Passions Transcript Tuesday 11/11/03

Passions Transcript Tuesday 11/11/03

by Eric

Kay: I can't believe my mother's choosing david hastings over my dad.

Tabitha: Why not? She thinks david's her first husband and that she loved him long before she ever met your father.

Kay: Yeah, but it's a lie. Ivy paid david to convince my mom that they were married and had a n n together. That's the only reason my mother would even consider leaving my dad. I should have told her the truth a long time ago.

Tabitha: What has got into you, kay? Not half an hour ago, you were thrilled at all the angst yourotother was feeling.

Kay: Well, that was wrong. I've got to go tell her the truth.

Tabitha: Over my dead body, young lady.

Grace: You know, you really should come in and get out of those wet clothes before you get sick.

David: I'm fine. I'm much more worried about you. You've been shaking since you left the accident site.

Grace: I just can't believe what I've done to sam.

David: You were upset.

Grace: It was -- it was more than that. When I thought you had drowned, I -- I couldn't bear it. I called out for someone to save my husband.

David: And sam heard you.

Grace: Yeah, and everybody else that was there. He must be so hurt.

David: Look, it's not as if it's the first time he's heard of me being referred to as your husband.

Grace: You know, ivy was right. I have made cocomplete wreck out of the life of everybody that I care for the most.

David: Look, grace, don't be so hard on yourself.

Grace: How can I not? You know, I -- I made such a big deal about following my heart so I would know if I was supposed to be with you or sam. And then in the middle of a crisis, I shout out the one thing that makes it sound like it's been you all along.

John: I knew it. I knew my dad was the one you loved.

Jessica: Is that true, mom? Have you chosen david over dad?

Sam: Listen up -- try to get ahold of the news helicopter, see what's going on, ok?

Officer: Yes, sir.

Sa not now, ivy.

Ivy: I -- I'll only just take a second, sam. I just want to point out that in the midst of this disaster, at least now you have some closure in your personal life.

Sam: What are you talking about?

Ivy: Grace and david. At least now you know which one of you she thinks of as her real husband.

Reporter: The helicopter cameras have picked up something or someone in the water or on the beach. So far, we can t tell what exactly, but it's obviously a major development in our breaking story. Chief bennett, members of the lopez fitzgerald family, including sheridan crane herself, are beside themselves with tension, wondering if what's been sighted is the kidnapper, the baby, or something else.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Did you hear that, precious? Huh? Did you? Charlie could be alive. Oh, angels -- angels, let it be so. Because if charlie is alive, she's going to tell everyone that beth kidnapped sheridan in an attempt to steal her baby and try and pass it off as her own in a twisted plot just so she could make a life with luis. Oh, yeah, yeah. Yes, you little sweet, sweet, sweet, little thing. You little snookums. You're going to be back with your real mommy soon, and my devious daughter -- she is going to be hauled off to prison where she belongs.

Hallelujah hallelujah

hank: Can you see what the lights are picking up down there?

Luis: No, not yet.

Sheridan: Please don't let them find my baby.

Pilar: Sheridan, don't -- don't do that to yourself, mija. Remember what luis said -- there's no concrete evidence that your baby was in that car whent t went into the water.

Sheridan: But the baby seat --

antonio: No. Sheridan, look, there might not have been anything in the baby seat. Ok? We have to think positively here.

Luis: If they don't find the baby, I hope they at least find that kidnapper.

Hank: Then we'll figure out what the hell this has all been about, finally have the answers we've been looking for.

Beth: They can't find charlie alive. She's got to be dead.

Officer: Over here! We haven't searched the stand of trees yet

charlie: Oh, god. Oh, they can't catch me, not until I find beth and make her pay for using me to get to luis.

Officer: You take the right side, I'll take the left.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passionoror life

Kay: My mother and father think david's really my mom's first husband. I have to tell them that he's an imposter paid by ivy.

Tabitha: What? And ruin everything? Have you forgotten your dream about ending up with miguel?

Kay: No, I haven't given up on miguel. I I love him. He's the father of my baby.

Tabitha: Yes, and soon to be charity's husband if you run off to your parents and tell them the truth about david and ivy. You know as well as I do if your mother resolves this conflict and chooses your father, she'll be back to business as usual, which means shopping for wedding gowns with charity.

Kay: Well -- well, maybe not.

Tabitha: There's no "maybe" about it, dear. Your mother's number one goal in life is to punish you and reward charity. Oh, buck up, kay. Fight these pangs of conscience that stop you attaining your goal. You and I are in the business of doling out pain. It's fun. You chose to be on the dark side with me and endora, remember?

Kay: Yes, but I just think --

tabitha: Oh, well, you're either with us or you're not. There, my baby. Look at my little endora. Yeah, she's not waffling about any of this. She loves to bring pain and misery to as many people

p possible, don't you, my little darling?

Tabitha: Oh! Oh! Endora!

Kay: No!

Tabitha: No! Not your own mother, endora!

[Kay and tabitha scream]

Grace: John, I thought you were still down at the bridge.

John: I just got back a few minutes ago.

Jessica: Don't try and change the subject, mom. Are you leaving dad for david or not?

Grace: Look, sweetheart, you know, I just got home, and I have a lot of things that I have to think about --

jessica: You are! You're going to throw away r r family so you can be one with david and john?

David: No, jessica, please. I'm sure your mother has no intentions to make any rash decisions, all right? Now, if you and john could just give us a little -- a little private time, ok? I know I would love a cup of coffee, if you don't mind.

Grace: Yeah.

David: Hmm? Thank you.

Grace: I can't keep torturing everybody like this. I have to make a decision tonight. I'm sorry.

John: Mom, did you want one, too -- where did she go?

David: She went upstairs. She's -- she's very upset.

John: I don't get it.

David: She thought i drowned tonight, and I guess it made her realize how much she cares about me.

John: That's great, dad. Maybe we can finally start bfing the family we never got the chance to be.

David: Not much of a family when it's based on lies.

Beth: What do you think they've spotted out there?

Sheridan: It can't be my baby. It just can't be.

Officer: I think I see something by that tree.

Second officer: Ah, forget it. It's only a washed-up buoy.

Charlie: Oh, man, the lights are going to pick me up. Damn it.

Officer: Over there in the water!

Charlie: They found something. But it's not me. What the hell is going on?

Sheridan: Luis, what do you see?

Luis: It's -- uh --

sheridan: Oh, no.

Sheridan: Oh, my god, no. Oh. My baby! Oh, my god! My baby!

Officer: Your baby was in the suspect's car.

Luis: Well, I don't believe it.

Sheridan: No! My baby! I just want my baby! No! My baby can't be dead! No! No --

beth: I'm home free. Nobody will know that my baby is really sheridan'S. It's a chapter in canada's history, but for one edmontonian it's a time he can never forget.Fred chapmen will take you back to 1943 as young canadians died in a campaign to take italy from the germans. Remembering canada's war history.That's tonight on

[ Shouts of game ]

Reporter: We now know what the helicopter searchlights have picked up in the dark, choppy waters below -- baby clothes and toys scattered on the surface, some of them appear to have washed up on the shore. We have no confirmation, but it's beginning to look as if sheridan crane's baby was indeed in the kidnapper's car when she dveve her car off the bridge into the sea. What a sad, sad day for the crane and lopez fitzgerald families. The innocent newborn appears to have lost its battle to live. What a tragedy, what a loss.

Mrs. Wallace: No. No, no, no, no, the baby's not dead. The baby's right here. Oh, poor sheridan thinks that her baby is dead. No, no. No, no. Baby's right here. Right here. See?

Sheridan: My baby!

Antonio: Sheridan -- sheridan, hang on. Look, you've got to be strong, ok?

Sheridan: Oh, my --

pilar: Luis? No.

Luis: Sheridan needs me.

Pilar: No, mijo, you don't understand. Your brother -- he saw the two of you together, and he may have even heard sheridan say she loved you.

Luis: He knows? He finally kno t the truth?

Pilar: Well, he didn't really come out and say it, but there's a real possibility.

Luis: Well, then that's -- that's good. Sheridan and I can finally be together. No more of these lies.

Pilar: Wait, wait. Ok, I'm not sure how much your brother knows, but at any rate, this is not the time for you to walk over there and -- he needs to comfort his wife right now in her moment of grief.

Luis: Well, I need sheridan as much as she needs me. It's our baby.

Pilar: Well, your brother believes it's his. Please, don't make this tragic situation any worse than it already is.

Reporter: We know this is a terrible time for you, mr. Lopez fitzgerald, but if you would just give us a moment and share your pain --

antonio: If you don't get that camera out of my face right now, I'm going to break it with your skull!

Sheridan: My baby! I just want my baby!

Mrs. Wallace: No. No, no, no, sheridan, he's all right. Your son is right here. He's right here, and he's safe and he's sound.

Sheridan: My baby! God!

Shsheridan: My baby. I just want my baby.

Antonio: I know, I know.

Sheridan: Oh, god, no.

Luis: I should be with her right now.

Sheridan: No!

Luis: We need to give each other strength.

Pilar: Antonio is sheridan's husband. He believes he's lost s s child just as you do.

Sheridan: My baby --

luis: Excuse me. I hate to see her suffering like this. Can you -- can you just give her something?

Paramedic: I'll check with her husband. We can give her a sedative if you'd like.

Sheridan: My baby --

antonio: Yeah, anything that would help. That would be great.

Paramedic: Ok.

Sheridan: My baby. My baby. Ow.

Antonio: Ok, sheridan. How do you feel?

Sheridan: Tired. I'm so tired.

Antonio: Let's get her on the gurney. Come over here. Sit down. Lie down. Look, I really think she needs to go back to the hospital. She should have never left her bed there.

Luis: I'll go with her.

Antonio: No, luis, I'm her husband. I'll go.

Luis: Right. I'll stay here and help with the search. There's a chance that the baby or the kidnapper could still be alive.

Antonio: Luis, forget about it. The search is over.

Luis: What if antonio's right? I mean, what if the baby's dead, you know? Sheridan needs me right now. I can't even be with her.

Beth: You'll get over it, luis. I'll help you get over it. It'll just be you, me, and baby makes three. Little will you know it's the baby you think died today.

Mrs. Wallace: Would you look at that devious daughter of mine sucking up and acting all just sympathetic to luis? Boy, if he knew where his baby really was, huh?

[Mrs. Wallace gasps]

Mrs. Wallace: You are right, precious. I got to do something. I cannot let that monstrous spawn of mine get away with this heinous cre.E. Get the keys. We're going to the bridge. You drive. I'll get the baby.

Ivy: I don't mean to be insensitive, sam. It's just, from what I gathered, all of your questions about grace and your future with her were answered tonight right before your very eyes.

Sam: Look, I've got a lot of work to do, ok?

Ivy: It's all right, sam. I'll be here when you accept the inevitable. I've always been here. I always will be.

Sam: Is it really true, grace? Have I really lost you to david?

Jessica: Mom?

Grace: Hey. Thanks.

Jessica: Is it true? Are you leaving dad?

Grace: Look, sweetheart, I don't know. It's so complicated --

jessica: You are! Aren't you? How could you destroy our family like this?

Grace: No, sweetheart, I didn't say that I --

jessica: I heard what happened at the old bridge. You called david your husband right in front of dad. That must have killed him.

Grace: Sweetheart, please don't be angry with me, ok? Look, I promise you, I am doing the very best that I can and the last thing I want to do is hurt you kids or your father --

jessica: Then don't let it happen! Make david and john go away and let our family be like it was before they ever came here! Please, mom. You're the only one who can help.

Grace: Oh, baby.

Grace: Oh, god.

Jessica: Unless -- maybe there's someone else who can help.

Tabitha: Oh! Oh! Stop it! Stop it this instant, endora! You're not suppose to cause pain and injury to your own mother!

Kay: Oh!

Tabitha: Oh! Look what you've done, you naughty baby! You've destroyed all my best china. How am I supposed to clean all this mess up?

Tabitha: Oh. That's more like it -- using your talents to help mommy, not hinder her. She's very precocious.

Kay: That's one word for it. It's my dad. She's breaking his heart.

Tabitha: Now, this is no time for weakness, kay. If you help save your mother and father's marriage, you know the first thing your mother will do is turn her attention to getting charity and miguel wed. Is that what you want?

Kay: Of course it isn'T.

Tabitha: Well, then listen to me, child, and not your silly, muggle conscience.

Kay: But my father's the innocent person in all this. He's the one who least deserves to be hurt.

[Knock on door]

Jessica: Tabitha! Kay! I need to talk to you!

Tabithè oh, it's your brat sister. Quick, cover the bowl. Is anything wrong, dear?

Jessica: What's going on around here?

Kay: Nothing.

Jessica: Really? I just get the weirdest feeling.

Kay: Do you need me for something or not?

Jessica: It's mom. You've got to stop her from leaving daddy. You're the only one who can do it.

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Singer: You are my passion for life

kay: What could I possibly do to help? Mom doesn't even like me, much less take my advice.

Jessica: I'm not asking you to give her advice.

Kay: Well, then, why come ask me for help?

Jessica: You're the one who started this whole mess between mom and dad, so I figure you're the one most able to fix it.

Kay: How dare you blame me for mom playing dad for a fool with david hastings. You know, if she can't figure out who her real husband is, that's her doing, not mine.

Jessica: How did you know what the problem was? I never mentioned david.

Kay: Well, it's always about the same thing -- mom not being able to figure out who she's really married to. What does this have to do with me?

Jessica: Everything. If mom chooses david and john and leaves us? Come on, kay. Even if you don't give a damn about mom, you know I do. And so does noah.

Kay: Noah? He doesn't even come home on school holidays anymore. He won't miss her if she's gone.

Jessica: That's not true, and you know it.

Kay: What does this have to do with me?

Jessica: I think you made one of your evil pacts with the dark side and brought all this suffering and misery on mom just because you're mad at her for supporting charity and miguel.

Kay: Really? Like I'm in cahoots with demons and witches or something?

Jessica: All I know is you've sold your soul in the past to get whatever it is you want. Who's to say you wouldn't do it again to get revenge on mom? Maybe you put a curse on her and our family.

Kay: I did nothing of the sort.

Jessica: Well, something's gone terribly wrong, and I think you're behind it somehow. Please, kay, however mad you are at mom, don't take it out on me and dad. Don't tear apart our family because of it. Do something to stop this, please.

Tabitha: Don't even consider it, kay.

Luis: Now, listen, just because we've spotted baby clothing and toys down there, that doesn't mean that the baby drowned.

Sam: You're grasping at straws, luis.

Luis: Yeah, well, if the baby drowned, then why haven't we found him?

Sam: The body could be trapped below the surface.

Luis: Well, I don't believe it. And I'm not going to believe it until we see proof! We don't even know if the baby was in the kidnapper's vehicle.

Beth: Luis, you're in denial, and I don't blame you. I mean, I can't think of anything worse than losing an infant.

Luis: Hey, beth, why don't you shut up! All right? The baby's not dead!

Charlie: Yeah. You're right, macho man. Sheridan's baby is safe and sound at the wallace homestead. But how will you ever know? The old bat and the ape took themselves out for a drive. I wonder what she's up to.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, I'm coming, precious. It's not easy handling the baby and my walker at the same time. Ok. Oh, oh. There's luis.

Oh. And it is time I reintroduce him to his son -- not the son he thinks he had with beth but the son he thinks he lost with sheridan. Ot diffentnt whenyou're at ronald mcdonald house.

Johnny: Pigs ain't -- pigs ain't one of nature's creatures.Ke my glasses off?

Johnny: Yeah.Arch on saturday.

Brenda: Oh--

Dana: What? My mom's gonna be there.

Brenda: Well--

Shannon: It's a good idea. It's all women.

Brenda: I don't think so.

Shannon: It's all women.

Brenda: Yes, a lot of women. No, it kind of makes me nervou it sounds pretty awful.

Zach: So let me g straight. She kissed both I wanted to understand.Humming ]

Nicole: Where's the smile. Come on, there it is., Boy. I mean -- it tracks illusio forget it. Damn!Ow what?Man is for me?

Sha randy ko has been more of a it's not friend to me than any man I've l ever known. Know,

Randy: And it even works. See?

Randy: I mean, forget the fact, all right, that you set g ]

Will. Of course they a - action. ? A - always. B-b-c, closing.Shannon: I know it's not randy ko.Ou

Shannon: Uh, there was some was zmerng. Fire but I didn't fire him. Gavin.

Johnny: Watch out, I've got a clear shot.

Kay: What if I don't want to play by your rules anymore? What if I go to my dad and I tell him david was never married to my mom, that he's just some guy being blackmailed byvy so she can sink her hooks into my father?

Tabitha: Didn't you try before to tell everyone the truth about david and ivy's little scheme? And did they listen to you? No.

Kay: Well, this time, I'll make them believe me.

Tabitha: But they won't, kay. You're the original girl who cried wolf, remember? And now, for some unknown reason, you think that if you tell everyone the truth, everything will be different. Suddenly you will be your parents' beloved firstborn daughter. I don't think so, dear. No, that horse has already left the barn. No, I'll tell you what will happen if you tell everyone the truth. Your mother will continue to treat you like the ugly stepchild while she fusses over jessica and john, and your father will hate you for not telling him the truth sooner. So, basically, you'll be further out in the cold with your family than you are now. Is that what you want?

[Knock on door]

Grace: David, I --

david: Listen, I didn't come up here to put more pressure on you. I just wanted to let you know that I'm going back to my room at the b&b and john is coming with me.

Grace: I'm sorry. You know, I -- I should be looking after yoafafter almost drowned in the ocean tonight and --

david: Grace, grace, I'm fine. I'm fine. Look, I just -- I just want to say that whatever you decide, whoever you choose to spend your future with, I love you.

Grace: Thank you.

David: Ok.

[Phone rings]

David: Hello?

Ivy: Hello, david. It's me. So, tell me everything.

David: How is it that you get so much enjoyment out of other people's misery?

Ivy: Look, before you give me another sermon, just answer me this -- do you plan on making grace your real wife someday, or has that changed?

David: God help me, no.

Ivy: Just as I thought. Then we should bcocongratulating one another on our mutual victory. Sam and grace will never get past her calling you her husband in your hour of need.

David: Yeah, well, it's putting grace through a lot of stress.

Ivy: Yeah, well, sam's a wreck, too. But he is going to be fine -- with my help. So just call me if anything changes.

David: Well, I made a deal with the devil, and the note's come past due. I am going to hell with ivy -- no queioion about that. But at least here on earth I'll be with grace.

Doctor: Take her in there. I'm sorry. Yoyou'll have to wait outside until I examine her.

Antonio: No, I'm her husband.

Doctor: I've been filled in on the circumstances, and I want to extend my condolences to you and your wife.

Pilar: Antonio, look, luis is right. We still have no proof that the baby was in the car when it went into the water.

Antonio: If the baby wasn't in there, why were all those baby things in the water?

Pilar: I have no answer for that.

Antonio: Well, then maybe you coulgigive me an answer about something else.

Pilar: What's that, mijo?

Antonio: You know, I saw sheridan and the wayhe was acting after she thought luis had drowned and we went back in to search for the baby. And then I saw them together after I pulled him out. From the way she acted, you'd have thought she was his wife, not mine.

Pilar: Well, sheridan -- you know, she was so scared. You know how much she loves you.

Antonio: It's about how much she loves luis -- that's what I'm asking about.

Pilar: Antonio, this is not the time for such foolish questions when -- once sheridan gets stronger, you can straighten things out with her yourself.

Antonio: Yeah, I'll do that.

Doctor: You can go see your wife now. E'e's still unconscious, but she's stable.

Antonio: Sheridan. What's going on? What's the story between you and luis? The real one?

[Sheridan moans]

Antonio: What's that?

Sheridan: Luis --

antonio: Luis. Yeah, luis.

Hank: Take it easy. Beth is just trying to help.

Luis: I know. I'm sorry, ok? It's just that I'm not giving up hope with the baby until I know for sure that it's gone, ok?

Sam: You ok?

Mrs. Wallace: Come on, precious.

Beth: Mother.

Mrs. Wallace: The baby was crying, so I thought I'd bring it to its mother, you know? I thought sheridan was here.

Luis: She was. She just -- she was really upset, so she went back to the hospital.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I see.

Luis: Precious.

Beth: Mother? Precious? This is no place for the baby.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I beg to differ with you. I think this is definitely the right place.

Luis: You two work this out because I got things to do.

Beth: Oh, by all means. Don't worry -- I'll try to talk some sense into my mother.

Luis: Ok.

Charlie: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Luis is coming straight for me. I can't let him see me.

Beth: What the hell are you doing?

Charlie: What do you think I'm doing? I am going to reunite this little fellow with his real mommy. Now, I am very sorry that sheridan is not here, but luis is going to be very, very happy to hear that the baby he thought was dead is right here. And I'm going to tell him everything, bethie -- everything. Come on, precious!

Beth: No, mother!

Mrs. Wallace: No, no! Hey, luis! Luis!

Luis: What is it, mrs. Wallace? Can't it wait till later?

Mrs. Wallace: I'm afraid not. I need you, luis. This is important!

Luis: Ok.

Mrs. Wallace: There is something -- something you need to know. X

sam: What are our chances of finding and bringing up the suspect's car?

Officer: Tonight? Zero. It would be a miracle if we locate it before the storm rolls in.

Ivy: Is there anythin I can do?

Sam: No, ivy. Um -- I'm very busy.

Ivy: Well, maybe I could call grace for you.

Sam: Listen, ivy, ok? I will call grace as soon as I catch a minute.

Ivy: Sure. It doesn't matter when you talk to grace, sam. It's over between the two of you. She chose david, and that means I get you.

Grace: What do I do? How do c choose? Dear god, please help me know who it is I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with.

[Knock on door]

David: Hey. So, how you doing?

John: Ok. Better, really. For the first time since you brought me to meet my mom, I've got real hope that we're going to be a family someday -- maybe even soon.

David: Well, it's all up to her. It's all up to her.

Tabitha: Well, which is it, kay? Do you listen to reason -- I.E. Me -- or do you do the most foolish thing imaginable and come clean with your parents about david and ivy's little plot?

Kay: It's like I said -- you know, this isn't about my mom. I'm used to being ignored and dismissed by her. It's my dad. You know, I can't stand to see him hurting like this for a second longer. I've got to go tell him the truth about everything.

Tabitha: You're making a terrible mistake, kay.

Kay: I don't think so. I have to do what's right for him.

Tabitha: Deluded. Deluded child!

[Door closes]

Tabitha: Oh. Yes, my darling demona. You're right to be afraid. If kay tells her parents what david and ivy are up to, then she'll very likely move on to telling them about us. And this time, they might believe her. Yes. And then we both could be burned at the stake. Oh. Yes.

Sheridan: Luis?

Antonio: No. It's only me. Now, look, sheridan, I don't know what the deal is between you and luis, but I'm going to find out. And if it's what I think, I am not going to let you go. I'm going to fight for you with every breath I have in me.

Luis: Well, can't this wait until I check out what the searchers have found? It's -- it's not the best time.

Beth: Leave luis alone, mother. He's trying to find his baby.

Charlie: Please don't let him come any closer.

Beth: Go on, luis. Go do whatever it is you need to do. I'll -- I'll talk to my mother, ok?

Mrs. Wallace: Easy, easy.

Beth: Listen to me. Don't you dare say anything to ls s about my baby.

Mrs. Wallace: But that's just it, bethie. When luis hears that this is not your baby, sheridan's baby, oh, it's going to make his night and decimate the plans that you have for your future. Oh!

Luis: Excuse me, I -- I don't mean to be rude, but, you know, I have to do whatever it takes to find everything out about my baby.

Beth: Yeah.

Luis: You understand?

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah. I do. Your baby, luis, and that's exactly what I want to talk to you about. Luis --

luis: Yeah?

Mrs. Wallace: This is your baby. So you can stop looking. Honey, this is your son.

Sam: When I heard the tone of her voice, I thought that you'd told kay that you'd chosen david over me.

Kay: I know what I have to do, and no one can stop me.

[Kay screams]

T.C.: Give me one good reason why I wouldn't rip you apart right now!

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