Passions Transcript Friday 3/5/04

Passions Transcript Friday 3/5/04

by Eric

[Music plays]

Charity: Miguel. I ssss having you in my life. But at least you have maria in yours. I sacrificed our love so death would spare your daughter, and I'd do it again, but the pain of losing you -- I'll never love again.

Jessica: Next time you leave your clothes in the bathroom, I'm throwing them out. Understand?

Charity: Whatever.

Jessica: Are you going out with reese tonight?

Charity: He's something to do.

Jessica: Is that all reese is to you, a hard body and soft lips?

Charity: Hmm -- yeah, pretty much. I don't love him, if that's what you mean. But he'll do until a hotter guy comes around.

Jessica: What happened to you, charity? What made you so cold-hearted?

Grace: Maybe forget-me-nots. Yeah, that's what I'll plant in my garden this spring.

David: Grace, the magazine's insisting that I finalize the arrangements for the photo shoot in italy. Please say you'll come with me. I know that we'll have a wonderful time together, just you and me.

Grace: It all means so much to you, david. Yes, I'll go with you.

David: Yes? Fantastic! I will get two tickets set up right away.

Grace: Forget-me-nots -- wait, david. I don't think I can leave harmony after all.

[David sighs]

Ivy: Oh, sam. I laid out your tuxedo on the bed, and

ivy: What's wrong?

Sam: I had to suspend luis without pay for firing his weapon inside harmony hospital.

Ivy: Sam, I am so sorry for you and for luis.

Sam: You know, it's going to be a real hardship on him and his family. But the mayor left me no choice, which means the cranes left me no choice but to come down hard on luis.

Ivy: He was jt t desperate to save sheridan from being mistreated. And with alistair involved with dr. Ackland, there was a definite possibility she would be.

Sam: Well, I wonder if we'll ever know the truth.

Ivy: Well, luis can be sure of one thing -- he won't be able to stop the cranes from doing whatever they want to get what they want. They always win, always.

Luis: Here, ma.

Pilar: Thank you, mijo.

Luis: Try not to worry so much, all right? Now, we're going to manage no matter what the cranes try and do to us. We always have.

Pilar: I just -- I'm afraid this time it's different, you know? We've lost our jobs and we're about to lose our home. My family's in dire straits, and there's nothing I can do about it. I've let down the people that I love the most -- my children.

Luis: No, you have not, all right? You are a wonderful mother.

Theresa: Yeah, mama, none of this is your fault. The cranes -- the cranes are to blame for the mess that we're in.

Pilar: Yeah.

Theresa: Hey, not you, ok? Your family, you know. You cashed in your entire trust fund to bail me out of jail.

Fox: Even so, I wish there was something I could for all of you now, you know. Wait a second. Wait a second. Maybe there is something I can do.

Sheridan: Father's as mean as ever, freezing my accounts so I can't help your family keep their home?

Antonio: Cheer up. Try not to worry about it, ok? We'll figure somhihing out.

Sheridan: How, antonio?

Antonio: I don't know, but I'll think of something. Look, and I can't completely turn my back on my family because they chose to support luis instead of supporting me when you were trying to decide who you wanted to be with.

Sheridan: Look, I really wish that you wouldn't hold that against them.

Antonio: I know, but we both have issues with our family. And right now I think we should put those aside and concentrate on each other, huh? Make some memories together?

Sheridan: You're right.

Antonio: Well, I'll tell you something. I think liz is having a benefit for the hospital down at the blue note. What do you say we go down there? It's for a good cause, huh?

Sheridan: No, antonio. I'm still upset about arguing with father over luis.

Antonio: Well, then, all the more reason for us to go. Come on, it'll be fun. Plus, it'll get your mind off things.

Sheridan: Hmm.

Liz: T.C., I am so glad that you're here tonight. Now, I reserved a special table for you so you can watch whitney up close.

T.C.: Liz, I am not thrilled about whitney singing. But I've learned my lesson, and I will never turn my back on her again.

Liz: You're a wonderful father, T.C., So supportive, despite your misgivings. It's just a shame that eve couldn't put aside her feelings about whitney singing and join you tonight. But at least she has one parent here to support her.

Eve: Actually, whitney has both her parents here.

T.C.: Sweetheart. I didn't think you were coming.

Eve: I changed my mind. I need to be here for whitney.

T.C.: Oh, baby.

[Rebecca chuckles]

Rebecca: What a cast of characters. You know, last time everybody was here the place went down in flames. But this time it may be the people themselves who get burned.

[Rebecca chuckles]

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

David: Grace, why the change of heart? Why won't you leave harmony and come to italy with me?

Grace: Well, you know, jessica's spring formal is coming up, and she's going to need me here to help her with her dress. And then she's probably going to want to have friends over afterwards, so I'm going to have to decorate, and there's going to have to be food for --

david: Grace, do you honestly think jessica is going to want your help now that you chose me over sam?

Grace: Well, I don't know. You know, I just keep hoping that she'll forgive me and maybe come around.

David: Look, someday, your other family will forgive you and they'll be close to you again, but you can't sit around waiting for that. You've got to let go of the past and embrace the future -- your future with me.

Sam: There was a time when I thought the cranes were behind every bad thing that happened to the people in harmony. You know, at first, I thought the cranes were behind, you know, david showing up, claiming to be grace's first husband.

Ivy: Really?

Sam: Yeah, but I was wrong. Grace ended our marriage by choosing david over me. I'm just glad you're back in my life, ivy. And I won't let anyone, not even the cranes, rob us of any more time together.

Sam: Well, I better go get dressed for the party.

Ivy: Hmm. You're wrong, sam. The cranes weren't responsible for your marriage ending. I was.

Antonio: So come on, let's go to the hospital benefit. We'll have a nice relaxing evening together.

Sheridan: You're right. I need to forget about everything else and just focus on you, my handsome husband. I need to forget about father and luis.

Fox: Well, maybe I can't get rebecca off your back, but I might be able to take your mind off her for a little bit.

[Door closes]

Theresa: How?

Miguel: I got your message that sheridan's father won't let sheridan lend us the money to pay off the lien rebecca put on the house.

Kay: We came to help however we can.

Pilar: God bless you, kay.

Miguel: Actually, kay applied for a job at the cannery.

Kay: I'll make enough money for miguel to stay in college, you know, and he can help take care of maria more.

Pilar: That is so good of you. Thank you.

Kay: What can I say, you know? We're a team through the good times and the bad.

Miguel: Looks, things are going to be ok, mama. It's just like you said -- you just have to have faith.

Fox: And maybe a little fun along the way, huh?

Luis: I don't know how we're supposed to have any fun when things are such a mess.

Fox: Well, I got an idea. How about -- how about letting me take you guys out for a night on the town, huh? The harmony jazz club's holding some big benefit for the hospital tonight.

Theresa: Yeah, whitney's singing at it.

Fox: Right, right. Look, I mean, maybe I'm broke, I don't have any cash, but the sky's the limit as far as the crane credit card's concerned, so --

pilar: No, you know what? I'm too upset to go out, but thank you anyway, fox.

Luis: I don't really feel like going out, either.

Miguel: Yeah, neither do I.

Fox: Excuse me. Listen, luis, cayoyou come here for a sec. Look, you guys, ok, just for the record, I know that going to some goofy little benefit at the jazz club seems ridiculous, ok, but I want you guys to just take a second and look at your mother. This whole mess that you guys are in, it's killing her, you know? All she's doing, she's sitting around here thinking about how you guys are going to lose your house, about how poor you are, what you're going to do next. I just thought maybe if we can get her out of the house for a little bit, maybe it can take her mind off of things, you know, that's all.

Theresa: Yeah. You know, luis, maybe fox is right, you know? Maybe we should go for mama's sake.

Luis: Well, you're right. I never have seen her this upset. She seems so hopeless. All right, then, look, let's go. We'll go.

Fox: I know. It's a good thing, ok? I think we'll all feel a little better when we're around other people, you know?

Theresa: We just got to convince mama.

Fox: All right.

Luis: At least I don't have to worry about running into sheridan and antonio. I'm sure they're still at the cottage.

David: I got your call. What's the matter now?

Ivy: Sam just told me that he used to think the cranes were responsible for bringing you to harmony to break up his marriage with grace.

David: Oh. And now you're worried that he's going to realize it was you, the woman he's falling in love with again, who destroyed his happiness to create your own.

Ivy: Well, I might have worded it differently --

david: Yeah.

Ivy: But, yes. And I can't let that happen. I need time to solidify my relationship with sam, and that's not going to happen as long as grace is around. When are you taking her to italy?

David: I don't know. She doesn't want to go.

Ivy: Well, then you have to make her nt to go. Promise her prada, sun-dried tomato soup cakes -- whatever it takes to get her the hell out of harmony. I cannot risk losing sam now.

[Sam calls to ivy]

Ivy: Coming! Go, sweep her off her feet. Just makes sure she lands firmly in italy. Both of our futures depend on this.

Charity: I'm not cold-hearted, jessica. Just having a good time. Reese turns me on, and it's for sure I turn him on, so why not just enjoy ourselves?

Jessica: I don't know how you can enjoy yourself knowing you stole my boyfriend away from me. I loved him, cririty. Reese was my first love.

Charity: Yeah, well, maybe first loves aren't meant to last. Maybe you should be thanking me for saving you the grief of having to learn that later. You're young, jess. Go out and have fun. Get over love. Lust is so much better. No guilt, no strings attached, nono messy breakups.

Jessica: That attitude is going to get you in trouble, charity. You'll end up getting hurt.

Charity: I don't think so, because I'm having a really good time. And you're the one who's hurt over losing reese. I think you should go out tonight and find a guy. Have fun. That's what I'm going to do.

[Music plays]

Eve: I thought I knew I could live without you

julian: If only I could turn back the clock and do it differently.

Ethan: So, are you excited?

Whitney: A little nervous is more like it. But once I start singing, I inink I'll be fine.

Chad: Because that's what you were born to do.

Gwen: So, where do you get your talent from? I mean, does anyone in your family sing?

Whitney: Actually, no. My mother hates music and singing.

Rebecca: Maybe you'll find out why tonight. Hmm.

Ethan: Well, listen, you have a good show, ok?

Whitney: Oh --

gwen: We are really looking forward to hearing you, whit.

Whitney: Thank you very much. Thanks. Ok. Oh.

Chad: Hey, your mom's here.

Whitney: Yeyeah. Yeah. I wish she hadn't come.

Chad: Whitney, she came to support you. Why don't you go talk to her, tell her you appreciate it.

Whitney: No, chad, I'm not. Besides, she didn't come here to see me. She probably knew that mr. Crane was going to be here and came here to see him. And look at my poor father. He has no clue what's going on.

T.C.: Honey, I am so glad you decided to come after all. You know, we need to be here and show support for our daughter, because we can't let chad come between us and just try tlulure her back to L.A. Again.

Liz: Oh, T.C., I completely agree with you. Don't you, eve?

Eve: T.C., Would you get us something to drink?

T.C.: Sure, babe.

Liz: So, what happened, eve? Did you find out that julian was going to be here tonight?

Eve: Shut up, liz. I am here for my daughter. I know that you tried to corrupt her to get back at me, but I'm not going to allow that to happen. I'm going to watch over her and protect her from her evil aunt liz.

Liz: Oh, but, eve, I am not trying to hu w whitney. I'm just trying to help her realize her dream of becoming a singer. Now, if she chooses to follow in your drunken, drug-addicted footsteps, well, so be it.

Eve: I won't allow that to happen.

Liz: Exactly how do you think you can stop it? Whitney hates you, so she's not going to listen to your "do as I say, but not as I do" advice anymore.

Eve: Whitney doesn't have to know that I'm protecting her. I just will. And as for you, liz, you leave her alone, because you hurt my daughter and you're going to be one dead bitch.

singer: You are my passion for life

antonio: Wow. You look beautiful.

Sheridan: Thank you. You look pretty good yourself.

Antonio: Thanks.

Sheridan: Oh, I forgot some earrings.

Antonio: No. I tell you what, I'll get them for you. Wait one second.

Sheridan: Thank you. That's so sweet.

Antonio: How are those?

Sheridan: Oh.

Antonio: You don't like them?

Sheridan: No. It's not that. It's just luis gave me these.

Antonio: So what? Put them on.

Sheridan: No, you know what? I'm not going to wear any earrings tonight.

Antonio: Ok. Not that you need any, because you look great without them.

Sheridan: Thank you. But you know what? Tonight is for us -- not luis, not my father, not for anyone else. We're going to make our own memories tonight. We're going to put the past in the past.

Antonio: Let's go.

Pilar: Luis, mijo, you know, I'm still not sure about going out tonight. There's so much packing left to do.

Luis: Well, that's exactly why we need to go, all right? We need to get away from this mess, ok? The packing will unfortunately be here tomorrow. Besides, I'm worried about you, and so are theresa and miguel.

Pilar: I'm worried about you, all of my children, but you especially. I know youe e trying to be strong for us, but I know that your heart is broken because sheridan has chosen antonio and you've lost her.

Luis: I haven't lost sheridan, ok? She's just -- she's confused right now because of what ackland and alistair did to her in that hospital. But sooner or later, she's going to come around.

Pilar: Mijo, you know what?

Mijo, let's make a pact, ok? Just for tonight, let's put all our pain aside and -- and try to have a good time, no matter how hard it may be.

Luis: Well, all right. But I'm not going to promise you anything.

Pilar: Ok

luis: Ok?

Theresa: All right.

Pilar: Oh, theresa --

luis: Ah.

Pilar: You look beautiful, mija.

[Luis whistles]

Theresa: Thank you.


Theresa: Thanks. You guys look pretty good yourselves.

Pilar: Well, look at us, huh? We're penniless, and yet we're dressed like people of means.

Quien uviera sabido, eh?

Theresa: Mama, you know I bought these dresses when I thought that I was mrs. Julian crane. Well, rebecca hasn't repossessed these yet.

Pilar: Yeah.

Luis: You know, I've had this ever since my first --

pilar: Luis --

luis: Big date with sheridan.

Pilar: Mijo, please. We promised, ok?

[Door opens]

Luis: Ok.

Fox: Ok, all lopez fitzeralds out to the limo. March. Vamanos.

Ok. Judging by the looks on your faces, I'm guessing a conga line's out of the question. Wonderful. All right, look, you guys, come on. I know that I'm being a little bit too overly optimistic thinking that you're going to feel better by going to a benefit, but it's sure not going to make you feel any worse, right? Am I right?

Luis: Come on --

fox: All right.

Luis: People.

Fox: Thank you.

[Theresa laughs]

Grace: Whitney wanting to be a singer must be so upsetting to you, and especially in a club that's an exact copy of the blue note in boston?

Eve: I hate it so much. The only reason I'm here tonight is so I can protect whitney, try to keep her from doing the things I did -- destroying her life with booze and drugs. And though liz denies it, I know that she is setting whitney up so that she can get back at me.

Grace: Oh, eve, I feel so bad --

eve: Grace. You still love sam.

Grace: Yeah, I do.

Eve: Oh --

grace: There's sam with -- oh, I want my family back.

Eve: Go over there and tell him that.

Grace: I can't, eve. It's too late. He's --

eve: No, no, it's never too late, not if it's true love. Honey, it lives in your heart forever. Now, you go over there and you tell him that you love him, because if you don't, you are going to regret it for the rest of your life that you let something get away from you that was so special.

Eve: Excuse me, grace.

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Ivy: This is your idea of romancing grace -- a hospital benefit? What's next, a morticians' conference?

David: I brought her here to hear whitney russell sing. I had no idea you'd be here.

Ivy: Well, never mind. There's nothing we can do about it now, except make sure that sam and grace stay away from each other.

Sam: Grace.

Grace: Sam. Could we talk? There's something I -- I need to tell you.

Pilar: Oh --

[Rebecca laughs]

Pilar: Rebecca's here.

Rebecca: Oh, hello.

Pilar: Look at he the new mrs. Julian crane holding court with those society suck-ups. If only they knew what a really evil woman she is -- attacking our family, taking away our home, sisimply because she can.

Luis: Look, just ignore her, ok? Now, we're going to show rebecca and alistair that the cranes are no match for us.

Theresa: Yeah, mama. Luis is right.

Pilar: Ok, fine. I'll try. But what I really want to do is break a chair over her ugly red head!

Luis: Ok.

Kay: Hey, I'm glad we came tonight.

Miguel: Yeah. It was nice of tabitha to watch maria for us.

Kay: Yeah. We haven't really been anywhere since we got back from the ski lodge.

Miguel: Kay, don't remind me. It was the worst trip of my life.

Kay: Oh, right -- charity and reese. I'm sorry. I forgot that you walked in on them making out in bed together.

[Music plays]

Singer: I drive home alone on a rainy night like this starving for your love hungry for just one kiss

jessica: I still can't believe it -- my cousin and my boyfriend. Now I know how simone felt when she lost chad to whitney.

Whitney: Theresa! I didn't expect to see you guys here.

Theresa: Yeah, well, my guy --

fox: Ahem.

Theresa: Treated my family out to a night on the town to take our minds off of all the horrible things rebecca's doing to us.

Chad: Nice move, man.

Fox: Yeah, well, you know, I figure it's my atonement for being a crane.

Theresa: Whit, you are going to be awesome tonight.

Whitney: Well, I certainly hope so. I mean, chad and I have been rehearsing all afternoon.

Chad: She's incredible.

Fox: You can say that again. So, what -- what kind of songs are you singing in?

Whitney: Oh, all kinds.

Fox: Yeah?

Chad: But she's starting off with a real heartbreaker -- all about lost love.

Fox: Huh. Heavy.

Chad: Yeah, and she sings it so real, it almost makes me think she's loved another guy -- the guy she's lost.

Eve: You shouldn't be out here, julian. What if T.C. Should find us together again?

Julian: I won't stay long. I just saw you rush out. I wanted to make sure you were all right.

Eve: You know, I was just telling grace that it's never too late for love and if you find someone that you really love, then you should never let them go or you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

Julian: Were you talking about us?

Eve: Yes, julian.

Pilar: Mijo, you know, now that we're here, I'm glad we came. It's just that every time I see rebecca, it reminds me of everything she's done to my family, and I --

luis: Hey -- we made a deal, remember? All right, no more dwelling on rebecca or on sheridan anymore tonight.

Pilar: I'm trying, luis.

Luis: I'm just glad sheridan's not here.

Pilar: I'm going to sit down, ok?

Luis: All right, I'll get us some drinks, ok?

Pilar: All right.

Sheridan: Luis. I'm surprised to see you here.

Luis: A little surprised to see you, too.

Antonio: You know, I called ahead, and liz said she was going to reserve us a table, so why don't we let her know we're here?

Sheridan: Ok.

Grace: Sam, what I want to tell you is that --

ivy: Sam, the show's autut to start.

Sam: Just a minute, ivy. Grace was going to tell me something.

Ivy: Oh, really? Well, grace, what was it you were going to say?

Grace: Uh -- you know, it -- it doesn't matter anymore. Enjoy the show.

Ivy: You, too, grace. You and david.

David: Grace, co t to the table. Come on. I just ordered some champagne.

Ivy: Sam, did I tell you how handsome you look tonight, because you do.

Sam: Well, thank you. And did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight, because you do.

Liz: Excuse me, everyone. If I could have your attention. Welcome to the grand reopening of the blue note. Now, as you know, tonight's charity fundraiser is to benefit harmony hospital, our unique place that combines big-city state-of-the-art technology with small-town loving care. Now, tonight also marks the debut of rising tennis star turned rising superstar miss whitney russell!


Whitney: Thank you. Thank you, all.

[Music plays]

Whitney: Sometimes I can hear you in my emptiness seeming to confess ooh distant heart, away it goes words that don't ring true fading just like you and I wonder did you ever find that star that you promised me? Ooh sometimes there were words tell me it was real what you made me feel you said you'd never give up never turn around ooh but sometimes skies are blue even when the clouds are gray you swore our love was sacred but sometimes love lies there beside you just to make it

grace's voice: Is it too late? Have I lost sam's love to ivy?

Whitney: Till the morning the morning light ooh sometimes I believe all your lovely words were more than subtle lies sometime sometimes I can hear you in my emptiness seeming to confess ooh distant heart, away it goes words that don't ring true fading just like you and I wonder did you ever find that star that

T.C.: I wonder where eve is.

Whitney: You promised me? Ooh

rebecca: I wonder where julian is.

Whitney: Sometimes there were words tell me it was real

eve: I think we should go, julian.

Whitney: What you made me feel

eve: Whitney's started to sin a and T.C. And rebecca will be looking for us.

Whitney: You said you'd never give up never turn around ooh

julian: Would you indulge me a moment longer?

Whitney: But sometimes

julian: Will you dance with me?

Whitney: Skies are blue even when the clouds are gray

julian: We may never get this chance again.

Whitney: You swore our love was sacred

julian: And I so want to hold you in my arms one last time.

Whitney: But sometimes love lies there beside you just to make it till the morning the morning light ooh

Whitney: You said you'd never give up never turn around ooh but sometimes skies are blue even when the clouds are gray

T.C.: I guess eve couldn't stand to see whitney sing after all.

Whitney: You swore our love

rebecca: Damn you, julian.

Whitney: Was sacred

rebecca: I know you're with eve.

Whitney: But sometimes love lies

rebecca: And that's after I warned you to stay away from her or you'd suffer the consequences.

Whitney: There beside you

rebecca: You will suffer, you will.

Whitney: Just to make it

rebecca: I will expose you and that bitch doctor once and for all.

Whitney: Till the morning the morning light

eve: Julian, I don't think I've ever felt as close to you as I do right now.

Whitney: Ooh

julian: No, nor I you. You're my love --

whitney: Sometimes I can hear you

julian: My one and only --

whitney: In my emptiness

julian: Past, present, and future.

Whitney: Seeming to confess ooh

luis: This song --

whitney: Distant heart away it goes

luis: It's like it was written for sheridan and me.

Whitney: Words that don't ring true

pilar: Or your father and me.

Whitney: Fading just like you

pilar: Countless people have felt the pain of a lost love, a love they still yearn for.

Whitney: And I wonder

pilar: These words, the way whitney sings them --

whitney: Did you ever

pilar: They go straight to your heart.

Whitney: Find that star

luis: Yeah, I know how it's making me feel.

Whitney: That you promised me?

Luis: But sheridan, she doesn't seem to be feeling anything at all. She's not even affected by it.

Whitney: Sometimes there were words tell me it was real what you made me feel

sheridan: Luis --

whitney: You said you'd ever give up never turn around ooh but sometimes

luis: Sheridan remembers.

Whitney: Skies are blue even when clouds are gray

luis: I know she still loves me.

Whitney: You swore our love was sacred but sometimes love lies there be

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