Passions Transcript Wednesday 3/31/04

Passions Transcript Wednesday 3/31/04

by Eric

kay: Ok, mommy and daddy are going to change you, ok?

Miguel: Here you go, kay.

Kay: Thanks. Maria --

miguel: Kay, what's wrong?

Kay: Nothing. It's just frustrating changing her diaper 20 times a day.

Miguel: Well, that's what happens when you have a baby. You know, you haven't been yourself for a couple days now. What's going on?

Kay: I'm fine, miguel. Really, I'm fine.

Miguel: Ok. Can you hold this a second?

Kay: Sure.

Miguel: Come on, let's get your bottle, sweetie. Are you ready for your bottle? Bottle, bottle -- I'll take that.

Kay: Thanks.

Miguel: Bottle, bottle, bottle, bottle --

tabitha: He's right, kay. You have been out of sorts lately, but why? I mean, you've got miguel's baby. You're sharing the same house with him. So what's the problem? Isn't this exactly what you've always dreamed about?

Kay: No, not exactly. In fact, right now I'm feeling I might have ruined my life forever.

Charity: Ugh, there are so many sites on fashion and design. "Cyber model. Create an outfit and click here for instant online feedback." Hmm. Sounds good. Ok, think -- an outfit. What to do. Oh. I have to stop thinking about miguel. Ivy's right. I need to move on, and I should think about a career. I've always liked fashion. I could be a designer. If only I could design a way to get over miguel.

Pilar: There's so much information on blood illnesses. You know, eve, you see those tv movies where the doctor tells someone that you have this terrible illness, and you think it's never going to happen to me. But it's happened to me.

Eve: You have every reason to have hope, pilar.

Pilar: Maybe that specialist in boston will -- I don't know -- find different results with the blood sample that we sent him when he runs the test. Maybe his diagnosis will be different than yours.

Eve: Nothing would make me happier. But the first tests were -- they were pretty conclusive.

Pilar: I can't get sick, eve. I just can'T. My children need me. Especially theresa, you know. She's in jail for kidnapping little ethan. Not that I blame her. Rebecca had no right to take little ethan away. Luis lost sheridan. Miguel is struggling between being a young father and going to college. And we've lost our home.

Eve: That was just so wicked of rebecca to do that to you.

Pilar: And my paloma -- she's been away from us just far too long.

Eve: I know.

Pilar: At least I know where she is. You know, I think about you, how you don't know where your son is. Since he's been taken from you, you just -- I don't know how difficult that can be.

Eve: You know, but julian said that he's going to find him this year, so I am not going to give up hope.

Pilar: You want to find your son as much as I want to be cured from this illness so I can be there for my children. It's funny, you know. No matter how grown up they are, you feel aˇresponsibility that you have to be there for their happiness and their welfare.

Eve: Yes, that's very true.

Pilar: My teresita understands that bond. That bond should never be broken between a mother and a child, and I pray to god that real soon she'll be reunited with her little ethan.

Eve: Pilar, I think there's something that you oug to know.

Pilar: I don't like the way you're saying that, eve. Is it about my illness?

Eve: No. No, it's about theresa. There's a chance that ethan and gwen are going to be adopting little ethan.

Pilar: What? Oh, my god. Theresa will be devastated.

Eve: Ok, there's an email. Maybe it's from the specialist in boston.

Pilar: I pray to god it's good news.

Theresa: Damn you, rebecca.

[Rebecca chokes]

Fox: Let go, theresa. Let her go.

Theresa: Damn you to hell!

Rebecca: Get her off of me.

Fox: Yeah, ok, ok. Come on, come on, come on. Relax, relax. You know what, rebecca? Rebecca, I think you deserve this, coming in here, tellinththeresa that gwen and ethan are going to adopt her son. You know, tell you the truth, I'd like to strangle you myself.

Theresa: No, I'll kill you!

Rebecca: Ah! Ah!

Theresa: Die, rebecca!

Sheridan: Excuse me. I'd like to see my father.

Ms. Sims: I'll see if he's available, ms. Crane.

Sheridan: It's mrs. Lopez fitzgerald now.

Ms. Sims: Of course.

Alistair: I'm always available for my daughter. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Sheridan: I need you to unfreeze my accounts.

Alistair: Let's talk in my office.

Sheridan: You know, I just saw julian at the hospital, and he was so agitated he couldn't even stop when I said hello to him.

Alistair: Oh?

Sheridan: He was mumbling something about your office and secrets.

Luis: This could be the key to alistair's secrets.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Tabitha: Ruined your life? What are you talking about? I thought you were happy with the way things were working out.

Kay: I was. I mean, I am. I have a beautiful baby with miguel. Ok, he's living here, he's shangng my life, and hopefully soon sharing my bed.

Tabitha: Please, not too much detail.

Kay: So, yes, I'm happy now. What about years from now? I mean, what if this is the best my life is going to be and it's just all downhill from here like those women said?

Tabitha: What women?

Kay: At the cannery. They all told me that my life is basically over and that all I'll do from now on is just slave away until I'm so tired that I can hardly move and that I'll never have time with miguel or maria and that I'll always be struggling to make ends meet.

Tabitha: What do they know? They gut fish for a living.

Kay: I gut fish or a living.

Tabitha: Yes, but that's only temporary, dear.

Kay: Yeah, well, that's what those women used to say, too. Here they are, years later, worn out, beaten down by life. Not one of them is happy. I'm so scared that that's what's going to happen to me. I'm scared that I've ruined any chance of a happy life -- and not just for me, but for maria, too. And I don't know what to do. I don't know how I can live with this fear for the rest of my life.

Charity: Ok, I'm done. I kind of think it's good. All right. So let's see what other people think.

Charity: "Wicked," "terrible." They hate it.

Pilar: He agrees. The doctor in boston believes that I have this blood illness, huh?

Eve: I'm so sorry, pilar.

Pilar: Possibly fatal.

Eve: With everything that you have on your plate, it is so hard to understand how this could be happening, especially to somebody who's just as warm and wonderful as you are.

Pilar: It's ok, eve. God only gives us what we can bear. I just have to continue to pray for strength. The good lord will provide.

Charity: "The good lord will provide"? It's a crock. You can't count on god for anything.

Rebecca: Ow!

Fox: Theresa --

ethan: Theresa!

Fox: Theresa --

gwen: Mother!

Guard: What's going on in here?

Second guard: Everyone, back off!

Rebecca: Oh

gwen: Mother, are you all right?

Rebecca: That bitch was going to kill me.

Fox: Rebecca, come on! You deserve it! You came here just to tell her that gwen and ethan are adopting her son!

Ethan: What?

Fox: What'd you expect her to do, rebecca, huh? You want her to give you a kiss?

Rebecca: No! Actually, I'm not into that. Well, I mean, there was that one time --

gwen: Oh, god, please!

Ethan: Wait a second. How did you know that gwen and I were going to adopt little ethan?

Rebecca: Oh, it's a secret? I -- I had no idea.

Ethan: Listen to me. I was coming here to tell you. I did not want you to find out this way.

Theresa: So it's true? You're going to adopt little ethan?

Ethan: Theresa, yes.

Theresa: I hate you, ethan. You -- you are a traitor, and I hate you.

Luis: No. It would be more typical of alistair to hide the key to all his secrets in plain sight.

Luis: Damn it. All right. The answer has got to be around here somewhere.

Alistair: Shall we? Do you want anything, dear? Coffee --

sheridan: No, thank you.

Luis' voice: Sheridan -- I can't let them catch me in here in disguise. Sheridan will no doubt recognize me. And if the brainwashing has turned her against me, she might even alert alistair.

Kay: You know, I keep thinking about maria's childhood and what it's going to be like compared to mine.

Tabitha: What do you mean, kay?

Kay: I grew up completely without fear. My parents, they protected me. They gave me everything I needed. Am I going to be able to give maria what she needs?

Tabitha: Well, I'm sure you're going to try your best.

Kay: What if I fail? All the dreams that I've had as a child and as a teenager have come true. I have a baby with the man that I love. He may not be in love with me yet, but at least we're together.

Tabitha: That's something, isn't it?

Kay: But it's not enough. I'm a woman now. I see that I need more than dreams to make a life for myself and for miguel and maria. But I have no idea how to go about doing it. Not a clue.

Pilar: You shouldn't say things like that, charity. God is good. And no matter what is going on in a person's life, you must trtry to never lose your faith.

Charity: I'm sorry, but I've lost my faith.

Eve: Oh, no, charity.

Charity: Ok, what has it gotten me? Nothing but pain. I lost my mother. I had battles with the forces of evil. I was sucked into hell. I was turned into a zombie. What, and now -- now I've lost miguel forever.

Pilar: You've had a lot of heartache, that's true. But there has also been joy.

Charity: Has been, past tense.

Eve: Charity, honey, how can you say that? You have so much more to look forward to in life.

Charity: More heartache, maybe.

Pilar: I know this is about being apart from miguel and --

charity: You know what? It's more than that, actually. I lost my faith a long time ago. I just don't think I realized it. Ever since my mother died. Oh, I just miss her so much, you know. I really do. I really need her. It was maybe the worst thing that's ever happened to me, and I don't know why she left me. Why?

Pilar: Oh, sweetie. It's ok.

Theresa: How could you, ethan? How could you take my child away from me? You're his godfather!

Ethan: Theresa --

theresa: You're supposed to want what's best for him! I am what's best for him, ethan. I'm his mother.

Ethan: Theresa, let me explain!

Theresa: Lies, ethan!

It's all lies, all of it!

Ethan: Theresa --

rebecca: Stop her!

Guard: We'll need to subdue her.

Second guard: All right, everybody out of the room.

Fox: What are you going to do, are you going to hit her with a stun gun?

Ethan: You can't use that on her.

Guard: Standing orders.

Rebecca: Zap her!

Theresa: Oh!

Guard: Give her a shot with yours.

Rebecca: Yeah, do it again.

Theresa: I hate you, ethan.

Guard: Crank up the juice.

Second guard: Didn't we tell you to get out of here?

Ethan: This is ridiculous. Come on. I can make her --

theresa: I hate you more than I've evehahated anyone!

Fox: Theresa, you have got to calm down, ok?

Theresa: Bastards. They're all bastards!

Rebecca: Well, that went well. What? Look, you certainly don't want that psycho raising little ethan.

Ethan: Damn it, rebecca, this is your fault. You took a lousy situation, and you exacerbated it.

Rebecca: Yeah, that's right. It's always my fault.

Gwen: You know, honey, we actually have to get home, because eve is sending that nurse over to give me my first hormone shot, remember?

Ethan: Yeah.

Gwen: You could show a little enthusiasm, right? You want this surrogacy as much as I do, don't you?

Ethan: Yes. Yes, I do.

Gwen: Ok. Then we -- we want to do everything we can to make sure it goes well. Ethan --

ethan: Right.

Theresa: You can't have my son! Damn them. Damn them all!

Fox: Easy! Will you go easy? Jeez!

Guard: On three -- one, two, three --

theresa: Ow! No. My boy. Not my little boy.

singer: You are my passion for life

tabitha: You're doing the best you can, kay, and you are providing for your daughter.

Kay: Just barely.

Tabitha: But you're doing a wonderful job. But you're right -- it is a big responsibility raising a child.

Kay: I never really appreciated what my parents went through, how much they sacrificed, not until I had a child of my own.

Tabitha: Neither did I until I had my little endora.

Kay: See, I want to give my baby everything my parents gave me, but how can I do that on what the nnnnery pays me? I mean, it's barely minimum wage. There's no benefits, no health insurance. And I have no one to blame but myself -- me and my stupid dreams.

Tabitha: You got miguel.

Kay: Only because I manipulated him and tricked him into getting me pregnant. Not -- not that I regret having maria. She's the light of my life. But nothing is the way that I thought it would be. My life was supposed to be perfect. Miguelndnd I would live in this big house with a white picket fence. We'd drive nice cars -- a sports car, an S.U.V. And I wouldn't have to work. I'd be a stay-at-home mom, and miguel would go off to the office every morning in a suit and tie, and he'd come home for lunch. But real life is nothing like that. It's about budgets and bills and being called in to work an extra shift in the middle of the night. And being bone dead 24 freaking hours a day and smelling like fish guts all the time. I mean, what kind of life is that?

Tabitha: That's the life you've made for yourself, kay, so deal with it, because it's all you've got.

Eve: Charity, you have so many friends. You have so many people who love you.

Charity: I push them all away.

Pilar: I know for a fact miguel still cares about you.

Charity: That's over. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, and I just feel so alone. When I was a little girl and that would happen and I would have a bad dream or something, you know, I would just crawl into my mom's bed and sleep with her.

Pilar: My children would do the same thingalalthough I'm sure my boys would deny it.

Eve: If whitney or simone had a bad dream or there was a storm, they'd climb in my bed and I'd comfort them.

Charity: Mom -- such a small word, but it means so much. Without a mom -- I don't know -- life is just -- it's just really painful.

Fox: Theresa -- theresa, are you ok?

Guard: You going to give us any more trouble?

Second guard: Because we'll zap you again if we have to.

Fox: Just take it easy, ok?

Guard: Let's put her in her cell.

Second guard: We can'T. The one she's supposed to go into is still occupied, remember? It'll be a few more minutes before we can move her in.

First guard: Well, let's handcuff her to the chair. I'm not taking any more chances this one's going to go wild on us. Why don't you go down the hall? I'll stand guard outside. See when that empty cell is going to be ready.

Second guard: You, out.

Fox: No, I'm staying.

Guard: The hell you are.

Fox: Did I not mention my name, huh? Fox crane.

Guard: Crane?

Fox: Crane! Yes, crane! As in the cranes that paid for this jail, the cranes that paid for these goofy little costumes that you're wearing! My family pays more taxes in a minute than you guys make in an entire year, so I'm stayi!! Now, if you have a problem with that, you can call my grandfather, alistair. I'm sure he'd love to hear all about it.

Guard: All right, you can stay. But I'd keep away from her if I were you.

Fox: Just get out of here. Theresa, are you ok?

Theresa: No, fox. They've taken my little boy. They're taking my baby.

Fox: I'm right here.

Alistair: Sit down, dear. What is it, sheridan?

Sheridan: I don't know. I just had a feeling that someone was here.

Alistair: It's only you and me, dear.

Luis: She could be sensing that I'm here. Maybe the brainwashing didn't totally work and she's -- maybe she's remembering everything we shared together.

Alistair: You know you're wasting your time asking me to unfreeze your accounts.

Sheridan: Hey, it's my money.

Alistair: Which you are to spend wisely, not waste on the lopez fitzgeralds -- getting their house back, now, no doubt, wanting to help theresa make bail.

Sheridan: Which is money spent wisely, in my opinion.

Alistair: Your opinion is being manipulated by luis, and I won't allow it!

Sheridan: No. You're wrong. It's not luis. I just -- I just want to help.

Alistair: What? What is it?

Sheridan: Nothing.

Alistair: Your whole body language changed when I mentioned luis. Do you still have feelings for him?

Sheridan: Luis? No. No, no, I -- look, I remember that we loved each other once, but I want to be with antonio now.

Alistair: I'd like you to see dr. Ackland again.

Sheridan: Why? I'm fine.

Luis: Don't do it, sheridan. I'll bet alistair wants to reinforce the brainwashing. Sheridan, don't do it. Sheridan, I love you so much. Can you feel it?

Alistair: What is it, sheridan?

Sheridan: Luis. Ok, so we'll take the pinks and the whites, and we'll just s, less is more.

Tabitha: You know, you're lucky to have even got a job at the cannery.

Kay: Thanks, tabitha. You're not making me feel any better.

Tabitha: I'm not saying it will always have to be this way. People have come from worse circumstances than this and gone on to have incredibly successful lives. But it will be difficult for you. You're going to have to work very hard -- you and miguel. But you can do it. And those women at the cannery -- they don't have the same faith in you that I do. You have much more going for you than you realize, kay.

Kay: You're right. Others have it far worse than we do. I mean, look at charity. She has nothing right now. She lost miguel. Her life is a mess. But she's shown who she really is -- a tramp who's flunking out of college.

Charity: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You must think I'm so selfish for going on about my stupid problems.

Eve: No, honey, not at all.

Pilar: Just try to keep your faith and your hope. I'm sure the good lord has some wonderful things in store for you. I'm sure he does.

Charity: Yeah, we'll see.

Pilar: I'll remember you in my prayers. And you remember me in yours, ok? Bye.

Eve: Bye.

Charity: How does she do it? How does a woman who's going through so much find the strength to comfort me?

Eve: I have no idea, charity. No idea.

Luis: My god, she senses I'm here. Don't give me away, sheridan, please.

Alistair: Sheridan.

Sheridan: What?

Alistair: Do you have these lapses of attention often?

Sheridan: Lapses?

Alistair: Perhaps you should see dr. Ackland again.

Sheridan: No, no, no, no, no. I don't want to go back to that psych ward again. Please -- look -- father, may I ask you a question?

Alistair: Of course.

Sheridan: When you and mother were together, did you have any sort of connection?

Alistair: Of course. We were married.

Sheridan: No. I mean, did you know what she was thinking? Could you sense that she was near even when you couldn't see her?

Alistair: You mean did we have a psychic connection? Human beings don't communicate that way.

Luis: Whatever your father and dr. Ackland did to you, you still nsnse I'm here, don't you?

Alistair: That's all romantic poppycock.

Sheridan: You're wrong, father. You are so wrong.

Kay: Thanks, tabitha. I feel a lot better.

Tabitha: Good. Just concentrate on what you do have -- a beautiful daughter and a roof over your head.

Kay: And soon a hunk in my bed.

Miguel: Guess what, kay.

Kay: Another diaper change.

Miguel: She drank that bottle right down.

Kay: All right. Well, let's get to it.

Miguel: I can do it.

Kay: Yeah, but it goes faster when we work together.

Miguel: True. We're like one of those nascar race crews. Baby in, baby out in record time.

Kay: Yeah. Only in maria's case, it's diaper off, diaper on.

Miguel: All right, let's do it. Let's go, team maria!

Kay: Oh, yeah, let's go.

Tabitha: I do hope things start looking up for kay. I don't have a very good feeling about her future. Let's see what her tea leaves have to say.

Eve: Is there anything else that I can help you with, charity?

Charity: No, thank you. You've been great.

Eve: Well, I know what you're going through more than you realize. If you ever feel like you need some motherly advice or anything, call on me and let me know.

Charity: I appreciate that.

Eve: You know, before you came over, I saw you at the computer, and you looked a little bit upset.

Charity: No, it's silly. I just overreacted.

Eve: To what? I mean, do you mind if I ask?

Charity: No. I was talking to ivy, actually, about how I was interested in fashion, and she said I should look into it, schools of design, that kind of thing. So I went on the internet, and there was this one website where you could design an outfit and you could get feedback -- a cyber model. So I did it, and the feedback I got -- people really made fun of it. They put it down.

Eve: Well, were these people professional designers?

Charity: No, I don't think so. I mean, I think anybody can go on to the website.

Eve: Well, then what do you care what they think? Don't let strangers discourage you, honey. You just get back over there and just try it again and ignore the critics. And then you find your own style, and when you get some more confidence, then you show it to somebody who really knows whether it's good or not.

Charity: Like who?

Eve: Well, I know a few people in fashion, and ivy used to be involved in that world. She used to be.

Arity: Ok. I will try again. Thank you. Thanks for the encouragement.

Eve: Hey, we all need some encouragement every now and then. God, I only hope somebody was there to encourage my son when he needed it. I just wish it had been me.

Rebecca: A toast to theresa. May her suffering never end.

Gwen: Hmm. Bitch.

Woman: Excuse me. The maid told me to come in. I'm nurse brown here to see mrs. Winthrop.

Gwen: Hi.

Nurse brown: Hi. Dr. Russell sent me.

Gwen: Yes. I'm gwen winthrop. You're going to be giving me the hormone shot?

Nurse brown: Yes.

Gwen: Ok. So I understand that this shot is going to help me produce multiple eggs, and then one of those eggs will be implanted into the surrogate.

Nurse brown: That's right. May I?

Gwen: Of course. Oh, this is so exciting. Soon, I'm going to have two children.

Rebecca: And theresa will have none.

Theresa: They took my son, fox. How could they take my baby from me? Oh, mama.

Pilar: Ay, mija. What have they done? You're chained like an animal?

Fox: How'd you get in here?

Pilar: One of the guards knows luis.

Theresa: Ethan and gwen are adopting little ethan, mama.

Pilar: I know, mija.

Theresa: It's not right. It's not right to take a child away from its mother. It's just not right.

Pilar: No, it isn'T.

Theresa: I'm glad you're here. If I didn't have you, I don't know what I would do. He's my baby, mama.

Pilar: I know.

Theresa: They've taken my baby.

Ethan: Well, your mommy -- she's really mad at me now. See, there's nothing I can do about it, though. I'm not adopting you to hurt her. I'm adopting you hopefully so we can weaken rebecca's position so she can't press charges of kidnapping against your mom. But I have a little plan. After we adopt you and after gwen has her own baby through surrogacy, I'm going to give you right back to your mommy. I'm going to get you straight back to theresa.

kay: Is something wrong, tabitha?

Tabitha: No -- no, no, no, dear. No, everything's -- everything's fine. Dear. Poor kay. From the look of those tea leaves, there's much more heartache in store for her. Much more.

Charity: Ok. Maybe -- maybe a belt. !! And my virtual outfit is done.

Eve: I thought you could use a cup of hot chocolate.

Charity: Thank you.

Eve: Oh, is that your design? Is it ok if I peek?

Charity: You hate it. You hate it, right?

Eve: No. On the contrary, that's fascinating. I love the way you've combined different elements, but somehow it all works. It works beautifully, as a matter of fact.

Charity: You're just saying that.

Eve: No.

Charity: You're saying that to make me feel better.

Eve: No, I'm not. I truly think that you have talent, charity. And more than that, you're innovative.

[Computer beeps]

Eve: Oh, that's an email I've been expecting.

Charity: Innovative. Maybe I do have a future in fashion. If only I had a future with miguel.

Eve: Oh. My god. Poor pilar's world is about to be turned more upside-down than it already is.

Theresa: I don't know what I would do without you, mama. I need you now more than ever. And I've lost everything. I've lost my son. And ethan's hurt me now more than I thought anyone could ever hurt me. And if I didn't have you -- oh, I don't know what I would do.

Pilar: I will be with you, mija. As long as god gives me life, I will be with you.

Gwen: The sooner I get that injection, the sooner ethan and I will have our own baby thanks to a surrogate.

Rebecca: Oh, you're going to have another child sooner than that -- little ethan. You are going to adopt him, and theresa is finally going to pay for killing little sarah. No, nothing is going to stop you from adopting little ethan.

Ethan: That's right. As soon as gwen has her own baby in her arms, little ethan, you are going to go right back to your mommy. We have to keep it a secret, see. She can never know. She'll probably hate me forever because of that, but it's probably for the best since we can never be together. But at least you'll be back with her, and soon. I promise you that. I promise.

Alistair: You've been watching too many lifetime movies, dear. There's no such thing as a psychic connection between couples. That type of thinking is for saps.

Luis: No. The connection is there, and it's strong. But I can't let alistair find me here. That would ruin my plan.

Alistair: What are you doing, sheridan?

Sheridan: You're in there, aren't you? You're in there. Good afternoon - tonight on global news at six- some tough questions are being asked today about the amber alert system - after the attempted kidnapping of a young girl in northeastern alberta. We'll have the details.Some edmonton residents are very angry about disturbing junk mail in their mailbox - and they're fighting back. Acts of kindness. We've been flooded here at global news with calls to help the little boy who had his wheelchair stolen. Tonight on global news at six. ˝Đ you with a southpaw swing. Great champion he is. Who could have imagined

Ethan: I have changed, pilar.

Pilar: Liar!

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