Passions Transcript Monday 4/5/04

Passions Transcript Monday 4/5/04

by Eric

pilar: Wow. I can't believe how easily I tire from this blood disease. I can't let it get to me. I won'T. I have to be strong for my family's sake, right? God. What if this disease wasn't caught in time? Be strong, pilar. Come on, be strong. Here, watch tv. Maybe that will distract me.

Tv announcer: "Ellen" will return after these messages. If you're suffering from a serious illness, you're not alone. Here at the harmony hospice, we help patients fight diseases with a combination of drugs, diet, and spirituality.

Pilar: Oh, dear god, please, please don't take me from my children. Not now. They all need me so much. Especially theresa.

Woody: I'd like to speak to my client alone and in private, as is my right as her personal attorney of record.

Guard: Ok, but I'm going to have to lock you in here.

Woody: Good lord. Oh, man. Mm-hmm.

Theresa: I just can't believe this is happening.

Woody: Man, this is all kind of deja vu-ish here.

Theresa: What do we do now, woody? I mean, how do I fix this?

Woody: Well, theresa, I'm -- I'm not sure you can. I mean, slapping ethan with the news cameras rolling --

theresa: Oh, god, I know, and what I did was just awful, I know.

Woody: Baby, we past awful here on the way to doom city. Slapping ethan in front of judge reilly -- that was the coup de grace after your last hurrah. Now no jurist would ever rule that you're a fit mother for little ethan.

Ethan: Having good dreams, I hope. Oh, buddy. I wish your mom could just rest easy, knowing that I'm secretly working with woody to help her get you back. But mum's the word on that. See, if gwen found out, it would just make a bad situation worse. You see, gwen blames me for taking your mommy's side all the time, and your mommy blames me for never sticking up for her. It's pretty messy, huh? But I'm hoping that once -- once gwen and I adopt you and a surrogate has gwen's and my baby that gwen will be ok with dropping the charges against your mommy, and then we'll give you back to her. Of course, rebecca will be furious.

Theresa: Do you understand I'm going to make you pay for this cruelty? I'm going to make you pay! Do you understand I'm going to make you pay for this cruelty? I'm going to make you pay! Do you understand I'm going to make you pay for this cruelty?

Rebecca: Isn't technology wonderful, hmm? We can watch theresa slap away her last chance of ever getting little ethan back again over and over, as many times as we want. You go, girl -- back to jail, where you're going to spend the rest of your life. Oh, everything is going so well. Nothing can go wrong.

Gwen: Don't say that. You're tempting fate.

Rebecca: Ugh, don't mention fate. You sound like theresa.

Gwen: Ooh, sorry.

Rebecca: Besides, I don't believe in fate, only reality, and what is real is that we have won. Theresa has no job, no home, and, most important, no son. She isn't little ethan's mommy anymore. She has gotten exactly what she deserves, and we have our revenge.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, hi, luis! What a surprise, mr. Yum-yum.

Luis: How was your walk with precious and martin?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, it was fine. Ohwewell, as if you don't mind being stared at. Boy, you'd think that no one ever saw a woman and a baby out with a simian nurse. Go figure.

Luis: Where's martin? I'd like to see my son.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, oh, honey, can you wait on that, though? See, precious just took him up the back way to put him down, ok?

Luis: Yeah.

Mrs. Wallace: What you got there, huh? Oh! What are these, building plans, huh?

Luis: Yeah, just trying to figure out a way to take alistair crane down.

Mrs. Wallace: You are?

Luis: Oh, ahah. Just got to figure out where he hides his secrets, find them, expose them. Then without crane's protection, dr. Ackland will crack and I'll get him to undo whatever it is he did to sheridan, then sheridan will remember that she loves me and not antonio.

Mrs. Wallace: Wow! Does beth know what you're up to?

Luis: Yeah, of course. That's why I came here. I can trust beth with whatever I'm doing.

Alistair: Beth, I'm waiting. What is luis up to?

Beth's voice: Forgive me, luis, but ratting you out to alistair -- it's the only way for me to keep you alive long enough to win you away from sheridan.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life 9 for jaspet

in the noon hour.

Pilar: Martin, you have been gone from me, from our children for so long. Why and where you are is still a mystery. But I have hope that, just like our son antonio, you will come home one day. The problem is I'm not -- I'm not sure that I will be here when you do. You see, I'm sick.

Mi amor, I'm sick with this terrible blood disease. And I'm not afraid to die. I know there's life after death with our heavenly father. What frightens me is the thought of -- of not being here for our children. Without you, I am all they have. And the children are in such pain right now. Luis is absolutely lost. He's not being able to cope without sheridan. Antonio's estranged from the family. And our miguelito, he's struggling, struggling as a young father. And teresita, our precious theresa, devastated because they took her son away from her. And then there's our baby girl, our paloma. She's been gone from the family way too long. I want to bring her home, martin. I want you and paloma to come home before -- well, in case -- in case I don't recover, you know, because -- oh, god. Holy mother in heaven, I plead with you to please obtain for us from your most holy son a firm and sure hope amidst all the bitterness of life, as well as an ardent love and the precious gift -- the very precious gift of eternal perseverance. Hail mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, jesus. Holy mary, mother of god, pray for us --

gwen: Well, I wouldn't get out my top hat and tap shoes just yet. I mean, celebrating our win over theresa could be premature.

Rebecca: Well, why? I mean, mother inferior is already in jail, and little ethan is just a dotted line away from being adopted.

Gwen: Something could still go wrong.

Rebecca: Well, that is just your hormones talking. Come on. We have our revenge on theresa for killing little sarah and for causing you to be as barren as the moon.

Gwen: Mother --

rebecca: No, nothing is going to go wrong. We are untouchable.

Gwen: What if ethan finds out we're responsible for sending the tabloid the information on his true paternity that he's a bennett, not a crane?

Rebecca: Oh, that was years ago! Besides, ethan blames theresa for that.

Gwen: Well, what if he finds out that we're responsible?

Rebecca: Well, how could he? We used theresa's computer to out him.

Gwen: I'm just still worried that something could happen to mess this all up.

Rebecca: Gwen, all you have to worry about is making a little bumper crop of eggs in there.

Gwen: What am I, a brood hen?

Rebecca: It's just the more eggs you have in your nest, then the more likely it is that ethan's little swimmers are going to make it to the in-vitro finish line. Oh, and I cannot wait to see that child. However, let's get this perfectly straight -- the baby can only call me "grand-becca."

Gwen: I am so excited that a surrogate is going to have our child. I mean, I'm taking my hormone shots, I'm following my special diet --

rebecca: Mm-hmm, and I'm sure ethan is ready to step up to the cup, so to speak. Oh, gwen, very soon, you are going to have everything you want and theresa is going to have nothing. That's right, no more mother's day cards for the bitch from the barrio because we have her son.

Theresa: I alwayshohought that I could count on ethan. And then for him to betray me like this -- first he takes little ethan away from me by helping rebecca, and now he's agreed to adopt my child so that he can give him to gwen to make up for gwen losing her baby. I mean, little ethan is his namesake. Ethan is his godfather! He promised to always look out for him, to be his champion, not this!

Woody: Yes. I know. I know, you're upset. You're upset. But you have to hold it together, theresa. You can't give the cranes any more ammo to use against you. Sometimes, there, you're your own worst enemy.

Theresa: Yeah. That's what whitney says.

Woody: Really?

Theresa: Yeah.

Woody: Whitney said that? Whitney's right. Only now I guess it's a moot point. I don't know, after that spectacle you pulled in front of the cameras and judge reilly, I don't know if you'll ever get your boy back, I don't know if you'll get out of jail. I don't know anything anymore.

Theresa: Woody? If I don't get little ethan back, I might as well be stuck here. Nothing matters to me without my son. Nothing.

Alistair: Beth, are you there? What is it you have to tell me about luis?

Beth: He's still here.

Alistair: Damn it! What else?

Mrs. Wallace: Who are you talking to?

Alistair: Beth's mother. If only dr. Kevorkian still made house calls.

Beth: Mother, get lost!

Mrs. Wallace: Merciful angels! You are talking to alistair crane!

Beth: Shut up! I don't want luis to hear.

Luis: Everything ok out there?

Beth: Um -- it's fine, luis. Don't mind us.

Alistair: Damn it, beth, tell that stinngng bag of bones to back off so you can update me on luis.

Beth: Yes, sir. Mother, get lost! Anyway, about luis --

mrs. Wallace: You are alistair crane's deep throat, aren't you?

Beth: I swear, if you don't shut up, I am going to kill you!

Luis: What's going on? Why's your mother so upset?

Mrs. Wallace: Huh.

Luis: Who you talking to?

Beth: Uh -- well -- gg olosing its natural fullness?

rebecca: Now, gwen, about ethan --

gwen: What about him?

Rebecca: Well, I've noticed a few times when you almost lose your temper with him when he's defending theresa.

Gwen: Can you blame me?

Rebecca: No. It's just that you can't do that right now. You have to stay cool, calm, and collected until yogeget what you want.

Gwen: Until we finalize little ethan's adoption and the surrogate has our baby.

Rebecca: Exactly.

Then you can hand him his head on a platter.

Gwen: Mother, I don't know. I don't know, it's really hard to deal with ethan when I see the sympathy he still has for theresa. And now that he's been secretly helping woody stumper help theresa regain custody of little ethan? That makes me so angry, I can't even tell you. He promised me on sarah's coffin he would never rush to her defense again.

Rebecca: I know. I know he did, but I'm sure, in ethan's mind, he thinks that he's just helping little ethan.

Gwen: Oh, don't tell me you're defending him.

Rebecca: No! No, of course not. I just want -- you have to keep it together until we get what we want.

Gwen: Well, I will try, but it'll be really hard not to go off on him.

Ethan: Well, I checked on little ethan. He was hungry after his nap, so I had nanny take him to the kitchen for a snack.

Gwen: Well, good. And, you know, maybe we can all read a story together before his bedtime.

Ethan: That sounds good.

Gwen: Honey, I am so glad that you decided to adopt little ethan, you know, because then our baby will have a big brother to fuss all over him or her.

Ethan: Yeah.

Ethan: You taped theresa slapping me earlier?

Rebecca: Uh -- actually, no, no. I taped the local news, and the V.C.R. Is just all messed up. It keeps -- keeps playing the same thing over and over again.

Ethan: This whole losing little ethan thing -- it's too much for her.

Gwen: She slapped you, ethan. She's completely out of control.

Ethan: Honey, she was angry at me. Can you blame her? I mean, we are taking her child away from her. We're adopting her child.

Gwen: Why is it that theresa can do no wrong in your eyes?

Ethan: Honey, that is not true.

Gwen: Oh, really? Then why is it you keep rushing to her defense? Ethan, are you ever going to bovover her and put your whole heart and soul into a future with me?

Luis: Beth, who is it? Is it hank? Because I told him to come over after he finished his shift.

Mrs. Wallace: Luis asked you a question, bethie. Why don't you tell him who you were talking to?

Beth: Oh, so hank's going to come over?

Luis: Beth, is it hank or not?

Beth: Wait, guys, is that martin crying?

Luis: Uh -- no hello? Who is this? Beth, who were you talking to? Bbing ]

Singer: You are my passion for life

ethan: Gwen, you know, you -- you have no reason to be upset. I want a future with you and the family we're going to have together.

Gwen: And what about theresa?

Ethan: Honey, I simply feel for her losing her son. It's as simple as that.

Gwen: Is it?

Ethan: Yeah, it really is.

Gwen: Ethan, we're doing her a favor. You know, by adopting her son, we're preventing him from being raised by my mother and julian. And it's not our fault that she slept with the man you once thought was your father.

Rebecca: Ok, so maybe she did go to bermuda because we outed ethan. But nobody held a gun to that little slut's head to make her sleep with my pookie.

Gwen: Theresa is her own worst enemy, and you've said that yourself. And, yes, maybe my mother inflicted some heartache on her --

ethan: Some heartache? She decimated theresa's entire family to avenge sarah'seaeath.

Gwen: Well, you have to admit theresa played a role in that.

Ethan: She never meant for our child to die.

Gwen: Oh, my god, ethan, why are you defending her? How can you possibly justify everything that she's done to us?

Ethan: I'm just saying that she --

gwen: Why, ethan, why can't you just one time take my side? Why can't you just, you know, feel for me and what I've gone through and what I've lost? I am your wife, ethan! Why can't you take my side just once?

Theresa: Mama? You came.

Woody: Be strong for her, pilar. She really needs her ma today now.

Pilar: Thank you.


Theresa: Oh, mama. I'm so glad you're here. I don't know what I would do without you.

Pilar: Oh. You've been crying, haven't you?

Theresa: Oh, yeah. I mean, I've really made a mess of things, you know? I didn't mean to, but I did. Can you -- can you just tell me that everything's going to be ok, that you're going to help me get through this, that you're going to be here when I need you most? Please, mama.

Theresa: Oh. Oh, mama, mama, your nose is bleeding. Here.

Pilar: Oh. So it is.

Theresa: What's wrong, mama? What would make your nose bleed?

Luis: Who's there? Answer me. I hear someone breathing. Sounds like a man. Who is this? That was strange. Beth, who were you talking to?

Beth: Oh -- I was on the phone to the pharmacy. I was renewing one of mother's prescriptions. She hates taking her medication. That's what you heard us discussing, even though she knows the alternative would be a nursing home. Isn't that right, mother?

Mrs. Wallace: Hmm.

Beth: Mm-hmm. So anyway -- um -- before the pharmacy answered, I got a call waiting and I took it, and, wouldn't you know, it was one of those prerecorded telemarketing things. And I know ihohouldn't, but I got so caught up in their whole spiel, and that's why mother was trying to yank the phone away from me.

Mrs. Wallace: Right.

Beth: She knows that we can't really afford to buy anything. I'm still paying off the credit card that precious ran up from all that shop-and-drop stuff.

Luis: Right.

Beth: So anyway, probably by the time you took the phone, the message had ran out and that's why you just didn't hear anyone.

Luis: Makes sense.

Mrs. Wallace: It does? Ok.

Luis: Anyway, you know, I could really use hank's help over here looking over these blueprints. You mind if I call him?

Beth: No, sure.

Luis: Well, I'm glad only the two of you and hank are in on what I'm about to do to alistair, because I know none of you would ever betray me.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, listen, ssy, you tell alistair what luis is up to and, believe you me, mr. Yum-yum in there is going to realize that you are the one who sold him out.

Beth: Not if I blame you.

Mrs. Wallace: Me? Don't think so. See, you're the one who keeps telling luis how addled I am, so how can I possibly explain a very complicated plan to somebody I supposedly hardly even know?

Beth: Look, luis doesn't know that I know alistair, either.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, or that you gave him a big backwards sloppy kiss when he was charlie.

Beth: Yeah, well, at least men find me attractive -- unlike you, mother.

Mrs. Wallace: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I am not taking the bait. You are the one who is on the hook. So what are you going to do, missy? You going to rat out luis? Betray the one man on this planet that you claim you love, huh?

Ms. Sims: Bebeth wallace never told you what luis is up to, did she?

Alistair: Not yet. But I know lo-fitz is out to learn my secrets. Hmm, a futile quest if there ever was one. No, my dear, the lopez-fitzgeralds will die before I allow that to happen.


George bush says sending jobs overseas makes sense.

So this election, U.S. Politicians are looking to bring jobs home. Canadian bureaucrats see that as...

Globalphobic, socialist, luddite, protectionist type policies.

Okay. But what's ottawa going to do about it? Tonight.

Ethan: Gwen, please don't be upset. Look, you're my wife. I love you, not theresa. I want to have a long and happy life with you, not theresa. Just be happy. I mean, we're starting a family together, we're going to adopt little ethan, we're going to have our own child through surrogacy. Be happy. These are great things, gwen.

Gwen: I can't wait until we have our own child. I think things are going to be different then, better.

Ethan: Then focus on that, on our baby, ok?

Gwen: I will. Honey, my stomach's a little upset. Would you mind getting me ginger ale?

Ethan: Absolutely. I'm going to go check on little ethan, as well, ok?

Rebecca: Well, gwninie, you deserve a gold star for using your anger to draw ethan closer to you.

Gwen: I learned one or two tricks from you, mother. And when he gets back, I'm going to draw him even closer, because there's no way I am going to let theresa get her claws into my husband again.

Theresa: Ok, mama, you just sit down and you keep that head back, ok? I'm going to get a guard, all right?

Pilar: Thank you.

Theresa: Guard? Guard! Excuse me! Can I have some more tissue or a towel, please? My mom's nose is bleeding really bad! Please? Mama, I think a guard is coming.

Pilar: Thanks, mija.

Theresa: Gosh. You don't ever get nosebleeds. What caused this, mama?

Eve: I'm so sorry, pilar. You have a very rare and very serious blood disorder.

Mrs. Wallace: Look at luis. Go on, look at luis. See how determined he is to find out all of alistair's secrets and to bring him down?

Beth: Doesn't mean he will.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, you want to bet? Huh? No, I di't't think so, because luis is going to find all of alistair's secrets, including the fact that you helped alistair kidnap sheridan and take her baby.

Beth: Shut up.

Mrs. Wallace: I mean, you got to figure that alistair has kept records of all the miserable, lousy things that he has done, including that gender-bending stint as charlie. Oh, and once luis finds alistair's stash of secrets, oh, he's going to know, he's going to know for sure that you are the wicked witch. He-he, he-he-he. And then he'll have the proof that alistair had dr. Ackland make sheridan forget that luis in there was her hunka-hunka burning love, and not that equally hot and hunky antonio.

Beth: All right, all right, you don't know that.

Mrs. Wallace: I know you're doomed, missy. You are done for. D-o-o-m-e-D.

[Knock no door]

Luis: I bet that's hank! Hey, buddy.

Hank: Hey.

Luis: How you doing?

Hank: Good. And you?

Luis: Good. I figure between the two of us, we can figure out where alistair keeps his secrets.

Beth: Oh, god, I have got to find a way to stop luis from getting the goods on alistair.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, like the way you had luis fall in love with you? Right.

Luis: Hey, beth? If it's not too much trouble, you think you can make us a pot of coffee?

Beth: Sure, luis. Ok.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey. What is that look?

Beth: I know how to stop luis from finding out wherelistair hides his stash of secrets.

Mrs. Wallace: Psst, psst! Hey, hey, missy, what's your plan, huh? You going to make luis sick with the lousy coffee that you make?

Beth: You'll see. I got it all figured out.

Mrs. Walcece: Oh.

Beth: Oh, no!

Hank: No, not the plans!

Luis: Beth, you all right?

Beth: Oh, my -- what have I done? The printout of the crane building is ruined! Now you're not going to be able to find out alistair's secrets!

Luis: No, beth, it's ok.

Hank: We'll manage, don't worry. What do you know, these really are extra-absorbent.

Beth: Oh.

Luis: All right, hold on. We'll have it good as new in no time.

Beth: Here, I'll -- I can help.

Luis: No, no, no, beth. We'll manage, ok? We've got it. Thank you.

Mrs. Wallace: See, bethie? Hear that? It's like nothing ever happened, you know? The plans are almost back to being as good as they were! There is no way you are going to stop luis. He is going to discover that you are connected to alistair, and then, missy, you're going to wish you were never born. Oh, gee, finally, we have something in common.

Ethan: You feeling better?

Gwen: Much. Honey, I'm sorry I was so irritable earlier. You know, it must be the effects of these hormone shots I'm getting.

Ethan: No, don't -- don't give it a secondhohought. Look, little ethan's almost done eating, so why don't we take him upstairs, read him a story, you know, like parents do with their children?

Gwen: Well, speaking of parents and children, I have some news. I have some big news.

Ethan: What?

Gwen: Honey, I think I found our surrogate mother.

Ethan: You're kidding. Already?

Gwen: Yeah, today, when you were out.

Ethan: Oh, my god, that's -- that's great, that's wonderful.

Rebecca: That's right, gwennie. You've hooked him. Now reel him in. And as for theresa, oh, her so-called life will only get worse when she loses little ethan forever.

Guard: All right, miss, try this.

Theresa: Ok, thank you so much. Here, mama.

Pilar: Thank you, mija.

Theresa: Ok. Is your nose still bleeding?

Pilar: No. It seems to have stopped, right?

Theresa: Yeah. I think so.

Pilar: Where were we, mija?

Theresa: No, no, no, mama, I want to know why you had such a horrible nosebleed.

Pilar: Well, I cannot say. I don't know, theresa.

Theresa: Are you getting enough rest? I mean, are you eating ok?

Pilar: Of course.

Theresa: I mean, have you had your bloodreressure checked lately or --

pilar: Teresita, I appreciate your concern, mija, but I'm taking care of myself. I am.

Theresa: Really, mama, are you really? Because there's nothing wrong you're not telling me, right?

Pilar: What could possibly be wrong?

Theresa: Are you sick?

Ethan: I can't believe you found a surrogate so soon.

Rebecca: Well, we interviewed for hours. Oh, you would not believe some of the rejects and dizzy-bake ovens that were here. I mean, this one nut job, she actually --

gwen: Even so -- even so, honey, we found the most wonderful woman, named heather, and she's married and has children, and she just wants to help couples be as blessed as she and her husband are.

Ethan: I can't wait to meet her.

Gwen: Well, you will, and soon. And then, I mean, it shouldn't be long after that that we have our very own baby on the way.

Rebecca: And little ethan makes two.

Ethan: Right. You -- you're going to be a wonderful mother.

Gwen: Oh, honey, I can't wait.

Rebecca: Neither can I.

Ethan: Nothing can stop us now. We are going to have our very own baby.

Rebecca: As long as theresa stays behind bars, where she belongs.

Pilar: Oh, theresa, you worry about me too much. I'm just not used to sleeping at the b&B. And my nose probably dried out. I'll get a humidifier fomy room as soon as I can afford one, ok?

Theresa: Ok. All right, mama. As long as you start taking better care of yourself.

Pilar: Oh, I'll try.

Theresa: Ok. You have to be ok, mama. With everything that's happened, I need you now more than ever.

Pilar: I know, mija.

Theresa: Ok.

Pilar: And I want to be there for you, and I'll be there for you.

Theresa: And -- and luis and miguel and paloma and antonio, they need you to, mama. Things are a mess.

Pilar: Yeah.

Theresa: Miguel -- he lost charity, and then he lost his job, and he's trying to juggle college and taking care of maria, while kay works to support them.

Pilar: Right.

Theresa: And then there's luis. Not only did he lose his job because of rebecca, he's lost sheridan, too. And then there's antonio, who hates us all for thinking that we sided with luis over him about who sheridan wants to be with. Then paloma, who's been living away from usoror so long that she must wonder if we've abandoned her altogether.

Pilar: I know, I know. That concerns me, too, mija.

Theresa: And worst of all, mama, rebecca finally managed to take my child away from me. And now ethan and gwen are adopting little ethan. Ethan, ethan -- the man that I loved my entire life, little ethan's godfather is taking my cldld from me forever. I mean, mama, after all of this, nothing worse could ever come to our family.

Pilar: Is this disease fatal?

Eve: Possibly, yes.

Pilar: Come here, mija. Come here. Mama's right here. I'm right here. I'm right here. I'm right here.

Luis: Look, here, here, and here. These all look like places that alistair could hide a safe or a vault.

Hank: Yeah, you're right. Wait, here's another one right there.

Mrs. Wallace: So you fellows really think you can find where alistair keepsisis secrets?

Luis: Positive. See, when I'm in disguise working at the crane building, I'll be able to check out all these questionable spots one at a time. And sooner or later, I'm going to hit pay dirt. I'll find alistair's secret hiding place, then whatever secrets he has in there I'll use to bring him down. Once I do that, dr. Ackland will crack and I'll be able to undo whatever it was that he did to sheridan to make her forget that she loves me.

Mrs. Wallace: Good for you, lu!!

Luis: And that will be the end of alistair's reign of terror. In addition, I'll expose everyone else, whoever helped him hurt people.

Mrs. Wallace: Take your final bow, missy, because the curtain is coming down -- boom! -- On your wickedness. See, once luis finds out how you ruined his chance for happiness with sheridan and their baby, he is going to hate you forever -- that is, after he kills you.

Alistair: If the local yokels of harmony werhihip to what I know about them and their loved ones, between the murders and suicides that would ensue, our coroner would be busy for months. The answers to all their questions, secrets they know nothing about -- all that and more are in these files and on these cd-roms.

Ms. Sims: Forgive me, mr. Crane, but out of everyone, I can't help but feel sorry for the lopez-fitzgeralds. They've suffered so much over the years.

Alistair: The sins of the father, my dear. The sins of the father.

Ms. Sims: I don't understand.

Alistair: No, nor would it be in your best interest to. I need my secrets to stay secret to protect myself and my empire. The information in these files and on these cd-roms give me enormous leverage over any number of people, all of them my enemies.

Alistair: It's kill or be killed in my wor, ms. Sims, and I plan to live a very long time, no matter who I have to eradicate.

Alistair: I'll let you do the honors, my dear.

Alistair: The lopez-fitzgeralds have no idea the hell they're about to venture into. Not a clue. 4 ciyou're looking live at edmonton from our skytracker atop manulife place.Good afternoon. I'm lesley macdonald. Today at 5:30... it's a dramatic attempt to stop the spread of the avian flu epidemic. The federal government has announced millions of birds wwill be slaughtered in b-c's fraser valley. And there is turbulence ahead for canada's largest airline, as it scrambles to find a new investor. How might this affect travellers? We'll have a report.......on edmonton's global news at 5:30.

Pilar: Eve, please just tell me the truth, am I going to die just when my children need me the most?

Tabitha: Fluffy!

Kay: Fluffy, no! Get off!

Sheridan: Oh. It's you.

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