Passions Transcript Tuesday 09/30/03

Passions Transcript Monday 10/27/03

By Eric

eve: T.C.? What's wrong?

T.C.: The soonest we can a reservation is tomorrow tonight.

Eve: Oh, no. But that -- that won't work. We need to get to california right away and see if whitney's all right.

T.C.: Well, maybe I'll call and see if we can get a charter.

Eve: Ok.

Julian: Eve, what's wrong?

Eve: Oh, julian. We need to get out to california to see whitney, and the first time that we could get a reservation is tomorrow night.

Julian: Don't worry. I'll -- I'll take you to L.A. On my jet.

Eve: You'll what?

Rebecca: I cannot believe what I just heard. What, you won't let me use your precious, little jet, but you offered it to her? What is going on here?

Whitney: Chad left me. He went back to latoya, to be with his wife.

Theresa: No, no, he hasn'T. He loves you, honey.

Whitney: No, honey. If he loved me, then why didn't he tell me that he was ever married before? Huh?

Ethan: Because, whitney, he said he thought this woman latoya had filed the divorce papers years ago. He had no idea that they were still married.

Whitney: Well, he is, and now he's left somewhere, right after I've been shot! I mean, why? Why would he do that? Where could he possibly go? Fox?

Fox: What?

Whitney: He talked to you right before he left, right? I mean, did he tell you anything about where he was going? Anything at all?

Fox: Um -- I really can't say.

Whitney: You can't or you won't? He did tell you something, didn't he? Please, fox, just tell me, ok? He went to go be with latoya, didn't he?

Fox: Well, um -- whitney, I'm not 100% sure, but, yeah, I think he did go to see latoya, yeah.

Whitney: Oh, my god, I knew it! I've lost him! Oh, my god!

Latoya: Not used to that kind of heat from your little uptown girl, whitney, are you, chad? You missed me, I can tell.

Chad: You're right. I have missed you, latoya.

Latoya: Mm-hmm. That little kiss is just a reminder of what we used to have together. I can do a whole lot better than that.

Chad: Hmm. I bet you can.

Latoya: You know I can. We can have it all back again if you want it. All you have to do is say so. Say you want me.

Chad: I want you.

Latoya: You got it, baby.

Kay: Oh, pipe down!

Tabitha: Kay, dear, don't make the boys in the basement any angrier than they already are.

Kay: Well, I think it's great that sheridan's starting to remember what happened to her. And I hope it'll help her get her baby back. I know how I'd feel if someone took my baby away from me. You know, I'd think you'd understand that, tabitha, now that you're a mother.

Tabitha: I understand obeying my superiors or else being shipped off to a very toasty eternity. That's why you have to promise me, my little endora, that if anything ever happens to your mommy, you will keep up my bad work, keep destroying true love and happiness, tear sheridan and luis apart. Promise me, little one. Timmy? Is that you?

Luis: Sheridan, are you sure? Is this the woman who kidnapped you? Sheridan, would you say something?

Pilar: Luis, what if eve was right? What if seeing this picture has traumatized her and damaged her recovery?

Hank: Sheridan, are you all right?

Charlie: The baby's here. Oh!

Sheridan: Oh, thank you, god.

Charlie: Come on, little one.

Sheridan: Oh, my baby. Oh, please. Oh, my baby. Please let me hold my baby.

Charlie: It's not your baby. Not anymore.

Sheridan: This is her. Isis is the woman that held me captive. She took my baby. This is her!

Luis: Thank god you remembered.

[Beth screams]

Mrs. Wallace: Will you call for help!

Beth: Call who?

Mrs. Wallace: Luis!

Beth: Are you two crazy? She'll tell them the baby isn't mine, that it's sheridan's, that we kidnapped her and put her in the pit. He'll kill me for sure!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, maybe, maybe not. But charlie will definitely be killing you! She'll kill all of us!

Beth: No, no, no, she won'T. She's too crazy about me. This is all talk. She's not going to want to really hurt me, mother.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life x spki ohis I' g a sutnor y. Hostisheolio m frnd caeel y wtf u' nont wher no y'rgogoet a repatger

kay: What are you talking about? Timmy's back?

Tabitha: There.

Kay: Where? I don't see him.

Tabitha: He was right there.

Kay: That's impossible. Timmy is dead.

Tabitha: He was -- he was here.

Kay: Well, he sure isn't there now.

Tabitha: Oh, dear. I'm losing my mind.

Kay: The ball's getting weird again.

Tabitha: Good. That means there's pain and suffering for someone in harmony.

Kay: How can you be so mean, so cruel?

Tabitha: I'm a witch, kay. That's part of the job description. I wasn't put here to spread goodwill and cheer. I am here to do the bidding of the boys in the basement. And they positive hate happiness and light. They like dark, foreboding, depressing.

Kay: But what about love?

Tabitha: What about it?

Kay: Well, love brings true happiness.

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, yes, yes. You're a shining example of that. Like your love for miguel has made you deliriously happy. I don't think so. Oh, think about it. All it's brought you is misery and grief. No, love is for sissies. Just makes you weak and stupid. Don't waste your time on it. Pit'll just bring you misery and heartache.

Luis: Sheridan, you're sure that this is the woman?

Sheridan: Yes.

Luis: Maybe you just want our baby back so bad that you want this to be the woman.

Sheridan: No, I'm positive. This is her. She's the one that held me captive. I would know this face anywhere. She took my baby.

Charlie: Open this door now!

Mrs. Wallace: So much for you sweet-talking the nut job out of killing us.

Beth: Precious, don't start getting all weepy on us. Those hats are a dime a dozen. We'll get you another one, ok?

Mrs. Wallace: We won't be alive to get her another one unless you make that call. Would you please get on the phone?

Beth: No! Stay away from that phone.

Mrs. Wallace: What, what, are we supposed to stand here and just wait for that nut job to be putting that foot-long knife of hers in the door?

Beth: Look, if luis or anyone else sees charlie in that state, she's going to tell them about us kidnapping sheridan!

Mrs. Wallace: Us?

Beth: Holding her prisoner, stealing the baby --

mrs. Wallace: Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. What is this business about us? Precious and I had absolutely nothing to do with your plan.

Beth: Oh, you stood there and did nothing.

Mr wallace: All because you and charlie threatened to kill us!

Beth: I won't have a chance with luis. She'll take him and my baby.

Mrs. Wallace: No, her baby. Sheridan is the mother!

Beth: I can't risk it.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, what is it you do not understand about impalement, beth? The knife goes in. There's pain, and then you die. You want that?

Beth: I've just got to figure out another way out of here so charlie doesn't see us.

Mrs. Wallace: How?

Beth: Ok, the window. Ugh! It's stuck! What's wrong with it?

Mrs. Wallace: Paint. I've had it painted at least a dozen times. Last time that window was open was when bush sr. Was president.

Beth: Oh, damn it.

Mrs. Wallace: Tut, tut, tut. None of that language in front of the baby, for heaven's sakes. Now, would you please just get on that phone?

Beth: Shh, shh. Wait. I don't hear charlie out there. She probably realized she can't get to us. She gave up, she cleared out. That's it, she's gone. Oh, yeah, she's real brave when she doesn't have that stupid knife in her hand, huh?

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Whitney: I knew it. I knew it. Chad left me and went back to latoya. Oh, my god.

Fox: Ethan, what's wrong?

Ethan: You told whitney that chad went back to latoya. That's what's wrong.

Fox: Yeah, well, he did.

Ethan: Fox, you knew it would upset her, and now she's completely got the wrong idea. She thinks that he went back to her.

Fox: Well, better that she thinks that than to know that chad went off to track down latoya. You know, chad didn't want whitney to know that latoya shot her, ok?

Ethan: You should've just stayed out of it. I mean, I don't understand ts.S. I mean, I've never known you to be close to anyone. Why are you getting so involved with this chad and whitney thing?

Fox: Because they're my friends, ethan, that's why. Whitney was just shot, and chad left instead of staying here to take care of her, and I'm not going to lie to her.

Ethan: No, you picked a hell of a time to start telling the truth.

Whitney: He left me for latoya.

Theresa: No.

Whitney: Oh, my god, I can't believe this is happening.

Theresa: No, whitney, you've got it all wrong, ok?

Whitney: No, no. Chad went to be with her. Fox just told us.

Theresa: Please relax for me.

Whitney: He's still in love with her. That's why he never got a divorce.

Theresa: No, no, he loves you.

Whitney: No, I was stupid because I really thought that he loved me.

Theresa: He does, whitney.

Whitney: Then why did he leave me to go be with her?

Theresa: Well, he probably went to find her to turn her in to the police.

Whitney: The police? Why?

Theresa: Latoya's the one who shot you.

Chad: Wow.

Latoya: What'd you stop for?

Chad: Well, you know me. I like to take my time.

Latoya: The man with the slow hands. Remember, I used to call you that?

Chad: Yeah.

Latoya: We were so good together. We could have it all back again, even better.

Chad: I hope so. I'm just worried about the police, latoya. I mean, they don't just have the videotape to use against you. They got the bullet.

Latoya: The bullet. That means that they can --

chad: Trace it, show that it came from the gun that you used to shoot whitney.

Latoya: That's right.

Chad: And then they're going to track you down, arrest you, and you'll go to prison for years.

Latoya: Oh, man.

Chad: And we won't be able to be together.

Latoya: I never thought about that.

Chad: Yeah. There's a lot of things you got to think about, baby. Like giving rid of that gun. That's number one.

Latoya: Dump it.

Chad: Yeah. Throw the damn thing in the river.

Latoya: Right. Got to do that.

Chad: Yeah. So, look, just give me the gun, all right? I'll take care of it for you.

T.C.: What's going on?

Julian: Would you excuse us, please, for just a moment?

T.C.: Eve, what's going on?

Eve: Now, T.C., I don't want you to get upset --

liz: Oh, but why would he get upset? I think it's a wonderful offer.

T.C.: What offer?

Eve: Liz, would you please let me --

liz: Julian has offered to take eve and you to los angeles on his private jet.

T.C.: No. No way. That's not going to happen.

Eve: Now, wait a minute, T.C. --

T.C.: No, I'm not accepting anything from julian crane.

Eve: All right. Well, did you get us a charter?

T.C.: No. It costs $60,000.

Eve: What?

Liz: Are you kidding?

T.C.: I wish I was. And we sure can't afford that.

Eve: Well, then, we have to take julian up on his offer.

T.C.: No!

Eve: Ok, if we don't, then we will have to wait till tomorrow night to get a flight to los angeles. Our daughter has been shot, T.C. We need to get out there right away, and the crane jet is the quickest way.

T.C.: Eve, I will not accept anything from julian crane, and neither will you and that's final.

Rebecca: I have never felt more humiliated.

Julian: Oh, for pity's sake, rebecca.

Rebecca: Well, how dare you offer the jet to eve and T.C. When you refused me?

Julian: Whitney has been shot. Their child is in the hospital.

Rebecca: Well, so is mine! Look, and their daughter didn't die from being shot. She's alive. But my granddaughter is dead.

Julian: I know.

Rebecca: You know, I begged you to take me to california, and you just flat-out refused. But when eve and T.C. Want to go, you jumped at it! What is going on here? ?G

kay: I don't care what you say, tabitha. I can't imagine spending my life without love.

Tabitha: Well, you better start imagining.

Kay: Then what would be the point of living?

Tabitha: There's plenty of other things to live for besides love.

Kay: Name one.

Tabitha: Well, you foolish mortals like money, don't you? And then there's fame and desire.

Kay: None of those things even matter without someone to share them with. Who wants to go through life with money or fame if you're all alone?

Tabitha: Hmm. Being alone is highly underrated, believe me. If you're alone, nobody can hurt you. If you love somebody and you bare your soul to them, you give them a part of yourself, a piece of your heart. You trust them never to hurt you, and then -- and then something happens one day and it's over. They leave you, and you're left with nothing.

Kay: You're talking about timmy, aren't you?

Tabitha: Hmm? I don't know what you mean.

Kay: That's why you imagined him standing here in the attic. You really loved him, didn't you?

Tabitha: Well, I'll tell you one thing for certain. I'll never love anyone again.

Kay: Liar. You love endora. Don't try to deny it.

Luis: Well, now that we know this woman kidnapped you, we just have to figure out who the hell she is.

Hank: And motive. Why would she want to harm sheridan, steal her baby?

Sheridan: I have no idea.

Luis: You never saw her before that night on the wharf?

Sheridan: Not that I can remember, no.

Luis: Well, what did she say to you?

Sheridan: She just rambled on so much.

Luis: About what?

Sheridan: She was carrying on about how I was somehow hurting this friend of hers.

Luis: Friend? What friend?

Sheridan: I don't know. When I asked her who her friend was, she said that it didn't matter, but obviously it did because she's furious with me.

Pilar: Furious enough to kidnap you and steal the baby.

Sheridan: Luis, please, we have to find her.

Luis: We will. Don't you worry. I've already got A.P.B.'S out. I've got people monitoring the transportation hubs, and I've got a search team blanketing the entire town.

Hank: Why don't I go check things out, see if there's any new developments.

Luis: Good idea. Sheridan, don't you worry, all right? We're going to find this woman and we're going to get our baby back. Ok?

Sheridan: Ok.

[Beth and mrs. Wallace scream]

Mrs. Wallace: Would you make that call now!

Beth: No! I've sacriceced way too much to get what I want. I'm not giving it up now!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, we're going to be giving up our lives in a minute!

Beth: Listen to me. That is my baby. I am not giving him up, all right? It's the only way I can hang onto luis! Now stop whining and help me! Don't just stand there! Help me!

Mrs. Wallace: Ok.

>> From here came our world champions. So why are we letting it fall apart?

>> We'll have buckets on the ice which we have to skate around.

>>Hahat's it mean to our hopes?

>> Without this facility, i wouldn't be at the level that I'm at.

>> Dreams in disrepair, on tonight's "global national" with kevin newman.

Singer: You are my passion for life

whitney: Latoya's the one who shot me?

Theresa: Yes.

Whitney: Why didn't anyone tell me this?

Ethan: Theresa --

theresa: Chad didn't want you to know. He didn't want to upset you. But it's better for you to know the truth than think that chad wants to be with latoya.

Whitney: Oh, my god. Oh, my god, of course. I mean, now itllll makes perfect sense. Chad didn't run out on me. He probably went to go find latoya, to get revenge for what she did to me. Oh, my god, you guys. What if she tries to shoot him, too?

Ethan: Theresa --

theresa: What, ethan?

Ethan: What are you doing? Why did you tell whitney that latoya shot her? You're just upsetting her.

Theresa: No. No, no, it would upset her a lot more for her to think that the man that she's in love with is sneaking around behind her back.

Ethan: That's not the point.

Theresa: No, that's exactly the point, ok? She had to know the truth.

Whitney: You guys -- you guys have got to go help chad. He could be in real danger right now.

Ethan: Fox, did chad tell you where latoya's place was?

Fox: Nope.

Ethan: Whitney, do you have any idea where she lives?

Whitney: No. I have no clue. Chad did this for me. If anything happens to him -- you guys, please. We have to help him, ok?

Chad: So give me the gun. I'll take care of it for you.

Latoya: Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it later. First things first.

Chad: But the police could be running ballistics tests right now. The sooner we get rid of it, the sooner we can be together.

Latoya: All in good time. I want to feel those slow hands on me first.

Latoya: What the hell are you doing?

Chad: It's over, latoya. You're coming with me.

Rebecca: I asked you to take me to los angeles, and you refused. But when dr. Eve -- I mean, you couldn't say yes fast enough. What iit -- oh. Oh, or maybe it's her daughter you're so concerned about, hmm? Whitney.

Julian: What?

Rebecca: So which is it, julian, huh? Which one do you have the hots for?

Liz: This is working out even better than I dreamed. Rebecca is on to julian. It's only a matter of time before the truth explodes in everyone's face.

Eve: T.C., I'm begging you to reconsider. The fastest way to get to whitney is to take julian up on his offer. Please, T.C., Can't you just put aside your hatred of the cranes for one day? Just one day, for our ugughter.

T.C.: All right, eve. I will accept julian's offer.

Eve: Thank you. Thank you, T.C. I'm so relieved. Ok, well, let's tell julian. Ahem. Julian, we are so very grateful for your kind offer, and -- and we would like to take you up on it.

Julian: Oh. Oh, well, I'm glad. Yes, you see, I know how I would feel if it were my child -- so far away and not knowing how she was.

Eve: I hope we're not inconveniencing you.

Julian: Oh, not at all. I was headed out there anyway.

Rebecca: You were not. You were going to atlanta.

Julian: Well, but, you see, we have to go see gwen, so now this all works out.

Eve: Thank you, julian.

Julian: Oh, well, I'm very happy to help.

Eve: Well, T.C. And I -- we'll go home and get packed.

Julian: All right. When you arrive at the airport, we'll take off.

Eve: Thank you again, julian.

Rebecca: I don't know what's going on here, but I fully intend to find out.

Liz: You want to know what I'm going to do, julian? I am going to help pookie ge at the truth.

Julian: You're going to do absolutely nothing.

Liz: Want to bet? Oh, and by the way, I'll be hitching a ride to los angeles on your jet.

Julian: No, you won'T.

Liz: Oh, yes, I will. Unless, of course, you want me to go to T.C. Right now and tell him the truth about you and eve, I'll be on that jet.

Julian: There's nothing for you out there.

Liz: Wrong again, julian. I want to be there when T.C. Walks into that hospital room and sees his daughter laid up with a gunshot wound because of her mother. My sister's world is going to fall apart, and I want a front-row seat when it does.

kay: Admit it, tabitha. You miss timmy.

Tabitha: You're right, I do. I do miss him. My darling little timmy. My little lad.

[Phone rings]

Kay: I'll get it.


Tabitha: Oh. Oh, endora. I wish you'd known timmy. He would have loved you. But then timmy loved everyone. I remember his sweet little face, his bubbly laugh. Timmy had an endearing way about him that was absolutely adorable.

[Music plays]

Singer: Midnights in winter the glowing fire lights up your face in orange and gold I see your setet smile shine through the darkness its line is etched in my memory so I'd know you by heart

singer: Mornings in april sharing our secret we'd walk until the morning was gone we were like children laughing for hours the joy you gave me lives on and on 'cause I know you by heart

tabitha: Timmy. Timmy, you are here. How -- timmy? How did you get here? What if they won't let you back in?

Timmy: Timmy was willing to take that risk.

Tabitha: Oh, timmy. Oh, thank you. Timmy, timmy, there's someone -- there's someone I want you to meet. This is my daughter, endora.

Timmy: Oh, yes. She's the most beautiful girl timmy's ever seen.

Tabitha: Timmy. Timmy, don't go. Don't leave me. I need to tell you something. I love you, timmy.

Timmy: Timmy knows tabitha cares about him.

Tabitha: But I need you now, here with me, more than ever. Don't go, timmy. Timmy.

Timmy: Timmy loves his princess.

Tabitha: Timmy. Timmy.

Luis: We finally have our first real lead since you were kidnapped.

Sheridan: That woman on the pier.

Luis: She must have taken our baby, too.

Sheridan: Just py that she's still in harmony.

Luis: Well, don't you worry. I'm going to hunt her down no matter where she is.

Sheridan: I hope I'm not imagining things, but I really feel like my baby's still close by.

Pilar: Then the baby must still be here. A mother senses these kinds of things.

Luis: Don't you worry, sheridan. We're going to get our baby back.

Hank: I called in to the station. Search teams from two more counties have volunteered. There will be even more people looking for that woman.

Luis: That's great news. All we need is one lead and one sighting. We're going to get our baby.

Beth: Where's precious?

Mrs. Wallace: Under the covers!

Beth: Chicken.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, she's going to be a chicken with her head cut off! We all will be if we don't stop that lunatic! You get on the phone and call luis. We can't keep her out forever!

Beth: Yes, we can. There's no way she's going to chop through the door and the furniture. You'll see. She'll stop in a second.

Charlie: Here's charlie!

[Beth and mrs. Wallace scream] M i

E:E: Oh, did you ever see anything like this in your life?

T.C.: And if I never do again, it'll be too soon.

Eve: Honey, I know you're upset, but we are going to see whitney.

T.C.: Yeah. It's the only reason I set foot on this damn plane.

Eve: Well, I'm very grateful atat you changed your mind. And just think, in a few hours we'll be holding our daughter in our arms.

Liz: Hello, everyone.

Eve: What are you doing here?

Liz: Well, I want to go to L.A. And see whitney, too. The more people to support her, the better, right? I've gotten so close to her these last few months, and I mentioned it to julian and he graciously offered to allow me to tag along.

Eve: Did he?

Liz: Mm-hmm. I'm sure there's something I can do to help you with whitney.

Eve's voice: You don't want to help our daughter. You just want to help yourself to my husband.

Liz: Buckle up.

Rebecca: Why is liz here?

Julian: She wanted to come along for whitney, too.

Pilot: We're about to taxi for takeoff. Fasten your seatbelts, please.

Rebecca: All right, julian, you just start talking. When I first asked you to use this jet, you refused. But you jumped at the chance to help eve, and now liz is coming along? What is going on here? Look, you either tell me the truth, or I am going to start snooping around until I embarrass everybody here. Now, which one of these ladies is your mystery lover?

Liz: Well, well, well. With good old rebecca on my side, I can't lose. Yeah, shs just the one to help me get the truth out.

Whitney: Ok, chad must have gone to confront latoya for shooting me. Now, as far as I know, latoya hangs out with puff dog. Now, he is her cousin, so she knows that he is going to protect her no matter what. So chad could be in way over his head, you guys. Please, please, if you can try to hp p him -- chad is no match for a bunch of guys with guns.

Ethan: All right.

Whitney: Please.

Ethan: Don't worry about it, ok? Fox and I are on our way. We're going to find out where this puff dog lives, and we're going to take it from there.

Whitney: Ok.

Theresa: Uh-uh, no. Are you guys crazy? You cannot go up against someone like puff dog, all right? It's too dangerous. It's like whitney said -- he and his friends, they probably have guns. Now, if you do this, you could both be killed. So I can't let you go. I can't!

Puff dog: What the hell's going on?

Latoya: You tricked me?

Chad: You're damn right I did. See, I needed proof of what you did.

Puff dog: What'd she do?

Chad: She tried to kill whitney with this gun.

Puff dog: Is that true, y?Y? Did you try to shoot that girl?

Latoya: Hell, no.

Chad: She's lying.

Latoya: Would I lie to you, cous?

Puff dog: Well --

chad: I saw her on the hospital security tape. You're going down for this, latoya.

Latoya: No way. Puff dog is going to make sure that doesn't happen like he always does.

Puff dog: That's right.

Chad: No, not this time. I got you cold. Your prints are all over this gun. And that bullet they dug out of whitney is going to match it.

Latoya: Your prints are all over the gun now, too.

Chad: Don't you ever watch "law & order"? Because if you did, you'd know if you ever cleaned this gun or loaded it, your fingerprints would be all over the clip and the bullets. And that's what the cops look for. Besides, I got an alibi.

Puff dog: Yeah, but that's my gun.

Latoya: Damn right, it is. And it's not registered. So if I go down, you go down, too.

Chad: As long as the cops bag you, latoya, that's all I care about. I'm going to call them and get them over here now.

Latoya: You're going to just stand there, cous? Don't let him call the cops on me. Help me, cous.

Puff dog: Come on, chad. Put the phone down. You know I can't let you turn her in. I mean, so maybe you don't love toy anymore. She's my favorite cousin. My mom would be all kinds of mad if I let you give her over.

Chad: You can't stop me, puff dog, so don't try it. Latoya tried to kill the woman I love, and she's going to pay for it big time.

Puff dog: Why don't you check that, ace. You got it all wrong. See, you're the one who'gogoing to pay. You're a dead man. Put the phone down now.

Tabitha: Time for nighty-night, sweetheart. When, I told kay I don't believe in love, it's not really true. Because I love you, endora. I love you with all my heart, and I will do everything in my power to protect you and keep you safe. I won't lose you the way I lost my timmy.

Tabitha: Thank you, timmy. Thank you.

[Beth and mrs. Wallace scream]

Beth: Come on, help me! More furniture. We need tall things!

Mrs. Wallace: We need to call luis!

Beth: No!

Mrs. Wallace: Call now!

Sheridan: That crazy woman has my baby. Please, god, we have to find her.

Luis: Sheridan, we will, ok?

[Phone rings]

Luis: Lopez fitzgerald.

Beth: Luis, it's me. You've got to come over here and save me!

Luis: Beth, calm down. What's going on?

Beth: She's here. She's --

mrs. Wallace: Spit it out, bethie!

Beth: That crazy woman! She's -- the woman hank saw on the wharf that night and in the sketch. She's here! She's trying to kill me and take our baby!

Luis: We got her. We got her.

Beth: No! No!

[Beth and mrs. Wallace scream]

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