Passions Transcript Tuesday 12/9/03

Passions Transcript Tuesday 12/9/03

by Eric

Fox: Whitney.

Whitney: Come on in. The water's fine.

Ethan: We'll get through this together, ok?

Gwen: She's a little angel.

Ethan: She's god's little angel now.

Gwen: Yeah. Yeah, she's god's beautiful little angel. I'm so happy that you're here with me, ethan. I love you so much.

Ethan: I love you, too. I love you, too, more than anything in the world. I'm going to get us some coffee, ok?

Gwen: Ok.

Ethan: Here you go.

Gwen: Oh, god.

Ethan: What is it? Gwen, what is it?

Rebecca: Gwen!

Gwen: Oh, god.

Julian: What's going on?

Gwen: Ethan -- oh, god. I lost my baby. Ethan, I really -- I really lost my baby.

Rebecca: Damn that theresa. Sarah's death is all her fault. But today she is going to get hers. No, she is going to pay for little sarah's death and for ripping my daughter's heart out. Theresa is going to find out firsthand just what it feels like to lose a child.

Hank: Luis, what are you doing here?

Luis: Hey, hank. Just going to grab some breakfast to take back to sheridan's cottage.

Hank: How's she doing?

Luis: What do the doctors always say -- as well as can be expected. How does a mother get over losing her child? It's going to take a while. I'll be with her every step of the way.

Hank: What about the situation with you and antonio? Does he still think that you're trying to steal his wife?

Luis: Yeah. We'll work that out. We both decided that we're just going to give sheridan some space right now, you know, until she can come to terms with everything that's happened. It's been so rough on her, you know. She was kidnapped and loses her own child.

Hank: Yeah. She has had it rough.

Luis: You should have seen her at the hospital. Hank, it was crazy. She -- she thought that beth's baby was hers. She was devastated. When I took that baby out of her arms, I think it was the worst thing of all for her.

Hank: It's like having her own baby taken away from her all over again.

Luis: Yeah. Hank, it was crazy. She was so sure thathahat baby was hers.

[Baby fusses]

Beth: I can't seem to keep him quiet. He won't eat, and he's not sleeping well.

Mrs. Wallace: Call sheridan. You know how he quiets down the minute she holds him. You know, maybe that's because he knows that she is his real mommy, not you. Poor, poor sheridan. Poor, poor sheridan.

Beth: I am so sick of hearing about poor sheridan and I am sick of her coming between me and luis. If she were out of the picture, I would have luis all to myself. If the blond bitch would just disappear.

Mrs. Wallace: Don't you tell me -- don't you tell me you are going to plan to try and kill her again.

Beth: Only if I can figure out a way that it can't be traced back to me, and so far I haven'T. Right now, all I want is for martin to settle down.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey. Hey, bethie, I got a solution. Give the baby back to his real mommy, sheridan!

Beth: Stop saying that. I am his real moerer. It's luis' baby, and it's my baby, too.

Mrs. Wallace: Angels, angels, angels in heaven, hear me! Please expose beth for the psycho liar that she is. Let sheridan and luis realize the awful things that beth has done, please -- kidnapping sheridan's baby, passing it off as her own! Mercy, mercy, mercy! Help me, angels above. Are you hearing me?

Angel: What beth is doing breaks my heart. Separating sheridan from her own child -- can't we do anything about it?

Man: We cannot interfere.

Angel: There must be some way sheridan can find her baby. Yes, sheridan, sleep. Dream of your baby. The unconscious mind is a very powerful thing.

Sheridan: You're back in mommy's arms. Mommy loves you so much. You listen. Mommy may not be where you can see her or heaher or feel r arroyou, but she will always be there with you. You just close your eyes and feel how warm the sunlight feels or how safe you feel under the covers at night. Mommy's there. I have to find my baby. I have to find my baby.

Angel: I hope sheridan learns the truth and reunites with her child.

Sheridan: My baby. Have to find my baby.

Singer I would hold the hand of the onewho colead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe outyou keep malive you are the fi burning inside of me my passion for life

>> Johnny: Pigs ain't -- pigs ain't one of nature's creatures.Ke my glasses off?

>> Johnny: Yeah.Arch on saturday.

>> Brenda: Oh--

>> Dana: What? My mom's gonna be there.

>> Brenda: Well--

>> Shannon: It's a good idea. It's all women.

>> Brenda: I don't think so.

>> Shannon: It's all women.

>> Brenda: Yes, a lot of women. No, it kind of makes me nervou it sounds pretty awful.

>> Zach: So let me g straight. She kissed both I wanted to understand.Humming ]

>> Nicole: Where's the smile. Come on, there it is., Boy. I mean -- it tracks illusio forget it. Damn!Ow what?Man is for me?

>> Sha randy ko has been more of a it's not friend to me than any man I've l ever known. Know,

>> Randy: And it even works. See?

>> Randy: I mean, forget the fact, all right, that you set g ]

Will. Of course they a - action. ? A - always. B-b-c, closing.>> Shannon: I know it's not randy ko.Ou

>> Shannon: Uh, there was some was zmerng. Fire but I didn't fire him. Gavin.

>> Johnny: Watch out, I've got a clear shot.

Luis: Better get over to the cottage. It's going to be a rough day for sheridan.

Hank: You think it's a good idea to have sheridan go to the funeral of ethan and gwen's baby?

Luis: Well, gwen's her best friend. She's determined to be there for her. But I do think when e e sees that little coffin, it's -- it's going to be too much for her. It's just a horrible reminder that she'll never see our child again. Let's go.

[Baby fusses]

Beth: Hush, sweetheart.

Mrs. Wallace: Angels in heaven, answer me!

Beth: Mother, shut up. Your babbling is not helping. Maybe a bottle will. Come on, baby. Come on. Take it. He won't take it. Come on, let's just go to the funeral. Precious, get the stroller.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey, hey -- it is too early to go to the funeral.

Beth: We will take the long way. Maybe the drive will help calm the baby.

Mrs. Wallace: The only thing that's going to calm that baby --

beth: Oror we will take a walk. Just stop your arguing and let's go. I'm sure a change of scenery will help. It just has to.

Angel: Will sheridan discover beth's secrets? I do hope it all comes out.

Man: We cannot interfere.

Angel: It just seems so sad, seeing a mother separated from her child.

Shidan: Find my baby. I've got to find my baby.

Fox: I can't believe you're here. Am I dreaming?

Ititney: Well, come on in and find out.

Fox: These fantasies are going to kill me. Well, I better hurry up. I don't want to be late for sarah's funeral. I wonder if whitney's going to be there.

Theresa: All right. U just finish up your bagel, and I am going to finish up my makeup.

Whitney: Theresa, don't do this. No good can come of it.

Theresa: I have to, whitney.

Whitney: Just don't do it, please.

Pilar: Don't do what?

Theresa: Mama.

Pilar: What are you doing, theresa?

Theresa: All right, you just keep eating that bagel.

Whitney: Tell her.

Theresa: I'm feeding little ethan, mama, that's all.

Pilar: And what else are you doing?

Theresa: I'm getting ready to go to the funeral.

Pilar: Funeral? For ethan and gwen's baby?

Theresa: Yes.

Pilar: Are you out of your mind? You can't go to sarah's funeral. I won't allow it.

Theresa: What do you mean, I can't go to the funeral?

Pilar: Just that. You are not to attend.

Theresa: But I need to be there to support ethan.

Pilar: Theresa, are you crazy? Please, whitney, can you talk to her?

Whitney: No, no, I have tried, but she won't listen to me, mrs. Lopez fitzgerald.

Theresa: Look, I have to talk to ethan, ok? I need to see him.

Pilar: What could you possibly have to talk to ethan about?

Theresa: Rebecca. Last night, she said something that -- it just sent a chill down my spine. You know, it haunted me all night.

Pilar: What did she say?

Theresa: Well, I was talking to julian and -- you know, about having full custody of little ethan. And rebecca said, "well, all that may change tomorrow."

Pilar: Change? What do you mean? Change how?

Theresa: I don't know, but that's what's worrying me. I'm afraid that julian and rebecca are going to try to take little ethan away from me.

Rebecca: I spoke to clarice earlier.

Julian: Who?

Rebecca: The social worker. She confirmed what she said last night. She's going to take little ethan away from theresa today.

Julian: Have you really thought this through?

Rebecca: Outside of our wedding, I have thought of nothing else.

Julian: And there's nothing I can do --

rebecca: No, to stop me? No. And if you try to do that, I will go directly to T.C. And tell him about your lurid affair with his wife, and I know you don't want anything to happen to your precious eve.

Julian: No.

Rebecca: Oh, look at my poor gwen. I mean, the pain in her eyes -- gwen is going to bear the scar of losing her chilfofor the rest of her life. Well, I am going to see to it that theresa bears the same scar forever.

whitney: Do you really think that julian and rebecca would try to steal little ethan away from you?

Theresa: You know, I just wouldn't put anything past them. I mean, especially rebecca. She hates me. She'd do anything to hurt me.

Pilar: She's bluffing, mija. She likes to play the big, powerful woman and scare people.

Theresa: Well, she's got me scared, mama. And this is more than just her playing the powerful woman. Once she marries julian, she's going to have that power -- more power than she's ever dreamed of. That's why I have to talk to ethan as soon as possible.

Pilar: I don't follow, mija.

Theresa: He's my attorney, so I need a plan just in case julian and rebecca try to take my son away from me.

Little ethan: Mommy.

Theresa: Hey, what's up? Ooh. No, I couldn't live without you, and I'm not going to let rebecca take you away from me.

Julian: Gwen, here's your water.

Gwen: Thank you.

Rebecca: Gwen -- gwen, how are you feeling?

Gwen: Better.

Rebecca: Is there anything we can do for you? Have you eaten?

Gwen: I can't eat.

Julian: If there's anything we can do to make today less stressful --

gwen: Thank you, julian. That's very kind of you.

Rebecca: Well, at least your husband is here by your side. Oh, I am so glad you two are back together.

Gwen: So am I.

Ethan: Gwen's my wife, and I love her. And I'll always be here for her.

Rebecca: Since you two are back together, why isn't gwen wearing her wedding ring?

Ethan: Theresa has it.

Rebecca: What?

Ethan: Gwen got upset, she threw it at theresa, and she kept it.

Rebecca: She kept it? Ooh, the gall -- no, no, no. I want you to go get theresa and get that ring back.

Ethan: Rebecca, we have the funeral.

Rebecca: Yes, yes, the funeral, and I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to show up there. So, ethan, you've got to get the ring and tell her to stay away from this funeral.

Gwen: Oh, god. You don't think she would dare show up, do you?

Rebecca: I would not put it past her. But I swear to god, if she does, I am going to kill her myself.

Ethan: It's up to you.

Gwen: I want you to stay here with me. I need you.

Rebecca: Well, I'll be here with you, honey, and so will julian. And -- oh, and fox will stay with you, too. I mean, he was so good to you in los angeles.

Gwen: I know, but ethan -- I need ethan.

Rebecca: No, no. Ethan is going to take care of theresa, and he's going to get the ring back. It's for the best. Trust me.

Gwen: Well, I guess it would be nice to have my ring back.

Ethan: Ok. Then I won't be long, ok? Promise.

Rebecca: Ethan -- ethan, we'll meet you at the cemetery. Just tell theresa to stay away from the funeral.

Ethan: Of course.

Rebecca: Oh. Oh -- and, ethan, be sure to get the ring back, ok? I mean, it's worth a fortune. Ooh -- I hope she hasn't hocked it.

Rebecca: Gwen, everything is going to be ok, I promise you. Today, theresa is going to get exactly what she deserves.Al

gwen: What are you talking about? !#3##9i9og# laesndenem, ea weom anyo

julian: You know, I saw you earlier at the ice rink with whitney.

Fox: So what?

Julian: So, I warned you to staawaway from her.

Fox: Hmm. And when was the last time I listened to a single word you ever told me? Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, someday you can marry dr. Russell, right, and I can marry whitney. We can both be with the women we love. Who am I kidding? Who am I kidding? I think once rebecca sees her signature on that marriage certificate, she's going to attach herself to you like a leech. You're never going to be able to get rid of her. Congratulations.

Gwen: What do you mean, theresa's going to get exactly what she deserves? What are you up to?

Rebecca: Well, I -- if you must know, I set a plan in motion where little ethan is going to be taken away from theresa.

Gwen: Really?

Rebecca: Well, she has to pay for what she's done to you. She has to pay for little sarah's death. Oh. You think I'm horrible, don't you?

Gwen: No, mother, I don't think you're horrible at all.

Little ethan: Bad guy.

Whitney: The bad guys?

Pilar: Theresa, I understand you being fearful, but today is not the day to talk to ethan about this.

Theresa: It just -- it can't wait.

Pilar: Look, rebecca can't do anything about this -- not today, not with the funeral. Let ethan grieve. Ok? And as far as him being your attorney, I think you should find somebody else.

Theresa: I can'T. No, ethan is the best. He's the only one who could help me fight rebecca and julian if they were to try to take little ethan away from me.

Pilar: The man has problems of his own, mija. He's thinking about the loss of his daughter. You can't expect ethan to be interested in your problems, real or imagined.

Theresa: I just -- I have the strongest feeling.

Pilar: Well, in a couple of days, if you still have this strong feeling, then you'll do something about it.

Theresa: And what if it's too late, mama?

Pilar: Listen to me. Look at me. The last thing that ethan is thinking about right now is you.

[Knock on door]

Theresa: Ethan --

ethan: Hi.

Theresa: Please, come on.

Ethan: Look, theresa, I can't stay.

Theresa: I know you have the funeral.

Ethan: Yeah. That's why I'm here -- to tell you not to come.

Theresa: What?

Ethan: Theresa, you can't come to the funeral. I don't want you there.

Luis: Why's the door open? Antonio? Antonio, what e hell are you doing here?

Antonio: What are you doing here?

Luis: I brought sheridan breakfast, that's what.

Antonio: Well, you know what? I'm her husband. I can get her breakfast. And what are you doing, just barging in like this?

Luis: Yeah, hello. The door was wide open. Anyways, never mind that. I thought we had a deal that we were going to give sheridan some space. What the hell you doing sleeping here?

Antonio: Legally, we're still married, and I happen to live here.

Luis: Not for long.

Antonio: What'd you just say?

Luis: Where's sheridan?

Antonio: I assume she's in her bedroom, sleeping. Where the hell do you think you're going?

Luis: That's great. She's not here.

Antonio: What?

Luis: These are footprints made with bare feet. Oh, my god. Sheridan must have been sleepwalking again. Oh, good job, antonio. You can't even take care of sheridan for one damn night.

Antonio: You know what? I'm about sick of your mouth.

Luis: Is that right?

Hank: Come on, guys. This isn't helping. If sheridan is sleepwalking, we have to find her before something happens.

Luis: Let's go.

Antonio: Hank's right. Come on.

Sheridan: My baby.

[Baby fusses]

Beth: Hush, baby. Why won't he stop fussing? Shh!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. You can hush, you can coo, you can threaten, and you can beg. But that baby's not going to stop fussing till it's back in its real mommy's arms.

Beth: Would you please stop saying that.

Mrs. Wallace: You want that baby to be quiet, you give him back to sheridan. Huh? Hey, sheridan! Over here! Sheridan! What's the matter? Is she deaf?

Beth: She's sleepwalking again.

Mrs. Wallace: What? Oh, no.

Beth: She's going to sleepwalk right off that cliff.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, no.

Sheridan: Yeah. My wish is coming true, mother. Sheridan's going to die, and all I have to do is stand back and watch.

>> Who will he surround himself with now that he's surrounded by these two? From ottawa beginning thursday, his choices for cabinet. Kevin newman'll be there, so you'll see who's in and who's out. The paul martin cabinet revealed on global national beginning thursday.

Singer: You are my passion for life

gwen: I know I should feel awful about what you're going to do to theresa, and on some level I do.

Rebecca: And what level would that be?

Gwen: As a mother. I know the pain she's going to experience when that social worker goes to take her little boy from her. And I guess I feel bad for theresa, somewhat. You know, but I know that little ethan's going to have a much better -- much better life away from her. I mean, he will be -- he will be far better off away from that woman.

Rebecca: Oh, of course he will be, and I will make sure that we get the very best nannies to take care of him.

Gwen: Theresa will know that her little boy is alive, and I have to live every day knowing that my sarah is gone.

Rebecca: Gwen.

Theresa: You don't want me to go to the funeral?

Ethan: No.

Theresa: I just -- I wanted to be there to support you.

Ethan: I know, and I appreciate that, but it just would not be good for gwen to see you, and surely you understand that.

Theresa: Of course. In that case, I won't -- I won't go to the funeral.

Ethan: Well, I -- I have to get going --

theresa: Ethan, wait. I just have a quick question, as my attorn..

ethan: Theresa, we already talked about why I can't be your attorney.

Theresa: I know. It's just rebecca -- she said something to me last night. I'm afraid that she's going to try to take little ethan away from me.

Ethan: Well, I wouldn't pay any attention to rebecca, ok? She's much more bravado than she is substance.

Theresa: I'm glad to hear you say that. It makes me feel much better.

Ethan: Listen, theresa, I want you to know gwen and I are back together and we have worked things out.

Theresa: Yeah. I saw you guys last night, and I thought that you might have reconciled.

Ethan: I love her, and we're going to be together forever.

Theresa: I understand why you say that --

ethan: Wait, just wait. I don't -- I don't want you to say anything about fate or about your feelings for me. Just -- for a change, I want you just to hear me out and listen to what I have to say. You and I cannot be together. I love gwen, she is my wife, and she's going to stay my wife. Do you understand that?

Theresa: Is there anything else?

Ethan: Yes. I need gwen's wedding ring back.

Theresa: Oh.

Ethan: Please?

Theresa: Of course.

Ethan: Thank you. And there is one other thing.

Theresa: What?

Ethan: I'm sorry, but you and I can't have contact anymore.

Theresa: What?

Ethan: We can't see each other ever again.

Theresa: We can't see each other ever again?

Ethan: That's right.

Theresa: Well, can I at least, like, call you on the phone? We can talk about --

ethan: No -- not -- no. I'm sorry. I have to go. Goodbye.

Angel: She's going to walk straight off that cliff. She'll fall to her death. We have to help her.

Man: We can'T.

Angel: So we just do nothing?

Man: We mustn't interfere.

Beth: Come on, sheridan. Just a couple more steps.

Luis: Sheridan!

Anninio: No, sheridan, stop!

Mrs. Wallace: Luis to the rescue.

Beth: Oh, damn it.

Luis: Sheridan --

antonio: Sheridan, sheridan --

mrs. Wallace: True love wins out again.

Beth: Shut up.

Hank: She's still asleep.

Luis: Sheridan. You're not supposed to wake up someone who's sleepwalking. Come on. Let's get her back to the cottage.

Sheridan: Luis? Where am I?

Luis: You don't remember coming here?

Sheridan: Where?

Antonio: The cliffs. You almost went off the edge.

Sheridan: Oh, god.

Luis: Sheridan, what's the last thing that you remember?

Sheridan: I remember hearing my baby crying. It was so real.

Luis: It must have been a dream.

Sheridan: No, no, I heard my baby crying. My child needed me.

[Baby cries]

Beth: Shh, shh, shh.

Sheridan: There. Don't you hear it, luis? That was my baby. My baby's here!

Beth: Shh.

Gwen: Oh, god.

Ethan: Gwen --

rebecca: Ethan -- ethan, did you get the ring?

[Gwen sobs]

Ethan: Honey --

gwen: Ethan, our -- our baby girl -- she's gone forever.

Pilar: Theresa? What happened? What did ethan say?

Theresa: He said he never wants to see me again.

Little ethan: Look, mommy.

Whitney: He drew you a picture.

Theresa: Oh, my. That -- that is a beautiful photo. Look at that picture -- yes! Yoyou are beautiful. I love you. Hey, can you do me a favor? Can you draw me another one?

Little ethan: Ok.

Theresa: Yeah, ok. Thank you. I just don't want him to see me crying.

Whitney: I know it's hard, honey, but it really is for the best.

Theresa: How? To think that I'm never going to see him again or hear his voice. How am I going to survive that one?

Pilar: You have little ethan.

Theresa: Yeah.

Pilar: He will keep you focused.

Theresa: Because I love him. I love him.

Pilar: You know, you and paloma, miguel, luis, antonio -- all of you -- you are what kept me sane when your father disappeared.

Theresa: I just hurt so much, mama.

Pilar: I know. I know. But in time, you know what? The pain will be gone, and you will feel like old theresa again.

Theresa: Well, I hope you're right.

Pilar: I need to go. I don't want to be late for the funeral, ok?

Theresa: Ok.

Whitney: Oh, I actually better go, too. Are you sure you're going to be ok?

Theresa: Yeah, I'm going to be fine. Ok.

Pilar: You're sure, right? You're going to be ok?

Theresa: Yes, mama, thank you. I've got my son.

Pilar: Ok.

Theresa: I love you.

Pilar: I love you, too.

Theresa: Ok.

Theresa: Hey, sweetheart. Would you like me to read you a story?

Little ethan: Please!

Theresa: Yay. Come here. Ooh. Ok. What do you think? Oh, yeah. Ok, we've got this and this. Let's see here. Let's find a good one. Let's see. Aha. All right. Ok. "The little boy sat by the side of the road, watching the cars and trucks whizzing by. Only his head moved from side to side, as he seemed to be wondering which direction to go in. And the more he wondered, the sadder he became because he was lost and all alone. He didn't know where his mother was. She had taken him to the park, and they played hide-and-seek, but he had gone too far, run into the woods." Well, I'm never, ever going to let you get lost, little ethan. I'm not going to let anyone or anything take you away from me. I'm always going to be with you. Did you know that, cutie pie? Always.

[Knock on door]

Theresa: Maybe your abuela forgot something. Ok, let's -- I'm going to answer the door. I'm going to put you here, and I will be right back, ok? All right.

Clarice: Theresa lopez fitzgerald?

Theresa: Yeah. May I help you?

Sheridan: Did you hear that, luis? My baby's crying.

Luis: Sheridan, wait, wait.

Sheridan: The cries came from over there.

Luis: Sheridan, there were no cries.

Sheridan: No, I could hear my child crying.

Antonio: We didn't hear anything, though.

Sheridan: What?

Antonio: We didn't hear anything.

Sheridan: No. I could hear my baby crying.

Hank: Sheridan, it must have been the ocean.

Sheridan: I thought -- I was so sure --

antonio: It's cold out here. Look, let's get you back to the cottage before you freeze. Come on.

Luis: We have to go to sarah's funeral, sheridan.

Sheridan: Oh, god. Sarah's funeral. Poor gwen.

Luis: Come on.

Beth: Oh, my god, that was close.

Mrs. Wallace: For pity's sake, will you give that baby back to his real mommy?

Beth: What?

Mrs. Wallace: What are you thinking? What are you thinking?

Beth: Maybe -- maybe there's a way for sheridan to disappear without it being traced back to me.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Oh.

Angel: Will beth never leave poor sheridan alone?

Gwen: Our baby. Ethan, our sweet little sarah.

Rebecca: Theresa is going to pay for this. I mean, any time now, she is going to get the word, and then they are going to come and take her child away. And theresa is going to understand gwen's pain. Damn theresa. Damn her to hell.

Theresa: May I help you?

Clarice: My name is clarice robbins. I'm from the harmony child protective services, and I have these papers to serve you.

Theresa: Papers? What papers?

Clarice: They're self-explanatory.

Theresa: Neglect? I'm sorry, what is this about?

Clarice: Officer.

Theresa: You can't just barge in here.

Clarice: Those papers in your hand say that I can, for the safety of the child.

Theresa: The safety? Don't you touch him!

Clarice: Come on, little ethan.

Theresa: Stay away from my son!

Officer: Take it easy.

Theresa: "Take it easy"? She's trying to steal my son!

Clarice: Theresa lopez fitzgerald, you are officially informed that the state has decided that you are an unfit parent and this child is to be taken from you.

Theresa: No! Don't you take him!

Officer: Easy.

Theresa: Don't you take him!

Officer: Easy.

Theresa: No! No! Please, no, no --

mrs. Wallace: What are you planning to do to poor sheridan now?

Beth: Nothing. Sheridan's going to kill herself.

Gwen: Theresa is going to pay for killing this child.

Clarice: As of today, this boy is no longer your child.

Theresa: He wants to be with me! I want my son!

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