Passions Transcript Friday 4/2/04

Passions Transcript Friday 4/2/04

by Eric

Gwen: Sweetheart, what's wrong? I heard you call out. Did you have a bad dream?

Little ethan: Yes, it was scary.

Gwen: Oh --

little ethan: I want my mommy.

Gwen: Well, you know, she can't be here right now. Would you like it if I was your mommy for right now?

Theresa: You are not little ethan's mother, gwen. I am. I will always be his mother and I'm not going to let you and ethan take him away from me. I won'T.

Ethan: Little ethan's adoption papers. Once gwen and I adopt little ethan, then rebecca won't be able to file kidnapping charges against theresa. But theresa can never know what I'm doing.

Gwen: Good morning! And what a beautiful morning it is. The sun is shining, the birds are singing.

Ethan: Ooh --

gwen: Ooh!

Ethan: Somebody is happy today.

Gwen: How can I not be when we're adopting little ethan, and for the first time since I learned I couldn't get pregnant, there's hope that we will have a child of our own.

Ethan: I'm excited that you're excited about the surrogacy route.

Gwen: Honey, having a surrogate carry our biological child is the answer to my prayers. I mean, my depression has just vanished, and I can look at baby clothes now and smile and not burst into tears.

Ethan: I'm glad, honey.

Gwen: I feel -- I feel so good about this. I mean, I really, really, truly believe it's going to work out and that our dream of hangng a family together is going to come true.

Ethan: I hope so, too. I want nothing more.

Rebecca: Good morning, good morning, good morning.

Ethan: And goodbye. Honey, I'm going to go to the courthouse and take care of a few things, but I will call you later.

Gwen: Ok. Love you.

Ethan: Love you, too.

Rebecca: Was it something I said?

Gwen: Oh, shoot, I forgot to tell ethan that the nurse is coming by this morning to give me the hormone shot. I want him to be here for all this.

Rebecca: Oh, no, no, , , no, there's plenty of time for that. Right now our number-one priority is making sure that you adopt little ethan.

Gwen: Ok, maybe that's what he's taking care of at the courthouse.

Rebecca: Gwen, everything is going so well. I mean, everything is going exactly as I planned. Theresa is destroyed. I mean, she's jobless, homeless, and the best part -- the crowning glory -- is that her son is going to be yours. Could revenge be any sweeter?

Luis: Where do you keep your dirty secrets, alistair? Got to be somewhere in this building.


Luis: Someone's coming.

Man: This is it, fellas -- the building maintenance room.

Hank: The controls are in here?

Man: I oversaw the installation myself.

Second man: I'm more interested in seeing the new elevator system directly. We can check the controls later.

First man: Whatever you say, inspector. This way.

Hank: You guys go ahead. I'll catch up with you later. I'm going to check the controls.

Luis: What the hell are you doing here, hank?

Hank: I drew the short straw at the station, got roped into tagging along with the building inspector while he madsusure the improvements the cranes just made are up to code. I got the same question for you -- what are you doing here? You could have been caught.

Luis: Don't worry about me. I'm being careful. Besides, this janitor gig gives me access to the entire building.

Hank: I think you're taking a big risk, luis. What if alistair sees through that disguise and recognizes you?

Luis: Well, you know what, that's a chance I'm just going to have to take. Anyway, I'm hoping to find out where he hides all his secrets before anyone else gets suspicious.

Hank: So? You found anything yet?

Luis: No. Printing out schematics of the entire building. Take a detailed look at all the offices, rooms, and closets -- anyplace he might be hiding his dirty little secrets.

Hank: It's a big building, luis.

Luis: Yeah, well, just going to have to start in the basement, then, and work my way up. There's got to be someplace he's hiding everything he doesn't want anyone to see. I'm going to find it. I'm going to find it and bring that bastard down.

Alistair: Luis will never find out what's inside these files. The only person who even knows where it's kept is me, and I'll do anything I have to to keep this information secret, including murder.

Beth: Hello?

Alistair: Good morning, beth.

Beth: Mr. Crane.

Alistair: Alistair, please.

Beth: What can I do for you?

Alistair: You do remember your debt to me, don't you? I mean, I went to great lengths to help you.

Beth: Yoyou said you didn't do it to help me. You did it for yourself.

[Alistair laughs]

Alistair: Well, be that as it may, you still owe me, beth. There's a very large outstanding debt that needs to be settled. I'm on my way over to your house. The time has come for you to pay up, and I intend to collect. Now.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Hank: It's all clear out there for the time being, but you better start wrapping things up.

Luis: Yeah, I'm almost done printing out this schematic, all right? Just need to find a safe place where I can look at it.

Hank: I'd suggest using my place, but a couple of the rookies are crashing there. They pulled an all-nighter.

Luis: Great. Well, I'll think of someplace else. It's got to be someplace secure, though. I'm telling you, if anyone was to find out what I was up to --

hank: They sure as hell won't hear it from me.

Luis: Thanks. I know that, buddy. I got it.

Hank: What?

Luis: A safe place, somewhere, I can look at these blueprints without having to worry.

Hank: Where?

Luis: Beth's house. I can trust her.

Beth: Oh, you got here so fast. I didn't have time to clean up.

Alistair: Hmm. How would I notice? Where's your mother and that ape?

Beth: Mother and precious took baby martin for a walk.

Alistair: Good. I meant what I said about collecting on your debt, in case you thought it was an idle threat.

Beth: What do you want me to do?

Alistair: After your visit to my office, I realized I need to keep a closer watch on luis. I want to know his every move, what he's thinking, what he's planning.

Beth: How are you going to do that?

Alistair: Through you, of course.

Beth: So you want me to be your spy?

Alistair: My eyes and ears. You'll let me know what he's up to, fill me in on everything he's doing or planning to do.

Beth: I'm sorry, mr. Crane --

alistair: Ah-ah-ah --

beth: Alistair.

Alistair: Thank you.

Beth: I can't do that.

Alistair: Can and will. You have no choice in the matter.

Beth: But I just don't --

alistair: I'm not asking you to spy on luis. I'm telling you. You owe me, beth -- big-time, as they say. As charlie, I helped you kidnap sheridan and hold her hostage in your basement. It's thanks to me that you have sheridan's baby to pass off as luis and yours. I arranged to have sheridan's love for luis erased from her memory, and now that she's with antonio, that leaves luis free to be with you.

Beth: I know that --

alistair: I'm not finished.

Beth: Sorry.

Alistair: You will be if you don't do exactly as I say. You yourself told me luis is dedetermined to destroy me, and no one -- no one gets away with that. As I said, I'll do anything to protect myself, my family, and my empire -- even murder. So, here are your choices, bethie. Either you let me know every move luis is about to make, or you kill him.

Beth: Kill?

Alistair: The choice is yours.

Rebecca: Ooh, I hate needles.

Gwen: Me, too, but this is one shot I don't mind getting.

Nurse: That's good since I'll be back tomorrow.

Rebecca: Listen, could you explain that whole hormone injection thing again?

Gwen: Well, you know, the hormone injections help me produce multiple eggs, and then, you know, it gives me a better chance of having a viable egg that the doctor can harvest and implant into the surrogate.

Rebecca: Stop. Too icky.

Gwen: Oh, mother, I think it's wonderful. With eryry shot I get, it brings me closer to having a biological child of my own.

Nurse: I really hope this works out for you, mrs. Winthrop. You'll make a wonderful mother.

Gwen: Thank you.

Nurse: See you tomorrow.

Gwen: Ok. Oh, I am going to be a mother.

Rebecca: Well, yes -- to little ethan, too. I mean, let's not lose sight of that just because we're getting all caught up in the surrogacy stuff.

Gwen: I haven't lost sight of anything. I still want to adopt little ethan. That hasn't changed. I adore that little boy in spite of his mother. D d believe me, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to give theresa a dose of the same pain that she's inflicted on me.

Rebecca: Good. I am so glad to hear that because we are so close, so close to destroying theresa. I would hate to have anything go wrong.

Gwen: It won'T.

[Phone rings]

Gwen: Hello? This is she. Yes, I'll be here all morning. Ok, great. Send them over. Thank you. Oh!

Rebecca: Who was that?

Gwen: That was the agency ethan and I hired. They're going to send over candidates for me to interview for our surrogate. So I am just going to call eth because I want him to be here for this.

Rebecca: Oh, no, no, no. Don't disturb him. He can see them later after you've narrowed them down. Let him finish what he's doing. I want him to finalize little ethan'sdodoption. Because remember, our number-one priority is theresa and taking her son from her. I don't want you to forget that the only reason you even need a surrogate to carry this baby is because of theresa.

Gwen: I know she's the reason I lost my little sarah, and she's the reason I can't get pregnant. I know.

Rebecca: Good. And once little ethan is yours, then you can get ethan as involved in the surrogacy as you want him to be. But the ruination of theresa is our number-one priority. I want her so destroyed, so despondent, that she will never recover. Never.

Eve: Ethan.

Ethan: Eve. It's good to see you.

Eve: Well, I got your message, and I was on my way to the hospital. I thought I'd stop by and see if everything's ok.

Ethan: Yes. Better than ok. Have a seat. Gwen is happier than I've seen her in months, and she is so excited about the idea of having a surrogate carry our biological child.

Eve: I understand you've started the hormone injections.

Ethan: Yes, which is actually why I wanted to talk to you in private. Eve, is this going to work? I meani I just don't think gwen will be able to handle another disappointment in her life. With losing sarah, and getting the news that she won't be able to have another child, it nearly killed her.

Eve: I know. I know, but I don't see any medical reason why surrogacy isn't a viable option for you and gwen.

Ethan: That's encouraging. It's just --

eve: What?

Ethan: Well, my main concern now is once the surrogate gives birth to gwen's and my child, that she might change her mind and decide to keep it. I've been researching it. There's a lot of precedents.

Eve: Well, ethan, as a lawyer, you must know legal ways to protect yourself.

Ethan: Yeah, actually, I'm looking into that right now. I keep saying how destroyed gwen will be if anybody tries to take our child, but, honestly, I don't think I'll be able to handle it either.

Eve: It still appears that you plan to take theresa's child away from her.

Ethan: You think that's what I'm doing, eve? That I betrayed theresa and that I'm trying to steal her baby?

[Knock on door]

Theresa: Little ethan. It's me. It's your mother. My sweet boy --

little ethan: Don't touch me.

Theresa: No, I -- I'm your mother, little ethan.

Little ethan: You may be the woman who gave birth to me, but that's all you are. You're not my mother.

Theresa: No, no, don't say that, please.

Little ethan: Gwen is the only mother I know. She's the only mother I want to know.

Theresa: No. No, little ethan, please --

little ethan: You haven't been a part of my life since I was a little boy.

Theresa: I've been in prison.

Little ethan: And what, now you just show up here and expect me to run into your arms?

Theresa: No, no, see, it wasn't my fault. It wasn'T. I wanted to be with you. I wanted to be with you with all of my heart and soul, and they took you from me. I fought really hard, I did. I did everything I could for you.

Little ethan: Blah blah blah -- who cares? It's too late now. I spent my whole life without you as my mother. I sure as hell don't need you now.

Theresa: No. No, please --

little ethan: I'm busy. I'll have to ask you to leave.

Theresa: No, I can't --

little ethan: Leave!

Theresa: No, no! No, little ethan! My baby. No, please don't shut me out. I'm your mother. I love you very much. Please, please! God, please don't let them take my son away from me. Please don't let them take him away.

singer: You are my passion for life

gwen: "Do you excise, get regular checkups? Have you ever been a smoker? Have you ever been pregnant and carried the baby to term?" Ok.

Rebecca: Do I see cookies? Oh, I just love these!

Gwen: Mother -- mother, don't touch them. They're for the surrogates.

Rebecca: Oh -- what? Huh? No egg salad? Just a joke.

Gwen: This is not something to joke about. This is very serious. I want things to go smoothly. It is essential that I find the perfect woman to carry our child.

Rebecca: And you will find the perfect woman, especially if you have my help. I'm a very good dgdge of character, you know.

Gwen: Oh, mother -- look, it's a -- I need to find out more than character. I have to find out about the candidate's medical records, you know, their ability to carry a baby to term. Dr. Russell gave me a whole list of things to inquire about.

Rebecca: And I'm sure it will work as long as I add to the list.

Gwen: Oh, believe me, I have enough questions.

Rebecca: Gwen, have you forgotten that I was chair of rush week at my sorority, and that I have been on the new membership board of the country club for years now? I am very, very selective, and I will make absolutely sure that your surrogate has the proper bloodline and pedigree.

Gwen: You have got to be joking.

Rebecca: What's so funny?

Gwen: Do you really, honestly think that a woman from the social registry is actually going to offer herself up as a surrogate?

Rebecca: Oh, my god, no. Are you telling me --

gwen: Yes, yes, mother, ok? Most of these women applying for this position are going to be working class.

Rebecca: Oh, god, the horror.

[Doorbell rings]

Gwen: Ooh, that must be the first candidate. Oh, I can't wait to meet her and find out what she's all about.

Rebecca: Well, aren't they all alike, you know, the working class? They're all, you know, ill-mannered, dly dressed, and boring.

Gwen: Come on.

Rebecca: Ok, fine. I will keep my opinions to myself.

Gwen: Oh, really?

Rebecca: Well, I'll try. It won't be easy, but I'll try.

Ethan: Eve, you're wrong.

Eve: You know, ethan, it's not even any of my business.

Ethan: No, no, no, no, no. I would never keep theresa's child. I know how much she loves him. I know what a good mother that she is. No matter what has happened between theresa and me, I still care about her. I would never do anythin to hurt her.

Eve: You don't think taking her child away from her will hurt her?

Ethan: Yes, but you don't understand.

Eve: "But --" but what, ethan?

Ethan: I'm going to tell you something in confidence, but I need you to swear you will keep it between us.

Eve: You can trust me, ethan. You know that.

Ethan: I talked to theresa's attorney. As long as rebecca and julian have custody of little ethan, they can press kidnapping charges against theresa and send her to prison for a long, long time. And if gwen and I adopt little ethan, we will become his parents, his legal guardians. And if that happens, I can have all the charges against theresa dropped.

Eve: And then theresa will go free.

Ethan: Eve, I'm not trying to hurt her. I'm trying to help her.

Eve: Oh, ethan, I should have known. That is such an incredibly generous and kind thing that you're doing. Theresa is going to be very, very grateful.

Ethan: I don't want her to know.

Eve: Why, ethan? Why would you not want her to know?

Alistair: You seem tense, beth. You couldn't possibly have thought that after all I've done for you that I wouldn't expect something in return?

Beth: But to kill luis?

Alistair: That's one choice I've given you, too. You could either keep me informed of luis' every thought, every move, and still have the hope of a relationship with him, or you will have to murder luis, thereby ending any hope of your ever being with the man again. It's up to you, bethie. I trust you'll make the right decision.

[Knock on door]

Luis: Beth?

Beth: It's luis. He can't find you here.

Alistair: Not to worry, my dear. I'll let myself out. Just see to it that you do as I ask.


Beth: Coming. Hi.

Luis: Hey. I heard voices. Who were you talking to?

Beth: No one. Um -- it was the tv.

Luis: Tv's not on.

Beth: I know. I just turned it off.

Luis: Look, I need your help.

Beth: Help?

Luis: Beth, I'm involved in something very secret, even dangerous. Now, I know I can trust you, right?

Beth: Yeah, of course.

Luis: Now, look, no one can know what I'm up to, all right, especially not alistair crane.

They've come from all over the world. A leading wine grower... a special effects expert... an iraqi politician... and they're all here in canada to talk business.

Most of them want to do small businesses.

Building a network of girl power, tonight on global national.

Rebecca: Gwen, gwen -- now, if this surrogate is working class --

gwen: Mother, keep your opinions to yourself, please.

Rebecca: Well, it's just -- god forbid, I mean, what if she turned out to be a grace bennett type?

Gwen: Mother, a woman like grace bennett would be perfect.

Rebecca: Perfectly awful, you mean. I mean, what if while she was gestating she baked all these dreadful tomato soup cakes and we all had them for breakfast? We'd all have morning sickness.

Gwen: Hi.

Woman: What took you so long to answer the door?

Gwen: Oh, I'm so sorry about that. Please come in. I'm gwen winthrop.

Woman: It's me, isn't it?

Gwen: Excuse me?

Woman: You saw me through the window and you didn't want tonswer. You wanted to pretend like you weren't home, but then you remembered you had an appointment and you had to let me in.

Gwen: No, not at all. I didn't even see you until I opened the door.

Woman: But now that you've seen me, you wish that you'd stayed in the living room, right? Because you -- you think that something's wrong with me.

Rebecca: I know there is.

Gwen: Not at all. I don't thinththere's something wrong with you.

Woman: Your first impression is bad. Admit it. You don't like me. You don't like anything about me. You don't want someone like me to carry your child. I mean, why would you? I mean, what if the kid turned out like me? That's just what you need, right? So, I'm going to go.

Gwen: But I never said anything.

Woman: Hey, there's no need to go nasty on me, ok? I mean, I do have feelings, you know, and my feelings matter. That's what my therapist is always telling me. So now I am telling you that I matter, ok? Get it? Me, me, me! What -- what are you staring at, huh? Why don't you just go back to your fancy-schmancy society life, ok? Just forget that I was even here. Forget all about me. Make believe that I don't exist. That's what everybody else does. Why should you be any different?

Rebecca: This is going to be a long morning.

[Woody hums]

Theresa: Hey, woody. Oh, I'm so glad you're here. Is there any news?

Woody: Oh, yes indeedy. And it's all good, theresa.

Theresa: Ok.

Woody: Or, it could be.

Theresa: Tell me.

Woody: Well, you see, it just so happens that your fine, fabulous attorney used to date one of judge reilly's clerks. Wait a minute, I got to kiss myself. Now, after a stroll down memory lane, and a little chit-chit and a little chat-chat, I think she's agreeable to arranging a meeting with the judge for you and yours truly.

Theresa: Oh, woody.

Woody: That's right. Now, beforyoyou get too excited, it may not happen, ok?

Theresa: Ok, but you just said that --

woody: Wait, wait, wait -- I said I think. But it sure is worth a shot, isn't it?

Theresa: Yeah. This is great. This is great, woody. I know that if I can just see judge reilly and he can hear my side, hear how much I love little ethan and how I would do anything I can to get him back, that I can get him to overturn judge sanders' decision, right?

Woody: Theresa, doing anything is what got you into this mess. How about you just let me do most of the talking, ok?

Theresa: Ok.

Woody: And remember, you need to keep your emotions in check, ok? We need to show judge reilly that you are a lot more stable than he thinks.

Theresa: Yeah, stable. That's me. The picture of stability.

Woody: You better be. Because I got to tell you, if you don't, I'll -- I won't be able to help you.

Luis: I can't risk anyone seeing what I'm doing, beth.

Beth: Right. So you said.

Luis: Look, the thing is, is that I trust you, ok? That's why I came here. I can't risk anyone else finding out about this.

Beth: Right.

Luis: Beth, I'm telling you, I'm getting the dirt on alistair, and I'm going to destroy that bastard. Where's martin? I want to see him first.

Beth: Well, he's out on a walk with mother and precious.

Luis: Oh. All right. Well, that's all right. I'll see him later. It's going to take me a while to go over this stuff anyway.

Beth: Well -- so, are you making any progress getting the dirt on alistair crane?

Luis: Oh, yeah. Beth, I was able to get the entire schematic for the crane industries building.

Beth: What? How? How? Crane security is like fort knox, isn't it?

Luis: Oh, yeah. Yeah, it is. But the way I did it, I -- well, maybe I should tell you about that later. Look, the thing is alistair crane has a secret hiding place. I tell you, I'm going to search every square inch of this place. I'm going to find it. I'm going to get the dirt on that son of a bitch. I know he had dr. Ackland brainwash sheridan into forgetting she loves me. But I'm going to get her to remember. I'm going to do whatever it takes to bring alistair crane down.

Beth: Luis, are you sure that's a good idea? He's a very powerful man. He has people everywhere. He seems to always know what's going on.

Luis: Yeah, well, not this time. I'm telling you, beth, there's no way he's going to catch on to what I'm up to.

Beth: I hope you're right.

Luis: Come on, the only two people whononow about this are you and hank. I know I can trust you.

Beth: Yeah.

Ethan: I can't tell theresa what I'm doing.

Eve: Because of gwen?

Ethan: For a lot of reasons. I mean, I'm a married man. I'm a married man trying to keep his marriage together. Love gwen, you know? She's a wonderful, caring person. She's been through so much, and she's endured so much pain because of me. And so has theresa. I gave in to my desire for theresa, and because of that sarah died, and I blame myself.

Eve: No, ethan.

Ethan: No, I -- I should have been stronger. And now theresa's suffering because of my weakness. The only reason rebecca is going after her is because she blames theresa for sarah's death. That's not fair. And I need to make things right for gwen, for theresa, and for little ethan. I don't deserve thanks for that. I just want it to be right. Call it penance for my past sins.

Eve: I know a little bit about penance too, ethan. Sometimes people just make mistakes in their lives, and they end up paying for it for the rest of their lives. The worst thing is when your mistake caused someone else some pain, and if it's a chi,, it's even worse. There's the guilt and the shame and the never knowing.

Ethan: You all right?

Eve: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. I think that is a wonderful thing that you're doing for theresa, and I'm so glad that you're able to help her.

Ethan: It's the least I can do.

Eve: You know, sometimes people let their mistakes prevent them from doing what's right. But that is not the case with you, ethan.

Ethan: You sound like you're speaking from experience.

Eve: You're a good man, ethan. Don't you be too hard on yourself.

Ethan: Eve, whatever's bothering you, don't be too hard on yourself either. We all -- we all make mistakes.

Eve's voice: But mine hurt so many, ethan. So many.

Woman: You don't mind if I smoke, do you?

Gwen: As a matter of fact --

woman: I'm planning on quitting the moment I get pregnant. Or at least cut back to a pack a day.

Second woman: So, you get to keep the baby, you lucky thing. But I get to name it, ok?

Gwen: Name it?

Woman: Of course. I've always dreamed of having a little boy named after the king.

Rebecca: Oh, the king of england?

Woman: Rock 'n' roll, of course. Elvis. Or if it's a girl, priscilla.

Gwen: Ok, so we'll be in touch. Heather, your medical history looks perfect.

Heather: And I've had two healthy pregnancies. I've carried both to term.

Gwen: Well, I'm curious -- why do you want to do this?

Heather: My husband and I are so blessed with two wonderful children. They've made our lives so complete. We just want to help another couple find the same happiness.

Gwen: That's very generous of you.

Heather: And I would like to help my husband out. He's been working so hard, pulling double shifts so I can stay at home with the kids, and with the money I get from being a surrogate, I'm hoping bill would be able to cut back on his hours.

Gwen: Heather, you seem like a very caring and loving person.

Heather: I'm just very lucky, and I'd like to give back, that's all.

Gwen: Well, look, what I need to know is -- do you think that after carrying a baby for nine months and then feeling it grow inside you that you'd have a hard time giving it up?

Heather: Nono. Because it's not my child. It's yours and your husband'S. I would just be carrying him or her for you until he or she is ready to be born. And the joy on your face and your husband's when they place that child in your arms -- that would make it worth it to me.

Gwen: Thank you. What a wonderful answer, heather. This is just perfect.

Heather: Oh, good.

Rebecca: Too perfect. E 12 months old.

Gwen: Thank you so much for coming by, heather.

Heather: It was my pleasure.

Gwen: Well, I will be in touch very soon. I really want you to meet my husband.

Heather: I look forward to it, gwen. Take care of yourself.

Gwen: I will. You, too.

Heather: Thank you. Bye.

Gwen: Bye. Could she be any more perfect?

Rebecca: Come on, gweni I would appear to be the perfect surrogate after that parade of psychos and rejects that came in here before.

Gwen: Mother, come on, please -- they weren't that bad. Although some of them definitely were unique.

Rebecca: Yeah, I would use another word -- "wacko."

Gwen: Oh, mother, I feel I am closer than ever to reaching my dream.

Rebecca: Well, I just don't want you to do anything hasty.

Gwen: I cannot wait for ethan to meet heather. I just know he's going to think she's perfect, too. And if everything goes well, we could have our own baby in just a little over nine months.

Rebecca: Gwen, have you forgotten that you're going to have little ethan a lot sooner than that?

Gwen: No. But can't I have both? Little ethan and my very own baby.

Rebecca: Of course you can. I just don't want us to do anything hasty at all. I mean, because little ethan is going to be adopted before theresa goes off to state prison.

Gwen: Imagine her reaction when she finds out that she is going to lose her little boy forever.

Rebecca: I want to be there to see her boo-hooing her little eyes out, screaming and shrieking the way only she can. And then her utter agony when she realizes that you are going to be little ethan's mommy -- the only mommy that sweet little boy is ever going to know.

Ethan: Theresa, hi.

Theresa: Traitor.

Ethan: Theresa --

theresa: You're trying to steal my child from me, ethan. Do you not have a conscience?

Eve: Theresa --

theresa: Are you -- are you that cruel? Are you that much of a bastard that you would deprive a mother from her own child?

Ethan: Please don't do this.

Theresa: Don't tell me what to do, ethan, after you've ripped my heart out!

Eve: Theresa, this is not the ace to have this --

theresa: You are not going to get away with this. Do you hear me, ethan? I'm going to make you pay for this cruelty. I'm going to make you pay! You -- look at me -- you are my enemy! Do you hear me? You are my sworn enemy, and I'm not going to stop until I make you suffer the same way you are making me suffer now.

Woody: Theresa, stop. Remember what we're here for, all right? We need to show judge reilly that you're stable.

Judge reilly: It's too late for that. Given what I've just witnessed, I think our meeting will be a colossal waste of time.

Woody: Look, judge --

theresa: Please --

judge reilly: I've heard all I need to hear.

Theresa: But I just --

judge reilly: Will you stop interrupting me? And for god's sake, don't try to persuade me that this is some isolated incident. I've heard this behavior is quite the norm for ms. Lopez-fitzgerald. Quite the norm.

Woody: I'm sorry, theresa.

Theresa: God, I --

woody: It's over.

Theresa: I mean, it can't be. I can't lose my son. I can'T.

Luis: You see, beth, somewhere in this building, alistair is hiding his dirty secrets. I'm going to find them, and I'm going to bring him down. Nothing is going to stand in the way of me getting sheridan back.

Beth: Um -- I'll be right back.

Luis: Take your time. And thanks. I really appreciate you letting me use your house to do this.

Beth: Sure. Sheridan, always sheridan. Why can't you love me, luis? Ok, if I do what alistair wants me to do, at least I have a chance to get luis back. If not, I'm going to lose him forever. I don't have a choice.

[Phone rings]

Alistair: Yes?

Beth: It's beth.

Alistair: How lovely to hear from you.

Beth: I have some information for you.

Alistair: Excellent.

Beth: I can tell you exactly what luis is doing.

Alistair: Good girl, bethie. I knew you'd make the right choice.

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