Passions Transcript Monday 12/1/03

Passions Transcript Monday 12/1/03--Canada; 2/2/03--USA

by Amanda

(Sorry some of the names are missing...this is all we can do with Passions for right now)

Rebecca: Ah. It took sevel l years, countless costumes, lessons from a contortionist, and filllly threatening julian to expose his love for eve russell. But I am finally going to bememe mrs. Julian crane. And who says romance is dead?

of my marriage to ivy. Now she's free to rekindle things with sam bennett, her one true love, yet here I remain in stir with rebecca, soon to be my new cellmate. If only I'd made a clean break years ago, I'd be with eve now. Eve, my one true love.

to so bright and early?


would you leave that poor girl alone?

we've already been through this, if you'll remember. I can't leave her alone. I'm in love with her.

you in L.A., If you truly love her, you'll stay away from her. Don't ruin her life.



sweetheart. So, how does it feel to be sleeping in your old bed?

having you back home where you belong.

It's like I never left.

All of our lives have changed, and I don't think we're ever going to be able to go back to quite what we were before, especially you. I mean, u u went to start a new life with a man and ended up getting shot and almoskikilled by his estranged wife.

stupid about being so wrong about chad.

in love.

Why don't you come in and join us. Mom and I were just talking about how wonderful it is to be home.

Have you no compassion for what your sister has been through?

she deserves for stealing chad away from me. I just wish that the woman who shot her had a better aim!

thing to say! You cannot mean that, simone.

you that I'm going out for a while. I don't want to be around her.

simone, just wait a second. I'm sorry for the way you got hurt over chad. But you know what? I did, too. We shouldn't let a boy come between us, especially one that's out of the picture now. Chad is in my past. You have to believe me.

In fact, I'll never believe anything you say to me again.

my daughter, too, all right? And I love her and I always will.

theresa more. That's why you weren't there for sarah when she needed you. That's why you weren't there for me when I needed you because you were with theresa!

I'm to blame for sarah's death. I just let theresa get to me over and over again. How could I have been so weak and so stupid?

Hi, guy. How you doing? Look, we'll catch up later, ok?

mommy, tell ethan to stay.

I just finished.

coming to see what I could make you for breakfast, mijo.

This will do.

cereal or some fruit.

Really, I just want to get showered and dressed and go over to sheridan'S. I don't know why she didn't let me stay with her last night.

alone with her grief. Losing a child the way she did -- theababy dying, the kidnapper --

I'm grieving, too, here. Sheridan's my wife. For all we know, that baby may have been mine, not my backstabbing brother'S.

the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

I make you some breakfast?

I'm just going to grab a quick shower and head down to the station, all right? I would've showered at beth's, but precious used all the hot water.

has it, mama. Going right from sheridan's bed into beth'S.

with beth last night, ok? I stayed on the couch.

Now, would that be that same couch that sheridan and I accidentally saw you making love to beth on?

of your damn business, but sheridan and I were broken up at the time, ok? I got a little drunk. It didn't mean a damn thing.

I always have and I always will.

That's tough because she's my wife.

favor,please! Stop it! I will not have any fighting in this house! Ok, this is not helping anyone, especially sheridan, if every time you guys see each other, you start fighting!

I'm sorry.

to upset you.

and I'm not going to stand idly by every time that he starts telling me how much he loves her.

that's too bad. I loved sheridan long before you two ever met.

thought about it. You should've told me that you were in love with her before we got married.

Don't even go there, ok? I wanted to tell you. I tried to tell you. I argued, I begged, and every damn time I was overruled, ok?

Given the state of your health at the time, we were told that any sudden shock could kill you, and we just could not take that chance. So we decided to keep the truth from you to protect you.

that letting me live a lie was protecting me? Well, I look like the village idiot, running around here with everything right under my nose and I didn't even see it.

please, mijo, we -- we thought you were dying, and we just didn't want your last days on earth to be filled with heartache, so we were less than honest with you. We just -- we care too much about you to hurt you, that's all.

you did a damn lousy job of it.

missed someone as much as I miss my sarah. I never even got the chance to know her, but I feel like she's always been a part of me. And now she's gone, and the emptiness I feel inside is -- is indescribable.

I know. I mean, I only got to hold my baby for a few moments before it was taken from me. I still don't know if I had a boy or girl, and now I never will. And this hole that's inside of me -- it's just so deep and full of pain that I don't think it'll ever heal. You know, I just -- I can't help but wonder what I did to deserve this. You know, being kidnapped, have my baby stolen by a maniac. I must've done something pretty terrible. Maybe god's punishing me for loving two brothers at the same time.

yourself. Honey, you didn't do anything wrong. You had amnesia. You didn't even remember luis when you met antonio. And you certainly did not know that they were brothers.

subconsciously I did. I mean, hell, I loved both of them in past lives. Maybe it's some of kind of cosmic payback.

Sheridan, you did nothing wrong, and neither did I. Theresa is to blame for sarah's death. She knew exactly what she was doing when she flew 3,000 miles to try and lure ethan away from me. She knew that my health and the baby's health were at risk, and I don't care how many times she swears she never meant to cause any harm, I don't buy it because theresa deliberately and methodically set out to get ethan back, and she didn't care if my baby or I had to die to make that happen.

theresa's that cold and calculating?

She is a selfish, murderous bitch. Sheridan, she destroyed my marriage and she killed my baby, and I will make her pay for the rest of her life.

honey? It looks like ethan is ready to leave, so I think that we should let him go.

Ethan,lalay with me, please?

you know, honey, we're going to play with ethan another time, ok?

how to skip stones on the water.

to try this. Ok, let's see here. We put it in our hand like this, and we throw it like that. You want to try it? Here. That was great! Here, here's some more, here's some more.

Hold on. Let me -- let me help mommy show you how to do this, ok? Here, take the rock here -- ok, it's all in the wrist, ok? So you want to pick your spot -- go ahead, give it a throw, as hard as you can. See?


That's good.

Let me see -- um -- right there. Right there, there are some more stones if you want to go get them and throw some more. But don't go too far, ok? Stay close so we can see you.

would've been such good friends. My namesake and my little girl.

sarah. I really am.

at the funeral parlor watching over sarah, and I can't -- I can't believe how small her little casket is. She's going to be so alone by herself in the ground. I just want to hold her. I just want to keep her warm.

something I could do to wipe the pain from your eyes, lift the weight --

No one can.

to have a healthy baby, ethan, for you to be a proud father. Do you believe me when I tell you that I never meant for anything bad to happen to sarah? Do you believe me that I mean this from the bottom of my heart? how wonderful canada is. How much it will stay12 2 : ; will?

It seems kind of ups

your voice down about eve? I don't want the servants to overhear and start spreading rumors.

the truth, right? That you met and fell in love with dr. Eve at the original blue note in boston, where she was a singer, and that you ruined her life and her career by getting her mixed up into party drugs and alcohol and that you two had a child together? A son?

eve, but grandfather put the kibosh on that. So you married mother instead, and she married coach russell. The end. The end, except of course for the fact that you two still love each other.

Tragic, but true. Eve and I have kept our past a secret for over 20 years now, and it must remain that way.

That's why you're marrying becky wecky, right? So that she doesn't tell T.C. About you and his wife?

Yeah, I can't tell if you're being noble, you know, by marrying rebecca to protect eve or if you're just so scared that T.C's going to kill you when he finds out the truth.

I assure you. I just don't want to see her hurt, and the same goes for whitney.

I'm not going to hurt whitney. I love her.

see, you're a crane, and we hurt the people we love, despite our best intentions.

for your lousy track record with women?

it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because I'm standing up to you, father, unlike what you did with grandfather. I'm sorry if you gave in to pressure and you broke eve's heart, but you know what? I'm going to be with whitney. You can't do anything to stop me.

If you really love whitney, fight for her. Just don't hurt her like I hurt her mother.

I don't want anything to do with my lying, scheming, backstabbing sister.

go like that.

Simone needs more time to heal.

honey. She'll get over it. She can't stay mad at you forever.

that. Liz still hates her sister, right?

Simone's at odds with you over boys.

What's wrong? What's going on?

with simone, honey -- let's say that simone forgave you for everything and then chad came back into town. I mean, what would you think would happen then?

I don't follow.

your relationship with chad really over?

is, mom. Why would you ask?

you loved chad. One of the reasons that I gave you my blessing to go to L.A. With him is because you just loved him so much.

chad. But he lied to me. He never told me that he was already married to another woman.

but maybe -- maybe chad was just trying to protect you from latoya. Or maybe this relationship was just so much a part of his old life that he just buried it in his mind along with the rest of his past.

really about? I mean, you're defending chad when I know that you hate him.

Chad saved my life. I hate his actions and how they hurt you, and I hate that he made your father and me worry so much, but I just want to make sure that you are really over chad.

I am, ok?

so, honey, because if he still has your heart and you try to see someone else new, you could regret it later in life, and I don't want you to suffer the way --

What were you about to say?

No, absolutely nothing, honey.

You're talking to me about being honest with myself when I'm not so sure you're being honest with me. What is it?

for breakfast, sweetheart, huh?

It sounded to me like you were talking from experience just now. Were you in love with another man before you met daddy? Snowsqualls north of the g-t-A... in the barrie area, they woke up to blowing snow ..they're facing 10 to 15 by day's end.. and 15 to 30 cm's are expected in cottage country. Metereologist michael kuss is tracking the snow. The 20 year old scarborough man who spent spent two years in a guantanamo bay prison as a terrorist suspect now admits he took weapons training in an al-quaida related camp in afghanistan.. his story, tonight. And a toronto mother is murdered..her 13 year old her only family, and no one to pay for the funeral.. the tragic story coming up at 5:30.

that I never meant gwen or your baby any harm?

not go there, ok?

to know. Do you blame me for pushing her out of the way when she was choking me? That it's f fault that she lost her balance and fell, hurting herself right before sarah was born?

I heard about your baby, and I'm sorry. If there's anything I can do --

there's something that you can do. Could you -- could you take little ethan for some hot ococolate so I can talk with ethan?

Hey. Come on.

when I say I never meant gwen or your baby any harm?

Yes, I believe you. I don't think you're the vicious person that gwen and rebecca do. Driven, yes. Selfish, sometimes. But I don't think you set out to hurt gwen or my baby. What happened was my fault. I'm to blame for sarah's death.

you're not.

put away the rose-colored glasses and just see me for the flawed man that I am, ok? See, I should've beeththere by gwen's side when she needed me most. I should've been there fofomy b baby when she needed me momostanani I was withouou.

because we love each other.

me, ok? I just need to stay away from you.

angry and upset, but I really don't think theresa set out to hurt you or your baby.

ok, because I'm not going toitit here and listen to you defen that bitch. Theresa knew exactly what she was doing when she tried to steal ethan from me. She knew that my health and pregnancy were fragile. She knew that any upset could harm me or the baby. So did she do the right, decent thing and back off? No. She threw hersf at ethan over and over and over again! And I mean, of course -- you know, of course I blame ethan more than I blame her. You know, he should've fought his feelings for that little slut, you know. He should've jusayed away fr h her.Bubut, n h he didn'T. No. Sheridan, one of their make-ou sessions was caught on tv.

I mean, ethan should've stayed away from theresa. But that doesn't mean he doesn't love you because he does.

Ethan only married me because I was pregnant with his child. He was trying to do the right thing.

you say that?

No, gw, , I remember what ethan was like before theresa meme into the picture. He worshiped Y.. he's loved y s sce y y werer teenagers together.

theresa might have turned ethan's head. But I have known ethan my entire life. I know the kind of man he is. I know the way he thinks, the way he feels. Look, he loves you. He wouldn't be fighting to save your marriage if he didn'T.

let's just not talk about ethan right now, ok? I want to talk about you. Honey, who is it that you love? Who do you want to be with? Luis or antonio?

dying, mijo, and we wanted to spare you any more heartache and pain. And, you know, the irony is that more than anyone, luis hated living this lie. He hated keeping this secret from you, and sometimes even sheridan would keep him from being honest with you. So don't be angry at your brother. Because just like you, he's a victim of circumstance.

you're saying. But it does not make things any easier. I still love sheridan, and I am not giving her up.

that's too damn bad. Because I love sheridan, too, and I'm not giving her up, either.

my passion for life

I suppose I get a edit for the old one.

if I were to give it back, but I'm not. You don't have a problem with that, do you, julian?

Whatever makes you happy, dear. I'll be in the library.

to eve's greatest hits for the umpteenth time?

rebecca, I am making you mrs. Julian crane. What more do you want?

so sullen and morose all the time.

you're blackmailing me into marrying you. What do you expect?

you volunteered to marry me so that I don't tell T.C. That you're in love with his wife.

julian, just cheer up. Look, we've had great times, great sex. I know we're not exactly a love match, but we do have a genuine friendship.

going to have that with eve because she is married to T.C., A man she happens to love very much.

never going to find happiness with eve. But I could make you very happy if you just give me a chance. Come on. What do you say?

answer my question. Is it true? Did you love another man before daddy?

Yes, whitney, I -- I did love otother man before your father.

Another man. Wow, I can't believe it.

now you know.

about him.

I don't know if I would've been able to do this before. It would've felt wrong somehow. But now that you're all grown up and you've had yr r first love -- well, maybe we could be each other's confidantes. I mean, I would still always be your mother, but now maybe we could be friends, as well.

I would actually like that a lot.

about this man that you loved.

it was years ago, long before I met your father. And he saw me and he struck up a conversation, and the rest, as they say, is history. I fell madly and deeply in love with him, and he with me. But it ended badly, justikike yoyou and ch..

whwhat was he keke

matter. I mean, itas -- - it was a lifetime ago.

you were hur

I -- I didn't want to go on living for a while.

I did, but I -- I just loved him so much, whitney. I did. I just loved him so much. And I don't want the same thing to happen to you.

You think you made a mistake? I don't understand.

has your heart, do not let him go.

Are you saying that you're still in love with this other man? That he still has your heart, and not daddy? Metereologist michael kuss is tracking the weather system he'll give us the numbers at 5:30. This is what they wokewoke up to in barrie this morning.. a snowsquall swept through the area, leaving a blanket of snow behind .. in cottage country they could get as much as 30 centimeters .. a class action suit against the island airport fixed link.. on behalf of0- thousand toronto water front residents .. we'll tell you who is suiing whom and on what grounds at 5:30. And is it cool to merry christmas again? We'll look at the politically correct festive deba... at 5:30.

stop your heartache and make you close again. It was so easy when you were litt, , but now -- now I don't know how to mend your broken hearts.

your fault. I don't blame you. I I blame luis.

his fault, mijo. He had no way of knowing that sheridan would meet you in st. Lisa's when she had amnesia and fall in love with you, antonio.

that. Look, ever since sheridan and i came back to harmony, we were engaged to be married, and he h b been manipulating her and confusing her since we've been back here!

mind games with sheridan, ok? The thing is, when she got her memory back, she remembered that she loved me more than she loved you.


truth. Look, I know you don't want to hear it. Although sheridan may be married to you, in her heart she belongs to me.

going to be? Luis or antonio?

of them. They've both been so good, kind, and sweet to me. That's why I can identify with ethan. I know what it's like to be in love with two different people and not want to hurt either one of them.

right? I mean, you were with him first. And he's your soul mate.

I feel about you and ethan. You were together first. You have a much longer history than ethan and theresa. That's why I wish you wouldn't be so quick to turn your back on him.

to know what to do. Yes, deep down I do. I do still love him, but I just don't know if that's enough anymore.

happened to sarah.

get over that, I don't want him to stay with me out of guilt or pit I want him to love me.

married you just because you were pregnant, he wouldn't want to stay with you after sarah's death. But he does. Gwen: That's what he said.

Ethan loves you. He wants to be with you, not theresa.

Our marriage doesn't have to be a cold war you endured witivy.

we can be happy together. I promise you.

As long as eve doesn't get hurt, I'll make the best of our union.

I have some calls to make. The bank, for one.

I'll -- I'll join you, and -- oh, we can play alexander graham bell meets the sexy switchboard operator. "Oh, sir, my switchboard is always open for your long distance calls."

beautiful for sarah's funeral.

No. Actually, I was just getting ideas for my wedding to julian.

Mother, can't you at least fake the decency to wait until after I bury my daughter?

to wait, at least one or two weeks. And please tell me you're not going to wear black to the wedding. It's so depressing.

for god's sakes! My baby, your grandchild, is dead.

I know, and I miss sarah, too. I do. But I don't want you to spend the rest of your life mourning. Now, ethan can give you as many children as you are willing to lose your figure to get come on, ethan's a stud. Let him do what studs do best. We're just going to spruce you f for the reconciliation. I mean, secretariat had his pick, and so does ethan.

the truth, gwen. Look, I know ethan loves you. But if you take too long, theresa is just going to swoop in, and you cannot let that happen. Gwen, you cannot let that monster who murdered your baby steal your husband, as well. Now, if you want to have a happy life, you have got to get ethan back.

away. I know how much you're hurting over what happened to sarah, but you can't blame yourself.

Ye I ian. If I'm not to blame, then who else is there to blame?

Blame me. Gwen does. Maybe she's right. You know, maybe what I feel for you has blinded me

I always thought that my love for you wajujust -- it was pure, it was genuine. But it's not. It's ugly and dangerous and hurts lives. It can kill people, and it has. I killed your baby! Sarah is dead because of me.

please, you are both my sons, and I love you so very much. Please don't fight,

I'll go take a shower. But this situation with sheridan has to bsesettled sooner or later.


you somethg,g, luis. Don't confuse sheridan anymore. Let sheridan decide who shshe wants to be with.

silly. I love your father. I love T.C. With all my heart.

Because for a second there, it sounded like you were saying you're sorry you married daddy, that you nerer loved him the way you loved your first love.

and I n'n't have any regrets about marrying him. It's just I think about sam and grace and how an o l love has come back to tear them apart, and it scares me. I would never want anything like that to happen to you.

I promise you, it won'T.

Maybe that's simone.

Dr. Russell. I knocked downstairs and no one answered, so I just -- I guess I kind of came up to see if everything's ok.

of you, fox. Thank you.

'tweren't nothing, ladies. Listen, you two look beautiful this morning. My goodness.

get you breakfast.

I came over to invite whitney out for breakfast, if you want to go.

I would love to, but I -- you know, it's my first day back. I still want to have breakfast with my mom.

Yeah, of course. No, I understand. Some other time. We'll do it some other time.

breakfast with us. I mean, it's the least I can do since you saved whitney's life in los angeles.

Thanks, I'd love to.

sarah's dead. It's all my fault.

It's not.

If I'd just listened to my mother and stayed away from you, none of this would've happened. You know, you would've stayed by gwen's side, she wouldn't have had the complications she did. Sarah -- she'd be alive now. You would be planning her christening instead of heruneral. No, I'm a murderer, ethan.


listen to me. Listen to me. Look at me, look at me. I won't let you blame yourself for sarah's death, ok? It is my fault. I I shoulde e had the strength and the resolve to stay away from you and to stay by gwen's side. I failed my wi a and my baby. It's my fault. All of it's mine.

going to do. I'm going to kill charity!

my baby is dead.

on teresita.

little ethan away from theresa forever.

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