Passions Transcript Thursday 9/11/03

Passions Transcript Thursday 9/11/03

by Eric

[Music plays]

Theresa: All right, so tell me, what is ethan doing?

Fox: What is ethan doing?

Theresa: Yes.

Fox: A bigtime slow burn.

Theresa: Ok, so my plan to make ethan jealous by dating you -- it's working! Ok, all right. Ok.

Ethan: Fox isn't good for you. What do I have to do to make you see that?

Whitney: How could anyone who has fox's undivided attention not fall in love with him?

Chad: Whitney, you're saying if fox gave you attention, you'd have feelings for him?

Syd: Trouble in paradise?

Whitney: All I feel for fox is friendship. But, yeah, I can see how theresa could eventually fall in love with him. Fox is sexy and funny and smart, and he's totally into theresa. Even if she pulls out all the stops to try to make ethan jealous, in the end, fox is going to have her heart. I know it.

Chad: Look, if it's going to happen, it'll happen, all right? I just don't want you getting involved, ok?

Whitney: You know what? How about we stop arguing and start dancing, ok?

Chad: All right.

Whitney: Ok.

Chad: But after I help syd give her first tv interview.

Whitney: Ok. I'll be waiting.

Syd: You got that right. I'll use my interview to make sure that you don't see chad any time soon.

Grace: Eve, I really think luis is going to need us if he finds that baby we heard crying.

Eve: I just wish that I knew where T.C. Had disappeared to before we had the chance to talk. Seeing that article about whitney moving to L.A. Witchchad and giving up tennis really made him furious.

Grace: And T.C. Doesn't know that the only reason that you backed whitney leaving was so that liz couldn't use whitney to hurt you.

Eve: That liz is such a snake. Every time I turn my back, she is trying to get close to my sbsband. For all I know, she could be trying to seduce him right now.

T.C.: Liz, we can't do this, ok? We agreed to stay away from each other and not get close again like we did in my backyard.

Liz: No, T.C., You said that. I never agreed to ignore what happened in your yard or in your bed.

T.C.: But z,z, nothing happened in my bedroom. You were sleepwalking.

Liz: Yes, but I was wide awake when you kissed me on the chaise.

T.C.: Liz, it was the heat. It didn't mean anything.

Liz: Maybe not to you, T.C., But feeling your lips pressed against mine and being in your arms -- that meant the world to me.

Luis: I can't believe it.

Beth: Luis, I can explain.

Tabitha: I sure as heaven never expected anything like this.

Antonio: Oh, my gosh.

Hank: The baby crying --

pilar: Oh, my god. It wasn't our imaginations.

Grace: This is so shocking.

Eve: Unbelievable.

Luis: You had to have known about this, beth. You had to.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life


[Music plays]

Theresa: Thank you for helping me with my plan to get ethan to admit that I am the woman that he loves and not gwen. Thank you. You know what? Maybe one day, this mystery girl that you're in love with will be dancing for you like this.

Fox: Oh, I hope so. I certainly hope so.

Man: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of the dance contest -- fox and theresa. Let's hear it! Let's hear it! Take a bow, ysys. Nice going. And your prize -- a romantic dinner for two.

Theresa: Wow!

Fox: Thank you. Uh-huh.

Ethan: Theresa? Have you forgotten that you're a mother?

Theresa: No, I haven'T. I love little ethan and I miss him terribly.

Ethan: Well, you never would have known by the spectacle yomamade of yourself here.

Theresa: How about we just talk later after I savor my win with fox?

Grace: That sound she was making --

pilar: That must have been the baby we thought we heard.

Antonio: We've all probably just got baby on the brain from the shower and all.

Luis: Beth, did you know that precious would dress up like this and imitate a baby crying?

Beth: Well, simians do love to play, so she probably just got into some of our shower gifts and put together her own little outfit and did her best baby imitation, thinking it would entertain us.

Mrs. Wallace: I'm impressed.

Grace: Oh, mrs. Wallace, what happened to you? Look, you're all muddy, sweetie.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, yeah. I was rushing around, you know, looking for the baby. I tripped and fell.

Antonio: Are you ok?

Mrs. Wallace: I am now, honey.

[Mrs. Wallace sniffs]

Mrs. Wallace: That is not water, that's gin!

Luis: It's still hard to believe it's precious we heard crying.

Pilar: How so, mijo?

Luis: I don't know, it just got to me. I just, like, felt a connection to the baby.

Tabitha: That's because it was your baby, luis -- your baby with sheridan.

Beth: Well, why don't we all go back inside and get back to the baby shower.

Grace: Yeah, I know a game we can play.

Beth: Oh, great. Ok. I'm just going to finish up with mother and precious, and then I'll meet you guys inside.

Pilar: Ok.

Beth: Precious, thanks for your quick thinking. You really got me out of a jam.

Mrs. Wallace: So did I.

Beth: Yeah, it's always about you, isn't it, mother? Everything's working out just the way I planned. I'm going to take sheridan's baby, pass it off as my own, and luis will never know the difference.

Charlie: Yeah, leave it to a rich socialite to have a whiney baby.

Sheridan: I heard luis outside. I know I heard his voice.

Charlie: Yeah, I'm tired of hearing yours. Now pipe down.

Sheridan: Luis, help me. Save me and our baby!

Charlie: No one's going to save you, sheridan. Yeah, your baby is going to have a nice, long life. But you've only got a short time left, then it's bye-bye, blondie. Slammed jets in the world trade centre the wouldn't run d richard anthony cheta.Chech this is out there on global - I'm seanna collins. Join globals dean millard, other cacal celebrities and blind golfers for dinner and a round of golf tomorrow nightit's the cnib's golf after dark tournament and there's still room to register. Proceeds will help people with vision loss achieve their goals.Get active by taking part in the active edmonton sampler weekend this weekend. Try some great free or low cost activities like fencing, skating, fitness, swimming, social dance and more. Log on to active edmonton.Ca for more informationglobal is proud to sponsor the cheerios tickets are now on sale for fashion with compassion. Enjoy lunch and a fashion show or the gala dinner and fashion show. Money raised goes to sorrentino's compassion house which provides accomodation for breast cancer patients while under-going treatment in edmonton

eve: T.C.'S cell phone is off, and he's not answering at home. I wonder where he could be -- and if liz is with him.

Grace: You know, eve, about liz -- you said you wanted whitney far away from harmony so liz couldn't use whitney to hurt you.

Eve: Yeah, that's right.

Grace: Well, I was just wondering because liz seems so fond of whitney and simone.

Eve: Yeah, she is.

Grace: So then what would she do to hurt you?

Eve: Liz was encouraging whitney to sing, and this shows how warped her need for revenge is. She bought the blue note just so that whitney could sing there, knowing that I would be worried sick thinking that whitney might follow my path -- abusing alcohol, taking drugs, and having casual sex. I can't tell T.C. That I backed whitney's going to L.A. With chad because of liz's threats because then I'd have to tell him all about my past.

Grace: I'm sorry you're in such a bind.

Eve: In protecting whitney, I have put this wedge between my husband and myself. And now I've just given liz more ammunition to use against me.

Grace: Well, sweetie, you just can't go on like this. You have got to talk to T.C. You know, smooth things out about this whole whitney moving thing.

Eve: Yeah, you're right. If anybody asks about me, say that I went to check on a patient. I'm going to go home and see if T.C.'S there and he's just not answering the phone.

Grace: Well, good luck.

Eve: With liz trying to take advantage of every rift beeeeen T.C. And I, I need it.

T.C.: Listen, liz, I didn't mean to lead you on. Like I said before, that kiss we had was a mis--

liz: Wonderful.

T.C.: Liz, the point is I'm a married man.

Liz: Who happens to be an incredible kisser.

T.C.: Liz, stop it. We can't be having this conversation.

Liz: I'm sorry, T.C. I'm not trying to put the moves on you.

T.C.: Well, you could have fooled me.

Liz: No, I couldn'T. You're too smart for that. Besides, I don't play games with people. I just wanted you to know how important you are to me, as a friend.

T.C.: Liz, you are important to me, too, but as a friend.

Liz: That's why I followed you here tonight, T.C., Even though you said you wanted to be alone. I blame myself for ever letting you see that article about whitney dropping tennis to go to L.A. To be with chad.

T.C.: Liz, don't worry about it. I would have seen it sooner or later. I still can't believe that whitney left town and eve let her go with th b bastard chad.

Ethan: So, where did fox and theresa go now?

Whitney: And I used to accuse theresa of sounding like a broken record when it came to you.

Ethan: I'm just worried about her, ok?

Whitney: No, actually, it's not ok. Look, you have a wife and a baby on the way. You're the one that chose gwen over theresa and made it perfectly clear that there was no going back.

Ethan: Well, you know, that's true. But I --

whitney: But what? What, theresa's supposed to stop living? Become an old maid at 20-something? You told her that she had to stop holding out hope for the two of you and move on. And fox -- dating fox is a start for her.

Ethan: No, it would be a disaster in the making. See, he's noooood and he's going to ruin her life.

Whitney: You know, you keep saying that, but I don't see it. I think fox is a terrific guy and he's going to make theresa very happy.

Ethan: Well, you know what? You're wrong on both counts.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey, what happened to precious?

Beth: I will deal with her later. Right now, mother, I'm going to go down in the basement and see my new baby.

Mrs. Wallace: You are either really brave or really stupid. Two seconds ago, luis almost found sheridan because the basement window was open. And now you want to go down there?

Beth: Can't I enjoy the fruits of my labor for two seconds, mother?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, this whole thing is giving me an ulcer.

Beth: Unbelievable. What's wrong with you, mother? You know, most women would be so happy that their daughter is about to give them a grandchild.

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie, you are not having a baby. You are stealing sheridan'S.

Beth: Finders keepers, losers weepers. The baby's mine now. Where is my clown mask? Oh, here it is. Where's charlie's mask?

Antonio: Sheridan's fear of clowns started when she had a nightmare about clowns kidnapping her and taking her baby. She said the nightmare was so real, it was almost like a premonition.

Luis: Back when I was convinced sheridan had been kidnapped, I even thought the abductors might have worn clown masks to disguise themselves. Alas, in all the houses we searched, we didn't find one clown mask, much less someone wearing one.

Liz: You know, I don't mean to talk badly about eve, it's just I'm just so amazed that she didn't consult with you before giving her ok to whitney to leave to go to L.A. With chad. You know, maybe if she had explained her reasoning, you wouldn't be here taking out your frustrations on that punching bag right now.

T.C.: Yeah, it was just like you said borore, liz. I mean, eve treats me like one of her patients, thinking it's ok to make her own decisions about my life.

Liz: But you still manage to save face in front of family and friends, not be emasculated like a lot of men would be. I admire that about you, T.C. You're a wonderful husband and father. And whatever happens, T.C., I want you to know that I'm here for you. I'm your friend.

T.C.: Thanks, liz. Thanks a lot.

Liz: Soon, we'll be more than friends, T.C. Much, much more.

Beth: Who cares where charlie's mask is, right? Sheridan's already seen her without it and thinks charlie's the one who's done all this by herself. I don't need to upset her by letting her know that I'm involved. I mean, the poor thing has been through so much.

Mrs. Wallace: You liar! You're too afraid, too guilty to show your ugly face to sheridan because she still thinks you're her best friend, huh? "Ooh, sheridan, the only thing I ever wanted was for you and luis to be happy." Brutus and judas, move over. Traitor, thy name is beth,

beth: Listen, I am going to go down into the basement, ok, and see my new baby. You go in the living room and keep all of them occupied until I get back. Ok? I won't be long.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, yeah, I'll keep them occupied, all right. When they ask me where you are, I'll just say, "what, my daughter, the cuckoo kidnapping clown? Well, she's down in the basement with sheridan and her baby."

Antonio: You know, after being in paris and not finding a trace of sheridan, I'm starting to think you were right. I mean, maybe sheridan's nightmare did come true. Maybe it was a premonition that clowns were going to kidnap her and take her baby.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, no. No. Precious has charlie's mask. If anybody sees that, I'm going to be wearing prison stripes for the rest of my life.

Grace: Mrs. Wallace, are you all right?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, fine and dandy. Never mind about me. Just go on back to the party.

Pilar: What are you doing behind the sofa with precious?

Mrs. Wallace: Precious was getting me a pillow.

Antonio: Why?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I thought I'd lie down, you know, rest. And still enjoy the party, you know.

Luis: It looks like you're trying to hide something there. What is it you don't want us to see?

Sheridan: Please, let me hold my baby.

Charlie: Here.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Tabitha: Sheridan's too engrossed in holding her baby to realize that charlie isn't acting alone. Not only does she have an accomplice, but it's beth, her friend and supporter. Hmm, and the way beth and charlie are conspiring doesn't bode well for sheridan. I suspt t they're planning her demise. Sheridan, I almost feel sorry for you, having your baby and then losing it to those two loons and then losing your life to boot. Oh, hades, what a blinking business I'm in. I know I have to keep sheridan and luis apart, but I feel for sheridan being severed from her baby. I mean, I wouldn't wish that on any woman on earth, not after having a baby of my own.

Beth: Is it a boy or a girl?

Charlie: We got stuck with a boy.

Beth: A boy.

Beth's voice: Perfect. I'm giving luis a son. My baby will bond me to luis for the rest of our lives.

Charlie: Hello?

Beth: I'm sorry. Sorry, you know, I was thinking that I should get back upstairs before anybody misses me.

Charlie: So when are we going to kill blondie?

Beth: Soon, charlie, very soon.

Charlie: Yeah, enjoy your baby while you can because you're not long for this world. ?K

 Tonight on "gbabal national": Renew... restore... rebuild... it's been two years since 9/11. How are they coping? Wilf dinnick and mike armstrong are in new york to find out. On tonight's "global national."

Singer: You are my passion for life

reporter: Live with singer syd valentine and producer chad harris, the music industry's hot new duo, I'm davin lindy of "L.A. Tonight," reporting from the marina restaurant, one of california's coolest hot spots.

Chad: Good night, L.A.

Syd: Good night, L.A.

Bree: Wow, that was really great, you guys. Really great. I cannot wait to hear your debut C.D. I think it's going to be terrific.

Syd: Oh, thanks. Well, chad and I will make sure you get some advance copies.

Chad: Yeah.

Syd: Won't we, chad?

Chad: Yeah, sure.

Bree: Great, great. Thanks, you guys.

Chad: He s syd, I need to get back to whitney.

Syd: Oh, no, no, but you can'T. We have to celebrate my first live interview.

Chad: No, syd, look, I need to get back to whitney.

Chad: Hey.

Whitney: Hey.

Chad: Look, I'm sorry that took so long. I really wanted to strut our stuff on the dance floor.

Whitney: Oh, we can strut our stuff anytime, right? You did come here to work. So, did syd's interview go ok?

Chad: So, who won the dance contest?

Whitney: Who do you think? Theresa and fox.

Chad: And how did ethan take it?

Whitney: Oh, not very well.

Ethan: Now where did fox drag theresa to?

Fox: You know what? I had no idea you could dance like that.

Theresa: Well, there are a lot of things that you don't know about me, fox.

Fox: Really?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Fox: You know, if I didn't know any better, if I didn't know that you were in love with ethan, I'd think you were flirting with me.

Theresa: Well -- ok. A little secret.

Fox: Right.

Theresa: When you came back, you know, to harmony, when we were living in the mansion together, I have to admit, I did find you attractive.

Fox: Is that right? Well, I had the hots for you, too. In fact, there was a time or two wh I I was thinking about putting the moves on you.

Theresa: Yeah?

Fox: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: Oh.

Fox: Like when we would be in your bedroom talking and we would just be getting closer and closer and I just wanted to lean in --

man: Hey, you two!

Theresa: Oh, gosh, that must be ethan. Let's make it worth his while, huh?

Charlie: Ok, hand orr the kid.

Sheridan: Oh, please. I've barely had any time with my baby at all. If you're going to kill me, at least let me have a little bit of time with my child. It's the only time I'll ever have.

Charlie: Yeah, fine. Yeah, I'm tired of holding the little whiner, anyway. You play mommy, and I'll go take care of some stuff.

Sheridan: My beautiful baby. You have so much of your daddy in you. If I had any doubts before, I don't anymore. Luis is definitely your father. Oh, how I wish he could see you. I always thought luis would find us and save us before it was too late. I wanted us to be together, be a family, happy and loving. Not like my childhood. I wanted that for you so badly, my little angel. I wanted you to know the love of your mother and your father. It's just the greatest gift that any parent can give to a child. But now I -- I don't know. Maybe luis can still find us in time to save us. Unless something happens soon, I'm so afraid that you'll never know your father. I'm so afraid you'll never know your mother, either.

Beth: What happened? Did my mother have another stoke? I mean, is she dead?

Grace: No, no, sweetheart, she just -- she fell and landed on precious.

Luis: I think she was trying to hide something under the couch.

Beth: Mother, is luis right? Are you trying to hide something?

Beth: Oh! Oh, I know -- I know what happened. Um -- I bet precious ran in waving, you know, one of mother's diapers and she got embarrassed, so she had to hide them under the couch. Mother, it's ok. Everyone knows you're incontinent. Precious was just trying to do her job.

Mrs. Wallace: I don't need my diaper changed. Not yet. Hey, fellows, would you mind helping me up?

Antonio: There you go.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, boy. These old bones can't do too much anymore.

Hank: Take it easy.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, just take me to my chair, thanks, honey.

Hank: All right, all right.

Mrs. Wallace: Ooh. Love you holding onto me.

Hank: Hold on, take it slow.

Beth: Ok, there you go. Come on, precious.

Grace: So, was T.C. Home?

Eve: No. I was hoping he would come back here to talk after he cooled off, but I can see that's not the case. I wonder where T.C. Could be.

Hank: Were you just asking about T.C.? I spoke with a friend of mine from the police academy who's over at the youth center working out. He said T.C. Was over there also.

Eve: Thanks for telling me, hank.

Hank: Okok.

Eve: I don't care where T.C. Is as long as he's not with liz.

Liz: Hey, T.C., Why don't I hold it still for you?

T.C.: Liz, thanks for offering, but you might get hurt.

Liz: Hurt? I am an expert at this. I saw all five "rocky" movies.

T.C.: Well, rocky, the bag's pretty steady right now.

Liz: Ok, fine, I'll just keep it that way.

Liz: Oh!

T.C.: Liz, are you ok?

Liz: I don't know. I feel a little bit lightheaded.

T.C.: Oh --

liz: Just hold me, T.C. Just hold me. I'll be fine.

Grace: Well, beth, since you're back and everything seems to be ok with your mother, why don't we get this shower going again, huh?

Luis: Yeah.

Pilar: I agree, grace.

Grace: You know what? I know a game that will tell us the sex of your baby.

Beth: It's a boy. I'm going to have a boy.

Luis: What are you talking about? You told dr. Culver that you didn't want to know the sex of the baby. Lendar check!

Man: Yo, get a room!

Theresa: Um -- I guess that wasn't ethan that I heard.

Fox: I guess not. Um -- I'm going to -- I'm going to get something cold to drink for us.

Theresa: That sounds great.

Fox: Ok.

Theresa: Thanks.

Fox: Yeah. Ok.

Ethan: Theresa? Theryoyou are. Fox dump you already?

Theresa: No. No, he went to get us something to drink.

Ethan: Yeah. Yeah, get you drunk so he can score. He's every bit as bad as julian is.

Theresa: You know what? Just stop, ok? He's not the rutting pig that you make him out to be. And even if he were, which he's not, you know what, it's none of your business whether I rut with him or not.

Ethan: I'm your friend. I'm just worried about you.

Theresa: Are you worried, ethan, or jealous? Because I wanted to be more than friends, but you know what? You didn't, so --

ethan: I couldn't be.

Theresa: I'm going to go find fox.

Ethan: No, theresa, hold on. Theresa, I can't let you do that.

Theresa: Ok. How are you going to stop me? I asked you a simple question. How are you going to stop me from being with fox?

Luis: Beth, I asked you a question. How do you know that we're having a boy? You said the baby's legs were always crossed during the ultrasound.

Beth: I just had a feeling.

Tabitha: Hmm. Feeling, schmeeling. Your partner in crime already told you that sheridan's baby was a boy.

Grace: Well, let's play the ring on a string game.

Pilar: Well, you know, more than a game, that's really an old wives' tale.

Beth: I don't follow.

Grace: Well, here, I'll show you. Luis, will you trade places with me?

Luis: Yeah.

Grace: So what I do is I take my ring and I t t it on a string. And I hold it over your stomach. And if it turns clockwise, it's a boy, counterclockwise, it's a girl.

Grace: Uh-oh, counterclockwise. It's a girl.

Beth: Well, that ring can spin counterclockwise like a tornado, but luis and I are still going to have a boy. I'm sure of it.

Sheridan: If daddy doesn't save me soon, I'll never get to see you take your first steps. I'll never get to hear your first words. I'm going to die when I'm so young. I just always hoped that things would be so different for me and my baby. I wanted you to know the love of your mother and your father. But I guess I won't be there for you, either. Luis -- will you ever know the love of your father? God, luis, please find us and save us.

Charli yeah, yeah, blah, blah. Now hand over the kid.

Sheridan: No, please, let us have a few more minutes together.

Charlie: No. Time's up, now give me the damn baby.

grace: So you feeling any better now that you know that T.C.'S working out at the youth center?

Eve: Well, I'd rather that he were here and we were talking about our problems, but at least he's nowhere near liz. Who knows what my vengeful little sister would manipulate T.C. Into doing?

Chad: Syd.

Syd: So, was whitney angry that our interview took so long?

Chad: No, no, she was cool about it.

Syd: Oh. Well, I'm glad that whitney understands that your work is what brought you back here to L.A. And that sometimes your career comes before your personal life.

Chad: Yeah. Still, I hate to disappoint whitney. You know, I'm going to try to find some flowers to make it up to her.

Syd: I wonder if whitney will be so understanding when I take you away from her. Because I will, chad. I will make you mine.

Whitney: Hey.

Fox: Hey.

Whitney: Congratulations on the dance contest.

Fox: Thank you.

Whitney: You and theresa look like you're having a wonderful time tonight.

Fox: Yeah. No, it's -- it's been great. Except, you know, ethan hounding us all night. Where the hell is the chief of the dating police, anyway? Have you seen him?

Whitney: Well, he went looking for you guys.

Fox: Oh, really?

Whitney: Mm-hmm.

Fox: Well. Now, could it be that theresa's plan to make ethan so jealous that he comes crawling on back to her is actually working?

Whitney: Well, even if ethan does want theresa, he can't have her.

Fox: Right, yeah -- gwen, baby, all that.

Whitney: Exactly, exactly. Eventually, theresa's going to figure it out and fall hard for you.

Fox: I wouldn't bet on it.

Whitney: Oh, come on. I saw you guys dancing together. I mean, it was -- it was incredible. I couldn't think of a single woman who wouldn't have wanted to trade places wi h her and be dancing with you.

Fox: Does that include you?

Bree: We wanted to show what was hot in L.A.

Man: Doesn't get any hotter than that.

Bree: Roll tape. Oh, that is so hot, I can feel the heat all the way over here.

Man: Can we tape them without telling them?

Bree: Well, look, you know what? It's a free country. And if they don't care who's watching them, why should we?

Beth: Oh, luis, I'm going to give you a son, a beautiful baby boy.

Mrs. Wallace: Even with all the hitches and the glitches and the near misses, my daughter's evil, wicked, whacked-out plan may actually work. Oh, poor sheridan. Beth is going to pass off sheridan's baby as her own, and luis is not going to know the difference.

Sheridan: No! Why are you trying to take my baby?

Charlie: I'm not trying to take your baby, i am taking it! Say goodbye, sheridan. You're never going to see your baby again.

Sheridan no!

Mrs. Wallace: Well, you'd better have that baby, or

your goose is cooked

sheridan: I'm begging you, please, give me back my child.

Charlie: No can do.

Nurse: That guy is gwen winthrop's husband.

Julian: Don't you dare!

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