Passions Transcript Tuesday 4/6/04

Passions Transcript Tuesday 4/6/04

by Eric

Pilar: Good morning, eve. The nurse told me to come here?

Eve: Yeah, this is the right place.

Pilar: Why is the I.V. Set up in your office?

Eve: Oh, I thought that you would be more comfortable if you could have your treatments in the privacy of my office.

Pilar: That's very thoughtful of you, eve.

Eve: Well, I know that you're not ready to tell your family about your illness yet.

Pilar: No, I'm not. My children have so many problems right now. I don't want to add to their burden.

Eve: Well, if you were to have your therapy in the outpatient ward, then everybody in harmony would know that you were ill.

Pilar: You've been such a good friend to me.

Eve: Oh. Oh, honey. You're a good friend to me, too. So you ready?

Pilar: Yeah, I guess I have to be, right? Nothing like starting your day with an I.V.

[Tabitha giggles]

Tabitha: Oh, thank hades you're such a good baby, endora, unlike your human counterpart. Oh, poor miguel did his best to comfort maria, but we had to come downstairs to get some sleep, didn't we? Ooh, you are such a wonderful baby, my little demon!

Whee! Oh, no. There goes fluffy! Oh, that cat goes absolutely crazy when kay comes back from the cannery. Hmm. Oh, I think they must be working with cod this week. Fluffy loves cod.

Kay: Ew. Get away from me, you miserable fur balls.

Simone: They smell the fish on you, kay.

Kay: I know.

Simone: It doesn't seem fair that you keep getting stuck with all the late-night shifts.

Kay: I know, but right now, I'm the low man on the totem pole.

Simone: I guess you can't tell them that you don't want the work?

Kay: You know I can't, simone, ok? Miguel and I haven't even paid for maria's hospital bills yet.

Simone: Yeah. I'm sorry that you have to work so hard.

Kay: Oh -- go! Go! Well, the cranes have blackballed miguel, and he can't get a job, so I have to work. All I want right now is a nice, hot bath and about 12 hours of sleep.

Tabitha: Uh-oh, uh-oh. Fluffy! No!

Kay: Oh, fluffy, no! Get off! Fluffy, no! Oh! Get off!

Ethan: Are you sure that didn't hurt?

Gwen: No, it's ok, it's ok. I'm just -- I'm just glad you agreed to give me these shots so the nurse doesn't have to keep coming over every day.

Ethan: Hey, I don m mind. We're in this together, right?

Gwen: We are. Honey, I am so happy. We are going to have our very own baby!

Ethan: I know. We have the perfect surrogate now.

Gwen: Yes!

Little ethan: Uncle ethan!

Ethan: Hey, there's my monster!

Gwen: Hey!

Ethan: How you doing? Oh!

Gwen: Hey, cutey.

Little ethan: Can I see my mommy today? Can I?

Gwen: Honey, did you tell little ethan he could see theresa today?

Theresa: My baby. My little ethan. When am I ever going to see you again?

Guard: What's the matter, dearie?

Theresa: Oh. I miss my son. I lost custody, and I'm afraid I'm never going to see him again, so --

guard: Well, you better get used to it, kid. You'll never get custody while you're locked up in here.

Theresa: Well, um, I -- I can't give up hope, you know? I just can't, so --

guard: Hope all you want. It's a waste of time. Judges hardly ever give kids to jailbird moms.

Luis: All right, hank, there's nothing in the closet, buddy.

Hank: Nothing that I could see that would trigger a secret compartment or a safe.

Luis: Yeah, well, I'm telling you it's here. Alistair hides his secrets in this building.

Hank: I believe you, luis, but he probably keeps all his records on computer disks.

Luis: Yeah? So what if he does? I'm going to find them, and then I'm going to bring alistair crane down.

Hank: Well, I hope you can.

Luis: Yeah, I will. Hank, I'm telling you, alistair had dr. Ackland do something to sheridan in that psychiatric ward, something to make her forget that she loves me.

Hank: Do you think he'd really keep a record of something like that?

Luis: Yeah, I do. And I could see alistair gloating over the evidence of his accomplishments, patting himself on the back.

Hank: Ok, so where do we look now?

Luis: Let's go over here, come on.

Sheridan: Hey, antonio, it's me. Yeah, I'm just on my way to my father's office to look into the crane charities that he's turned over to me. No, it won't take long. I'll be home soon. Ok, bye. I just hope I don't find any surprises in my father's office, since he always has some beautiful woman in there.

Sheridan: Oh -- it's you!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life e's never been an easy way

kay: Oh, fluffy, no!

Simone: Get off her, cat!

Tabitha: Fluffy! Fluffy! Leave kay alone!

Kay: Get her off of me!

Tabitha: Well, I'm trying, I'm trying! Fluffy! Fluffy!

Simone: Oh, my god. Here come some other cats! Get away! Shoo! Shoo! Go home! There's no fish here! Get out of here! Go! Go! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Go! Go! Go!

Tabitha: Endora! Mommy needs your help!

Tabitha: Oh, oh. Oh, oh, you poor dear.

Kay: Oh. Oh, i hate that damn cat.

Tabitha: Oh, yes, fluffy is a bit of a nuisance sometimes.

Kay: "Sometimes"?

Tabitha: Well, dear, you do smell like the fish factory. I think you better go and get into the shower.

Simone: Kay, are you all right? How did you get that big cat off of you?

Tabitha: We -- we threw a bucket of water over it.

Kay: I can't wait to take a bath in tomato juice so I can get rid of this fish smell. And then I'm going to take a shower and then I'm going to go to bed. Oh, I could sleep for days!

Miguel: Hey, kay. Oh, my god. What happened?

Kay: Fluffy gave me a real welcome home.

Miguel: Well, I'm glad you're home.

Kay: Really?

Miguel: Yeah, I'm bushed. I was up all night with maria. Neither one of us slept.

Tabitha: I didn't get much sleep, either.

Miguel: I'm sorry, but I got to go.

Kay: Go? But I need to go to bed.

Miguel: I know you're tired, and I feel really bad, but my computer's down, and obviously I don't have money to fix it, so I was going to go to school and use one of the computers there. I'll see you later.

Kay: But, miguel, I --

[Maria cries]

Miguel: I'm really sorry, but I got to get this paper finished. Goodbye.

Kay: Hey, hey, hey, it's ok. What's wrong?

Sheridan: What are you doing here?

Fox: Hey. I was -- well, to tell you the truth, I was looking for money.

Sheridan: You need money?

Fox: Ahem. Yeah, I know. Well, I need to post theresa's bail so I can get her out of that damn jail cell, you know?

Sheridan: Oh, fox, I'm so sorry. I feel so bad for theresa. And I ow you used your trust fund money to bail her out once before.

Fox: Yeah. So I'm broke. And I was kind of hoping that grandfather would have some petty cash lyi a around here somewhere, you know?

Sheridan: Come on, you know my father would never leave cash just lying around.

Fox: Yeah, I know, I know, it's stupid, wishful thinking, I guess. But still, maybe if I could find something to use against him, you know, I could force him into giving me the money so I could pay her way out of jail. I got to do something, you know?

Sheridan: I know how frustrated you feel. But trying to blackmail alistair is -- it's almost impossible.

Luis: This is it, hank.

Hank: There's no breaks of any kind in the drywall, no seams. Are you sure?

Luis: Hank, I studied the schematics. This laser doesn't lie. There's definitely an empty room behind this wall.

Hank: Ok, so how do we get inside?

Luis: Voila.

Hank: Well, what do you know?

Hank: Uh-oh. This door's got an electronic security lock.

Luis: It's all right. I had a feeling we'd find something like this. Yeah. And that is exactly why I borrowed this from the station house. Ok.

Luis: Come on. Oh, yeah. Open it.

Hank: Incredible. It's open.

[Luis and hank chuckle]

Luis: Oh, yeah. Well, you got to love computers. Now we're going to find out exactly what the hell alistair's trying to hide. And when I do, I'm going to get sheridan back.

eve: Oh, pilar, I just so wish that you would've come to me earlier. Just a simple little blood test and we could have detected this so much sooner.

Pilar: I st dn'n't feel that bad. I was tired a lot, but I'm used to being tired. I've worked hard all my life, you know. And then when rebecca fired me, I didn't have insurance. I -- I had other bills to pay.

Eve: Pilar, you know that I would not have charged you.

Pilar: I'm very grateful to you.

Eve: Oh, don't think about any of that now. Just concentrate on getting well.

Pilar: Yeah. You know, I just remembered -- yesterday I had a nosebleed. Could it have something to do with this?

Eve: Yeah, it could -- it could be. Pilar, I really think that you should tell your family.

Pilar: I can't, eve. I just -- all theresa talked about yesterday was how much she needs me right now. My children need me.

Eve: We're treating you. You could very well recover.

Pilar: Well, I hope that's true, you know. I just -- I can't leave my children right now, and I don't want to tell them. I'm going to bring paloma home for theresa so that she can give her some emotional support. And that way, you know, I'll see her one last time, you know -- you know, before I --

eve: Please, pilar, please don't talk like that. You are going to be fine. You just keep telling yourself that.

Pilar: I will. You're right. I'll pray to god that I -- that I live so that I can be here for my children in their time of need. I can't leave them right now, especially with the cranes just so determined to get all of them.

Gwen: Honey, did you tell little ethan he could see theresa today?

Ethan: Um, nanny, will you take this little guy to breakfast, please?

Nanny: Certainly, S.. come on, love.

Ethan: Go on. I'll see you later, ok?

Little ethan: Ok.

Ethan: Ok.

Gwen: Theresa's in jail. Did you tell little ethan he could see her today? I mean, what's going on here?

Ethan: After we adopt you, and after gwen has her own baby through surrogacy, I'm going to give you right back to your mommy. No, no. The boy obviously misses his mother, that's all. Look, I thought we weren't going to talk about theresa. No theresa. We have lots of things to do today, ok?

Gwen: Yeah, you're right. And we have to get the nursery ready for when the surrogate has our baby. Honey, I haven't even been in sarah's nursery since we got back from los angeles.

Ethan: Neheher have I.

Gwen: I don't know if I can go in there.

Ethan: Then we don't have to. We don't have to if you don't want to. I can have the staff clear it out. We can start fresh. That's fine.

Gwen: No, I can't turn that over to the staff. They already packed up all the baby things we donated. No, I have to go in there. I mean, sarah deserves to have her parents go through her things.

Ethan: If that's what you want.

Gwen: It is. Is it ever going to stop hurting this much, losing our little girl?

Ethan: I don't know. But maybe the pain will be less once we have another child.

Gwen: I hope so.

Ethan: Me, too.

Gwen's voice: Damn you, theresa, for killing my baby. Damn you to hell.

Fox: What the hell kind of family is this anyway, huh? We're sitting on billions of dollars, but you can't spend any of yours and mine's mortgaged to the hilt. My father gets theresa pregnant, and then his stupid bitch of a wife has her locked up in prison, takes away her kid, right? And then grandfather's trying to destroy her entire family. It makes you proud to be a crane, though, doesn't it? Really?

Sheridan: You know what, fox? I never knew you very well. I mean, you were always in boarding school, and I pretty much spent my life growing up in europe. I knew you were my nephew, but right now, you don't sound anything like any of the crane men.

Fox: Hmm. Well, maybe not. Maybe not, but right now, I tell you what -- I'm a man in a relationship with miss lopez-fitzgerald, and if I don't find a way to get her out of jail, sheridan, I'm going to start acting like a crane in the worst possible way, I swear to you.

Sheridan: Hmm.

Guard: I read that you killed the crane baby out in los angeles -- mrs. Julian crane's grandbaby.

Theresa: No, no, I didn't kill gwen's baby. It was -- it was an accident.

Guard: Yeah, sure. And aren't you in here for kidnapping?

Theresa: I was -- I was trying to get my son back.

Guard: They still call it kidnapping. I knew a woman who got 40 years for kidnapping -- her own kid, too.

Theresa: 40 years?

Guard: That's right. The next time you see freedom, you could be a senior citizen. And you'll never have your baby back, either. D music] Singer: You are my passion for life

tabitha: How was work last night, kay? Anything interesting to report?

Kay: Not interesting -- annoying. One of those women in particular really rubs me the wrong way.

Dort: So, let me get this straight -- this gal charity lives next door to you and she's your boyfriend's ex-squeeze, anyou're working here at night?


Kay: What's so funny about that?

Dort: Well, don't be surprised if you come home one morning and find miguel running across the yard wearing nothing but underpants and charity's perfume.


Simone: Look, kay, miguel never made a commitment to you. I mean, he's just he because of the baby. So, I mean, if he ends up hooking up with charity, he's really not cheating on you.

Kay: Well, that's not going to happen, simone, ok? Charity's flunking out of college. She spends all of her nights in clubs with other guys. Miguel only has time to be here with me and maria and go to school. He's not going to be running into charity.

Miguel: Beth.

Beth: Miguel.

Miguel: I need your help. Gogot this paper due. My computer just crashed. I went down to the computer lab. It's totally full. I was hoping I could use the one you have down here.

Beth: Oh, gosh, I'm sorry. Mine crashed, too.

Miguel: Ugh.

Beth: But charity's over there. Maybe you should ask if you can use hers.

Eve: God, I can't believe how quickly her illness has advanced. Oh, god, she doesn't have much time left.

Pilar: Paloma? Listen, mija, I have to go, but -- I love you, too. I'll talk to you soon, ok? Ok, bye. That was paloma on the phone. She's so excited about coming home. And theresa, oh, she's going toto be thrilled to see her sister. I have to talk to luis and antonio and find a way to somehow buy that ticket. She'll be home with me in just a few weeks.

Eve: You know, pilar, I'm thinking -- I don't think you should wait to bring paloma home. I think you should bring her home now, just right now.

Pilar: Why? Why, eve? What's wrong? Am -- am I going to die -- eve, please just tell me the truth.

I I going to die just when my children need me the most?

Luis: This has got to be it, hank. All of alistair's secrets.

Hank: You know how to crack a safe?

Luis: Well, I'd say I got a pretty good idea. Got another little surprise here from the evidence room.

Luis: Why don't you take cover, buddy?

Hank: Isn't this going to make a lot of noise?

Luis: It's actually specially designed not to make noise. All right.

Hank: Ok.

[Luis coughs]

Luis: Oh, my god. Tvgood afternoon. Today at five -- the city's looking at a billion dollar solution to traffic congestion. But it may mean forcing some city residents from their homes to accomodate a new rapid transit line. We'll have reaction.+++ A native memorial in the river valley is about to disrupt traffic coming off the walterdale. We'll tell you why.+++And - edmonton business leaders are pushing the city to do something about jasper avenue eyesores.+++That's today on

Their effort to contain the avian flu is failing.

19 million will be slaughtered.

It's an emotional time for producers.

Global national is live in the hot zone because when it matters, you can never be too close to the story. "Global national" with kevin newman. It's about time.

Tabitha: Kay, I have an idea. Why don't you take maria for a stroll? The fresh air will do her good.

Simone: It'll do us all good. I'll get the stroller.

Y: Oh, but I'm such a mess. I hate to be seen in public. Oh, but I don't care. Maybe it'll help her go to sleep.

Tabitha: Yeah. I'll get endora. We'll all go.

Kay: Ok.

Tabitha: Come along, endora. You remember when I read kay's tea leaves, and I saw all that trouble and heartbreak brewing? Yeah? Well, I've got a feeling that kay's life is about to be turned upside down once again.

Miguel: Hey.

Charity: Hey.

Miguel: I see you're online. Probably got a paper to finish, too, huh?

Charity: No. Not really. Why?

Miguel: Oh, I got a paper due, and my computer crashed. But I -- I can't ask you to stop what you're doing.

Charity: No, no. I'm not doing anything for school, so -- so go ahead.

Miguel: Ok. Thanks.

Charity: Yeah. You're welcome. Um -- miguel? I know things haven't been exactly great between us lately, but -- but for whatever it's worth, you know you can always count on me for help.

Miguel: You can always count on me, too, charity.

Charity: Thank you. Ok.

Sheridan: I was worried about theresa when you two got together. You know, she is my husband's sister, and I didn't want to see her get hurt.

Fox: Yeah. Well, I've changed.

Sheridan: Yeah, I can see that. So, is it because you can see a future with theresa?

Fox: Um -- I don't know, maybe. You know, I mean, we've -- we've definitely talked about our relationship, and I could see it happening. I like her a lot.

Sheridan: Wait, wait, wait. Just "like"? Not "love"?

Fox: Yeah -- yeah, sure. Yeah. Yeah, I love her, I do. But, you know, there was a girl that I loved before theresa, and -- and she's -- she's with someone else now. But -- but it's ok because -- it's ok. Yoyou know, I want her to be happy.

Sheridan: Sounds like you're not over this other woman.

Fox: I'm working on it, you know? But theresa -- man, theresa -- she's unbelievable, isn't she?

Sheridan: Yes, she is.

Fox: Yeah. And you know what? You know what? No matter what my reason is for changing or no matter what issues I have in my past, the bottom line is I have to find a way to help theresa. Sheridan, there's got to be a way.

Sheridan: You know what, fox? I think I know a way.

Gwen: Oh, god. Oh --

ethan: I know.

Gwen: Oh.

Gwen: I never -- um -- I never even got to change one of sarah's diapers, you know? Not even one.

Ethan: I brought this home from that business trip in chicago.

Gwen: Remember when I made this? And -- and I didn't know if we were going to have a little boy or a girl, so I just -- I just had it "baby"?

Ethan: We were just excited to have one.

Gwen: Our baby never even got to spend one night in this room. Not even one night in this whole world.

Ethan: I know it hurts, honey.

Gwen: I don't understand why, honey. Why did we have to lose our little girl? I mean, I miss our sarah so much.

Ethan: I do, too. I do, too.

Pilar: Eve, please, I need to know. Tell me the truth -- am I going to die from this disease? Is that why you want me to bring paloma home right away?

Eve: No. No, pilar. I just think that theresa could use her sister right now, and miguel and luis. You know, every -- everybody's in such trouble right now.

Pilar: Are you telling me the truth, eve? Because I -- I saw you on the computer. Did you get information that -- is this disease worse than you thought it was?

Fox: Wait, so you think you know of a way to help theresa, then?

Sheridan: Well, it is a little unorthodox, but father did put me in charge of crane charities.

Fox: Mm-hmm.

Sheridan: And I think that if we come up with some sort of foundation, we can use the charity money to pay for theresa's bail.

Fox: Ok. Ok, yeah. Yeah, sounds great. But -- um -- can you do that legally? Because even --

sheridan: Well, you know, we'll have to check with the attorneys -- or ethan might know. But like I said, it's a little unorthodox, but it's worth a try.

Fox: Ok. Sheridan, that sounds fantastic. And if it works, I got to tell you, that's wonderful. Thank you so much.

Sheridan: Oh, please, fox. I want to help. You know, now, we have to come up with a name for this particular fund.

Fox: Ok.

Sheridan: Um -- you know what? We can come up with that later, but it has to be targeted towards women in prison. Or ex-convicts who are single mothers.

Fox: Hmm.

Sheridan: I know -- it has to be geared towards reuniting mothers with their children.

Fox: Sounds good to me. Sounds legit to me.

Sheridan: Oh, it will be. And I will write a check right now for theresa's bail.

Fox: Okey-dokey. So, can you do this without getting into any kind of trouble?

Sheridan: Well, father did give me the authority to spend money.

Fox: True, but I think he'd probably have a stroke if he found out what you were spending the money on.

Sheridan: Probably.

Fox: Look at you, you little manipulator. If I didn't know you any better, I'd think you were one of those damn cranes.

Sheridan: Hey -- I can say the same thing about you. So, tell me, fox, was it this love you had for this other woman that made you change?

Fox: I don't know. Maybe. I mean I'd never been in love before, and -- um -- it made me want to be a better person. I know that.

Sheridan: Well, it worked.

Fox: I think that you're right. Thank you very much. So, listen -- ahem -- while we're on the subject of love and -- please, stop me if I'm out of line here, sheridan -- but what was it that made you choose antonio over luis, anyway?

Sheridan: Why do you ask?

Fox: Because I don't get it. Everyone always told me that you and luis were soul mates and that you two were meant to be together forever. And I'm just kind of wondering what happened.

Luis: Hank? You see what I see? Looks like millions of dollars here.

Hank: Wow.

Luis: Yeah, "wow" is right.


Hank: Somebody's coming.

Hank: It's a security guard.

Luis: We got to hide.

Hank: Hide where?

Guard: What's going on here?

Pilar: You promise you're telling me the truth, right?

Eve: I promise you that you are going to come through this, pilar.

Pilar: Thank you. You're a wonderful friend and a wonderful doctor. I am so grateful.

Eve: Oh, you just keep on coming in and -- and everything's going to be fine.

Pilar: I will. I feel better already.

Eve: Oh. Oh, your medication might nauseate you, so I've written a prescription for you that should help with that.

Pilar: Ok. Ok, thank you.

Eve: And I'll see you later.

Pilar: Ok, thanks, eve.

Eve: Ok.

Eve: Why is this happening? Pilar is such a good person. Why does she have to die so young?

Pilar: Eve is lying. I know that. Please, god, don't let me die. Not yet. What is going to become of all of my children?

Charity: I'm going to go, so -- um -- maybe just leave it with beth when you're done.

Miguel: Ok.

Charity: Ok.

Miguel: Thanks a lot.

Charity: Yeah.

Miguel: Hey, charity, wait. I know you took this class before, and I -- I may need your help. Would you stay?

Charity: Yeah. Yeah.

[Cats meow]

Kay: Where's a dog when you need him?

Simone: Just be happy that maria finally went to sleep.

Tabitha: I'll second that.

Simone: Uh -- let's go to the coffee shoppe.

Tabitha: Oh, yes, good idea.

Kay: What are you doing, simone? What's in there?

Dort: Kay? What are you doing? I though you were going home to get some sleep. There's miguel. Oh, and don't tell me -- that's got to be charity. Well, I hate to say it, but we told you so -- that fish smell drives them all away.


Theresa: How can I be separated from my son, from my family for 40 years? And now I'm going to go crazy in here.

Guard: Look, I shouldn't have said that about 40 years. I mean, who knows what can happen in a trial? You might get off, you know?

Theresa: No. No, I'm not getting out of here. I'm never going to see my son.

Fox: Sheridan, do you even know why you chose antonio over luis?

Sheridan: Yes, I -- I am in love with antonio.

Fox: Ok, yeah, I know. I know that you are, but -- but, listen, you were in love with luis first, right? And you would've married him if you didn't get into that boat explosion and get the amnesia, right?

Sheridan: Look, I -- I fell in love with antonio.

Fox: That was -- that was after you forgot you were in love with luis, sheridan.

Sheridan: Fox, I am in love with antonio, ok? Why are you asking me all these questions?

Fox: Because luis thinks that grandfather and dr. Ackland did something to you while you were in that psych ward, something that made you forget that you loved luis more than antonio. Now, sheridan, tell me. Did they do anything to you?

Sheridan: No! Fox, no, I -- I got the treatment because I was ill, all right? That's it, nothing else.

Fox: Ok, I believe you. All right?

Sheridan: Ok.

Fox: But theresa -- theresa's not going to believe this, sheridan. Thank you so much.

Sheridan: Of course. Hey, we're family -- maybe the only two in this wacky family with a heart.

Fox: No, no "maybe" about it. But now that I can get poor theresa out of jail, I can concentrate on stopping gwen and ethan from adopting her son.

Gwen: Sweetheart, would you mind getting me a glass of water?

Ethan: I'll be right back, ok?

Gwen: Ok.

Gwen: Oh, my sweet little girl. Oh, sarah, you should be here with your mommy. You should be right here. Oh, my god! Sarah, you are here! You are here with your mommy! You sweet little girl, your mommy loves you so much! Oh, sarah, no! What's happening? Don't go! Sarah, please don't go! Please don't leave your mommy.

Gwen: One person -- one person is to blame for all of this, and that is theresa. God, she is to blame for taking my little girl from me! I'm going to get my revenge on her. Oh, I am. I'm going to -- ethan and I are going to adopt her little boy. Theresa's going to know the pain that I feel right now, that I'm going to feel every day for the rest of my life.

Ethan: It's ok.

Guard: Nobody here.

Hank: That was fun.

Luis: All right, we better get out of here while we still can, but I'm coming back. I'm not going to stop searching this place till I find alistair's secrets. And when I do, I'm going to take alistair down and get sheridan back.

Ethan: I want to adopt little ethan so when gwen and i become his legal guardians, I can drop the charges against theresa and give her back her son.

Julian: I got a lead, and I think I found our son.

Luis: Bingo.

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