Passions Transcript Thursday 11/13/03

Passions Transcript Thursday 11/13/03

by Eric

Tc, just please calm down.

Tc.. stay out of this. Because of you our daughter left with a married man.

Liz: This is working out the way i wanted. Tc is furious with eve for giving whitney her blessing to co to la with chad.

Puff dog and his homeys were about ready to kill us all. You know chad and ethan tried to strike a deal but he wasn't hearing it.

Julnn.. you came to the rescue.

Fox: You are damn right i came to the rescue. I knew that puff dog wanted the singer that chad was producing. A bought out the contract and gave it to him.

Julian: With what?

Fox. With money,hat else.

Julian: With who's money.

Fox: Ours, of course.

Julian: You had no right.

Fox: I did it to save lives.

Julian: We'll see what my lawyers have to say about this.

Fox: You know what? If you do that I'll tell dr. Eve youarare more about money than her daughter's life. Tabitha: Tail of lizard, done. Tongue of tod. Done. You know for a naughty, an excellent spell for me to cast on kay. Yes, pandora, mommy will protect our little kof nant of tombs from that would-be whistle blower kay. This potion of silence will stop her telling any one that we're witches. She not only will lose her voice, she's lose any hope of saving her parents marriage as well.

Kay, you cannot do that.

Kay: Watch me. I can't wait to see the look on my mom's face when i convince her that david isn't her husband and john isn't her son and that it was all a lie. All part of your sick plan.

Ivy: You have no proof that i used david to come between your parents.

Kay: Once daddy is on to you, he will know where to look for proof.

Ivy: Stop her.

D david: How can i if she made up her mind.

Ivy: Bind and gag her.

Kay upon. Touch me and I'll scream bloody murder.

Ivy: Kay, you are making a really big mistake.

Kay: The only mistake i made wasotot telling my parents the truth a long time ago.

Ivy: You tryed and no one believed you.

Kay: It will be dif thent this time.

Ivy: Say hypothetically that sam and grace believe you and reconcile. It's not going to change the way grace treats you. She is still going to put everyone else before you, especially charity. Now if you keep quiet, and take grace away. She won't be there to interfere and you, you can win miguel and be.

Grace: Kay told you that i chose david over you.

Sam: I didn't say that. I said she called and asked me to meet her here. It was important, about us. I assumed from the tone of kay's voice that you told h you had chosen david over me.

Grace.. no, i haven't made any decisions. If i had, i certain wouldn't tell kay before i told you.

Sam. . After the way you panicked and the idea of losing david at the bridge today, calling him your husband, nothing you say or do would surprise me, grace.

Grace: Okay. Sam, i thought he was dead. I didn't know what i was saying.

Sam: It was clear to me. Grace, look, i realize that we are just going aunund in circles here. Now you have to choose. David or me. And you have to do it tonight.

I'll rip you tongue out and choke you with it, do you understand.

Bethy: Charlie, you are alive.

Charlie. Flt none too worse for the wear.

Beth: That's wonderful. Now we can still go away just like we planned and be together.

Charlie: Who do you think you are fooling? We're not going anywhere together. It all ends here tonight. I would hold the hand of the one that can lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who can sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of a bird i knew could take me higher breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Juln: You will say nothing to eve about whitney.

Fox: Great, you will not undo the deal i made with puff dog.

Julian: I didn't say that.

Fox: There are a lot of things you are not saying, father. Like what hell you are doing out here with dr. Eve and coach russell in the first place.

Julian: They couldn't get a commercial flight from harm on tow los angeles until tomorrow morning and i offered them to use the crane jet.

Fox: Let me get this straight. You spent real money just to fi the russells across country so they could see their daughter.

Julian: I had to bring rebecca out here to see gwen. They merely tagged along.

Fox: Well, you don't fool me for a minute, father. See, i have known that there was something going on between you and dr. Russell for awhile now. I just can't wait to find out the whole story.

I know i messed up not telling whitney i was married before. Iilill get a divorce and marry whitney.

Tc: The hell you will. I will kill you before i let whitney bottom your wife.

Eve: Stop making threats.

Chad.. I love her, we belong together.

Latoya: Forget about it, baby, you have me for a wife, remember.

Chad.. I don't love you. Not the way i loved whitney.

Don't believe him. He used to rush home every day and beg me to make sweet love to him all night long. And we did, baby. You couldn't get enough of what I had to give you.

Tc.. so you chad's wife.

That's right. Who the hell are you?

Eve: I beg your pardon.

Whitney: These are my parents.

I should have known. Coach and dr. Russell. I checked you out on the net. The jeffersons don't have nothing on you when it comes to moving on up.

Chad: Just back off. They deserve respect.

Tk: A good one coming from a lying two-timing punk like yourself.

You got it honey. Chad may have cleaned himself up acting all respectable like but he's still the dirty dog he always was. Give him a chance, he'll abuse your classy-as daughter the same way he abused me and then dump her like a bag of trash.

Come on, luis. You know as well as i do you may never find your baby or the woman who kidnapped sheridan.

Luis: Hank, just keep searching, okay. We don't even know for sure if that child was in the car with the kidnapper when she went over the bridge. He could be as save as this little guy right here, right.

Where did my dimented daughter go?

Beth.. what do you mean that it all ends here?

Charlie.. just what i said. Forget about us raising sheridan's baby together. One of us won't be around.

Beth: You are still upset over hearing me tell my mother that I love luis. That was to get get her off my back. She does not understand our special relationship.

Charlie: Liar. I knew you were trying to use me, bethy. Well, no more.

Charlie. You are still alive.

Luis: Did you hear that?

Hank: What?

Luis: It sounds like someone's in the bushes. You are my passion for life

Tabitha: Talk about pungent is this is like being downwind of beth wallace's mother. Which means, we have brewed ourselves one very potent potion. Don't you worry. Mommy won't let bbbbber-mouth benedict expose us. Oh, no. Our witchy ways will remain a secret. Oh, yes, you know, kay is a very mixed-up young lady. She actually thinks that if one confesss, one thing it may make it hunky dory. But it doesn'T. It just makes everyone mad at you.

Give it a rest, ivy. I am going to get my parents to believe the truth about you and david no matter what you say.

Ivy: Not that i am admitting any wrong doing but what i i give you my diamond necklace to keep quiet.

Kay: In that case -- forget it. There are more important things in life than jewels and money. I have got my soul to worry about.

Ivy: Talk like that proves you are delusional.

David: For your information, i don't think --

Ivy: I thought you wanted your mother to suffer the way she had made you suffer.

Kay: I did.

Ivy: Then what is the problem.

Kay: I can't go on seeing my father hurt like this. He doesn't deserve it. Daddy hasn't done anything wrong.

Ivy: No, he hasn'T. And look at the way your mother has treated him. She went off with david last spring. And then grace called david her husband tonight on the bridge, in front of sam and half of harmony. He deserves better.

Kay: You think that's you? Please. That's one more reason to tell everybody the truth. John, it is kay.

I need you to come to the house right away. You will find out when you get here.

Jessica, can you meet me at mom and dad's living room, there's something you need to know.

Ivy: Damn it! This cannot be happening. We are close to getting everything we want. Grace could be yours and sam could be mine. You have to find a way to shut kay up.

Charity: I am going to go to the kitchen and give you guys some privacy.

Grace: Thanks, charity.

Sam: Why would kay call me to tell me to come over here and say it's a big emergency.

Grace: I have no ide certainly not for the reason you thought. I haven't made any decisions. If i had, i certainly wouldn't tell kay before i told you. Whatever it is about, it's probably just kay's furthering her own agenda. You know kay is always about kay. She always has been. That's why she's always so mad at me. She thinks i favor charity over here, my own daughter.

Sam: There are times that you do.

Grace: Only when it comes to charity's relationship with miguel. They love each other. They should be together.

Sam.. kay is our daughter. She loves miguel, too.

Grace: He doesn't love her. No matter how much she wants to be with him, he doesn't want to be with her.

Sam.. he slept with her, didn't he?

Grace: I'm sorry. But I'm convinced she tricked miguel into getting her pregnant, thinkin he would feel obligated to marry her.

Sam am. You know how cold and calculating you make your daughter sound.

Grace: Sam, open your eyes and stop making excuses for kay. You have heard the horrible things that she's called me. The way she treats me like dirt. Charity never does that.

Sam: No, she doesn'T.

Grace: You know, i hate to admit it, but sometimes charity is easier to live with, easier to love than kay. I mean, don't get me wrong, i love kay. She's my daughter. I love her very much. It is just sometimes i don't like her very much. New all aroundstretch waistband...

Nobody's throwing my daughter away.

Then keep her away from chad or he'll use her and then lose her like he did me. <>

> Tc: No he won'T. We are taking her back to harmony.

Chad. . Don't listen to her. She's lying to get even with me for divorcing her.

We're not divorced, are we, sugar?

Chad: You didn't sign the damn papers. I never meant to hurt whitney, I love her. <> > Eve: You did by not being honest about your situation.

Yeah skprx tripping out over losing sid to me. Like you wanted to get her in pants, too.

Chad: I wasn't after sid like that i don't want to loose losing out on produce eing her first cd.

Puff dog: She's mine now. It looks like you lost it all. Your girlfriend, your meal ticket, your wife. You got nothing, bro. Nothing.

Fog. Yeah, i don't know if i would be so smug. You stand to lose everything, too.

Puff dog: What are you talking about?

She used puff dog's gun. I'm not an expert or anything but I am sure that makes him an accessory to attempted murder. The police can't prove squad.

The face is on the hospital surveillance tape. And without a gun they can't prove anything.

Fox: That's true. In my bag, this thing. Oh, here you go. This is puff dog's gun. I believe you will find latoia's finger prints, along with the bullet mising from the clip, imsure it will mat the one you found at the crime scene. You might want to run a bafticist check. Sthing tells me if t might have been used in unsolved crimes.

Thank you, mr. Crane. Because of you, los angeles is a safer place tonight. Get these gang bangers downtown.

Puff dog: You will be sorry you crossed puff dog.

You will get yours, bitch.

Eve.. who are those people?

Tc am. Chad's people. We are getting on the first flight and getting the hell out of this god forkeken place. <>

> Whitney.. please, I donlt know what i want to do. <> > Tc.. we know what's best for you, your mother and i, we are going home to harmony. <>

> Chad: Just wait. Whitney is old enough to make her own dezuing.

Tc.. like desiding to come to la you better shut up before i got you shut up.

Chad: Whitney and i need to talk.

Whitney: Let it go for now.

Pushing tc isnly going to make a bad swaing worts.

Chad.. how can it get any worse.

Whitney and her folks are down on me. Fox stole sid's contract from me. Your half brother ruined my career before it even got started.

Fox am. What is with this obsession you have with sid. I gave her contract to puff dog to save our lives, end of story. Okay. <> > Whitney: Right. If it was not for fox, we would all be dead right now, chad.

Luis is am caning.

Go get rid of him.

Beth: Hey. Is something wrong with the baby?

Luis.. i thought i heard something in the bushes.

Beth: That was me. I am so clumsy, i tripped on a root and went head first into the bushes.

Hank: Are you okay.

Beth: What's the latest on the search for sheridan's baby and the kidnapper.

Ms. Wallace.. this is your chance to get even with beth and everything she has put you through. Go on. Go on. Go tell luis the truth. Tell him how evil beth really is. How she lied to you, took advantage of you. Forced you into kidnapping sheridan, holding her hostage, stealing the baby, and all she ever really wanted was to be with luis.

Charlie: Laughing.

Ms. Wallace.. what is so funny?

Charlie. You and your dim-wited daughter. No one has taken advantage of me, old am with. No one has evercmz taken advantage of me. If they tried, they would pay for it for the rest of l thrives.

Ms. Wallace: Bethieied to you. She let you think she had feelings for you, and just to get you involved in her nutty plan. She never wanted to be a family with you or sheridan's baby, much less live in province town.

Charlie: I know.

Ms. Wallace: You do?

Charlie am. Yeah. Beth thinks she's been calling the shots in this little game. But i have been using her all along.

Ms. Wallace: My hearing must be on the -- charlie.. no, no, no. You heard right. See, i have been in charge since day 1. Everything i do, even acting like i didn't know what to do, it is all part of my master plan.

Miss wallace: You are not the person that we thought you were. You are completely different. Who are you? You are my paing for life

Ivy: All of the months and months of hard work, all of the planning. Making sure that your background checked out, landing the fake marriage license and even paing that man to pretend he was a prie. Blackmailing eve about john's dna. Oh, the bullets we have dojd, all of the lies we have told, it is all going down the drain just like that. If sam believes kay this time, I will lose any chance i ever had of winning him back and you will lose grace. By everyone, david, everyone. Even ethan and john.

John: Something wrong in kay skpauld said to come over right away.

David: You know kay, drama queen. Why don't you go back to the bed and breakfast.

Ivy am. No, david. John might want to say and hear what kay has to say. The more the merer.

Charity: Kay, your mom didn't mean that. She doesn't love me more. I am not easier to live with. She's just upset at the situation in general.

Kay: Charity, i don't need you to explain the hateful things I just heard my own mother say about me.

Charity: Okay. Well, i know that you are hurting right now, kay. Please don't go in there and say anything to upset the family anymore.

Kay: Since you asked so fisly that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Tabitha: Good news, the potion of silence is almost ready. Just a few minutes, kay will shut the hell up. Literally.

Grace: Sam, i don't know what has happened to us. We used to be so happy raising our family, doing our jobs. You know, our live used to be so full of joy and laughter. And now we're just, we're just always at each other's throats.

Sam.. because of david. Having him in the picture has turned our lives upsee dun.

Grace: I think having ivy live here has caused problems.

Sam: No, that's not true. What's at the heart of all of this mess, grace, is you. You and your inability or shall i say, refusal to choose between david and me. Until you decide who you want to be with, well, we're never going to be happy.

Kay: I agree with you, daddy.

Grace: Kay, not right now, all right.

What the hell is going on here. Why is everyone here?

Kay called to say she had important news.

Yeah, so what is it kay?

Grace. Yes, kay, you have gathered everybody once again. What is the big announcement --

Sam: Grace. Go ahead, honey, tell us w what you have to say.

Ivy: Take your time, you know haste makes waist.

Tabitha: I hope this is going to work. Not for snakes that his or owls that screech. This potion to silence human speech. And her name is kay, her plan is clear, to tell the truth to all those near. Stop h now, render silent and spare us your servants from deaths that are violent.

Kay: What i have to tell you all is that -- (coughing)

Are you all right? Tabitaitha: Pay back is a witch!

Sundays we're in slow motion

I can't believe you are still defending fox. He sol me out. Ruined my career. If i can't be a music producer, you can't be a singer. So fox stole your dreams, too.

Whitney: Chad, how are you not getting this. You can't produce a single note if you are dead. I can't sing if I'm 6 feet under. Fox saved our lives. I repeat, fox saved our lives. If you are too blind to see that's more important than sid and your work a all of this other stuff, then you really are a fool.

Eve: Fox, it appears we owe you a great debt of gratitude.

Tc: Don't be fooled by him. Must have beenal tear yor motive for him doing what he did.

Julian: There usually is.

Fox: All due respect, coach russell, short of getting out of here alive, what else did i have to gain?

Tc: I don't know. I am sure it is something.

Eve: You should be ashamed of yourself. You, too, julian. You are both attacking fox. What he did was no less than heroic.

Whitney: Mom is exactly right. Fox has @| been wonderful to us ever since we got here.

Eve: Fox, thank you for everything your family has done so much for our family. Julian was kind enough to fly us here so that we could seepf i whitney, make sure tha we all got here in one piece. And now, i get her and find out ttt you have saved whitney's life, i will never be able to express my thanks.,M

>>T/p whitney: Me, too.

Liz: Well, will you look at this? It seems two russell women are falling for two crane men.

Beth.. I think we should go home now. You almost drowned tonight. You have to get some res and let your body recuperate after the pounding it took in those rough waters.

Hank. Beth's right.

Luis: I am not going anywhere until I find out what happened to sheridan's baby. Why don't you take this little guy home. Damp out here, probably hungry. Yeah?

Beth: All right. I'll go find mother and precious and tell them we're going to head home. And hank, make sure luis takes it easy, okay.

Hank: I'll try but you know luis.

Beth upon. I can't get luis to leave, i will have to beg charlie not to rat me out. I wish i had time to freshen my make up. Charlie was alway weakest when i was my prettiest.

Ms. Wallace: Who are you really? What is it that you want?

Beth: Hey, precious. Sorryy I took so long. I hate it when you are mad at me. Please forgive me. Don't rat me out to luis. I will do anything to get back on your good side, okay. I mean, anything.

Charlie: Now you are talking.

Beth: What's going on?

Ms. Wallace: Charlie isn't who we thinks she is.

Beth: Don't be ridiculous, mother. Charlie is charlie.

Charlie: Yeah, beth. You keep thinking that. I have to go now.

Ms. Wallace upon. No. You got to talk to luis. You can't leave that poor defenseless baby in the arms of a certified whacko.

Beth: Hey, i am going to be a good mother.

I don't give a diaper load who raises that brat as long as it is not luis and sheridan.

Charlie: Both you zip it. You, babe, time for us to say our goodbyes am not that it hasn't been fun because it has. But time for me to disappear.

Beth: Where are you going?

Charlie: Charlie is going away.

Beth: The cops don't catch you --

Chaerl. Relax. No way the police will ever find me.

Beth: Luis has this town crawling with cops, the airport, bus depot, train staings, all of the roads in and out of harmony. <>

> Charlie. The doesn't matter, ill disappear without a trace. No one will ever see charlie again.

>>Beth: Okay. Take care. And thanks for all your help.

Charlie: Yeah. Like i said, i never could refuse a pretty lady. Charlie: Boy, when i think what you and i could have had together. Perhaps another time, my dear. Matt armstrong...

Both your cyster and niece came close to dying tonight. Now is not time for lurid speck laying about fox and whitney or eve and myself.

Liz: You are right, julian. Now is the time to fuel tc's anger at you and eve.

Tc: I still can't believe my daughter was shot, by her lying fiance wife no less.

Liz: I know. Whitney never should have been put in harm's ay like this. You know it is a shame she lost the security of her family, came 3,000 miles away to be with a boy who is wrong for her. Just like you said all along. And eve gav whitney her blessing, despite your concerns. And none of this would have happened if they had just listened to you.

Tc: I am glad you understand. I just don't understand why eve doesn't get it. Where is she so focus od thanks the cranes for helping us out instead of dealing with chad and the mess of things he has made.

Liz: I really can't say, tc.

Tc: Why is julian all of a sudden being so nice to our family? Fox, too?

Liz<: Why indeed.

Chad: Whitney, let's go some place and talk, just the two of us.

Whitney: No, chad. Look, i 7+in I don't want to talk to you. You know everyining that happened tonight, meetting shot, our friends and all of us almost dying tonight is your fault. You hid the truth about your past and when it finally came out. Look how many people suffered because of it. You are still blaming everyone else but yourself. No, no. I can't deal with that, chad. I can't deal with you.-W

Chad.. te reese A. You are whitney's best friend, tell me how to make this right.

>>$Gqresa: I don't think that you can, not right now, okay. <> > Ethan.. okay. I agree with her. Give whitney some time and see what happens.

Julian: You stay away from whitney russell.

Fox: Can't do that any more than you can stay away from dr. Eve.

Tabitha: Stop kay bennett for speaking all the secrets she's been keeping. (Coughing) I'll give you the heimlech maneuver. (Coughing)

Tabitha: You know. I'll think i will add a red hot chilly to give my spell extra boost. V know, i know. Mommy is aware that this recipe doesn't call for red hot chiles but when you have been casting spells for as long as i had, it is okay to improvise. This will make sure that kay keeps quiet and guarantees our safety. Oh, no.$X i guess mommy messed up. Kay.

Are you all right?

Kay: Just had a frog in my throat.

What is it that you wanted to tell us?

Grace: I hate to admit it, charity is sometimes easier to live with, easier to love than kay.

Grace: Kay, we're waiting.

Kay: I know you think i am a hear bell self fish person. But i don't hold a stick to you, mother. You are a horrible, self fish bitch.

Sam: Kay! Don't talk to your mother that way.

Kay: Daddy it is true. She has been keeping you a d david in limbo wondering who she going to stay with, like she's a prize in the first place.

Sam: Kay.

Kay am. I don't know how you have put up with her crap. Kbringt man would have kicked her out on her indecisive ass by now.

Tabivy: It would seem kay has decided not to accuse.

Kay: I think it is time my self fish mother do the right thing kp make a choice. Who is it going to be. Who do you choose to spend the rest of your life with? Daddy or david.

Luis.. you know, hank, about what you said before, about me being the connection to everything that happened, sheridan's baby being taken from her. Someone trying7 baby. Who the hell hates me so much they want to kidnap both of my children?Fu>

Beth. . Something really strange about charlie tonight.

Ms. Wallace: To me, strange two women kissing.

Beth: I don't mean the fact that she kissed me or the way she kissed me.

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