Passions Transcript Tuesday 09/30/03

Passions Transcript Friday 10/31/03

By Eric

Whitney: Gwen, are you crazy? Stop it!

Theresa: What are you doing?

Gwen: What I should have done a long time ago, theresa. I am going to kill you.

Whitney: No, gwen -- gwen, stop it! Stop it, gwen!

Gwen: I hate you!

Whitney: Stop it!

Gwen: I hate you! I hate you!

Whitney: Gwen!

Gwen: You killed my baby and you ruined my marriage. You are finished, theresa. I swear to god, I'm going to kill you. You are not walking out of here alive!

Whitney: Gwen, stop it! Please stop it!

[Theresa groans]

Gwen: No, not until she's out of my life forerer, whitney.

Whitney: Somebody help! Help! Please help! She's going to kill her!

Puff dog: You messed with me once too often, harris. No one does that to the puff dog and walks away from it.

Chad: I'm not afraid of you.

Puff dog: See, that's the kind of talk that got you in this situation in the first place. What happened to your street smarts, chad? Leave them back on the east coast when you went all high-class? Hope you had a good time posing as grand, because you ain't going to be grand from here on in.

Latoya: No. Don't shoot him, puff.

Puff dog: You got lousy taste in men, little cousin. Maybe when he's gone, we can find you a real husband.

Latoya: No!

Julian: Eve!

Liz: I wanted my sister to pay, but not like this.

Julian: Maybe she didn't fall.

Man: No. I already looked, sir.

Eve: Julian? Julian.

Julian: She's hanging on!

Rebecca: I knew the russell family was athletic, but this is ridiculous.

Julian: She's hanging on the antenna! Hang on, eve! Hang on!

Eve: There's so much wind!

Julian: Just don't let go! I'll get to you!

Sam: Luis. Luis, can you hear me?


Sam: Damn it. Luis, if you can hear me, you damn well tter obey my orders and do not go into the warehouse alone. Ok? It could be a trap. Luis!

Carol: I'm standing here outside the old canning warehouse on water street with what must be almost all of harmony's police department. They're here as backup for officer luis lopez fitzgerald, who appears to have followed the suspect in the sheridan crane kidnapping inside.

Pilar: Cuidado, mijo.

Sheridan: Be careful, luis. I want you to find my baby, but I don't want you to lose yoyour life doing it.

Mrs. Wallace: Go, luis! Go, luis! Go, luis! You show that charlie what a real man is made of.

Beth: This isn't a football me, mother. My life is at stake. If luis catches charlie and she squeals --

mrs. Wallace: Hey, precious, more gin and tonics! Yay! Whoo.

Carol: I repeat, this is live coverage from the harmony warehouse district where officer luis lopez fitzgerald has pursued the person he believes kidnapped sheridan crane and may also have her newborn infant. So far, we've heard nothing from inside, although our very own weather copter is hovering overhead, trying to bring you a live picture of the goings-on inside.

Beth: Ok, hurry up. I want to hear what's happening.

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie, I can save you the trouble. See, luis is going to catch charlie, then charlie is going to tell him everything she knows, and then you are going to get what you finally deserve.

[Mrs. Wallace chuckles]

Mrs. Wallace: You are not marrying luis. You are not passing off sheridan's baby as your own. You are going straight to jail, no passing go, game over! And that sweet baby -- that sweet baby finally is going to go back with its real mommy.

Luis: Just give up! You can't escape!

Charlie: Neither can you, luis.

Charlie: Bull's-eye!

[Charlie laughs]

Charlie: So, there, luis, you're dead. Dead.

[Charlie laughs]

Charlie: Score one for the girls' team. That'll be one less macho jerk strutting his stuff around like he's god's gift to women. Shouldn't haveetrayed me, beth. Now your boyfriend is dead, dead, dead.

[Charlie laughs]

[Helicopter approaches]

Charlie: Damn it. Now they're trying to get me from above. W-h-m-M. That ain't the cpepers. That's the evening news.

[Charlie laughs]

Charlie: Take a long look, folks! Show your viewing audience what a dead policeman looks like.

[Charlie laughs]

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life matt armstrong...

julian: Eve, can you hear me?

Eve: Barely. Julian, go back! You'll fall!

Julian: Dodon't worry about me! Can you reach for me with one hand and hold on with the other?

Eve: I can't! It's too far!

Julian: It's all right! It's all right! We'll figure out something else!

Rebecca: Julian! Julian, get back in here! Are you mad?

Julian: I'll be right back. You hang on!

Rebecca: Julian -- thank god you came to your senses. Risking your life for that woman --

julian: Shut up, rebecca. Help me find something long enough to reach her.

Rebecca: What?

Julian: Start looking now, damn it. You, too, liz.

Rebecca: Ah!

Eve: Oh! Oh!

Rebecca: Julian!

Charlie: All right. Now all I got to do is make it out of here to my car, and then it's bye-bye harmony for good.

Carol: We now have some video from inside the warehouse.

Sheridan: Maybe we'll see luis.

Pilar: Please, god, let him be all right.

Carol: We haven't screened it yet, so I'm not sure exactly what we're about to see. Here it comes.

[Sheridan and pilar gasp]

Pilar: Dios, no!

Sheridan: Oh, my god.

Pilar: Oh, dios mio.

Sheridan: Luis! Oh, god.

Sam: Damn it. Get an ambulance to the warehouse, asap. Where the hell is his backup?

Hank: What can I do?

Sam: Luis is down. We need to get to him.

Beth: Luis can't be dead.

Mrs. Wallace: It's over, missy, and it's all your fault.

Beth: That wasn't part of the plan. We were suppeded to be together with our baby!

Mrs. Wallace: Sheridan's baby. Nice going, missy. Now neither one of you will ever wake up next to that beautiful man again.

Beth: I don't understand. Where's chlilie?

Carol: It appears the suspect officer lopez fitzgerald was in pursuit of has gotten away. We don't have the identity of the woman, but we can show you a police sketch.

Mrs. Wallace: Ha -- she's homelier than that.

Beth: I never meant for this to happen. Sheridan was the one that was supposed to die!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh! When you hatch twisted plots involving freaky new friends, kidnapping, attempted murder, and baby-snatching, sometimes things don't go too smoothly, ding-dong! Luis is dead, and you might as well have pulled that trigger! So you are a goner, missy! You are! And you only have yourself to blame for it.

[Mrs. Wallace sobs]

Latoya: No, puff dog, we're family. Don't kill my husband. I still love him.

Puff dog: Latoya, you may be my cousin, but you're not too swift at picking men. You forgetting how he disrespected you with that uptown girl?

Latoya: I'm not forgetting anything, but chad knows he made a mistake. We can still work things out. Just don't shoot him, puff.

Puff dog: Is that true, chad? You going to finally do right by my cousin? You going to be the kind of husband she deserves? Could be your last, best shot.

Chad: I don't care. There's nothing between me and latoya. I told you, latoya, I don't love you. I'm with whitney.

Puff dog: Bad answer.

[Latoya weeps]

Puff dog: You can uncover your eyes, latoya. Just wanted to show your husband I wasn't playing. Now, why don't you take chad and his new homeys to my walk-in closet. Get in.

Fox: What is this, your walk-in closet?

Latoya: That's what he calls his private lockup room.

Man: Get over here.

Latoya: Why are you taking them there?

Puff dog: So I can think -- something you don't know a whole lot about. And what are you waiting for?

Chad: Put me anywhere you want to, man. I'm going to get out, and when I do, I'm going to make sure you and latoya face charges for shooting whitney.

Fox: Shut up, chad.

Puff dog: Sounds like the white boy's got more sense than you do. You'd do well to listen to him.

Man: How long you want us to leave them in there?

Puff dog: Who knows? Forever?

Whitney: Help! Somebody, please help!

Dr. Taylor: Mrs. Winthrop!

Whitney: Get her off!

Dr. Taylor: What in god's name are you doing?

Gwen: Let go of me! She killed my baby!

Nurse: Oh, my god. Dr. Taylor, I heard about this one.

Dr. Taylor: I know you've been through a terrible ordeal, but now is not the time or the place to express your grief. Now, I must insist you go back to your room before you injure yourself

gwen: Injure myself? I couldn't possibly injure myself more than she has already hurt me. Ask her best friend, here. Whitney knows exactly what theresa has done to me. It wasn't enough that she worked overtime to wreck my marriage. She wasn't happy until she killed my baby. Whitney, how could you let her preach to you about love when she doesn't know the meaning of the word?

Theresa: You have got it all wrong, gwen.

Gwen: I just heard you tell whitney that it didn't matter that ethan was married to me. Now you know what it feels like when the man that you love is not truthful to you and had another woman in his life. That is the greatest hurt in the world, except losing your baby that you have carried inside of you for nine months!

Whitney: No, stop it!

Dr. Taylor: Mrs. Winthrop!

Liz: Oh, dear god, no.

Rebecca: Oh, thank god!

Julian: I'm all right.

Man: Help me get mr. Russell to his seat.

Liz: Ok.

Rebecca: Julian, get away from the door!

Julian: Hold on, eve! I'll find a way to get you inside!

Rebecca: You're going to risk dying for her?

Julian: Gladly. I'll get to you somehow, I swear it!

Sheridan: Luis --

pilar: My son -- my son is dead.

Sheridan: No.

[Sheridan gasps]

Sheridan: He moved.

Pilar: What?

Sheridan: No, look at the television. He's moving.

Pilar: Oh, luis.

Luis: Oh, god. What the hell --

man: Luis, luis, you didn't answer your phone.

Second man: Are you ok?

[Luis groans]

Luis: Damn it, she got away. Did you see a woman when you came in here?

Officer: There's no sight of her.

Luis: All right, she could still be here, then. Why don't you guys take the right side. I'm going upstairs.

Officer: No, no, no, no. You stay right here. You steady yourself. I'll go check it out.

Luis: No, damn it, this woman is the only person who knows where sheridan's baby is. We're going to find her.

Officer: Listen, you took a nasty fall. Your head is bleeding. I need to take you to the E.R., All right? It's policy.

Luis: To hell with policy. I'm going to find that woman and rescue my baby.

Beth: Not now, precious. Luis is dead!

Mrs. Wallace: Will you look at that!

Beth: Luis. Luis is alive. Thank god!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I wouldn't be thanking anybody quite yet, missy. Look at him. He's already back in action, looking for charlie. And what do you think -- what, he's going to give up before he finds her and gets her to talk? Not. He's going to nab charlie, and you are a goner.

chad: Ethan, look, you distract the guy on the right. I'll take the one on the left.

Fox: Chad, no. Try any stupid cowboy moves like that and we'll all end up dead.

Chad: Damn it!

Ethan: Chad, I'm sorry, man. Looks like we just made things worse by showing up here.

Fox: Yeah. Yeah, mr. Eagle scout here thought we could save the day by coming to your rescue.

Chad: I think you might have. You two showing up might have stopped puff dog from offing me -- at least for now.

Fox: Ok, that's fantastic, but what do we do now?

Chad: There's got to be a way out of here.

Fox: I don't know. The door's locked, and I don't see any other doors, chad. No windows.

Ethan: But we do have a vent.

Chad: So we do.

Fox: You got to be kiddinmeme.

Theresa: Don't make me fight back!

Gwen: Go ahead, theresa. Go for it. Because I'm not stopping until you're out of my life forever.

Whitney: Gwen, no! Stop it!

Theresa: Damn it, gwen.

Gwen: What? What? You don't think you deserve to die after everything that you have taken from me? Theresa, you destroyed my marriage, you killed my daughter, and you have the nerve to stand there acting all huffy like I'm overreacting? You are lucky you're still breathing!

Theresa: Just listen to me, will you, please? I am sorry that your baby died. I am more sorry than you will ever know. I never wanted that to happen. But what happened between ethan and me before -- that's a whole different story.

Gwen: Don't you dare stand there and try to defend your slut behavior.

Theresa: Ethan and I were together becau w we love each other.

Gwen: How dare you!

Theresa: It's true, and you know it. And that's what this is about. Ethan married you because you were pregnant with his child.

Whitney: Theresa, stop it right now.

Theresa: No, whitney. I'm so tired of being blamed for everything bad that has happened. Well, this wasn't my fault.

Nurse: My god, she's a monster.

Theresa: No, I am not. Ok, I'm just a woman who's in love with a man who married someone else out of a feeling of responsibility and ththing more.

Dr. Taylor: I've never seen such gall.

Theresa: I wish your baby was alive, gwen. I do. But she's not, which means ethan is free to be with me. And it's time you realized that that is what's going to happen whether you like it or not. A lot of pain and grief could have been spared if things would have happened just a little bit differently a long time ago!

Gwen: You miserable bitch! I hate you! Let me go!

Ofc. Rand: What is going on in here?

Whitney: Huh? Oh, you don't want to know, ok?

Ofc. Rand: Where's your boyfriend? I need to ask him a few more questions about your shooting.

Whitney: Look, if you're talking about chad, I'm not sure he still is my boyfriend, ok?

Ofc. Rand: Whatever. Listen, I heard you two mention that gangsta rapper puff dog earlier. You don't think he had anything to do with your shooting, do you?

Whitney: Latoya's the one who shot me?

Theresa: Yes.

Whitney: Why didn't anyone tell me this?

Ethan: Theresa --

theresa: Chad didn't want you to know. He didn't want to upset you. But it's better for you to know the truth than think that chad wants to be with latoya.

Whitney: Oh, my god. Oh, my god, of course. I mean, now it all makes perfect sense. Chad didn't run out on me. He probably went to go find latoya to get revenge for what she ditoto me. I have no idea.

Ofc. Rand: But your boyfriend -- I mean, your friend chad -- how well does he know this punk?

Whitney: Not very well. Um -- I mean, chad grew up out here, and they're both in the music business.

Ofc. Rand: Yeah? Well, puff dog's in a lot of other businesses, too. I hope music's their only connection.

Whitney: Why do you say that?

Man: Could be a problem if your ex, or whatever you want to call him, went to see puff dog. This guy is bad news. Real bad news.

[Car starts]

Luis: Stop or I'll shoot! You're not getting away from me this time.

Sam: The suspect's driving west away from the warehouse. Get every car we've got on her tail, now.


Sam: I'm losing you. Who is this?

Luis: Sam, it's me.

Sam: Luis, thank god. I thought I'd lost you. Where are you?

Luis: I'm heading west on highland. I'm about 100 yards behind the suspect. She's turning. Looks like she wants to go north on seven.

Sam: I'll contact our choppers to keep her in sight. But don't get too close.

Luis: Right. Hey, sam, you know those roadblocks we've got set up at intersection 41 and 83? Take them down, will you?

Sam: But -- good thinking. I'll do it right away.

Luis: We got her, sam. She's got nowhere to hide. We got her this time.

Julian: There has to be something I can use to reach her.

Rebecca: Why are you so concerned about her when I could die, too?

Julian: If you don't go sit down, I swear I will toss you right out of this plane.

Rebecca: You know, I do not care for this attitude. Julian, I have never seen you risk your life for anything or anybody, so why eve russell? Unless she's the woman that's your secret love.

Julian: Damn it, not now. Either you help me get her back inside or leave me alone. I don't have time for your self-centered whining right now.

Liz: Do you really think you'll be able to get her back into the plane?

Julian: Depends on how long she can hold on. I just don't know what I can use to reach her.

Liz: Are you sure you should even try? Seems your fiancee is already on to your little secret. And if she is, then it won't be long before the whole world, meaning T.C., Is on to it, too.

Julian: Shut up, liz. You're the last person I want to talk to right now. What the hell was that?

Man: The open door. It's creating an enormous stress to the plane's structure. If we don't get it shut soon, it could break the plane apart.

Rebecca: You mean --

man: Memean it could disintegrate in the air with us inside.

Liz: Oh, my god.

Rebecca: Well, close the door, now!

Julian: Not with eve outside. I won't let her die.

Man: Mr. Crane, I know that this is your aircraft, but there are other lives at stake.

Rebecca: What are you going to do? Are you going to save eve or the rest of us? Are you just going to let us all die?

You know the clean feeling

Singer: You are my passion for life

julian: No one is going to die if I can help it. I am going to get eve back into this plane, and then we'll close the damn door.

Man: I'm not certain we have time, sir.

Julian: Well, we're going to make time. Do we have any extra seat belts?

Man: Yes, sir.

Julian: Well, I want you to go get them. I want you to string them together, and I' u use them to move down the side of the plane. Go on.

Rebecca: Oh, I knew I shouldn't have let you see "the matrix."

Julian: I have an idea, eve! You just hold on!

Eve: Hurry!

Julian: Give me a hand.

Julian: Watch my back.

Rebecca: Don't do this.

Man: All set.

Eve: Julian, what are you doing?

Julian: I'm coming to bring you inside! Hang on!

Sheridan: I think that's the car they're chasing.

Pilar: Oh, my god, that must be luis in the police car behind her. He's determined to catch her.

Sheridan: I just hope that he can do it without killing her. She's the only one that knows where my baby is.

Carol: The suspect is the one in the beige sedan at the top of your screen, and we believe it's officer lopez fitzgerald himself in the harmony police car behind her. He seems to be gaining on her.

Mrs. Wallace: Go, luis! You can do it, you can do it!

Beth: Outrun him, charlie. Faster!

Charlie: Where the hell am I? Can't even stop to get my bearings. All right. All right, you just got to keep going, charlie, get away from these damn police. If I can only make it north, get to the canadian border -- yeah, then we're home free.

[Car accelerates]

Sam: It's working, luis. There's no way she can turn off highway seven. She's headed right where we want her.

Luis: She's got no place to run, no place to hide. She's as good as ours, sam.

Charlie: What the hell? No, no, no, the bridge can't be blocked, not now.

[Tires screech]

Charlie: No!

just me andy hands, whoaaa!

Just me and my hands,

Whitney: Wait, officer --

theresa: You aren't the only one who has suffered, gwen.

Whitney: Are you saying that that puff dog could actually hurt my chad?

Ofc. Rand: Have you ever heard of the bloods and the crips? Well, this guy is the leader of a gang that makes them look like boy scout troops. They do whatever they have to to get things done.

Whitney: Oh, my god.

Gwen: I'm going to make you pay for what you've done to me!

Ofc. Rand: I've got to stop these two before someone gets hurt. All right, that's it. One more word out of either one of you and I will place you both under arrest. You know, I can have the hospital restrain you to your bed.

Gwen: Officer, she killed my baby!

Ofc. Rand: What?

Dr. Taylor: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- no, no, it's not what you think, officer. These two have a long personal history together. The hospital can handle this without police help.

Ofc. Rand: Doesn't look that way to me.

Dr. Taylor: Really, we've got everything under control now. I'll call you if we need you.

Ofc. Rand: All right. Good luck. And tell your ex, or whatever he is, to steer clear of guys like puff dog.

Whitney: Gwen -- gwen, I need to talk to you. Excuse me -- doctor, if you'll excuse us, they'll be fine. They'll be -- they'll be fine. Thank you very much. Thank you. Ok, look, while you two guys are going off on each other, ethan, chad, and fox could be

real danger.

Gwen: What? What?

Whitney: Ok, chad went after the woman who shot me.

Gwen: Shot you? What --

whitney: Look, luckily the bullet only grazed me, but chad is sure that the shooter is his ex-- I mean, his wife.

Gwen: I don't understand this.

Whitney: Look, you know what? It's a long story, but the point is that ethan and fox went to go find chad and help him, and we haven't heard from them since. Now, that police officer just confirmed what we already knew -- that those people are very violent and very dangerous.

Gwen: You knew about this?

Theresa: Look, gwen, ethan wanted to go, ok? Chad is his friend.

Gwen: Damn it, theresa, you let ethan put himself in danger again. If he dies, you will not only have murdered my baby, you will have killed my husband, too.

Ethan: All right. If chad can get this cover off, then we're out of here. Then we can come back.

Fox: You're kidding, right?

Chad: I'm not letting latoya or puff dog get away with trying to kill whitney.


Ethan: Someone's coming.

Chad: All right, change of plan. First person through that door, we're going to jump him.

Fox: Yeah, us and what army, chad?

Chad: You got a better idea?

Eve: Julian, go back!

Julian: Not without you, eve! Reach!

Julian: Now, hold on!

Liz: I don't believe it. He's actually risking his own life. I guess that is true love.

Julian: Hold on!

Rebecca: Oh, my god. Julian is so afraid of heights, he never even looks down from the second story. What has gotten into him?

Man: Mr. Crane, one of the belts is fraying! Get back in here!

[Charlie screams]

Charlie: Damn it!

Carol: It appears the police have trapped the suspect near the closed bridge under repair on highway seven. She has nowhere to go.

Beth: Damn it!

Mrs. Wallace: Hallelujah! I can't wait for them to take you away. How about you, precious?

Luis: We got her, sam. Oh, we finally got her.

Charlie: Oh. Oh, my god, this is it.

Luis: Get out of the car! Move slowly with your hands up!

Charlie: Oh.

Luis: I repeat, get out of the car slowly! Don't make me shoot you!

Charlie: You think I'm giving up that easy? You think again, you brute!

Luis: Damn it. Put the gun down!

Charlie: Not on your life! You're never going to get me, copper -- never! X

2001aters. Miss thi and miss thing.

Front trick goes almost a and musician. Burnquist

theresa: We got to find them.

Whitney: What if we're too late? That cop said that puff dog is even worse than we thought. Look, gwen, we'll call you when we find out anything, ok?

Gwen: No, wait, I'm coming with you.

Dr. Taylor: Oh, no, no, no, no. You're not going anywhere but back to bed.

Gwen: Come on.

Dr. Taylor: And that goes for you, too, miss russell. Now, I don't know what's so all-fired important, but your recovery comes first.

Whitney: You can't stop me. I'll check out myself.

Dr. Taylor: Against doctor's orders?

Whitney: Yeah, if I have to, yes.

Gwen: Oh, my god. Ow.

Nurse: Ok, you're coming with me, young lady.

Gwen: Ok. Ok, whitney, just please call me, ok, as soon as you find them. Whatever you do, don't take theresa's advice. She only thinks of herself.

Dr. Taylor: That's enough.

Theresa: Do we even know where we're going?

Whitney: Um -- ok, latoya and puff dog hang out together, so we'll go down there and -- and then we'll ask around.

Theresa: Ok, ok.

Whitney: Ow --

theresa: Whitney -- whitney -- you know what? I think the doctor's right. You shouldn't be out of bed, much less the hospital.

Whitney: I don't care. Chad needs me.

Puff dog: Back away from the door, or I'm shooting through it.

Chad: You've had your fun, puff dog. We're out of here.

[Chad groans]

Puff dog: You think so, do you?

Latoya: Don't hurt him, puff dog. You promised.

Puff dog: I told you this was man's business, latoya.

Latoya: I'm not leaving.

Puff dog: Fine. Stick around. I just don't think you want to see what's going too down.

[Puff dog cocks gun]

Puff dog: You and your boys want to go? Well, that's fine by me. It's just not going to be standing up. It's goi t to be in body bags.

Man: Hurry! We don't have much time!

Rebecca: Oh, my god. Julian's going to die.

Julian: You just hold on tight. You're doing fine.

Eve: But the steward said --

julian: Never mind the steward. You just hang on.

Eve: Julian, you can make it back if you'll just leave me here.

Julian: There's not a chance. If need be, I'll die with you. It's better than living one more day without you.

Pilar: Luis has the woman trapped in front of the bridge.

Sheridan: Oh, she's got a gun! Please don't shoot him, please.

Pilar: Where is his backup? Where are all the other police?

Sheridan: Please let him be all right. Please let him take her alive. She's the only one who knows where my baby is.

Carol: I don't believe what we're seeing play out right before our very eyes, thanks to the video being shot from our news helicopter. Officer luis lopez fitzgerald has cornered the suspect by the old highway seven bridge. Oh, my god. Is that a gun in the suspect's hands? I believe it is. What a dramatic confrontation between the police and sheridan crane's alleged kidnapper.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey, precious, we need some more popcorn. Come on. This is getting good.

Beth: I don't know which is worse -- if luis catches charlie alive and she -- she rats me out or -- or if -- or if charlie kills luis and she gets away. Either way, I lose.

S.S. Wallace: That's what losers do, bethie -- lose.

Luis: Surrender now! You got no place to run. Your only hope is to give yourself up.

Charlie: He's right. There's no place to go.

Mrs. Wallace: See, bethie? Looks like your special friend charlie has given up. Do you feel like toast? Because that's what you are -- toast. Burnt toast! Charlie is going to blab, blab, blab, and you're going down with her.

Beth: Luis -- charlie, why?

Mrs. Wallace: Hey, precious, only make popcorn for two!

Luis: That's right. Now, get those hands way up.

Sheridan: She's giving up. She'll tell luis where my baby is.

Luis: Thank god, she's going to let me take her alive. All right, now I want you to drop the gun.

Charlie: No way. I'm not giving up.

Luis: Damn it.

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