Passions Transcript Tuesday 9/9/03

Passions Transcript Tuesday 9/9/03

by Eric

[Music plays]

Theresa: I don't know why it should matter to you who I go out with. I mean, you made it really clear that you want me to forget about you and just move on with my life.

Ethan: I do. Just not with fox.

Theresa: But, ethan, I like fox and he likes me. I mean, we have a great time together. I want to be with him.

Ethan: Theresa, it would be a mistake. I know my little half brother, ok, and he -- he will hurt you.

Theresa: Maybe. But there's no way he could ever hurt me as badly as you did.

Whitney: I really am sorry that ethan cut in on you and theresa. I know you'd much rather be dancing with her than me.

Fox: Yeah. Yeah -- um -- actually, you know what? I think it's probably hopeless for me to think that theresa's ever going to give up on ethan anyway.

Whitney: Oh, no, no, no, she will. I saw the way she kissed you. And if you really love her as much as you say you do, then you can't give up. Because I'm going to help you, remember?

Fox: Yeah, I remember.

Whitney: Ok. So don't worry. You're going to get your chance.

Fox: You really think so?

Whitney: Yes, I know so. Theresa needs to be with someone else. She's wasted far too many years hoping that fate is going to bring her and ethan back together. But now that I know you're in love with her, I just think you're perfect for each other.

Fox's voice: The only problem is you're the one I'm in love with, whitney.

Syd: Hey, chad.

Chad: Hey, syd. You ready to do set?

Syd: Oh, yeah. I have to go change and freshen up, though, ok?

Chad: Cool. Go ahead.

Syd: Ok.

Chad: All right.

Syd: My, my. Chad's girlfriend just can't seem to keep her hands off that boy, can she?

T.C.: Grace, I just hope I can get some time alone with eve because we really need to talk.

Grace: I'm sure you will, T.C. Hey, you know, she loves you more than anything, and I know she wants to work this out.

T.C.: I hope you're right.

Liz: Once T.C. Gets a look at this, he won't care what his wife has to say. His heart will be as cold as ice to his lovely wife. Or his ex-wife, if I have anything to do with it.

Eve: Yes, I'm still holding. Just tell dr. Culver that dr. Russell just wants an update on a patient.

Mrs. Wallace: Once dr. Culver picks up that phone and tells dr. Russell you are not pregnant, it is all over for you, missy.

Luis: Beth, where you going? Eve's about to get the doctor on the phone. Don't you want to hear that you and the baby are ok?

[Tabitha gasps for breath]

Charlie: I don't know who you are or how you got down here, but I know you're leaving -- in pieces.

Tabitha: I hope I have enough of my powers left to stop this raging bull!

[Charlie groans]

Tabitha: Oh, thank hades for saving me from this nut. Oh. She could give old norma a run for her money.

Tabitha: Oh, sheridan. You look like you've had a rough go of it. It's almost a pity that you -- you don't even know the reason why. The fact is the dark side can't allow you and luis to realize the full and infinite power of your love. It would tip the cosmic scales between good and evil towards good for all eternity. My bosses are hellbent on not letting that happen. If you and your baby die, then the threat of you and luis to the dark side will be eliminated, not just for this lifetime, but forever.

[Sheridan moans]

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and ki t the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

[Music plays]

Ethan: Look, theresa, I know -- I know I've hurt you in the past. I never meant to. I stst -- things happened.

Theresa: I know.

Ethan: And there's no point of rehashing it. I know that. It's history. And I don't have a right to tell you what to do with your life.

Theresa: You don'T.

Ethan: But just hear me. Fox is no good. Theresa, he's a cad, he's a womanizer, and he's a gambler, and there's no way he's ever going to treat you well.

Theresa: He treats me very well.

Ethan: He's putting on an act. You don't know him the way I know him. He doesn't respect women, and he's too much like his father. You know how julian is with women, right?

Theresa: Yes, but, ethan, he's always been a perfect gentleman with me.

Ethan: It's not real. It's not real. I'm telling you. He's always playing an angle.

Theresa: I want to make ethan so crazy with jealousy that all he'll do is think about getting me back.

Fox: Come on, that's kind of a tall order, don't you think?

Theresa: No, no, not at all! All you got to do is pretend like you're in love with me and that -- and that I'm the only girl in your heart. What do you say? You're wrong, ethan. Fox cares about me, and he told me he did. And, you know, maybe it's time I give someone else a chance to mean something to me.

Whitney: Please don't look so sad. I can't stand it. You're going to get your chance with theresa. I promise you. And I'm going to make sure of it because I'm going to help you every step of the way.

Fox: Whitney, you have no idea how much that means to me.

Whitney: Well, I'm glad.

Fox: You know something? You're probably the best friend I ever had.

Syd: Ha. This may be even easier than I ever dreamed it would be.

Mrs. Wallace: You had better get ready to run, missy.

Beth: Mother, please.

Eve: Yes. Yes, I'm here. Oh. Ok. No, I'll just call again later.

Luis: What happened?

Eve: Dr. Culver's in emergency surgery. I'll call back later.

Beth: Eve, you don't really have to do that because I'm really fine and so is the baby. I mean, just look at me.

Grace: You know, I have got to say you look fabulous, beth. I think you're having a boy.

Luis: A boy? Why do you say that?

Grace: Well, because she's carrying so much of it out front. I mean, girls usually wrap themselves all around.

Luis: Whoa. A boy. I'd like that.

Pilar: Beth, do you know what you're having?

Beth: Watch and learn. Watch and learn. Here -- hold that, please. Thank you.

[Beth hums]

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, my goodness.

Beth: Hee-hee.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, you look pregnant.

[Beth laughs]

Mrs. Wallace: Sugar and spice.

Luis: You mean it's a girl?

Beth: No. Mother's just wishful thinking. Every time I've had a sonogram, the baby's legs have been crossed, so -- you know, I want to be surprised, anyway.

Eve: Well, I'm sure whatever sex the baby iyoyou'll both be very happy.

Beth: Oh, we will be.

Luis: Just wish I could feel the baby move.

Antonio: Liz.

Liz: Oh --

antonio: What are you doing out here?

Liz: Antonio, I didn't see you.

Totonio: Sorry. I was just wondering why you weren't inside celebrating luis and beth's baby shower.

Liz: Well, I -- I was just about to go in. Hey, where have you been? I haven't seen you for a while.

Antonio: Yeah, I've been out of town.

Liz: Listen, are you sure you want to go inside? I mean, it might be a little bit hard for you to enjoy your brother's happiness knowing that you don't even know where sheridan is.

Antonio: Tell you what -- let's talk about it inside, ok? Come on.

Liz: Oh?

Hank: Hey, antonio.

Liz: Hey.

Hank: Hey, liz.

Liz: Hi, hank.

Hank: Come on in.

Pilar: Mijo, I'm so glad you're here.

Antonio: Hi, mama.

Luis: Tonio. Where you been, man?

Antonio: I've -- I've been in paris looking for sheridan.

Luis: Paris? Why didn't you tell me?

Antonio: Well, I just felt it was something I needed to do on my own. I mean, I am her husband. I just had to go look for her.

Luis: Anand? Did you find her?

Antonio: No. But what I did find has got me pretty upset. I'm more worried about sheridan now than ever.

[Sheridan moans]

Tabitha: Oh, hell. She's coming around again. As much as I'd like to stay here to the bitter end and watch her die, I -- I think I better get back upstairs fofore those wretched party goers start wondering where I am.

Tabitha: I still don't know who this insane woman is. There's something oddly familiar about her. Well, never mind. She's obviously sheridan's captor, so I'd better revive her. And I must make sure that she doesn't remember ever seeing me here.

Charlie: What the hell was that? How did I end up way over here?

Sheridan: Help me. Please, somebodyhelp me. The pain -- I can't take the pain.

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[Music plays]

Ethan: Look, I don't want to be a nag about this, ok, but I have to warn you one more time about this. Do not get involved with fox. I guarantee you he's going to hurt you.

Theresa: What do you expect me to do? You know, be alone the rest of my life? Become, what, a bitter old maid?

Ethan: No, no. Of course not. But I want you to -- I want you to move on with someone that's at least wonderful, you know? Someone that's going to make you happy. Someone that deserves you. Fox is not that guy.

Theresa: You know, ethan, sometimes you think you know someone and you don't know them at all. And, besides, you can't choose who I get to move on with, just like I didn't get to choose gwen to be your wife.

Fox: You know what? Honestly, all I really wanted to do was dance with theresa, spend a little time with her, get to know her a little better.

Whitney: Mm-hmm?

Fox: And I really felt like we were starting to connect until ethan barged in, you know?

Whitney: You know, fox, will you excuse me for one minute, please?

Fox: No -- what -- where you going?

Whitney: I want to go talk to ethan.

Fox: No, you don't have to do that. It's ok.

Whitney: No, no, no, I want to. I'll be right back. I promise.

Syd: Hello, fox.

Fox: Oh, well, hello, there. Syd, always a pleasure.

Syd: You are quite the sweet talker, aren't you?

Fox: I'm just being sociable.

Syd: Ahem. Tell me something. What's with you and whitney? Is it serious?

Fox: What? Well, we're friends, you know.

Syd: Good friends?

Fox: Yeah, I hope so.

Syd: Uh-huh. You don't fool me for a minute, mr. Crane. I'm not blind.

Fox: I'm not sure I know what you're talking about.

Syd: You know, if I become good friends with chad, well, you'll have much of a better chance to become good friends wh h whitney. Think about it.

Fox: Really?

Syd: Oh, yes, really.

Fox: Well, then, syd, I think we understand each other perfectly.

Luis: Well, what are you saying? What did you find out about sheridan?

Antonio: That's the problem -- nothing.

Luis: Nothing?

Antonio: Nothing. Look, I looked all over paris. This is no record of her even being there. I hired the best detective agency, and they looked everywhere for her.

Luis: And they didn't find anything?

Antonio: No. They didn't find a thing. Now, there are no records of her being in any hotels, no use of her credit cards, no phone calls, nada.

Luis: So it's like she wasn't even there.

Antoni that's right.

Tabitha's voice: There's a reason she hasn't been seen in gay paris. It's because she's been in beth's not-so-gay basement.

Luis: All right, look, let's -- let's not get all worried here, ok? Now, we all know that sheridan has a lot of money, ok? She could be using cash. She could be staying at a friend's out in the country, ok? Or she could be at some exclusive hospital.

Antonio: Sheridan is not even registered with immigration. Now, even if she took a private plane in, she still would've had to register with immigration. She's not anywhere to be found. And you kn w what? I'm starting to think that you're right. Sheridan could be anywhere. She could be in harmony. She could be in this house, for all we know.

Beth: No, she's not! I mean, luis searched this house, and he didn't find her.

Antonio: I didn't mean that literally, beth. I just meant that luis was probably right -- sheridan can be anywhere.

Beth: Well -- um -- mother's not feeling well. I'm going to get her some tea. Come on, mother. My god, when will this end? They could start searching the house again.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, then -- then what are you going to do? Because they're not going to be too happy about the little surprise you got down in the basement.

That is for sure.

Beth: It's not fair. This is just not fair.

No! Precious, you nnnnot start ordering merchandise from shop and drop again. Here. Turn off that computer. You two need to help me. We have a baby to deliver.

Mrs. Wallace: The best advice is to have dr. Russell go down to the basement and deliver that baby.

Beth: Don't talk crazy. Wait. Her car is parked right outside, and she never goes anywhere without her medical bag. You got to go get it.

Mrs. Wallace: Me? Get it? What -- no way.

Beth: Yeah, because that'll help charlie to help deliver sheridan's baby. Wouldn't you know it, she couldn't have a normal birth? She's got to go and have a breech birth just to make my life crazier.

Mrs. Wallace: I don't believe your gall, you twit.

Beth: Oh, never mind that.

Mrs. Wallace: You --

beth: You've got to hurry. Just go get the bag.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh! It's not enough that we're accomplices to a kidnapping and maybe a murder, but now we're thieves? Oh, that's going to get us five more years in the slammer.

Beth: Go.

Mrs. Wallace: Precious? Hut! Come on, we got to go. You're a twit.

Beth: Hurry up. Ok. Now I got to get down and check on sheridan, see if she's even still alive.

Charlie: If I kill her now, the baby will probably die. But who cares? I mean, like I said, what do we need a damn baby for? Right. So what the hell?

Beth: Charlie, no.

[Music plays]

Whitney: May I please have this dance?

Theresa: With me?

Whitney: Oh, no, love. With ethan.

Theresa: No, I don't think that would be --

whitney: Oh, yeah, it'd be -- quickly. Ethan, please come dance with me.

Theresa: What's this about?

Fox: Theresa --

theresa: Hi.

Fox: Hey. I'd like you to meet syd valentine. This is chad's new protege. Syd, this is theresa lopez fitzgerald.

Syd: Hello.

Theresa: Hi. Um -- I need to talk to you for a minute alone. You don't mind, do you?

Syd: No, no, not at all. Actually, I have to go on in a few minutes, anyway. Bye.

Fox: Have fun out there.

Syd: Nice meeting you.

Theresa: You, too.

Fox: What's up?

Theresa: Oh, fox, couldn't you have kept whitney occupied just, like, a few minutes longer? I mean, I -- I really had ethan going.

Fox: Hey -- hey, you should be thanking me, not ragging on me. I just did you a huge favor by kissing you like that and making my half brother instantly jealous.

Theresa: I know. You're right. I'm sorry. It's just -- yeah. I mean, ethan, he was jealous. He just -- he just wouldn't admit that he was. You know, he's trying to say that he's just concerned for me, but I know that he cannot stand seeing you and I together.

Fox: Oh. Do I know my half brother or don't I?

Theresa: You do.

Fox: I do.

Theresa: So let's dance. What do you say, huh?

Fox: I say you're on. Let's go. Here we go.

[Singing in spanish]

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, what are we doing? I don't know to break into a car.

Mrs. Wallace: You did it! You are one damn smart monkey! Ok, ok, I know -- orangutan. I was just messing with you.

[Mrs. Wallace chuckles]

Mrs. Wallace: Ok. Let's go ahead and deliver this medical bag. Come on, thelma!

Grace: You know, eve's off the phone now. You should go talk to her.

T.C.: Well, I hope she's ready to listen to me.

Grace: T.C., I'm sure she is. She loves you.

T.C.: Eve -- um -- we need to talk.

Eve: Yes, we do. I'm glad that you came to the shower. I didn't think that you would.

T.C.: Um -- I wasn't at first, but then I changed my mind.

Eve: Well, I'm glad you came.

Liz: It'll be time to pull out the big gun pretty soon, but not yet.

Luis: Look, here's the thing that I don't get. All right, when sheridan sent the D.V.D. From paris, you believed that she was there. You believed what she said. Now suddenly you don't?

Antonio: Yeah, you changed my mind. See, you kept saying that it just didn't fly with you and that you thought that she'd been kidnapped and been forced to make the video. So that got me worried enough to go over there and find out if it was real or not.

Hank: All right, now you're convinced that video wasn't for real?

Antonio: If it was, hank, where is she? I mean, there's not one trace of sheridan in paris whatsoever.

Luis: Damn it. I knew it.

Antonio: What, you think she's still here in harmony somewhere?

Luis: Yeah. I kept trying to convince myself that sheridan wanted to be off on her own, thatomomeone was taking care of her, that she was going to paris for her on well-being. My gut constantly kept telling me otherwise.

Beth: Charlie, give me the knife!

Charlie: What are you doing?

Beth: What am I doing? What are you doing?

[Charlie stammers]

Charlie: We were going to kill her anyway. What difference does it make?

Beth: Charlie, we need the baby, remember?

Charlie: You see this? The baby's breech. It's probably going to die anyway.

Beth: No, no, no, no. Charlie, the baby can't die. We need the baby.

Charlie: Well, it might not be possible. That's all I'm saying.

Beth: Well, what's wrong with her?

Charlie: She keeps passing out from the pain.

Beth: Well, wake her up, damn it! Hurry up and deliver the baby!

Charlie: Hey -- you watch your mouth. You know, I have been your only friend for this whole thing, remember? You should talk nicer to me.

Beth: Ok, sorry, ok? Charlie, could you please get on with it and deliver the baby?

Charlie: That's much nicer. But, look, like, I am still telling you, even if I follow those instructions to the letter, the baby still might not live.

Beth: No, no, no, it has to. It has to live.

Charlie: Why?

Beth: Just do it! Look, there's a house full of people up there, and they're going to start wondering where I am any minute. You want the harmony P.D. Down here looking for me?

Charlie: God, no.

Beth: Ok. We could be discovered any minute. Just do it!

[Sheridan groans]

Beth: Look -- I sent mother and precious out to get dr. Russell's medical bag. Hopefully, there's something in there that can help you. Ok? I'm going to go back upstairs before sheridan sees me. Charlie -- deliver that baby.

Charlie: Ok, blondie. Come on, let's go. Wake up. Get busy.

Sheridan: What -- what do you want?

Charlie: I said get busy! We have to deliver a baby.

Sheridan: I thought you said it was breech. How are you going to deliver it?

Charlie: I'm going to turn it around inside of you so it's facing the right way.

Sheridan: What?

Charlie: You heard me. I'm going to turn the baby. So, now, just lie still.

[Sheridan groans] ?

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Singer: You are my passion for life

[Music plays]

Whitney: I really am sorry for butting in like that, but I had to talk to you.

Ethan: Talk to me about what?

Whitney: Theresa. Lo, I hope I don't offend you by saying this, but I really wish you would try to let fox and theresa have a relationship together.

Ethan: Whitney -- whitney, come .. I mean, fox is so not right for her. He's going to make her life miserable.

Whitney: Well, I happen to disagree. I think fox is perfect for her. I mean, they're both headstrong and spontaneous and full of life. They make a great couple.

Ethan: That is -- that is exactly why theyhohouldn't be together. Ok, they're both way too volatile. Theresa needs somebody that's going to keep her grounded, keep her on an even keel.

Whitney: Someone like you, you mean?

Ethan: No, not exactly like me. I'm --

whitney: Well, that's good, because, in case you've forgotten, you're a married man with a baby on the way. And that's great, but you're in no position to be telling theresa who she can and cannot get involved with.

Fox: Ooh! You are really enjoying this, aren't you?

Theresa: You mean dancing with you? Absolutely.

Fox: No, i meant --

theresa: Hmm?

Fox: Making ethan jealous.

Theresa: Oh, yeah. Making him realize what a mistake he made when he married gwen, making him eat his heart out? You bet.

Fox: I do love the way you think.

Theresa: Hmm.

Syd: I am ready to make music with you, chad.

Chad: All right. Well, I'm just going to finish getting set up.

Syd: It's only a matter of time now, chad.

T.C.: Look, eve, I know that things have been very difficult between us lately, and I hate it, and I want to talk about it. Maybe we can do something about it.

Eve: I hate it, too, T.C. And I hate that you'releleeping in whitney's room and that I'm alone in our bed, and then I reach over at night and I try to touch you and you're not there.

T.C.: Sweetheart, I do the same thing, too.

[Pager beeps]

T.C.: Here we go again.

Oh --

eve: It's the hospital, honey. I swear I will be right back.

T.C.: Are you sure you're not going to have to leave?

Eve: No, not this time. I'll just tell them to get another doctor. Nothing is more important to me than -- than us having this talk.

T.C.: Eve, I really need to talk to you.

Eve: I promise I'll be right back.

Liz: T.C. I I didn't know you'd be here. How are you?

T.C.: Liz, I'm fine. Uh -- how you doing?

Liz: I'm fine, too, T.C.

T.C.: Uh -- look, liz --

liz: T.C., Listen. I don't want you to be uncomfortable around me. If this is about what happened in the backyard --

T.C.: Liz, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable either, but I thought that we agreed that what happened was a mistake. It must've been the heat or something that made us behave that way. It had to he e been the heat.

Liz: You said that, not me.

T.C.: Well, whatever it was, I'm a married man, and I can't be behaving that way.

Liz: I know, T.C. And I never want you to be uncomfortable. So I will never tell another soul what we did. I swear.

T.C.: Thanks a lot, liz.

Liz: Sure.

T.C.: I'll get it.

Liz: Thank you.

T.C.: What is --

liz: No, T.C., Don't look at that, please.

Antonio: Listen, luis, I just wanted to apologize for not listening to you earlier. You're right -- sheridan could be right here in harmony. She may be even in danger.

Luis: Yeah, so what the hell are we supposed to do about it now?

Grace: So sheridan's not in paris?

Pilar: Antonio doesn't believe there's any reason to think s in fact, they think that she really has been kidnapped.

Grace: Oh, no. I mean, isn't she due any day?

Pilar: Yes, poor thing.

Grace: Oh, my god.

Beth: Who? Who are you guys talking about?

Luis: Beth, where have you been?

Beth: I was just in the kitchen making a cup of tea for my mother, but she spilled the first cup, so I had to make another one. Antonio, my heart just goes out to you. I know you must miss sheridan so much.

Antonio: Yeah, I do. And it's driving me crazy that she could be having the baby right now and I'm not there to help her.

[Sheridan grunts]

Sheridan: I think it's too late.

Charlie: What are you talking about?

Sheridan: I think the baby is too far down the birth canal to be turned!

Charlie: I'm not giving up yet.

[Sheridan groans]

[Knock on window]

Charlie: What is it now?

Mrs. Wallace: Give her the bag, precious.

Charlie: Thanks. Great. Let's see what we got in here.

[Sheridan groans] I just want to finish this.

 I really like the -- i like .

 Johnny: Personally i think it's a good thing.Know.

 I know. First thing's first. Okay. I need a little --strumming the guitar. Thauf strong sound. E that deder consideration, all right? Should go. You know?

 Liz: What do you say, johnnie?

 Lucas: Put on a little

 Lucas: With all the legalization. ]

[Music plays]

Theresa: This is going to work out ever better than I thought it would.

Fox: I certainly hope so.

Theresa: I think so.

Whitney: So, ethan, are you going to back off?

Ethan: You mean trying to convince theresa that fox is no good?

Whitney: Yeah, th's's exactly what I mean.

Ethan: I don't know if I can do that.

Whitney: Ethan, please. Do you know I never thought that she would ever get over you? But she's finally interested in someone else now. Can't you let her find some happiness of her own?

Ethan: I just don't want to see her get hurt.

Whitney: But by having a hold on her heart so she's not even open to start another relationship, she will get hurt. Leave her alone. Let her make her own decisions. Let her make her own mistakes if she has to.

[Music stops]

Chad: All right, people. All right, I want you to put your hands together for a great new talent, a lady you're going to be hearing a lot more about in the future -- ms. Syd valentine.

[Music plays]

Liz: T.C., Please don't read that. You'll just get upset.

T.C.: "Tennis star whitney russell has hung up her racket to pursue a career in music while living it up in la-la land. Seems like miss russell here has completely given up her love for tennis and has dropped off the circuit."

Damn it, I knew this would happen if she went away with --

liz: T.C., Now, please don't get excited.

T.C.: How can I not be excited? My daughter is throwing her life away.

Liz: I know, T.C., And that's why I didn't want you to see this.

T.C.: I can't believe that eve would let her go like this, that she would give whitney and chad her blessing to go 3,000 miles away.

Eve: Liz, could you excuse us, please? T.C. And I have something that we would like to discuss in private.

T.C.: You're damn right, we do. We have to discuss this.

Eve: Oh. Oh, honey, I had no idea.

Beth: Well, did you get dr. Russell's medical bag and give it to charlie?

Mrs. Wallace: For all the good it'll do.

Beth: Well, it's better than not having any tools, isn't it?

Mrs. Wallace: Beth, that girl is about to deliver a breech baby. She needs to be in a hospital. It's going to be a miracle if she lives through this.

Beth: Yeah, I know.

[Sheridan groans]

[Sheridan screams]

Charlie: There, there.

Sheridan: Oh, god!

Charlie: The baby's turned. Ok. Now push!

Sheridan: I can't! I don't have the strength!

Charlie: You're going to push, damn it! I didn't work up a sweat for nothing. Now, you brace the legs here and you -- you push!

[Sheridan grunts]

[Sheridan cries]


Fox: Whoo! She's something else, isn't she?

Theresa: Yeah, she's terrific.

Fox: Yeah.

Theresa: You know what? I'm having a really good time tonight.

Fox: Really?

Theresa: Yeah.

Fox: Well, good. I'm glad. So am I.

Theresa: I -- I just hate being away from little ethan, you know?

Fox: Hmm.

Theresa: I miss him. But I am determined to stay out here long enough to bring him home a daddy. And then little ethan, ethan, and I can finally be a really family.

[Sheridan groans]

Charlie: That's it. That's it. It's coming. It's coming!

[Sheridan grunts]

Charlie: Come on, one more push and the baby's out.

Sheridan: I can'T. I can't do it anymore.

Charlie: Yes, you can! Now, come on. One more push is all you need. Come on, one more.

[Sheridan grunts]

[Sheridan screams]

Charlie: There it is. You did it. The baby's here. Oh.

Sheridan: Oh, thank you, god.

Charlie: Come on, all right.

Sheridan: Oh, my baby. Oh, my baby. Please, let me hold my baby.

Charlie: It's not your baby. Not anymore.

Sheridan: What?

[Baby cries]

Antonio: Did you all hear that?

Grace: A baby crying?

Pilar: That's what it sounded like, no?

Luis: Oh, my god, where's beth? Did she suddenly have the baby?

Hank: She went into the kitchen.

Beth: That was the baby. It's alive. Sheridan's baby's here. Now I can take it and show luis and tell him that it's mine. He'll never know that it's not. Mother, this is working out better than I planned!

Mrs. Wallace: Are you nuts? If we heard the baby cry, everybody in that living room heard the baby cry.

Beth: No. Not necessarily.

Beth: Oh, my god. You're -- you're right. They must've heard it. They're going to find sheridan for sure. Luis is going to kill me.

Liz: Tonight I am going to drive a stake in the heart of the love that you and eve share.

Luis: Beth!

Mrs. Wallace: You are caught. All your secrets are going to come out now.

Charlie: And now it's time for you to die.

Sheridan: No.

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