Passions Transcript Friday 12/12/03

Passions Transcript Friday 12/12/03

by Eric

[Charity hums "deck the halls"]

Kay: I've been wanting to get rid of charity almost as long as you have. Why not just let endora finish her off?

Tabitha: Because a part of timmy lives on in charity, that's why.

Kay: His heart.

Tabitha: Yes. And timmy loved these holidays. He'd never forgive me if I let blondie burn like a yule log. So I've got to come up with some other way to get rid of her.

Kay: Well, we need to make it quick because charity and miguel are rebonding like they're superglued, and I can't let that happen.

[Charity hums "deck the halls"]

Charity: Oh.

Kay: Oh, that does it! Come on, endora. If I miss sarah's funeral, well, then, I miss it. Oh, but we'll be going to charity's funeral instead!

Luis: Sheridan should be back by now.

Antonio: You know what? If anybody's going to go look for her, it's me. I am her husband.

Pilar: You know, both of you should take eve's advice. Sheridan has been through enough today with all the reminders of her baby. She needs her time alone.

[Baby cries]

Sheridan: I'm sure that's a baby crying.


Sheridan: Ohmy god. Oh, god, that's my baby!

Beth: This is almost too easy.

Father lonigan: I am the resurrection and the life, sayeth the lord. He who --

gwen: Oh, this can't be really happening. Our baby is dead.

Theresa: Ethan!

[Gwen gasps]

Theresa: Ethan, where are you? Ethan, I need your help!

Ivy: Can you believe it? Theresa is crashing the baby's funeral.

Theresa: No, no, no!

Pilar: What's wrong?

Rebecca: Actually, yes, I can. I've been expecting something just like this.

Theresa: It's little ethan! No, no! He's been kidnapped! He's been kidnapped! Let me go! Ethan, help me! Help me! He's gone. My little boy's gone.

Father lonigan: Merciful heaven!

Theresa: Ethan!

Gwen: Theresa, how dare you do this now at our baby's funeral.

Theresa: Ethan, please, help me! I can't lose my son! No, ethan --

rebecca: Child protective services must have gone to casa cucaracha and taken little ethan away. Hmm. Look at her -- mother theresa -- hysterical. Maybe it'll do her in and she'll drop dead on the spot. Then we can bury sarah on top of her.

Julian: Rebecca, you have ice water in your veins.

Rebecca: What, she killed my daughter's baby. And I intend to see that she gets exactly what she deserves and then some.

Theresa: No -- no, ethan. No, please! Ethan! No!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life you know how it is. y,

theresa: No!

Pilar: Theresa --

theresa: Ethan! Please!

Antonio: Theresa, theresa -- hey, hey, hey -- you're not making any sense.

Pilar: Mija --

theresa: No, they came to the house -- they came to the house, and then they took him. And I tried to stop them. They took him. Please -- please -- ethan, help me!

Gwen: Ethan, this is our baby's funeral.

Ethan: Gwen, little ethan may have been kidnapped.

Gwen: Who is more important to you, theresa's son or our little girl? Do you remember the promise you made to me that you would never rush to theresa's side, no matter what?

Ethan: Yes, honey, I remember --

gwen: And do you remember what I told you would happen if you did? Ethan, theresa has her family to help her. Our daughter deserves to have her family help bury her. Now, are you going to keep the promise that you made to me on sarah's coffin, or are we going to bury any chance of getting back together along with our daughter?

Ethan: No, of course not. All right, all right, I'm sorry if my reaction to theresa led you to believe otherwise, ok?

Theresa: Ethan, help me! Please.

Mrs. Wallace: Psst, precious, sheridan is not back yet, and neither is beth. We have got to go find my demented daughter. Maybe, just maybe, we can stop her from sending sheridan to an early grave, ok? Let's book. Ooh, excuse me, honey, sorry. Ooh. We need to leave. You know, we need to change a diaper.

Reese: Oh, the baby's?

Mrs. Wallace: Mine.

Jessica: Daddy, what's happening with theresa?

Sam: I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

Whitney: Little ethan is theresa's whole life. She'll die if anything happens to him.

Theresa: Ethan -- ethan, please, look at me!

Antonio: Theresa, theresa, calm down --

pilar: Theresa --

antonio: Tell us who took your son. Who took your son?

Pilar: Mija, por favor, tell us what happened so we can help you.

Luis: Oh, my god.

Pilar: What is it?

Luis: It's an order from child protective services. It says that theresa's an unfit mother.

Pilar: What?

Rebecca: What goes around comes around, theresa. And you're going to get exactly what you deserve.

Pilar: Ja, mija.

Ja, theresa, ja.

[Baby cries]

Sheridan: My baby. I have to find my baby.

[Crying stops]

Sheridan: Mommy's here. Where are you? God, I know I heard you crying. Mommy will never forget what you sound like. Never. It's ok, it's all right. Where are you, sweetheart? Please, please, just let me hear you so I can find you, hold you, help you to stop crying.

[Baby cries]

Sheridan: My baby's over there now. It's ok, sweetheart, mommy's coming!

Beth: And she's off.

Mrs. Wallace: Come on, precious, we got to hurry. Aha. I thought I would find you here, missy.

Beth: Mother, I'm busy. What do you want?

Mrs. Wallace: I want you to stop. You put a kibosh on this latest sadistic plot that you have to kill sheridan.

Beth: You are too late. Sher-sher already heard the tape of her baby crying that I made through the speakers that I hid over in the bushes. Now she's on her way down to the cliff, and I'm well on my way to winning the crying game.

Mrs. Wallace: Precious, do you hear that? Do you hear how evil beth is? Playing that tape of sheridan's baby crying right through the speakers leading all the way to the edge of that cliff. Sheridan -- oh, no, sheridan -- will be lured to that spot that beth weakened.

Beth: Yeah, and the ground will give way, and sheridan will fall into the ocean below. There's no way that she can take the plunge and survive. So sheridan's going to be long gone, and I'm going to get both her baby and soul mate, luis, all for myself, forever.

Mrs. Wallace: Ooh, you -- a y"yjq

Kay: Now, remember, endora, use your powers to set charity on fire, not miguel.

Tabitha: Kay, kay, wait. As proud as I am that endora can kill before she can crawl, you can't use her powers to dispatch charity, especially with miguel as eyewitness. No, we have no choice but to find another way to get rid of blondie.

Kay: We need a plan, and we need it now, or all the progress I've made using maria to bond miguel to me is just going to be lost in a lip lock.

Tabitha: The boys in the basement certainly don't want those two going at it over their heads, either. No, we have to find a way to get charity to leave without being obvious.

Kay: Well, I can't say anything, or miguel will just get suspicious.

Tabitha: Think, witch, think!

[Doorbell rings]

Tabitha: Who in heaven was that?

[Knock on door]

Kay: Come on.


Miguel: Hey, simone.

Simone: Hey, miguel.

Miguel: Come on in.

Simone: Whoo. Hey, charity.

Charity: Hi.

Simone: Hey. I came by to see how kay and the baby were doing.

Miguel: Maria's fine, you know, and kay's doing a lot better now that I'm helping her out more.

Simone: That's good to hear.

Miguel: Yeah.

Charity: So, are you going to help us decorate? It's maria's first christmas.

Miguel: Yeah, come on.

Simone: Sure, yeah! Great.

Tabitha: I know how to get charity out of here.

Kay: How?

Tabitha: Simone.

Kay: Oh, don't count on it. Simone's a big charity and miguel fan.

Tabitha: Trust me, kay, with simone's help, charity will be out of here in no time. Don't forget, endora's not the only one around here with powers. And I will use my powers to use simone to send blondie packing.

Pilar: Theresa's a wonderful mother. Why would children protective services take little ethan into their custody?

Luis: How the hell could this happen?

Julian: God, I wish I hadn't let you force me into torturing theresa like this.

Rebecca: Julian, I didn't force you. You had a choice. Now, granted, if you had refused me, I would've told T.C. That you'd been having an affair with his eve. And I know you don't want anything to happen to the woman who holds your heart.

Eve: Pilar, she seems like she's on the verge of a total emotional collapse. If we do not get her calmed down, little ethan is not going to have a fit mothero o go home to.

Sam: Child protective services shows up out of the blue to take theresa's little boy? Doesn't make sense. Look, I'll call C.P.S. And see what I can find out.

Antonio: Theresa is not an unfit mother.

Luis: No, she isn'T.

Sam: Oh, my god. All this in the middle of ethan and gwen trying to bury their baby -- my granddaughter. Look, let's get out of here so father lonigan can ninish the service. Then I'll call C.P.S.

Pilar: Sam, shouldn't you be here for ethan?

Sam: Well, somehow I think he'll be glad to know that I can help theresa if he can'T.

Theresa: No --

pilar: It's ok --

theresa: No, ethan --

fox: Shh.

Theresa: Ethan! Ethan -- no, please, help me! No, don't --

pilar: Yes --

whitney: No, honey, come on.

Theresa: No, no -- no, ethan --

ethan: Father, we're -- we're ready to continue the service.

Father lonigan: Of course. Let us pray. Jesus, good shepherd, receive sarah into your arms. Cradle her in your love, bless her, and take her to your father. Comfort the hearts of her parents and grant them peace and consolation. May she live forever with you in heaven. Amen.

Theresa: Help me! I can't lose my son! No --

rebecca's voice: I knew this would be a sad day, burying my grandchild. But, my, how things have changed. Rest in peace, sarah. Your death means the end of life as theresa knows it. seven are left, w hoe mearly Toominndhohoit do ppey! U owhaI'sang he ippppp apfvec uratx reeor,o n' yoru

23,, 67,

tabitha: Hell's bells. It's like santa's blinking workshop has landed iny y living room.

Charity: Ok, so, what do you think?

Tabitha: Well, it certainly is festive, dear.


Tabitha: Oh, my -- my pipes, my plumbing. Ignore it.

Charity: Well, for it to be any more christmasy in here, we'd have to set up a manger scene.


Tabitha: You know, I really must get those pipes fixed one of these days.

Kay: Well, at least the noise didn't wake up maria or endora. They're both still sound asleep.

Miguel: I'm glad maria's resting. You know, I could tell that her having colic was running you ragged.

Kay: Yeah, but the worst is over with.

Tabitha: Oh, hot cocoa, dear?

Simone: Oh, sure. Thank you, tabitha.

Tabitha: Oh, why don't you take the blue cup? Goes with your outfit.

Simone: Ok.

[Bell rings]

Simone: Charity, why aren't you at the funeral for gwen and ethan's baby? After all, it is your uncle sam's granddaughter.

Charity: You're right. I should be there.

Simone: Why did I just say that?

Charity: Miguel, you know what? I do -- I need to go to the funeral to support my uncle and jessica.

Miguel: Ok, well, I was going to stay here and babysit maria so that kay could go, but maybe we should all go -- if tabitha would watch maria.

Kay: That's ok, miguel. I think I'm just going to stay with maria after all.

Miguel: I guess I'll go with charity, then.

[Bell rings]

Simone: Miguel, I think you should stay here with kay and maria. They need you.

Charity: Yeah, she's right. You stay with maria. I will go by myself. Ahem.

Miguel: Ok.

Charity: All right. Oh, tabitha, thanks for the cocoa.

Miguel: I'll walk you out.

Simone: Why did I just say that?

Tabitha: I cast a spell on simone's cocoa so she'd help get rid of charity. Now make like a mountie. Go get your man.

Kay: Oh, I will. Don't you worry.

Tabitha: Now if I could just get rid of these horrid christmas decorations.


Tabitha: I'm working on it.

Simone: This is the best hot cocoa I ever had. Even better than mrs. Bennett'S. Shh. Mmm.

[Bell rings]

Simone: Of course, kay's mom used to always make us eat that nasty tomato soup cake every time we had hot cocoa, and, well, it just -- made me want to hurl even just thinking about ho disgusting it was.

[Simone gasps]

Simone: Kay, I -- I am so sorry. I don't know why I'm saying that. I thought I always liked your mom's tomato soup cake.

Kay: That's ok, simone. Maybe you just got a bad slice once.

Tabitha: Hmm. Why don't I give you a little more, dear? We've got so much to talk about. I'll just fill you up.

Father lonigan: Why, god? Why would you take the life of an innocent baby? Why would god deny this child the love of its parents, the joy of friends? Why would god deny this soul the wondrous and unique journey through our temporal world? I have no answers. But we have faith, faith that in god's infinite wisdom, sarah's death has as much meaning as would her life had she lived it.

Rebecca: Our granddaughter's death will be avenged. Theresa is going to pay very dearly for what she's done.

Eve: Theresa, we are going to help you, sweetheart, but you have to help yourself first. You have to keep yourself calm.

Theresa: They took little ethan.

Whitney: How could this happen?

Pilar: I don't know. She's a wonderful mother. I mean, where would children protection services get the idea that she wasn't?

Sam: Yeah, this is chief bennett. I need to speak with the C.P.S. Director right now. It's an emergency.

Antonio: Should we call a lawyer?

Luis: Let's just wait and see what sam finds out first.

Antonio: Well, there's got to be some kind of mistake because theresa is not an unfit mother.

Luis: No, she's not. Sheridan's not back yet, either.

Antonio: She has been gone a long time. I'll go look for her.

Luis: No, don'T. Look, she went over to the crane mausoleum to visit her mother's crypt.

Antonio: She did say she was going to be ba f for the funeral.

Luis: Well, it's a good thing that sheridan's not back. If she were to hear theresa's son had been taken, it would devastate her already fragile emotional state. Just let sheridan be alone for now. She's safer where she is.

[Baby cries]

Sheridan: My baby -- where are you?

[Crying stops]


Sheridan: Mommy's coming, sweetheart. Please wait for me.

Beth: I knew my plan would work. The sound of her baby crying is luring sheridan closer to the cliff. And since I made mincemeat of the cliff's edge, it'll give way once sheridan sets foot on it.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, and then the poor thing's going to fall to her death. What you are doing is heinous, torturing sheridan like this, using the cries of her baby which she thinks is dead just to try and murder her again. This is beyond evil. What kind of a murdering monster are you?

Beth: A smart one, mother.

Mrs. Wallace: Ah --

beth: My plan to get rid of sheridan will work one way or another. Everyone will think either, a, she's sleepwalking again -- oops, she fell -- or, b, she was so distraught over losing her baby that she killed herself.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh --

beth: Either way, they are never going to trace her death back to me, and I'm going to get everything that I want.

Mrs. Wallace: Ooh, yeah. I just hope you get what you deserve -- yes, I do -- which is the electric chair.

Beth: Ok.


Beth: Go on, sheridan. You're almost to the end -- to the end of your life.

Sheridan: My baby's cries are coming from over there. Oh, god, near the cliffs.

>> Here, canada got a new prime minister today. But if he's the liberals choice, consider him mtin's choice. The fiery ralph goodale.

>> I invite him to step outside.

>> In-depth profiles plus cabinet swearing-in. Kevin newman in ottawa. Tonight's global national.

Singer: You are my passion for life

ivy: "And people were also bringing babies to jesus to have him touch them. When the disciples saw this, they rebuked them. But jesus called the children to him and said, 'let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of god belongs to such as these. And I tell you the truth -- anyone who will not receive the kingdom of god like a little child will never enter it.' And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them, and blessed them."

Charity: Hi. Where's your dad?

Jessica: He's helping with an emergency. Theresa's little boy was taken from her by child protective services.

Charity: What? Why?

Jessica: No one knows. That's what dad's trying to find out.

Charity: So much suffering. Why is this happening? Why?

Rebecca: Just my luck father lonigan is blind. Otherwise, I could signal him to hurry up so I could watch theresa suffer.

Julian: You're all heart, my pet.

Rebecca: Julian, my granddaughter is dead, and all the boo-hooing around here is not going to bring her back. At least I'm doing something. I'm doing something to avenge her death. I'm being biblical.

Ethan: Mother, thank you. That was lovely.

Ivy: Oh, ethan. I am so sorry. And I don't care how father lonigan tries to soften little sarah's death. This never should've happened.

Theresa: I can't lose my baby, whitney.

Eve: Theresa's no better than she was before. I may have to give her something to help her relax.

Pilar: When I think of my little grandson being ripped from theresa's arms by a stranger and taken to a strange place -- it's too much.

Fox: I don't get it. It doesn't make any sense. Theresa's a wonderful mother. I remember when I first came back to harmony, we'd have all these conversations in her room about little ethan. It was totally obvious that he's her life.

Whitney: Yeah, he still is.

Theresa: My poor little boy. They got to bring him back to me, mama. They have to.

Sam: Child protective services cannot go into someone's home and just take their child away from them. First an investigation has to happen, proving just cause. An investigation did happen? And it was determined that theresa was unfit to have custody of her son? What prompted an investigation in the first place? A complaint was filed against theresa?

Antonio: Who would file a complaint against theresa?

Luis: What?

Sam: Look, as chief bennett, I want the name of the person who filed the complaint, and I want it now.

[Baby cries]

Sheridan: Where are you? Mommy's looking for you, but she just can't find you!

[Crying stops]


Beth: I'm up to the last speaker that I hid, the one on the rock just below the cliff. She'll hear her baby's voice. That will draw sheridan closer to the edge of the cliff. And since I made the ground weaker than your ability to say no to a n n --

mrs. Wallace: Oh --

beth: I'm sure that it will give way under sheridan's weight and blondie will take a dive into never-never land.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, just give me that. You just give --

beth: Hey, back off, mother. If you try to mess this up for me, sheridan will not be the only one going off that cliff. You and precious will take a plunge, too.

[Music plays]

Mrs. Wallace: Hey, precious -- precious, will you stop your daydreaming? We have a real, live nightmare going on here. We do. Sheridan is going to die, and there is nothing -- absolutely nothing we can do to stop it.

[Mrs. Wallace sobs]

[Baby cries]

Sheridan: Don't cry, sweetheart. Mommy's coming. I can hear you crying, but why can't I see you? Where are you? Why can't I find you?


Sheridan: Don't worry, sweetheart. Please, sweetheart, help mommy find you!

Miguel: It's too bad charity couldn't stay and help us finish decorating. But I know it's right that she go to sarah's funeral.

[Kay cries]

Miguel: Kay? What is it?

Kay: I should've gone to the funeral. I mean, after all, my dad's been through so much with mom and david. I should be there for him to lean on.

Miguel: You can still go, ok? I'll watch maria.

Simone's voice: I wonder if kay is sincere or faking it.

Kay: I'm sorry, miguel. I just -- I just -- I just don't want you to think I'm selfish.

Miguel: Why would I think that?

Kay: Because I can't go to the funeral. I -- I can't see ethan and gwen bury their little girl. I mean, that could've been us, miguel. I mean, we came so close to losing her so many times. I mean, we almost lost maria, miguel. We almost lost our baby.

[Kay sobs]

Miguel: It's ok. It's ok.

Tabitha: Good work, kay. Damn good work, as our side would say.

Woman: When at night I go to sleep 14 angels watch do keep two my head are guarding two my feet are guiding two are on my right hand two are on my left hand two who warmly cover two who o'er me vever two to whom 'tis given to guide my steps to heaven

father lonigan: "And god shall wipe away all their tears, and there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, nor shall there be any more pain." May sarah rest in peace. May the grace of our lord jesus christ be with you all. Amen.

All: Amen.

Ethan: Father, thank you.

Gwen: I can't -- I can't leave. Ethan, I just can't leave my daughter to go in the cold ground and be all alone. Sarah's my baby. My baby girl. My baby girl. My baby girl. I can't say goodbye to my baby girl. I can't, ethan. I can't say goodbye. No, I can't say goodbye.

Ivy: Our children do not deserve this, rebecca. Little sarah should -- should never have died.

Rebecca: No. No, she shouldn't have. And we both know the reason why she did.

Pilar: You have to have faith, mija, ok? You have to have faith that this situation will resolve itself and you will get little ethan back.

Whitney: Well, there has to be some sort of mistake. Why would C.P.S. Even think about taking little ethan away from theresa?

Eve: They wouldn'T. Not unless someone filed a complaint.

Pilar: Theresa? What is it, mija?

Julian: Theresa, I would like to spend some time with little ethan soon.

Theresa: Little ethan is in my custody full-time, julian. You agreed to that.

Julian: Yes, I did.

Rebecca: But that may all change come tomorrow.

Theresa: Oh, god, no.

Whitney: Theresa, what? Did you think of something?

Pilar: Oh -- well? Did you find out why C.P.S. Took little ethan? It was a mistake, wasn't it?

Luis: Afraid not.

Antonio: Someone filed complaint against theresa.

Pila who would do such a thing?

Sam: The complaint was filed by julian crane.

Theresa: No. No.

No! No! God, julian, no! No! Oh! One time in tsteup hee i, bk rkre

tabitha: I think we should give them a moment alone, don't you?

Simone: Ok.

Miguel: Kay, you aren't selfish for thinking the way you do about maria living and sarah dying. I felt the same thing.

Kay: Really?

Miguel: Yeah. You know, I mean, I thank god every day that maria's ok and that she's still with us. You know, and I understand why you wouldn't be able to bring yourself to go to sarah's funeral. You know, you're a loving mother that almost lost her baby. Anyone with a heart would understand that.

Kay: Sometimes when -- when she's sleeping, I just check to see if she's still breathing.

Miguel: So do I. I love maria so much. I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to her. Kay, kay, you have to have faith, ok? God didn't take maria. She's still here with us. You know what? Now we have to do whatever we can to make sure that she has the best life possible, and that's what we're going to do. You know, we got to make sure that she's healthy and happy and loved.

Kay: Miguel.

Miguel: Nothing's ever going to take maria away from us now. We're her family.

Rebecca: You look at what my daughter is going through, and then you tell me that theresa does not deserve every single thing we're doing to her.

Charity: Something terrible's happening.

Reese: You can say that again.

Jessica: Gwen looks like she's having a nervous breakdown.

Charity: No, it's something else. Something more.

Theresa: Julian! You bastard!

Rebecca: Oh, the little chalupa must know who called C.P.S.

Theresa: You -- you took my son. You took little ethan! Damn it, julian! Die! Die, julian, die!

[Baby cries]

Sheridan: Where are you? Mommy hears you crying.

Beth: Sheridan is just a slip slide away from meeting her end.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, hey -- you may get away with killing sheridan now, but someday, missy, someday you are going to have to pay for everything that you have done. And "last stop, heaven," is something that you will never, ever hear.

Beth: It's ok, mother, because the life I'm going to have with luis and our baby will be so fabulous, it'll more than make up for anything I have to face later on.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, you are fooling yourself, missy. And if I were you, on judgment day, I'd wear something cool because where you're going, you are going to need it

beth: Hmm, uh-huh. Yeah, well, if I were you, I wouldn't be talking about judgment day. You know, I doubt that all of those years of bed-hopping and boozing have secured you a little spot in heaven.

Mrs. Wallace: Yes. And you know why, bethie? Because the angels, my friends, know I've repented. They -- they will take care of me. Mm-hmm.

Beth: Yeah, the angels will take care of a vicious, cruel moth l like you.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh!

Beth: The angels will send you to hell faster than precious can change your dirty diaper.

Mrs. Wallace: Ooh! Awful. Isn't she awful? She is. It's no wonder I went gray before my time.

Beth: Oh, zip it, crone. Don't you ruin my moment. Sheridan is about to die, and I would like to savor my victory.

Mrs. Wallace: Heaven help us. Especially sheridan, please.

[Baby cries]

Sheridan: Where are you, baby? I heard you crying. I know I did. I would recognize your cry anywhere. Where are you? Please let me see you. I'd just die if I don't find you.

[Sheridan screams]

Rebecca: Your daughter is a baby killer.

Pilar: How dare you! So you admit taking little ethan away?

Rebecca: Oh, you --

[Rebecca screams]

Beth: I killed her. Blondie's dead.

Theresa: Tell them that you're going to help me get my son back.

Ethan: I can't help you.

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