Passions Transcript Monday 9/15/03

Passions Transcript Monday 9/15/03

by Eric

Can you believe they keep playing this? What some news programs will do to boost ratings. Showing a couple making out on the beach, part of la hot night life scene. That looks a lot like mr. Winthrop. If it is and she sees, she'll go through the roof. The doctor is insisting she stay cmm or risk losing the baby.

3,000 miles from family and friend doing everything she can to save her child and her husband is touning wrestling with another woman.

And that tramp kissing him has to know he's married. He's wearing a wedding ring.

If she loses the baby over this it will be mr. Wintrop's fault.

Oh, my god. My mother warned me this could happen and now it has. <>

> You can't get yourself worked up like this. It's not good for you or the baby.

The doctor said y you were on tv together. Look at them. Look at them. How they can be doing this?

Look, theresa, i am sorry. I can't be a full-time father to little ethan. That wouldn't be fair to gwen and the baby we're having together.

What about being fair to me and my little boy? He deserves to have a father, ethan, a good loving father. He deserves to have you. And so do I.

Do you promise to sick to me like glue. Cluing me in how to win the love of my life. I don't want to give up on this one. She's the one for me. The only one. Look into my eyes. Dch how much want her. How much I love her. How much I need her.

Yes. I see a love that's real and deep and lasting.

Then you are going to help me. Whitney: I am a sucker for true love.

Fox: You have no idea how happy you have just made me.

Who is this woman on the tape? The singer? She's someone that you care about?

Yes. Tired of denying the truth. I love this woman. I love her with a passion.

How could you lead me on this way.

Julian: The truth has been reverberating in your ears for month. You chose to ignore it.

Rebecca: You love her so much, how come you are not married to her.

Julian: She's already married.

Eve: I can't wait to get to the youth centre and talk to tc about our problems before liz can try to move in on tc again.

I just can't believe I'm falling apart like this. I feel so naive. And stupid. Oh, tc, i honestly thought that you had feelings for me. That's why i was so open and honest with my feelings for you. I know you are married, tc, it is just that i truly, truly thought that i carried for you.

Tc: I do but as a friend.

Liz: No, tc, you don'T. I feel like such a fool, a silly fool.

Tc: Liz, please. Please don't cry.

All kidnappers like you get careless. They make mistakes and they leave behind clues.

>>>>. Sooner or later the people will come to my rescue.

Charlie: First of all, i didn't leave the clues, even if i did by the time your fan club finds anything, they won't find any traces of you left.

I know where sheridan is. I found proof in the kitchen.

What are you talking about, antonio?

I am talking about this ring. I went in there and accidentally knocked luis jacket off the chair. When i went down to pick it up. I found tss ring on the kitchen floor. This was our grandmother's ring. The ring i gave sheridan as our engagement ring. Now I don't know how it got there but it has to mean that sheridan's still in harmony. She might have even been in this house.

>>Ou don't understand, that ring was not lying on the floor. You must have knocked it out of my jacket when you bumped into it. Why would you have my wife's engagement ring in your jacket pong et.

What is going on between you and sheridan, huh?

Would hold the hand of the one that can lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who can sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of a bird i knew could take me higher breathe in breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life sss#

when you sleep, you dream.

Why do you have -- both of you guys, chill out. You are in beth's home not in a school yard. You are getting ms. Wal aus as so upset she could have anothe stroke.

Actually starting to feel warm and tingly all over.

Sorry, i lost control. I just want to know why luis has my wife a engagement ring in his pocket.

Something i wanted to tell you for a long damn time and something keeps getting in the way.

Sheridan sent the ring to police head quarters.


When? Why would she do that? Tell him, luis. Answer his question. Sheridan sent the ring to the station while you were in paris trying to track her down. Along with that, there was an audio tape saying she was okay. That she didn't want to be found, all right.

Why didn't you tell me sooner?

Luis: I'm sorry. It's been a lot going on here with beth and all. Just slipped my mind.

I guess that explains the reason I didn't find a trace of her when i was over in paris. I guess it proves to me that because she sent you the ring to give to me, she really doesn't want to be found.

Sheridan: The people that love me, will find me and something will lead them back to you. You won't get away with what you have done to me.

Charlie: News flash, i already did it. I took your baby and now I'm going to take your life.

You are my paingdz for life

Theresa, do you hear what you are saying? Do you really -- can you hear what's coming out? For you to say that you and little ethan deserves to is me, that's incentive as it is self fish. What part am i married to gwen don't you get?


Ethan: If i am the kind of man to dump my wife to be with you, i am not the kind of man that little ethan needs for a role model. I am definitely not the kind of man you deserve for a mate.

>>Heresa: You married gwen because she got pregnant.

Ethan: Quit saying that. Stop it. I have loved gwen most of my life. We would probably be married a long time ago if you had not come to work for my mother at the mansion.

Theresa: You didn't marry gwen back then because of me, because you loved me. You still do.

Ethan: I am sorry you have been hurt by what's happened. But hurting to gwen to make you happy, tha is not an option. I love her. And i love our unborn baby. And I'm not going to leave my wife and baby to be with you and your son with julian. Now ethan thinks I'm a player, the guy on the make or something. But, well, to tell you the truth, i used to be, maybe. But not anymore. Whitney, I am head over heels in love. I want the closeness and passion that you have with chad.


You know what? I feel lucky you know it is not easy easy winning the person you love away from somebody else. But i think if real love's driving you, in the end it is okay.

Whitney,, you know, fox, i do understand. That's why I'm happy to stand by your side and give you advice on how to win the woman you love.

Fox: You have no idea how much that means to me.

Whitney: Oh.

It's the same as when they show a disaster over and over again. If she sees her husband kissing another woman, it will be a disaster for her and her baby.

Nurse, please, change the channel.

No, please, turn up the volume. I am going to be in a panic until i hear what they're saying.

Billion area julian crane has been named the defendant in a class action lawsuit brought by several charitable organizations for allegedly reneging on contributions promised them by theresa lopez when she thought she was his legal wife. Mr. Crane, shown here with rebecca hot chkiss denies that the long time mistress was behind the decision not to donate millions to charity so the money could instead be used for their wedding.

Damnou, mother, for being so greedy. Damn you, julian for not standing up to her. What am i saying? My mother pronl has enough dirt on julian to bury him alive. My poor baby, you have a blackmailer for a grandmother.

Nurse, please turn the channel. All right. And you win, if you see something that upsets you this much on television again, then you won't have to worry about your mother being a grandmother any time soon. Now do you understand me? Do i have to spell it out for you?

Gwen: I understand.

This woman that you love more than me is married?

Julian: Not that it is any of your business but yes, she's has a husband.

Rebecca: Your piece on the side is another man's wife? Why that little slut, she ought to be ashamed of herself.

Julian: You see, unlike you that flaunted our affair in front of your then husband, jonathan, my love has remained faithful to her spouse.

Rebecca: Is it my fault you are too sexy to resist?

Julian: I never came on to you. You nearly impaled yourself when you learn that my marriage to ivy was a sham.

Rebecca: You make me sound like a cheap little husbandy.

Julian: You cheap? Hardly. My love is nothing like you.

Rebecca: What that mean?

Julian. . Don't take offense. She's a good person, she's pure at heart, devoted to her husband, faithful to her marriage vows. I can't wreak havoc by interfering in her life.

Rebecca: You make her sound like a saint.

Julian.. that is because she is a saint. Never to speak ill of her again.

And to assume they are not going to kill each other, i can get back to the youth centre and try to patch things up with tc. See if we can get close again.

Good luck with that.

Eve: Thanks.

You really should remember even though he's ary with you allowing whitney to go to la with chad, he really does love you. That's why he came to beth'S. He wants to work things out with you.

Too bad he had to see that news clipping with whitney in it. Damn liz for showing it to him. My sister will do anything she can to come between me and my husband. Thank god she's not with him now.

Tc: Liz, i am so sorry. Liz, i am flattered but we -- just don't kill me in front of my baby.

Charlie: Relax, I'll wipe any blood that splaters on the brat.

Sheridan: If my baby sees a murder, he'll be traumatized for the rest of his life.

Charlie: In that case, hey, mommy -- see mommy die. Sheridan: No.

I just want to say I'm sorry for going off on you like that. I had no idea you had heard from sheridan when i was in paris looking for her. I can't understand why she would want to have our baby in a foreign country when she could have it here in harmony with me and the rest of the family.

Luis.. it doesn't seem like sheridan at all but look betweenhe audio tape, getting the grandmother's ring, the dvd, i don'knknow what else to do beside take her at her word.

I guess you better keep this locked up at head quarters with the tape and dvd. I don't want to lose it.

Antonio, i am sorry that you had to find out about sheridan's message that way. This must be so hard for you.

I mean, no offense but every time i look at you and pregnant and just about to have the baby, i can't help but think of sheridan. And -- well, the worst part is she didn't even call me. She didn't call to say she's okay or anything.

Beth: Yeah, yeah. You are right. I mean, you are her husband and now that you mention it, it seems strange she would go to so much trouble to make a dvd and an audio tape and when she could have picked up the phone and called you. I don't know but -- maybe you were right before. About sheridan never being in paris. I know this might sound crazy but what if sheridan never left harmony.

Ms. Wallace: She's got a death wish.

Still be in town?

Beth: Well, you are a smart guy, antonio and luis is a cop. If his contacts couldn't come up with any lead os sheridan and you went to paris and you couldn't find her either. Isn't that suspicious?

Yeah, i guess, but sheridan is a crane. With all that money at her disposal. She could disappear anywhere.

Beth: But, telling everyone she's in paris is not exactly disappearing.

I guess you are right about that. Beth: I hate to say this but -- maybe luis was right from the start about sheridan being kidnapped. Maybe sheridan is being held hostage somewhere here in harmony.

Ms. Wallace: Angels, beth will be giving towers of the basement next.

The dvd and audio tape --

Beth: She could have been forced to make them.

I don't know, beth. We saul saw sheridan and she was definitely in paris on the dvd was made.

Beth: Or it could be like any weather man on tv, you know how they stand in front of those blue or green screens so everything that we see behind them, the radar, the forecast, that's a electronically added. Now, i don't know anything, you know, about technical stuff but what if that's what they did to sheridan?

If that's the case, then she's a victim of foul play. She's being held hostage, god knows what's happened to her right now.

Ms. Wallace: If pretty boy only knew the ugly truth.

Beth: That's why i think the police should resum t the search for her.

Ms. Wallace: I think i need a fresh diaper.

Luis,, i think we should resume the house to house search for sheridan.

Luis: What?

You heard me.

Luis: I know going to pair skpis not finding sheridan must have you rattled, okay. But just listen to me. A dvd and an audio tape from her saying she doesn't want to be found.

What if they were fakes? What if she was forced to make that tape. If they want her to think she was a okay in paris.

Luis: Why is when i wanted to find sheridan, convinced she was kidnapped, you refused to believe me kp now evidence to support she was not, you want to start a search for her.

You said that sheridan would just never up and disappear like that. Why would she call us? Why wouldn't she call us to say she wanted to go away for awhile and e-mail and dvd and audio tapes. Come on. Think about it. I mean, why would she tellss specifically where she's going on top of that?

Luis: I don't know, unless maybe someone wanted us to think that she was some place that she isn'T.

But the dvd definitely showed sheridan in paris.

Digital stuff can you be doctored. Look at all of the movies you see now.

That's true.

Luis: All right. Call the station, I'll see if we can get volunteers to start the search again.

You will help search like that. Staying here by your side until you have the bab I meant it.

The plan has backfired big time.

When north america's first injection site opens in this vancouver neighbourhood on monday, everyone will be there. Except those who need it. Find out why. On tonight's global national with kevin newman. You are my passion for life

Your blood pressure is down and your pulse isn't racing ymore.

I am just fine. Just seeing my mother on tv, reminded me of harmony.

Don't try to diminish what happened earlier. Every time you get upset, you put your baby at risk.

Gwen: I am sure i would feel much better so my husband and I can be alone together tonight.

Sorry. After this latest incident. I wantoo keep you here tonight to be safe.

Gwen: My vital signs are back to normal, right.

Yes, now.

Gwen: Please. Let me call ethan. He can come pick me up and -- being 92 n my husband's arm right now is the best medicine for me. Please.

All right. Call your husband. Tell him to come get you.

I need you to help me find fight julian for full custody for ethan.

He's probably turned in for the night.

I have a cab --

That won't do.

But you said i could go home.

Getting yourself home in a cab without help is not prudent for you or the baby. Now ethan can pick you up first thing in the morning providing your vitals are all stable. You just need to get a good night's rest and tomorrow will be here before you know it.

The doctor does not understand how important it is to be with my husband for my well being. He can't help it? He's a man.

But, doctor able is the top in his field and that's why you flew all the way to los angeles for him to take care of you and your baby. Maybe getting away from harmony is all i needed to have a healthy baby. Thank god theresa is far enough away not to become between me kp ethan.

Answer me.

Do you really want ethan to be at julian's mercy? Ethan: I said that i would help you fight julian for custody of little ethan and gwen arbltion greed on the condition that everything I do is behind the scenes. If that's not good enough for you then I have to drop out all together. <> > Theresa: I need you. I need you to help me keep my son.

Ethan.. then we have nothing more to talk about. Theresa: Can you stay? Just stay and enjoy the fire.

Ethan: I can'T. We can't be here alone together. I got to go.

You know something? It is ashame to let this music go to waste. Come on. Will you dance with me?

Whitney: No. After seeing the way you danced with theresa,.

Too inhibited.

Fox: Okay.

Whitney: Sorry.

Fox: I understand. One day you will dance with me like i danced with theresa and you won't be inhibited. You will be in love.

Fine. I will never mention that living saint of a woman again.

Julian: Thank you.

Rebecca: But since she is not available, don't you think it's time you moved on to someone who was, namelyE.E.

Julian: How many times have i told you, rebecca, i am not ready to get married again.

Rebecca: How many times have i told you, julian, i don't care. Look, i know that you tried to kill sheridan. Twice. So unless you want a jury of your peers to also know that, make me your bride. Or you can be a lovely bride yourself in prison.

Liz, we can't keep doing this. I am a married man. I love my wife.

Be honest. It's not with me then at least with yourself.

Tc: What is that suppose to mean?

Liz: I know you are comfortable with eve. You know, she's like a favorite old shirt, one that you should have gotten rid of a long ago but you hold on to it out of habit, sentiment.

Tc: No.

Liz: Nothing more.

Tc: Eve and i have built a wonderful marriage together.

Liz: Yes. It is her everything, everything except love, t .

Tc: No. Liz, i love my wife.

Liz: Tc. If only that were true. If you really loved eve, you wouldn't allow yourself to keep ending up like we do. Here, tonight, in the back yard. Tc, i didn't force you to kiss me either time. You kissed me because you wanted to. And now i am not going to push myself on you, your life is difficult enough right now. But i do think that you should face the truth, just as i forced myself to face it. Tc, we have awakened a new life in each other. We have connected in some way. I am here with you because i want to be with you. And you let me stay because you want to be with me.

Luis, you are one of harmony's best cops, you are sheridan's brothern-n-law. You have to help find her. If she is not in paris, she could be a prisonor here in harmony. You have to help find her before it is too late.

What about our baby? Promise i wouldn't leave your side?

And iovove you for that. Okay. But, i don't feel like I'm starting labor any time soon.

Luis: Yeah.

Ms. Wallace: Yes, i wonder why.

Beth: If i do, I'll call you. Besides, i have mother and precious here, i won't be alone.

Luis: Okay. I'll go with antonio again.

Let's have the dvd reevaluated if a hint there is a fake, we'll know we are on to somhihing.

You call me the second you feel like you are going into labor okay.

Beth: I am so glad you are helping antonio. If sheridan is in danger, i know she's glad, too.

Sheridan: Please don't hurt me.

Charlie: You won't feel a thing. If you do, who cares?

Sheridan: My baby. Something's wrong.

Charlie: Yeah. All of your boo-hooing, getting on his nerves, same as me.

Sheridan. . No, my baby needs me. Something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong.

Get a good night's sleep.

Come pick me up, he would have released me tonight.

I know you want to go home and you will, if you take care of yourself.

Gwen: I know. The baby's health is most important. I know.

Keep that in mind and you will be back in your husband's arms before you know it.

Gwen: Good night. I will be ethan before you or the doctor will know it because I'm leaving right now.

I will not -- i will get you back, ethan. I will. Whitney, thanks again.

To help me, win the heart of the woman i love. I can't tell you, i look at you and I just -- i can't help but believe it is really going to happen.

Whitney: Hey. I promise you. I will do everything I can to make sure it does.

Fox: I know.

Whitney: As a matter of fact, i am going to go talk to ethan right now.

Ethan. I take it you found theresa.

Ethan: Just be happy I'm leavg,g, okay.

Whitney: What about next time? And the time after that? When are you going to leave theresa alone and move on with your life.

Ethan: She's not moving on. She still wants me.

Whitney: Only because she thinks she can have you.

Ethan: She can'T.

What you keep doing is a whole other story.


Meaning you won't leave her alone.

Ethan: Fox is going to -- whitney: Forget about fox. You remember how theresa is when it comes to you. You give her an inch and she takes a mile, right.

Ethan: I can't argue with that.

Whitney: You have to put distance between the two of you. Show her you mean what you say.

Ethan: All right. All right. I will stay away from theresa. Whitney: Again, you have said that before but i want to make sure -- ethan: I mean it this time. I'm not going to turn my back on my wife and baby. It is just -- god needs to give me strength to deal with the feelings I have for theresa and to make her alalize that there's no hope for us. My place is with my wife.

So you really pulled out all of the stops w when it comes to ethan tonight.

I am not giving up, fox. Not giving up on giving ethan the father he deserves.

Theresa? Maybe you should give up on him, huh? Ethan has told you a million times he's not going to leave gwen. The truth is, he's too decent of a guy to go back on his word.

Theresa: Well ethan may be too decent but when it comes to giving my son the perfect father, i am not. And there's nothing that i wouldn't do to get him back. Nothing.

So what's it going to be? Are you going to make me you bride or do i have to find luis and tell him that you tried to kill sheridan not once but twice? Julian: Do you really -- you really want a marriage based on threats and black-mail?

I do.

Julian: Good god, my sham of a marriage to ivy wasn't bad enough, I will be living a lie with you, too.

Rebecca: No, our marriage will be based on total honesty. You see, i get the crane name and money and you get to stay out of jail. So, what's it going to be? Julian: I need some fresh air.

Rebecca: Get all the air you want. Not free to do so -- to his counting down the seconds to lights out.

Julian: Yes, dear.

Rebecca: Don't be long, julian. I'll be expecting a proposal. Or you can expect trouble.

Liz, i can't do this. I'm a married man. This is not right. How could something be so right be wrong? Tc: It is.

Thanks a lot for understanding me to get to the bottom of what's really happened to sheridan.

Beth: Anything for you.

You have no idea, luis.

I will have my cell phone on, okay. The minute you feel like you are going into labor, call me. I'll rush back here and take you to the hospital. I want to see this baby born.

Beth: So sweet of you. Don't worry. Okay. Before you know it, you and I will be the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy. I promise. Ms. Wallace: Beth's luck can't last forever. In fact, it is coming to the end real soon, real soon. (Baby crying) charlie: Shut up, kid.

Sheridan.. let me hold my baby, i am sure I can make him stop crying.

Charlie: Yeah, fine. Sheridan: It's okay. It's all right. Mommy loves you so much. You listen, mama may not be where you can see her or hear her or feel her arms around you, but you will always be there with you. You just close your eyes and you will feel, how safe you feel under the covers at night. Mommy's there. Yes, i am. And no matter what happens, i will never forget your beautiful face and your chubby little fingers. The sweet baby smell. Mommy loves you so much. With all of her heart and soul. She always will. No matter what. The woman you love.

I hope you are right.

Finally getting what you deserve. Hand the baby over right now or you both die.

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