Passions Transcript Tuesday 12/23/03

Passions Transcript Tuesday 12/23/03

by Eric

[Nurse kravitz screams]

Tabitha: My devil. Now we're done for.

Miguel: What is that?

Charity: I was right, miguel. There's something weird going on here. Something evil.

John: Who screamed?

Miguel: I think it was nurse kravitz. It came from the kitchen.

Jessica: Oh.

Tabitha: If they find my cousins doing the monster mash in there, they'll know that endora and I are witches for sure.

Nurse kravitz: Oh! Oh!

[Relatives laugh]

Boozy: Lady, do you have a [Beep] Light?

[Nurse kravitz screams]

Theresa: Oh, gosh. What has happened? Why did my connection to little ethan get shut off? Oh, god. Oh, god -- what if rebecca found out that fox was doing this so I could spend time with little ethan? I'm never going to see my son again. Come on. Oh, god.

Fox: Ok, I know you're angry, but I can explain everything.

Sheridan: Let go of me! You can't keep me locked up in here! Ugh!

Norma: Hands off her, you gorillas. She's no threat to anyone.

Eve: What's going on in here?

Dr. Ackland: Sheridan tried to escape.

Eve: Sheridan, you are going to have to calm yourself down. You're just making things worse.

Dr. Ackland: You don't want us to have to put you in restraints, now, do you?

Sheridan: But I shouldn't even be in here! I just want to be with my baby.

Norma: Eaeasy does it, honey. They'll make things harder on you if you fight them.

Sheridan: Please, won't somebody help me! Let me go! Help me, please!

Alistair: Scream all you want, daughter of mine. You'll never see the light of day again.

Luis: Beth -- we lost him.

Beth: No. No, it just can't be.

[Beth sobs]

Mrs. Wallace: You killed him. This whole thing could have been prevented, and you know it.

Luis: What are you talking about, mrs. Wallace? How could my son's death have been prevented?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life !!#3##9i9i9i9i9i

>> Johnny: Me. Is a great port.

>> Pete: That's my point right there.

>> Johnny: A --

seafood sauce as war

>> Dana: Did you write that? Did y and you make fun of any

[Relatives laugh]

Nurse kravitz: Oh! I was right! Tabitha lenox and her baby are freaks! You're all freaks! Oh! Oh!

Tabitha: Whatever it is, I can handle it.

Miguel: Forget it, tabitha.

Tabitha: Hey --

miguel: Oh, my god.

Fox: Hey, if you think I'm going to apologize for setting up a two-way video hookup so that theresa could see her son, you're very much mistaken.

Julian: Who asked you to apologize? Nice decorations.

Fox: Then what'd you break the connection for?

Julian: I didn't touch a thing.

Fox: Yeah, right. This must have become unplugged. Come on. There we go. There she is. Ok.

Theresa: Oh, gosh. Fox, what happened? I thought that that old battle-ax rebecca discovered what we were doing.

Fox: No. No, it was a loose wire.

Theresa: Oh, good. I -- I was just, you know, afraid that I wasn't going to see little ethan again.

Fox: Well, now you can. But, you know, we still have to be careful, ok? Because if rebecca gets wind of this, it'd be curtains.

Theresa: I understand.

Little ethan: Hi, mommy.

Theresa: Hi, sweetheart. Mommy's going to find a way to be with you on christmas, ok?

Fox: What's with you, father, huh? Why aren't you scurrying off like the rat that you are to go tell that shrew of a fiancee what we're doing in here, huh?

Julian: Upset my own little boy more than he already is?

Fox: Since when do you care about your sons?

Julian: I've changed since you were a lad, fox. If watching his mother, even it's just on a computer screen, makes him happy, I'm all for it.

Fox: Who the hell are you and what have you done with my father?

Whitney: Oh.

Julian: Don't worry. I won't blow the whistle on your video hookup with theresa.

Whitney: But we thought that you might be upset.

Julian: You thought wrong. But you should be careful with rebecca because she won't take kindly to this if she finds out.

Whitney: Well, thank you. Thank you very much.

Julian: You're very sweet to do this for little ethan.

Whitney: This isn't for him. Fox told me that he never had a real christmas in this house.

Julian: And you're going to try to make it up to him?

Whitney: Yeah. As best I can.

Julian: You know, it's true, he did miss out on a lot growing up, but I'd watch myself around him if I were you.

Whitney: You know, you don't know your son very well, mr. Crane. He is an amazing, amazing person.

Fox: All right, buddy, we got to say goodbye to mommy, ok? See you later, alligator.

Little ethan: Later, alligator.

Theresa: After a while, crocodile. I love you, sweetheart. Bye-bye.

[Door opens and closes]

Fox: Hello.

Whitney: Well, I thought it was about time somebody taught you about the christmas spirit.

Sheridan: Help! Let me go! I haven't done anything wrong!

Dr. Ackland: Tell the nurse I want 20 cc's of valeroline right now.

Sheridan: No, no --

eve: But that's such a strong sedative. That's only given to the most violt t of patients.

Dr. Ackland: Are you questioning my judgment, dr. Russell?

Eve: No, I'm just surprised.

Dr. Ackland: Are you going to tell the nurse, or shall I do it myself?

Sheridan: Oh, please, eve, please, don't let them give me any drugs!

Dr. Ackland: Dr. Russell --

sheridan: Please! No!

Dr. Ackland: Sheridan, I'm going to have the orderlies let you go if you can remain calm, all right?

Sheridan: Yes, yes, ok.

Eve: Sheridan, I need you to pull yourself together. Now, I don't think you need to be sedated, either. But I can do nothing to stop it if you don't get control of yourself. Do you understand me?

Norma: Listen to the lady doctor, honey. You don't want to get on that one's bad side. He's meaner than a junkyard dog. You got to play him, convince him that you're as normal as he is -- like I do, huh?

Sheridan: I'm doing much better now, doctor. I'm fine, really.

Dr. Ackland: We're still going to have to give you the sedative.

Sheridan: If you think it's necessary, but I am doing much better, really.

Dr. Ackland: Just to be on the safe side, ok?

Eve: Well, the patient has clearly calmed down, doctor, so there's no reason to sedate her. Although, if you -- if you insist, I can call for a consult with the other doctors on staff.

Dr. Ackland: If you feel that strongly about it, dr. Russell, we'll hold off.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Eve: Sheridan, you are going to have to take all of this in your stride even if that is not the way you feel.

Norma: Yeah. I do it all the time. It's easy.

Sheridan: You don't understand. I had a baby a few weeks ago. Everyone thinks that my baby died, but I know better. My baby is still alive. But everyone thinks that this baby belongs to this friend of mine, beth.

Eve: Sheridan, just stop it. Just stop it! As unbearable as it is, your baby died at the hands of the woman who kidnapped you. Now, I know that you want toelelieve that your baby is alive, but it's not.

Sheridan: No.

Eve: I'm going to go and talk to the doctor and try to get him to review your case. Because I don't think that you're a danger to yourself or others, like he does. And then I'll come back, ok?

Sheridan: Ok.

Norma: This baby deal -- you're convinced it's your kid this beth person has?

Sheridan: I am positive. Listen, norma, do you think you could do me just one more favor?

Norma: Sure, if I can.

Sheridan: Great. Look, my baby is in this hospital, but they think that he could die. Do you think that you could find out how he's doing?

Luis: Why would you say that our son's death could have -- could have been prevented?

Mrs. Wallace: I -- it's -- it's -- it is true.

Luis: My god. He's still breathing.

Beth: Breathing -- oh, my -- luis -- oh, thank god!

Luis: Thank you, god. Thank you for giving us another chance.

Mrs. Wallace: Angels are in the house! Glory to be in heaven!

Luis: What were you about to tell me, mrs. Wallace? Were you just saying that someone's to blame for martin being so sick?

Mrs. Wallace: Someone is to blame --

beth: Mother! Mother is just kicking herself for not paying enoh h attention to her new grandbaby these last few days. And she feels like if she would have watched him closer, this wouldn't have happened.

Luis: It's not true. No one's at fault that martin stopped eating. Look, none of us knew how sick he was.

Beth: You know mother. She's just -- she's not rational all the time.

Luis: It's -- it's lucky you're a fighter. You gave us quite a scare there, little buddy, ok? Now, don't you go doing that again, all right? We got a lot of plans for you.

Beth: Is he going to make it, luis?

Luis: He has to.

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie -- how -- how does a girl as mean as you get to be so lucky?

Beth: It's a miracle. My baby is alive.

Mrs. Wallace: I would not start shopping for kindergartens just yet, missy, because the baby -- he still looks pretty peaked to me. You had just better get him back into his real mother's arms and quickly before he gives up again and does die.

Beth: Don't be -- don't be ridiculous.

Mrs. Wallace: And I'm right. And you know it. And you also know what caused this poor little baby's distress. He wants sheridan, his real, real mommy. He's going to die of a broken heart without her. Now, you have got to do something, missy.

Beth: Ok. Ok, ok.

Mrs. Wallace: You have got to.

Beth: You're right.

Mrs. Wallace: Ok.

Beth: I need to do something. I'm going to do something right now.

Mrs. Wallace: Hallelujah, bethie. You have seen the light. You're going to reunite the little tyke with his real mommy.

Beth: Fat chance. What I need is a plan that guarantees luis won't leave me, even if lilele martin dies.

[Mrs. Wallace gasps]

Beth: Oh, come on, mother. Stop being so melodramatic. I just don't want to lose the man that I love. Especially if I'm going to lose my precious little baby boy. I cannot let luis go back to sheridan if he dies.

[Mrs. Wallace gasps]

Beth: I just won't have it.

Sheridan: I've got to get to my baby. He'll die without his mother.

Eve: Dr. Ackland.

Dr. Ackland: Dr. Russell. Any more helpful suggestions about my patient's treatment?

Eve: Dr. Ackland, I'm sorry if you feel that -- that I trespassed earlier. It's just that I -- I've known sheridan crane lopez fitzgerald for many years, and I just don't think that strong sedatives and restraints are going to help --

dr. Ackland: So you've said.

Eve: No, I just meant --

dr. Ackland: No, you've made yourself abundantly clear, dr. Russell, and I thought I made myself understood, as well. You see, I'm perfectly capable of deciding and acting upon a course of treatment for my patient, which is exactly what I intend to do. Do you have a problem with that?

Eve: No. But as sheridan's internist, I will be monitoring her situation on a daily -- maybe even hourly -- basis. Do you have a problem with that?

Alistair: Watch out for that one. She's trouble. Always haseen.

Dr. Ackland: Don't worry. I can handle dr. Russell.

Alistair: Don't underestimate her. She's too smart for her own good.

Dr. Ackland: I can deal with her.

Alistair: You'd better, or I'll replace you with another shrink before you can say "rorschach." Your mission is to see that my daughter never gets out of this loony bin, do you hear?

Dr. Ackland: Yes, sir, loud and clear.

Sheridan: Hi. Did you find out about my baby?

Norma: Not yet, but I'm working on it.

Sheridan: I need to know how he's doing.

Dr. Ackland: You look agitated, mrs. Lopez fitzgerald.

Sheridan: Do I? I don't feel that way at all. Norma here was just filling me in on all the activities that you offer your patients.

Dr. Ackland: Is that so? I could have sworn the two of you were discussing something of greater urgency. Norma, you haven't been hounding our newest patient here about tabitha lenox, now, have you?

Norma: Tabitha who? I don't know who you're talking about.

Dr. Ackland: Now, come on, norma, we both know you do. It's the woman you tried to kill on more than one occasion, remember?

Norma: Me? Oh, I think you have me confused with someone else. Norma wouldn't hurt a fly.

Dr. Ackland: All right, norma. But I'm keeping my eye on you.

Norma: That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! See? That's how you handle him. Play dumb.

Sheridan: So, did you really try to kill tabitha?

Norma: Well, let's just say the old dame and I have issues. Like I said, she's got a lot more going on with her than people know.

Sheridan: How do you mean?

Norma: You know all the pain and suffering that's been going on in this town for who knows how long? It's her doing!

Tabitha: There. Will you look at that? Everything's fine.

John: Are you kidding? That woman looks dead!

Reese: Well, she has a pulse, but it's slow. She could be in shock.

Miguel: From what? What do you think scared her so much that she passed out?

Simone: I have never heard such a terrified scream.

John: She must have seen something, but what?

Tabitha: Kay, you get them all out of here before my cousins come back for an encore.

Kay: Come on, everyone. We're crowding the poor woman. Let tabitha handle her guest.

Tabitha: What the devil went on in here?

Harry: You should have been here.

P put on quite a show.

Tabitha: I'll just bet you did. The woman was already suspicious of endora and me, and now she knows for sure we're members of the dark side.

Boozy: What if she calls

[Beep] Ghostbusters? We'll be fi-- fi-- finished.

Tabitha: Well, she can'T. She just can'T.

Charity: You know what? I'm feeling it again, miguel -- the same evil I sensed before. And I think it's back in the kitchen. -My son is a genius.-Checkmate.

kay: What is with you, charity? Tabitha asked us to leave her alone.

Charity: She's not alone, kay. She's with the woman that fainted dead away in the kitchen. There's something very wrong in there -- very wrong!

Kay: Ok. No offense, charity, but how many premonitions do you get per minute? I mean, are we really supposed to believe in every one of them?

Miguel: Kay --

kay: I'm sorry, but tabitha has been kind enough to let maria and me live with her, ok? And the least I can do is respect her wishes and have others do the same. Not to mention the fact that ever since the holiday season started, this place has just been like one constant party with you guys hanging around here all the time. Did you ever hear of giving people a little space?

Miguel: Maybe we should go, charity.

Kay: I didn't mean you, miguel.

Miguel: No, you're right. I mean, we all have been hanging around here a lot lately, especially since we brought maria home from the hospital. And by now, you're probably dying to have some private time with maria, by yourself. Come on, guys.

Harry: Nobody's going to discover us, tabby. We're all quite capable of vanishing into thin air on a moment's notice. Not to rub it in, but our powers are working at max capacity, unlike certain other people'S.

Tabitha: That was low, cousin harry -- low!

Harry: It's the truth. You can't even separate those two young lovers, chastity and what's his name.

Tabitha: Miguel and charity.

Harry: We've been talking, and we decided the reason you keep coming up short in the powers department is because you're a half-breed, not even a full-blooded witch.

Cousins: Half-breed, half-breed, half-breed!

Tabitha: How dare you!

Harry: Again, the truth hurts. I daresay your tiny terrorist tot will end up shooting blanks herself. We all know she's not full-blooded.

Boozy: What's that

[Beep] Kid's father's name again? What was it, julian? Talk about a [Beep] Mess. Oh, god --

[Cousins laugh]

Theresa: All right.

[Phone rings]

Woody: Woody stumper is the man. Can't be beat when you're in a jam. Yo.

Theresa: Hi, woody, it's theresa.

Woody: There she is, my favorite, my foesest, my ferociously female feline --

theresa: Not now, woody. I really need your help. I have to be with my son on christmas.

Woody: Christmas day? That's tomorrow.

Theresa: Yeah, I know when it is. Can you make it happen?

Woody: I'm on this, sister love. In fact, I happen to be at the courthouse right now. I'm going to track down the judge, give him the woody stumper special. And I guarantee there's no way you'll be apart from your boy on christmas day.

Theresa: I'd better go down there, too. Definitely.

Fox: Sorry to have kept you waiting. Anyway, look, you can change back into your street clothes if you want. Little ethan's taking his bath.

Whitney: Well, I actually didn't do this for him. You said that you missed out on christmas growing up, so I did this for you.

Fox: Wow.

Luis: He's breathing, but it's uneven. Beth, he's having trouble again.

Beth: He has to pull through, luis. He has to.

Mrs. Wallace: And if he doesn't? If he doesn't, what is your heinous plan to hold on to luis, huh? Even without that baby around, huh, to cement you two together.

Beth: I will think of something, ok? I've got to.

Sheridan: Hey, what happened? Did you find out about my baby?

Norma: Yep, but it's not good news.

Sheridan: How's he doing? Is he in I.C.U.?

Norma: My sources say ththey sent him home.

Sheridan: Well, thank god. That means he's getting better.

Norma: Not exactly. Apparently, they released him because there was nothing more they could do for him. I'm sorry.

Sheridan: No. No, not my baby. No, my baby can't die! Let me out of here!

Please! Please, let me out of here!


Singer: You are my passion for life

kay: Well, wait. I didn't mean you all had to leave the house, just the kitchen so we could give tabitha some room.

Miguel: Well, we have been hanging around here a lot.

Kay: Well, it's christmas. Don't you want to be with your daughter on her first christmas eve?

Miguel: Maybe I will stick around. Hey, don't worry, ok? I'm not going to let anything bad happen.

Nurse kravitz: Where am I? Oh. Oh.

Boozy: Would you like a [Beep] Drink?

Nurse kravitz: Oh, my god! Oh, oh, oh! I knew it! It's a demon child! I knew it!

[Nurse kravitz screams]

John: Did you see that?

Simone: What?

John: Never mind. You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Whitney: Hey, you know what?

I am santa. You're supposed to be sitting on my lap.

Fox: Yes, but, see, I would crush you --

[Whitney chuckles]

Fox: So we're going to have to do it backwards.

Whitney: Ok. All right, then. That's fine.

Fox: Ok.

Whitney: Now, what would you like for christmas this year?

Fox: What I'd like for -- you mean I actually get what I want for christmas this year?

Whitney: Well, if you're a good boy, you do.

Fox: Oh, I see how you work it. I see. Well, I think that -- I think you already know what I want for christmas this year.

Whitney: Um -- well, I might. You want to be with the woman you love. Isn't that right?

Fox: You got it.

Whitney: Well, I mean, you already know how stubborn theresa is. It's going to take a miracle for her to forget about ethan, so --

fox: I think that's what I'm going to need -- a christmas miracle.

Tabitha: All right. Out! Out, out, all of you, out! And you, boozy --

boozy: What --

tabitha: Give me back my booze.

Cousins: Half-breed, half-breed, half-breed, half-breed, half-breed!

Tabitha: The nerve of you all, charging into my home and insulting me and my little one! If you don't all get out of here pronto, I'll -- I'll cast the termination spell on you!

[Cousins gasp]

Boozy: Oh, I'm so

[Beep] Scared -- not. Uh-oh! Watch out for that [Beep] Kid!

Harry: No! Not christmas!

Tabitha: Good girl, endora! Now the rest of them!

Cousin: Oh.

Second cousin: Let's grab a leg!

Third cousin: Let's pull!

First cousin: Ok!

Second cousin: Let's go!

[Boozy babbles]

Cousin: Wait, I'm stuck, I'm stuck. I can't get through.

Second cousin: No, go, go, go, go!

Tabitha: Oh, well done, endora. Oh, mommy loves you, you horrid little girl. Now, don't come back!

Fox: So, my christmas wish this year is for the woman that I love to finally realize how I feel about her and maybe, just maybe, she'll start to feel the same way about me.

Whitney: I've never heard you talk this way before.

Fox: Well, if that day comes -- when that day comes -- I'm going to treat her like the princess that she is. I'm going to spend the rest of my life trying to make her happy because that's how much I love her.

Luis: I'm going to call eve. Martin's -- he's not looking so good.

Beth: No, he can't die. Luis, he cannot die!

Luis: Well, he's going to if I don't do something fast.

[Beth cries]

Luis: Hey, this is luis lopez fitzgerald. I need to speak to dr. Russell. Psychiatric ward? Yeah, I'll hold. Wonder what she's doing there.

Eve: Yes, luis, what's wrong?

Luis: Eve, it's the baby. Eve, listen to me. Now, look, there's got to be some sort of miracle cure that you can give him or some new drug!

Eve: God, I wish there were, luis.

Luis: Eve, don't brush me off. Now, look, this is my son we're talking about here.

Eve: I know. I understand. I'm -- I'm just caught up with an emergency right now -- with sheridan.

Luis: Sheridan? They said you were in the psychiatric ward. Oh, god, is that where they've taken her?

Eve: Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Sheridan: No. No, I -- I won't let this happen. No, my baby can't die!

Eve: Luis, hold on. I'll be right back.

Luis: No, eve! Eve, you can't -- eve, you got to save my son. Eve, are you there? Damn it.

Mrs. Wallace: Luis, what's wrong?

Luis: Apparently, they've -- they've taken sheridan to the psychiatric ward.

[Mrs. Wallace gasps]

Luis: Now I'm losing my son, too. Eve! Eve, are you listening to me? Eve, you got to save my son!

Beth: Did you her that, mother? Sheridan's gone over the edge. Now, do you still think that I should give my baby back to his real mommy?

Mrs. Wallace: No.

Norma: Cool it, or they'll put you back in isolation, or worse, shoot you up with their elephant tranquilizer gun. Either way, you'll never get out of here.

Sheridan: Bubut my baby's dying! He needs me!

Dr. Ackland: Sheridan, I thought we were able to control our emotions.

Sheridan: Well, I'm sorry but it's about my baby!

Eve: Sheridan, what's wrong?

Sheridan: Why didn't you tell me that my baby was sent home from the hospital to die?

Eve: Honey, that's beth's baby.

Sheridan: No, my baby. I have to get to him now before it's too late. I am the only one that can help him!

Dr. Ackland: Sheridan.

Eve: Sheridan, now just stop it. Listen to me -- you're not making any sense. Your baby died. This is luis and beth's baby that's in serious condition.

Sheridan: No! Eve, this is my baby! Now, I have to get to him now! Oh, god.

Dr. Ackland: Orderlies, restraints!

Sheridan: No! Let go of me! Please!

Norma: Now you've done it, honey bunch.

Sheridan: I have to get to my baby! No! No, please!

No! Bc

Whitney: Oh.

Fox: What -- what's the matter? Wasn't that part of the usual santa package?

Whitney: No. I'm sorry.

Fox: Right. Yeah. Me, too. Me, too. I guess -- I think I just got caught up in all the stuff that you're trying to do for me. You know, I -- no one's really ever cared about my misspent childhood before now.

Whitney: Well, I better go check on little ethan.

Fox: Ok. Would you like me to go with you?

Whitney: That's ok. I'll be right back.

Fox: Ok.

[Door closes]

Fox: Damn it, I hope I didn't scare her. Just couldn't stop myself.

Whitney: What is happening to me?

Woody: Yes, sirree, I know you'll agree with me.

Theresa: Woody, did you get that court order so I can be with my son on christmas?

Woody: Don't fret, not yet. There's a lot of judges in this place, and woody always wins his race.

Theresa: Well, make it happen because I've got to be with my son on christmas.

Woody: Oh.

Judge: Forget it, stumper. Judge reilly says the kid stays with his father in the crane mansion, and there's no way I'm overturning his decision.

Theresa: Woody? Woody, why didn't you let me talk to him? You know I have to be with my son on christmas.

Woody: I'm sorry, sister love. I'm sorry. This ain't going to happen -- no how, no way. Not today, not tomorrow. Not this year.

Theresa: No. No!

Miguel: You feeling any better?

Charity: Yeah. I'm not sensing any evil anymore.

Kay: Better check your radar, honey, because I'm going to take miguel away from you.

Tabitha: And don't you let anybody tell you otherwise. You're a wonderful, wicked little witch. You're mommy's evil little girl. But you mustn't show off in front of mortals, no matter how tempting it might be. Huh?

[Music plays]

Tabitha: Oh! Oh, naughty, naughty, endora.

[Tabitha laughs]

Tabitha: Oh, what a wonderful holiday this is going to be.

Luis: Eve?

Eve! Damn it, where are you? Martin's -- martin's dying. I need your help!

Sheridan: Let go of me!

Norma: Easy, boys.

Sheridan: I have to get to my baby!

Norma: She's not as sturdy as some of us.

Sheridan: Let go of me! Please! No!

Eve: Sheridan, please calm down!

Sheridan: No!

Nurse kravitz: No, no!

Orderly: Just settle down.

Nurse kravitz: They were monsters, I tell you! One was like that cousin itt from the old tv show. And then there was boozy boozebourne! Oh, what a foul, nasty mouth he has!

Orderly: You can tell us all about it when we get you in your room.

Nurse kravitz: No! No, you can't lock me up! I'm telling the truth! Tabitha lenox is a witch, and her house is full of freaks! Oh! Oh! Help! Someone's got to believe me!

Norma: I do. Tabitha lenox is a spawn of evil.

Nurse kravitz: Oh. Thank god, a voice of reason. Oh!

Norma: Oh, I've been telling people about her for years!

Nurse kravitz: But you're a patient here.

Norma: Looks like you are, too. Now we have enough people for a sing-a-long.

[Norma hums]

Norma: Dearest daddy they mocked me and locked me away so I'd lose my keen mind they never counted on your little buttercup a girl with an ax to the grind you join in on the chorus, ok?

[Norma laughs]

[Nurse kravitz screams]

Luis: Martin's going to die if I don't find a way to help him.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Beth: I didn't have to do a thing. Sheridan put herself in the nut ward.

Mrs. Wallace: The hell she did. You put here there. Sheridan's going to lose her mind, and this poor little baby is going to die because you won't let them be together.

Beth: Oh, no, we'll see about that.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Beth: We'll see about that.

Sheridan: No! Let me go! No! Oh! No, please! Please don't! Let me go. Please. Eve, please? Let me out. Please. Please.

No! Please!

Dr. Ackland: There. Now do you believe this is where she belongs?

Eve: No, I don't --

sheridan: Let me out!

Eve: Especially not in her precarious emotional state!

Sheridan: Eve!

Eve: How long do you intend to keep her in there?

Dr. Ackland: Frankly, dr. Russell, I expect her to be confined for the rest of her natural life.

Sheridan: Let me go. Please, let me out. Please. I promise. Please? Please, eve. I can't let my son die. Please let me see my son.

Please! Please.

Mrs. Wallace: Yoarare a selfish slut, and the only thing you want is to keep luis for yourself!


Ethan: What do you think you're doing?

Dr. Ackland: Forget about the baby, sheridan. You're never going to see him again.

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