Passions Transcript Thursday 4/1/04

Passions Transcript Thursday 4/1/04

by Eric

Charity: "Register for design school online." Hmm. I have to send a sample of my work. I guess I could email the outfit I made for the cyber model. Dr. Russell said she liked it and said it was innovative. Let's see if she's right. Do I have what it takes to go to design school? Ahem.

Ivy: Oh, charit hi. What are you doing?

Charity: Hi. I'm registering for design school, actually.

Ivy: Oh.

Charity: This is what I'm submitting.

Ivy: Oh, oh -- oh, god! That's awful, charity! Oh, no!


Nurse: You'll have a series of these injections, and then the doctor will harvest some eggs. The more eggs we can harvest, the better chance you'll have of producing a fertilized egg to implant into the surrogate. Have you chosen a surrogate mother yet?

Gwen: No. Actually, we just started the whole process.

Nurse: Well, I'm very happy for you. I wish you great luck.

Gwen: Thank you.

Rebecca: Well, thanks for coming.

Nurse: My pleasure. Good night.

Rebecca: Good night.

Gwen: Good night. Oh. Well, we're on our way. I am so excited. I just -- I really want to give ethan a child.

Rebecca: But you already have a child -- when you adopt little ethan.

Gwen: I know. I mean, a child that comes from both of us. It's very important to me.

Rebecca: I understand that. I do. But it is also important that you adopt theresa's son. We have to make her pay for all the pain she's caused you.

Gwen: Well, let's hope nothing prevents us from doing that.

Rebecca: Ethan has agreed to adopt little ethan, because he doesn't want julian and me to get custody. So it is smooth sailing from now on. I mean, what on earth could possibly happen to prevent you from becoming the parents of theresa's son?

Ethan: You sleep well, buddy. And you know that as soon as gwen and I have our own baby I'm going to make sure that you get right back to theresa. I know gwen won't object when she has her own baby to love in her arms. So don't you worry about that. Don't you worry. Even if we adopt you, you're going to be back with your mommy very soon.

Pilar: I'm so sorry that you're going through this, theresa.

Theresa: I don't know what I would do if I ever lost you.

Eve: I'm so sorry, pilar. You have a very rare, a very serious blood disorder.

Pilar: As I said, I will be with you. As long as god gives me life, I will be here. And rebecca will be punished for this.

Guard: Your friend is here.

Theresa: Oh, mama, it's fox. Maybe he's got good news.

Pilar: Oh. I hope so, mija. I'll see you tomorrow, ok?

Theresa: Ok.

Pilar: Bye-bye.

Theresa: Bye, mama.

Fox: Good night, mrs. Lopez fitzgerald.

Pilar: Good night, fox.

Fox: I'll take care of her.

Pilar: Ok.

Fox: You mind giving us a minute here? Is that too much or --

fox: Genius.

Theresa: I guess you convinced him to cooperate, or else your family would have his badge, huh?

Fox: Well, there are some advantages of being a crane, I guess.

Theresa: Ok, well, did you talk to woody? Is he able to do anything for me?

Fox: I talked to woody, theresa, and woody's out of answers.

Theresa: Ok. So ethan and gwen are going to adopt my son?

Fox: Yeah, yeah, and -- and, unfortunately, there's no way rebecca's going to drop the kidnapping charges. Theresa, I'm so sorry.

Theresa: Fox, I mean, I'm in jail. I've lost my son. My life's over.

Fox: Ok. Come here.

Sheridan: You're in there. Aren't you?

Luis' voice: No, sheridan, don't open it. I can't let alistair find me in here.

Alistair: Sheridan, what the hell's the matter with you? What are you doing?

Sheridan: He's in here.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Sheridan: He's in here. I can feel it.

Alistair: Who's in there? What are you talking about?

Sheridan: Luis. I can feel his presence. I can -- I can feel him in here.

Alistair: Oh, don't be ridiculous. Luis lopez fitzgerald is not allowed anywhere near crane industries. And he's certainly not in a closet in my private office. The security guards would have thrown him out long before he ever got this far.

Sheridan: It's so strange. I could have sworn that he was here. He just felt so near to me.

Alistair: Oh, you're hallucinating, dear. Oh, come on. Let's get out of here.

Luis: Oh. Well, sheridan really did feel my presence. It's a good thing that alistair didn't find me. All right. Let's see, alistair. Let's see if we can find out why you're so determined to keep me and sheridan apart. I'm going to find your secrets, my friend. I'm going to find them all and bring you down.

Theresa: How can this be happening, fox? All I want is to be with my son. I'm not a horrible mother. I'm not.

Fox: Theresa, no. Hey, of course you are not a horrible mother. You are a wonderful, wonderful mother.

Theresa: Well, rebecca made everybody think that I was neglectingy son. She lied. She lied about everything. She just wants to get revenge.

Fox: I know.

Theresa: She blames me for gwen losing her baby. But I didn't do it. She attacked me, and I was just trying to defend myself, and she fell, and just -- I don't know why she had to lose her baby!

Fox: Hey, theresa, that is not your fault, ok?

Theresa: Yeah, well, now she can't have any more children. And rebecca blames me for that, too. And rebecca and gwen -- they don't even want my son. They don't love him. They just want to punish me. And I don't have any money, I don't have any power to fight them. I just don't know what to do, you know?

Rebecca: Gwen, you got to stop worrying. You're going to get wrinkles.

Ethan: Little ethan is asleep.

Gwen: I knew you'd be the most wonderful father in the whole world. Little ethan is very lucky to have you as his dad.

Ethan: Thank you. Oh, speaking of that -- rebecca, I know that you told theresa that gwen and I were adopting little ethan, but I don't want you to tell anybody else, ok? Gwen and I would like to be able to tell people.

Rebecca: Well, I only told theresa because I wanted to break it to her gently. I didn't want her to, you know, hear it through the prison gossip.

Ethan: "Gently"? Rebecca, you and I both damn well know atat you wanted to gloat and you wanted her to suffer.

Rebecca: Ok, all right. What if I did? Look, I'm the one who suffered. I mean, she tried to choke me. Look, I have bruises.

Ethan: Just don't tell anybody else. Ok? No one. And you better not say anything to little ethan, either.

Rebecca: Fine. My lips are sealed. But I do know that that little tyke is going to be thrilled when he finds out that he's going to have a real daddy in his life.

Ethan: See, I thought you were so anxious to have little ethan for yourself.

Rebecca: Well, I was anxious to get him away from a neglectful mother. But I do think that you and gwen would be better parents to him. I mean, julian is not exactly a doting father, as you know.

Ethan: But the boy is julian's flesh and blood. What is he going to think about giving his son to us?

Rebecca: Don't worry about pookie. I'll take care of him. Look, the main thing is that little ethan is happy. And I can tell you, I am so happy for both of you. I mean, all you have to do now is find a perfect surrogate and then implant your fertilized egg, and in no time at all, you're going to give little ethan a brother or sister.

Gwen: Ththis is so exciting, isn't it, sweetheart?

Ethan: I am excited. I am.

Theresa: Ethan --

ethan: Hi, theresa.

Theresa: I heard you wanted to see me, so --

ethan: Yeah. Yeah, I did. Listen, gwen and I -- we hav our own child now, and we truly do understand the bond between parent and child. We want to give you little ethan back.

Theresa: Really? You're giving me back my son?

Gwen: Yep. I mean, theresa, I have my own baby now with ethan, and I want to give little ethan back to his real mother.

Theresa: Oh, my god --

gwen: It's the right thing to do.

Theresa: I can't -- I can't believe this!

Ethan: We know it's a little late, but merry christmas.

Theresa: Oh, thank you!

Gwen: And happy new year to little ethan!

Ethan: Come here, buddy.

Little ethan: Mommy!

Theresa: Baby!

Ooh, ooh. Oh, god, I'm so glad --

gwen: Honey, where are you right now?

Ethan: Oh, I'm -- I'm right here. Sorry. I was just thinking about the future and our baby.

Gwen: Ooh, it's so exciting and wonderful to think about, isn't it?

Ethan: Yeah.

[Doorbell rings]

Gwen: Huh. I wonder who that is.

Ethan: I will go see.

Gwen: Ok.

Ethan: Pilar. It's good to see you.

Pilar: Don't, ethan! Don't! I just came from seeing theresa in jail! How could you do this to her? Huh? How could you?

Ethan: I'm sorry you're upset. But you don't know --

pilar: No, there is no "but" here, ethan! There is no but! My god! You used to love her! You were going to marry her. And now you're tearing her heart out? Stealing away her little baby? How could you be so cruel? My god, I've known you since you were a boy. How could you have changed so much?

Ethan: No, no, I haven't -- I haven't changed, pilar.

Pilar: Liar! You are killing my daughter!

Ethan: No --

Dort: Hey, sweetheart, I see you're still hard at work here.

Kay: Ah. I don't have a choice. I have a baby to support.

Dort: Oh, yeah! But you got a man. Why ain't he here chopping off fish heads instead of you?

Kay: He's home, taking care of our baby, and he's going to college, too.

Dort: Oh, yeah, I'm sure he turns his head every time one of them college cuties makes a pass at him, right?

Kay: You don't know him, ok? He's a good guy.

Dort: Oh, yeah? Does he do the cooking and the cleaning while you're here slaving away?

Kay: He does some of it. Tabitha, the woman we live with, she does the rest.

Dort: Oh, so he's got some free time on his hands. How do you suppose he spends it? What, does he got a girlfriend on the side or something?

Kay: No, he does not have a girlfriend!

Dort: Ooh, I think I hit a nerve there.

Kay: You did not.

Dort: Yeah? What about his old girlfriend? What's her name? Faith? Hope?

Charity, right?

Kay: What about her?

Dort: Well, I'm just thinking while you're cozying up to some dead fish here, he could be cozying up to some old ex-flame.

Kay: He is not.

Dort: Oh, yeah? Well, what happened? Did she move out of town or something?

Kay: No. She lives next door to us.

Dort: Oh, boy. Oh, duchess, you got a problem on your hands.

Ivy: Oh, charity, look, I'm sorry if I was harsh. I didn't mean to imply that you don't have talent.

Charity: Oh, you didn't?

Ivy: No, no. Actually, the design -- the design is quite good. It's just -- the color, and you're going to need a different fabric to make it drape properly. Let's try that, and let's see -- there. Ok, one more. There. See the difference?

Charity: Yeah, actually, it's better.

Ivy: Yeah. It wasn't that difficult, was it?

Charity: No.

Ivy: Charity, you have an innate sense of style, and you're going to learn all about choosing the right fabrics and colors in design school. That's what it's for.

Charity: I hope so. So you think I should go ahead with this application?

Ivy: Yeah. Send it in. Yeah.

Charity: Ok.

Ivy: You know, after you graduate from design school, I bet I can help kick-start your career. I have tons of contacts in the fashion world. When I was mrs. Julian crane, I was one of their very best customers. I can introduce you to the very biggest designers in the best houses in the world. We'll be partners.

Charity: Oh. You would do that for me?

Ivy: Charity, you're sam's niece. Of course. I want to help his family.

Charity: Well, thank you. That's really nice of you.

Ivy: And you've -- you've had a pretty rough time of it lately. Losing the man you love -- I know how much that hurts. And I just want to help you get past this painful part of your life and move on.

[Doorbell rings]

Charity: I'm going to get that.

Ivy: Ok.

Miguel: Hey.

Pilar: Do you have any idea what you are doing to my theresa? Do you realize that her heart is broken?

Ethan: Please, just let me explain. I can explain --

pilar: Ethan, there is nothing you can say that will excuse your behavior with her --

ethan: Pilar, no, no -- please don't!

Gwen: What is going on here?

Rebecca: Pilar, did you slap him? How dare you!

Ethan: Rebecca, leave her alone, all right?

Rebecca: No, I will not leave her alone! I want this ill-mannered servant out of my house! Now, you get out of here before I call the police!

Pilar: Shut up! You can't threaten me! I no longer work for you, you evil, vengeful slut!

Rebecca: Oh!

Pilar: You've got your hooks into julian, and you think you are the queen of harmony? You are not a queen. You are nothing but a despicable tramp, trying to move herself up in the world!

Rebecca: Oh, and you are nothing but a lying immigrant who just came here to breed more lying immigrants! You know, you ought to be put on some boat and shipped out of this country.

Pilar: Shut up about my family! I am only here because of what you are doing to my theresa. You are stealing her little boy away from her. Have you no mercy? No heart?

Rebecca: No, your slutty little daughter is getting exactly what she desveves. No, she killed my granddghter, and she made it so my daughter could never have any more children. No, execution is too good for her!

Pilar: Theresa is not malicious. She never meant to hurt gwen or the baby!

Rebecca: Yeah, well, she did hurt them, didn't she? The lying little tramp!

Ethan: Please, come on, you two, that's enough, ok?

Pilar: No, ethan! No, that is not enough, because you, of all people, know that theresa is not a bad mother! You all know it! And I cannot believe that you are going along with this -- this witch of a woman, this cheap whore who gives all womankind a bad name!

Rebecca: Oh!

Pilar: Oh -- get off of me! Get off of me!

Rebecca: Oh!

Singer: You are my passion for life

pilar: Rebecca, let go! Rebecca!

Rebecca: Oh!

Pilar: Oh!

Rebecca: Ah! I will to kill you, you --

pilar: Not if I kill you first! You stop it --

rebecca: Ow!

Pilar: You bitch! Get off of me! Rebecca! Rebecca, let go of me!

Rebecca: Ah!

Pilar: Let go of me!

Rebecca: Oh, pilar, I'm going to kill you!

Pilar: Rebecca! Oh! Rebecca!

Gwen: Mother, no!

Rebecca: I am going to kill you, pil!!


[Rebecca groans]

Rebecca: No, let me go! Let me at her!

Gwen: Mother, you have to stop! This is crazy!

Ethan: Come on, no more, no more!

Rebecca: I'm going to kill her!

Pilar: No! She will kill me! She's insane!

Rebecca: You deserve to die!

Ethan: That's enough, all right?

Rebecca: Oh!

Ethan: Pilar's a friend of the family, so you're not going to talk to her that way! You understand?

Fox: I know, I know it seems hopeless, but you of all people -- come on, you got to believe that there's something out there that's going to get you through this, going to help you.

Theresa: Like a miracle.

Fox: Yeah.

Theresa: No. I don't believe in miracles anymore. I know, I used to believe in fate, but I don't think fate meant for me to lose my heart and soul.

Fox: Well, look, I -- I brought you something that might make you feel better. I don't know.

Theresa: Ok. What's that?

Fox: Well, I -- I reconnected the video hookup in little ethan's room so you can keep an eye on him.

Theresa: Oh, fox. Oh. Yeah. Mommy's right here, sweetie. Mommy's right here.

Luis: Julian's convinced that alistair keeps all his secrets in here somewhere. And he should know. Damn. There's got to be a hidden safe in here somewhere and a hidden trigger to operate it.

Ms. Sims: What do you think you're doing?

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Ms. Sims: Mr. Garland, just what do you think you're doing in mr. Crane's private office?

Luis: [Disguised voice] Well -- I'm a janitor now and -- cleaning. Is there a problem?

Ms. Sims: No one is allowed in this office. I clean this office myself because mr. Crane is absolutely paranoid about anyone being in here alone except me. So don't ever come in here again. Understand?

Luis: You're the only one who cleans this office. Oh, I got it. But no one told me that, so -- hey, you're not going to get me fired, are you?

Ms. Sims: Well, not this time, but if it happens again --

luis: It won't happen again, I -- I promise.

Ms. Sims: All right, and tell the rest of the janitorial staff, if they don't already know, this office is off-limits.

Luis: Yes, ma'am. I -- I'll tell them.

Alistair: Just take it easy, sheridan. You'll be fine.

Sheridan: I am fine, father. I just have this overwhelming feeling that luis was nearby.

Alistair: Well, as I said, that's impossible. Now, I think the best thing is for you to go home and get some rest.

Sheridan: No, no, no. Wait. I came here to talk to you about something.

Alistair: What is it?

Sheridan: I spent too much time thinking about the baby I lost. I really need something to do. Would you please give me a job?

Alistair: A job?

Sheridan: It wouldn't have to be anything important, just something to keep me busy.

Alistair: Well, all right. I can only think of one thing you're suited for. I'll -- I'll give you a shot at working in our charity organization. You can help with the fundraising.

Sheridan: Oh. That would be great. Thank you, father! Thank you so much. I promise you won't regret it.

Alistair: Yeah, well, we'll see about that. Now, I really must get back to work, and you need to get home to your husband.

Sheridan: I will, I will. Thank you. Thank you again so much.

Sheridan: Luis? Luis! Maybe father's right. Maybe I am imagining things today.

Rebecca: Ethan, I don't know why you are defending that woman. I mean, she slapped you. I was only trying to help you.

Ethan: I don't need that kind of help, rebecca, thank you. We just need to calm down and we need to be a little civil here, all right?

Pilar: "Civil"? That woman doesn't know the meaning of "civil."

Rebecca: Ethan, I want you to throw this woman out of the house now!

Ethan: No, rebecca! Pilar will be welcome in this house as long as I'm here.

Rebecca: Fine. I don't have to sit around and take this kind of slander. Come on, gwen. We have work to do. We're going to find a surrogate. We have to take interviews.

Ethan: I -- I'm sorry for my mother-in-law's behavior, and I'm very sorry that you're upset about theresa, but please just tell her not to give up and tell her not to lose faith.

Pilar: Why? Do you know something you're not telling me?

Ethan: No, no. I'm -- I just -- I don't want her to be upset. I mean, I know she's upset. I just don't want her to -- to freak out, that's all.

Pilar: You're up to something, aren't you? I know you are.

Dodort: What a deal! His old lady's bringing home the bacon and he's got his old sweetie living right next door.

Kay: No, miguel's not like that.

Dort: Oh, yeah? What do you suppose he's doing while you're slaving away here?

Kay: I told you, ok? He's taking care of our baby and he's studying. He's not with charity.

Dort: Okey-dokey, if you say so, but don't be so sure, because, you know, fish oil isn't exactly an aphrodisiac. I mean, why would he save all his loving for you when he's got his old sweetie living right next door?

Charity: Hi.

Charity: Hi.

Miguel: Hey.

Charity: You want to come in?

Miguel: Thanks. I was just wondering, is sam home? You know, I thought maybe he might wt t to see his granddaughter.

Charity: Oh -- yeah. I don't know. Ivy? Hey. Is sam here?

Ivy: Hi, miguel.

Miguel: Hi.

Ivy: Oh, oh, how is that precious baby?

Miguel: She's great.

Ivy: Hey! Yes, he's upstairs. I'll go get him.


Ivy: Oh!

Sam: I thought I heard the doorbell. Here we go.

Miguel: Hey, chief.

Sam: Hey!

Ivy: Miguel brought maria by to see you.

Sam: Hi! How are you? Come to grandpa.

[Maria fusses]

Sam: Come on. How are you? Come over here. What have you been doing, you beautiful young woman, you? Yeah, yeah.

[Doorbell rings]

Sam: Charity, would you get the doorbell, please? Miguel, come on over and sit down. Let's catch up. Yeah. Looky. Oh.

[Maria cries]

Sam: Oh.

Ivy: Oh, it's ok.

Charity: Hi, father. It's charity.

Father lonigan: Yes, I know your voice. I came by to see how you're doing, charity. I was quite disturbed by our talk on the wharf.

Charity: Come in, please.

Father lonigan: Thank you. Have you decided not to keep your end of the bargain with death?

Charity: No. I made a deal with death. I would stay away from miguel and the baby would live. And if I break that agreement, something could happen to that beautiful baby, and I -- I'm not going to live with that.

Father lonigan: But my dear child, I told you god does not work that way. He would never allow an innocent child to be struck down like that.

Charity: Well, I'm not going to take that chae.E. If anything ever happened to that baby, miguel would never forgive me. I should never have told you.

Ivy: Oh, hello, father. Is there a problem?

Charity: No. Will you excuse me for a second?

Father lonigan: Yes. What is it, my child?

Ivy: What?

Father lonigan: I sense something is bothering you.

Ivy: No. Nothing's bothering me.

Father lonigan: We've been friends for a long time, ivy. It's been many years, but you have confided in me many times, and in times of personal crisis before, I felt I was some help.

Ivy: Yes, father, you were.

Father lonigan: Won't you tell me what's bothering you, ivy? I might be able to help.

[Ivy sighs]

Ivy: I think I'm beyond help, father.

Father lonigan: Oh, you're not. The bigger the sin, the bigger the relief when you confess. Tell me what you've done, ivy. Let's see if we can find you redemption. Yy

[Sam hums]

Miguel: She loves you.

Ivy: So you see, father, what I've done, it's unforgivable and it does weigh on my conscience.

Father lonigan: You deliberately broke up sam and grace's marriage.

Ivy: Yes. And I know it was wrong, but I love sam so much, and -- and grace? Well, grace is happy with david, so in the end no one really did suffer. And if you have a love that strong, isn't it right to do anything to hang on to it?

Father lonigan: No, ivy. You admitted it was wrong. You must tell sam what you've done.

Ivy: No. No, I could never do that! He'd never forgive me. He'd never trust me again.

Father lonig:: Well, I can't force you to do anything. I can only give you my best advice for your peace of mind, for your soul.

Ivy: I know. This is just completely between us, isn't it?

Father lonigan: Confession is always confidential, yes.

Ivy: Good, because no one can ever know what I've done, especially sam.

Theresa: Thanks. This will keep me sane. I just can't believe how different you are from your half brother. You're so caring and loving. Ethan, I just -- I don't even know who he is anymore. Thanks for doing this.

Fox: You're welcome. You know I'll do whatever I can to make you happy, right?

Theresa: Yeah, and I just -- I don't know how happy I can be in jail, but being able to see my son -- it's going to help me very much. Thk you again.

Guard: Hey! What's going on here? Break it up!

Luis: Hank? Hank?

Hank: Luis?

Luis: [Disguised voice] That's right. It's me, buddy.

Hank: That's amazing.

Luis: [Normal voice] Well, thanks.

Hank: So what happened? Did you get the job at crane industries?

Luis: Oh, yeah. New janitor. I'm telling you, hank, I was -- I was able to get into alistair crane's private office.

Hank: All right, buddy. You said you were going to do it, and you did.

Luis: Oh, yeah, I did it, and I was this close to getting into his secret records, but then his secretary came in and I had to get out, but I'm telling you, I'm going to get back in there and I'm going to find the key to his secret stash.

Alistair: It's still here. I knew luis couldn't have gotten in here and discovered my secrets. He'd be a fool to try.

[Alistair chuckles]

Kay: No, ok, you're wrong. You're all wrong. Miguel is a sweet, honest person, ok, and he is a wonderful father. He wouldn't have anything to do with charity if she threw herself across his bed.

Dort: What, is he a saint?

Kay: Yes, and my cousin's a slut. She chases after everything in pants, ok? Miguel wants nothing to do with her anymore. He's completely devoted to me and our baby.

Sam: Grandpa will see you soon, ok?

Bye. Bye. Bye.

Miguel: See you, chief.

Sam: Ok.

Miguel: You ready to go home?

Charity: Oh. She really is the cutest. The cutest.

Pilar: I knew I could count on you.

Ethan: I'm not making any promises, pilar.

Pilar: I know. Oh, but like I've said, I've known you your whole life and I knew that you couldn't have changed that much to take my theresa's baby away and not care about it. Oh. Thank you.

Ethan: It's ok.

Pilar: Thank you.

Ethan: It's going to be ok.

Guard: There's no fraternizing in jail!

Fox: Yeah.

Guard: I don't care if you are a crane!

Fox: All right, right, right.

Guard: Now, let's go before I put the cuffs on you!

Fox: I'm going!

Theresa: No, don't --

fox: All right?

Theresa: Please.

Fox: No, it's ok. It's ok.

Theresa: I'll see you soon, ok?

Fox: I'll be back as soon as they let me, ok?

Ereresa: All right. Thank you again for doing this.

Guard: Let's go, rich boy.

Fox: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Little ethan: Mommy!

Theresa: Sweetheart. Mommy's right here. She's right here.

Little ethan: Mommy! I want my mommy!

Theresa: I know you do, and I want to be with you, too. I love you very much. Oh, god. Why can't I be with my son?

Gwen: Sweetheart, hi. What's wrong? I heard you call out. Did you have a bad dream?

Little ethan: Yes. It was scary.

Gwen: Oh --

little ethan: I want my mommy.

Gwen: Well, you know, she can't be here right no would you like it if I was your mommy for right now?

Rebecca: That's right, gwennie. Make this little boy your own.

Gwen: Would you like me to stay here with you for a little while?

Little ethan: Yeah.

Gwen: All righty. Let's lay back.

Gwen: I promise you that I will always be here for you whenever you need me, sweetheart.

Theresa: Gwen, you get away from myhihild! Do you hear me, gwen? I'm going to get you for this! You and rebecca will pay!

Luis: I'm telling you, all I need to do is get back into alistair's office, and then I'm going to find out all his dirty little secrets, and then I'm going to ruin him. After that, I'm going to get sheridan back. Oh, I swear I will.

Alistair: Luis thinks he's so clever, but he's met his match in me. No one will ever find out my secrets. And if they do, they die!

[Alistair laughs]

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