Passions Transcript Monday 3/22/04

Passions Transcript Monday 3/22/04

by Eric

Ivy: Charity, I have to admit, I've been very surprised by your current behavior.

Sam: And this letter from the dean is the last straw. I mean, how could you let your studies slip so badly that you're in danger of flunking out? Charity, you're a beautiful young woman. U u know, you used to be so motivated, so focused on your future.

Charity: Who says I'm not focused on the future? Maybe I've just changed my plans.

Sam: You've traded college for jessica's boyfriend? Come on. You know, if you don't pull yourself together starting right now, you're going to wake up one day and realize that you've wasted one of the most important times in your life. Now, I don't want you to end up sad and bitter because of it.

Charity: My life's already over. It was over when I had to give up miguel to save that baby.

Kay: Let daddy hold you for a minute. Mommy's going to be right back, ok?

Miguel: Come here, maria.

Kay: Here. There.

Miguel: Yeah.

Kay: Ok.

Miguel: I got her. Hey, hey.

Simone: Reality check. A minute ago you were about to pass out because you were so tired from working at the cannery.

Kay: Cleaning fish stinks in every way you can think of, ok, but I can do anything if it means that I get to come home to miguel and maria at the end of the day. This is what it's all about.

Simone: Hmm. You say that now, but how long do you think that you can work your fingers to the bone and t t start to resent your little family? I'm not sure even they're going to be enough for you to stand it much longer.

Theresa: What's taking the judge so long, woody? I thought he was going to award me custody.

Woody: Shh. He's trying to render his decision.

Theresa: Ok.

Gwen: Oh, I'm worried, mother. Looks like the judge is going to give little ethan back to theresa.

Judge: One moment, please. I seem to missing the last page of my case file. Would you get it from my chambers for me, rusty?

Theresa: Fox, I have to get my son back. I have to.

Ethan's voice: "Looks good, but be ready to file appeal if decision goes versus theresa."

Judge: I'm ready to render my decision. As I've noted throughout this hearing, in cases involving minors, the most important factor is the child's welfare. That should and does come before any other argument. Now, two parties have argued their case for being the better environment for young ethan crane. Either he's to be returned to his biological mother, ms. Theresa lopez fitzgerald, or he'll remain in the custody of his stepmother, mrs. Julian crane.

Rebecca: Oh, call me rebecca, your honor.

Judge: Having heard both sides, I feel strongly that only one of these parties can provide an adequate upbringing for the young lad in question.

Theresa: Please don't take my little boy. Please don't take my little boy.

Pilar: You say you want to keep baby martin from sheridan so she won't get upset, but there's more to it than that, isn't there?

Beth: Ahem. No, I don't know what you --

[Phone rings]

Pilar: Excuse me. Hello. Yes. Yes, I'm running the b&b while grace bennett's in europe. How can I help you?

Mrs. Wallace: Pilar's figured it out she knows that baby martin is sheridan's son by luis. And once sheridan holds him close, she's going to know it, too, so the jig is up, little ms. Jumping jack. All your lies, kidnapping, threats, attempted murder --

catching up to you, missy.

Sheridan: I remember, luis. It's you that I want to spend my life with, not antonio.

Luis: You remember? I knew it, that you would remember. Whatever they did to you in that psychiatric ward, I knew it wouldn't last. I knew you would remember how much you love me.

Sheridan: It was your kiss. It was the touch of your lips. I remember everything. I love you.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life you with a southpaw swing. Great champion he is. Who could have imagined

luis: Oh, my god. I had a feeling that this would happen. You know, I even told sam earlier that I would try and respect your resolve to be with antonio, but, sheridan, I had this sense that if I took you in my arms and kissed you it would make you remember everything, how much you love me.

Sheridan: I do. I remember everything.

[Luis chuckles]

Sheridan: It worked, luis. Everything is going to be all right now.

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: Luis. Are you ok?

Luis: Yeah. No. I'm fine. Just --

pilar: No. Thank you for calling. Bye-bye.

Beth: Pilar, I was just telling mother that we should be getting home, so --

pilar: Well, actually, I'm not finished talking with you, beth. There's another reason you didn't want the baby to go inside the book cafe, isn't there?

Beth: Of course -- of course there is. I mean, luis is in there with sheridan, and I just didn't want to interrupt.

Pilar: You're not telling the truth.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, how right you are, pilar!

Pilar: The real reason you don't want the baby anywhere near sheridan is because she once believed baby martin was her son. And as tragic as the loss of her infant was, luis and her are not the only ones who suffered. Since then, you have suffered, as well, and for that, I am very sorry.

Beth: Oh. Well, you're right.

Pilar: I really cnonot imagine how difficult it was for you to have sheridan claiming that baby martin was really her son and not yours, especially when she was nursing him. I mean, no mother could blame you for feeling a little bit sensitive and overprotective under the circumstances. Although I cannot blame sheridan for wanting my grandson to be hers. He is a beautiful, beautiful boy.

[Beth laughs]

Pilar: Can you not see luis in his eyes?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, yes! Bethie-boo here is really thrilled at how much little martin takes after his daddy, aren't you, little snookums?

[Mrs. Wallace and beth giggle]

Pilar: Oh, your daughter's lovely, edna. I'm sure in time the baby will look just like his mother, too. Right? Isn't that right?

[Mrs. Wallace guffaws and snorts]

Mrs. Wallace: Another bullet dodged by my evil spawn! Well, you are not -- you are not going to get away with this forever, because one of these days, sheridan is going to hold little martin in her arms and she is going to know for sure that he is her son!

Beth: That is not going to happen.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, oh --

beth: I'm not going to let her get anywhere near my baby. I'm going to keep my baby, no matter what I have to do.

Sam: Is that what you want? To flunk out of college?

Charity: I don't see what the big deal is.

Sam: What happened to your dream of becoming of a teacher?

Charity: It was a lifetime ago. Can you really see me molding the minds of young, impressionable kids? Maybe I could teach them how to party.

Sam: This isn't funny, charity. Now, I don't know what your problem is, but I do know this -- if you don't buckle down, you're going to end up just another dropout with some minimum-wage job.

Ivy: Like poor kay, working 10-hour shifts at the cannery. When she comes home, she's too tired to do anything but kiss her baby and flop into bed.

Charity: I'd do anything to trade with "poor" kay right now.

Kay: You're wrong, simone, ok? There is no way that I would ever resent working hard

and maria. They're everything I've ever wanted.

Simone: Now. But how do you think you'll feel in five years if you're still working your butt off at that icky fish factory? I mean no offense, kay, but you've always been the princess type. I I mean, you're not cut out to wear overalls and smell like tuna day in and day out.

Kay: Well, I'm not going to work at the cannery forever. This is just because miguel got laid off.

Simone: What if the cranes keep miguel from ever getting a job again? What if he never gets a decent job, even after he leaves college? What about maria's medical bills? I mean, yes, she's healthy now, but kids sick and they need things. For all you know, you could be looking at the next 40, 50, maybe even 60 years working at that cannery and you still couldn't afford or get enough money to even provide the kind of life that you would want for yourself or your daughter. I mean, I hate to say it, kay, but you could be cleaning fish t t t t t t t t t t t t

kay: That's enough, simone. Shut up.

Simone: Look, I'm just trying to paint a picture of how it can be. How long do you think you can keep this life up? All right, tell the truth.

Theresa: I don't know what I would do if I lost my son.

Ethan's voice: "He's got

woody's voice: "Can I tell how you've helped her behind the scenes?"

Ethan's voice: "No, never."

Judge: In some custody cases, it's very difficult to choose which of the two living situations would be most beneficial to the child. Not so here. I feel confident in my decision, because in this case there is only one home that's suitabletableeblee for young ethan to live in. I find for julian and rebecca crane. They are granted sole custody for one year of the child known as ethan lopez fitzgerald crane.

Rebecca: Yes!

Theresa: Oh, god, no! No!

Please! No!

Theresa: No, he -- he can't take my son from me. No, no, your honor, excuse me, I'm sorry, but you're making a terrible mistake. with you contempt charges, too. Come on.

Theresa: No, he's taking my little boy away. Please don't take my little boy away from me!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order! Order in the court!

Ethan: I'm so sorry.

Theresa: Where's my son? Where's my son? Because I need to -- I need to see him real quick. Where's little ethan?

Whitney: Ok --

judge: Bring the child to ms. Rebecca crane. She can take him home now.

Little ethan: Mommy, can I go home with you now?

Theresa: Oh, sweetheart. No. I'm -- I'm afraid that you got to stay with --

little ethan: I want my mommy.

Theresa: Oh, baby. I'm sorry.

Sheridan: You know, you really should go see beth and spend time with her and your baby.

Luis: You know, sheridan, I really appreciate you trying to help, but it's not --

sheridan: Luis, nobody should be important in your life than your son and his mother.

Luis: Well, thank you, but, you know, it's just really hard.

[Martin cries]An: That's m m m m m m m m m m m m I'll co check on him.

Sheridan: Not without me. I want to make sure that he's all right.

Luis: Sheridan, you know something? You know, I used to think th the baby would make you remember everything that we shared together.

Sheridan: Luis, look, you can't keep living in the past.

Luis: Right.

Sheridan: I'm sorry, but I'm with your brother now.

Beth: She's coming out!

Mrs. Wallace: Huh!

Beth: How am I going to keep her from holding the baby?

Mrs. Wallace: You're not. Time is up. Ticktock, ticktock -- boom!

Sam: I need to talk to charity alone.

Ivy: Sure, of course. I'll just be downstairs if you need anything. Your breath.H.H.H.H.H.H.H.H.H.H.H.

Sam: What's happened to you, charity? The girl that came to live in this house just a few years ago would have back-talked, much less get a letter from the dean of your school.

Charity: And your point would be?

Sam: Well, my point is something's clearly changed inside of you, and I want to know what it is. And maybe if we get to the root of your unhappiness, we can get you back on track, back in control.

Charity: You think I'm out of control? Because I think for the first time in my life I'm calling the shots, and I like that.

Sam: You can't mean that. And you can't possibly enjoy the way people are seeing you. You made a big show of taking you don't evenenenenenenenenenenenent him at all.

Charity: He's -- he's ok.

Sam: You're flunking all of your courses. And what's worse is you're nasty to everyone who tries to help you. You know, it's as if you're crying out for help, and this is the only way you think that you can do it. Tell me if I'm right, charity. Tell me.

Charity: If you could help me, I would talk to you. But you can't fix ththnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnh so why don't you just back off.

Sam: I love you. I mean that. We all do.

Charity: Let me tell you something about love, ok? If you still believe in it after what happened with you and aunt grace, I'm sorry, but you're a bigger loser than I.

Kay: You're just trying to scare me, simone, ok, and it's not going to work. The cannery job -- it's only temporary. I'm sure I'll be able to quit in a few months, maybe even a few weeks.

Simone: Oh, really?

Kay: Yeah.

Simone: I wonder how many of those worn-out old ladies that you work next to said the same thing when they started.

Kay: Will you stop it? I'm not like them. Besides, miguel's going to g another job.

Simone: I know he means to, but where's your guarantee? You better wake up and smell the sardine can, kay. Ever since you got miguel to sleep with you by somehow making him think that you were charity, things have not turned out the way that you fantasized.

Kay: That's not entirely true.

Simone: Oh, no? Well, the way that I remember it, miguel was supposed to forget charity the morning after, marry you, and by now the two of you would be planting a vegetable garden behind the white picket fence of the little house that he bought you.

Kay: Ok, so it hasn't gone exactly how I planned. But at least he's living under the same roof with me.

Simone: Yeah, in a crazy old lady's house. You're not married. You're not even engaged to be married. And I just remember miguel just giving charity goo-goo eyes the other day. And here you are slaving away at someplace that no in their right mind would want to work just so you could pay bills. I know that you didn't foresee this.

Kay: Are you finished yet?

Simone: I will be finished when you start facing reality of what you've gotten yourself into, kay. You might want to get out now before it's too late.

[Theresa cries]

Judge: Order in the court!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order! Now, as I've noted, this custody arrangement is not necessarily permanent. I will revisit this decision in one year, which means, ms. Lopez fitzgerald, that you'd be well served to stop the histrionics and start revamping your life. If you truly want your son back, you know exactly what you need to do. Good day.

Eve: We can't let this happen, julian. We can't let her just walk off with that little boy.

Man: Come along, young man. It's time to go home with mrs. Crane.

Little ethan: I want my mommy!

Theresa: Sweetheart, I love you, ok?

Little ethan: Don't let them take me away!

Theresa: Please, sir, please. Don't do this, not right now, ok? Just -- please?

Ethan: This is despicable.

Rebecca: Now, don't cry, darling, ok? Nanny here is going to buy you an ice cream cone on the way home. In fact, she's going to buy you six ice cream cones, ok? Now, go on now.

Ethan: What the hell is wrong with you? That child is obviously distressed. You are acting like you don't even care.

Rebecca: He's young. He'll get over it.

Gwen: How can you be so cold?

Rebecca: Oh, I haven't even begun. Ethan, I was wondering if you could do me a favor. Could you start researching boarding schools? Because if possible, I'd like to have the kid shipped off by tomorrow.

Ethan: You're awful. And how that judge appointed you little ethan's guardian, I will never know. I'll never know in a million years. I'm going to make sure he's all right.

Rebecca: It's your turn.

Gwen: To do what?

Rebecca: Gwen, don't be so thick. This is the perfect time to make the suggestion to ethan that the two of you adopt little ethan so you can protect him from me. No, and after my routine as the wicked stepmother, oh, he is going to jump at the chance. And then you are going to have ethan and the boy and theresa's going to have exactly what she deserves -- the hole in the bagel.

Beth: I've got to stop sheridan from getting too close to the baby, but how?

[Martin cries]

Sheridan: Poor darling. I wonder why he's so upset. My baby.

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sam: I can't back off, charity. When your mother, grace's sister, died and you moved in with us -- which was only natural -- grace wanted to take care of you. She wanted to look after you.

Charity: Yeah. She's done a really great job, wouldn't you say? Do you think that she and david have reached rome, yet?

Sam: We're not talking about grace. We're talking about you and my responsibilities towards you.

Charity: Yeah, well, I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself.

Sam: You think you're all grown up and have all the answers, but I'm here to tell you you don'T.

Charity: Ugh, now I know why kay had to leave this place. This place --

sam: Listen, just hear me out. Look, I know when you first came into this house it certainly wasn't easy for you. God only knows the pain you suffered when your mother died in that terrible fire. But I'm telling you the truth, and I know your aunt grace would back me up on this as well. When you came into this house, we looked at you as our daughter, not our niece. I couldn't love you more if you were my own. Look, I know you're acting out because you're angry. And I can't promise you that I can fix it. But I can promise you this -- if you trust me enough to confide to me, maybe we can ease the pain or the hurt or whatever you're feeling. You know I'm right, don't you?

Charity: Yeah, I do. But --

death: You are the only one able to save miguel's baby.

Charity: How? Tell me what to do. I'll do anything.

Death: Anything?

Charity: Yeah. Just tell me what to do.

Death: If you save miguel's baby, you will lose miguel.

Charity: You can't fix it.

Sam: I can try.

Charity: You can't, ok? Just because -- just because you're a policeman doesn't mean you have the solution to everything. Just leave me alone, ok?

Sam: Charity, there for a second, I saw the old you in your eyes. Now, what could possibly be so bad that it could transform you so quickly, so completely? You're not on drugs. Are you?

Charity: No, I'm not on drugs. Drugs are for idiots. I'm going to live the way I want to live. So why don't you just leave me alone? I am fine, ok? I am just fine!

Kay: She needs another diaper change, right?

Miguel: Nope. Maria has something to tell you.

Kay: What? How is that when you haven't even said your first word yet?

Miguel: Go on, maria. Tell mommy what you just told me.

Maria: Mama.

Kay: Oh, my gosh! You said "mama"! I'm a first word! Come here! Oh!

Miguel: Of course it is. She loves you.

Kay: Oh, my sweet little girl. You said "mama." You're so amazing. Isn't she, simone?

Miguel: Well, I'll go get her bottle.

Kay: Ok. Now do you see why it's all worth it? Ok, I could do what I'm doing forever, because I know that sooner or later miguel and maria and I are going to be a wonderful, happy family. Yes, we are.

Chad: It's not over, theresa.

Whitney: That's exactly right. Listen to chad. It's not over.

Theresa: Could you see his face? He looked really, really frightened. I just don't understand ho they could take a mother away from her child. Excuse me.

Fox: Yeah.

Theresa: Julian, please. Little ethan is your son, too. You know that I'm a really good mother. Don't let rebecca have him, ok? She's just going to hurt him to get back at me. Please, please help me get my son back.

Julian: Theresa, I --

rebecca: If you lift a pinky to help her, then I am going to air all of eve's dirty linen to T.C., Whitney, and yoyone who wants to listen. It's your call, pookie. Re invited to a streaking party.

Sheridan: Where's the baby?

Beth: Oh, pilar took him to the b&b with her. You know, she's staying there now.

Sheridan: Yeah. I heard.

Mrs. Wallace: You really wanted to see that baby, now, didn't you?

Sheridan: I heard him crying.

Beth: Well, you just missed him.

Sheridan: Oh. I better get going myself.

Luis: Already?

Sheridan: I promised antonio.

Luis: All right.

Sheridan: Well, take care. Luis should be stopping by later on, if little martin is home by then.

Beth: Oh, I'll make sure that he is. Pilar just wanted to spend some time with her grandson.

Luis: What time is good for you?

Beth: Anytime. I mean, I'm just happy to have you spend time with your little boy.

Luis: Well, I'll see you later, then.

Sheridan: All right. Well -- bye.

Beth: Bye.

Theresa: Julian, please. You're the only one who can help me. Tell the court that our son belongs with me, not with you and rebecca.

Julian: I'm sorry, theresa.

Theresa: Yeah. You know, you're -- you are just as bad as she is. How could you do this to your own flesh and blood, julian? Rebecca doesn't love my son, and neither do you.

Rebecca: Yeah, well, tell that to someone who cares.

Theresa: Damn you, rebecca!

Whitney: Ok, all right.

Chad: Theresa, don'T.

Whitney: It's ok.

Rebecca: You know, fine. Just let her at me. Ok, fine. That way the judge will have all the ammunition he needs to give me custody forever.

Eve: You should have helped theresa.

Julian: Rebecca's holding all the cards. She'll tell T.C. About our past if I go against her on this.

Eve: I can't believe it. I am to blame for mother and chilbebebebebeded -- me, who would do anything to find her own son.

Chad: Man, isn't there something you can do to help theresa?

Ethan: I wish I could.

Chad: I mean, how could you just stand there and not do anything? That's so not fair.

Ethan: I hate it, too, chad, more than you know.

Gwen: So, honey, you ready to go home?

Ethan: Gwen, we can't let this happen.

Gwen: What do you mean?

Ethan: What do I mean? Your mother -- she's not fit to raise a dog, let alone a child. I mean, little ethan, he's a wonderful kid. He deserves a good nurturing home.

Gwen: Yeah, that's what I'm thinking, too. Actually, it's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Rebecca: Do it, gwennie. Tell him you want to adopt little ethan.

Ethan: What is it, gwen? Be out in a minute.

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Simone: You're nuts. Working at the cannery, raising a little baby, taking care of the house with tabitha. I mean, that's a lot for everyone, especially you.

Kay: Are you calling me lazy?

Simone: Well, if you look in the dictionary, there's a picture of you next to three words -- "manicure," "hammock," and "iced tea."

Kay: Well, that was the old me, ok? The new me is a responsible, loving mother who wants nothing more than to marry the father of my little girl, which, you'll notice, doesn't seem so out of reach these days.

Simone: Hmm. You're still dreaming, kay.

Kay: No, I'm not. Ok, I'm the one who's being realistic now, simone. It won't be long before miguel realizes that we need to be rereal family for maria.

Miguel: I got maria's bottle.

Kay: She's sleeping.

Miguel: She's asleep?

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Sam: We're not getting anywhere like this. So why don't you just go?

Sam: All right, I'll go. But I want you to think about what I asked you. What do you want out of life? Where do you see your future going? Maybe when we get the answers we can sit down and try to find a way to help you achieve your goals, fix whatever's bothering you.

Charity: Yeah, ok. Whatever.

Sam: Charity --

charity: Yeah.

Sam: Never mind.

Charity: Nobody understands! And I can't tell them! That's all I ever wanted. I wanted miguel and I wanted a family with him, and I'm never going to have it! And nobody can fix it!

Luis: All right, well, I better go get that coffee and help hank unload the truck. I'll see you later, though.

Beth: So you're really coming over?

Luis: Yes, I'm coming over. I told you I want to spend some more time with martin, ok?

Beth: Ok.

Luis: I'll see you later.

Beth: Ok!

Luis: All right.

Beth: Bye. See, mother? He's coming over to see me tonight.

Mrs. Wallace: No. He is coming over to spend time with his son, not you.

Beth: What's the difference?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, knock, knock, is there anybody home? That baby is sheridan's, not yours. , And neither does sheridan, and they never will if you know what's good for you.

Mrs. Wallace: Ugh, missy, missy. Luis and sheridan do not need me to get them back together. You saw the way they looked at each other. They are as much in love today as they ever have been, in spite of all your evil, malicious acts!

Beth: No, you're wrong, mother. Sheridan is committed to antonio, and she has said that time and time again, yep.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, words don't mean a thing if they ain't got that bling, missy, ok? Now, sooner or later sheridan is going to remember, and she and luis are going to go away together. They're going to take martin away from you. And, you, bethie, you are going to end up being the old maid I've always told you you would be.

Fox: Hey, listen, hang in there, babe, ok? We are not going to give up.

Whitney: That's right. Listen to fox. I mean, we'll fight the judge's decision all the way to the supreme court if we have to.

Fox: Yeah. I don't think it's going to come to that, though. You know what I mean? The judge only graeded rebecca temporary custody. It's not like anyone adopted him.

Whitney: Y: Little ethan'sfor a year, it'll go by so quickly.

Theresa: Ok.

Fox: Ok? It'll give you a chance to get back on your feet, get yourself a job, your own place. We're going to do whatever it takes to make these people believe that you're a wonderful mother, ok, because you are.

Theresa: Ok.

Fox: Now, let's get out of here, because we got to regroup. We got a lot of work to do.

Theresa: Ok. I just -- I want to say goodbye to little ethan, you know.

Fox: Yeah.

Theresa: I'm sure he's around somewhere. Excuse me.

Gwen: So I've been thinking about this whole situation, and I've come up with an idea.

Ethan: Yeah, well, I hope so, because your mother is clearly unfit to care for the boy.

Gwen: I don't disagree, which is why I think, honey, that you and I can solve little ethan, you know, and we make him our son.

Theresa: No. No! No!

Charity: I'm calling reese to come down here so I can float his boat.

Gwen: What the hell kind of husband defends the woman who killed our little girl?

Antonio: If you're serious about luis and beth having a future together.

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