Passions Transcript Wednesday 1/28/04

Passions Transcript Wednesday 1/28/04

by Eric

Little ethan: Why do you look so sad, fox?

Fox: You know, sometimes, a guy's got to make sacrifices for the woman he loves, you know?

Little ethan: "Sacrifices"? What does that mean?

Fox: Sacrifices is like -- it's like when you give up something that you want, the one thing that you want more than anything so that someone else can be happy. It's the right thing to do. I know it is. If anyone deserves to be happy, it's whitney.

Chad: All I'm asking for is another chance, whitney. Let me prove to you that you can believe in love again -- our love.

Whitney: Oh, you know what? I have a lot of things to sort out, chad.

Chad: About you and me?

Whitney: About a lot of things.

Theresa: I think that we can be good together. Don't you?

Fox: I think we can go for it.

Theresa: Ok. Hey. So how'd it go out there? Is everything ok

whitney: Yeah, yeah, I guess so.

Theresa: You guys are going to get back together?

Whitney: I don't know.

Fox: Yeah, why don't I go ahead -- I'm going to go outside and give you guys some time to talk.

Theresa: So, you and chad are going to get back together?

Whitney: I told you, theresa. I don't know.

Theresa: I know you love him, and he loves you, too. I just wish you'd give him a chance.

Whitney: How can I do that, theresa, when he lied to me?

Theresa: Not telling you that he was married to latoya was wrong, yes, and he explained that, but he had no idea that she never filed those divorce papers.

Whitney: No, look, honey, it's a lot more than just that.

Theresa: I understand that you're having trouble with trust. I totally understand that. But remember what you guys had, whitney, the love that you shared. You can't walk away from that. You got to fight for it. You've got to believe in the power of love.

Whitney: No, no, I think you mean the power to hurt. Yeah.

Theresa: This is definitely not just about you and chad.

Whitney: No. No, you're right. It isn'T. It's about my mother and julian.

Theresa: Whitney --

whitney: You know, I can't get over what I saw. I saw them in each other's arms. Now, if my mother can throw away the relationship she had with my father, throw away all that love, then how can I ever believe in love, huh?

Eve: Oh, god, I'm trapped, and I can't get out of here.

T.C.: All right, slime bucket, where's my wife?

Liz: We know she's here, julian. We saw her car hidden in the bushes outside.

Julian: I have no idea what you're talking about. Why on earth would eve be here?

T.C.: You tell me. Why would she be here?

Liz: Don't deny it, julian. We saw her car.

Julian: Atat was a mistake then. It must have been a car that looked like hers. Your wife is not here.

T.C.: You're a damn liar!

Julian: T.C., Stop it!

T.C.: I've warned you so many times to stay away from my wife! Bastard, I know you're lying. Where's my wife? Tell me where she is!

Julian: Calm down! Eve's not here!

T.C.: You're a damn liar. I saw her car. I know she's here!

Julian: I don't know where eve is. Now get out!

T.C.: I'm not going anywhere until you tell me where my wife is.

Eve: I can't let this happen. I can't let T.C. Kill julian.

Julian: Your wife is not here. I don't know where she is.

T.C.: You're lying, crane!

Liz: This is it, stster dear. T.C. Is finally going to figure out what a slut his wife really is.

Julian: Eve is not here! I told you!

T.C.: You think I'm going to believe a lying word out of your mouth?

Hank: Luis.

Luis: Hank, I see you made it to the drugstore with our friendly orderly there, huh? It's nice hair.

Hank: Luckily he got beeped and had to help out with a patient, or he would have redesigned my uniform next. Next time you want me to keep someone occupied, make sure it's a female.

Luis: Listen, hank, we got problems. All right, look, I heard sheridan screaming. I got to get to her before it's too late.

Alistair: You heard me. Hit the switch again.

[Sheridan screams]

Dr. Ackland: That should be sufficient for the first treatment, mr. Crane.

Alistair: Can you assure me that luis is now completely out of sheridan's mind, that everything about him has been erased from her memory?

Dr. Ackland: Of course not.

Alistair: I didn't think so.

Dr. Ackland: I told you, the process of obliterating someone's memory is going to take some time. It's not instantaneous. It's going to require an entire round of drugs and shock therapy to be administered until her memory is altered. This idea of it being done overnight is just not going to happen.

Alistair: But I want it to happen, so you will expedite the process.

Dr. Ackland: Mr. Crane, a person's body and mind can only bear so much.

Alistair: I'm not paying you to questoin me, dr. Ackland. You will give sheridan another jolt.

Dr. Ackland: Tomorrow.

Alistair: Now!

Dr. Ackland: That's out of the question. It's out of the question. You've already increased the voltage to a level that is much higher than I am comfortable with. If I hit her again right now, it could kill her.

Alistair: That would take care of the problem altogether then, wouldn't it?

Dr. Ackland: This is your own daughter we're talking about.

Alistair: A daughter whose relationship with luis lopez fitzgerald poses a threat to my empire. Give her another jolt, now! That is a direct order.

[Sheridan screams]

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life my hair is totally fried.Come on.

fox: So you don't know how things stand between you and whitney?

Chad: She won't give me a straight answer, man. I don't know what to do, fox. And I have no idea what it's going to take to get whitney back.

Theresa: Whitney, do you know how crazy you sound right now? Your mom and dad love each other. The most perfect couple in harmony. They adore each other.

Whitney: Theresa, I definitely saw them in an embrace, and it looked to me like it was a whole lot more than just some --

theresa: I know, but we went throught this, remember? My mom said that julian donated a huge amount of money to the hospital for a new wing, right? It's going to be named after your mother for all the good work that she's done there. And that's why your mom was hugging julian, because she was just excited, she was just grateful.

Whitney: I want to believe that story, theresa, but --

theresa: It's true. I mean, what other explanation could there be? Ok, your parents -- they're soul mates just like you and chad are. You got to believe that.

Phyllis: Theresa?

Theresa: Hi, phyllis. Don't tell me julian and rebecca found out that I sneaked onto the estate to see little ethan.

Phyllis: Oh, no. As far as I know, they have no idea. I just came to get little ethan.

Theresa: Oh, yeah. I already put him asleep in the bedroom.

Phyllis: Oh. Well, would it be all right ifif I went in and sat with him for a while?

Theresa: Of course. Yeah, I'll come with you.

Phyllis: Ok.

Theresa: Phyllis? Are you ok? You seem a little nervous.

Phyllis: Actually, there's quite a ruckus going on up at the mansion.

Theresa: Ok, what kind of ruckus?

Phyllis: It's coach russell and julian. They are really going at it.

Whitney: Did you say that my father was at the mansion?

Phyllis: Yes, I did.

Whitney: Yeah. What? What?

Phyllis: And -- well, he and julian are having a terrible fight.

Whitney: Oh, my god.

Fox: We better get over there. Come on.

Theresa: Ok.

T.C.: I'm going to rip your head off!

Julian: Yeah, well, you should be arrested and thrown in jail!

T.C.: You won't be around to see it. You won't be around at all. Where is my wife?

Julian: I told you, she is not here. Now, stop this madness and get out of my house.

T.C.: You're lying, crane.

Julian: She is not here! Now just go, T.C.!

T.C.: No, I'm not going!


Eve: Get away from me, liz.

Liz: You know what? I've got a feeling that T.C. Is going to kill julian tonight. And if he does, it will be all your fault, eve -- all your fault.

Luis: It's locked. Hank, we got to find a way in here. I know that the screams came from this direction.

Hank: You can't be sure it was sheridan. Maybe it was some other woman.

Luis: Hank, I'm positive it was sheridan, ok?

Hank: What are you going to do?

Luis: I'm going to bust it open.

Hank: Hey, you're not even supposed to be here. You've been banned from the psych ward, luis. You get caught, you'll be arrested and thrown off the force.

Luis: Hank, look, we can't just walk away, all right? Sheridan is in there, and she needs me.

Hank: Must be a serious lock on that thing.

Luis: Yeah, it's a double bolt. All right, there's got to be another way in here.

[Sheridan screams]

Dr. Ackland: The voltage is too high.

Dr. Ackland: She's still alive.

Alistair: The girl's stronger than I thought.

Dr. Ackland: I'm going to get her back to her room.

Alistair: What are you doing?

Dr. Ackland: I don't know want anyone to know what's going on down here.

Alistair: Leave it alone.

Dr. Ackland: Well, if someone walks in here and sees this --

alistair: And sheridan is to remain where she is. We're not finished.

Dr. Ackld:D: Dear god. No, no, I cannot give her another treatment right now. She'll never survive it. Erasing someone's memory is bad enough, but I draw the line at murder.

Alistair: You don't draw any line, doctor. I do. Huh. Very well, very well. You can put the equipment away, if you wish, but sheridan is to stay here in this room.

Dr. Ackland: Why?

Alistair: I want her isolated. No other patients or orderlies can see her until we complete the process. As of now, this area is closed off from the rest of the psych ward. No one should be able to find sheridan here, especially luis.

Hank: Any luck?

Luis: Well, I've already got the dead bolt. Just can't quite get the tumbler on this one. Oh, wait. There we go. Come on. Yes.

Hank: Another corridor.

Luis: All right, sheridan's got to be down here somewhere. We got to find her, hank.

Julian: Stop it!

T.C.: You're not going to get away with this!

Julian: She is not here! Now, get out of my house!

T.C.: She is here.

Whitney: Daddy!

Fox: Wait. Stay out a second, chad.

Julian: Get out of my house!

T.C.: Where is she? Tell me where she is!

Julian: She is not here!

T.C.: I want to know where --

whitney: No, no, no, stop it! Stop it, daddy! Please stop. Do not fight!

T.C.: Whitney.

Whitney: Please, you have to stop.

Liz: It just gets better and better.

T.C.: All right, I'm calm. It's all over.

Whitney: Ok, now, what is going on? What are you doing here?

T.C.: You don't want to know, whitney.

Whitney: What happened? What?

T.C.: I don't know if I can say this.

Whitney: Just tell me, ok? Just tell me, whatever it is. What's wrong?

T.C.: I never thought -- I never dreamed anything like this could ever happen, but julian -- julian is up to something with your mother.

Whitney: What do you mean?

T.C.: Sweetheart, your mother's car is parked nearby. It's hidden in the bushes. Obviously, she came up here

b be with him, and she didn't want her car to be seen.

Whitney: Oh, daddy.

T.C.: I'm not blaming your mother, sweetheart. This is all his fault. He persuaded her somehow to come up here. God knows what he must have said to her.

Fox: Look, hold on a second. If she's here, where is she?

T.C.: Damn it, I don't know, but I'm going to find her!

Luis: She got to be here somewhere. Another corridor.

Hank: Thislalace is like a maze. You sure this is where you heard the screams come from?

Luis: Yeah, I'm positive.

Hank: It looks deserted.

Luis: Well, she's got to be down here somewhere.

Dr. Ackland: Not as strong as I'd hoped. The last jolt may have been too much for her.

Alistair: If it was, our work is finished.

Dr. Ackland: How can you be so heartless? Sheridan is your daughter.

Alistair: Whose relationship with luis lopez fitzgerald is a threat to the crane empire. That's why her brain has to be totally washed clean of his memory. Understood?

Dr. Ackland: Yes, yes.

Alistair: Good. Now -- now we're going back to your office, doctor.

Dr. Ackland: I want to stay with my patient.

Alistair: You can check on her later.

Dr. Ackland: All right, take the back elevator, avoid anyone seeing us.

Alistair: Very wise.

Luis: Hank, it's locked. I'm telling you, sheridan is behind this door.

Alistair: You're certain sheridan won't be discovered here.

Dr. Ackland: It's a rarely used area. There's no good reason for anyone to come down here.

Alistair: Well, see that no one does.

Dr. Ackland: I'll do my best.

Alistair: Not good enough. I deal in absolutes. If anyone gets to sheridan, you'll be held accountable, and then you'll be in for the shock of your life.

Luis: Almost got it. Got it. Oh, my god.

Hank: Are we too late?

Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan? No.

Singer: You are my passion for life

whitney: Daddy, what are you doing?

T.C.: I'm looking for your mother.

Julian: I already told you --

T.C.: She has to be here somewhere.

Julian: Well, she isn't!

T.C.: You're lying. You are lying. I saw her car!

Whitney's voice: Oh, my god, I knew it. My mom and julian --

theresa: Coach russell, you can't really believe that dr. Russell would actually come here to be with julian.

T.C.: Theresa, her car is here. Her car is hidden. Why would she hide her car?

Theresa: I don't know, but there's got to be an explanation.

Fox: Yeah, of course. I mean, you said yourself you didn't see her, right?

T.C.: No, but she is here!

Theresa: Ok, but where?

T.C.: I don't know, but I'm going to find her.

Julian: Look, you're making a mistake.

T.C.: You know what? I'm going to tell you to shut up!

Liz: T.C., Why don't you look over here.

T.C.: Where?

Liz: Over here.

Alistair: Go easy on that.

Dr. Ackland: I just need to calm my nerves.

Alistair: What you need is to keep your wits about you.

Dr. Ackland: I don't have any wits. They're gone. I have never done anything this despicable in my life, and I don't like it.

Alistair: You like being named chief of psychiatry here, and you were well aware of the price tag that came with it when I gave you the job.

Dr. Ackland: I never imagined it would go this far. I thought you wanted me to commit sheridan. I didn't think you wanted me to erase the memory of some man from her brain.

Alistair: Not some man. Luis lopez fitzgerald. He's the man I want expunged, deleted from my daughter's mind. He will never have existed for her. Am I clear?

Dr. Ackland: What we're doing to her --

alistair: Let me worry about that.

Dr. Ackland: I took an oath to heal people, not torture them.

Isistair: The hell with your oath. You belong to me. I own you now, ackland. You do whatever I want whenever I want. Your family? How beautiful. Pity if something were to happen to them.

Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan, no. Please. She's alive.

Hank: Thank god.

Luis: What the hell could have happened to her?

Hank: You think it was drugs?

Luis: No. No. I've seen her after ackland shot her up. This is totally different. Sheridan?

Sheridan: Oh.

Luis: Sheridan, hey. Hey. It's me. Sheridan, it's luis. Don't worry, you're going to be all right. Hey, it's me.

Sheridan: Who are you? Do I know you?

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Julian: T.C. --

T.C.: Get out of my way, crane.

Julian: How many times do I have to --

T.C.: I told you to shut your mouth.

Julian: Or what are you going to do, attack me again? That won't change the fact that your wife is not here!

T.C.: You're a liar.

Whitney: Don't bother, daddy. She's not here.

T.C.: What?

Whitney: Mom's not here.

T.C.: How do you know that?

Whitney: Because -- I'm the one who borrowed the car.

Theresa: Ok, well, that's not true. Whitney and I drove over here tonight.

T.C.: You took your mother's car?

Whitney: S.S. Yeah. I borrowed it.

T.C.: But why, sweetheart? And why would you hide it? And what the hell were you doing at the crane mansion?

Whitney: Well, because -- I mean, I knew you and mom would be angry with me.

T.C.: For what?

Whitney: Because I came up here to meet chad.

T.C.: Chad? Chad is back in harmony?

Whitney: Yes.

T.C.: You son of bitch.

Whitney: No, no, daddy, don't, don't! Chad and I are back together, ok? I came here to be with him.

Fox: Wait a second. Chad just told me that they're not back together.

Theresa: Ok, whitney pretty much told me the same thing, so why is she lying?

Eve: Oh, god. My own daughter is lying for me.

Alistair: Are you deaf? Didn't I just tell you to lay off the whiskey?

Dr. Ackland: We are running a terrible risk here.

Alistair: Do your job properly and there will be zero risk.

Dr. Ackland: What's to stop my staff from tttting suspicious?

Alistair: Of what?

Dr. Ackland: They're going to wonder why sheridan isn't in her room.

Alistair: I have every confidence you'll come up with an explanation. But you have a point. Even more reason to speed the process along.

Dr. Ackland: I'll do what I can.

Alistair: You'll do what I tell you to do.

Dr. Ackland: It will take time, though. There is an upside to your wanting sheridan completely isolated. It's the only way we can be sure luis won't get to her.

Alistair: My point exactly.

Dr. Ackland: I mean, after I had him banned from the psych ward, he still managed to get in to see he

alistair: Lopez fitzgerald is not to be underestimated.

Dr. Ackland: I'm certainly not doing that. If sheridan sees him, we'll be right back to square one.

Alistair: How so?

Dr. Ackland: Seeing luis will trigger certain responses.

Alistair: Even though we're erasing him from her memory?

Dr. Ackland: Until the process is 100% complete, if she sees him, it'll negate everything we've done. It'll be a total waste, worth nothing.

Alistair: In that case, we have to be absolutely certain luis can't get anywhere near sheridan.

Alistair: Put me through to security. This is alistair crane. I want officers sent to the psych ward immediately. My daughter is to be put under 24-hour guard. No one is to get near sheridan unless I say so.

Luis: Sheridan?

Sheridan: Who are you?

Luis: Sheridan, it's -- it's me, luis.

Sheridan: Who?

Luis: Sheridan, luis. It's luis.

Sheridan: Luis --

luis: Oh, my -- sheridan, what have they done to you?

Sheridan: I don't know --

luis: You don't know who I am. Hank, I told you. I told you they were doing things to her.

Hank: Well, what could they have done?

Luis: I don't know.

Hank: I'm going to go keep an eye out, see if anybody's coming.

Luis: Thanks.

Sheridan: Who -- who are you?

Luis: Sheridan, hey, it's ok. All right, I'm here. I'm going to take care of you, ok? I love you. It's luis. I love you so much.

Sheridan: Luis, I love you so much.

Luis: I love you, too.

Sheridan: Luis --

luis: Yes. Sheridan, do you remember?

Sheridan: Luis.

Luis: Sheridan, it's all right. It's all right.

Sheridan: Luis, I'm so alone.

Luis: Shh. Hey, sheridan, I'm here now, ok?

Sheridan: I am so scared. You weren't with me.

Luis: Oh, sheridan, I was looking for you. I went to your room. You weren't there. They were trying to keep me away from you. No, they can't stop me. Hey, now that I've got you, I'm never going to let you go, ok?

Sheridan: Luis, that's not what I mean. You were gone. You were gone from my heart.

Luis: Gone?

Sheridan: I just had this big, cold empty hole in my heart.

Luis: Sheridan, I don't understand.

Sheridan: Neither do I, but you're back. I couldn't feel you, but you're here. Yeah, but you were gone for a while. You were just gone.

T.C.: Whitney, you can't be serious.

Whitney: Look, I am. Chad and I are back together.

T.C.: Have you lost your mind? What about what happened back in los angeles? He lied to you about being married. His wife shot you, whitney. You could have been killed because of this bastard.

Whitney: Look, I don't want to fight with you, daddy.

T.C.: For god's sakes, whitney.

Whitney: Look, I've made my decision.

T.C.: No, we're going to talk about this.

Whitney: Daddy --

T.C.: We're going to talk -- whitney, get over here.

Julian: Fox --

fox: Hey, listen, what the hell is going on here? I know that whitney's lying. She didn't drive her mother's car here.

Julian: Be quiet and listen to me. I need you to help eve get out of here before T.C. Finds out.

Fox: So eve is here?

Julian: She's trapped in the hallway.

Fox: Really? Oh, I love it, I love it. You tell me to stay away from whitney, but you can't stay away from her mother. Did you know that she's married?

Julian: Fox, not now. If you love whitney -- and I know you do -- you'll help her mother. If T.C. Finds out that she's here, it'll destroy that family. Now, don't let that happen. You help eve. Thank you. I'll distract T.C. While you get her out of here.

T.C.: Whitney, chad betrayed you.

Whitney: I've forgiven him.

T.C.: Whitney, I don't believe this.

Julian: All right, now, that's it. I -- I've really had enough. If you don't leave now, I'm going to call security.

Fox: Hey, listen now. We really got to get you out of here, ok? We'll go through the back way through the gym. No one's going to see you.

Eve: No, I can't leave.

Fox: We really got to get you out of here, ok?

Eve: No. I can't leave whitney. She knows that I'm here.

Fox: Yes, she knows that you're here, but you know what? She lied so that we can get you out of here.

Eve: Oh, what must she think of me?

Fox: Yeah, you know, what's important right now is that coach russell doesn't see you, because as soon as he does, it's going to make things worse for whitney, ok?

Eve: Fox, this is all so unbelievably awful.

Fox: Yeah, listen, dr. Russell, we've really got to get you out of here, ok?

Eve: Ok.

Fox: Ok. Come on. Follow me.

T.C.: You want me out of here? You don't have to ask me twice, because I despise this place.

Julian: So you'll forgive me if I d'n't give you a proper sendoff.

T.C.: I don't forgive you for a damn thing, crane. Come on, liz. Whitney, let's get the hell out of here. Let's go home.

Whitney: No, I'm going to stay here with chad.

T.C.: Whitney, for heaven's sakes, you cannot be serious about this boy. He lied to you. You cannot have a relationship with somebody who lies to you, for someone that you can't even trust.

Whitney: Yes, I know.

T.C.: Then what? Huh? Young lady, we will talk about this when I get home.

Theresa: Ok. What's going on?

Whitney: No, theresa, I was right. My mother was here with julian.

Chad: Whitney --

whitney: No --

chad: No, I don't get any of this. Theresa, what's going on?

Theresa: I'm not sure, chad, but it's just not good.

Sheridan: It was awful, luis. I couldn't feel you. There was nothing in my heart. It was just cold and empty.

Luis: Now, just try and forget about all that, ok?

Sheridan: Please hold me.

Hank: Luis? Luis? We've got to get out of here. I heard the elevator. Somebody's coming.

Luis: Look, I'm not leaving sheridan, ok?

Hank: There's no way we can get her past security.

Luis: All right, fine. We try.

Hank: Luis, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking with your heart and not your head.

Luis: Come on. How the hell am I supposed to leave her?

Hank: If you don't, you'll be arrested. You can't do her any good from jail.

Luis: And what the hell is this?

Hank: Some kind of machine.

Luis: Yeah? Well, what kind? For what?

Hank: I have no idea.

Luis: This thing -- it's old. I'm going to check this thing out.

Hank: No time, luis. We hang out here, we're caught. You know, the best thing you can do for her right now is to leave. We'll work from the outside, find some way to get her out legally. If we take her, antonio or the authorities will have her put right back here.

Luis: Sheridan?

Sheridan: What?

Luluis: Sheridan -- I have to go now, ok?

Sheridan: Oh --

luis: But I'm going to find a way to get you out of here, though, ok?

Sheridan: Luis, get me out.

Hank: Luis.

Luis: I'm going to get you out of here, ok? I promise.

Hank: Luis, they'll be here any second.

Luis: Do you understand me?

Sheridan: You'll come back?

Luis: As soon as I can.

Sheridan: Then go.

Luis: Sheridan, co here. Hey, I want you to know I'm going to do whatever it takes, ok? I'm going to get you out of here. I promise. Sheridan -- sheridan, I love you. All right?

Sheridan: Love you. I --

luis: Now, I have to say goodbye now, ok? I love you so much.

Hank: Come on, luis.

Luis: I love you.


julian: Oh, eve. Once I find our son, T.C. Will know the truth. I hope you're prepared for what that will bring.

Eve: Hi, honey.

T.C.: Eve, you're home.

Eve: Oh, yeah, I had to race to get dressed. You know, we're going out to dinner, remember?

T.C.: Yeah. Liz said that you had to go to the hospital.

Eve: Oh, I did, but I just had to sign some budget documents.

T.C.: So you didn't need your medical bag.

Eve: No, fortunately, because my medical bag was in the back of the car, and I'd forgotten that I told whitney that she could borrow the car. So luckily, I was able to hail a taxi when I got outside.

T.C.: Well, that explains it.

Eve: Explains what?

T.C.: You know what? Never mind. I'm just so glad that you're home, honey.

Liz's voice: You got away with it yet again, eve. But a cat has only so many lives, and yours are almost used up.

Theresa: Whitney, ok, what's going on? What do you mean, you saw your mothewith julian?

Whitney: She -- she was there in the solarium just now. She was her. She was hiding so that my father couldn't see her.

Theresa: Ok. All right. You know what? Maybe --

whitney: No --

theresa: Your mother wanted to talk to julian about the new hospital wing again, that's all, and she knows how much your dad hates him, so she was just trying --

whitney: No, no more excuses, theresa. There is something going on between my mother and julian crane. I just know it.

Fox: Congratulations, man.

Chad: What?

Fox: You and whitney -- aren't you back together?

Chad: Are we?

Fox: Didn't she just say that you two are back together?

Chad: Man, I don't know what she's talking about. I mean, first, she tells me she needs time, that she's not ready to get back together with me, and then she announces to her father that we're a couple again. What the hell is going on, fox?

Fox: Yeah, I don't know. Look, chad, whitney needs you right now more than ever, ok? So, just be good to her, all right? You'll answer to me.

Chad: Yeah.

Sheridan: Let me out. Please let me out. Please. Please let me out.

Dr. Ackland: Shh, shh, shh. All right, just relax now.

Sheridan: Don't do this to me.

Dr. Ackland: No, no, no. Nobody's going to hurt you, all right? I just came by to make sure you're ok.

Sheridan: Please let me go.

Dr. Ackland: I'm sorry. That's just not possible right now. You eded rest. Just close your eyes. Close your eyes.

Dr. Ackland: Just came by to check up on her.

Alistair: Why waste a trip? Give her another treatment.

Dr. Ackland: Uh -- another one would be too much. Her body can't take it.

Alistair: Didn't you hear me? I said do it. Think of your family.

Sheridan: Please, please don'T. Don't do this to me, please?

Luis: I can't do it, hank. I have to go back and get her.

Hank: That's just about the worst thing you can do right now.

Luis: Well, I have a really bad feeling about this, ok? And I'm telling you that sheridan is in danger. I can't just leave her here.

Hank: We wouldn't stand a chance of making it out of here with sheridan.


Hank: Listen.

Guard: I don't understand why we were taken off that other ward, either. But when the big man says "jump" --

second guard: "How high, sir?"

First guard: You got that right.

Luis: You see? You see what I'm talking about? Did you hear that? I'm telling you, something is going on here, and it's nothing good.

Hank: Something is definitely off. Why would they be loading up on security?

Luis: I'll tell you why -- becausofof alistair. He's trying to keep me away from sheridan.

Hank: If you're right and alistair's pulling the strings here, even more reason you can't go back for her. If you're caught, alistair will have you arrested and have one of his judges put you in the slammer forever. Then you'll never be any good to sheridan.

Luis: I just pray I can get her out of here before it's too late.

Sheridan: No. Please, no.

[Sheridan cries]

Alistair: Let's turn it up another notch.

Dr. Ackland: No.

Alistair: Do it!

Dr. Ackland: Dear god, forgive me.

[Sheridan screams]

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