Passions Transcript Monday 3/8/04

Passions Transcript Monday 3/8/04

by Eric

Whitney: Sometimes I can hear you in my emptiness seeming to confess ooh distant, hollow echoes words that don't ring true fading just like you and I wonder did you ever find that star that you promised me? Ooh sometimes there were rumors tell me it was real what you made me feel you said you'd never give up never turn away ooh, but sometimes skies are blue even when the clouds are gray you swore our love was sacred

fox: You ok?

Theresa: What?

Whitney: But sometimes love lies

fox: About ethan. I saw the way you were looking at him.

Theresa: Yeah, I'm ok. It's just this song. You know?

Fox: Yeah. Guess it makes you think of lost loves, right?

Theresa: Yeah. I guess it does.

Whitney: Sometimes I can hear you

gwen: Oh, my poor little sarah. God, I wish I wodndn't have lost you.

Whitney: Ooh distant, hollow echoes

gwen's voice: Damn it, theresa. Will ethan ever forget about you? Why didn't you die instead of my baby?

Rebecca: Uh, would you excuse us? I need a word with my daughter.

Whitney: Did you ever find that star that you promised me?

Gwen: Did you see the way theresa was looking at ethan?

Rebecca: Yes, I saw the little tramp. Don't let it upset you.

Gwen: I really wish I didn't, but I just don't think she's ever going to be out of ethan's heart.

Rebecca: It doesn't matter. Gwen, you've already won. Ethan married you, and I am going to destroy tacosita's life.

Gwen: Well, I hope you can because I want her to suffer.

Rebecca: It's practically a fait accompli, dear. You see, I've already thrown them out of them house. I've had them all fired. I have custody of theresa's son, and very soon you and ethan are going to adopt little ethan as your own. Then theresa is going to find out what it feels like to lose a child.

T.C.: Sam, I didn't realize that she would be that good. Eve and I didn't want her to get into the music business.

Sam: I remember how upset you were, you know, before she went to L.A. You had a change of heart?

T.C.: You know what, I have to admit whitney can sing.

Whitney: Sometimes I can hear you in my emptiness seeming to confess ooh distant, hollow echoes words that don't ring true fading just like you and I wonder

julian: I can hardly believe this.

Eve: Believe what?

Julian: That you're in my arms once again. It's as if the years we were apart never happened.

Eve: I know. I feel the same way. In fact, when I'm in your arms, I feel so safe. I don't feel any fear at all. I don't have any fear that whitney is going to tell T.C. That we're having an affair, and I don't feel liz telling him about our past. Being in your arms is like the ultimate escape from reality.

Julian: You know, we could make a true escape from this reality. I could take you away. We would get on my plane and fly anywhere we wanted in the world, a place where no one would find us.

Eve: Oh, julian.

Julian: Listen, all you have to do is say the word, and I could make you feel safe and secure for the rest of your life with nothing toto fear. Come with me. Let me take you away. Escape with me.

Whitney: Ooh sometimes I can hear you

luis: Mom, look at sheridan. The song has made her remember that she loves me.

Pilar: Oh, luis, I wish you were right. But she's chosen to stay married to antonio.

Luis: That is only after she was brainwashed to forget me. I'm telling you, that doctor brainwashed her to make her forget, but this song has made her remember that she loves me.

Whitney: Fading just like you and I wonder did you ever find that star that you promised me?

Sheridan: Oh --

antonio: What's wrong?

Whitney: Tell me it was real

luis: She remembers. I know she does. I'm going to go talk to her.

Pilar: Luis, don'T. You and antonio will only wind up fighting. Don'T.

Luis: Well, she loves me and not antonio, all right? Now, I have to talk to her.

Pilar: Luis, don'T.

Luis: Look, I have to, all right? I'm sorry.

Antonio: What's his problem? When is he going to finally get it?

Whitney: Our love was sacred but sometimes love lies

singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside omeme you are my passion for life

Whitney: Distant, hollow echoes

fox: Theresa? Listen, I'm not trying to be a nag or anything, but you and i are a couple, right?

Theresa: Yeah.

Whitney: And I wonder

theresa: Yeah.

Fox: Well, I got to tell you, I'm not totally convinced.

Theresa: What?

Fox: Well, it's just -- it's the way you're looking at ethan, you know? Makes me feel like you're more interested in being with him than you are with me.

Rebecca: Look, don't you worry about theresa. Let me take care of everything.

Gwen: I really hope you can.

Whitney: Tell me it was real what you made me feel

rebecca: Ugh. Where is julian? Damn it. My wayward husband better not be with that whore eve russell.

Whitney: Ooh, but sometimes skies are blue even when the clouds are gray you swore our love was sacred

gwen: I'm just -- I'm going to run to the ladies' room for a second, ok?

Ethan: Hey -- you look upset. What's going on?

Gwen: Nothing. I'm fine.

Ethan: Are you sure?

Gwen: Yeah, I just -- I just don't want to talk about it right now, ok?

Whitney: Till the morning

sheridan: You know what? Gwen looks upset. I'm going to go see if she's all right.

Antonio: I don't blame you for wanting to get away from luis.

Sheridan: I just want to go see if gwen's all right.

Luis: Sheridan! Sheridan, wait a second. Sher--

antonio: Luis, leave her alone. I'm not going to tell you again.

Luis: Antonio, why don't you get out of my way.

Antonio: If you go over there, I'm going to make sure you don't bother her or anyone else ever. Understand?

Julian: Think about it, eve. Think about the wonderful life we could have away from harmony -- no more stress, no more fear. Just the two of us living far away together.

Eve: Oh, julian, you have no idea how tempting that sounds.

Julian: My god, you can. I can make it happen.

Eve: Oh, to be free, not to feel all this guilt tha I carry around.

Julian: Then put your burdens down. Leave them here tonight. It would be so easy. We'll just get in my car. We'll drive to the airport. I'll call ahead and have them fuel the jet. We'll be in the air in less than an hour.

Eve: Oh, you make it sound so easy.

Julian: It could be if you'd just say yes. You don't even have to pack. We'll fly to paris and you'll have a whole new wardrobe by tomorrow evening.

Eve: Paris?

Julian: Yes -- or venice, anywhere you want to go. And the only decision you'll ever have to make is where you want to have dinner. Come witmeme. I love you. I'll make you so happy. Let's spend the rest of our lives together without a care in the world. Say yes, eve. Tell me you'll do it.

Eve: Yes.

Julian: Yes?

Eve: Yes, yes! Take me away with you, julian. I want to go with you.

Whitney: Till the morning the morning light

Whitney: You swore our love was sacred but sometimes love lies

rebecca: Where is julian? If he's not inside, he must be with eve. Damn him.

Whitney: The morning light

woman: Rebecca, darling, we didn't finish our conversation.

Second woman: We want to hear all about your new marriage. Where is your blushing groom?

Rebecca: Uh, julian? Oh, well, he's -- oh, he's around here somewhere.

Woman: Oh, yes, we want to hear all about everything.

Second woman: Yes.

Rebecca: Yeah.

Julian: You won't regret this, I promise you.

Whitney: Sometimes I believe

julian: It's julian crane. I want the jet fueled and ready to take off immediately. Now! You have made me the happiest man on earth.

Eve: Paris? You did say that we could live

p paris?

Julian: Oh, paris, rome, monte carlo -- I have homes all over the world. We'll live wherever you want. As long as I'm with you, I'll be happy. Come, let's go.


Eve: Oh, happy birthday, honey.

Simone: Here, whitney, open mine first.

Whitney: Thanks, simone.

Eve: Wow. Oh, T.C., Thank you. This is just what I wanted.

T.C.: Come on, girls, open your presents.

Eve: Yes, open them.

Whitney: Oh, it's beautiful, mommy -- the prettiest dress I ever had.

Simone: I got one, too, whitney. We'll be twins!

[Eve sighs]

Eve: I'm sorry, julian. I can't do this.

Julian: What? Of course you can. All you have to do is get in the car.

Eve: No. It was a wonderful dream, but -- oh, I can't do that. I can'T.

T.C.: Where is eve? I mean, she is -- she's missing this.

Sam: Well, I don't know, but eve sure would be proud.

Ethan: Dad, can I -- can I talk to you for a second?

Sam: Yeah, sure. T.C., I'll be back in a second.

T.C.: Sure, man, no problem.

Sam: Hey. What's going on? Is anything wrong?

Ethan: Yeah, yeah, there's -- everything's wrong. I'm in trouble.

Sam: What kind of trouble?

Ethan: I'm married to gwen. I hear whitney sing that song, and all I can think about is how close I came to marrying theresa.

Sam: Listen, ethan, that's very natural, ok? You and theresa were very much in love.

Ethan: And if things had turned out differently, I might be married to her and planning a life with her.

Sam: Ethan, what are you saying? Are you saying you want to leave gwen and go back to theresa?

[Door opens]

Sheridan: What am I going to do?

Enen: Sheridan? Honey, is that you?

Sheridan: Gwen, I thought I saw you come in here. You looked so upset.

Gwen: You look about as upset as I do.

Sheridan: I am. Gwen, what's wrong? Is everything all right with you and ethan?

Gwen: Yeah, we're ok. Listening to that song, though, the only thing I could think about was my sarah, my beautiful little girl.

Sheridan: Oh. I know we both lost our babies. And I know we'll never get over losing our firstborns, but at least you and ethan can have more children.

Gwen: We can'T.

Sheridan: Why? What happened?

Gwgwen: The doctor told me I can't have any more children.

Sheridan: Oh, gwen. Oh, sweetie, why didn't you tell me?

Gwen: You have had so much going on. I didn't want to burden you.

Sheridan: Honey, that is no burden. All right, we are best friends. We're here for each other. I mean, you must be so heartbroken.

Gwen: Yeah. It's been really, really difficult since the doctor told me. This is all theresa's fault, you know.

Sheridan: Gwen, no.

Gwen: Yes, sheridan, it is. The doctor told me that when theresa fought with me in L.A. And made me fall, it not only caused me to lose sarah, but it has prevented me from ever having any more children.

Sheridan: So that explains it. That's why rebecca is out to destroy theresa's life -- to take away her little boy, pilar's home --

gwen: My mother is really

angry at theresa. You're going to think that I'm terrible, but I don't have any sympathy for her. I do feel really sorry for pilar and luis and miguel, but not for theresa. That girl is a monster, and she deserves everything that she's getting.

Sheridan: I am so sorry, gwen. I know how terrible you must feel.

Gwen: Thank you for understanding. And I know that that song upset you, too.

Sheridan: Yeah. It did make me think about my little boy. The pain will always be there. Actuallywhat hit me hardest, though, is that the song made me think about luis and our love.

Luis: So what are you going to do to me, huh?

Pilar: Luis, antonio, please.

Antonio: I'm going to keep you from bothering sheridan.

Luis: You know, the only reason you feel so threatened is because you know that sheridan really loves me. And dr. Ackland and alistair did something to her in that hospital.

Antonio: That's a lie, luis.

Luis: No, they brainwashed her. She forgot who I was, and now she remembers. I could see it in her face just now.

Antonio: No, because sheridan loves me, and I'm going to stop you badgering her.

Luis: Is that right? What are you going to do, huh? You going to kill me?

Antonio: L l I know is I'm going to stop you once and for all. You're not going to bother her again.


Singer: You are my passion for life

T.C.: I still haven't seen eve.

Liz: Yeah, I know. I wonder where she went.

T.C.: Well, I'm just going to get ourselves a couple of drinks, and maybe I'll see her on the way.

Liz: Where are you, eve? I know you're somewhere with julian, but where? Of course. Where else would a couple of alley rats be?

Julian: Eve, what are you saying? A few moments ago, you were going to come with me. And now you're saying you can't?

Eve: No.

Julian: But, listen, the plane -- the plane will be ready to take off as soon as we arrive.

Liz: What plane? Going where? What is going on?

Eve: It was a wonderful fantasy, julian, but -- no.

Julian: Eve, please don't say no. Think of what we could have together. Think of the wonderful life we would have traveling the world, just the two of us. Why have you changed your mind?

Eve: Julian, I'm so sorry. I can't leave my family. My daughter is in that club and my husband. I just can't go off and leave them. What kind of woman would I be if I could?

Liz: The whore you really are, eve.

Julian: But you've always been the most wonderful woman in the world, but you have devoted your entire life to your family. When are you going to do something for you?

Eve: Oh, I am not a wonderful woman. I'm outside dancing and talking about our love with you, and I am married to someone else inside. I love T.C. He's a good man. He deserves better than this.

Julian: Oh, yes, he's a fabulous man who's never appreciated you. Why would you want to stay in harmony when it holds nothing but pain and suffering?

Eve: Why? Because I can't leave my husband or my family. I can't do it, julian. I just can'T.

Julian: Listen, I am not going to let you sacrifice yourself. I want you with me. You and I are leaving harmony tonight and we're never coming back.

Chad: Baby, you were incredible. The way you sang that song was amazing. It broke the hearts of everyone in this audience, too.

Whitney: Thank you so much, chad. I mean, that song really meant something to me.

Chad: Yeah, I got that. I mean, it's almost like you had somebody from your past pulling on your heart to this day.

Whitney: Really?

Chad: Well, do you? I mean, do you have a lost love, someone that's still in your heart?

[Whitney screams]

Fox: Are you going to answer me, theresa? You're still pining over my brother, wanting to be with him?

Theresa: No. No. You know what I was thinking about?

Fox: Uh-uh.

Theresa: Is the way that we were, you know? I miss the way that ethan and i used to be before things went so wrong.

Sam: Ethan, what are you thinking? Do you want to leave gwen and go back to theresa?

Ethan: No, no. Gwen's a -- gwen's a wonderful woman. She's a great wife. It's just that every time I catch myself thinking about theresa, I feel like I'm being unfaithful to gwen.

Sam: So you still have feelings for theresa?

Ethan: Yeah. I guess I do. I feel really, really guilty about it. I mean, gwen has struggled with so much because I haven't been able to control my feelings for her, and I blame myself for what happened to our baby. I should have been strong enough just to walk away from theresa. And you know what? I was weak.

Sam: Ethan, it takes two. Theresa was a willing party in everything that happened, right?

Ethan: I suppose so, but I should have been stronger. I don't blame her.

Sam: Look, I understand what you're going through, ok? You know, I still have feelings for grace, even though she chose to be with david. But at the same time, I'm having these feelings for ivy that I thought had been buried for years.

Ethan: Really? Wait, does this -- does this mean you and my mother are going to get back together or --

sam: Look, I don't know what's going to happen, ok? But what I do know -- you're not doing gwen any favors by staying with her if you're still in love with theresa.

Ethan: I know that.

Sam: No woman wants to be a man's second choice.

Ethan: I -- I don't want to be with theresa. I want to be with gwen. I'm married to her, and we're going to adopt a baby together.

Sam: All right, if that's what you really want to do, ethan -- coming from the heart.

Ethan: Thank you for listening to me.

Sam: It's no problem. Love can be a very difficult proposition. I mean, look at luis and antonio -- brothers in love with the same woman. It's a mess.

Luis: What are you going to do about it, antonio? Sheridan loves me and she's going to be with me.

Antonio: No, she's not.

Luis: Yeah, she is.

Pilar: Stop it, both of you! You're acting like schoolboys. Do not ruin this night. This is a hospital benefit.

Antonio: Stay away from my wife. She loves me, not you. Now, accept it.

Luis: Yeah, you keep kidding yourself. You're going to find out who she really loves, antonio.

Pilar: Stop it, luis!

Gwen: Are you saying that that song made you remember that you're still in love with luis?

Sheridan: All I know is that luis is the only man I could think of. All the love that we shared, all the wonderful times that we had together.

Gwen: So you realize that luis is the man you want to be with and not antonio?

A woman died here at the hands of a nurse. A sick nurse.

A very strange and psychiatric disorder.

But the nurse is free. Yet her disorder was diagnosed years ago but never presented as evidence. Looking into the overlooked. Tonight.Ao—kayvÁ

gwen: Is that what you're saying? You changed your mind? You want to be with luis and not antonio?

Sheridan: No, no, no, I don't want to be with luis. I -- it's just that song -- it affected me so deeply, and it brought back memories of luis. Antonio is my husband, and I love him.

Gwen: Sheridan, I know the kind of love that you and luis had, and you were so passionate about him up until after you were in the hospital. Are you sure?

Sheridan: Yes, gwen, I'm sure. All right? I'm happy with my husband.

Gwen: Ok. You know, as long as you're happy, all right? All I want is to see you happy again and move on with your life.

Sheridan: Yes. Yes, gwen, I'm happy with antonio.

Gwen: In that case, I'm -- I'm going to go back out there. Who knows if theresa's trying to make another move on ethan?

Sheridan: Oh, gwen, look, don't worry about ethan. He loves you so much. And I'm so sorry that you can't have any more children. Maybe it's too soon to bring this up, but you know that you and ethan could always adopt.

Gwen: Yeah, I know. That's what we're going to do. We're going to adopt.

Sheridan: Gwen, is something wrong? When I brought up adoption, I could see something in your face.

Gwen: You don't have to worry. Nothing for you to worry about. It's just -- I'm just really determined to adopt a little boy, and this time theresa is not going to ruin my dream to have a family with ethan.

Rebecca: He's not out front. Julian, where the hell are you? Well, theresa, you may think you have a future with fox, but you are never going to have a future with your own son. I'm going to see to it.

Theresa: I'm curious about something.

Fox: Oh, really? What's that?

Theresa: Well, I'm not the only one who has a lost love. You ha o one, too. Your mystery woman. You never told me her name.

Fox: Well, it's not important, you know?

Theresa: Come on, come on. I mean, you know that mine is ethan's, so it's only fair that you tell me yours.

Fox: Um, look, like I said, it's not important. You know, she's -- she's with someone else, and she's happy, you know?

Theresa: Ok, well, if that's true, then why not tell me who she is?

Chad: Whitney, you can tell me the truth. Was there someone else in your life? Someone you loved before me? Someone you lost?

Whitney: No, chad. There was no one else before you. I mean, you were my first love.

Chad: But there is something you're not telling me, isn't there?

Whitney: Ok, well, there was someone that I was attracted to, but we didn't connect. It didn't -- it didn't work out at all, ok?

Julian: Now, you are coming with me, and I won't take no for an answer.

Eve: Julian, you're frightening me.

Julian: I'm sorry, I don't mean to scare you, but I love you, and I'm not going to live without you any longer. That's why you're coming to paris with me.

Eve: I can't, julian. I can't leave harmony.

Liz: Oh, sure you can, eve. Just leave T.C. To me.

Eve: I can't leave with you, julian. Don't you see? I can't betray my family. I took vows in church to be a good and a devoted wife.

Liz: Oh, right. I am sure T.C. Would love to see what his good and devoted wife is doing, hiding out in a dirty alley with her lover, julian crane.

Eve: Julian, what you're offering me is what few people would ever get to enjoy. But that's the problem -- I wouldn't enjoy it. I would just walk around feeling guilty for abandoning my family.

Julian: No, no, I'll help you get through that. I'll help you see how truly wonderful your life can be.

Eve: No. No, it's wonderful. I have been happy. I -- T.C. And I -- we have our problems, it's true, but -- but it's because of me keeping my past a secret. It's made a lot of tension in my life, but he's a good man and he's a good father. He's never done anything to make me leave him.

Julian: Well, I know that you want to be with me. I can feel it every time we kiss, every time I hold you in my arms.

Eve: I can lust in my heart, julian, but I would never act on it. That's just who I am.

Julian: I love who you are, and I love you so much. That's why I can't let you do this.

Eve: What do you mean?

Julian: I can't -- I can't let you go back to T.C. If I must, I will kidnap you. I will kidnap you and take you to paris with me tonight.

Gwen: Mother, is everything ok?

Rebecca: I'm -- I'm fine. I just can't find julian anywhere.

Gwen: I'm sure he's around here somewhere.

Rebecca: Honey, my goodness, your eyes are all red. Hahave you been crying?

Gwen: Yeah.

Rebecca: Oh, no. Was it that song?

Gwen: Yeah, it was the song, and then I found sheridan in the ladies' room and she was upset, too. Mother, I just really wish that ethan and I could adopt little ethan right now.

Rebecca: Oh, honey, don't worry. It'll happen soon, I promise.

Gwen: Ok.

Ethan: Hey, hey. There you are. Are you all right?

Rebecca: If you'll excuse me --

gwen: Honey, just promise me that we can adopt a child really soon, ok?

Luis: Sheridan -- sheridan, hey. You remembered, didn't you? Sheridan, you remembered that you love me.

Sheridan: Luis, please.

Luis: No, sheridan --

sheridan: Ok, please.

Luis: Sheridan, I know that you remembered you still love me.

Antonio: Hey, liz.

Liz: Hey.

Antonio: How you doing?

Liz: I'm great. Thank you so much for coming tonight. Hey, where's sheridan?

Antonio: She's in the ladies' room.

Liz: Ok, so how's it going? Everything ok?

Antonio: Yeah, everything's fine if luis would back off.

Liz: Oh, he will. He will. One of these days he's going to realize that sheridan really wants to be with you.

Antonio: Well, I hope so. But, hey, what about the man you were telling me about? You said all you needed was a spark to start the flame. So how's that going?

Liz: Oh, antonio, I think that flame is just about to flare up. Talk to you later.

Liz's voice: T.C., When you find eve with julian this time, there's no way anyone will stop yofrfrom killing him.

Eve: Kidnap me? Julian, you're talking crazy.

Julian: I'm quite sane. And I'm quite serious. I can see now the only way I'll ever make sure that you're truly happy is to take you away from here by force if necessary.

Eve: I'm going back inside.

Julian: You stop. I know that I've said that I could live with the fact that you're staying with T.C., But I can'T. I can't deal with it. It kills me every time I see you with him when I know that you want to be with me and you love me.

Eve: Julian, listen to me --

julian: I don't want stolen kisses here and there! I want you in my arms forever. I want you in my bed! I want to tell the world that I love you.

Eve: Julian, you're scaring me.

Julian: I'm the one who's scared. I'm afraid that I'll never have you all to myself.

Eve: Just -- just calm down, ok, and let's just talk this through.

Luis: I'm not going to change my mind. I'm one of the richest men in the world. I have it all -- money, power, the life of a king -- but none of it means anything without you! I lost you once, and I will not lose you again. You're coming with me to paris tonight.

Eve: No.

Julian: We're going to spend the rest of our lives together, traveling the world. I love you, and I'm never going to let you go.

Fixodent complete

denture adhesive.

Theresa: Hey.

Fox: Yes, ma'am?

Theresa: Can you tell me who she is? You know about mpapast with ethan, so can you tell me your mystery woman?

Fox: It's nobody, really.

Theresa: Nobody? That's not an answer. Come on, you can tell me who she is, who she's with now.

Fox: Theresa, like I said, it's not important. It doesn't matter, you know? Besides, I'm with you now. We are a couple.

Theresa: Yes.

Fox: That is, at least, as long as you're over my half-brother. You are over my half-brother, right?

Theresa: Yeah, fox. Ethan and I can never be together again. But no matter how hard I try to hate him for turning his back on me and little ethan, I think he's always going to have a corner of my heart.

Ethan: So, what did you talk to sheridan about?

Gwen: We talked about losing our babies, and I told her that you and I can't have another one.

Ethan: It must have been hard for you to tell her about that.

Gwen: Yeah.

Ethan: But did you tell her that we wanted to adopt?

Gwen: Yeah.

Ethan: Yeah?

Gwen: Oh, yeah, we are definitely going to adopt.

Antonio: Sheridan, you look upset. What's wrong?

Luis: I'll tell you what's wrong. Sheridan remembers. She remembers that she loves me.

Antonio: Sheridan, is that true?

Woman: Rebecca, we still haven't seen your husband.

Second woman: Yes, we wanted to talk to him about the new hospital wg.G.

Third woman: Are you deliberately keeping him from us, you sly little puss?

First woman: Naughty.

Rebecca: Oh, now, don't be silly. Oh, I'm sure he's just off checking the foreign markets or something. You know, why don't I go get him and bring him right to you?

Woman: Thank you, uh-huh.

Second woman: You do that.

Liz: Hey, you two, it looks like you're having fun. Are you?

Sam: We're having a great time. I just hope the hospital makes a lot of money.

T.C.: I would have a lot more fun if my wife was here. Liz, have you seen her?

Liz: No, T.C., But, you know, I think I heard her voice outside in the back.

T.C.: See, sammy? I told you, she's probably outside on the phone talking to the hospital.

Liz: And this was supposed to be a night off for her. Why don't you go rescue her?

T.C.: You owow what? I think I'll do just that. I'll be right back.

Liz's voice: It's all over for you now, eve.

Eve: Julian, this is ridiculous! I can't come with you!

Julian: I'm not listening. You're coming with me, and that's that! I've waited too long. I'm a crane, I take what I want, and I want you!

T.C.: What the hell is wrong with you?

Have you lost your mind?

Julian: No, I know exactly what I'm doing for the first time in a long time.

Eve: T.C., No!

T.C.: Get up. Get up, you miserable bastard!

Eve: T.C., Don't!

T.C.: You have harassed my family for the last time, and my wife. Geget up so I can kill you!

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