Passions Transcript Tuesday 3/23/04

Passions Transcript Tuesday 3/23/04

by Eric

(beginning is missing...not sure how much, sorry)

Judge: I've changed my mind about making you wait a year before I review your case and make a final decision regarding permanent custody of your son.

Theresa: Really? Thank you. Thank you, your honor. I'm going to be a very good mother to my son --

judge: No, I'm --

Theresa: I promise.

Judge: I'm afraid you misunderstand.

Woody: Uh-oh.

Judge: After seeing you assault Mrs. Winthrop and threaten her life, I've decided to terminate your parental rights altogether immediately.

Theresa: No! No.

Theresa: You can't take my child, your honor. Please, you can't do this!

Judge: I can and I have!

Rebecca: God bless America!

Theresa: Just shut up, you hateful cow!

[Rebecca gasps]

Rebecca: Your honor, do you see how nasty she is? Oh, and how short-tempered. I -- I mean, she would have killed Gwen if somebody hadn't stopped her.

Woody: Your honor -- your honor, I object! My -- my -- my client was momentarily mental over losing her son for a year. She's not a violent person!

Fox: Yeah, Judge. I mean, come on. Look at her. She's -- she wouldn't hurt a fly.

Rebecca: Uh -- excuse me. No, Theresa here killed Gwen's child, and she would have killed Gwen just now in front of all these witnesses. God only knows what she would have done to her own poor, defenseless, little child.

Theresa: Just go to hell, you witch!

Rebecca: I rest my case. And furthermore, I am going to adopt little Ethan to protect him from his marauding mother.

Theresa: No --

Ethan: Your honor -- your honor --

Theresa: No, please!

Ethan: Mr. Stumper and my half brother are right, ok? Theresa is not a violent person. Now, I'm sure her actions here, no matter how they may make her look right now -- they're motivated by her fear of losing her child, a child that she would gladly give her life for.

Gwen: I am not going to stand here and listen to this anymore.

Ethan: Gwen! Gwen -- Gwen -- Gwen, wait a second!

Gwen: Ethan, Theresa just threatened to kill me. You know, and it wouldn't be the first time. She already stabbed me in the back with a pair of scissors -- or have you conveniently forgotten that?

Theresa: Gwen, I was in pain, ok?

Gwen: You know what, Theresa?

Ethan: Gwen --

Gwen: I had a really awful labor, too. You know what? I almost died, but I never tried to kill anybody! And you -- what the hell kind of husband defends the woman who killed our little girl?

Ethan: Gwen, come on!


Father Lonigan: Charity, I'm sorry you're hurting. I know you did what you thought was right -- giving up Miguel to save Maria's life.

Charity: What I thought was right? I wasn't going to let the baby die.

Father Lonigan: Of course not. But death had no right to make you choose between Miguel and Maria.

Charity: Excuse me?

Father Lonigan: Death cannot bargain with mortals. Heaven forbids it. I suspect Evil was using Death to torment you, rob you of your happiness.

Charity: But why?

Father Lonigan: Because that's what Evil does. You have always been good, Charity, pure of heart, and Maria was an innocent soul. God would never allow goodness to victimize innocence. It goes against his law. Therefore, Death cannot hold you to a pact he cannot make.

Charity: I hear what you're saying, but I -- I just -- I don't believe you.

Father Lonigan: Why not? You have always believed in the church's teachings. Have you lost your faith?

Charity: Yeah, Father, I have. People sin to get what they want. And you know what? They get it. I've seen it happen firsthand.


Kay: Don't worry about me, Miguel. I'll be fine as long as I have you and Maria to come home to.

Miguel: I know this isn't how you thought your life would turn out -- being a single mother, missing out on college. Working long, hard hours at some disgusting place like the cannery. I mean, do you ever stop to think that your life's really difficult?

Woman: Hey, pace yourself, Kay. You got seven hours left on your shift and 30 more years after that of slinging fish.

Kay: Oh, there's no way I'm doing this for 30 years.

Woman: Oh!

[Women laugh]

Kay: I'm only working here until my baby's father finishes college and finds himself a good job.

Woman: Yeah, right. Heard that one before.

[Women laugh]

Second woman: I remember.

Kay: Dort, what's so funny?

Dort: Well, I mean, we were your age when we said this stinking job was only temporary, and, baby, look at us now!

Woman: Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty.

[Women laugh]


Antonio: Why are you putting more pictures of Luis in our photo album?

Sheridan: He's family, and -- and once you two are close again --

Antonio: Sheridan, if you're serious about Luis and Beth having a future together, there's no reason to keep these around. I mean, all it is is a reminder of your relationship with him. I think we should burn these.

Sheridan: Since you put it that way --

Antonio: Good. I'm glad you see it my way.

Beth: What do you think?

Antonio: Beth, you look absolutely incredible. Doesn't she, Sheridan?

Sheridan: Yeah. Incredible.

Antonio: You know what? Luis would be a fool not to fall at your feet and beg you to be his one and only.

Beth: Well, that's what I'm hoping will happen. Oh, I will get all of this back to you as soon as I can.

Sheridan: I'm not worried about it.

Beth: Ok.

Antonio: And don't you worry, either, because I'm sure Luis is as good as yours, ok?

Beth: Thank you so much for all your help, really, and for the pep talk. Ok, guys, wish me luck. Here I go.

Antonio: All right. See you.

Antonio: You know, I hope it really works out between Luis and Beth because baby Martin deserves to have his mommy and daddy there with him all the time, just like I deserve to have you, my beautiful wife, right here in my arms.


Theresa: Julian, please -- please tell the judge that I'm a good mother and that I would never hurt our son.

Julian: Theresa, it's out of my hands. I had nothing to do with the judge terminating your parental rights.

Theresa: Your honor, please -- please don't take my child away from me, ok? I love him so much, I would die without him.

Rebecca: Now that's a plus.

Judge: You should have considered the consequences of your actions before you threatened Mrs. Winthrop's life.

Rebecca: And attacked her. Let's not forget that.

Theresa: Your honor, I never meant that I would really kill her. Your honor, please, it was -- I just was -- I was spouting off in anger.

Rebecca: Oh, like when you wished she was barren?

Judge: I've heard enough. My order stands. Clearly, your son will be better off without you in his life.

Theresa: No.

Judge: I suggest you take an anger management course before bringing any more children into the world.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Rebecca: You know, Theresa, you might try getting married before you spawn again. I mean, it really is disgraceful. I mean, you, Luis, and Miguel all have illegitimate children? Tsk, tsk, tsk. I mean, clearly Pilar was as bad at parenting as she was at doing windows.

Fox: Rebecca, that's enough, huh? Come on. Look -- hey, Whitney and I helped you see little Ethan before, and we're going to do it again, right?

Whitney: That's right. Of course we will.

Chad: Yeah, count on it.

Fox: There you go.

Rebecca: You know, I'd be careful what you promise. See, little Ethan is mine now, and Theresa is forbidden from setting foot in my house. And anyone who helps her is going to have to face the consequences.

Theresa: My child -- they took my child. They took my boy.


Julian: Eve --

Eve: Julian, to see what happened to Theresa -- it reminds me of the vision I had when our child was spirited out of the hospital.

Julian: I know -- by my father, no doubt.

Eve: Oh, god, if I could only just see him, hold him in my arms and tell him how much I've loved and missed him all these years.

Julian: I promise you, I will find our son this year.

Rebecca: Come on, pookie, get your cottage cheese butt in gear.

Julian: My lovebird calls. Coming, dear!

Eve: Go.

Julian: I will find our son. I swear on my love for you.


Ethan: Gwen, look -- I wasn't defending Theresa's past actions. I was just saying she was a good mother. She doesn't deserve to be stripped of her parental rights.

Gwen: I do not want to hear you justify stabbing me in the back.

Ethan: That is not what I'm doing!

Gwen: Theresa is violent and unstable and unfit to be a mother, yet you keep defending her.

Ethan: Honey, she's not unstable. She's just very emotional.

Gwen: Well, Ethan, it doesn't matter what you think at this point, ok, because you heard the judge. Theresa has no rights to come anywhere near little Ethan anymore -- thank god.

Ethan: Rebecca got to the judge. She coerced him into going to extremes, and now Theresa is suffering because of it.

Gwen: Ethan, who cares about Theresa, ok? If you want to pity anyone, pity little Ethan, because my mother and Julian now have custody of him and they want to adopt him. Now, I love my mother in spite of herself, but I wouldn't wish her as the parent of my worst enemy. I mean, you've seen how cold she is to little Ethan. And Julian -- how many times have you told me what a horrible father he is?

Ethan: Wait, wait. I completely agree with you. Ok, Rebecca and Julian would be very bad parents. And adopting little Ethan would not only be bad for him, but it would also crush Theresa.

Gwen: God forbid.

Ethan: I'm just saying, Gwen, that I think it's best for everybody, especially little Ethan, if we convince Rebecca and Julian not to adopt him. Ok? That would just be a bad idea. We could be little Ethan's substitute parents.

Gwen: How can you even suggest such a thing to me? I had a little girl, you know, a daughter that we loved very much and lost, thanks to Theresa. And now you want me to be little Ethan's stand-in mother and love him and protect him and care for him as if he was my own child, only to have Julian and Rebecca snatch him away anytime they want? What the hell kind of monster are you to even suggest such a thing?


Miguel: Kay, you look upset. What's wrong?

Kay: Oh -- nothing, nothing. I was just thinking about how nice it is to be here with you and Maria instead of at work.

[Women laugh]

Kay: Stop laughing at me! My working here is only temporary.

Dort: Hey, do you believe this? Kay's a kid with a baby on her hip, no ring on her finger, and the doofus who knocked her up is out of work. Sure, honey! You're just here till things straighten out at home. That's what I said to myself 20 years and three kids ago.

[Women laugh]

Woman: Oh, my --

second woman: Unbelievable. It's unbelievable.

Kay's voice: That won't happen to me. I won't end up like Dort and those other women. I won't.


Charity: I can't go back to the way I was. I don't believe that good wins out over evil because it doesn't. And all I know is that evil has taken from me everyone that I love -- even Miguel. And how am I supposed to have faith without love? How am I supposed to have hope?

Father Lonigan: Charity, you must pray. Pray --

charity: No!

Father Lonigan: For the blessing --

charity: Unless god brings Miguel back to me, I am never going to have that faith again.

Father Lonigan: But our lord teaches that --

charity: Father --

father Lonigan: All things --

charity: Father, I don't want to hear it, ok? Please, just leave me alone.

Father Lonigan: Very well. But I will pray for you, Charity. I will pray long and hard.

Charity: Don't bother. Don't waste your prayers on me.


Sheridan: I love you so much, Antonio.

Antonio: I love you, too. I really, really love you.


Luis: Beth, hey.

Beth: Luis -- you're early.

Luis: I know. I want to start making up for all the time I lost with you and our son.

Beth: Hi. Oh, well, I would love that. And I know little Martin would, too.

Pilar: Yes. Luis, doesn't Beth look beautiful.

Beth: Oh.

Luis: Yeah. Yeah, you look really nice.

Beth: Thank you. I just threw it together.

Pilar: I think I'm going to go inside and put little Martin down for a nap.

Beth: Oh. Well, actually, let me go in and tell mother that we're here first, ok?

Pilar: Ok.

Beth: All right.

Pilar: Say hi. Hi, grandma. This is nice, Luis, huh? You and Beth and little martin. Maybe -- maybe this is your chance, huh, to be a real family. Mommy, daddy, and this beautiful baby.


Eve: Oh, god, Theresa, I am so sorry. I know that part of the reason that you lost your son was because Julian is at Rebecca's mercy. He wants to protect me, keep my past a secret. So Julian has to do what Rebecca wants, and Rebecca wants little Ethan.

Theresa: My little boy. My precious little boy.

Whitney: Ok, honey, try to stay calm, ok?

Chad: It'll be ok.

Fox: You'll see.

Theresa: What am I going to do, you know? What am I going to do?


[Door opens]

Rebecca: Look -- I got the brochure on that boarding school I want to send little Ethan to. Oh. Oh, concrete block dorm rooms. So masculine.

Ethan: Don't you think little Ethan is a little young to go to boarding school?

Rebecca: Well, I understand Winston Churchill was just a wee little lad when he went.

Ethan: Yeah. Yeah, and he was traumatized for life.

Rebecca: Well, yeah, but he did help us win world war II, along with -- you know -- you know, the guy in the wheelchair, the --

Julian: Roosevelt.

Rebecca: Yes, that's it. You know, how he satisfied his mistress, I'll just never know. Hmm. Well, come on, Julian. Let's call and see if we can get a tour.

Gwen: Do you see that? My mother and Julian don't care about little Ethan. All they ever care about is beating Theresa. Honey, that little boy is going to be packed off to Timbuktu or get lost in the shuffle of rotating nannies unless we adopt him and love him and care for him like he deserves to be.

Ethan: No. I can't do that to Theresa. It would kill her, Gwen.

Gwen:: Theresa again. Ethan, I can't believe this. I mean -- you do still love her, don't you?

Ethan: No, I don't.

Gwen: Because you keep putting her happiness above everybody else's, including your own godson.

Ethan: Will you just listen to me, ok?

Gwen: So you know what? Forget what I said. Let's not adopt little Ethan. Let's just let the poor kid suffer with Julian and Rebecca.

Ethan: How can you say that?

Gwen: Because it's true. Ethan, you would be a terrible father.


Ivy: You're flunking out

college. Where do you think you're going to end up?

Charity: I don't know, and I don't really care.

Kay's voice: Being so close to him on the couch -- it's everything I ever dreamed of.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis --

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