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By Eric

Whitney: You got the gun with latoya's fingerprints on it. You really did save my life tonight.

Fox: Yeah. Yeah. Well, somebody had to do something in there, right, guys?

Whitney: Yeah.

Theresa: You see? Fox knew what he was doing the entire time. He distracted puff dog and his men with all that wheeling and dealing and used that to get the evidence we need

p put latoya in jail.

Fox: That's right. And once we give that gun over to the cops, they can dust it for prints, they can run their ballistics test, and I think puff dog and latoya will be facing multiple charges. So you're not really going to have to worry about them coming after you ever again.

Whitney: Thank you, fox. Thank you very much.

Fox: You're welcome.

Ethan: All right. I'm sorry, man. I misjudged you. You weren't trying to put whitney into more danger, you were using your head to entrap latoya. It's good work.

Fox: Wow. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Chad: And I owe yo an apology, too. I mean, I should have have known you wouldn't play fast and loose with syd's singing contract. You know how much my producing her meant to me.

Fox: Right. Um -- actually, you're not going to be producing her first C.D. Anymore. It cost my family a fortune, but the crane lawyers already inked the deal and syd's working for puff dog now, chad.

Chad: How could you, man? You knew syd was my ticket to the big time. You lousy son of a --

whitney: Oh, no, no, no, hey, hey, hey --

fox: I'm sorry. But I really didn't have another choice in there, chad.

Chad: No, if you were smart enough to get the gun, you were smart enough to fake the deal.

Fox: Puff dog's too smart for that. I had to offer that guy something legit to get us out of there alive tonight, chad, ok? This is the price.

Whitney: No, chad completely understands that, right? You did what you had to do for us --

chad: No, the hell I do. Who the hell are you to sell me out like that? You knew syd was my ticket to the big time. You just gave her to puff dog. Now I got nothing, man. Nothing.

David: You're not going to let ivy's words get to you, are you?

Grace: Well, it's hard not to when at least some of them are true.

David: I don't think you're a tease. And I'm sure sam doesn't, either. Ivy just doesn't know you.

Grace: Well, maybe not, but at least one thing she said is right. I haven't been fair to either you or sam. I mean, both of your lives are just a complete mess because I can't make a decision. Sam was the only husband I knew. I mean, I had a family and a home. It was storybook.

David: Until I came along.

Grace: Well, yeah. But you know what? It was incredible finding out I had this whole other life before even met sam. I mean, a husband who still loved me and a son. I might not remember that time in my life and I don't remember our marriage, but my feelings for you are starting to come back. I mean, I feel so connected to you and john. I can't imagine what my life would be without the two of you. I mean, I don't even want to think about what that would --

ivy: Brilliant. Truly brilliant, david. I didn't think you had it in you. Taking grace away to all those romantic places where you were supposedly together and in love? She'll never suspect that you never met her before you came to harmony, much less shared a conjugal bed.

David: I just -- I just want to give the relationship between grace and me a chance, a real chance. And if you and john are right and she has genuine feelings for me --

ivy: Well, then this trip should do the trick. Make it happen, romeo. Make her fall in love with you when you take her away. Give yourself a wife, your son a mother. You know it's what you want.

David: Grace, I don't want to put any pressure on you. But I have to admit that I am hoping that you'll fall in love with me all over again. I just want to create the most romantic atmosphere I can. I want you to see that I love you more than anything in the world.

Grace: I just don't want you to be too disappointed if I don't remember.

David: Well, of course I'd be disappointed, but I don't think I will be. I want you to see that we can recapture the magic of when we were first married. We can have that great love again.

Mrs. Wallace: Come on, precious. Come on, have your drink, huh? The gin will calm your nerves down. Oh, all right, I know you're upset about luis, but there's nothing we can do about it.

Beth: My sweet boy is sleeping like a little angel.

Mrs. Wallace: Your little sweet boy? Oh, yeah, right. No, that is sheridan's baby, not yours.

Beth: Nobody will ever know that, mother. Charlie's dead at the bottom of the deep blue sea. Nobody else but you and precious knows the truth. So unless you guys want to join charlie, you'll keep your big yap shut, right? What about you, precious? All right, what's she upset about?

Mrs. Wallace: Well, let's just say that your plan to raise sheridan's baby with luis may not pan out.

Beth: And why is that?

Mrs. Wallace: Because luis is missing.

Beth: What?

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah. He went underwater, you know, to try and get sheridan's baby, which everyone thinks was in the car with charlie when she went off over the bridge.

Beth: No. But the baby's been here the whole time.

Mrs. Wallace: Duh. Thank you very much, missy. Luis may die because of you.

Sheridan: Luis! Luis, where are you?

Sam: Hey, what's this I hear about luis going under?

Diver: A big wave hit him. Haven't seen him since.

Officer: Wee searching the water with the spotlights, but there's still no sign of him.

Diver: There's such a strong undertow, not even a strong guy like luis could fight it. I don't think there's any way he could survive out there.

Sam: We got to do something.

Sheridan: Oh, god, no. Plplease, god, no, not luis. I can't lose him, too. I love luis so much. He has to come back to me. No. I love him too much to lose him.

Antonio: Sheridan and luis? My wife and my brother in love?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

beth: Ok, why aren't they telling us what's happening with luis?

Mrs. Wallace: Because there's nothing new. The last report said they were searching for him. They obviously haven't found him yet -- if they ever do.

Singer: If you go away on this summer day then you might as well take the sun away all the birds that flew in the summer sky when our love was new and our hearts were high when the day was young and the night was long and the moon stood still for the night bird's song if you go away if you go away if you go away but if you stay I'll make you a day like no day has been or will be again we'll sail on the sun we'll ride on the rain we'll talk to the trees and worship the wind then if you go I'll understand leave me just enough love to hold in my hand if you go away if you go away if you go away if you go away please don't go away

beth: No, no, no this cannot be happening. I can't lose luis now, not after all the trouble I've gone to!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, she has got to mean all the pain and torment that you have caused innocent people.

Beth: No, luis can't die now. He just can't!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, it is ironic, isn't it, bethie? Huh? Huh? If luis dies, it's because he was trying to find sheridan's baby that you stole from her just to snag him. Yes, missy. Whoo! All the evil things you did to try and get luis for yourself could turn out to be the thing that kills him. So, come on, precious, hey. Come on. Let's clap here. Let's clap for bethie! Good job there, honey! You really know how to get a man! Bravo! Bravo!

Beth: Shut up!

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah!

Beth: Stop your stupid clapping!

Mrs. Wallace: This is not how I thought things would end for luis. But you'll never get him. No, no man wants to be with you. They would rather die than get stuck with you.

Beth: I will get luis. You just watch.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey. Hey, where do you think you're going?

Beth: I'm going to that bridge. I don't care if I have to dive in and pull luis out of the ocean myself. I will not lose him this way -- or any other way. Precious, look after the baby until I get back.

David: I'm sorry to have put you in a position to have to choose between me and sam.

Grace: No, david, it's not your fault.

David: Yes, it is. If I hadn't come to harmony --

grace: Then I never would have known the joy of finding out I had another son. Or getting to know you again and spending time with you and caring for you.

David: You mean that?

Grace: Well, yes, david, I -- I feel like I've grown much closer to you. And at the same time, I've grown apart from sam. And then there's ivy just waiting to sink her talons into him. I'm afraid if I don't make a decision soon, she's going to make one for me.

Grace: You know, I should have figured. Well, I better get down to the old bridge because I'm not going leave things this open for her.

Sheridan: Luis! Luis!

Sam: Look, I know the conditions are getting worse by the minute, but if any of you were in luis' situation, he'd keep looking for you no matter what. So please don't give up, ok? Keep up the search.

Ivy: Do you think they'll be able to find luis?

Sam: They have to. I just hope to god he's still alive when they do.

Sheridan: Please, luis -- pleaseomome back to me. Please don't leave me. I love you so much.

Antonio: My wife and my brother in love? I mean, there were times that they seemed close and connected. But in love with each other? What the -- sheridan and luis? My own brother? What in the hell's going on here? Hey, hey, luis. It's all right. I'm here now. Come on.

Luis: Look, my sheridan would never run away.

Antonio: Your sheridan? What the hell are you talking about? Almost every time I walk away, I come back and I hear you talking about sheridan like she's the most important person in your life.

Luis: All right, listen, antonio --

hank: No, lighten up. We're all on edge here. No need to take it out on each other.

Antonio: I'm asking him a simple question. Now, am I going to get a straight answer or not?

Sheridan: I don't want to be away from you ever again.

Antonio: You won't be. From this day forward, you and I are going to be together forever, ok?

Sheridan: Luis --

antonio: Luis? Could the truth have been staring me in the face this whole time?

Sheridan: I can't lose luis, too. I just can't!

Sam: Sheridan, listen, we're doing everything we can to find him.

Pilar: Ok. It'll be ok. We won't lose him. The strength in our faith will bring him back to us.

Hank: Bad news. The divers refused to continue the search, and the coast guard can't find any divers that are willing to risk these waters. Luis is on his own.

Sheridan: No. No, luis!

Hank: Sheridan! Luis is my best friend. I'm not going to let him die out there. I'm going in and get him back.

Sam: I'm going with you.

Ivy: No, sam, wait. Do you think that's wise? I mean, you have children besides ethan to consider.

Sam: I have to. Luis would do the same for me.

Diver: You people have a death wish if you're going to go out in that water.

Officer: You'll never make it.

Hank: That's a risk we're willing to take.

Antonio: What's going on?

Sam: Luis went under, and he hasn't come back up yet. The divers think it's too dangerous to continue the search, so hank and I are going to go and get him ourselves.

Officer: I'm telling you, it's freezing down there, and the current is too strong. You're both going to end up dead.

Hank: We're willing to risk it to save luis.

Sam: That's right.

Antonio: Well, I'm going, too.

Sam: All right.

Sheridan: Antonio --

pilar: Mijo, please, I wish you would reconsider.

Antonio: No. No, mama. Luis rescued sheridan from the kidnapper, and, well, I'm going to try to rescue him.

Sheridan: Please be careful. Antonio, I -- I want you to be careful.

Antonio: I'll be careful. I promise I'll bring luis back.

Chad: You deliberately stole syd from me to give to puff dog.

Fox: No, it's true I used syd as a bargaining chip, but, chad, I didn't do it to hurt you, ok? I did it to save our lives.

Chad: You used something that didn't belong to you, man.

Fox: I used the one thing that I knew puff dog wanted -- syd singing for his label -- and it worked. Look at us. We're all he, , we're all breathing.

Chad: You screwed me, man. You messed up my career before it even got going.

Whitney: Ok, chad, chad, stop it. Ok? What is the matter with you?

Chad: Well, haven't you been listening? Fox ruined my shot at the majors. Now, if I can't be a big-name producer, you can't be a singer. So by stealing syd, fox stole your shot to be a star.

Whitney: Ok, did you not eat today or something? Because you are so not getting this. Fox did what he had to do to save our lives. Puff dog was going to kill us. And giving away syd's contract is a small price to pay for our lives. Now, instead of being angry with fox, you should be thanking him.

Sasam: Yeah. Listen up. Luis is missing, all right? We need more searchlights brought in to help sweep the area. Right there?

Diver: That's the area.

Sam: Ok. Good. Thanks.

Grace: Oh, my god, luis.

Sam: Grace, what are you doing here?

Grace: Well, I knew luis would never give up on his search for sheridan's baby, so david and I came to see if we could help.

Sam: Just pray that we find luis.

Grace: "We"?

Sam: I'm going in to find luis myself.

David: I'll help you.

Grace: No, david --

sam: Look, thanks for the offer, ok, but the water's a little too rough for you.

David: I've been diving for years. I'm used to rough wate.. anything to get the right picture, right?

Sam: Whatever you want.

John: I want to go in, too.

Grace: No, absolutely not. I won't allow it.

David: Listen to your mother.

John: All right, I'll stay here with mom, but be careful, all right?

David: I will, I will.

Grace: Yes, david, please be careful.

David: I will. Ok. Let's go.

Ivy: This is going better than I thought.

Beth: Everybody's too busy to notice poor sheridan standing at the edge of the bridge all by herself. And since nobody knows that I'm here, I could just push her. And then they'd think that she fell to her death by accident. Then -- then I wouldn't have to worry about her royal blondeness hooking up with luis after he's rescued. Then I'd get sheridan's baby and her man all to myself. Get ready to join charlie at the bottom of the sea.

whitney: How can you possibly come down on fox after he just saved our lives?

Chad: Damn it, whitney, he stole my singer.

Whitney: How are you not getting this? Fox did not set out to steal syd. He was looking for a bargaining chip to use with puff dog, and he found it. And I'm glad he did, or we might all be dead rit t now.

Theresa: Whitney, can you understand chad's frustration?

Whitney: No, no, actually, I don't because singers are a dime a dozen and our lives are priceless. And the fact that you don't get that is beyond me.

Ethan: Whitney, I think chad's more angry at the situation than anything --

whitney: Ok, no, no, no. You guys need to stop defending him because I think chad is furious with fox for trading syd's contract for our lives.

Chad: Don't you get it? Syd's contract wasn't for fox to trade.

Whitney: Do you not see how petty you're being? Huh? Puff dog was going to kill us all. So I don't care what deal fox had to make. Nothing is more important anan our lives.

Chad: Syd was my artist, all right? My future was based on producing her C.D. It could have gone platinum. But now that's all gone because of fox.

Whitney: Oh, my god. So what you're telling me is that syd's contract is more important to you than our lives. Is that what you're saying, chad?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I just hope luis is going to be all right, you know? Hey, can you believe that idiot daughter of mine? Rushing down there to that bridge like -- like she's going to make a lick of difference. What does she think she's going to do, dive in and save luis? She can barely swim. She'll probably drown. Oh, gee. With every cloud, there is a silver lining. Oh, no. No, if she drowns, then who would make sure that we're taken care of? Oh, no. No, no, no. Precious, unfortunately, we need beth to live. But I hope that she never gets luis. I hope they have found luis and charlie because then charlie's going to tell them everything. And then luis and sheridan will be able to have their baby back. And beth will get life in the slammer, and that is a perfect ending to this mess. Whoo!

[Music plays]

Luis: You nurtured me back to health. You know something? I don't even want to go back to my old life with sheridan and those other humans. Precious, you know, if you'll have me, I want to stay here with you.

Mrs. Wallace: To perfect endings.

Beth's voice: Torching your house didn't kill you. Neither did shooting you or drowning you. But even you can't fly, sheridan. Sohehen I push you off this bridge, you're finally, finally going to die.

John: What's going on?

[Sheridan gasps]

Sheridan: Beth, what are you doing?

Beth: Saving your life. You didn't realize how close you were to the edge, you were so upset about luis.

Sheridan: I was?

Beth: You were seconds away from -- from falling. Somehow, I just managed to pull you back just in time.

Sheridan: Thank goodness.

John: Are you ok, sheridan?

Sheridan: I guess. Yes. Beth, thank yofor saving my life.

Beth: Well, what are friends for, huh?

Sheridan: Yeah.

John: That's what I love about living in harmony. Everyone goes to bat for each other.

Sheridan: Yeah.

Beth: Yeah.

Beth's voice: Yeah, I wish I had a bat to go after sheridan with.

Pilar: Beth?

Beth: Hmm?

Pilar: I am surprised to see you here. Who's watching the baby?

Beth: Oh, mother and precious are watching after him right now. We saw what was happening tv, and I just had to come down here because I was so worried about luis and sheridan and the baby.

Sheridan: Oh, god -- my baby. My poor baby. And luis. They have to find them. I can't lose luis and my baby, too.

Beth's voice: Too late, sher-sher. The baby's already mine. And luis will be, too, once they find him.

Hank: No sign of luis. What about you? Any luck?

Antonio: No. The storm's got the silt so churned up in the water, I can barely see a few feet in front of me.

Hank: Fighting these currents is damn near impossible.

David: Anything?

Hank: No, nothing.

Sam: Damn it. I didn't see luis, either.

Hank: These currents are so strong, they could have pulled luis out to sea.

Sam: God, I hope not.

Antonio: I'm going to go look over in that direction.

Hank: Antonio, no, it's too far out.

Sam: Hank's right. You might not make it back.

Antonio: Well, I've got to try. Luis is my brother.

Sam: Antonio! Antonio! Tt armstrong was the yummiest crush of my life,

Singer: You are my passion for life

mrs. Wallace: Luis has been missing a long, long time. If they haven't found him yet, I'm not sure they ever will. Oh, I know, precious. I'm sorry. I know you have a thing for luis. But you got good taste, precious. Luis is delish, mr. Yum-yum and then some. You know, if I were younger -- a little bit younger -- I'd go after him, and I'd get him, too. Oh, yes, I would. Boy, in my day, oh, I couldn't keep the fellows away. They all wanted me. And most of them had me. Oh!

Man: Yo! Hey!


Second man: Hey, man.

Third man: Goodo o see you.

Fourth man: What's up, man?

First man: Good to see you.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Whoo! Who's ready for some afternoon delight?


Mrs. Wallace: I thought so. Give that to mama.

Man: Whoo!

Mrs. Wallace: Ok, now, who wants to boogie first?


Mrs. Wallace: Ok, boys, calm down. Edna has enough to go around for everybody.


Mrs. Wallace: Whoo!

Oh. I wasn't anything like beth. I never had to resort to the insanity that she has unleashed to try and get luis. No. If bethie -- oh, if bethie had just been a little bit more like me, sheridan wouldn't have stood a chance.

Sam: Anything?

Hank: No. You?

Sam: What about antonio?

Hank: I haven't seen him.

Sam: Damn it. I hope he doesn't come up missing like luis. Let's check over here. Come on.

Sheridan: I just don't see anyone. Do you?

Pilar: No. And the waves keep getting bigger.

John: Mom, it'll be all right. Everyone's going to make it out -- even luis.

Pilar: Both my sons?

Dios mio, por favor,

protege mis hijos.

Sheridan: My baby. My poor byby is out there somewhere in the dark, cold water. And luis and antonio. Oh, please, god, let them all be all right.

Beth's voice: Come on, luis. You have to be ok.

Ivy: Oh, please, god, let all the summers that sam spent on the water give him the wisdom and the knowledge to bring luis back safe and sound.

Sam: Anything?

Hank: I didn't see either of them.

Antonio: Guys, over here! I found luis!

Sam: Oh, thank god!

Hank: I just hope it's not too late.

Sheridan: Luis! Antonio found luis!

Pilar: Oh, thank god!

Grace: Our prayers have been answered.

Beth's voice: Please, luis, you have to be ok. You just have to be.

Sheridan: Come back to me, luis. Please come back to me. "Hold on, I'm comin'" playing ]

whitney: What's more important to you, chad, syd's contract or our lives, huh?

Fox: Ok. I think everybody can chill out a little bit. I'm sure there's an explanation. Look, whitney, chad doesn't even know what he's saying right now, ok? There's no way that he'd put more importance on syd's contract than on your life. I mean, he loves you. Isn't that right, chad?

Chad: Fox, look, you just stay out of this, ok? You're making things worse.

Whitney: Oh, no, chad, you've done that all by yourself. You know, it's obvious to me now that syd is more important to you than I ever was.

Hank: Antonio, where are you?

Antonio: Over here! I have luis over here!

Sam: I just hope we can get to luis and antoniinin time!

Ivy: Please, god,cing all of the men back safely.

Sheridan: My baby. What about my baby?

Beth's voice: Your baby is at home with his grandma edna and auntie precious, but you'll never know that. You'll end up thinking he's as dead as charlie.

Pilar: Por favor, dios mio, bring my sons safely back to me, and the men that are risking their lives to save them. Please.

Antonio: Hurry up! I'm about to lose him!

Sam: We've got you!

Hank: We got you and luis both! Come on, luis!

Ivy: I can't see anything. Can you?

Grace: No, and I can't hear anything, either.

Ivy: You're right.

Beth's voice: They have to save luis. They have to. I did not go to all of this trouble to be a single mother.

Sheridan: I think I see something.

Pilar: It's them!

Sheridan: Yes!

Officer: All right, let's hoist that man out of the water. Prepare to give luis C.P.R. If it's not too late already.

Diver: Got it.

Sheridan: No. Please, god. Luis. Luis!

Pilar: Thank god!

Beth: "Thank god" is right.

Diver: He's not breathing.

Sheridan: Oh, god. Please, you have to save him! Please!

Diver: One, two, three, four, five.

Sheridan: Luis, you can't die. Luis, you can't leave me! Please, you have to be all right!

Diver: One, two three -- ] n?Y?Ylqxc

Whitney: Wow. Syd is obviously more important to you than I ever realized. You seem more concerned about losing her stupid contract than the fact that puff dog almost killed us all tonight.

Chad: Whitney, look, all right, it's not what I meant.

Whitney: Unless maybe it's not just syd's contract that you're really upset about, right?

Chad: And what are you saying?

Whitney: Maybe you're really upset about losing syd herself. Maybe that's what this was all about. Huh? And you know what? I got to get out of here. Fox, would you mind, please, taking me back to the hospital?

Chad: No, no, I'll take you.

Whitney: No, chad, I don't really want to be around you right now. Ok? Can we just go, please?

Fox: Yeah. Yeah, let's go.

Diver: One, two, three, four --

mrs. Wallace: Thank you, angels! Thank you for finding luis! Now, please, just save him, ok? And if you can dredge up charlie, that would be perfect, too. Weobi mean, look, if they did pull luis out of the water, I don't see why they can't pull charlie out of the water, too. I mean, there's a chance that she survived. And I, for one, have all my fingers crossed that she did because charlie horse is the only one who could tell luis everything that beth has done. And then -- then luis and sheridan are finally going to be reunited with their baby. And beth will be done for.

[Mrs. Wallace blows raspberry]

Mrs. Wallace: Right?

Sheridan: Luis, please be ok.

Diver: Two, three, four, five.

Sheridan: Please, please.

Diver: One, two, three, four, five.

Hank: You ok, antonio?Ci

antonio: Yeah. I'm just trying to stay warm and catch my breath. It's the roughest I've ever seen it out there.

Grace: Where's david? I anan, everyone came ashore but him. Hank, have you seen david?

Hank: David? Come to think of it, no, I haven'T.

Grace: Oh, no.

Hank: I mean, he was right behind us when we brought luis back to shore. I just assumed he made it back.

Grace: Oh, my god. You know, he must still be out in that water. We have got to find david.

Ivy: David can't drown. I need him to take grace away from harmony.

Hank: We've got another man missing -- david hastings. He never made it back to shore with the rest of us.

Grace: Please, you've got to find him. It's david. I can't lose him. I can't lose my husband.

Ivy: I wonder where sam's gog g to take me on our honeymoon.

Sheridan: Luis, please, you have to be all right.

[Luis coughs]

Sheridan: Oh!

Diver: It looks like he's going to be all right.

Sheridan: Oh, thank god! Oh, luis, you're all right. Oh, thank god you didn't leave me.

Beth: Damn you, sheridan. I'm the one that should be holding luis, not you.

Pilar: Antonio.

Mijo, thank god you're all right and that you saved luis. I -- I was so afraid when you went in after your brother, so afraid that I would lose you both. Oh, god.

Antonio: Maybe I should have been the one that had been lost.

Pilar: Why would you say such a thing?

Sheridan: We've been looking for our baby, and we are so tired.

Beth: I'll help you find your baby -- not.

Grace: Please, my husband is out there. You have to help him.

Ivy: You're driving sam away, grace. You're driving him right into my arms.

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