Passions Transcript Monday 9/8/03

Passions Transcript Monday 9/8/03

by Eric

[Music plays]

Chad: Whitney, I'm here to work, ok, not to help you play matchmaker between fox and theresa.

Whitney: I am not asking you to. Besides, they seem to be doing just fine on their own.

Fox: So, starting now and for the foreseeable future, theresa's love interest will now be played by none other than nikolas foxworth crane. And, I got to tell you, I'm kind of enjoying myself.

Theresa: Oh. Well, in case you haven't noticed, I'm having a great time, too.

Fox: Aw.

Chad: The label wants me to record syd's performance tonight and see if she wows the crowd like last time. Now, I can't focus if I'm worried about you getting caught in the crossfire between fox and ethan over theresa.

Whitney: You know, ethan hates the idea of theresa being with fox, but what can he do about it? I mean, he's married to gwen with a baby, so it doesn't even matter.

Theresa: Oh, shoot. Kiss me, kiss me.

Fox: Huh?

Theresa: Don't ask me questions, just kiss me like you anan it, like you mean it.

Eve: Oh, no, a breech birth can be quite serious. If it's not handled properly, both mother and child could die.

Mrs. Wallace: Merciful angels, sheridan and her baby could die.

Luis: What'd you just say?

Mrs. Wallace: What? I said that sh-- she and her baby could die!

[Sheridan screams]

Charlie: Stop your bellyaching!

Sheridan: I can't! Something is wrong with the baby, I can feel it! Please, call me a doctor!

Charlie: Why bother? Both you and your baby are going to die!

Sheridan: No!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life I just want to finish this.

 I really like the -- i like .

 Johnny: Personally i think it's a good thing.Know.

 I know. First thing's first. Okay. I need a little --strumming the guitar. Thauf strong sound. E that under consideration, all right? Should go. You know?

 Liz: What do you say, johnnie?

 Lucas: Put on a little

 Lucas: With all the legalization. ]

Tabitha: "Mommy." Oh, I still can't believe I'm a mother. And I can't believe how much I love you, my little endora. Truth be known, I never really cared much for babies until you arrived. Oh. No, when I was younger, all my peers in the cauldron club were having little witches and warlocks and couldn't be bothered. No, I had spells to cast, lives touiuin, empires to crumble. Now, I don't want to brag, but your mommy was the one who suggested to a certain group of roman senators that they make "caesar salad" with the knives I gave them. Oh, the chaos that ensued brought me so much joy. But itoeoesn't hold a broomstick to the joy that having you gave me. And, you know, I couldn't love you the way I do if -- if it wasn't for timmy. You see, my timmy taught me how to love. "Who is timmy," you say? Well, timmy is a doll who lived with me through all my lifetim down through all the ages. And then last year, an angel granted him his wish to become a real, live boy. And tragedy struck. He was hurt. And because he was mortal, he died. And there was nothing I could do about it. And now timmy's heart beats in charity's breast. And unless your mommy goes to heaven, which is highly unlikely, timmy's lost to me forever. But I love that litt I imp. And I always will. And I thank him so much for teaching me how to love. Because I love you so much, my little endora. Mommy loves you so very, very much. And I know that timmy -- timmy would have loved you, too.

[Endora coos]

Tabitha: Oh, thank you, timmy. I knew you'd want me to be happy.

Tabitha: What's this? Trouble brewing in harmony.

Sheridan: Somebody please help me! Help my baby!

Tabitha: Oh, my.

[Sheridan screams]

Tabitha: It looks as if sheridan is about to give birth. And from the looks of it, neither she nor the baby are going to make it. Oh -- if sheridan dies, then not only will luis be crushed, but -- but my spell to keep them apart will have succeeded yet again! Oh. I don't know -- what with all that's going on with kay and with motherhood, I don't even know who to thank for -- for sheridan's predicament. Although I do suspect that -- that wacko, beth wallace.

Tabitha: Endora -- endora, darling, I'm going to call simone down to look after you for a little while because mommy has to go out. Just for a little while, but she has to go and see if shedan and luis' lives are truly finished. Now, listen. Don't -- don't scare simone with any of your special powers, or for anyone else, that matter. Could be very dangerous for us, you know.

Tabitha: Simone?

Mrs. Wallace: Heaven help us. She and the baby are going to die.

Luis: Mrs. Wallace, who are you talking about?

["Dragnet" theme plays]

Mrs. Wallace: I -- I'm talking about someone you -- you all know and love. Especially you, luis!

Beth: Mother -- mother, calm down. Carrying on like this isn't good for you.

Eve: Who's your mother talking about? Who is it that she thinks is going to die?

Beth: Me. She's been worried about me for weeks now.

Luis: Why?

Beth: Well, she -- shrerecently told me that I was a breech baby, and she's afraid that our baby will be breech, as well.

Luis: Well, is that possible?

Beth: No, because my pregnancy is perfectly normal.

Mrs. Wallace's voice: There is so much wrong with that sentence.

Eve: A breech presentation is not necessarily inherited. It's just a potential risk in any pregnancy.

Beth: And my baby isn't breech, so we don't have to worry about it.

Eve: Well, you may have to worry about your mother, sweetheart. She's seemed more mentlyly erratic since her heart attack and stroke.

Beth: Well, she has accused me of trying to kill her and most everyone else in town.

Eve: Ok, when you have your baby, I think you may have to consider having your mother institutionalized. It may not be safe to have her around a newborn.

Mrs. Wallace: I heard that. I heard that, dr. Eve! Now, there is nothing -- nothing wrong with me! All right, see, see -- now, two times two equals four, ok? Four times four equals 16, and eight times eight equals -- what is eight times eight? I can't think of it right now, but I am not insane! Ok? I'm not! D d you -- you are not going to -- you're not going to put me away, are you, bethie? You're not going to be putting me away, are you, bethie?

Sheridan: Please -- please help me! I need a doctor!

Chlilie: No -- no, what you need is a c-section.

Sheridan: No!

Charlie: Yeah. Yeah, and I'm -- I'm just the person to give it to you.

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[Music plays]

Whitney: Now, how can you look at theresa and fox kissing and tell me that they're not perfect for each other?

Chad: Well, last I heard, theresa still loved ethan, ok, and one little kiss from his half-brother is not going to change that.

Whitney: Well, maybe not all at once, but it's definitely a start.

Chad: Yeah, the start of trouble.

Whitney: No why do you keep saying that?

Chad: Ethan just walked in. He looks ready to blow.

Whitney: Uh-oh.

Theresa: All right, it's showtime. Ethan is here. He's on his way over.

Ethan: Get your hands off her!

Fox: What the hell is your proem?

Ethan: You are, you horny bastard!

Theresa: Oh!

Ethan: Theresa, I' b been a fool. Can you ever forgive me for marrying gwen when you are the one I love more than life itself?

Theresa: Oh, ethan --

ethan: I'm sorry I've made such a mess out of things, and getting gwen pregnant and -- I felt like marrying her was the right thing to do, but now I know it was a mistake. You're my heart. You're my soul mate. I could never love gwen the way that I love you. Please come back to me, the way that fate intended it to be.

Theresa: Oh, ethan, yes. Yes, yes, of course I will!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, god. No, don't, please, look at me like that. Please, don't look at me -- beth, don't you ever look at me like that! I am fine! I'm telling you I'm fine! F-I-n-e -- fine! I am fine!

Beth: Ok, mother. Of course you are. Don't get so upset, ok? I'm not going to put you in a nursing home, all right? As long as you cooperate. I want you to get in the kitchen and you get on the internet and you figure out how to deal with a breech birth.

Mrs. Wallace: No, but I don't know how to do that.

Beth: When you're tired and when you're blue, "sweet serenity" will take care of you

mrs. Wallace: Ok! You win. If -- if you will all excuse me, please, because precious needs to tend to my personal hygiene. That's orangutan for "I love my job."

Beth: It just breaks my heart to have to say this, but I'm afraid that I'm going to have -- have to put my mother in a home. I -- I just can't imagine, you know, having a baby and then having two people that are completely dependent on me. It would just be really overwhelming.

Luis: Beth, come on -- hey, don't go blaming yourself, ok? Hey. Come on, you're doing the best you can here, ok?

Beth: Well, I don't know. I guess I'm just going to have to keep a closer eye on her from now on.

Luis: Ok. So you will, but I'm going to be here. And when you have the baby, I'm going to be here as much as I can, ok? All right?

Beth: Ok. And speaking of the baby -- what do you do in case of a breech birth?

Eve: Honey, that is not something that you have to worry about. If that was a potential problem for you, your doctor would already know.

Beth: I know, I'm just curious.

Eve: Ok. Since you want to know -- well, in a breech presentation, the doctor would try and manipulate the baby back into a correct position outside the womb, usually with the delivery team. And if that didn't work or if labor was too far progressed, then the last resort would be a c-section.

Mrs. Wallace: Hurry, precious. If we don't come up with some helpful hints for charlie to handle a breech birth, let me tell you, sheridan and the baby are going to die, I'm going to be sent to sweet serenity nursing home, and you are going to lose your job! Come on! Come on. Come on.

Mrs. Wallace: Ok. Let me read it, let me read it. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Uh-oh -- uh-oh, charlie is not going to like this, and neither is sheridan. Uh-oh.

[Precious shrieks]

Mrs. Wallace: What? Oh, you're right. I can't open the basement door. Everybody will hear sheridan screaming. What am I -- oh, ok, ok. I'm going to head out the back, and then I'm going to open the basement window, and I'll hand it to charlie through the window. Ok. Here we go.

Luis: Precious, I'm home! Hey. Boy, was it a hot one today. Well, something smells good. And it's not the cooking, if you know what I mean, huh?

Sheridan: Don't cut me open! Please, please call me a doctor!

[Knock on window]

Charlie: Who's that? They better not have seen sheridan, or they and blondie are dead. Oh! What are you doing out there?

Mrs. Wallace: Charlie, here are the two ways to handle a breech birth. Good luck.

Charlie: I can't do this alone!

Mrs. Wallace: Well, don't look at me. I can't come down there. We have a house full of people. The minute I open that basement door, they would hear sheridan screaming.

[Sheridan groans]

Charlie: I can't be bothered saving sheridan and the baby. Slice her open, take the kid -- no muss, no fuss, and no more sheridan.

 Jennifer aniston swears by it. Dietitians aren't so sure. The w-w-carb/no carb diet craze.

 Bernie lost about 16 pounds. I've lost 13.

 Details in the "national post". And more tonight with kevin newman. ethan: Now that you've forgiven me, I -- I know that we're going to have a future together. I can divorce gwen, I can marry you.

Theresa: I can't wait. And you will tell her that we will both be there for her and the baby, right?

Ethan: I will.

Theresa: Oh, ethan. Everything is working out just like I dreamed it would.

Ethan: Fox, get your hands off her.

Fox: Oh, what the hell? What the hell is your problem?

Ethan: You're my problem. What the hell are you doing here with her?

Fox: What am I doing here with her? Not that's it's any of your business, but theresa and I are now dating.

Ethan: No. No, no. No way. She doesn't love you, all right, pal? She loves --

fox: What, ethan? She what?

Ethan: Nothing. Theresa, this guy doesn't care about you, all right? He's just looking to add another notch to his bedpost.

Fox: What the hell do you know about how I feel about theresa? And why do you care, anyway? You're a married man, brother. Your wife's expecting a baby. You do remember your wife, don't you? Gwen, the tall blond?

Ethan: Yeah, yeah, I remember.

Chad: Whoa, chill out, chill out. We're in public. This is no place for a fight.

Fox: Yes, I agree with chad. Now, theresa and I are having a wonderful time dancing, whatever. So unless you're going to ask her to dance, ju - -- just back off, all right?

Ethan: Fox, get lost, all right? I'm cutting in.

Luis: Oh, yes. Now, that is definitely one of my favorites. If it's up to me, you're not going to be wearing it for very long.

[Luis laughs]

Luis: You can run but you can't hide! Oh, yes. Gotcha. Here we go.

Tabitha: My, my. What have we here?

Hank: Hey, T.C. Glad you could make it.

T.C.: How you doing, hank?

Hank: Good.

T.C.: Sam tells me you're near top of your class at the police academy.

Hank: Well, I made trainee. Won't be long before I graduate d hopefully join the force like sam and our dad did before us.

T.C.: Is sam here?

Hank: No. He's on duty tonight.

Grace: No, sam's not he,, but I am.

T.C.: Hey, grace.

Grace: Hi, T.C. Hey, I didn't think you were coming when eve showed up by herself.

T.C.: Yeah. Eve and I haven't been communicating well lately.

Grace: Yeah, she told me you guys are having some trouble. I'm really sorry, T.C.

T.C.: Yeah, thanks. And I really feel bad that you and sam are having a bad time of it, too.

Grace: Yeah, well, you know, maybe we can all just work everything out.

T.C.: Soon, hopefully. I mean, maybe tonight. Maybe eve and I can make some kind of headway or something.

Grace: I know she'd really like that. She's just a little tied up with beth and luis right now.

T.C.: Well, I can wait because I got a lot to get off my chest.

Liz: Sorry, T.C. I am not about to let you and eve talk out yourroroblems. Not when I'm just about to add to them.

Eve: Mrs. Wallace.

Mrs. Wallace: Huh?

Eve: Are you feeling any better now?

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, I'm -- I'm fine. Precious gave me exactly what I needed, and I did the rest.

Luis: Ahem. Well, after hearing you talk about breech births, I certainly hope that beth doesn't have one.

Beth: Luis, I told you --

luis: Well, even so, I'm just concerned that I haven't felt the baby kick yet.

Eve: You haven't felt the baby kick?

Luis: Never.

Eve: Well, you should definitely be able to feel the baby move. Beth's almost ready to deliver.

Luis: Yeah, that's what worries me.

Beth: But I told luis that I feel the baby kick all the time. It's just that whenever he's around, the baby seems to be sleeping or something.

Mrs. Wallace: Bless its sweet little heart.

Luis: I'd just feel better if eve gave you a quick exam -- just to put my mind at ease, ok?

Eve: Of course.

Beth: No, don't, don'T.

Luis: Beth, what's wrong?

Beth: Nothing's wrong.

Luis: Well, then why not let eve give you a quick exam?

Beth: Because this is our baby shower. I mean, eve is here as our guest, not as my doctor.

Luis: I know, but she's willing to do us a favor, ok? So why don't you just let her give you and the baby a quick checkup.

Beth: No, luis.

Luis: Beth, why? What are you afraid of?

Eve: Luis, it's ok.

Beth: Thank you for understanding.

Eve: Besides, I'm sure beth's doctor has everything under control.

Beth: Everything is fine.

Luis: Do you know dr. Culver?

Eve: Yes, I do. We go way back.

Luis: Would you mind calling dr. Culver just to make sure that beth and the baby are ok?

Eve: Well, sure, I'd be happy to.

Luis: Thank you.

Tabitha: Hello. I'm tabitha lenox. And you are?

[Precious grunts]

Tabitha: Nice to meet you, nurse precious. Oh, yes, yes, I speak fluent orangutan. In fact, I speak all nonhuman language, from insect on up. It all started when I asked a favor from a swarm of locusts. But I digress. What exactly are you doing here, nurse precious? Hmm?

[Precious grunts]

Tabitha: You are beth's mother's caregiver? Oh, dear. You have my deepest sympathy.

[Precious grunts]

Tabitha: And wh am I doing here? Well, I am curious -- oh, that's interesting. I am curious about sheridan crane. I believe that she is somewhere in this house and she's in serious trouble. Now, now, don't lie to me, dear. I know what goes on around here. Like the fact that beth is not really pregnant, and that she wears a sack of sugar around her middle, hoping everybody thinks she is. So -- so come on, cut to the chase. Where's sheridan? Don't worry, I'm not here to rescue sheridan. I'm thrilled that beth is holding her hostage. The last thing I want is for sheridan and luis to be together. Oh, you feel that way, too, do you? Oh. Well, then come on, spill the beans. Where is she?

[Precious grunts]

Tabitha: She's -- she's being kept prisoner in the basement?

[Precious grunts]

Tabitha: Oh, because beth wants sheridan's baby? And she wants to pass off that baby as hers and luis'? My goodness. That girl is a piece of work. I thought y was something, but this takes the cake. I -- I have to see what's -- what's going on here. And don't worry. I'll keep your -- your secret craving for intimate apparel. Just keep shopping, dear. Keep shopping.

Grace: Tabitha? Hi. I'm surprised you're here.

Tabitha: Why?

Grace: Well, I thought you would be, you know, exhausted after bringing endora home from the hospital.

Tabitha: Oh, yes. Well, I just wanted to help beth celebrate something she's waited so long for. I hope she'll be as happy with her baby as I am with my endora.

Grace: How is she?

Tabitha: Who?

Grace: Uh, endora.

Tabitha: Oh -- oh, yes. Yes. Oh, she's fine. She's -- she's at home. Miguel and simone are looking after her and kay.

Grace: How is kay?

Tabitha: She's fine, fine.

Grace: I just -- I wish she would come home, you know, so I could take care of her.

Tabitha: Don't worry about her, grace. She's getting everything she needs at my house. Now, I'm -- I'm just on my way to the little girl's room.

Grace: Oh, of course.

Tabitha: Drat. If I open this door, they just might hear sheridan screaming. Wait a minute. My pregnancy witch manual said that after I've given birth, I might just get some more of my powers back. Well, this is a good way to find out.

[Tabitha gasps]

Charlie: Who are you?

Tabitha: I'm -- I'm your friend.

Charlie: The hell you are!

Tabitha: Oh!

[Music plays]

Theresa: Ethan, um, why did you just cut in on fox and me?

Ethan: Because I wanted to talk to you privately about him.

Theresa: And what about him?

Ethan: Theresa, he's no good for you, ok? He will end up hurting you.

Theresa's voice: Here goes.

Theresa: Ethan, I'm a big girl. Ok, you don't have to worry about me anymore, even if you do still love me. Ok, you are with gwen now, and you've made it quite clear that you're going to stay with her.

Ethan: I am, but --

theresa: And I still love you. I'm always going to love you, but it's like you said -- I have got to move on with my life, just like you've moved on with yours.

Ethan: But not with fox.

Theresa: I'm going to be ok, ok? I can take care of myself.

Ethan: Not when it comes to fox.

Theresa: Ethan, I really like fox. And you know, maybe one day he will come to love me as much as you do. And you know what? It's not like I'm saving myself for you anymore, so I could see being lovers with fox even before I fall in love with him.

Whitney: I cannot believe ethan cut in on theresa and fox like that.

Chad: Look, I told you not get involved in theresa's love life. Now, this mess is what you get for not listening. So just leave them alone, ok? I'm going to go finish setting up to record syd.

Whitney: Oh. Hey.

Fox: Hey.

Whitney: I am so sorry about ethan cutting in on you and theresa like that. That was -- that was not cool.

Fox: Yeah. You know, I guess it was stupid for me to think I could date theresa. Look at her. She's only got eyes for ethan.

Whitney: No. No, no, I don't think so especially not now. I mean, I saw the way theresa was kissing you. She definitely looked like a woman who could fall madly in love with you.

Fox: Really?

Whitney: Yeah.

Fox: Because all I wanted to do was dance with theresa, spend a little more time with her, get to know her a little better. Now this.

Whitney: You know, I wish there was something I can do to make you feel better.

Fox: I don't know. Well, you know, we're here. Do you think -- chad's working. Do you think he'd mind if I danced with you, or --

whitney: No.

Fox: No?

Whitney: I don't think he would mind at all.

Fox: Ok.


Tabitha: Oh, oh!

Charlie: I don't know who yoyou are or how you got down here, but I know you're leaving -- in pieces!

Tabitha: I hope I have enough of my powers left to stop this raging bull!

Tabitha: Oh, thank hades for saving me from this nut. She could give old norma a run for her money.

Tabitha: Oh, sheridan. You look like you've had a rough go of it. It's almost a pity that you -- you don't even know the reason why. The fact is, the dark side can't allow you and luis to realize the full and infinite power of your love. It would tip the cosmic scales between good and evil towards good for all eternity! And my bosses are hellbent on not letting that happen. That's why, since the beginning of time, I have been chosen. It has been my job to keep you two apart -- in ancient egypt, in imperial rome, and through the dark ages, the american revolution, the titanic. Pulse is weak. It's getting weaker. But if you and your baby die, then -- then the threat of you and luis to the dark side will be eliminated. Not just for this lifetime, but forever!

[Sheridan groans]

Grace: I'm sorry I deserted you, T.C. I wanted to talk to tabitha.

T.C.: Yeah, I just hope that eve will want to speak to me once she's through with luis and beth.

Liz: My sister may be willing to speak to T.C. But once he sees this, I don't think 's going to be in any mood to talk to her.

Beth: No, don't call drdr. Culver!

Luis: Why not?

Beth: Because it's -- it's not necessary. I'm fine, really.

Luis: Look, beth, maybe I'm overreacting, ok? I would just feel a lot better if eve spoke to dr. Culver and found out that you and the baby are ok.

Eve: Why don't you just be glad that luis is such a caring father.

Luis: Yeah.

Beth: Yeah.

Eve: Ok, I'm going to call the hospital because I know dr. Culver's on duty tonight. May I speak to dr. Culver, please? It's dr. Russell. I'trtrying to get an update on a patient.

Mrs. Wallace: Once the real dr. Culver tells dr. Russell that you are not pregnant, this farce of a baby shower of yours is going to become a farewell party -- a farewell party from hell!

Antonio: Sheridan could be anywhere. She could be in this house, for all we know.

Beth: Luis searched this house and he didn't find her.

Syd: Chad's girlfriend just can't seem to keep her hands off that boy, can she?

Fox: You are really enjoying this, aren't you?

Theresa: You mean, dancing with you?

Fox: I meant, making ethan jealous.

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