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By Eric

Reporter: For those of you whoave just tuned in, we have breaking news. It appears that the massive search for the missing heiress, ms. Sheridan crane, is finally over. Officer luis lopez fitzgerald of the harmony police department has recovered a body from the ocean, quite possibly that of his sister-in-law, ms. Sheridan crane, who was brazenly snatched from her own home just weeks ago. The newly married ms. Crane was prnanant at the time of her kidnapping. What we don't know is whether she or her baby have survived this ordeal.

Antonio: Is it true? Did luis find sheridan?

Reporter: I can't believe it, folks. We have the first live interview with the husband of ms. Sheridan crane, who has only now just found out the news. Tell us, mr. Lopez fitzgerald, how does it feel knowing that your wife's body has been recovered by your own brother, no less?

Hank: Hey, leave him alone! Can't you see he's a wreck?

Pilar: Madre de dios, please, let sheridan and the baby be all right.

Antonio: She has to be, mama. She has to be.

Mrs. Wallace: Boy, did you see the way pilar hightailed it out of here when she heard the news on the tv?

Beth: Just be quiet, mother. Ok, maybe we can see luis with the body.

Charlie: Now, that's what I call must-see tv.

Reporter: We're back to you live from the harmony wharf, where it appears that the body of ms. Sheridan crane lopez fitzgerald has finally been found. The question is whether she's alive or not.

Beth: Of course she's dead, you idiot. No one can survive underwater that long.

Mrs. Wallace: You had better hope you are right because if she is able to string three words together, they're going to be "bethie 'murderer' wallace"!

Beth: Ok, that is ridiculous! She -- she didn't even know that I was involved.

Mrs. Wallace: Contrary to popular belief, not all blonds are dumb! If she lives, she is going to nail your mousy, loser self so royally -- oh, missy, you're not going to know which way is up.

Beth: Nobody could survive that long. She has to be dead.

Luis: Thank god I found you. I just hope it's not too late. Oh, my god. Sheridan?

Charity: No!

Miguel: What is it? Charity?

Charity: It's -- it's death, miguel. It's come to get sheridan.

Ethan: Just tell me, doctor. How's my wife and my baby?

Dr. Abel: I just want you to know that we did everything we could, ethan, and nobody should have to choose between saving their wife's life or that of their newborn child. It's a terrible sophie's choice that we asked you to make.

Ethan: What are you saying?

Dr. Abel: We spared no effort in trying to save both lives, but you understand that this was an extremely precarious pregnancy from the beginning, fraught with complications --

ethan: For god's sakes, just tell me!

Dr. Abel: She's dead, ethan. I'm sorry.

Ethan: Oh, my god. Gwen. My wife is dead.

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Ethan: Gwen -- gwen's dead. I've lost my wife.

Theresa: I'm so sorry.

Ethan: It's just me and the baby now. My motherless child -- how am I going to do right by my baby?

Theresa: Don't worry, ethan. I'm going to help you. Ok, I'm going to take care of you both. We're going to be a family.

Ethan: My family is gwen and my child. What am I going to do without my wife?

Dr. Abel: Ethan -- uh, I'm sorry. You misunderstood. Your wife is not dead.

Ethan: But you said that --

dr. Abel: She's in very critical condition, but she's still with us.

Ethan: All right, I don't understand.

Theresa: Well, why did you just say that she was dead?

Dr. Abel: The baby was a little girl. She didn't make it.

Ethan: We had a little girl?

Dr. Abel: I'm so sorry, ethan.

Hank: They're still so far out. Damn this fog. I can make out luis, but I can't see if sheridan's moving.

Antonio: Please, god, she has to be ok.

Reporter: We're live wi t the husband of ms. Sheridan crane. Tell us, mr. Lopez fitzgerald, how does it feel knowing that your wife's body has finally been recovered?

Antonio: Would you stop saying her body?

Reporter: Of course. Of course our viewing audience understands that one of the first stages of grief is denial, but certainly --

hank: Get the hell out of here, or you and your cameras are going in the water!

Reporter: You've just witnessed an amazing emotional outburst from friends and family of ms. Sheridan crane.

Antonio: I don't think miguel can get that cutter to luis in time. We've got to a small boat out there.

Pilar: Mijo, luis will find a way to get to miguel.

Antonio: Mama, there is no time. Hank, are you with me or not? Come on!

Hank: I'm with you.

Pilar: Cuidado, mijo. The last thing you need to see right now is how much luis loves your sheridan.

Reporter: Coming to you live with the biggest story since O.J. Simpson, sheridan crane's husband and close family friend are headed out to sea to help with the rescue of the missing heiress -- that is, if she can still be rescued.

Charlie: You know, unless blondie's got gills, she's got to be dead as a mackerel. Get it? A mackerel? Deep blue sea?

Mrs. Wallace: Only you would think that's funny. Boy, if I were you, I'd get down on my knees right now and I'd start praying to whatever twisted deity you worship and asking him to keep you from spending the rest of your life in prison because that is where you and my pathetic daughter are going if sheridan's lives to tell her grisly tale!

Luis: Miguel, can you bring the cutter in any closer?

Miguel: Yeah, I'm trying, but the current keeps pushing me back! Look, just hang on! Hey, what did you mean death was about to take sheridan?

Charity: I can see it, miguel. It's -- she's about to die.

[Boat approaches]

Miguel: What was that?

Charity: It's antonio and hank. They have a smaller boat.

Miguel: Hey, you guys! Look, see if you can get any closer!

Antonio: What's wrong?

Hank: I don't know. It just died.

Antonio: Luis, swim towards me! Bring sheridan to me! What's he doing?

Hank: It doesn't matter. Just pray he gets her onboard.

Charity: Go away! You have to go away!

Antonio: Who is she talking to? She can't mean luis.

Death: Let's go.

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beth: Good grief! Look how many reporters there are now.

Charlie: Yeah, for crying out loud, you'd think missy sheridan was important.

Mrs. Wallace: Ohshshe was important, you idiot! She was rich, beautiful, beloved! America's princess di! You do know what that means, huh, when they catch the persons responsible, don't you?

Beth: Ok, quiet. Mother, they're trying to see if they can use the telephoto lens to make out luis.

Mrs. Wallace: What do you know. What do you know. El hunko is getting sheridan into the boat!

Reporter: Amazingly, our cameras are allowing us to see what's happening a mile out to sea. It appears that officer lopez fitzgerald has pulled ms. Crane onto the police department vessel and he's -- yes, folks, he's performing C.P.R. On ms. Crane. He's performing C.P.R. Could this mean she's still alive?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, with a love that strong, I wouldn't be surprised! I told you! I told you those two were destined for one another, missy! So all your hopes and dreams are going to hell in a handbag just like you!

Beth: You're the one that's going to rot in hell, mother!

Charlie: I don't know, bethie. You know, I'm starting to get nervous around here. I think it's time we packed up and hit the road.

Luis: Easy.

Antonio: I'm going to go over there.

Hank: Don't, antonio.

Antonio: Hey, she's my wife and I want to be with her.

Hank: Your brother's a cop, and the fewer distractions he has right now, the better her chances. You have to trust he knows what he's doing.

Antonio: Well, get this damn thing started!

Charity: Please don't take her! Just go back to where you came from and let her live.

[Sheridan coughs]

Charity: Thank you. Thank you.

Luis: She's alive! Sheridan's alive!

Antonio: What is it? What happened?

Miguel: She's alive, antonio! Sheridan's alive!

Antonio: Tell her I love her and I'll be with her shortly!

Luis: She's still unconscious, but at least she's taking air into her lungs. Get this thing to shore, miguel.

Miguel: Ok.

Hank: I'll call ahead for an ambulance!

Theresa: Gwen's alive? She didn't die?

Ethan: We had a little girl, a precious little girl. She can't be gone.

Dr. Abel: Ethan, we did everything we possibly could. I'm so very sorry.

Ethan: My wife -- is she conscious?

Dr. Abel: She doesn't know yet.

Ethan: The news is going to kill her. She wanted this -- this baby so much. I don't know how I'm going to tell her.

Dr. Abel: With care and tenderness, I hope.

Ethan: It's going to be hell for her. I mean, if I c't't accept this, how will she?

Dr. Abel: Time, ethan. Time is the greatest healer, and you try to focus on the positive. Thanks to the terrible decision that you had to make, there's every hope that your wife will pull through this.

Ethan: Physically, you mean.

Dr. Abel: Time heals lots of hurts.

Ethan: When I told you to save gwen, I didn't mean I could bear losing my child.

Dr. Abel: I understand that. Your wife will, too.

Ethan: I don't know about that. But I -- I want to see her. I need to be there for her when she wakes up.

Dr. Abel: Haven't you done enough, miss?

Theresa: Ethan needs me, doctor.

Dr. Abel: Ethan needs his wife and his wife needs him. And I asked you earlier to leave the hospital, and I suggest you do it now.

Ethan: This is all my fault. None of this would've happened if I would've told you that theresa was in L.A., If I had been man enough to resist being around her. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Reporter: This is unbelievable, a miracle if there ever was one. Sheridan crane, heiress to the crane fortune, is alive after a harrowing ordeal. Let's roll the tape and show our viewers this most incredible moment.

[Sheridan coughs]

Mrs. Wallace: What did I tell you, huh? His love saved her life!

Beth: Shut up, mother. Shut up.

Charlie: It can't be. She was underwater for, like, forever!

Luis: Sheridan's alive!

Mrs. Wallace: Party's over! What you going to do, missy?

Charlie: No, we are -- we got to get out of here, bethie, before our blondie comes to and starts shooting off her big mouth. I'm going to -- I'm going to grab my stuff.

Mrs. Wallace: They are coming for you, missy, huh? Where you going to go?

Beth: Ok, I am warning you -- shut the hell up!

Mrs. Wallace: Ooh, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. I wouldn't be using those swear words, not in front of the little baby. Well, you know, of course it really doesn't matter now because the baby's soon going to be reunited with his real mommy.

Beth: That is not going to happen!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, no? What do you think the first words out of sheridan's mouth are going to be when she wakes all the way up, huh? "I want my baby"! So you enjoy your little stint here with motherhood. You know, your dreams of living a happy life with luis and the little drooler here -- they're finito because sheridan -- sheridan is alive, and you are going to wish you were dead.

Beth: No! No! It's not over. It can't be over. It can't be.

Antonio: Sheridan's going to be ok.

Luis: Would you let us through!

Reporter: Officer lopez fitzgerald --

luis: Get out of the way!

Reporter: You're sheridan crane's husband. Tell us, what's going through your mind right now?

Antonio: You know what, I'm going to knock your block off if you don't get out of the way!

Reporter: Do you have any idea who kidnapped your wife, antonio?

Antonio: She needs medical attention!

Reporter: What about your baby?

Antonio: Give us some space!

Reporter: As you can see, the brothers lopez fitzgerald are trying to get through a crowd of reporters to the waiting paramedics. We assume they'll be taking her to harmony hospital where, god willing, she'll regain consciousness and be able to answer the questions we've been asking ourselves for weeks -- namely, who took sheridan crane from her own home and why? We still don't know the status of her baby, whether or not ms. Crane is still pregnant or, if she's given birth, where that infant child might be.

Death: We'll meet again, charity, sooner than you think.

Miguel: Charity? Hey, come on.

Luis: She's barely got a pulse.

Paramedic: We better stabilize before we put her in the ambulance.

Reporter: George covey, news 1 --

paramedic: Let's get her on some --

george: Did I just hear you say she's got a pulse?

Reporter: How long do you think she was in the water?

George: Ma'am, how long does it take for a person to drown?

Reporter: Mr. Lopez fitzgerald, who do you think did this to your wife?

George: Officer, do you think you'll ever apprehend the person or persons who did this to your sister-in-law?

Luis: Yeah, you're damn right I'm going to find out whoever did this.

Charlie: Oh, man. Oh, man. Come on, bethie! We've got to get out of here!

Luis: Now, whoever you are and wherever you are, I'm going to hunt you down and make you pay for this. That's a promise.

Mrs. Wallace: Angels in heaven, my ckcked daughter is finally going to get hers! Yes!

Theresa: You don't understand. I love ethan and he loves me.

Dr. Abel: I am not interested in the intimate details of your sordid relationship.

Theresa: No, it's not sordid at all. Ok, he is hurting, and I am the only one who can comfort him.

Dr. Abel: My patient mrs. Winthrop is my first and only priority, andouou are potentially harmful to her health, and that's all I care about right now.

Theresa: Gwen is not even conscious. She's not going to know I'm here. I just need to be with ethan in his terrible loss.

Dr. Abel: Call me old-fashioned, but mr. Winthrop needs to be with his wife right now.

Theresa: You think I'm a monster, don't you?

Dr. Abel: All I know is, is that my patient has suffered enough, and she has more pain coming her way. Or do you not even care how she's going to feel?

Theresa: Of course I care. I mean, do you really think I wanted this to happen? I would've given anything for that baby to have survived. Ethan and I weren't even supposed to see each oth in los angeles. But, see, fate -- it threw us back together. You see? We love each other. And the only way that we can be happy is to be together. Nothing should ever come between our love, not even gwen being pregnant. And he thought it would be best to keep it from gwen so he wouldn't upset her and jeopardize her pregnancy.

Gwen: Oh, this is so much better than being at the hospital.

Ethan: Yeah. Look -- no, I was -- I was thinking about that. You know, dr. Abel said that you should probably stay at the hospital another night, and I think I should take you back.

Gwen: No, no. Ethan, I am exactly where I belong -- right here with you, my handsome husband.

Theresa: When she found out and she confronted me --

gwen: You bitch!

Theresa: I didn't mean to fight with her, but she was saying all these horrible, untrue accusations.

Gwen: I can just imagine the lengths that you went to to follow us out here! What, did you spy on us in harmony? Did you tap our phones? What, what?

Theresa: No, gwen -- no, you've got it all wrong!

Gwen: No, you are the one who's got it all wrong, sister. Whenrere you going to get it through that thick head of yours that ethan close me over you? Ethan loves me, not you!

Theresa: What gets to you, gwen, is knowing deep down inside your husband is in love with another woman. Your husband is in love with me.

Gwen: Aah!

Theresa: I couldn't break away. So I swear, I never meant for this to happen. I swear it.

Dr. Abel: Well, it did, and now I'm asking -- no, actually, I'm insisting -- that you respect the privacy of my patient and her husband. Have you no decency at all?

Nurse: That phone call from europe yowewere waiting for -- they're on the phone. What are you still doing here? Haven't you caused enough pain already?

Ethan: You trusted me and I let you down. I not only betrayed you, I -- I betrayed our beautiful little baby girl by giving in to temptation with theresa. I wanted to protect you and I ended up hurting you in the worst possible way. I don't know how you're going to survive it when you find out that our little girl is dead. For as long as I've known you, you've -- you've always wanted a daughter. I remember you telling me that you would do exactly the opposite everything rebecca did in raising you. Let me tell you something -- rebecca must not have made too many mistakes because she created you. And you, you're -- you're perfect. You're strong and you're beautiful and you're -- you're brave. I just -- I don't know how any mother can endure the loss of a -- of a child, her dream. But you know, it wasn't just your dream. I wanted this baby. I wanted us to be a family, I swear to god I did. I -- I had these -- I had these fantasies about you and i watching her grow up, you know? Her first steps and her first words and even teaching her the constellations in the sky. And now atat's not going to happen because of my unforgivable behavior. Please, god, help me find a way to make this up to her.

Nurse: Oh, mr. Winthrop. I'm sorry. I didn't know you were here.

Ethan: I don't understand. Whwhat -- don't tell me.

Nurse: Yeah. They -- they wanted me to come and get her.

Ethan: My little girl is in there? So, you open your milk carton, like you would.

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Singer: You are my passion for life

ththeresa: Ethan does need me. I just can't walk out on him in the middle of the worst crisis of his entire life. He needs my support now more than ever, especially while gwen's still unconscious.

Nurse: I'm sorry. Look, I'll come back.

Ethan: My little girl. Our innocent little baby.

Theresa: I wonder what she was doing.

Theresa: What is ethan doing?

Ethan: Gwen -- it's our baby. It's gwen's baby. How am I supposed to tell her? How am iupupposed to tell her that our baby is dead?

Charlie: Ok, obviously you're not in any shape to do your own packing, so I'll throw some things in a suitcase. Then we're going to tear on out of here and never look back!

Mrs. Wallace: I told you you would never be able to keep that baby. Luis is going to find sheridan. Then he's going to come back here and he's going to snatch that baby right out of your arms so it can be raised by its real mommy and its real daddy, not some psycho wannabe!

Beth: You're wrong, mother. It's not going to happen. I'm going to get luis and keep my baby, too.

Antonio: How is she? Is she stabilized?

Paramedic: For the moment. We're taking her to the hospital right now.

Pilar: Oh, eve. Thank goodness.

Eve: I got here as soon as I heard. I'm going to ride in the ambulance with her.

Luis: Good.

Antonio: Eve, is she going to make it?

Eve: Too soon to say, antonio.

Paramedic: Oh -- sorry, only one of you can ride with us.

Antonio: I'm her husband.

Paramedic: Come on, let's go.

Antonio: Luluis, thanks for everything. I'll take over from here, ok?

Luis: But --

hank: Hey, come on. Not now.

Luis: Listen, I need to know whether she's going to make it or not.

Paramedic: Well, I wouldn't tell her husband this, but if you ask me, it'll be a miracle if she pulls through. Closed-captioning of thisprogram is brought to you by

chlilie: Oh, get those things out of here!

Mrs. Wallace: I imagine that right about now they're all arriving at the hospital. Isn't modern medicine a marvel? They can save just about anybody these days, especially somebody with a will to live. That's what sheridan has, don't you think? Especially with a handsomeanan who adores her and a sweet, little baby.

Beth: Just get away from my baby! Just stay away.

Mrs. Wallace: Check out your soul mate, charlie, huh? She never was wrapped all that tightly to begin with. Bethie, bethie -- that baby is not yours. That baby is sheridan'S. And luis is going to come rat-a-tat-tatting at that door and take him. There'll be no more flowers from him, missy. Only handcuffs and ankle cuffs. So you have got to say goodbye to that little baby now.

Beth: No, no, no. Nobody's taking my baby. He's mine. Shh. Shh.

Luis: Eve, how'd she do on the way up?

Antonio: Well, she's still with us.

Luis: So what's the prognosis?

Eve: I wouldn't even venture a guess at this point, luis.

Pilar: Well, do we have any idea how long she was in the ocean?

Eve: No, not yet. All I can think is that the temperature of the water slowed down sheridan's system to the point that she didn't drown, but her vitals are very, very weak.

Luis: Well, what the hell does that mean? Eve, I just want to know the odds.

Eve: Well, I can't tell you that, luis. You're just going toavave to be patient.

Luis: Damn it.

Miguel: Hey. I'm going to get you some coffee to warm you up.

Charity: Ok. Thanks.

Death: Told you you'd be seeing me again. You just didn't expect it'd be quite this soon, did you?

Charity: Oh, no, please -- sheridan can't die.

Eve: Get her temperature up. Let's regulate her heartbeat.

[Monitor alarm beeps]

Nurse: Dr. Russell.

Eve: Oh, no.

Nurse: There's nothing you can do. There's nothing anyone could've done.

Ethan: I had so many dreams for this baby. I told gwen it wouldn't matter if it was a boy or girl, but the truth is I dreamed -- I dreamed it was a little girl. A little, tiny, beautiful, little princess that would help teach me what life was all about. There were so many things I wanted to do with her, for her, and because of her.

Theresa: I'm so sorry. I wish I knew what to say.

Ethan: You should not be here when she wakes up.

Theresa: No, I'm going to leave before then. Ethan, I am. I just wanted you to know that you're not alone.

Ethan: Theresa, I know I'm not alone. She is here with me, ok? Now you have to go.

Theresa: Ethan, I am not going to leave.

Ethan: She can't see you. She has been through enough already. She doesn't even know that her baby is dead. Will you please just go?

Theresa: Buhohow can I leave knowing you're hurting?

Ethan: Because I asked you to. You and I aren't importa. Only gwen is.

Gwen: Ethan? Where is everyone? What happened?

Gwen: My baby. Oh, I -- I had my baby. I must have been totally out when I gave birth. I don't even know if I had a boy or a girl.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, yessiree bob, the next time officer luis comes a-knocking, he's going to be taking you away with him. And I am not talking romantic weekend getaway -- oh, no.

Charlie: Why would bethie care about that?

Mrs. Wallace: No, I am talking about a one-way ticket to prison, and that is if you are lucky. Because if sheridan dies, it's going to be the electric chair! Zzzt! Zzzt!

Charlie: Oh, leave her alone, old woman! Can't you see she's upset? Now, come on, honey. We've got to make tracks. I got to -- I got to get out of this madhouse! Come on, bethie, we got to go!

Beth: Nobody's going to take my baby.

Charlie: Alall right, all right. We're going to take the kid with us, but we got to do it now!

Beth: I won't -- I won't let anybody take my baby! Nobody touches my baby except me!

Miguel: Hey.

Charity: Hi. Thanks.

Miguel: What is it?

Charity: Death is here, miguel. I know it sounds weird, but I've seen him before, up close, and he's here. And this time I think he's going to take sheridan.

[Death laughs]

Miguel: Charity, I think that maybe you're just letting your fears get the better of you.

[Death laughs]

Nurse: Somebody's got to tell her family. Do you want me to?

Eve: No. No. It's my job. I just don't know how I'm going to break it to them.

Luis: How is she? Is she going to make it?

Gwen: I can't believe it. I really had my baby.

Gwen: Oh, it's a pink blanket. It's a little girl! A little girl. I'm going to -- I'm going to call you sarah, although I haven't discussed it with your father yet. Why -- why is the blanket up over your face? What is wrong with these nurses?

Ethan: Theresa, please, I need time with gwen, to tell her the horrible news and do my best to get her through it, ok? That is something we have to do together by ourselves.

Theresa: But she might not wake up for a while --

ethan: And then again, she might wake up at any time, so I want you gone by the time her eyes are open.

Theresa: But, ethan, I --

ethan: Theresa, damn it, please. I can't have you anywhere here when she hears the worst news of her life.

Gwen: Oh, my god!

Ethan: Gwen.

Gwen: My baby! My baby! My baby! Oh, my god, my baby! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! My baby!

Latoya: You sound so sure about something you haven't forgotten, but do you remember this, chad?

Charlie: Oh --

ethan: I'm sorry, I --

gwen: No, don't say that. You go get dr. Abel! Our daughter needs help!

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