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Passions Transcript Tuesday 10/21/03

By Eric

Eve: I so hope sheridan doesn't have to suffer the same fate that I did -- to have your baby taken from you, to spend the rest of your life wondering whatever happened to the child and then damning yourself for not protecting your newborn.

Julian: Eve, don'T.

Eve: I can't help it, julian. It's been over 20 years. And even with all the resources at your disposal and the leads that we've got from your investigators, we are still no closer to finding our son.

T.C.: Liz, what do you want me to see?

Liz: Oh, you've got to see it to believe it, T.C. Come look. It's right around the corner.

Gwen: You can't take my baby!

Nurse: I am sorry, mrs. Winthrop. We can't wait any longer. I need to take your daughter to the morgue.

Gwen: No, no, no, no!

Nurse: You understand.

Gwen: You can't have my sarah! No, I need more time to be with her. I need more time to say goodbye!

Ethan: Gwen, please, please give the nurse the baby. It's for her own good, ok?

Gwen: Oh, no, no, no, ethan! No one can take my sarah, not yet! Not yet!

[Gwen cries]

Fox: Theresa, what are you doing here? You got to get out of here before gwen sees you, ok?

Theresa: I never meant for ethan and gwen's baby to die. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Fox: I know that, ok? I believe you, really, but, look, gwen's another story, ok? She blames youoror the death of her child. And if she finds out you're still here, theresa, she's going to kill you.

Gwen: Oh, sarah! My sarah! My sweet baby girl!

Ethan: Gwen, at least -- at least put sarah in the bassinet, ok? She'll be more comfortable there. Ok?

[Gwen cries]

Whitney: Poor gwen. I can't even imagine what it must be like to lose a child, to see a life you created end so soon and so tragically.

Chad: Yeah. Ethan's got to wish he handled things differently, told gwen about theresa being in L.A. Keeping it a secret turned a dicey situation dead..

whitney: Secrets are just -- are never good. They end up destroying relationships.

Chad: You know, I can't believe you're bringing up my past with latoya at a time like this.

Latoya: Damn that whitney, suckering chad into her uppity uptown life, forcing him to get engaged to her while he's still married to me.

Puff dog: That's -- that's enough for you, cuz. See, you straight trippin' if you think little miss whitney is trying to steal a dog like chad.

Latoya: I'm your blood, puff dog. You're supposed to take my side.

Puff dog: Yeah, well, not when you're wasted like you are now.

Latoya: I'm not wasted!

Latoya: But I am going to waste that whitney bitch, teach chad not to disrespect me, his loving wife.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

latoya: I'll bang whitney for stealing my man.

Puff dog: Hey, what -- what is wrong with you, girl? Walking around with a loaded gun when you're loaded, too?

Latoya: I know what I'm doing. You taught me all about guns and how to shoot straight.

Puff dog: Yeah, so you can defend yourself, not go around shooting up south central. Besides, a piece of mine ain't no use to you. Whitney ain't going to give you chad back.

Latoya: I know chad hurt me and all, but I never stopped loving him, never stopped missing him. And now that he's back in L.A., I want him back. I want him bad, puff dog, real bad.

Puff dog: Yeah, see, I need to get chad back on my label -- him and that singer, syd valentine, or I'm going to lose out on some serious change.

Latoya: How so?

Puff dog: Well, I had some of my boys steal some cuts from that C.D. He and syd are making.

Whoo! They are the bomb. That C.D.'S going to go platinum easy, probably snag every award there is. The way I figure it chad could become a millionaire off that one C.D.

Latoya: I always knew chad would make it big. Whitney probably sensed it, too, wanted a rich meal ticket out of tiny town U.S.A. Slut. Throwing her skinny, trashy self all over my husband. I don't care if puff dog took that gun away from me. I'll find a way to mess up little miss whitney, mess her up so bad even her own mother won't recognize her.

Liz's voice: Damn it! T.C. Has to see eve with julian to believe his sainted wife is a sinner!

Julian: Eve, I hate it that you have -- have had to suffer so much over these years. I -- first, to think that our baby died, and then to have had that vision that he was taken out of the hospital as you -- as you looked on helpless to save him.

Eve: I know that's what happened to him. Yeah, our baby lived, and then he was taken from us to god only knows where.

Julian: You know that this is all my fau..

eve: No.

Julian: It is. It's my fault. I should have stood up to my father when he forbade me to see you. I should have married you then and there. I should have -- I should have been a good father. I should have been a good husband. I -- I failed you, and I failed our son. I'm so, so sorry.

Eve: No, julian. What's done is done. Besides, we were very different people then.

Julian: Even so, I --

eve: I've forgiven you, julian, and I think it's time you forgave yourself.

Julian: I don't know ifif I can.

Eve: Try, for me.

Julian: And I will keep looking for our son.

Eve: I'd give anything in the world to see our little baby all grown up, see who he is and what kind of a man he turned out to be.

Chad: How can you bring up latoya when ethan and gwen are over there hurting like hell?

Whitney: I was not bringing up latoya. I wasn't even thinking about her. I was just saying that secrets always seem to mess up relationships. Ethan kept theresa being here in L.A. A secret from gwen because he didn't want to upset her during her difficult pregnancy, right? But she found out anyway, and things just went from bad to worse. It's the same thing as theresa keeping secrets from ethan about chief bennett being his real father or when she thought she was married to julian. Ethan had a hard time trusting her ever since then, right?

Chad: I overreacted, ok? I'm sorry.

Whitney: No, no, don't apologize. Instead, ask yourself why you thought I was talking about latoya. Maybe it's because you have a guilty conscience because you never told me that you were married to another woman. Huh? A woman who, by the way, is still your wife.

Gwen: Please, don't take my baby to lock away in the cold and dark!

Theresa: Oh, my god. I mean, poor gwen and poor ethan. Poor little sarah. I didn't mean for this to happen. And now they hate me. They blame me for losing their baby.

Fox: Look, theresa, I'd never say anything to hurt your feelings, but, I mean, come on, can you blame them?

Theresa: I honestly thought that -- that fate would bring ethan and me together, you know, that our love would overcome the obstacles that were keeping us apart, but not at the cost of an innocent baby's life.

Fox: Ok.

Theresa: I mean, the grief that I've caused ethan and gwen, it --

fox: Ok, come on, let's -- let's get out of here. Let's go get c cup of coffee or something, ok?

Theresa: No, fox, I need to stay. I need to apologize to them.

Fox: No, listen, listen to me. You got to get out of here, ok? Gwen can't see you again. You know what? If she does, it's only going to make things worse, ok? If they could get any worse.

Ethan: Gwen, please. Let the nurse take sarah, ok? It's for the best.

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Gwen: No. No.

No! You two-timing bastard, get your hands off of me!

Ethan: Gwen, I'm just trying to help you cope with what's happened here.

Gwen: What's happened, ethan, is that you betrayed me. You betrayed me and our little girl.

Ethan: Don't do this. Don't do this when it's time for us to say goodbye to our girl, ok?

Gwen: Ethan, our little girl is dead because of you, because of you and your lust for theresa!

Ethan: I never meant --

gwen: To what, to get caught?

Ethan: To hurt you! I love you.

Gwen: Get your filthy hands off of me! And, you, you stay -- you stay away from my baby girl!

Nurse: But she needs to --

dr. Abel: Gwen, gwen --

gwen: No, she doesn't!

Dr. Abel: Gwen, are you ok?

Gwen: No, I'm not ok, dr. Abel! I'm not! This monster here is trying to take my baby from me, and my husband just wants to kiss and make up so maybe I'll forget, you know, that he's got the hots for another woman -- I mean, the woman responsible for killing my baby!

Dr. Abel: I understand, but let me give you something to calm you down.

Gwen: I don't want a sedative! I want my baby, doctor!

Ethan: Gwen, don't make this harder than it already is.

Gwen: You -- you -- you go to hell and take your slut with you! You -- you murderous bitch! It's not enough that you killed my baby! You stayed here! You stayed here hoping I would die next! Well, theresa, I'm notoioing to die -- you are! You!

I hate you!

Fox: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Julian: Luis will find sheridan's baby, and we'll find our son. It'll all work out. You'll see.

T.C.: Ok, liz, what do you want me to see?

Liz: Go on, T.C. Take a look. Oh, since you only believe what you see with your own two eyes --

julian: God, T.C.'S headed this way.

Eve: Oh, god. If he catches us together again, he'll be furious.

Julian: And even more suspicious that his worst enemy is involved with his wife.

T.C.: Oh, my god.

Gwen: Damn you, theresa! Damn you for killing my baby!

Ethan: Gwen -- gwen, no!

Gwen: Get off of me!

Whitney: Theresa, just leave now before things get any worse, ok?

Theresa: No, I didn't mean for this to happen.

Gwen: Tell that to my dead baby girl!

Ethan: Honey, calm down. Calm down.

Dr. Abel: Damn it, theresa! Now, get out of here and get me a sedative, stat!

Theresa: I'm so sorry about sarah, gwen!

Gwen: You are a lying slut, theresa, and I am not going to rest until you are lying limp and dead like my little girl, because I want you dead! I want you dead!

T.C.: Oh, my god, eve. I've never seen so much paperwork.

Liz: Damn it. Where did lilian go?

T.C.: Liz, you were right. I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

Eve: Oh, T.C., I mean, this is par for the course, honey. Aside from sheridan's medical records, most of these papers are from the media wanting information on sheridan's condition and the kidnapping of her baby.

T.C.: Sweetheart, you have to be sheridan's doctor and deal with the media, too?

Eve: Oh, no. Sam was taking the brunt of it, but he went home to see grace.

Liz: Why, julian! Yes, I would expect to find you here. Now, why is it that every time T.C. And I are looking for eve you are somewhere close by?

T.C.: Yeah, julian. What the hell are you doing here with my wife in this hospital?

Gwen: I'm going to kill you for killing my baby! I swear to god!

No! No! Theresa has to die! No!

Nurse: Come on. Let's put her to bed.

Ethan: Ok.

Gwen: No!

Ethan: Shh, shh. Come no.

Theresa: I hate that she's hurting so much.

Dr. Abel: You have got some nerve pretending that you give a damn about gwen.

Theresa: I do!

Dr. Abel: You shut up, or I will stitch your mouth shut. You are by far the most selfish, self-centered troublemaker that I have ever had the displeasure to meet. Dr. Taylor, the staff, and I have asked you how many times to leave here, and you're still here!

Theresa: I just wanted to apologize --

dr. Abel: You should be horsewhipped for what you've done, the pain that you've caused gwen. Now, get out of here, or so help me god, I will throw you out!

Fox: Ok. Come on. Hey.

Theresa: I just love ethan.

Fox: I know it.

Theresa: And I didn't mean for anything to happen to gwen or the baby.

Fox: I know, but it did.

Theresa: And I know. It's just, you know -- it's seeing ethan, the man I love, with another woman, it -- it just tears me apart.

Fox: I know. I know, it's -- it's hard to see the person you love with someone else, but, theresa, come on, you got to move on, ok? Now's not the time to be mooning over ethan, not when -- when he's jt t lost his baby and, well, potentially his wife, so, let's go, ok?

Chad: Is there anything we can do, man?

Ethan: Thanks for asking, man, but, no, there's -- there's nothing anyone can do for gwen and me now, not after --

gwen: My baby. My baby. My baby.

Whitney: Theresa is gone. I hope now she finally realizes she has to stay away from ethan and gwen so that they can start to heal.

Chad: Yeah, I hope so, too. And I also hope you know that I was wrong to jump to the conclusions I did when we were talking about secrets hurting relationships.

Whitney: How can you even think that I'd be petty enough to throw latoya in your face when people we care about just lost their child?

Chad: Yeah, you're probably right. It was probably my guilty conscience that made me think you were sticking it to me about latoya. But for real, whitney, i never think about her. You know, latoya's my past. I thought we were divorced. There was no reason to tell you she even existed.

Whitney: You know, that's the same kind of messed-up logic that theresa uses. She always finds some excuse to keep secrets, and it always comes back to bite her, and now -- oh, my god -- you're doing the same thing! You know, you say that latoya is in your past, that she doesn't affect us, affect our future? But you know what? You're wrong, because keeping your marriage to her a secret does affect our future together, if we even still have one.

Puff dog: All right. I'm late for a meeting. I'm going to have one of my boys take you back to your crib.

Latoya: Whatever.

Puff dog: Hey, and you know what? Don't drink anymore. You know you get stupid when you drink.

Latoya: Says you.

Puff dog: Look, don't disrespect me. And forget about chad and whitney, all right? I got plans for them -- big plans. All right, I got to go. No more drinking.

Latoya: Forget you, puff dog. I got big plans for whitney, too. No way am I letting that skinny piece of nothing take my man away from me. Mm-hmm. I'm taking her out, tonight.

Singer: You are my passion for life

julian: I'm not here to be near eve, as liz is implying. I came to check on my sister.

T.C.: You don't give a damn about anyone in your family, julian.

Liz: Oh, I agree with T.C. You know, I haven't been here in harmony for very long, but long enough to knoththat you don't have a closeness with your sister. In fact, from what I hear, you care about your sister, oh, about as much as my sister cares about me.

Julian: Well, you've heard wrong, because I happen to love my sister a great deal. Although the specifics aren't comparable, much like you and your sister, our father is blame for the problems that we've had. But, you see, the difference between you and me is that I love my sister enough to try to fix what's broken between us, because she and I are family.

Eve: So, T.C., What brings you and liz down to the hospital?

T.C.: We came here to see sheridan.

Liz: And antonio.

Eve: I see.

T.C.: Honey, if you have a moment, I want to talk to you.

Eve: Oh?

T.C.: Honey, it's about our family. What's happened to sheridan has made me realize that I need to work to get our family back together. I mean, simone is off on her own, doing her own thing, feeling second best and second rate. You and I have had some problems together. And then there's whitney. I mean, we are estranged from our own daughter because I am too selfish to realize that she loves chad. Sweetheart, I want to talk to you. I want to figure out how we can get our family back together again.

Eve: Oh, T.C.


Chad: Whitney, chill out, ok? Latoya's not a threat to our future. It's you I love.

Whitney: And lied to, right?

Chad: I told you, there's nothing between latoya and me.

Whitney: No, you didn't tell me about latoya. You didn't tell me that you were married before, chad.

Chad: I thought I was divorced. I signed those papers years ago. It's my fault latoya didn't file them.

Whitney: Oh, really? You know what? If it was that important to you, then why didn't you file the papers yourself?

Chad: I never thought latoya wouldn't file them.

Whitney: No, you didn't think at all, chad. You didn't tell me that you were married before. Come on!

Chad: I made a mistake, ok? I admit it.

Whitney: No, it was more than a mistake. You broke faith. How can we ever be together again if I can't trust you?

Chad: Damn it.

Latoya: Word is that whitney chick is still here with chad visiting friends. I hope you said your goodbyes, honey, because when I find you, I'm going to kill you.

[Whitney sobs]

Latoya: This is going to be easier than I thought. This is it, girlfriend. I'm taking you down. Open your milk carton,like you would.

Eve: Oh, T.C., You wanting to reach out and bring whitney back into the family is the best news I've heard all day.

T.C.: Sweetheart, I just want to tell you that I was wrong about making whitney choose between our family and chad. I was so desperate that I didn't want our little girl to leave the nest. I all but kicked her out without even realizing it. And chad, I was so wrong about him. All he ever did was love whitney, and I treeded him like a whipping boy every time I saw him. The truth is chad loved whitney. He loved whitney enough to stand up to me every time I went after him. He defended whitney, and he defended their love, and he committed his life to her. All I did was try to rip him apart every time I saw him. Most boys would have just ran away. But not chad. He stood in there. And, you, eve, sweetheart, you were so right to let whitney go off to L.A. You were. I mean, she would have left anyway. Now, sweetheart, I just have to figure out a way to fix this, figure out a way to get our family back together again, got to get that bond.

Eve: Oh, honey, i know that whitney will forgive you. Are you kidding? She worships the ground that you walk on. Nothing would make her happier than to be close to you again and for us to be a family again.

T.C.: I hope you're right.

Whitney: I know. Let's call whitney now, tonight, start mending fences.

T.C.: Sweetheart --

liz: You know, what about sheridan? I mean, shouldn't you go check on her first?

Eve: Sheridan's in stable condition for now. Now, you know, honey, the thought of how sheridan's baby was taken from her just makes me miss my daughter more. Let's go and call her right now. As a matter of fact, I was even thinking of going out to los angeles and bringing whitney home.

T.C.: Oh, sweetheart, I know that's why I love you so much.

E:E: Oh, I love you, too. Come, let's go call her.

Julian: Try as you might, you can't tear those two apart. They love each other too much.

Liz: Well, I am not going to give up. And you should be cheering me on, julian. Once I take T.C. Away from eve, she will just run right into your waiting arms. I will have my revenge, and you can have eve back, your dream come true.


Chad: Whitney --

latoya: Damn it.

Whitney: Chad, just go, ok? Leave me alone.

Chad: No, not till we talk this through. Ok, we got to get back on track. We can't go on like this.

Whitney: You're right, chad. We can't go on like this, not after you lied to me.

Chad: Whitney --

whitney: No, no, just leave me alone, ok? I just want to be alone, that's all.

Chad: But I told you --

whitney: No! Just go. Please.

Latoya: Damn that whitney chick, thinking she's all that when she's nothing but trouble. Only she won't be trouble for long.

Gwen: My baby. My poor baby girl.

Nurse: I'm sorry, mr. Winthrop, but I really need to take the baby now.

Ethan: Sarah, my sweet little girl, daddy's so sorry that you won't be able to share this life with me. But someday, daddy will see you again in heaven. Both mommy and daddy will. Until then, you just know that you live on in our hearts and that we'll always love you, always.

Theresa: Fox,

theresa: Fox, am I really a monster like dr. Abel says that I am? Because, you know, I never meant to hurt gwen or ethan or the baby.

Fox: Oh, hey. Theresa, come on, I know that. I believe that you never meant to hurt anybody, but it's just the facts are that people got hurt, you know.

Theresa: I know. I know. I just thought that fate was going to take care of it, you know, make it all ok, but things couldn't be worse.

Fox: Yeah. I got to be honest with you. You know, this whole talk about fate and you and ethan, I never really bought into it. But I got to tell you, I mean, the way things have been going, if there is such a thing as fate, it's really done a number on you two, huh? I mean, think about it. I mean, you both come out to L.A. Together at the same time. You wind up staying in the same apartment, find yourselves in the same bed, almost make love. Ethan ends up saying how he's going to remain true to gwen. Then he winds up making out with you on the beach. There's that television crew that films the thing, plays it on tv, gwen sees it --

theresa: I know, this is -- stop. I know the rest.

Fox: I'm sorry.

Theresa: No, it's ok. You know, ethan and gwen, they both hate me for what happened. I don't blame them. Gwen's never going to forgive me, and neither will ethan.

Fox: I don't know. Look, you know, ethan's forgiven you before, right? I mean, he forgave you for outing him as a bennett, and then the whole -- hey. Hey. Come on. He forgave you for the whole julian thing, right? Being married to him and then having his kid.

Theresa: Yeah, but you know what? Things -- but things were different then. You know, he wasn't married. And even though he says that he still loves me, he's never going to be unfaithful to gwen. He said that he will never leave gwen and their baby for me.

Fox: Well, like I said, theresa, if there is such a thing as fate, it really did a number on you.

Theresa: Wait a minute.

Fox: Whwhat?

Theresa: I'm wrong about fate. No, I haven't lost ethan. Fate's going to bring us together again.

Latoya: Chad's nowhere around. Now I can take care of little miss classy ass for good.

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Latoya: Damn. He's still here. I can't do anything with chad watching. I'll just wait till he goes home. Then I'll make it so whitney goes home, too -- in a body bag.

Gwen: My baby. My baby girl.

Ethan: I know you miss her. I miss her, too. And you were right. This is all my fault that this happened. I betrayed you. I betrayed my daughter. I betrayed the vow I took to forsake all others. But if you can find it in your heart to give me another chance, I will me e sure that nothing like this ever happens again. God willing, we will stay together, we'll have other children together, and I will be true to you, and I will be true to our future children.

Ethan: Please, gwen, give me another chance to love and to honor and to cherish you, only you.

Fox: Ok, theresa, what are we talking about here? How's fate going to bring ethan back to you?

Theresa: Ok. Ethan said that he was never going to leave gwen, right? He said that he was always going to be true to gwen and their baby.

Fox: So?

Theresa: Well, so, he said that he -- he only married gwen because she was pregnant.

Fox: Theresa, now, don't go there. Come on.

Theresa: No, no, fox, listen, ok? He -- it's only gwen and ethan now. There's no reason for him to be with her. Fate has freed him of his obligation to be with gwen. He can finally be with me. Ethan and I can be together again.

Liz: You know, if those stupid orderlies hadn't cut us off, T.C. Would have seen you holding eve, and then your whole relationship would have come out.

Julian: Good god, woman, let it go. Get some therapy, get a life, but leave them alone.

Liz: I got a better idea, julian. Get onboard with me. Come on. Once I torpedo T.C. And eve's relationship, you and eve can finally be together.

Julian: Please, that's just that you've tried to tear them apart and haven't been able to. Come here. Look at them. Look how close they are, how much they love each other.

Liz: Yes, well, eve may love T.C., But she never had the passion for him that she has always had for you. And as for T.C., He loves the woman that he thinks eve is. Once he finds out the truth, he is going to wash his hands of her. So, you see, I can have my sister's husband, and you can have eve again, your dream come true.

Julian: After all these years, I don't think that eve would come back to me.

Liz: Of course she will. In fact, you can have eve regardless of whether T.C. Dumps her first or not. All you have to do is find your son and bring him back to her. Then eve will be bonded to you forever.

Eve: Honey, this area is safe to use a cell phone in, so let's call whitney and tell her we want to get things right with all of us.

T.C.: What if she doesn't want to talk to me?

Eve: Honey, she'll be thrilled to hear your voice.

T.C.: If that's the case, then what the hell am I going to say?

Eve: Tell her the same thing that you told me -- that you were wrong to make her choose between family and love and that you were wrong to call chad a punk from the streets.

T.C.: All right. Heret t goes.

Eve: Ok.

T.C.: It's ringing.

[Phone rings]

Latoya: Damn, where's she going? I got to move now before chad sees me.

Chad: Hello?

T.C.: Chad? Chad, is that you?

Chad: Coach russell?

T.C.: Yeah. It's been a long time. Maybe a little bit too long. Eve and I, we wanted to talk to whitney and you about our situation.

Chad: I hear you, coach. Right now's not a good time.

T.C.: Why, chad? What's wrong? Where's whitney?

Latoya: This is it, miss all that. You are going down.

Chad: Look, nothg g to get upset about, coach. Whitney just dropped her jacket, her phone was in it, and I was on my way to give it back to her when you called.

T.C.: Well, maybe it's best that you did answer the phone, because eve and I, we've been talking, and, well -- chad, I just want to say that I was wrong for giving you and whitney such a hard time about your relationship, and what I should have done --

chad: Look, coach, can we talk about this later? Like I said before, this isn't aood time.

T.C.: Chad, why are you putting me off? Where's my daughter? Where's whitney?


Whitney: Oh --

T.C.: What was that? Chad, what was that?

Latoya: That'll teach you to mess with my man.

Luis: You know I don't want to hurt my brother, but he's got to know the truth.

Antonio: Now, what did you mean when you said "our baby"?

Latoya: You are one dead sister.

Chad: Help! Help! We need a doctor!

T.C.: You allowed our ugughter to go to L.A. To be shot.

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