Passions Transcript Tuesday 09/30/03

Passions Transcript Wednesday 10/22/03

By Eric

Luis: Sheridan, I love you so much. Can't believe you're actually here, that you're alive. I swear, I'm never going to let you out of my sight again. When you get better, I promise you, we're going to tell antonio the truth about us. Then we'll be able to be together. Right now, the important thing is that we find our baby. I promise you, I will find our baby.

Luis: Hey, this is officer lopez fitzgerald. Is there any news on the search for sheridan crane's baby? Well, come on, you're the F.B.I. What, if you guys can't follow a lead, then who the hell can? All right, look -- all right, well, just stay on it then, ok? All right.

Luis: Hey. Yeah, it's luis. What's going on with the house-to-house search? Well, can you put some more men on it? Look, we need to find the baby. All right.

Antonio: Hey, what's going on?

Hank: Any news on the search?

Luis: No, not yet.

Antonio: What about the F.B.I.?

Luis: Just got off the phone with them. There are no leads yet. Same with the house-to-house search.

Pilar: Has sheridan been awake to tell you anything?

Luis: No. Mostly, she's just been unconscious. She hasn't said anything that's made any sense yet.

Antonio: She's been through so much. I still can't believe she's here.

Doctor: I'm dr. Gallagher. Dr. Russell asked me to check on sheridan.

Luis: Doctor, I'm officer lopez fitzgerald. I'm conducting the investigation into sheridan's kidnapping. Now, listen, it's vital that I talk to her to see if sheridan's remembered anything about her kidnappers, so what I'm asking you is if I can wake her up.

Dr. Gallagher: No, she needs to sleep.

Luis: You don't understand. The kidnappers have the baby.

Dr. Gallagher: No, I -- I understand and I know about the case, officer. She'll wake up eventually, when her body is stronger and her mind is ready to deal with the reality of her ordeal.

Pilar: Luis, mijo, yololook exhausted. You should go home and rest.

Luis: No, I'm not going to rest until we find our baby.

Antonio: "Our baby"? How many times you going to say that, luis, huh? And why? Why do you keep talking like sheridan's baby is yours?

Beth: Oh, who's the most beautiful baby in the whole, wide world? Who's mommy's perfect little boy, huh?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, would you plsese stop saying that that baby is yours?

Beth: He's mine.

Mrs. Wallace: No, he's not. He's sheridan's -- sheridan and luis' -- and you should be ashamed of yourself for ripping that tiny little mite out of his real mother's arms.

Beth: I'm not ashamed. No, I love this baby and he loves me, and my plan's working perfectly.

Mrs. Wallace: [Mocking beth] Your plan is working perfectly? Yeah?

[Normal voice] How do you figure that one out, bethie, huh? The cops are here every other day. Sooner or later, your luck is going to be running out on you.

[Baby fusses]

Beth: Shh. I avoided letting them do the D.N.A. Test, didn't I, hmm?

Mrs. Wallace: Well, yeah, that's only because luis showed up and you managed to talk him out of it.

Beth: Yeah, see? Because now that I'm the mother of this child, I've got him wrapped around my finger.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, guess what -- his finger's going to be wrapped around your little neck, you know, once he finds out that you kidnapped sheridan, you kept her down in that pit and down in the basement, you know, just so you could steal their baby. Mark my words, luis is going to get you.

Beth: No, he won'T.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, what about charlie? You know, she thinks that you're going to go running off into the sunset with her, live happily ever after.

Beth: Look, charlie is gone. I didn't even have to kill her. So get off my case. I'm sick of hearing it.

Charlie: Beth looks upset. Wonder what's wrong. I'd better get in there and see what's going on.

Ethan: You should still be here with us, my sweet little girl, sarah. And your mother's right. It's my fault you're not here. See, I -- I betrayed gwen with theresa and -- and we lost you. And I'm I I'm sorry. But I will never betray your mother again. And I will be true to my wife and I'll be true to our future children. I promise you, gwen, I will be here for you.

Fox: Theresa, listen to me. Fate's going not going to bring ethan back to you, not now, not ever.

Theresa: Fox, come on. I mean, don't you see this? Ok, ethan said that he was never going to leave gwen or their family, but there is no family. He said that he only married gwenececause she was pregnant, but there's no baby.

Fox: Yeah --

theresa: And I feel terrible for that. I really do. But, god, it's a fact.

Fox: Yeah, the fact that -- ok, don't you know that ethan blames you for his baby's death? You really think he's going to come running back to you?

Theresa: Yes, I do, I do. He will. Ethan's going to come back to me.

Liz: I'm telling you, julian, if you want to have eve for yourself, all you have to do is find your son. The son that you and eve share is alive. He's out there somewhere. Find him. Bring him back. That'll tear T.C. And eve apart, and it'll bring eve back to you.

Chad: Look, ain't nothing to get upset about, coach. Whitney just dropped her jacket. Her phone was in it, and I was on my way to give it back to her when you called.

T.C.: Well, maybe it's best that you did answer the phone because eve and I, we've been talking, and, well -- chad, I just want to say that I was wrong for giving you and whitney such a hard time about your relationship, and what I should've done --

chad: Look, coach, can we talk about this later? Like I said before, this isn't a good time.

T.C.: Chad, why are you putting me off? Where's my daughter? Where's whitney?


Whitney: Oh!

T.C.: What was that? Chad, what was that?

Latoya: That'll teach you to mess with my man.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

antonio: No, what did you mean when you said "our baby"?

Pilar: Antonio, mijo, you know what he meant. I mean, that baby is as much his as it is yours and mine. It's a lopez fitzgerald baby.

Antonio: Is that what you meant, luis?

Luis: Yes.

Antonio: All right. Well, thanks. Look, I'm glad we have such a close family, and I appreciate you caring just as much about our baby as sheridan and I do.

Luis: I know you do.

Hank: Just keep it together, buddy.

Luis: He has got to know the truth.

Hank: Now is not the time. One day soon, but not now.

Antonio: You know, I'm going to go get some coffee. Do you guys want anything?

Hank: Sounds good.

Luis: That'd be great.

Antonio: Ok.

Luis: Thanks, bro.

Antonio: Luis, I know I've told you before, but thanks for everything you're doing.

Pilar: Mijo, I know how difficult this is for you. I know. You have sheridan back and you still can't tell antonio about the love the two of you share.

Luis: You have no idea how difficult this is. This has gone on way too long. Antonio's not sick anymore, all right? There's no reason that we need to protect him.

Pilar: But sheridan's not well, mijo. You have to think of her.

Luis: I am thinking ofheheridan. Mama, before sheridan was kidnapped, she was stressed out all the time because we were always hiding stuff from antonio. If the truth can come out, sheridan can breathe. We all can.

Pilar: Your brother will be heartbroken, you know.

Luis: Not as heartbroken as I've been this whole time watching antonio with sheridan. Look, you know I don't want to hurt my brother, but he has got to know the truth.

Nknk: The most important thing right now is finding that baby.

Luis: Just wish sheridan would wake up so she could give us a clue. I can't think of anything until we find our baby and those damn kidnappers.

Beth: I am sick of you constantly telling me what a loser I am. I pulled off a brilliant plan, mother. I don't understand why you can't just be proud of me for once because it worked.

Charlie: Wonder what's got beth's knickers in a knot. I'd better get in there and find out.

Mrs. Walla:: Brilliant plan? Huh, my aunt fanny. You have been so lucky, so lucky I can't believe it.

Beth: Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. I was prepared, so when the opportunity came along, I was ready for it and, hello, I succeeded.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, well, maybe you got away with everything so far. Let me just ask you this question, huh? What do you think is going to happen when charlie comes back and wants to go off to love land with you, hmm?

Beth: Look, charlie took off because she thought the poli were on to us, that we were going to get caught, so she's gone and she is not coming back.

Mrs. Wallace: That's what you said about sheridan, you know, when you dumped her in the ocean. But guess what -- she's back.

Beth: Well, that's different. I don't know what kind of miracle happened that they found sheridan --

mrs. Wallace: Yeah, and that she lived after everything you did to her. That's the miracle.

Beth: Look, it's different with charlie because she was truly scared and she didn't wa to spend the rest of her life behind bars, so she did the smart thing and she took off for -- I don't know -- parts unknown. So I really don't think we're going to ever hear from her again.

Mrs. Wallace: Psst! You're either crazier than I thought or too dumb to live.

Beth: Look, I am not crazy. I am not dumb. Charlie knew it was over. That's it. Oh, boo-hoo, I'm never going to see charlie again.

Charlie: Bethie, don't cry. Baby doll, your charlie is back. And charlie's never leaving her bethie again.

Chad: Whitney!

T.C.: Chad, it sounded like a gunshot. Is whitney all right?

Chad: Oh, my god.

T.C.: Chad! It sounded like a gun-- chad! Is whitney all right?

Eve: T.C., What is wrong? Did you say you heard a shot?

T.C.: I don't know. I can't get him to answer me.

Liz: What's going on?

Eve: T.C. Was trying to call whitney.

T.C.: I was talking to chad, and all of a sudden I heard him scream whitney's name. I don't know what happened next. Chad!

Eve: Oh, god, please let whitney be all right.

Latoya: You won't be getting in the way of me and chad again, bitch. You are one adad sister.

Theresa: Hey, did you just hear that?

Fox: Yeah, I wonder what that was.

Theresa: Was that a gunshot or something?

Fox: I have no idea.

Theresa: You know what? I think I just -- I'm just watching way too much of that television news, you know, about crime in los angeles. It's probably just a car backfiring.

Fox: Yeah, something like that. Listen, though, more importantly, I want to get back to this whole ethan/fate thing. What are you thinking? And you actually think he's going to come -- what's going to make him come back to you?

Theresa: He loves me. He admitted it.

Fox: Well, theresa, I tell you what, though, it's not very uncommon for a married man to say that he loves another woman. I mean, if it means getting him into bed --

theresa: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. He's -- he's not like that, ?? No, he's not. He really loves me.

Fox: Yeah, but he says he really loves gwen, too.

Theresa: But it's different, ok? I mean, there's no real passion in their relationship, and he knows that.

Fox: Well, I don't know. There's got to be a little bit of passion. I mean, he did get her pregnant, right?

Theresa: Well, that's why he married her. Because if she hadn't gotten pregnant, he would be married to me.

Fox: She did get pregnant, theresa, and now they've lost their child.

Theresa: I know. And no matter what differences gwen and I have had, my heart goes out to her. They must be really devastated.

Fox: Exactly. And do you really think ethan's going to forget everything that they've gone through together?

Theresa: No, no, no, of course not. I mean, how could any parent ever forget about the loss of a child?

Fox: Right, they can'T. Something like that is -- well, theresa, it's one of those things that can bond a couple even closer togeerer, you know?

Theresa: No. No, no, I heard gwen, and she said she wants him out of her life. She doesn't want to have anything to do with him anymore.

Fox: Yeah, no, no, no, I heard her say that, too, but, you know, she didn't mean it. She was upset about the baby dying. Theresa, she loves ethan.

Theresa: I I know. I feel terrible about what happened. But the baby was the one thing that was keeping ethan and me from being together. And now there's nothing standing in our way. I told you, fate was going to take care of this. It's fate that's going to bring ethan and me back together.

Guard: That's right, a woman was just shot outside the hospital on the east grounds. We're on our way.

Second guard: Dr. Morro, we're going to need you.

Dr. Morro: What's going on?

Guard: We saw it on the security cameras. A woman was shot on the east grounds.

Dr. Morro: My god, let's go! Come on!

Ethan: Excuse me, excuse me, what's going on?

Guard: A woman was just shot outside the hospital.

Ethan: A woman? Oh, god, where's theresa?

Fox: Officer, excuse me. What's going on out there?

Guard: There was a shooting outside on the grounds. Stay here.

Theresa: Oh, my god, that was a gunshot.

Fox: I know.

Ethan: Theresa, my god, are you all right?

Theresa: I -- I'm fine.

Ethan: No, I heard a woman was shot. I was afraid it was you.

Theresa: You were worried about me?

Ethan: Well, of course I was worried. I'd be worried about anyone in this situation.

Theresa: Ethan, I --

ethan: Look, I'm glad you're ok, but I didn't come out here to spend time with you. I need to go back to gwen. I need to be with my wife.

Fox: Listen -- I wonder who was shot. Tell me you've seen whitney. Have any of you seen whitney?

Ethan: No.

Theresa: I mean, I saw her, yeah, a little while ago. You don't think that it could be whitney, do you?

Fox: Officer, hey, excuse me, do you know who was shot by chance?

Guard: All we know is it was a young woman.

Fox: No, no, listen, listen, was she wearing a white tank top with black jeans, african-american?

Guard: Yeah, that's right. I've got to go, I've got to go.

Fox: Oh, my god, it's whitney.

Theresa: Go! Hurry!

Eve: T.C., What's going on? Is chad still on the line?

T.C.: He didn't hang up. He's just not answering me. Chad!

Eve: You said you heard a shot. Is whitney -- is she hurt?

T.C.: I don't know, sweetheart. I don't know. I'm trying to get ahold of chad, but he's not talking to me. Chad! Chad! Where the hell did he go?

Liz: If whitney has been hurt in los angeles, T.C. Will be furious with eve for allowing whitney to go out there.

Julian: I just hope to god whitney's all right.

Liz: So do I. But if she isn't, T.C. Will never forgive eve. So your little scenario that T.C. Will forgive and forget anything that eve does is just a half-baked theory.

Julian: Would you shut your mouth. That young girl could be seriously hurt.

Liz: You want to go to her, don't you, to comfort her. I know you do. But you can't because T.C. Is here. Listen to me, julian. Find your son. Bring him back. That'll change everything. T.C. Will be nothing to eve. She'll be with you.

Julian: That's enough, damn it. Whitney could be hurt. Can't you stop scheming even for a moment?

Liz: No, I can't, not for one second. I will get my sister's husband. And you'd better keep looking for the son that you and eve had together. That's your key to getting eve back.

Chad: Whitney! Whitney, where are you? Whitney -- oh, my god. Help! Help! We need a doctor! Whitney, baby, don't die. Oh, god. Help! Whitney. 33

just me andy hands, whoaaa!

Just me and my hands,

antonio: Did she come to? Has she said anything?

Luis: No. Not yet. I've got to get out of here. I've got to do something.

Pilar: Luis, what more can you do?

Luis: Well, that's just it -- there's nothing I can do, not unless sheridan wakes up and gives us a clue.

Hank: You've got every man in the department on the job.

Antonio: Not to mention every state trooper, F.B.I. Agent out there looking for the kidnappers and the baby.

Hank: This town is locked up tighter than a drum. Whoever did this won't get the baby out of harmony.

Luis: Yeah, they sure as hell won'T. All right, the F.B.I. Profiler said that when sheridan wakes up that she might remember something new, and that's what we're hoping for right now, all right? All right, what else do we have? Sheridan was in a house, in a pit, in a basement. She thinks I was in that house because she heard my voice.

Antonio: And you've still got a house-to-house search going on looking for that particular basement.

Luis: Yeah. But sheridan's got to remember something else.

Hank: Well, the doctor said she might have blocked out painful memories.

Luis: Yeah, well, that's just temporary.

Antonio: Well, we hope it's temporary.

Luis: No, she'll remember something eventually. She'll remember a voice, a face. She'll remember something that's going to lead us to the kidnappers.

Antonio: And to our baby.

[Sheridan moans]

Luis: Looks like she's dreaming.

Antonio: Hey, sheridan. Sheridan, 's's ok. I'm right here.

Luis: Sheridan, what are you dreaming? You remember something? Sheridan, what are you remembering?


Sheridan: Please, give me my baby. No. No, please, don'T. Don't take my baby.

Luis: This cou b be it. She's dreaming about the baby. Sheridan? Maybe when she wakes up, she'll remember something. Sheridan?

Sheridan: No. My baby. My baby.

Beth: Charlie, you're back. I thought you were going to be gone for good.

Charlie: Oh, bethie. No, I could never leave you for good. No, I feel so bad that I made you worry.

Beth: Well, yeah. Yeah, you made me worried.

Charlie: Well, I veve to tell you, I had to think long and hard about coming back here. I mean, not that I ever wanted to leave you, but, you know, those cops, they were breathing down my neck.

Beth: Yeah, I know.

Charlie: You know, but then I decided that I had to take the chance. I had to come back to my bethie. And now I'm back and we're going to spend the rest of our lives together. And I've been making plans.

Mrs. Wallace: Uh-oh, here it comes, precious. Charlie's got plans. Beth's not going to like it.

Beth: Um, plans?

Charlie: Oh, yeah. Yeah, see, I figured out a way for us to escape and still be able to live our lives happily ever after, forever.

[Beth laughs]

Chad: Help! Somebody, please, we need a doctor! Oh, god, don't let whitney die. Can you hear me?

Fox: Oh, my god, whitney!

Theresa: Oh, god. Oh, my god!

Fox: Chad, what happened?

Theresa: Oh, my god, whitney!

Chad: I heard a shot, man.

Fox: Over here! We need a doctor! Help!

Chad: She's bleeding to death.

Ethan: Come on.

Fox: Over here! Help!

Theresa: Oh, my god, she -- she's dead. Whitney is dead.

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Singer: You are my passion for life

T.C.: Hello? Hello, chad?

Eve: Can you hear anything, T.C? Did chad come back on the line?

T.C.: No, all I heard was him yell something, but I can't make out what he's saying.

Eve: Ok, well, don't put the phone down because he might come back.

T.C.: Sweethea, , I am not going to hang this phone up. I just pray to god that nothing's happened to whitney.

Liz: You better pray, too, sister dear, because if something has happened to whitney, T.C. Will blame you.

Eve: Whitney loves chad. It's only natural that she wants to be with him.

T.C.: That's bull! Whitney's got a crush on this boy. He's going to get her killed.

Eve: T.C., Just please, calm down.

T.C.: Damn it, I will not calm down! I will not let my daughter move 3,000 miles away with her mother's blessing.

Eve: I know how much you object to this.

T.C.: So why are you doing this, huh? Are you doing this to hurt me?

Eve: No. I love you, T.C.

T.C.: No, you don't love me! Because a woman who loved me wouldn't do this to me. She would never do this to me!

Eve: Oh, god, julian, what have I done? T.C.'S just never going to forgi me.

Julian: You have no choice. You need whitney to go to L.A. With chad to protect her from liz. You did it to save your daughter.

Eve: You are such a monster. You are hoping that something has happened to whitney, don't you, just so you can tear me and T.C. Apart.

Liz: I won't have to tear you and T.C. Apart if whitney's been hurt.

Eve: God, you are a monster. To wish whitney that kind of pain --

liz: Oh, no. I only wish you pain.

Eve: You get away from me, you evil witch.

Liz: Sorry, sis. I'm going to be right here when T.C. Turns on you. And I'm going to be right here when he turns to me. So you'd better pray hard. Because if whitney has been hurt, T.C. Will never forgive you and he will hate you forever.

Chad: Over here! We're over here!

Guard: Watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out!

Dr. Morro: All right, let's get her on the gurney. Get in here. Let's go, let's go.

Guard: Got her?

Second guard: Yeah.

Nurse: Pulse weak and thready.

Chad: She's going to be all right, right?

Dr. Morro: We'll have to get her into the E.R. To see what kind of damage was done.

Latoya: Oh, that bullet did some real damage, doc. That bullet killed the bitch. I can tell you that.

Dr. Morro: Please, you people need to stand back. We need to get her inside.

Theresa: Doctor, you have to save her, please!

Chad: She's got -- she's got to be ok.

Dr. Morro: We'll do everything we can. Come on!

Ethan: Theresa -- theresa -- hey, hey. You all right?

Theresa: Yeah, just dizzy, that's all.

Ethan: All right. Come on.

Latoya: Well, if they do pull off some type of miracle and save little miss thing, it won't matter. I'll be back to finish what I started.

Sheridan: No, please. Don't take my baby. No, they took my baby. They took my baby!

Luis: Sheridan, wake up. Sheridan, what are you dreaming? Tell us who has the baby.

[Sheridan moans]

Luis: No, no, sheridan, don't stop. Sheridan --

antonio: Hey, luis --

luis: Sheridan!

Antonio: Luis, she's not going to wake up right now.

Luis: All right, well, then we'll wake her up. Sheridan, hey, come on.

Antonio: Luis, what are you doing?

Luis: I said I'm going toto wake her up, all right? She's going to remember what she was dreaming so we can get a clue. Sheridan --

antonio: The doct said not to wake her up. She needs her rest.

Luis: Yeah, but if she's remembered something, then we need to find out what it is.

Antonio: You can't just wake her up out of a deep sleep.

Luis: Well, the hell I can'T. Sheridan, come on.

Antonio: Hey, think about sheridan here.

Luis: I am thinking about sheranan. She wants to find her baby as much as I do. Sheridan, come on.

Antonio: Luis, wait a minute. Hey!

Luis: Sheridan --

antonio: She is my wife. Now, I said leave her alone.

Pilar: Luis, mijo, co on. Listen to antonio. He's right. The doctor did say she needed her rest, and she can't do it with all this noise.

Hank: Luis, she's right. You need to chill out.

Pilar: She'll wake up when she's ready.

[Sheridan moans]

Luis: Sheridan --

sheridan: No --

antonio: Luis, stop. Leave her alone.

[Sheridan moans]

Sheridan: No. They have my baby.

Luis: Who does, sheridan? Who has the baby?

Charlie: Mmm. It's so good to be back, have you in my arms again.

[Charlie giggles]

Charlie: I can't wait for us to take off.

Beth: But, charlie, I thought we -- we agreed that we couldn't just disappear with the baby. It would look suspicious, right?

Mrs. Wallace: That's right, buster. You know, you just can't leave with luis' baby. Otherwise, he's going to have the militia out looking for you in a new york minute.

Charlie: If you don't mind, edna, let me do the talking. All right, I know what we talked about, but things have changed.

Beth: What things?

Charlie: Did you forget? Sheridan's back. I mean, I don't know how the blond bimbo did it, but she lived. Now, look, you can write a note to luis telling him that now that he's got sheridan back, you want to go someplace else, make a fresh start for you and the baby.

Beth: Charlie, he's gogg to want to see his baby.

Charlie: Oh, man! He's going to make many more babies with sheridan. Now, I know you lied about wanting to be with luis, but nobody in harmony knows you lied. So it'll make sense to them that, you know, you don't want to stand around and watch him get back together with sheridan, right?

Beth: I guess so.

Charlie: Sure. Come on, baby, I'm right. Now, look, I'm going to go pack up the car with the diapers and bottles and, you know, toys -- everything we need for getting on the road. And then it'll just be you and me and baby makes three. Baby, we're getting on the road.

[Charlie giggles]

Mrs. Wallace: Well, louise, what did I tell you? Ththelma's back, and she's going to be packing you up to leave town. What you going to do then, bethie-boo, bethie-boo, huh?

Beth: I'm going to do what I should've done in the first place. I'm going to kill charlie.

Mrs. Wallace: Just like that, you're going to kill her? Boy, you must have ice water in those veins.

Beth: Yeah, guess I do. But it's the only way I can keep my baby.

Chad: She's got to be ok.

Fox: Who could have done this?

Dr. Morro: Look out.

Guard: Keep looking. Yes. I called for backup. They're searching e e grounds.

Second guard: Good. The shooter can't be far away.

First guard: Come on.

T.C.: Hello! Is anybody there? What the hell is going on?

Nurse: Hello?

T.C.: Hello, who's this?

Nurse: This is jo jordan. I'm a nurse at los angeles city hospital. Who is ts?S?

T.C.: I'm calling from out of state. I heard a gunshot, and I need to know who was shot.

Nurse jordan: I don't know. I just know that it was a young woman.

T.C.: A young woman?

Eve: Oh, my god. Was it whitney?

T.C.: Well, do you know her name?

Nurse jordan: No, I'm sorry. I could find out and call you back, if you like.

T.C.: She doesn't know who it was. Could -- could you please just give me a call back? I really would appreciate it.

Eve: Oh, god, please don't let it be my daughter.

T.C.: Sweetheart, don't jump to conclusions.

Nurse jordan: Were you on this call when you heard the shot?

T.C.: Yes. That's my daughter's cell phone, and I was talking to chad harris. Do you know him?

Nurse jordan: No, I'm sorry, but I can find him and have him call you. Who is this?

T.C.: This is T.C. Russell.

Nurse jordan: Give me your number. All right, I'm on duty, so I have to go.

T.C.: Thank you.

Eve: What did she say? Was it whitney?

T.C.: It -- it was a nurse, and -- and she said she didn't know the name of the young girl, but she would call us back as soon as she found out anything.

Eve: Oh, it can't be whitney. Oh, please, nothing can happen to our daughter.

Dr. Morro: All right, let's get her in here. You'll have to wait here. I'm sorry.

Chad: God. What am I going to do? What am I going to do if she dies?

Theresa: No, no, don't say it, ok? Don't even think it. She's going to be ok.

Chad: How is she? Can you tell us how bad it is?

Nurse: She lost a lot of blood. The doctor's still trying to determine the extent of the damage.

Chad: I can't lose her. I can'T.

Fox's voice: Neither can I, chad.

Dr. Morro: Give me an art-line kit. Type and cross match for two to four units of blood.

Nurse: B.P. 160 over 90, pulse 90.

Dr. Morro: Ok, I need you to call x-ray. Call respiratory.

Luis: Sheridan, who took your baby? Did you see a face? Can you describe them?

Antonio: Luis, take it easy. Don't scare her, ok?

Luis: I'm sorry, but we need to know if sheridan remembers anything about the kidnappers. Sheridan, did you -- did you see the kidnappers? Do you know who has the baby?

Sheridan: Yes. Luis, I remember.

Mrs. Wallace: So, how do you think you are going to get away with killing charlie?

Beth: I'll think of something. I can say that she broke into the house and she tried to kidnap my baby. Yeah. Crazy women are always trying to kidnap other women's babies.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, that is the first time you've been right about something in months. Now, how are you going to kill charlie with a baby in your arms?

Beth: Don't be ridiculous. Precious, will you put the baby to bed?

Beth: Now, I just got to figure out what I'm going to use to kill her with.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, merciful angels, please stop my murderous daughter! And P.S. -- She's trying to make me an accomplice.

Beth: Shut up! There's nothing you can do to stop me. Oh, she's -- she's coming back. Now, you keep your mouth shut, or you'll be next.

Charlie: Hey, you better get packing, my love. We got to make tracks.

Beth: Ok, I will, but come here. I -- I just wanted to give you a little surprise.

Charlie: A surprise?

[Charlie laughs]

Charlie: I love surprises.

Eve: Well, it can't be whitney. It just can't be.

Julian: I hope to god it's not whitney.

Liz: You want to go to eve, but you can'T. And it hurts, doesn't it?

T.C.: Damn it. Our daughter shouldn't be 3,000 miles away from us. She should be home where she would be safe.

Eve: Just pray that whieyey was not the one who was shot.

T.C.: We shouldn't have let her move to los angeles. You shouldn't have given her your blessing, eve.

Liz: You see? I told you T.C. Would blame eve if whitney got hurt.

Julian: It's not her fault. It's -- it's not her fault.

Eve: T.C., Don't be angry.

T.C.: Damn it, if it is whitney who was shot --

eve: Don't even think it.

T.C.: If it is whitney who was shot, eve, it's your fault! You allowed our daughter to go to L.A. To be shot.

Chad: What the hell's going on? Why don't they tell us something?

Fox: I don't know, chad, but she's got to be ok.

Chad: Yeah. Come on, baby, you can pull through this. You have to.

Theresa: How can this have happened? You know, what am I going to do if she's not ok?

Ethan: Theresa -- theresa, look, I -- I don't think it's a good idea that you're waiting here, ok? Gwen is right inside that examination room. Ok? I don't want her to wake up and hear you.

Theresa: Well, where am I going to go, ethan? I mean, my god, she's my best friend. I have to be here for her!

Ethan: I know, I know. I'm -- I'm just going to go make sure the door is shut, ok? My main purpose is to be here for her.

Theresa: But you will come back to me, ethan. I know you will.

Chad: Doctor, how's she doing?

Fox: She's going to make it, right?

Theresa: Tell us that she's going to be ok.

Dr. Morro: I'm sorry.

Theresa: She's dead? Whitney's dead?

T.C.: This is all your fault, eve! Our daughter almost died tonight because of you.

Latoya: Next time, I won't miss. Next time, I'll shoot you dead.

Antonio: You remember who kidnapped you and took our baby?

Sheridan: Yes. I remember everything.

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