Passions Transcript Tuesday 09/30/03

Passions Transcript Monday 10/06/03

By Eric

Tabitha: A is for agony, b is for boils, c is for cauldrons, and d is for destruction all of the world. Well, I know the meter isn't quite right. But my little endora doesn't mind that, does she?

Kay: I can't believe how you get off on other people's pain, tabitha. Now you're teaching your daughter to do the same thing.

Tabitha: Well, I'm a witch, kay. That's what we do. Besides, if we were talking about charity's pain now, you'd be joining in the chorus.

Kay: Well, that's true, but we're not. In fact, you've done absolutely nothing to help me in that department. What good is all your black magic if you can't even use it to help me get miguel?

Tabitha: I told you in the beginning, dear, that you can't use black magic to win miguel away from charity. You have to use your own feminine wiles.

Kay: I tried. I mean, I got miguel to make love to me. I even got pregnant.

Tabitha: Yes, well, wasn't enough, was it? You're going to have to try harder. Come over here. I want to show you something.

Tabitha: Look into the water. Tell me what you see.

Luis: Yeah.

Beth: Isn't our son the most beaufuful baby?

Luis: He is. He's incredible.

Luis: Only why do I see sheridan every time I look into your eyes? Why do I see sheridan, when I know that beth is your mother?

Charlie: I am so sick of seeing that macho man with his mitts all over the baby -- beth and my baby.

Mrs. Wallace: He is the father.

Charlie: Yeah? Well, he's served his purpose. He's just in the way now.

Mrs. Wallace: What are you going to do?

Charlie: Told you -- I'm going to kill him.

Mrs. Wallace: No, no, beth wants you to wait. You can't do that right now. She wants you to wait!

Charlie: Yeah? Well, too bad,ececause I'm going to kill him. Luis is a dead man.

Whitney: You are wrong about chad. He would never do the things that you're accusing him of doing. He is a good and decent man.

Latoya: Yeah, right.

Chad: Baby, you don't have to defend me, ok? I don't want you getting involved in this.

Fox's voice: This is too good. And the day's coming soon, whitney, when you'll leave chad and you'll be with me.

Whitney: No, I want to be involved in this. I can't just stand by and listen to her say terrible things about you. Honey, I love you. I'm not going to let this happen.

Latoya: Oh, you love him, huh?

Whitney: Yeah, I do love him. And he loves me.

Latoya: Well, you know what? He said he loved me, too. He's playing you, you uppity bitch! So why don't you take your skinny butt back to the suburbs and get out of my face?

Whitney: What?

Latoya: You heard me. And if you don't want to get out of my face, I guess I'll just have to help you.

Whitney: Uh!

Latoya: Agh!


Dr. Abel: I'm sorry, ethan, but the situation is critical. Do you want me to save your fefe or your child?

Ethan: You can't ask me to choose. I love them both.

Dr. Abel: I know, but if you don decide, you'll lose them both.

Theresa: Ethan --

dr. Abel: And I thought that I told you to get out of here. Now, I'll give you a few minutes, but that's all the time we have.

Theresa: Ethan, you have to save the baby. It's what the church teaches us. I mean, father lonigan has told us all of our lives that if we have to make a choice you have to choose the baby's life.

Ethan: Are you telling me that I should let gwen die? What kind of monster are you?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

theresa: No. Ethan, I'm not a monster. I'm just trying to tell you that the right thing to do is to save the baby. We're catholics. It's what we've been taught our entire lives.

Ethan: No, no, I can't believe the church would expect me to just let my wife die.

Theresa: I know that's what gwen would want, too, ethan. I know it is. She would want you to give the baby life.

Ethan: How coulyoyou possibly know what gwen would want?

Theresa: I know because I'm a mother. And if I was given this same choice when I was pregnant, I would have given my son life. And I know gwen is no less a loving mother.

Dr. Abel: Ethan, I need your decision.

Ethan: I -- I need to go to the chapel. I need to ask god what to do.

Dr. Abel: All right. But hurry. If we wait much longer, it'll be out of our hands. And I hope that you leave him alone and let him make his own decision.

Theresa: Please, god, help ethan make the right decision.

Tabitha: Well, what do you see?

Kay: I see someone floating in the water. Why are you showing me this, tabitha? Who is that?

Tabitha: It's sheridan crane!

Kay: Oh, my god, it is! Tabitha, we got to call somebody to help her!

Tabitha: Oh, no, it's too late for that. Besides, the boys in the basement don't want her saved.

Kay: I'm going to go find luis. He'll save her.

Ooh! What's wrong with these doors?

Kay: Tabitha, the phone's not working, either. Are you doing this?

Tabitha: Kay, I told you, it's too late. There's nothing anyone can do.

Kay: Sheridan's dead? That's horrible.

Tabitha: You see? That's exactly the reaction, that attack of conscience that's kept you from being happy all this time.

Kay: Tabitha, what are you talking about? And why are you even showing me sheridan crane like that? What does she have to do with me?

Tabitha: It's obvious, isn't it? You love miguel, but he doesn't love you. And you haven't figured out a way to get him. It's the same situation with beth. She loves luis, but he doesn't love her. The difference is she has figured out a way how to get him.

Kay: Ok, I'll bite, tabitha. How?

Tabitha: By eliminating the competition.

Kay: Beth killed sheridan?

Tabitha: Yep. And I'll tell you something else. She kidnapped sheridan and kept her prisoner in her basement until sheridan had her baby, and then she stole the baby. And now she's passing it off as her baby with luis.

Kay: Wait, wait, wait a second. Beth wasn't ever pregnant?

Tabitha: Oh, no! She's never been pregnant. But now she's got sheridan's baby, and luis is none the wiser! Huh! Brilliant!

Beth: You can't imagine how this fills my heart, luis. Oh, to see the two of you together. I'm just so full of love, I feel like my heart will explode.

Luis: Well, I love this little guy with all my heart. Thank you. Thank you for giving me the most precious gift on earth. I'm just sorry I wasn't there with you when you were giving birth.

Beth: It couldn't be helped. It happened so quickly.

Charlie: Ok, I have had enough of watching him manhandle my bethie.

Mrs. Wallace: No, no, charlie, you can't do this. What if you miss? Luluis will realize you're not a real doctor. He will find out everything!

Charlie: I won't miss. Oh!

Luis: Dr. Culver, what happened? What are you doing with that scalpel? I'm seanna collins. The food bank collects and recycles cellphone handsets through the phones for food program. Each phone can be worth a carton of milk, a jar of peanut butter or even a whole meal! Please drop off your old cellphone at a food bank location near you for seventeen years, canadian knitters have volunteered their time and effort to knit hats, mittens, scarves and sweaters for less fourunate children. Lewis craft refunds the cost of the yarn purchased for the program and the salvation army gives the garmets to needy children. Contact your nearest lewiscraft locationand the ski season isn't to far off! Don't miss the ski &; snowboard swap october 19th at snow valley. This is a fundraiser to assist the snow valley race team and to further educate and train staff in the form of scholarships. Call or check out the snow valley website for more informationthat's "out there" on global

luis: Dr. Culver, what is going on?

Mrs. Wallace: It's -- it's my fault. I'm so sorry, dr. Culver. You know, I'm just getting so clumsy these days.

Charlie: Well, yeah, yeah, it's all right, mrs. Wallace. I was just returning my scalpel to my bag. I -- I used it when I cut the bilical cord when the baby was born.

Luis: Huh. You're lucky you didn't hurt yourself.

Charlie: Yes. Lucky.

Chad: Come on, latoya, leave her alone!

Fox: Let's go! Come on, now! What is the deal with you? Jeez! Ow!

Latoya: Get off me!

Chad: Stop! Get back!

Puff dog: Hey, man --

chad: Ugh!

Puff dog: Why don't you let the ladies handle this themselves?

Chad: Get your hands off me!

Whitney: Ah!

Puff dog: Back off, pretty boy!

Latoya: Get up, girl! I'm not done with you!

Whitney: Get off of me! You get off me! Get off of me! Oh!

Theresa: Oh, what am I going to do? You know, know I have to help ethan make the right choice. I can't imagine what my life would be like without my little boy. Mama. I'm going to call mama. I want to talk to little ethan.

[Phone rings]

Pilar: Hello?

Theresa: Mama, it's me.

Pilar: Oh. Theresita, it's so good to hear your voice. Are you still in california?

Theresa: Yes, I'm still here.

Pilar: What's everybody saying about that bizarre election? It's on every channel.

Theresa: I don't know. I'm not paying much attention. Is ethan still awake? Because I'm dying to speak to him.

Pilar: Yes, he's right here. Hold on, ok?

Theresa: Hello, sweetheart, it's mommy.

Little ethan: Mommy!

Theresa: I love you. Oh, I miss you so much. Are you being a good boy for your abuela?

Pilar: Yes, he's being a very good boy.

Es un angelito, theresa.

Pero te extrana mucho, mija.

Theresa: I miss y, , too. I'll be -- you know what? I'm coming home real soon, I promise. I love you.

Pilar: Say bye-bye.

Little ethan: Bye-bye!

Pilar: Oh, theresa, he's talking so much now, mija.

Theresa: Yeah, he sounds wonderful.

Pilar: So, tell me, mija, how are things in los angeles?

Theresa: I'm at the hospital, mama. Gwen -- she's -- she's about to have her baby. They don't know if she's going to make it. Ethan has to -- he's got to choose. He's got to choose between gwen and the baby.

Pilar: Gwen -- wait, what? What do you mean, he has to choose? What happened?

Theresa: Gwen was in her room, a s she saw ethan and me kissing on the beach. There was this camera crew, and they videotaped us.

Pilar: Ay, dios mios, theresa!

Yo sabia que algo como esto

iba a pasar! I told you to leave los angeles the minute you knew that ethan and gwen were there. Why don't you ever listen to me?

Theresa: Ok, she -- she was upset, mama. She -- she was so upset she left the hospital room and she went to the apartment, and she was so furious. She was beside herself.

Pilar: Can you blame her?

Theresa: I didn't want to fight with her, but we did. We fought, and then she fell. She hit her head, and now she's going into labor, and they don't know if gwen or the baby are going to live.

Pilar: Dios mios, theresa, what did I say to you? The minute you realized that ethan and gwen were in california, I said to you come home to harmony! Why don't you ever listen to me?

Theresa: Mama, this isn't my fault.

Pilar: How can you say that? You were kissing another woman's husband in a public place. If that is not your fault, then whose is it?

Ethan: God, I know this is my fault. I've been a terrible husband and a terrible man. And gwen doesn't deserve to be hurt like this. She's done nothing but -- but love me. And I swore before you in church to be faithful to her. Yet, I let myself get sucked in by theresa again. And I know I should have moved the minute I found out that she was staying in the same apartment, but I didn'T. And one thing led to another. If I could turn back the clock, if I could turn back time, I would tell her, go back to harmony to get as far away from me as she possibly could, because then gwen would be ok and we'd be having our baby. But instead, they're both fighting for their lives because I was weak. Please, don't punish gwen and my baby for my weakness. You punish me. And if you have to take someone, don't take them. You take me. You hear me? You take me!

Kay: Beth actually killed sheridan? I cannot believe she would go to such lengths to get the man that she loves.

Tabitha: Well, believe it, dear. And there's a lesson to be learned here. If you want something in life, then let nothingtotop you. It's no good sitting idly about, twiddling your thumbs, waiting for it to fall into your lap. And you certainly shouldn't let another woman stop you.

Kay: Well, are you suggesting that I kill charity?

Tabitha: Well, I've been trying to get rid of the wretch for years. You might have better luck.

Kay: No, tabitha. She's my cousin. And I may be a lot of things, but a murderer I'm not.

Tabitha: Well, you never know until you try, do you?

Kay: Absolutely not. It's wrong, tabitha. And besides, I have a daughter to think about now. I can't just do something that'll send me to prison.

Tabitha: Well, suit yourself. But it would behoove you to follow beth's example. She stopped at nothing to get her man. I must admit, she succeeded where I have failed over the centuries in keeping sheridan and luis apart. Oh, I've managed to part them down through the ages on a d off, but every lifetime they come back for more. Endora, my darling, would you like to see what sort of fun you can have when you grow up? Hmm? Well, you just twiddle your little finger about. That's right. That's good! Now look into the bowl.

Kay: Well, I got to hand it to you, hagatha, that is impressive.

Tabitha: Yes. Of course, I had my little timmy's help then, but he sent me endora. So I still havanan accomplice. Oh, and what fun we will have. No one will be able to stop us, will they? No one.

Luis: I can't believe how much I love this little guy already. So wonderful.

Beth: It's so wonderful seeing the two of you together. Everything I dreamed it would be.

Luis: Yeah. You know, I hate to leave him so soon, but I have to go rejoin the search.

Beth: What? Well, what are you talking about? Search?

Luis: Oh, my god. That's right. With all the excitement of the baby being born, I didn't tell you. We found a piece of fabric in old man jackson's boat that we think came from sheridan's clothes.

Beth: You were on old man jackson's boat?

Luis: Yeah. That's where I was when I got the call of you going into labor. Hank, antonio, and I were searching the coastline, so I got to go back and join them.

Beth: Yeah, of course you have to go, but --

[Baby cries]

Luis: Shh, it's ok.

Beth: How do you know for sure it was from sheridan's clothes? I mean, how could you be 100% sure?

Luis: Hey. Well, we're not. But it's the only lead we have, so I got to go with it. I got to go join them.

Beth: Come here, baby.

Luis: I'll be back as soon as I can, ok?

Beth: Oh. Ow!

Luis: Beth, what is it?

Beth: Oh --

ethan: Please, don't punish gwen. Don't take my baby. Why should you listen to me, anyway? I don't deserve your pity, lord. I know that. But I can't lose them. I can't lose my wife, my baby. I just can'T. All my life, I've dreamed of having a family, a real family. And I know it's selfish, but please don't take that away from me now.

Gwen: I love you so much. I'm pregnant.

Father lonigan: Ethan, you may kiss your bride.

[Guests cheer and applaud]

Gwen: Can I look now?

Ethan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ok.

Gwen: Oh, ethan!

Ethan: Hey. I'll never have that now.

Theresa: Mama, please, please, you have to believe me here, ok? I never wanted anything bad to happen to gwen or the baby.

Pilar: Really, theresa? Then you should have come home the minute that you realized that ethan and gwen were there. I mean, how else could this have ended but badly?

Theresa: Well, it wasn't supposed to be like this. Ethan and I -- we were supposed to be together, and -- well, gwen was supposed to have her baby. She wasn't supposed to be hurt.

Pilar: But she was, theresa. And now you have to live with it. You have to live with the consequences of what you've done for the rest of your life. So, you open your milk carton, like you would.

>> The conflict is over ... the struggle continues. How do you rebuild a nation so heavily torn apart by the ravages of war? The first of wilf dinnick's special reports -- "mission afghanistan" tonight on "g"global national."

Singer: You are my passion for life

latoya: I'm sick of you, bitch!

Whitney: Get your hands off of me!

Latoya: Shut up!

Chad: Latoya, if you hurt her, I swear I'll come after you and break your neck!

Whitney: Get your hands off of me! Oh!

Latoya: Oh, you want to hurt me, huh? Well, come on, baby! Let's see what you got!

Puff dog: Latoya, just take care of the bitch, all right?

Latoya: Yeah. I'll take care of her, all right.

Whitney: Oh, my god. Chad, help me.

Chad: Latoya, leave her alone!

Theresa: Mama, don't say atat, ok? This isn't my fault.

Pilar: Si lo es, theresa. When are you ever going to grow up? You need to come home. You need to come home tonight.

Theresa: No, no, no. I can't leave ethan. He needs me. He needs me to help him deal with this.

Pilar: Dios santo.

Como es posible que yo no te pueda hacer razonar, theresa?

Theresa: Oh, mama, I do listen to you, but I cannot leave ethan. I can't leave him. I need to help him make the right decision.

Pilar: No! Listen to me - he does not need you. It is none of your business. Ethan needs to make his own decision about his own wife and his own child. He needs to be left alone.

Theresa: But I can help him, mama.

Pilar: How? How can you help him, theresa?

Theresa: If anything happens to gwen, I'm going to help him raise the baby.

Pilar: Mija, yo no puedo creer lo que tu estas diciendo.

Tu estas loca,theresa. Listen to me -- I want you to stop living in that fantasy world of yours up in the clouds and come home right now before you get in any more trouble!

Theresa: I have to go, mama.

Pilar: Theresa, don't hang up!

Theresa: No, I have to go. I will call you later.

Pilar: Theresa!

Theresa: I've got to help you make the right decision, ethan. I have to.

Ethan: I know I'm to blame. If I'd only said no to theresa, none of this would have happened and gwen would be ok, the baby would be ok. I so wanted a child in my life. I remember how it felt when I helped deliver theresa's baby. Itasas the most incredible, joyous thing. And I want that for my baby with gwen. I want what I didn't have growing up -- a family filled with love and concern for one another, with gwen and my baby. How can I give that up now?

Luis: What's wrong, beth?

[Beth groans]

Beth: I -- I think it's from the afterbirth pain or something. It's just about as bad as the labor.

Luis: Dr. Culver, we need to get her to the hospital right away.

Charlie: No, no, no, no! I can take care of her pain, and she'll rest much easier here.

Beth: Luis, I need you. You stay with me, right?

Luis: Well -- beth, I really need to get back to the search, ok? Now, dr. Culver and your mother are here, all right? Now, they'll take care of you. I need to get back to the search.

Beth: I -- I understand, I do. But what can you do? I mean, hank and antonio -- they're out there searching. They're doing everything they can.

Luis: Beth, I need to help them, ok? It's my job.

[Beth sighs]

Beth: I -- I don't know. I hate to be a burden, luis, but I just had a baby and I don't think I should be alone right now.

Luis: All right, well, beth, you're not alone. Ok? You know, doc-- dr. Culver's here.

Beth: Yeah, but dr. Culver's going to leave soon, and that leaves mother and precious. Mother's practically senile. Do you really want a monkey taking care of your son?

Luis: No. No. You're right.

Beth: Ok, good. So you'll stay.

Luis: No. I'm going to call my mother. She will be more than happy to come help you and the baby, ok?

Beth: Ok.

Luis: Mama. Hey, it's luis. I need your help, ok? Closed-captioning of thisprogram is brought to you by

Ethan: How can I make this decision? How can I condemn one of them to die? Gwen or my baby?

Gwen: My baby! My baby -- it's gone! God, ethan, why did you pick me? Why didn't you save the baby? Why didn't you just let me die? Why?

Ethan: What if I do? What if I save the baby instead? Poor baby. How can I let you grow up without your mother? Without a mother's love?

Ethan: Thank you, god. Thank you for helping me decide.

[Monitors beep]

Theresa: Gwen, I'm really sorry that I upset you. I never meant for any of this to happen. If I could undo everything, I would, but I can'T. So I -- I just want you to know that you don't -- you don't have to worry about your baby. I'm going to help ethan raise him or her. I'm going to love your baby like it was my own.

[Monitors race]

Dr. Abel: What the hell are you doing? Get out! You're upsetting my patient!

Theresa: No, I was just -- I was just trying to just talk to her.

Dr. Abel: Oh, thank god she's unconscious. You could have killed her. Now, get out!

Whitney: Leave me alone.

Latoya: Shut up.

Whitney: Chad! Help me!

Chad: Run! Run, whitney! Get out of here and call the cops!

Puff dog: Think the lapd's going to help you, man? Where's your brain, boy? You lose your mind living back east?

[Whitney screams]

Latoya: You're not going anywhere, miss thing! I'm about to give you a face-lift!

Shut up! No! Let go! Get your hands off of me, white bread!

Whitney: Thank you, fox!

Puff dog: Why do you got to go and spoil all the fun?

Chad: Fun?

Puff dog: Uh!

Latoya: Get off me!

Chad: Are you ok, whitney?

Whitney: Yeah, I think so.

Chad: Thanks for jumping in there like that, fox.

Puff dog: You asking for trouble, chad, more trouble than you can deal with.

Chad: Well, bring it, puffy. And what kind of sick pervert are you to call what latoya's doing fun?

Puff dog: Hey, man, I'm just letting the ladies handle themselves.

Chad: "Handle themselves"? Latoya, what the hell's wrong with you, pulling a knife on whitney? What do you want from us?

Latoya: What do I want? I want to know why you made all kind of promises to me anththen bailed! I want to know this piece of white cake girl's got that I don't got!

Chad: Oh, you want to know?

Latoya: Yeah!

Chad: Honestly? Latoya, she's everything you're not, all right? She's a lady.

Latoya: A lady? Let me show what I can do for a lady!

Chad: Back off, back off!

Latoya: Get off me!

Kay: Antony and cleopatra or the titanic? I mean, you actually sank that ship just to keep sheridan and luis apart?

Tabitha: Oh, yes, I've been a very busy little witch. But I must say I'm grateful to beth in this lifetime. I am getting on a bit, you know.

[Endora cries]

Tabitha: Oh, dear. Feeding time.

Kay: Oh, tabitha, please, can I feed her? I want to practice so I know how to do it when maria gets home from the hospital.

Tabitha: Well, I suppose that's all right. But I must warn you, dear, she is a voracious eater. Have you got her?

Kay: Yeah, I got her.

[Endora fusses]

Kay: I think I can handle that, huh, endora? Yes, I can! Yeah. Thank you. There you go, princess.

Kay: My goodness, that was fast.

[Tabitha chuckles]

Tabitha: I told you she was a voracious eater.

Kay: Yeah, well, one little bottle at a time for you, missy. Come on. Come on.

[Endora belches]

Kay: What was that?

[Tabitha laughs]

Tabitha: That's my girl.

[Endora cries]

Tabitha: Oh. I better make her another bottle.

Kay: Oh. She's your baby. Come on, sweetie. Hush. You're just going to have to wait for a second. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Oh, it's ok, it's ok.

Kay: It's ok.

[Kay gasps]

Kay: Oh!

[Tabitha and endora laugh]

Pilar: I came as soon as I could get here.

Luis: Hi.

Pilar: Your nurse let me in.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, that precious is a gem, isn't she?

Pilar: Let me see that baby. Oh, gosh. Come here. Come with grandma.

Beth: Oh, there you go.

Luis: Oh, easy. Thanks so much for coming.

Pilar: Oh, my god.

Luis: Beth can really use your help, and I need to get back to work. Can you stay for a while?

Pilar: Oh, mijo, I would cancel anything to meet my new grandson. Hello! Oh, he's a beautiful boy!

Luis: Huh.

Pilar: He's got great color, too. You did a good job, beth.

Beth: Thank you, pilar. Isn't he wonderful?

Pilar: Oh, yes, he is. You must be so proud, mijo.

Luis: Yeah. I still can't believe it.

Pilar: Come on.

Mrs. Wallace: You better enjoy your little family while you can, because when luis goes out there and finds sheridan's body, no doubt he's going to find evidence that's going to lead him right back to you!

Beth: Nobody is going to find sheridan's body. We made sure that we weighed her down so good she's going to stay at the bottom of the ocean forever.

[Phone rings]

Luis: It's luis. What happened? Did you find sheridan? A

Luis: And what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Mrs. Wallace: It may already be too late for you.

Beth: Mother, hush.

Luis: You what? No, they can't do that. Well, damn it,idid you tell them about finding that piece of fabric? Well, fine. Then you tell them to get back out there and keep looking. I'll be there as soon as I can. I can't believe it. The coast guard called off the search. I got to get out there.

Pilar: No -- mijo?

Luis: What?

Pilar: There's no need to rush off. Let antonio and hank handle it.

Luis: No, they need me there to help look.

Pilar: Well, are they absolutely sure that sheridan was on that boat?

Luis: No, they are not positively sure, but finding that piece of fabric -- that's the only lead that we've got.

Pilar: Well, then, you let antonio and hank handle it, mijo. Listen, they're not going to find anything in the dark. You can always join the search in the morning. Right now beth needs you here. She just gave birth to your son.

Luis: I know that, all right? And I love this baby more than I could ever have thought possible, ok? But sheridan needs me now, too.

Beth: They'll never find sheridan's body. Charlie and I did way too good a job weighing it down.

Kay: Oh! Would you look at me? I'm a mess! I bet endora did that on purpose.

[Tabitha chuckles]

Tabitha: Oh, surely not, did you, endora?

Kay: Oh, you both take such pleasure in other people's pain, including mine.

Tabitha: It's who we are, kay. You know that. To cause pain and agony is what we were put on this earth for.

Kay: Yeah, well, I am not so certain I'd like to be a part of it anymore.

[Water bubbles]

Tabitha: Oh,

damn that charity!

Kay: What?

Tabitha: Oh, that insipid cousin of yours is up to good again. Is she ever going to butt out of my life?

Latoya: So you're telling me this bitch with the high-class name is a good girl from a good family, she knows how to do the right thing?

Chad: Of course she does. She was raised to be an honest and productive citizen. And, yeah, she's a good girl. She was raised the right way.

Latoya: Yeah? Hmm. Well, if she's such a good girl and knows how to do the right thing, then what the hell is she doing hanging out with my husband?

Dr. Abel: We've got to get her blood pressure down. Increase the nitroprusside drip to five.

Gwen: Oh. Please, please save my baby. Please save -- please save my baby. Don't let my baby die.

Theresa: I knew it. I knew gwen would want to save the baby. I've got to tell ethan. I've got to tell ethan! Etha e ethan, ethan --

ethan: No, no --

theresa: I've got to tell you something.

Ethan: It'll have to wait. I have to talk to the doctor.

Theresa: About what?

Ethan: I've made my decision, and I know who I want to save.

Latoya: Face it, chad. That upstanding girl you're living with is not going to like this.

Whitney: I'm just glad you're here, fox. I don't know what I would have done if you weren'T.

Charity: It's sheridan. She's near. She's -- she's close by. I can feel it.

Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan!

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