Passions Transcript Tuesday 09/30/03

Passions Transcript Thursday 10/23/03

By Eric

sheridan: Luis, I remember. I remember who kidnapped me and took my baby.

Luis: Who was it, sheridan? Who did this to you?

Mrs. Wallace: So, how do you think you are going to get away with killing charlie?

Beth: I'll think of something. I can say that she broke into the house and she tried to kidnap my baby. Yeah. Crazy women are always trying to kidnap other women's babies.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, that is the first time you've been right about something in months. Now, how are you planning to kill charlie with a baby in your arms?

Beth: Oh, don't be ridiculous. Precious, will you put the baby to bed?

Beth: Now I just got to figure out what I'm going to use to kill her with.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, merciful angels, please stop my murderous daughter! And P.S., She's trying to make me an accomplice.

Beth: Shut up! There's nothing you can do to stop me. Oh, she's coming back. You keep your mouth shut, or you'll be next.

Charlie: Hey, you better get packing, my love. We got to make tracks.

Beth: Ok, I will, but come here. I just wanted to give you a little surprise.

Charlie: A surprise? I love surprises.

T.C.: We shouldn't have let her go to L.A. You gave her your blessing, eve.

Liz: You see? I told you T.C. Would blame eve if anything happened to whitney.

Julian: But it's not eve's fault. It's not her fault.

T.C.: If it was whitney who got shot --

eve: Please, T.C., Don't even think it.

T.C.: If it was whitney who got shot, you sent our daughter to L.A. To be shot!

Latoya: Whitney got what she had coming to her. Trying to come between me and my man, chad thanks for teaching me how to shoot straight, puff dog. Now that whitney's dead, she'll never come between me and my man, chad, again.

Theresa: How could this have happened? What am I going to do if she's not ok?

Ethan: Theresa, theresa, look, I -- I don't think it's a good idea that you're waiting here, ok? Gwen is right inside that examination room. Ok? I don't want her to wake up and hear you.

Theresa: Well, where am I going to go, ethan? I mean, my god, she's my best friend. I have to be here for her.

Ethan: I know, I know. I'm just going to go make sure the door is shut, ok? My main purpose is to be here for her.

Theresa: But you will come back to me, ethan. I know you will.

Chad: Doctor, how's she doing?

Fox: She's going to make it, right?

Theresa: Tell us that she's going to be ok.

Dr. Morro: I'm sorry.

Theresa: She's dead? Whitney's dead?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

antonio: You remembered who kidnapped you and took our baby?

Sheridan: Yes. I remember everything.

Pilar: Gracias a dios.

Luis: Who was it, sheridan? Who did this?

Sheridan: I remember -- she held me prisoner. She took my baby. Luis, you have to find her. You have to find my baby.

Luis: I will, ok? I promise. Just tell me -- can you remember what she looked like? Anything?

Sheridan: I remember she had dark hair.

Hank: Was she tall?

Sheridan: She was -- she was --

luis: She was what, sheridan? Tell me.

Sheridan: The woman -- she was --

luis: Sheridan.

Charlie: What's my surprise, bethie? Did you get us maybe matching rings? Or maybe you got that "property ofof charlie" tattoo I've been hoping for.

Beth: Oh, you're about to find out.

Charlie: Oh!

Beth: How do you like that surprise?

Eve: I did not give whitney my permission g go to L.A. So she could get shot! And don't you dare imply that I did! Why, just a few minutes ago, you said that I was right to give whitney my permission to go to L.A. With chad and that you were wrong to have her choose between love or family.

T.C.: Yeah, I was wrong, all right. I was wrong to second-guess myself. Chad is nothing but a street punk. I should have kept whitney here in spite of you, eve.

Eve: To blame this on me is just beyond unfair, T.C. And besides, we don't even know that whitney is the girl that was shot.

Liz: You may not have to find eve's son in order to have her back. If something has happened to whitney, T.C. Will drop her in a heartbeat, leaving her free to go to you.

Julian: For god's sake, one of you nieces may have been shot. How can you take such delight in eve's pain when a young woman you claim to love could be in such dire straits?

Liz: I do love whitney. And simone, too. But we're not even sure whitney's been hurt. But I am sure of one thing. Eve once left me in harm's way. She left me alone to be abused by our sick father. So whatever pain she's feeling right now, it's just a fraction of the pain she caused me. I hope whitney is all right. I really do. But I also hope the fallout from this torpedoes any kind of reconciliation that eve and T.C. Might be having. As far as I'm concerned, my sister can't suffer enough.

T.C.: Damn it, this is all your fault. You supported whitney going to L.A. With chad.

Eve: You said that they would have gone anyway.

T.C.: But I didn't give her my blessing, you did. You condoned her to move 3,000 miles away to live in sin. Now she might be paying the price for it, thanks to you, eve. This is all your fault.

Chad: Whitney can't be dead. She can't be.

Fox: Oh, god, no.

Theresa: No, this can't be happening. My best friend --

ethan: What's the matter?

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eve: T.C., Please don't lash out at me. Odds are it wasn't even whitney who was shot, it was some other poor, unfortunate girl.

T.C.: Sweetheart, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lash out at you. It's just that -- I just want to know what's going on.

Liz: Well, we all do, T.C.

T.C.: Here I am -- we are trying to reconnect with whitneyanand I just lose control again.

Eve: No, it's all right. We're both -- we're worried about our daughter.

Julian: Their love is strong, liz. It's too strong to simply dr and up blow away because you wish your sister ill.

Liz: T.C. And eve aren't going to make it, julian. If this little drama tonight doesn't tear them apart, something else will.

Julian: You're pathetic and unconscionable, hoping that whitney is in peril so T.C. Will blame eve. My god.

Liz: Ironic, isn't it, julian? Eve gave whitney her permission to go to L.A. With chad because she thought that s w was protecting her daughter from me. So if something has happened to whitney, not only will T.C. Never forgive her, but eve will never forgive herself. And before you know it, she'll be going down that same destructive path that you sent her down. She'll turn to booze and drugs to numb her pain, and T.C. Will turn to me.

Theresa: Whitney's dead. She's dead.

Ethan: I can't believe this. I can't believe -- I mean, first gwen's and my baby and now whitney? I can't believe whitney's dead.

Dr. Morro: She's not.

Chad: What?

Fox: Doctoryoyou just told us --

dr. Morro: I think we have a misunderstanding. When I said I was sorry, I meant I'm sorry that it took so long to assess whitney's condition.

Theresa: You mean she's not dead?

Dr. Morro: Quite the contrary. Whitney is alive, and I expect she'll make a full recovery.

Chad: Oh, man, that's incredible.

Ethan: Unbelievable.

Theresa: She's alive!

Dr. Morro: Whitney's injuries looked worse than they actually were.

Chad: But she was shot?

Dr. Morro: But the bullet grazed her arm.

Fox: Why was there so much blood on the ground?

Dr. Morro: She cut her arm when she fell. That's where all the blood came from.

Chad: So she's going to be all right? Can I see her now?

Fox: Yeah, let's go. Let's go see her.

Dr. Morro: You'll have to wait. We're still stitching up her arm, but it won't be long.

Jordan: Excuse me, do any of you know a chad harris?

Chad: I'm chad harris.

Jordan: I found these outside where the young lady was shot.

Chad: Oh, right. I dropped these. Thank you.

Jordan: When I picked it up, there was a T.C. Russell on the line.

Chad: I was talking to him when I heard the shot.

Jordan: He was extremely worried about what happened.

Chad: Yeah. I should call him back, let him know whitney's ok.

Fox: Right.

Officer: Excuse me. I'm officer rand, lapd. I understand you're ll acquainted with the young lady who was shot. Do any of you know who would want to shoot ms. Russell?

Theresa: I don't have any idea.

Ofc. Rand: Ok, then do any of you know of or have any dealings with gang members here in los angeles?

Latoya: Here I am celebrating little miss whitney's demise, and I'm not even sure she's dead. One way to find out for sure.

Latoya: Let's see, L.A. City hospital. Patient information.

[British accent] Hello. I'm calling to see how a friend is doing. Whitney russell.

[Normal voice] She's alive?

[British accent] No. No, that's great news. Thanks.

[Normal voice] Damn you, whitney! Next time I won't miss. Next time I'll shoot you dead. Matt armstrong...

T.C.: Damn it. Whitney's cell phone is still off. That nurse said that she would find chad and have him call us. But why is it taking him so long? Unless whitney was shot and she's --

eve: Honey, there's no sense in worrying about what may or may not have happened. Why don't you go get us some coffee while we wait for chad to call.

T.C.: Yeah. Yeah.

Julian: Eve, I -- I know that you love T.C., But the way he turned on you just now was totally uncalled for. As if you deliberatelyet out to put whitney in harm's way.

Eve: T.C. Has a very short fuse.

Julian: And a memory to match. Blaming you for something that may or may not have happened after he just finished praising you for the way you handled whitney's move to california with chad.

Eve: T.C. Is -- is worried about whitney, and he's just not thinking straight.

Julian: That's no excuse for berating you when the odds that it was whitney who was shot are so slim.

Eve: What if it was her, julian? T.C. Will never forgive me, and I'll never forgive myself.

Liz: I can't imagine how upset you must be, T.C. Is there anything I can do?

T.C.: Just pray that it wasn't whitney who got shot. Because if my little girl did get hurt, I will kill chad. I swear to god, I will kill that bastard.

Ofc. Rand: Yes or no? Do any of you associate with known gang members?

Chad: Are you asking me that because I'm black?

Ofc. Rand: Why? You got something to hide?

Ethan: Officer rand, hold on, I'm mr. Harris' attorney, ok? I won't have you harassing him because of his skin color.

Ofc. Rand: Mr. Harris made race an issue here, not me. The fact is most shootings like this are gang-related.

Fox: Officer, my name is fox crane, of the harmony cranes. Come on, surely you don't think one of my best friends would associate himself with a gang member, right?

Ofc. Rand: Look, I don't care who you people are. I'm trying to solve a crime here. And I get the sense you're stonewalling.

Guard: You the officer investigating the shooting?

Ofc. Rand: Yeah.

Guard: Then you'll want to see this. One of our perimeter video cameras recorded the shooting.

Theresa: You can actually see whitney getting shot?

Guard: That's right. And get this -- the perp is a woman.

Ethan: You got to be kidding me.

Guard: It's all on here. The woman who shot whitney russell was caught on tape.

Latoya: Well, at least I got away clean. Nobody can prove that I was the one who tried to take down that uppity whitney bitch.

Dr. Gallagher: What happened?

Antonio: My wife -- she passed out again.

Luis: Sheridan remembered more about her kidnapper, and she was about to tell us when she lost consciousness.

Dr. Gallagher: Officer lopez fitzgerald, I know you're anxious to find sheridan's baby and the person responsible for taking it, but your sister-in-law needs rest. She's been thrghgh a horrible trauma. It's a miracle she's even alive. The constant tension of being questioned could adversely impact her recovery.

Luis: Yeah, well, sheridan's desperate for me to find the baby.

Dr. Gallagher: Even so, I need all of you to leave until sheridan's more rested.

Luis: But it could be too late. Look, if sheridan doesn't give me more information soon, I may never get the baby back.

Antonio: Don't you think we know that, luis? My baby is out there with some sicko, and it's driving me crazy. But we're not going to put sheridan in any more jeopardy than she's already been in. It's not an option.

Dr. Gallagher: Your brother's right. You'll have to wait till sheridan wakes up to speak to her.

Pilar: Listen to the doctor, mijo.

Luis: Fine, I'll wait. I'm not going to stand around here and do nothing. Look, I'm going to hit the streets, see if there are any new leads. Mama, call me the second that sheridan wakes up, ok?

Pilar: Of course, mijo.

Luis: Thanks.

Antonio: Luis? What are you hoping to find out?

Luis: I don't know. But I got a gut feeling that this kidnapper's a lot closer than we think. And if I'm right, I got to nail her before she makes off with sheridan's baby.

Beth: How did you like the surprise?

Charlie: Are you kidding? Having you hold me close is, like, the best surprise ever.

Beth: But I wanted to --

charlie: Do more? I know. So do I. But not with edna and the ape in the room. That would be, like, unnural.

Beth: Yes. Definitely. Hey, why don't you go get the car packed up so we can get on the road and start our new lives, ok?

Charlie: You, me, and our baby. Yeah, he's kind of cute -- for a boy.

Beth: Damn you, precious! How dare you keep me from stabbing charlie.

Mrs. Wallace: That's right, bethie. I had precious grab that letter opener at the very last moment. I couldn't stand by and watch you kill that gender-challenged giant, not here in my living room.

Beth: Listen, I have got to get rid of charlie if my plan is going to work.

Mrs. Wallace: Come up with another plan. I'm not a fan of charlie's, but killing her is wrong.

Beth: The only way is to get rid of her so that I can have my baby and get luis to marry me.

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie, not going to happen. Luis loves sheridan. Now that she's back, after everything that you did to her, she is bound to divorce antonio just so she can be with luis.

Beth: Shut up.

Mrs. Wallace: You listen up, missy, because sooner or later, luis is going to figure out that you took sheridan's baby, no matter how much you try and hide it.

Beth: No, no, no! Luis and I are going to have a wonderful live together with our baby!

Mrs. Wallace: Dream on!

Beth: Luis loves me, mother, and I love him. And with charlie out of the way, nothing is going to stop us from being together, especially not a lovesick loser like her.

Charlie: What?

Beth: Charlie. How long have you been standing there?

Charlie: Long enough to hear you lying, that you're a two-timing, man-loving traitor!

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Singer: You are my passion for life

liz: You know, if only whitney had listened to you and not gone to L.A. With chad, we wouldn't be so worried right now. She'd be here in harmony, safe and sound, not 3,000 miles away, perhaps wounded or worse.

T.C.: Damn eve. Damn her for encouraging whitney to leave with that street punk.

Liz: Now, I don't mean to speak againstve, but you were right, T.C. I mean, any doubts that whitney had about leaving town -- they vanished the minute eve gave her permission to go to L.A. With chad. Of course, that's just water under the bridge now. All we need to do is wait for word about what actually happened and pray that whitney is ok.

T.C.: Whitney better be ok, or eve will have to answer to me.

Eve: T.C. Is right. It's all my fault. I should have never let whitney go to L.A. With chad.

Julian: But you had no choice. You had to get her away from liz. Your sister threatened to turn whitney's dream of being a singer into a nightmare.

Eve: Even so, I should have found another way to fight liz. If anything happens to whitney, it will be my fault.

Liz: That's right, eve. And T.C. Will never forgive you for it.

Julian: Shut up.

Liz: Oh, but, julian, come on, she knows it's true. Look how stressed out she is. Oh, eve, would you like something to help you relax a little bit? A drink? A joint? Perhaps a line of coke?

Ofc. Rand: Freeze tape. Any of you recognize the shooter?

Fox: No.

Ethan: No, never seen her before.

Theresa: Me, either.

Ofc. Rand: What about you? You recognize her?

Chad: How can I? I can't even see her face.

Ofc. Rand: I'm going to watch this one more time before I send it downtown, see if the lab can enhance the image.

Guard: Whatever you say, sir.

Ofc. Rand: Stick around. I may want to question you further before I leave.

Theresa: Seeing that tape was horrible. Why would anyone want to hurt whitney?

Ethan: I don't know.

Fox: Chad, wait a second. You recognized that girl on the videotape, didn't you?

Chad: You're damn right I did. It was latoya, man.

Fox: Are you sure?

Chad: Positive.

Fox: So your wife tried to kill your fiancee?

Ethan: Hey, what did you say?

Chad: Yeah, that's right. Look, you guys don't know this, but before I came to harmony, I used to run with a bad crowd out here. The head dude's name was puff dog. I got in close with his cousin latoya, and we wound up getting married.

Theresa: Does whitney know about this?

Chad: She found out from latoya.

Theresa: Chad, I knew she was upset about someining, but how could you not tell her that you were married before?

Chad: Theresa, I thought we were divorced, but latoya didn't file those damn papers.

Fox: Yeah, man, it looks like she's not ready to get over you yet, huh?

Ethan: All right, so latoya tried to kill whitney?

Chad: She's crazy, man.

Ethan: Chad, you got to tell the police.

Chad no, man. Nothing the cops can do. Look, latoya and puff dog would just cough up some alibi, and whitney would be in even more danger than she already is. No, I've got to handle latoya myself.

Ethan: All right, well, then let me meme with you.

Chad: Thanks, man, but there's nothing you can do. Nothing any of you can do.

Jordan: Mr. Harris? You can see whitney now.

Chad: Thanks.

Theresa: Well, this is just going to be, like, a horrible nightmare for whitney. I mean, if coach russell finds out that someone chad knew shot her? Well, he's going to fly down here, he's going to want to kill chad, and then he's going to take whitney back home to harmony.

Fox: Let me see here. What do we got? Redial.

[Phone rings]

T.C.: Hello?

Fox: Coach russell, it's fox crane.

T.C.: Fox? What are you doing with whitney's cell phone?

Fox: Yeah, I know. Listen, I wanted to let you know what happened to whitney.

T.C.: Was she shot?

Fox: Yeah, coach. I'm sorry, but, yeah, whitney was shot.

T.C.: Oh, my god.

Fox: Well, there's more to the story than that. Actually, much more.

Theresa: Thank god whitney is ok.

Ethan: Yeah.

Theresa: It's still like a shock, though, you know, seeing someone you love get shot. Do you mind grabbing a cup of coffee with me? I mean, I just -- I don't want to be alone right now, you know?

Ethan: Theresa, I'm sorry. I have to go check on gwen.

Theresa: Please? Just -- can you stay with me just, like, a little while longer? I mean, I know that gwen is asleep, and I'm just frightened to be by myself.

Ethan: You can be with fox.

Theresa: What if latoya comes back?

Ethan: Security has doubled around here since the shooting. There's no way she'd come back.

Theresa: I don't know, ethan. You know, love can drive people to do things they shouldn't do with no thought to the consequences.

Ethan: Yeah. Yeah, maybe you should think about that while I go back to gwen and mourn over the loss of our baby.

Fox: Coach russell, are you there?

T.C.: Whitney was shot? My baby was shot?

Eve: Oh, my god. Oh, my god! Is she all right?

Fox: Is that -- is that dr. Russell asking about whitney?

T.C.: Yes. How is she, fox? How is whitney?

Julian: Why is fox talking to T.C. About whitney?

Fox: Well, like I said, she was shot, but the doctor said her prognosis looks good, so --

T.C.: Thank god. Her prognosis is good.

Eve: Oh, thank heaven.

T.C.: Fox, who shot whitney?

Fox: Who shot whitney? You know, I -- I'm not actually sure I should be telling you this because the police are still doing their investigation, but we think it's somebody that chad knows.

T.C.: Chad? I will kill that bastard!

Fox: I should go.

T.C.: No, fox, hold on.

Fox: Well, that ought to stir things up enough for now.

T.C.: Damn it, whitney's phone is off.

Eve: But she's going to be ok?

T.C.: No thanks to chad. Whitney was almost killed tonight by somebody that he knows. Now, this never would have happened if you hadn't given whitney your permission to move 3,000 miles away with him. This is all your fault, eve. Our daughter almost died tonight because of you.

Chad: Baby, I'm so sorry this happened to you. If I could trade places with you, I would.

Whitney: Chad, baby, it's not your fault.

Chad: Has the pain medicine kicked in yet? Because I can't stand to see you hurting.

Whitney: I'm feeling -- I'm feeling ok. Thanks.

Fox: Hey. How you doing?

Whitney: Hey. I'm ok, but I'm scared, you guys. I mean, why wod d someone shoot me?

Fox: I don't know. I don't know, but it was probably just some random thing, you know?

Chad: Don't worry, baby. I'll make sure this never happens to you again.

Chad: I'm going to go take care of business. Will you stay here with whitney?

Fox: Yeah, no problem. Hey, you sure you know what you're doing?

Chad: Yeah. I've got to find latoya and make sure she never hurts whitney again.

Latoya: You're my husband, baby. There's no way I'm going to let little miss classy-ass take you away from me. Next time I shoot at whieyey, I won't wound her, I'll kill her for real.

Luis: So you're telling me that no one on the force has seen that woman in the sketch or a newborn baby out here?

Officer: Sorry, luis, everyone's come up empty.

Luis: Damn it. All right, just -- just keep looking, all right?

Officer: Will do.

Hank: Now what?

Luis: Well, we got to join the search. I'm telling you, I've just got the strongest feeling that the woman who kidnapped sheridan and took the baby is right under our noses. It's like she's hiding in plain sight.

Beth: Charlie, you misunderstood.

Charlie: The hell I did. You said you love luis, that nobody was going to keep you from being with him, especially a lovesick loser like me!

Beth: Charlie, I knew you could hear me. I just said that to test your feelings for me. And guess what -- you passed. With flying colors. So, come on, give me a hug.

Charlie: Oh, shut up! You know something? I knew you were lying all along, but, I don't know, it's like a part of me wants to believe you because I love you so much. I just -- you know, I guess I just got caught up with that pretty face of yours and that soft, sexy body, that I just wanto o be with you so much, I convinced myself that you just need more time, you know, to let go of your old life, your old feelings. But I was wrong! You're just using me to get sheridan aside so you can pass off her baby like luis' son. Well, if I can't have you, he sure as hell can'T. I'm going to kill you, beth -- right here, right now.

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Theresa: Ethan --

ethan: Theresa, theresa, I meant what I said, ok? I need to check on gwen before she wakes up.

Theresa: Well, what about whitney? Ok? I mean, she wouldn't even have been shot if she didn't come here with chad to the hospital to be here for you and gwen. I mean, don't you owe it to whitney to spend time with her?

Ethan: Look, I'm sure whitney understands that gwen is my first priority, theresa. Now, I'm going to check on gwen, and you should leave, ok? I don't want you here when she wakes up. Seeing you after what happened with that baby, ok, could send her into orbit, and god knows she doesn't need that stress again.

Theresa: Ethan, I'm stressed t,t, too, ok? My best friend was just shot. Could you just please just stay with me just, like, a little while longer, ok? I know that gwen is asleep, and when she wakes up, the nurse is going to come and get you.

Ethan: I don't want the nurse to come get me. I need to be there for gwen when she wakes up. Ok, now, please just have the decency to leave when you're asked, ok? You and I have nothing more to say to one another.

Theresa: You don't mean this, ethan.

Ethan: I do mean it. This is the last time that we're together. Good night. Good night and goodbye.

Theresa: This isn't goodbye, you know? Because once you realize that you're not tied to gwen anymore, you're going to come back to me and we're going to spend the rest of our lives together. You'll see.

T.C.: I will never forgive you for this. Never.

Liz: So much for your notion that eve and T.C. Will work things out. After that call from fox, T.C. Will be calling a good divorce lawyer.

Julian: I wouldn't start planning my wedding just yet, dear. Their marriage has survived worse than this. The real question is, can chad and whitney survive with fox in the mix? Obviously, my son didn't heed my warning to stay away from eve's daughter. What are you up to, my wayward son? As if I don't know.

Chad: Hey, man, thanks for staying with whitney while I deal with latoya.

Fox: No problem. Chad, listen, man, are you sure going after her alone is a good idea? I mean, what if puff dog decides to come to his cousin's resc?? Come on.

Chad: Look, it don't matter. I can't let this pass, man. I've got to retaliate.

Fox: Ok. I guess we all do what we have to when it comes to people we love, huh?

Chad: Right on. Look, if whitney wakes up, don't tell her about latoya trying to kill her, all right?

Fox: Yeah, all right. Good luck.

Chad: If your father has anything to do with it, then you'll never see chad again. You and I will be free to be together. We can be happy together. I know I can make you happy, whitney. I know I can.

Ethan: Chad, chad, hold on. Look, man, I don't know what you're planning on doing, but just let me come with you. All right, maybe I can help things from getting out of hand.

Chad: Thanks, man, but this is between latoya, puff dog, and me.

Chad: Damn you, latoya. You and puff dog. I'm not going to let you get away with this. I'm going to protect whitney, no matter what I have to do.

Sheridan: My baby -- my baby --

pilar: Blessed virgin, as a mother, I ask you to please intercede on my son's behalf. Help luis find his and sheridan's baby.

Sheridan: My baby -- where -- where are you?

Luis: Anything?

Antonio: No, nothing.

Luis: Well, I'd have to say we're getting nowhere fast. All right, I think the best thing to do is get back to the hospital and see if sheridan's strong enough to have remembered anything. Come on, let's go.

Woman: I know it's late to be out with my baby, but the fresh salt air always puts him to sleep. I had to wake him up so the police could take a sample of his D.N.A. I didn't mind, though. I feel so sorry for sheridan crane. Having her baby taken from her while she was held hostage? I hope the police find her kidnapper and her baby soon.

Luis: Yeah. From your lips to god's ears. But I wasn't judging you. You're lucky to have such a sweet baby.

Woman: Thanks. You have children, too?

Luis: Yeah, yeah, I have.

[Baby fusses]

Woman: I'm sorry. I need to keep walking so he can fall asleep.

Luis: Yeah, I understand.

Luis: Please, god, you know, sheridan and I are wasting time, precio t time with our child. Please, just let me find my baby. And whenever I find the woman who kidnapped sheridan and took our baby, she's going to wish that she was dead.

Mrs. Wallace: Run, precious! Run for your life!

Charlie: Both of yous, freeze!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, no, no! Precious and I didn't do anything!

Charlie: You knew bethie lied and you kept quiet!

Mrs. Wallace: We wanted to tell you the truth, but bethie wouldn't let us!

Charlie: I don't care. I'm killing all three of yous! And then I'm going to give sheridan and luis their baby back!

Beth: No! You can't!

Charlie: Of course I can. Because you won't be around to stop me!

[Mrs. Wallace screams]

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