

Ethan: Ok, you're supposed to be in the procedure room getting ready for the implantation.

Heather: Right.

Gwen: Heather, how did you get into the closet? I mean, who bound and gagged you?

Heather: Oh, I don't know. I just know that there was a woman who --

ethan: Oh, god --

gwen: A woman -- a woman, heather? A woman who did what?

Ethan: She -- she's out.

Gwen: Oh, god.

Theresa: So are we done yet?

Dr. Simmons: Yes, we are. All we can do now is hope and pray that one of the embryos implants on your uterine wall.

Theresa: Oh, yeah. No, I know it will. And you know what? I can feel it already. I am pregnant with ethan and gwen's baby. I am.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life bbing ]

Yeah, ycua I'm a serialk p77 77

ethan: What the hell happened here?

Gwen: Oh, god, I don't know. You know what? I'm going to get a cold compress for her head.

Ethan: I'm going to get the doctor. Eve, eve, thank god. Come in here, please.

Eve: What is it, ethan? Oh, god. Isn't that heather, your surrogate?

Gwen: Yes!

Ethan: Yes. We heard a noise coming from the room. We found her in the closet. She was -- she was gagged. She was bound and tied up.

Eve: She's out cold.

Gwen: Eve, what is -- what's wrong with her?

Eve: I don't know, but isn't she supposed to be in the procedure room right now and having the implant?

Gwen: Yes!

Eve: Heather? It's dr. Russell, honey. Can you hear me?

Heather: Oh -- my head. What -- what happened to me?

Gwen: Well, you tell us.

Theresa's voice: I did it. I pulled it off. I'm pregnant with ethan and gwen's baby, and little ethan will be back with me very soon.

Dr. Simmons: Well, I'm happy to report it went like clockwork.

Theresa: Oh, thank you so much, dr. Simmons. You have no idea how much this means to me.

Dr. Simmons: Heather, please, don't get your hopes up too high. As I explained to mr. And mrs. Winthrop, this type of procedure is rarely successful on the first try. We may he e to repeat it several times in order to obtain a viable pregnancy.

Theresa: Oh, no, no, not this time. I mean, I've been pregnant before, and trust me, I can feel it. I'm pregnant. No, there's definitely a little life growing inside of me.

Dr. Simmons: Well, I hope you're right. But still, I want to caution you not to get too excited yet.

Theresa: All right, well, don't worry, because the baby and I will be just fine.

Nurse: It could turn out to be more than one, you know.

Theresa: Really?

Dr. Simmons: Yes. We implanted several embryos. Now, they won't all take, but this procedure often yields twins.

Theresa: Twins? Oh, my god, this is my lucky day.

[Knock on door]

Whitney: Hello. We need to come in and see our friend, please.

Nurse: I'm afraid this isn't a good time.

Theresa: Oh -- oh, please. You know what? These are my best friends in the whole world. Is it ok if they come in, they visit me for a little bit? Just -- please?

Dr. Simmons: It's ok. Heather needs to lie back for a while and let the embryos have time to implant.

Theresa: That's right.

Dr. Simmons: You can keep your friend company while she waits.

Fox: Will do.

Theresa: Thank you so much.

Dr. Simmons: And I'll be back to check on you in a little while.

Theresa: All right. Thanks.

[Door closes]

Whitney: Obviously, 'r're too late. You've already had it done, right?

Theresa: So fox told you, huh?

Fox: Yeah. Yeah, I had to tell her.

Theresa: No, it's ok. I need my friends with me right now, you know? But, yeah, it's done. I'm definitely pregnant with ethan and gwen's baby.

Whitney: Oh, my god.

Theresa: No, don't say that, whitney. Come on, this is my only chance. I mean, this is my only chance to get my son back. I've got to trade this baby for my child.

Whitney: Theresa, you're crazy, honey.

Theresa: No --

whitney: You're absolutely crazy.

Theresa: I know you don't mean that and you're just upset.

Whitney: Yeah, I am upset. But you know what? That's ok, but we just have to pray that it doesn't work or something.

Theresa: Oh, no. No, it worked. Yep, I'm definitely pregnant with ethan and gwen's baby.

Fox: Are you sure? I mean --

theresa: Yeah.

Fox: Doesn't it usually take a little bit of time for these things to take?

Theresa: Well, you know, I mean, the doctor said the same thing, but you know what? I know, you know? This is exactly w w I felt when I was pregnant with little ethan, you know? No, I'm with child.

Whitney: You know what? I think that's wishful thinking on your part. It's probably just indigestion or something.

Theresa: No, no, it's not indigestion. I'm pregnant. I can feel it.

Whitney: Ok, fine. So now, what are you going to do now?

Theresa: Well, I'm going to play hardball. You know, if ethan and gwen ever want to see their little bundle of joy, then they're going to have to play by my rules now.

Kay: You know what? Stop laughing at me! Ok, miguel -- he's a wonderful man.

Woman: Oh, honey --

kay: And you know what? You're all just jealous because you don't have a terrific guy like him in your lives.

Dort: Oh, yeah, right!

Woman: Oh, you're such a lucky --

dort: Right, kay, you got yourself a man who don't work, who don't have a place to live, and won't marry you. We're all dying for a guy like that, right?

Woman: That's what I've been dreaming about.

Kay: You know what? Shut up! You don't know anything about miguel. He's working really hard to graduate from college so he can take care of me and maria.

Dort: Oh -- yeah, right.

Kay: You know what? Forget it. I'm taking my break now.

Woman: Take a nap!

Dort: Here comes murray! There you go.

Miguel: I shouldn't be wasting time like this. I haven't even finished half this term paper. Kay's supporting us, tabitha's babysitting maria. I should be doing my part. And I just can't help it. I miss you so much.

[Music plays]

Singer: Love in love out find the feeling scream in scream out time for healing you feel the moments gone too soon you're watching clouds come over you torn in two you close your eyes for someplace new torn in two I feel it's going down 10 feet below the ground I'm waiting for your healing hands one touch can bring me around I feel we're going down 10 feet below the ground it's just the way I'm feeling yeah, yeah it's just the way I'm feeling yeah, yeah it's just the way I'm feeling yeah, yeah it's just the way I'm feeling yeah, yeah it's just the way I'm feeling

miguel: Charity, I love maria with all my heart. Without you in my life, sometimes I wonder why I bother to work so hard.

Charity: Oh, poor miguel. He looks exhausted. He probably hasn't eaten all day.

Ivy: Charity, honey, nobody understands what you're going through better than I do. I mean, I was separated from the man I love for years. I thought I would die from missing sam.

Charity: So, how'd you do it?

Ivy: It wasn't easy, but I kept myself busy and I tried to think of other things. That's why trust me when I say sitting around here pining after miguel isn't going to make you feel any better.

Charity: I know. You're right. It's just I don't feel like I'm going to be happy again.

Ivy: That's wrong. You can be happy again. You will be happy again. You just have to get yourself out of this slump u'u're in. You know, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make yourself so successful that miguel can't say no to you.

Charity: And how shall I do that?

Ivy: By working on your portfolio. Draw up a storm and turn yourself into the next donna karan.

Charity: Ivy, no. That's not what miguel and I are about. I mean, we love each other for who we are, not who we may or may not become someday. I just -- I can't concentrate on something so frivolous as fashion when he's passed out at his computer. He probably hasn't eaten all day. I mean, he's going to make himself sick. I'm going to make him something to eat.

Ivy: That's a good idea. You do that, and then you can work on your portfolio and make yourself famous.

Fox: So, how'd you pull this off? What'd you do to the surrogate?

Theresa: She got a little tied up and I borrowed her I.D. Bracelet.

Whitney: No, you know what? Don't even tell me what you did to her, because I don't even want to know.

Theresa: No, I didn't -- I didn't kill her, if that's what you think.

Whitney: Well, you know, that's about the only thing that you haven't done. You know what, theresa? You really screwed up this time. I mean, you have no idea the ramifications of what you've just done.

Theresa: No, no, no, I know exactly what I've done, ok? But just relax, ok? Just -- can we have faith?

Whitney: Yeah, but have you given, like, a moment's thought to how gwen and rebecca are going to feel about this?

Theresa: No, well, you know what? I have, actually. And with any luck, maybe they'll feel exactly like I felt when little ethan was stolen from me. They'll be devastated. They'll feel like their entire world has just dropped out from under them, and you know what? I can't wait.

Fox: Theresa, I mean, have you forgotten who you're dealing with here, though? Rebecca's a crane, and ethan used to be. They're not going to take this sitting down.

Theresa: But I am carrying ethan and gwen's baby, right? Rebecca's grandchild. So what can they possibly do to me? Nothing. They have lost, I have won, and I'm going to make them pay bigtime.

Gwen: Heather, what happened to you? Please, you have to tell us.

Ethan: Will you just give her some space. Let her clear her head.

Gwen: Honey, I am sorry. I am just so upset and confused. I mean, who would lock heather in a closet?

Eve: Heather, honey, what's the last thing that you remember?

Heather: I don't know. It all seems so foggy now. Heo?O?

Theresa: How are you feeling?

Heather: Who are you? I haven't seen you in here before.

Theresa: That's because my shift just started a few minutes go.

Heather: Well, I'm fine.

Theresa: Good, good. Well, I have to do one test, actually, before we start the procedure and implant the eggs, ok?

Heather: Oh. Ok. I remember now. A woman came into my room. She said that she was a nurse and that she had one more test to do before the implantation.

Eve: Well, that's not right. You were done with all your tests.

Heather: That's what she said, and then she put gauze over my face. I tried to stop her, but she was too strong. That's all I remember now.

Eve: Gauze?

Heather: Yes, to test my breathing.

Ethan: Wait a minute. Is this what she put on your face?

Heather: That's what it looks like.

Eve: Uh -- it's chloroform.

Gwen: Chloroform?

Ethan: It's chlor--

gwen: Oh, my god. Who would chloroform heather?

Eve: I don't know, but I'm starting to get a very bad feeling about this.

singer: You are my passion for life

kay: Ooh. Oh, I hate them! I hate every last one of them! They're just trying to bring me down. They're trying to make me feel like them. I'm never going to feel like them, never.

Simone: Hey, here you are. Ooh. You look terrible. What's wrong?

Kay: What's wrong? My life, that's what's wrong. I work day and night with a bunch of women who do nothing but make fun of me. And when I get home to miguel, I'm so tired that all I want to do is fall asleep. You know what? And even if I wasn't so exhausted, what good would it do me? I smell like fish all the time. I mean, how can I have any kind of romance with him?

Simone: Calm down. That's what I came to talk to you about.

Kay: What?

Simone: Kay, miguel and you and romance. The founder's day dance is coming, kay, and we're finally old enough to be able to go. Remember when we were little? We used to dream about it all the time. We used to watch our moms get dressed in those beautiful, fancy gowns, and they would put on their makeup and wear the beautiful jewelry, and our dads, they would rent those tuxes and didn't know how to p o on the cummerbunds.

[Simone laughs]

Kay: Yeah, of course. Of course I remember.

Simone: Yeah.

Kay: I used to get so jealous of my mom. I'd ask my dad to let me go with him every year.

Simone: Well, you know what? This year is our year. We are going to buy drop-dead gorgeous dresses, we are going to get our hair and makeup done, and, shoot, we might even rent a limousine for the night.

Kay: Yeah, maybe -- maybe you'll get a new dress and rent a limo. Have fun.

Simone: What do you mean? You don't want to go?

Kay: No, simone, I'm dying to go. But miguel and I talked about it, and we can't go.

Simone: Kay, this is the founder's day dance. You have to go.

Kay: I just got miguel's computer fixed, my car needs a new transmission. I can't afford a new dress, much less rent a limo or get my hair done.

Simone: Well, look, I will lend you a dress and, shoot, I can do your hair.

Kay: I appreciate the offer, simone, but the tickets to the dance are, like, a hundred bucks a pop. I mean, there's no way we can afford that. I can't even afford a babysitter.

Simone: Oh. Kay, I'm sorry. I didn't know things were that bad for you.

Kay: Well, now you do. I can't afford to do anything fun. I'm an unwed mother, and I hate my life. My life sucks.

Whitney: Ok, look, theresa, I'm no lawyer or anything, but I bet you you've broken a lot of laws here. Kidnapping embryos that do not belong to you, stealing someone's identity, impersonating this heather woman --

theresa: Yeah.

Fox: God only knows what you really did to her.

Theresa: Ok, all right. I just -- I drugged her, ok, and then I locked her in the closet.

Whitney: Oh, my god!

Theresa: I know.

Whitney: Ok, ok, we're talking felonies. You're going to go to prison for a long time. That's it.

Theresa: Yeah, but just remember, just remember, ok? I'm carrying ethan and gwen's baby, right? The doctor said it might even be twins, so do you really think that they're actually going to want their baby -- or babies -- born behind bars? I don't think so.

Fox: I wouldn't be so sure. Gwen and rebecca hate you.

Theresa: Yeah, well, the feeling is mutual, trust me.

Whitney: So what makes you think they're not going to retaliate?

Theresa: Because I know how badly gwen wants to have a baby, and I don't think she'd take any chances with her own flesh and blood.

Fox: Yeah, well, I still say we get out of here before they realize what you've done and come after you, ok?

Whitney: Well, they're going to find out sooner or later.

Fox: Well, let's try to make it later, you know? Theresa just had a medical procedure. She needs to relax and rest.

Theresa: Yeah, you're right. I do need to relax, so -- yeah, and, yeah, I want to get out of here, go home, and just, you know, take care of myself and the baby.

Fox: Yeah. I'm thinking it probably would be a better idea if we get out of town until after the baby's born, you know, because once gwen and ethan find out what you've done, they're going to come after you, theresa, probably with shotguns.

Theresa: I'm not afraid of them.

Whitney: Theresa, you should be. If not them, then definitely rebecca. I mean, she would shoot you between the eyes and then ask questions later.

Fox: There you go.

Theresa: Ok, maybe you're right. All right, yeah, ok, we should get out of here before they find me.

Whitney: Yeah. Yeah, let's go.

Fox: Sounds good.

Ethan: All right, this isn't good, ok? We need to find out what the hell happened here.

Heather: I don't get it. Who would do something like this to me?

Eve: I am paging the nurse who was supposed to assist to find out what she knows.

Gwen: God, honey, I'm so worried about this. I have a really bad feeling. I feel like someone just walked over my grave.

Ethan: No, no, don't panic. We don't really know what happened here yet, ok?

Nurse: Dr. Russell, you just paged me?

Eve: What happened to this woman?

Nurse: What woman?

Eve: Mr. And mrs. Winthrop's surrogate! She was chloroformed and locked in a closet.

Nurse: No, she wasn'T.

Eve: Yes, she was. This is the gauze that was used to knock her out.

Nurse: That's the winthrop surrogate?

Eve: Yes.

Nurse: That's not the woman we just implanted with the winthrops' embryos.

Ethan: What?

Nurse: Dr. Simmons just implanted the winthrops' embryos in someone else.

Gwen: You implanted my embryo in another woman?

Nurse: I guess so.

Gwen: Oh, my god. We'll tell you about some of the excitement you can expect at this they say life experience helps you grow.

Few television newscasts would devote the time that it takes for enlightening thought-provoking opinion. This one's different. In fact, time is what it's all about.

Simone: I told you it was a mistake to trick miguel into sleeping with you and to get pregnant to try and get him to marry you.

Kay: Just what I needed to hear -- "I told you so."

Simone: I'm sorry, kay. Look, I know that you don't have it easy, you know, having a baby, no husband, no hope of getting married --

kay: No hope? You're doing a great job of cheering me up, simone.

Simone: Ok, ok, look, look, you need to go to this dance more than anyone. We have got to figure out a way.

Kay: I wracked my brain. I gave up.

Simone: Can't tabitha babysit maria?

Kay: Sure, but I still don't have the money for the tickets to the dance.

Simone: Oh, kay, we've been wanting to go to this dance for a long time. You can't miss it. I know -- why don't you ask your dad for a loan?

Kay: No. My dad has enough problems. I can't hit him up for more money.

Simone: Kay, I know your father. If he knows how badly you want to go to this dance, he would be happy to give you the money. And, girl, I can make your dress.

Kay: No offense, simone, but I was with you for most of your home-ec projects. You can't sew a straight line from here to the door.

Simone: Ok, well, then my mom can help. I mean, she's a doctor. She's great at sewing. I mean, look, this is where whitney hit me with her tennis racket when I was 5 years old. You can barely tell that my mom even sewed me up.

Kay: I love you for wanting to help, but it's hopeless. My life is -- it's over. I might as well just die.

Simone: Kay, don't say that. I know you're just being a drama queen, but I don't like it. Look, I'm going to go get you a soda.

Kay: Hold on a second. What's this?

Simone: What?

Kay: Simone, I think my luck just changed.

Miguel: Where did this come from?

Miguel: Y?Y? Tabitha?

Miguel: Hello. I know someone's out here.

Gwen: Oh, god, ethan, our baby -- what's happened to our baby?

Ethan: Don't panic. Don't, all right? I kn y you're upset, but we have to figure this out, ok?

Gwen: Eve, how could something like this have happened?

Eve: I don't know, but I intend to find out.

Nurse: I don't get it, either. I took the woman into the procedure room myself.

Eve: Did you check her I.D. Bracelet?

Nurse: Of course I did. That standard procedure. The bracelet said her name was heather downs.

Heather: My I.D. Bracelet is missing.

Gwen: Oh, god. She took your I.D. Bracelet?

Eve: This is terrible. Hello, security, this is dr. Russell. We have an emergency on four. I want you to go to total lockdown. No one is allowed out of the hospital.

Gwen: Honey, you know what this means?

Ethan: Yeah, I know what this means. It means somebody drugged heather, locked her in a closet, stole her I.D. Bracelet, and took her place for the implantation. This wasn't an accident. This was deliberate, and it was planned.

Gwen: What kind of monster would do such a horrible thing?

Nurse: She's probably still in the implantatiororoom. Dr. Simmons told her to stay there and rest.

Gwen: Well, I mean, let's go get her before she leaves.

Theresa: Thank you for all your help, whit.

Whitney: Well, don't thank me. I mean, come on, iate what you've done here, and I'm not happy about helping you, but come on, you're my best friend in the world, and I can't just stand by and let rebecca crucify you like this. So --

theresa: Thank you.

Whitney: Mm-hmm.

Fox: You two ready?

Theresa: Yes, we're ready.

Fox: Ok. Let's get out of here while we still can. Easy does it. Careful.

Gwen: God, where is she?

Nurse: She was right here on the table. Dr. Simmons told her to take it easy, relax for a while to give the implantation time to work.

Ethan: Well, whoever she is, she's gone now.

Nurse: She had some friends who came to visit her. They probably helped her escape.

Gwen: Oh, god. Ethan, she took our baby. That lunatic, she kidnapped our child. We have to find her! We can't just let her go!

Guard: Dr. Russell, we're in lockdown. No one's getting out.

Eve: Oh, good. I just hope we're not too late.

Gwen: I can't just stand here, ethan. We have to do something.

Ethan: I know. We'll find dr. Simmons. We'll find out what the heck is going on.

Guard: Hold on. You two aren't going anywhere.

Eve: No, sid, sid, these are the parents. Just let them go. If they have to wait here, they will go crazy.

Ethan: Thanks. Thanks, eve.

Sid: All right, tell me who we're looking for. Do you guys have a physical description?

Nurse: A woman about 5'1" or 5'2" tall, I guess. Long dark hair, dark eyes, olive complexion. Very pretty young woman, perhaps hispanic or italian.

Fox: What you need to do right now is concentrate on things you can control, ok? Like getting a job -- you can control that, ok? Finding a place to live. I think once you get your life back on track, it's going to be easy for woody to persuade the judge to give you your boy back. It's not going to be a problem, ok?

Theresa: But how? You know, the judge took away my parental rights and then gave my son to julian and rebecca.

Fox: Yeah, ok, well, listen, that case can be reopened at any time, all right? As long as woody's got a strong enough argument, right? What you have to do right now is just present yourself as rock solid, theresa.

Whitney: Fox is absolutely right.

Fox: There you go.

Theresa: I know, it's just so frustrating, you know?

Eve: Oh, honey, you just do the things that you need to do and have faith that one day soon you are going to get your son back. The child belongs with his mother.

Nurse: I don't know how else to describe her. I'm not sure what she was wearing, because she had a hospital gown on --

eve: No. No, it couldn't be.

Theresa: You know, I can't wait for rebecca and gwen to find out what I've done, because they're going to be really, really crushed when they find out that I did unto them as they've done unto me.

Whitney: Well, personally, i can wait for them to find out so that we can get out of state. You know what I'm saying?

Theresa: Yeah, but it's like it won't be long before I get my son back, whit.

Fox: Well, I hope it all works out for you, but I'm not going to relax till we're out of this hospital and on a highway out of town.


Whitney: Oh, my god! What was that?

Theresa: What's that?

Fox: Ok, I don't know.

Theresa: Oh, jeez.

Fox: Ok, oh, I think we're trapped.

Whitney: I knew this was a bad idea. What are we going to do now?

Theresa: We're going to find an exit, and fast.

Whitney: Ok.

Fox: Easy does it.

Ethan: Hey, you, stop!

simone: What is it that you're looking at?

Kay: This -- my ticket to ride.

Simone: "Crane industries is raffling off free tickets to the founder's day dance."

Kay: Bingo. And I'm going to win them.

Simone: Kay, I know that look in your eye. What are you getting ready to do?

Kay: Ah, just wait and see.

Miguel: Hello? Is anyone out here?

Miguel: Wow. It's delicious. I wonder who did this. Why didn't they wake me up?

Miguel: Charity?

Ivy: Oh. How did miguel like his dinner?

Charity: I don't know. I didn't stick around to find out.

Ivy: Why not?

Charity: Because I didn't want him to know it was me.

Ivy: Well, at the risk of repeating myself, why not?

Charity: I just feel like he has so much on his shoulders right now with kay and the baby. I don't want him to feel obligated to me. I just wanted to do something nice for him. He doesn't have to thank me.

Ivy: You really do love him, don't you? Yes, well, you know, you remind me of me when I was your age. I was so much in love with sam I would have done anything in the world for him.

Charity: Well, that's how I feel about miguel, but I just -- I don't really have the right. I mean, now that he has kay, I'm the other woman.

Ivy: You're the right woman, charity. Anybody with two eyes can see that miguel loves you and you love him.

Charity: Yeah, yeah. Sure, we love each other, but I don't know that that means we're going to be together.

Ivy: Well, maybe you will be someday.

Charity: I just feel like time's passed us by.

Ivy: Oh, please. Don't be so morbid. You're young. You have your whole lives in front of you. Just look at sam and me. We're getting together after all these years apart.

Charity: You are? Did he agree to a reconciliation?

Ivy: No, no, not in so many words, no.

Charity: So you really don't know for sure.

Ivy: No. But sam is my first love, just like miguel is your first love. We deserve to be happy. And we will be.

Ivy's voice: I just hope all I've done hasn't been for naught.

Fox: What's up, brother?

Ethan: I'm glad you're still here. I need your help.

Fox: Yeah.

Whitney: What do you need?

Ethan: Some nut case just drugged heather, our surrogate, stole her I.D. Bracelet, locked her in a closet, and then had herself implanted with our embryos.

Fox: What?

Whitney: Oh --

fox: Wow. Well, no wonder. I was wondering what all the noise was, the alarm and everything.

Ethan: Well, yeah, the hospital's in lockdown. Eve has it in lockdown. No one's getting out of here, but I could use your help finding this kidnapper. When I find her, I'm going to wring her neck.

Gwen: Did you find her?

Ethan: No, no, but I promise you I will, I will.

Gwen: I can't believe this is happening, ethan, after everything we have tried to have our own baby.

Ethan: It's all right.

Gwen: Theresa, what the hell are you doing here?

Nurse: That's her.

Eve: Who?

Nurse: The woman who had herself implanted with mr. And mrs. Winthrop's embryos.

Gwen: Where?

Nurse: Her.

Gwen: It was theresa?

No! No!

Theresa: Gwen, ethan, if you want your baby back, then you have to give me my child first.

Miguel: I want to be with you forever.

Charity: I want that, too.

Ivy: I love you so much, sam. I have always, always loved you. I'veevever stopped loving you. You're looking live at edmonton from our skytracker atop manulife

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